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Analyzing Business Process Anomalies Using AutoencodersMar 03 2018Businesses are naturally interested in detecting anomalies in their internal processes, because these can be indicators for fraud and inefficiencies. Within the domain of business intelligence, classic anomaly detection is not very frequently researched. ... More
BINet: Multi-perspective Business Process Anomaly ClassificationFeb 08 2019In this paper, we introduce BINet, a neural network architecture for real-time multi-perspective anomaly detection in business process event logs. BINet is designed to handle both the control flow and the data perspective of a business process. Additionally, ... More
RDF Validation Requirements - Evaluation and Logical UnderpinningJan 16 2015Jul 17 2015There are many case studies for which the formulation of RDF constraints and the validation of RDF data conforming to these constraint is very important. As a part of the collaboration with the W3C and the DCMI working groups on RDF validation, we identified ... More
TaO$^+$, a Candidate Molecular Ion in Search of Physics Beyond the Standard ModelNov 26 2016The TaO$^+$ molecular ion is proposed as a candidate system for detecting signatures of charge parity (${\cal{CP}}$) violating physics beyond the standard model of elementary particles. The electron electric dipole moment (EDM) effective electric field ... More
A comparison of adic spaces and Berkovich spacesOct 13 2016This paper reviews the equivalence between the category of taut adic spaces that are locally of finite type and the category of strictly analytic Berkovich spaces. An explicit construction of this functor is provided by using the terminology of valuative ... More
Diffraction intensities of a class of binary Pisot substitutions via exponential sumsJul 26 2016This paper is concerned with the study of diffraction intensities of a relevant class of binary Pisot substitutions via exponential sums. Arithmetic properties of algebraic integers are used to give a new and constructive proof of the fact that there ... More
The isomorphism problem for cyclic algebras and its applicationFeb 23 2007May 04 2007The isomorphism problem means to decide if two given finite-dimensional simple algebras over the same centre are isomorphic and, if so, to construct an isomorphism between them. A solution to this problem has applications in computational aspects of representation ... More
Second-order fluctuations and current across characteristic for a one-dimensional growth model of independent random walksOct 03 2003Apr 06 2005Fluctuations from a hydrodynamic limit of a one-dimensional asymmetric system come at two levels. On the central limit scale n^{1/2} one sees initial fluctuations transported along characteristics and no dynamical noise. The second order of fluctuations ... More
A growth model in multiple dimensions and the height of a random partial orderNov 04 2002Sep 07 2007We introduce a model of a randomly growing interface in multidimensional Euclidean space. The growth model incorporates a random order model as an ingredient of its graphical construction, in a way that replicates the connection between the planar increasing ... More
Diffusive fluctuations for one-dimensional totally asymmetric interacting random dynamicsAug 24 2001We study central limit theorems for a totally asymmetric, one-dimensional interacting random system. The models we work with are the Aldous-Diaconis-Hammersley process and the related stick model. The A-D-H process represents a particle configuration ... More
Recent results and open problems on the hydrodynamics of disordered asymmetric exclusion and zero-range processesJun 28 1999This paper summarizes results and some open problems about the large-scale and long-time behavior of asymmetric, disordered exclusion and zero-range processes. These processes have randomly chosen jump rates at the sites of the underlying lattice. The ... More
A variational coupling for a totally asymmetric exclusion process with long jumps but no passingJun 28 1999We prove a weak law of large numbers for a tagged particle in a totally asymmetric exclusion process on the one-dimensional lattice. The particles are allowed to take long jumps but not pass each other. The object of the paper is to illustrate a special ... More
The Deffuant model on $\mathbb{Z}$ with higher-dimensional opinion spacesFeb 06 2014Aug 20 2014When it comes to the mathematical modelling of social interaction patterns, a number of different models have emerged and been studied over the last decade, in which individuals randomly interact on the basis of an underlying graph structure and share ... More
Variational formulas, Busemann functions, and fluctuation exponents for the corner growth model with exponential weightsSep 18 2017Jun 19 2018These lecture notes discuss several related features of the exactly solvable two-dimensional corner growth model with exponentially distributed weights. A key property of this model is the availability of a fairly explicit stationary version that possesses ... More
On the Tate-Shafarevich group of Abelian schemes over higher dimensional bases over finite fieldsOct 20 2014May 25 2016We study analogues for the Tate-Shafarevich group for Abelian schemes with everywhere good reduction over higher dimensional bases over finite fields.
On the Iwahori-Weyl groupOct 17 2013Let $F$ be a discretely valued complete field with valuation ring $\mathcal{O}_F$ and perfect residue field $k$ of cohomological dimension $\leq 1$. In this paper, we generalize the Bruhat decomposition in Bruhat and Tits from the case of simply connected ... More
Acoustic Neutrino Detection in Ice: Past, Present, and FutureOct 30 2012Acoustic neutrino detection is a promising technique to instrument the large volumes required to measure the small expected flux of ultra-high energy cosmogenic neutrinos. Using ice as detection medium allows for coincident detection of neutrino interactions ... More
Galois subfields of inertially split division algebrasSep 09 2011Let D be a valued division algebra, finite-dimensional over its center F. Assume D has an unramified splitting field. The paper shows that if D contains a maximal subfield which is Galois over F (i.e. D is a crossed product) then the residue division ... More
Results from the Borexino ExperimentMay 15 2009Borexino is a low threshold liquid-scintillator detector for solar neutrinos located in the LNGS underground laboratory, Italy. Because of the ultra-high radio purity it is the first experiment able to do a real time analysis of the low energetic solar ... More
Directed random growth models on the planeAug 20 2007This is a brief survey of laws of large numbers, fluctuation results and large deviation principles for asymmetric interacting particle systems that represent moving interfaces on the plane. We discuss the exclusion process, the Hammersley process and ... More
Hydrodynamic profiles for the totally asymmetric exclusion process with a slow bondMar 08 2000We study a totally asymmetric simple exclusion process where jumps happen at rate one, except at the origin where the rate is lower. We prove a hydrodynamic scaling limit to a macroscopic profile described by a variational formula. The limit is valid ... More
On the Lieb-Thirring constants L_gamma,1 for gamma geq 1/2Apr 17 1995Let $E_i(H)$ denote the negative eigenvalues of the one-dimensional Schr\"odinger operator $Hu:=-u^{\prime\prime}-Vu,\ V\geq 0,$ on $L_2({\Bbb R})$. We prove the inequality \sum_i|E_i(H)|^\gamma\leq L_{\gamma,1}\int_{\Bbb R} V^{\gamma+1/2}(x)dx, (1) for ... More
Spaces with $G_m$-action, hyperbolic localization and nearby cyclesNov 05 2016We study families of algebraic spaces with a fiberwise $G_m$-action and prove Braden's theorem on hyperbolic localization for arbitrary base schemes. As an application, we obtain that hyperbolic localization commutes with nearby cycles.
AsicBoost - A Speedup for Bitcoin MiningApr 03 2016AsicBoost is a method to speed up Bitcoin mining by a factor of approximately 20%. The performance gain is achieved through a high-level optimization of the Bitcoin mining algorithm which allows for drastic reduction in gate count on the mining chip. ... More
Improved Berezin-Li-Yau inequalities with a remainder termNov 30 2007We give an improvement of sharp Berezin type bounds on the Riesz means $\sum_k(\Lambda-\lambda_k)_+^\sigma$ of the eigenvalues $\lambda_k$ of the Dirichlet Laplacian in a domain if $\sigma\geq 3/2$. It contains a correction term of the order of the standard ... More
On the conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer for Abelian schemes over higher dimensional bases over finite fieldsOct 20 2014We formulate an analogue of the conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer for Abelian schemes with everywhere good reduction over higher dimensional bases over finite fields. We prove some conditional results on it, and prove the conjecture for constant ... More
Affine Grassmannians and Geometric Satake EquivalencesNov 05 2013Jul 07 2015I extend the ramified geometric Satake equivalence of Zhu from tamely ramified groups to include the case of general connected reductive groups. As a prerequisite I prove basic results on the geometry of affine flag varieties.
More Reduced Obstruction TheoriesSep 20 2012This short note first develops a general formalism for globally removing a factor from an obstruction theory. This formalism is then applied to give a construction of a reduced obstruction theory on the moduli of maps from a curve to a surface satisfying ... More
Deriving Deligne-Mumford Stacks with Perfect Obstruction TheoriesMay 21 2010Sep 03 2014We give conditions for a n-connective quasicoherent obstruction theory on a Deligne-Mumford stack to come from the structure of a connective spectral Deligne-Mumford stack on the underlying topos.
Lectures on F-theory compactifications and model buildingSep 17 2010Oct 12 2010These lecture notes are devoted to formal and phenomenological aspects of F-theory. We begin with a pedagogical introduction to the general concepts of F-theory, covering classic topics such as the connection to Type IIB orientifolds, the geometry of ... More
Scaling for a one-dimensional directed polymer with boundary conditionsNov 12 2009Aug 26 2015We study a (1+1)-dimensional directed polymer in a random environment on the integer lattice with log-gamma distributed weights. Among directed polymers, this model is special in the same way as the last-passage percolation model with exponential or geometric ... More
A twisted Laurent series ring that is a noncrossed productMar 01 2007May 04 2007The striking results on noncrossed products were their existence (Amitsur) and the determination of Q(t) and Q((t)) as their smallest possible centres (Brussel). This paper gives the first fully explicit noncrossed product example over Q((t)). As a consequence, ... More
On absolute Galois splitting fields of central simple algebrasFeb 23 2007A splitting field of a central simple algebra is said to be absolute Galois if it is Galois over some fixed subfield of the centre of the algebra. The paper provides an existence theorem for such fields over global fields with enough roots of unity. As ... More
Strong law of large numbers for the interface in ballistic depositionJun 28 1999We prove a hydrodynamic limit for ballistic deposition on a multidimensional lattice. In this growth model particles rain down at random and stick to the growing cluster at the first point of contact. The theorem is that if the initial random interface ... More
Simulation of radiation-induced defectsSep 29 2015Mainly due to their outstanding performance the position sensitive silicon detectors are widely used in the tracking systems of High Energy Physics experiments such as the ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb at LHC, the world's largest particle physics accelerator ... More
${\cal{(P,T)}}$-Odd Tensor-Pseudotensor Interactions in atomic {$^{199}$Hg} and {$^{225}$Ra}Nov 05 2018Highly correlated pure {\it{ab initio}} relativistic configuration interaction theory is in the present paper applied to the calculation of the tensor-pseudotensor ${\cal{(P,T)}}$-violating nucleon-electron interaction constant in the electronic ground ... More
On the Structure of the Graph of Unique Symmetric Base Exchanges of Bispanning GraphsJan 14 2016May 11 2016Bispanning graphs are undirected graphs with an edge set that can be decomposed into two disjoint spanning trees. The operation of symmetrically swapping two edges between the trees, such that the result is a different pair of disjoint spanning trees, ... More
Integer matrices that are not copositive have certificates of less than quadratic complexityJun 17 2013A real symmetric n times n matrix is called copositive if the corresponding quadratic form is non-negative on the closed first orthant. If the matrix fails to be copositive there exists some non-negative certificate for which the quadratic form is negative. ... More
On the Calogero-Moser solution by root-type Lax pairNov 30 2011The `root type Lax pair' for the rational Calogero-Moser system for any simply-laced root system yields not a solution for the path q(t), but for the values of the inner products (\alpha,q(t)), where \alpha\ ranges over all roots of the root system. It ... More
Schubert varieties in twisted affine flag varieties and local modelsNov 24 2010Our concern in this paper is the dimension and inclusion relations of Schubert varieties in twisted partial affine flag varieties. In the end we apply our results to some local models of certain Schubert varieties.
Theorie des longitudinalen Atomstrahl-Spinechos und paritaetsverletzende Berry-Phasen in AtomenMay 17 2007May 18 2007We present a nonrelativistic theory for the quantum mechanical description of longitudinal atomic beam spin echo experiments, where a beam of neutral atoms is subjected to static electric and magnetic fields. The atomic wave function is the solution of ... More
Second class particles as microscopic characteristics in totally asymmetric nearest-neighbor K-exclusion processesSep 04 2000We study aspects of the hydrodynamics of one-dimensional totally asymmetric K-exclusion, building on the hydrodynamic limit of Seppalainen (1999). We prove that the weak solution chosen by the particle system is the unique one with maximal current past ... More
An upper bound on the fluctuations of a second class particleMay 15 2002This note proves an upper bound for the fluctuations of a second-class particle in the totally asymmetric simple exclusion process. The proof needs a lower tail estimate for the last-passage growth model associated with the exclusion process. A stronger ... More
Perturbation of the equilibrium for a totally asymmetric stick process in one dimensionSep 02 1999We study the evolution of a small perturbation of the equilibrium of a totally asymmetric one-dimensional interacting system. The model we take as example is Hammersley's process as seen from a tagged particle, which can be viewed as a process of interacting ... More
Coordinate free integrals in Geometric CalculusSep 28 2015Sep 14 2016We introduce a method for evaluating integrals in geometric calculus without introducing coordinates, based on using the fundamental theorem of calculus repeatedly and cutting the resulting manifolds so as to create a boundary and allow for the existence ... More
Existence, uniqueness and coalescence of directed planar geodesics: proof via the increment-stationary growth processDec 06 2018Jan 01 2019We present a proof of the almost sure existence, uniqueness and coalescence of directed semi-infinite geodesics in planar growth models that is based on properties of an increment-stationary version of the growth process. The argument is developed in ... More
A Direct Approach to Noncrossed Product Division AlgebrasSep 07 2011A valuation theoretic approach is presented that directly leads to division algebras that are noncrossed products (instead of, e.g., describing Brauer classes of noncrossed products in an abstract manner). While this feature is shared by Amitsur's original ... More
Detection of ultra high energy neutrinos with an underwater very large volume array of acoustic sensors: A simulation studyAug 15 2006This thesis investigates the detection of ultra high energy (E > 1 EeV) cosmic neutrinos using acoustic sensors immersed in water. The method is based on the thermoacoustic model describing the production of microsecond bipolar acoustic pulses by neutrino-induced ... More
Heterotic Vacua from general (non-) Abelian BundlesDec 15 2005Dec 22 2005We report on the construction of four-dimensional string vacua by considering general abelian and non-abelian bundles on an internal Calabi-Yau for both heterotic theories. The structure of the resulting gauge sector is extremely rich and gives rise to ... More
A new approach to the geometric Satake equivalenceJul 23 2012Sep 24 2012I give another proof of the geometric Satake equivalence from Mirkovic-Vilonen over a separably closed field. Using Galois descent, I obtain a canonical construction of the Galois form of the full $L$-group.
Current fluctuations for stochastic particle systems with drift in one spatial dimensionApr 13 2010This review article discusses limit distributions and variance bounds for particle current in several dynamical stochastic systems of particles on the one-dimensional integer lattice: independent particles, independent particles in a random environment, ... More
Silicon Sensors for Trackers at High-Luminosity EnvironmentNov 26 2014Mar 12 2015The planned upgrade of the LHC accelerator at CERN, namely the high luminosity (HL) phase of the LHC (HL-LHC foreseen for 2023), will result in a more intense radiation environment than the present tracking system was designed for. The required upgrade ... More
Enhanced Adhesion of S. Mutans to Hydroxyapatite after Inoculation in SalivaSep 05 2016Streptococcus mutans cells form robust biofilms on human teeth and are strongly related to caries incidents. Hence, understanding the adhesion of S. mutans in the human oral cavity is of major interest for preventive dentistry. In this study, we report ... More
Temporal Ensembling for Semi-Supervised LearningOct 07 2016In this paper, we present a simple and efficient method for training deep neural networks in a semi-supervised setting where only a small portion of training data is labeled. We introduce temporal ensembling, where we form a consensus prediction of the ... More
Testing for Causality in Continuous Time Bayesian Network Models of High-Frequency DataJan 25 2016Continuous time Bayesian networks are investigated with a special focus on their ability to express causality. A framework is presented for doing inference in these networks. The central contributions are a representation of the intensity matrices for ... More
Segregating Markov chainsOct 13 2015Dealing with finite Markov chains in discrete time, the focus often lies on convergence behavior and one tries to make different copies of the chain meet as fast as possible and then stick together. There is, however, a very peculiar kind of discrete ... More
Homomorphic Payment Addresses and the Pay-to-Contract ProtocolDec 13 2012We propose an electronic payment protocol for typical customer-merchant relations which does not require a trusted (signed) payment descriptor to be sent from the merchant to the customer. Instead, the destination "account" number for the payment is solely ... More
The Efficient Frontier in Randomized Social ChoiceFeb 20 2015Mar 02 2015Since the celebrated Gibbard-Satterthwaite impossibility results and Gibbard's 1977 extension for randomized rules, it is known that strategyproofness imposes severe restrictions on the design of social choice rules. In this paper, we employ approximate ... More
The Naive versus the Adaptive Boston MechanismJun 12 2014The Boston mechanism is often criticized for its manipulability and the resulting negative implications for welfare and fairness. Nonetheless, it is one of the most popular school choice mechanisms used in practice. In this paper, we first study the traditional ... More
Two weight inequality for vector-valued positive dyadic operators by parallel stopping cubesApr 28 2014Mar 05 2015We study the vector-valued positive dyadic operator \[T_\lambda(f\sigma):=\sum_{Q\in\mathcal{D}} \lambda_Q \int_Q f \mathrm{d}\sigma 1_Q,\] where the coefficients $\{\lambda_Q:C\to D\}_{Q\in\mathcal{D}}$ are positive operators from a Banach lattice $C$ ... More
The SDA Method for Numerical Solution of Lur'e EquationsJan 06 2011We introduce a numerical method for the numerical solution of the so-called Lur'e matrix equations that arise in balancing-related model reduction and linear-quadratic infinite time horizon optimal control. Based on the fact that the set of solutions ... More
Retrofitting and the mu ProblemJun 02 2009One of the challenges of supersymmetry (SUSY) breaking and mediation is generating a mu term consistent with the requirements of electro-weak symmetry breaking. The most common approach to the problem is to generate the mu term through a SUSY breaking ... More
On the Discrete Spectrum of a Pseudo-Relativistic Two-Body Pair OperatorNov 22 2001We prove Cwikel-Lieb-Rosenbljum and Lieb-Thirring type bounds on the discrete spectrum of a two-body pair operator and calculate spectral asymptotics for the eigenvalue moments and the local spectral density in the pseudo-relativistic limit.
Deterministic Secure Direct Communication Using EntanglementSep 05 2002Oct 13 2002A novel secure communication protocol is presented, based on an entangled pair of qubits and allowing asymptotically secure key distribution and quasi-secure direct communication. Since the information is transferred in a deterministic manner, no qubits ... More
Towards an implementable dependency grammarSep 01 1998Sep 02 1998The aim of this paper is to define a dependency grammar framework which is both linguistically motivated and computationally parsable. See the demo at
A note on measures vanishing at infinityOct 11 2016In this paper, we review the basic properties of measures vanishing at infinity and prove a version of the Riemann--Lebesgue lemma for Fourier transformable measures.
Spectral asymptotics for the Dirichlet Laplacian with a Neumann window via a Birman-Schwinger analysis of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operatorNov 17 2015In the present article we will give a new proof of the ground state asymptotics of the Dirichlet Laplacian with a Neumann window acting on functions which are defined on a two-dimensional infinite strip or a three-dimensional infinite layer. The proof ... More
Further results on consensus formation in the Deffuant modelNov 13 2013Jan 17 2014The so-called Deffuant model describes a pattern for social interaction, in which two neighboring individuals randomly meet and share their opinions on a certain topic, if their discrepancy is not beyond a given threshold $\theta$. The major focus of ... More
Drilling deep in South Pole IceOct 20 2014To detect the tiny flux of ultra-high energy neutrinos from active galactic nuclei or from interactions of highest energy cosmic rays with the microwave background photons needs target masses of the order of several hundred cubic kilometers. Clear Antarctic ... More
Parallel solution, adaptivity, computational convergence, and open-source code of 2d and 3d pressurized phase-field fracture problemsJun 26 2018We present a scalable, parallel implementation of a solver for the solution of a phase-field model for quasi-static brittle fracture. The code is available as open source. Numerical solutions in 2d and 3d with adaptive mesh refinement show optimal scaling ... More
Segregating Markov chainsOct 13 2015Feb 14 2017Dealing with finite Markov chains in discrete time, the focus often lies on convergence behavior and one tries to make different copies of the chain meet as fast as possible and then stick together. There is, however, a very peculiar kind of discrete ... More
Dynamical systems arising from random substitutionsJul 31 2017Random substitutions are a natural generalisation of their classical `deterministic' counterpart, whereby at every step of iterating the substitution, instead of replacing a letter with a predetermined word, every letter is independently replaced by a ... More
Ergodic frequency measures for random substitutionsOct 25 2018We construct a family of ergodic measures on random substitution subshifts (RS-subshifts) associated to a primitive random substitution. In particular, the word frequencies of every finite legal word exist for almost every element of the random substitution ... More
Towards large r from [p,q]-inflationMar 28 2014Apr 03 2014The recent discovery of B-mode polarizations in the CMB by the BICEP2 collaboration motivates the study of large-field inflation models which can naturally lead to significant tensor-to-scalar ratios. A class of such models in string theory are axion ... More
Improved Berezin-Li-Yau inequalities with magnetic fieldJul 26 2013In this paper we study the eigenvalue sums of Dirichlet Laplacians on bounded domains. Among our results we establish an improvement of the Li-Yau bound in the presence of a constant magnetic field.
A Map of Update Constraints in Inductive InferenceApr 29 2014Jul 03 2014We investigate how different learning restrictions reduce learning power and how the different restrictions relate to one another. We give a complete map for nine different restrictions both for the cases of complete information learning and set-driven ... More
Parallel String Sample SortMay 06 2013We discuss how string sorting algorithms can be parallelized on modern multi-core shared memory machines. As a synthesis of the best sequential string sorting algorithms and successful parallel sorting algorithms for atomic objects, we propose string ... More
Another proof of Scurry's characterization of a two weight norm inequality for a sequence-valued positive dyadic operatorApr 29 2013In this note we prove Scurry's testing conditions for the boundedness of a sequence-valued averaging positive dyadic operator from a weighted Lp space to a sequence-valued weighted Lp space by using parallel stopping cubes.
Large deviation rate functions for the partition function in a log-gamma distributed random potentialOct 17 2011Dec 16 2013We study right tail large deviations of the logarithm of the partition function for directed lattice paths in i.i.d. random potentials. The main purpose is the derivation of explicit formulas for the $1+1$-dimensional exactly solvable case with log-gamma ... More
Noncrossed products in Witt's TheoremMay 16 2009May 21 2009Since Amitsur's discovery of noncrossed product division algebras more than 35 years ago, their existence over more familiar fields has been an object of investigation. Brussel's work was a culmination of this effort, exhibiting noncrossed products over ... More
Fluctuation bounds for the asymmetric simple exclusion processJun 04 2008Jun 11 2008We give a partly new proof of the fluctuation bounds for the second class particle and current in the stationary asymmetric simple exclusion process. One novelty is a coupling that preserves the ordering of second class particles in two systems that are ... More
A string theoretic model of gauge mediated supersymmetry beakingJul 25 2008Aug 19 2008We propose a robust supergravity model of dynamical supersymmetry breaking and gauge mediation, and a natural embedding in non-perturbative string theory with D-branes. A chiral field (and its mirror) charged under "anomalous" U(1)'s acts as a Polonyi ... More
Chiral Supersymmetric Gepner Model OrientifoldsJan 21 2004Feb 18 2004We explicitly construct A-type orientifolds of supersymmetric Gepner models. In order to reduce the tadpole cancellation conditions to a treatable number we explicitly work out the generic form of the one-loop Klein bottle, annulus and Moebius strip amplitudes ... More
Transience of second-class particles and diffusive bounds for additive functionals in one-dimensional asymmetric exclusion processesAug 24 2001Consider a one-dimensional exclusion process with finite-range translation-invariant jump rates with non-zero drift. Let the process be stationary with product Bernoulli invariant distribution at density \rho. Place a second class particle initially at ... More
Stochastic Wave-function Simulation of Two-time Correlation FunctionsMar 29 1999We propose an optimized algorithm for the numerical simulation of two-time correlation functions by means of stochastic wave functions. As a first application, we investigate the two-time correlation function of a nonlinear optical parametric oscillator. ... More
G4-Flux and Standard Model Vacua in F-theoryApr 14 2016Sep 16 2016We study the geometry of gauge fluxes in four-dimensional F-theory vacua with gauge group SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1)xU(1) and its implications for phenomenology. The models are defined by a previously introduced class of elliptic fibrations whose fibre is given ... More
A representation of a compressed de Bruijn graph for pan-genome analysis that enables searchFeb 10 2016Recently, Marcus et al. (Bioinformatics 2014) proposed to use a compressed de Bruijn graph to describe the relationship between the genomes of many individuals/strains of the same or closely related species. They devised an $O(n \log g)$ time algorithm ... More
Non-perturbative selection rules in F-theoryJun 22 2015Oct 19 2015We discuss the structure of charged matter couplings in 4-dimensional F-theory compactifications. Charged matter is known to arise from M2-branes wrapping fibral curves on an elliptic or genus-one fibration Y. If a set of fibral curves satisfies a homological ... More
A Multiway Relay Channel with Balanced SourcesMay 31 2016We consider a joint source-channel coding problem on a finite-field multiway relay channel, and we give closed-form lower and upper bounds on the optimal source-channel rate. These bounds are shown to be tight for all discrete memoryless sources in a ... More
Comment on "Theoretical study of thorium monoxide for the electron electric dipole moment search: Electronic properties of ${H}^3Δ_1$ in ThO"May 10 2016We present an updated EDM effective electric field of $E_{\text{eff}} = 75.2\left[\frac{\rm GV}{\rm cm}\right]$ and the electron-nucleon scalar-pseudoscalar interaction constant $W_S=107.8$ [kHz] for the ${^3\Delta}_1$ science state of ThO. The criticisms ... More
Lowering the hydrogen desorption temperature of NH3BH3 through B-group substitutionsSep 14 2015We present ab initio results for substitutions in the promising hydrogen-storage material NH3BH3 to lower its hydrogen desorption temperature. Substitutions have already been investigated with significant success recently, but in all cases a less electronegative ... More
Decomposition Sampling applied to Parallelization of Metropolis-HastingsFeb 12 2014Jan 25 2016This paper presents an algorithm for sampling random variables that allows to separation of the sampling process into subproblems by dividing the sample space into overlapping parts. The subproblems can be solved independently of each other and are thus ... More
A fast and reliable method to measure stellar differential rotation from photometric dataJun 10 2013Co-rotating spots at different latitudes on the stellar surface generate periodic photometric variability and can be useful proxies to detect Differential Rotation (DR). DR is a major ingredient of the solar dynamo but observations of stellar DR are rather ... More
Fluxed M5-instantons in F-theoryMay 21 2012Aug 23 2012We analyse the non-perturbative superpotential due to M5-brane instantons in F-theory compactifications on Calabi-Yau fourfolds. The M5 partition function is obtained via holomorphic factorisation by explicitly performing the sum over chiral 3-form fluxes. ... More
Consistency of multidimensional combinatorial substitutionsDec 08 2011Jun 26 2014Multidimensional combinatorial substitutions are rules that replace symbols by finite patterns of symbols in $\mathbb Z^d$. We focus on the case where the patterns are not necessarily rectangular, which requires a specific description of the way they ... More
The effective action of D6-branes in N=1 type IIA orientifoldsApr 12 2011May 25 2011We use a Kaluza-Klein reduction to compute the low-energy effective action for the massless modes of a spacetime-filling D6-brane wrapped on a special Lagrangian 3-cycle of a type IIA Calabi-Yau orientifold. The modifications to the characteristic data ... More
Current fluctuations of a system of one-dimensional random walks in random environmentApr 30 2009Nov 11 2010We study the current of particles that move independently in a common static random environment on the one-dimensional integer lattice. A two-level fluctuation picture appears. On the central limit scale the quenched mean of the current process converges ... More
Eigenvalue asymptotics for an elastic strip and an elastic plate with a crackNov 19 2015We consider the elasticity operator with zero Poisson's ratio on an infinite strip and an infinite plate with a horizontal crack. We prove an asymptotic formula for the distance of the embedded eigenvalues to some spectral threshold of the operator as ... More
Slepian-Wolf Coding for Broadcasting with Cooperative Base-StationsSep 10 2014Nov 10 2014We propose a base-station (BS) cooperation model for broadcasting a discrete memoryless source in a cellular or heterogeneous network. The model allows the receivers to use helper BSs to improve network performance, and it permits the receivers to have ... More