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Pressure induced Hydrogen-Hydrogen interaction in metallic FeH revealed by NMRFeb 08 2019Knowledge of the behavior of hydrogen in metal hydrides is the key for understanding their electronic properties. So far, no experimental methods exist to access these properties beyond 100 GPa, where high-Tc superconductivity emerges. Here, we present ... More
On sector magnets or transverse electromagnetic fields in cylindrical coordinatesMar 10 2016The Laplace's equations for the scalar and vector potentials describing electric or magnetic fields in cylindrical coordinates with translational invariance along azimuthal coordinate are considered. The series of special functions which, when expanded ... More
Estimates of solutions to the perturbed Stokes systemFeb 28 2014In this paper we derive local estimates of solutions of the Perturbed Stokes system. This system arises as a reduction of the Stokes system near a curved part of the boundary of the domain if one applies a diffeomorphism flatting the boundary. The estimates ... More
The local regularity theory for the Navier-Stokes Equations Near the BoundaryFeb 28 2014This is an expository paper on the theory of local regularity for weak solutions to the non-stationary 3D Navier-Stokes equations near the boundary of a domain.
Algorithms of Fast Search of Center, Radius and Diameter on Weighted GraphsSep 21 2012Two problems in the search of metric characteristics on weighted undirected graphs with non-negative edge weights are being considered. The first problem: a weighted undirected graph with non-negative edge weight is given. The radius, diameter and at ... More
On the Aizenman exponent in critical percolationJul 25 2002Oct 27 2002The probabilities of clusters spanning a hypercube of dimensions two to seven along one axis of a percolation system under criticality were investigated numerically. We used a modified Hoshen--Kopelman algorithm combined with Grassberger's "go with the ... More
Exceptional collections on some fake quadricsOct 12 2014We construct exceptional collections of maximal length on four families of surfaces of general type with $p_g=q=0$ which are isogenous to a product of curves. From these constructions we obtain new examples of quasiphantom categories as their orthogonal ... More
Spin wave contribution to the nuclear spin-lattice relaxation in triplet superconductorsJun 21 2005We discuss collective spin wave excitations in triplet superconductors with an easy axis anisotropy for the order parameter. Using a microscopic model for interacting electrons we estimate the frequency of such excitations in Bechgaard salts and ruthenate ... More
Competition between Triplet Superconductivity and Antiferromagnetism in Quasi One-Dimensional Electron SystemsSep 17 2004We investigate the competition between antiferromagnetism and triplet superconductivity in quasi one-dimensional electron systems. We show that the two order parameters can be unified using a SO(4) symmetry and demonstrate the existence of such symmetry ... More
SO(4) Theory of Competition between Triplet Superconductivity and Antiferromagnetism in Bechgaard SaltsMar 16 2004Sep 20 2004Motivated by recent experiments with Bechgaard salts, we investigate the competition between antiferromagnetism and triplet superconductivity in quasi one-dimensional electron systems. We unify the two orders in an SO(4) symmetric framework, and demonstrate ... More
Control of Light Diffusion in a Disordered Photonic WaveguideMay 29 2014We control the diffusion of light in a disordered photonic waveguide by modulating the waveguide geometry. In a single waveguide of varying cross-section, the diffusion coefficient changes spatially in two dimensions due to localization effects. The intensity ... More
Calculation of geometric characteristics of land cover and urban canyon for multi-scale parameterization of megalopolis meteorological modelsMay 26 2013The results of studies on the development of computational techniques for geometric and thematic characteristics of the underlying surface and urban canyon are presented. These characteristics are intended for parameterization of the local model of energy-mass ... More
Magnetic adatoms as memory bits: A quantum master equation analysisFeb 09 2015May 08 2015Due to underlying symmetries the ground states of magnetic adatoms may be highly stable, which opens perspectives for application as single-atom memory. A specific example is a single holmium atom (with $J=8$) on a platinum (111) surface for which exceptionally ... More
The charge transport mechanism and electron trap nature in thermal oxide on siliconApr 12 2016Jul 26 2016The charge transport mechanism of electron via traps in amorphous SiO$_2$ has been studied. Electron transport is limited by phonon-assisted tunneling between traps. Thermal and optical trap energies $W_\mathrm{t}=1.6$ eV, $W_\mathrm{opt}=3.2$ eV, respectively, ... More
Computational Design of Flexible Electrides with Non-trivial Band TopologyNov 28 2018Feb 01 2019Electrides, with their excess electrons distributed in crystal cavities playing the role of anions, exhibit a variety of unique electronic and magnetic properties. In this work, we employ the first-principles crystal structure prediction to identify a ... More
High efficiency laser-assisted H- charge exchange for microsecond duration beamsMay 11 2018Laser-assisted stripping is a novel approach to H- charge exchange that overcomes long-standing limitations associated with the traditional, foil-based method of producing high-intensity, time-structured beams of protons. This paper reports on the first ... More