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Recurrence required to capture the dynamic computations of the human ventral visual streamMar 14 2019The visual system is an intricate network of brain regions that enables us to recognize the world around us. Despite its abundant lateral and feedback connections, human object processing is commonly viewed and studied as a feedforward process. Here, ... More
ICNLoWPAN -- Named-Data Networking for Low Power IoT NetworksDec 17 2018Information Centric Networking is considered a promising communication technology for the constrained IoT, but NDN was designed only for standard network infrastructure. In this paper, we design and evaluate an NDN convergence layer for low power lossy ... More
Connecting the World of Embedded Mobiles: The RIOT Approach to Ubiquitous Networking for the Internet of ThingsJan 09 2018The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly evolving based on low-power compliant protocol standards that extend the Internet into the embedded world. Pioneering implementations have proven it is feasible to inter-network very constrained devices, but had ... More
Finite-size effects for anisotropic bootstrap percolation: logarithmic correctionsFeb 06 2007In this note we analyze an anisotropic, two-dimensional bootstrap percolation model introduced by Gravner and Griffeath. We present upper and lower bounds on the finite-size effects. We discuss the similarities with the semi-oriented model introduced ... More
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) study of thick lamellar stacks of phospholipid bilayersJun 01 2007We report an Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) study on thick multi lamellar stacks of approx. 10 mum thickness (about 1500 stacked membranes) of DMPC (1,2-dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phoshatidylcholine) deposited on silicon wafers. These thick stacks could ... More
Decompositions of Triangle-Dense GraphsSep 28 2013Feb 07 2014High triangle density -- the graph property stating that a constant fraction of two-hop paths belong to a triangle -- is a common signature of social networks. This paper studies triangle-dense graphs from a structural perspective. We prove constructively ... More
Optimizing the formation of depth-confined nitrogen vacancy center spin ensembles in diamond for quantum sensingJan 31 2019Spin ensembles of nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in diamond are emerging as powerful spin-based sensors for magnetic, electric and thermal field imaging with high spatial and temporal resolution. Here we characterize the formation of depth-confined NV ... More
Finding Cliques in Social Networks: A New Distribution-Free ModelApr 20 2018We propose a new distribution-free model of social networks. Our definitions are motivated by one of the most universal signatures of social networks, triadic closure---the property that pairs of vertices with common neighbors tend to be adjacent. Our ... More
Expressiveness and Completeness in AbstractionAug 14 2012We study two notions of expressiveness, which have appeared in abstraction theory for model checking, and find them incomparable in general. In particular, we show that according to the most widely used notion, the class of Kripke Modal Transition Systems ... More
Diffusion imaging with stimulated echoes: signal models and experiment designMay 31 2013Jun 12 2013Purpose: Stimulated echo acquisition mode (STEAM) diffusion MRI can be advantageous over pulsed-gradient spin-echo (PGSE) for diffusion times that are long compared to $\ttwo$. It is important therefore for biomedical diffusion imaging applications at ... More
Higher order corrections for anisotropic bootstrap percolationNov 10 2016Oct 09 2017We study the critical probability for the metastable phase transition of the two-dimensional anisotropic bootstrap percolation model with $(1,2)$-neighbourhood and threshold $r = 3$. The first order asymptotics for the critical probability were recently ... More
Correct and Efficient Antichain Algorithms for Refinement CheckingFeb 26 2019Refinement checking plays an important role in system verification. This means that the correctness of the system is established by showing a refinement relation between two models; one for the implementation and one for the specification. In "More Anti-chain ... More
Opaque Branes in Warped BackgroundsDec 20 2002Mar 05 2003We examine localized kinetic terms for gauge fields which can propagate into compact, warped extra dimensions. We show that these terms can have a relevant impact on the values of the Kaluza-Klein (KK) gauge field masses, wave functions, and couplings ... More
HoPP: Robust and Resilient Publish-Subscribe for an Information-Centric Internet of ThingsJan 11 2018This paper revisits NDN deployment in the IoT with a special focus on the interaction of sensors and actuators. Such scenarios require high responsiveness and limited control state at the constrained nodes. We argue that the NDN request-response pattern ... More
Branes and Orbifolds are OpaqueJul 03 2002Nov 25 2002We examine localized kinetic terms for gauge fields which can propagate into compact extra dimensions. We find that such terms are generated by radiative corrections in both theories with matter fields confined to branes and in theories imposing orbifold ... More
The mildly nonlinear imprint of structure on the CMBDec 03 1999Dec 05 1999I outline some nonperturbative relativistic effects that arise from gravitational corrections to the Boltzmann equations. These may be important for the study of CMB temperature anisotropies, particularly their interpretation. These terms are not included ... More
Norm convergence of continuous-time polynomial multiple ergodic averagesMar 01 2011Jul 01 2016For a jointly measurable probability-preserving action $\tau:\mathbb{R}^D\curvearrowright (X,\mu)$ and a tuple of polynomial maps $p_i:\mathbb{R}\to \mathbb{R}^D$, $i=1,2,...,k$, the multiple ergodic averages \[ \frac{1}{T}\int_0^T (f_1\circ \tau^{p_1(t)})(f_2\circ ... More
Uniform stability of linear evolution equations, with applications to parallel transportsFeb 12 2015I prove the bistability of linear evolution equations $x' = A(t)x$ in a Banach space $E$, where the operator-valued function $A$ is of the form $A(t) = f'(t)G(t,f(t))$ for a binary operator-valued function $G$ and a scalar function $f$. The constant that ... More
Behaviour of entropy under bounded and integrable orbit equivalenceApr 04 2016Nov 07 2016Let $G$ and $H$ be infinite finitely generated amenable groups. This paper studies two notions of equivalence between actions of such groups on standard Borel probability spaces. They are defined as stable orbit equivalences in which the associated cocycles ... More
Discrete Hashimoto surfaces and a doubly discrete smokering flowJul 25 2000B\"acklund transformations for smooth and ``space discrete'' Hashimoto surfaces are discussed and a geometric interpretation is given. It is shown that the complex curvature of a discrete space curve evolves with the discrete nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation ... More
The structure of low-complexity Gibbs measures on product spacesOct 16 2018Mar 04 2019Let $K_1$, $\dots$, $K_n$ be bounded, complete, separable metric spaces. Let $\lambda_i$ be a Borel probability measure on $K_i$ for each $i$. Let $f:\prod_i K_i \to \mathbb{R}$ be a bounded and continuous potential function, and let $$\mu(d \mathbf{x})\ ... More
Rational group ring elements with kernels having irrational dimensionSep 12 2009Mar 12 2013We prove that there are examples of finitely generated groups G together with group ring elements Q \in \bbQ G for which the von Neumann dimension \dim_{LG}\ker Q is irrational, so (in conjunction with other known results) answering a question of Atiyah. ... More
RectangularityAug 08 2011We introduce a condition on arrays in some way maximally distinct from Latin square condition, as well as some other conditions on algebras, graphs and $0,1$-matrices. We show that these are essentially the same structures, generalising a similar collection ... More
The geometry of model spaces for probability-preserving actions of sofic groupsDec 04 2015Jun 06 2016Bowen's notion of sofic entropy is a powerful invariant for classifying probability-preserving actions of sofic groups. It can be defined in terms of the covering numbers of certain metric spaces associated to such an action, the `model spaces'. The metric ... More
Measuring, Understanding, and Classifying News Media Sympathy on Twitter after Crisis EventsJan 16 2018Mar 15 2018This paper investigates bias in coverage between Western and Arab media on Twitter after the November 2015 Beirut and Paris terror attacks. Using two Twitter datasets covering each attack, we investigate how Western and Arab media differed in coverage ... More
Higgs Boson with Large Bottom Yukawa Coupling at Tevatron and LHCFeb 10 1998Apr 09 1998We study the discovery reach of the Tevatron and the LHC for detecting a Higgs boson (h), predicted in composite models of the electroweak symmetry breaking or in supersymmetric theories, with an enhanced b-quark Yukawa coupling via p \bar{p} / p p \to ... More
Towards a Noether-like conservation law theorem for one dimensional reversible cellular automataDec 01 2003Evidence and results suggesting that a Noether--like theorem for conservation laws in 1D RCA can be obtained. Unlike Noether's theorem, the connection here is to the maximal congruences rather than the automorphisms of the local dynamics. We take the ... More
Double Hall algebras and derived equivalencesSep 22 2008Dec 20 2009We show that the reduced Drinfeld double of the Ringel-Hall algebra of a hereditary category is invariant under derived equivalences. By associating an explicit isomorphism to a given derived equivalence, we also extend the results of [BS1], [BS2], [SVdB], ... More
An alternative ending to "Pleasant extensions retaining algebraic structure''Oct 06 2009May 24 2010The culmination of the papers (arXiv:0905.0518, arXiv:0910.0909) was a proof of the norm convergence in $L^2(\mu)$ of the quadratic nonconventional ergodic averages \frac{1}{N}\sum_{n=1}^N(f_1\circ T_1^{n^2})(f_2\circ T_1^{n^2}T_2^n)\quad\quad f_1,f_2\in ... More
The one-arm exponent for mean-field long-range percolationNov 11 2014Consider a long-range percolation model on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ where the probability that an edge $\{x,y\} \in \mathbb{Z}^d \times \mathbb{Z}^d$ is open is proportional to $\|x-y\|_2^{-d-\alpha}$ for some $\alpha >0$ and where $d > 3 \min\{2,\alpha\}$. We ... More
Strictly elliptic operators with Dirichlet boundary conditions on spaces of continuous functions on manifoldsAug 20 2018Jan 14 2019We study strictly elliptic differential operators with Dirichlet boundary conditions on the space $\mathrm{C}(\overline{M})$ of continuous functions on a compact, Riemannian manifold $\overline{M}$ with boundary and prove sectoriality with optimal angle ... More
Gluing and deformations of asymptotically cylindrical special LagrangiansSep 27 2017We study gluings of asymptotically cylindrical special Lagrangian submanifolds in asymptotically cylindrical Calabi--Yau manifolds. We prove both that there is a well-defined gluing map, and, after reviewing the deformation theory for special Lagrangians, ... More
An asymptotic equipartition property for measures on model spacesJan 30 2017Sep 18 2018Let $G$ be a sofic group, and let $\Sigma = (\sigma_n)_{n\geq 1}$ be a sofic approximation to it. For a probability-preserving $G$-system, a variant of the sofic entropy relative to $\Sigma$ has recently been defined in terms of sequences of measures ... More
Multiple recurrence and the structure of probability-preserving systemsJun 02 2010Jun 08 2010In 1975 Szemer\'edi proved the long-standing conjecture of Erd\H{o}s and Tur\'an that any subset of $\bbZ$ having positive upper Banach density contains arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions. Szemer\'edi's proof was entirely combinatorial, but two ... More
Deducing the Density Hales-Jewett Theorem from an infinitary removal lemmaMar 09 2009Apr 19 2011We offer a new proof of Furstenberg and Katznelson's density version of the Hales-Jewett Theorem: For any $\delta > 0$ there is some $N_0 \geq 1$ such that whenever $A \subseteq [k]^N$ with $N \geq N_0$ and $|A|\geq \delta k^N$, $A$ contains a \textbf{combinatorial ... More
On semidefinite representations of non-closed setsJul 16 2009Dec 17 2009Spectrahedra are sets defined by linear matrix inequalities. Projections of spectrahedra are called semidefinitely representable sets. Both kinds of sets are of practical use in polynomial optimization, since they occur as feasible sets in semidefinite ... More
Plethysm and fast matrix multiplicationOct 02 2017Apr 09 2018Motivated by the symmetric version of matrix multiplication we study the plethysm $S^k(\mathfrak{sl}_n)$ of the adjoint representation $\mathfrak{sl}_n$ of the Lie group $SL_n$. In particular, we describe the decomposition of this representation into ... More
Exploring the Limits of Complexity: A Survey of Empirical Studies on Graph VisualisationSep 02 2018For decades, researchers in information visualisation and graph drawing have focused on developing techniques for the layout and display of very large and complex networks. Experiments involving human participants have also explored the readability of ... More
Flavour physics in the LHC eraJun 19 2013Jul 26 2014These lectures give a topical review of heavy flavour physics, in particular \CP violation and rare decays, from an experimental point of view. They describe the ongoing motivation to study heavy flavour physics in the LHC era, the current status of the ... More
Behaviour of entropy under bounded and integrable orbit equivalenceApr 04 2016Jun 08 2016Let $G$ and $H$ be infinite finitely generated amenable groups. This paper studies two notions of equivalence between actions of such groups on standard Borel probability spaces. They are defined as stable orbit equivalences in which the associated cocycles ... More
Distribution and Generalized Center in Planar NearringsJul 05 2016Planar nearrings play an important role in nearring theory, both from the structural side as being close to generalised nearfields, as well as from an applications perspective, in geometry and designs. We investigate the distributive elements of planar ... More
Measure concentration and the weak Pinsker propertyApr 30 2017Feb 16 2018Let $(X,\mu)$ be a standard probability space. An automorphism $T$ of $(X,\mu)$ has the weak Pinsker property if for every $\varepsilon > 0$ it has a splitting into a direct product of a Bernoulli shift and an automorphism of entropy less than $\varepsilon$. ... More
Direct Detection and LHC constraints on a $t$-Channel Simplified Model of Majorana Dark Matter at One LoopMar 13 2019An interesting class of models posits that the dark matter is a Majorana fermion which interacts with a quark together with a colored scalar mediator. Such a theory can be tested in direct detection experiments, through dark matter scattering with heavy ... More
NDN, CoAP, and MQTT: A Comparative Measurement Study in the IoTJun 05 2018Sep 28 2018This paper takes a comprehensive view on the protocol stacks that are under debate for a future Internet of Things (IoT). It addresses the holistic question of which solution is beneficial for common IoT use cases. We deploy NDN and the two popular IP-based ... More
Precision Electroweak Data and Unification of Couplings in Warped Extra DimensionsMay 16 2003Aug 19 2003Warped extra dimensions allow a novel way of solving the hierarchy problem, with all fundamental mass parameters of the theory naturally of the order of the Planck scale. The observable value of the Higgs vacuum expectation value is red-shifted, due to ... More
An Interesting Gadget for Chain Pair SimplificationJul 22 2016In this paper we present an interesting gadget based on the chain pair simplification problem under the discrete Fr\'echet distance (CPS-3F), which allows the construction of arbitrarily long paths that must be chosen in the simplification of the two ... More
L'invariant de Suslin en caractéristique positiveJul 28 2009Pour une k-alg\`ebre simple centrale A d'indice inversible dans k, Suslin a d\'efini un invariant cohomologique de SK_1(A). Dans ce texte, nous g\'en\'eralisons cet invariant \`a toute k-alg\`ebre simple centrale par un rel\`evement de la caract\'eristique ... More
A CAT(0)-valued pointwise ergodic theoremMay 05 2009Feb 25 2016In this note we prove the a pointwise ergodic theorem for functions taking values in a separable complete CAT(0)-space, analogous to Lindenstrauss' pointwise ergodic theorem for real-valued integrable functions on a probability space subject to a probability-preserving ... More
The airglow layer emission altitude cannot be determined unambiguously from temperature comparison with lidarsOct 23 2017Jun 01 2018I investigate the nightly mean emission height and width of the OH*(3-1) layer by comparing nightly mean temperatures measured by the ground-based spectrometer GRIPS 9 and the Na lidar at ALOMAR. The data set contains 42 coincident measurements between ... More
Radio detection of extensive air showersJan 11 2017Radio detection of extensive air showers initiated in the Earth's atmosphere has made tremendous progress in the last decade. Today, radio detection is routinely used in several cosmic-ray observatories. The physics of the radio emission in air showers ... More
Star-Forming Galaxies Significantly Contribute to the Isotropic Gamma-Ray BackgroundDec 09 2016The origin of the isotropic gamma-ray background (IGRB) --- the portion of the extragalactic gamma-ray sky that is not resolvable into individual point sources --- provides a powerful probe into the evolution of the high-energy universe. Star-forming ... More
Stochastic Heat Equations defined by Fractal Laplacians on Cantor-like SetsFeb 06 2019We study stochastic heat equations defined by fractal Laplacians on Cantor-like sets. For this purpose, we give an improved estimate on the uniform norm of eigenfunctions and resulting heat kernel estimates. Then, we prove existence and uniqueness of ... More
Complexity Theory, Game Theory, and EconomicsJan 02 2018This document collects the lecture notes from my mini-course "Complexity Theory, Game Theory, and Economics," taught at the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University, Holetown, Barbados, February 19--23, 2017, as the 29th McGill Invitational Workshop ... More
Betti numbers and shifts in minimal graded free resolutionsJan 06 2007Jul 14 2011Let S be a polynomial ring and R=S/I where I is a graded ideal of S. The Multiplicity Conjecture of Herzog, Huneke, and Srinivasan which was recently proved using the Boij-Soederberg theory states that the multiplicity of R is bounded above by a function ... More
Deducing the multidimensional Szemeredi Theorem from an infinitary removal lemmaAug 16 2008Mar 09 2009We offer a new proof of the Furstenberg-Katznelson multiple recurrence theorem for several commuting probability-preserving transformations T_1, T_2, >..., T_d: \bbZ\curvearrowright (X,\S,\mu), and so, via the Furstenberg correspondence principle introduced ... More
Scenery entropy as an invariant of RWRS processesMay 06 2014Probabilistic models of random walks in random sceneries give rise to examples of probability-preserving dynamical systems. A point in the state spaces consists of a walk-trajectory and a scenery, and its `motion' corresponds to shifting the time-origin. ... More
Additivity properties of sofic entropy and measures on model spacesOct 08 2015Jun 13 2016Sofic entropy is an invariant for probability-preserving actions of sofic groups. It was introduced a few years ago by Lewis Bowen, and shown to extend the classical Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy from the setting of amenable groups. Some parts of Kolmogorov-Sinai ... More
All Difference Family Structures arise from GroupsMay 28 2004Difference families are traditionally built using groups as their basis. This paper looks at what sort of generalised difference family constructions could be made, using the standard basis of translation and difference. The main result is that minimal ... More
Exchangeable random measuresFeb 08 2013Jul 08 2015Let A be a standard Borel space, and consider the space A^{\bbN^{(k)}} of A-valued arrays indexed by all size-k subsets of \bbN. This paper concerns random measures on such a space whose laws are invariant under the natural action of permutations of \bbN. ... More
Entropy of probability kernels from the backwards tail boundaryMay 20 2014Aug 23 2015A number of recent works have sought to generalize the Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy of probability-preserving transformations to the setting of Markov operators acting on the integrable functions on a probability space $(X,\mu)$. These have culminated in ... More
A proof of Walsh's convergence theorem using couplingsOct 11 2013Oct 22 2013Walsh has recently proved the norm convergence of all nonconventional ergodic averages involving polynomial sequences in discrete nilpotent acting groups. He deduces this convergence from an equivalent, `finitary' assertion of stability over arbitrarily ... More
Pleasant extensions retaining algebraic structure, IIOct 06 2009Sep 16 2014In this paper we combine the general tools developed in (arXiv:0905.0518) with several ideas taken from earlier work on one-dimensional nonconventional ergodic averages by Furstenberg and Weiss, Host and Kra and Ziegler to study the averages $\frac{1}{N}\sum_{n=1}^N(f_1\circ ... More
The Effective Cone of Moduli Spaces of Sheaves on a Smooth Quadric SurfaceJul 25 2016Let $\xi$ be a stable Chern character on $\mathbb{P}^1 \times \mathbb{P}^1$, and let $M(\xi)$ be the moduli space of Gieseker semistable sheaves on $\mathbb{P}^1 \times \mathbb{P}^1$ with Chern character $\xi$. In this paper, we provide an approach to ... More
Abundances and kinematics of carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars in the Galactic halo*; A new classification scheme based on Sr and BaJan 17 2019Carbon-enhanced metal-poor (CEMP) stars span a wide range of stellar populations, from bona fide second-generation stars to later forming stars that provide excellent probes of, e.g., binary mass transfer. Here we analyse 11 metal-poor stars of which ... More
Fast rates in statistical and online learningJul 09 2015Sep 01 2015The speed with which a learning algorithm converges as it is presented with more data is a central problem in machine learning --- a fast rate of convergence means less data is needed for the same level of performance. The pursuit of fast rates in online ... More
Gamma Ray Lines from a Universal Extra DimensionSep 26 2010Indirect Dark Matter searches are based on the observation of secondary particles produced by the annihilation or decay of Dark Matter. Among them, gamma-rays are perhaps the most promising messengers, as they do not suffer deflection or absorption on ... More
A note and a correction on measuring cognitive distance in multiple dimensionsFeb 16 2016Jul 15 2016In a previous article (Rahman, Guns, Rousseau, and Engels, 2015) we described several approaches to determine the cognitive distance between two units. One of these approaches was based on what we called barycenters in N dimensions. The present note corrects ... More
The promising future of a robust cosmological neutrino mass measurementAug 17 2018We forecast the sensitivity of thirty-five different combinations of future Cosmic Microwave Background and Large Scale Structure data sets to cosmological parameters and to the total neutrino mass. We work under conservative assumptions accounting for ... More
Intermediate state dependence of the photoelectron circular dichroism of fenchone observed via femtosecond resonance-enhanced multi-photon ionizationFeb 20 2017The intermediate state dependence of photoelectron circular dichroism (PECD) in resonance-enhanced multi-photon ionization of fenchone in the gas phase is experimentally studied. By scanning the excitation wavelength from 359 to 431 nm we simultaneously ... More
Games for Bisimulations and AbstractionNov 01 2016Nov 21 2017Weak bisimulations are typically used in process algebras where silent steps are used to abstract from internal behaviours. They facilitate relating implementations to specifications. When an implementation fails to conform to its specification, pinpointing ... More
Effect of partially-screened nuclei on fast-electron dynamicsMay 24 2017Jan 05 2018We analyze the dynamics of fast electrons in plasmas containing partially ionized impurity atoms, where the screening effect of bound electrons must be included. We derive analytical expressions for the deflection and slowing-down frequencies, and show ... More
Formal Semantics and Soundness of a Translation from Event-B Actions to SQL StatementsJun 08 2016The EventB2SQL tool translates Event-B models to persistent Java applications that store the state of the model in a relational database. Most Event-B assignments are translated directly to SQL database modification statements, which can then be executed ... More
Black Hole Formation in Lovelock GravityAug 10 2014We first derive the Hamiltonian for Lovelock gravity and find that it takes the same form as in general relativity when written in terms of the Misner-Sharp mass function. We then minimally couple the action to matter fields to find Hamilton's equations ... More
Devil's crevasse and macroscopic entanglement in two-component Bose-Einstein condensatesMay 22 2013Spin coherent states are the matter equivalent of optical coherent states, where a large number of two component particles form a macroscopic state displaying quantum coherence. Here we give a detailed study of entanglement generated between two spin-1/2 ... More
Pleasant extensions retaining algebraic structure, IMay 05 2009Sep 07 2014In two recent papers we introduced some new techniques for constructing an extension of a probability-preserving system $T:\mathbb{Z}^d\curvearrowright (X,\mu)$ that enjoys certain desirable properties in connexion with the asymptotic behaviour of some ... More
Extensions of probability-preserving systems by measurably-varying homogeneous spaces and applicationsMay 05 2009Nov 11 2009We study a generalized notion of a homogeneous skew-product extension of a probability-preserving system in which the homogeneous space fibres are allowed to vary over the ergodic decomposition of the base. The construction of such extensions rests on ... More
Extendability of parallel sections in vector bundlesJul 07 2014Aug 26 2015We address the following question: Given a differentiable manifold $M$ what are the open subsets $U$ of $M$ such that, for all vector bundles $E$ over $M$ and all linear connections $\nabla$ on $E$, any $\nabla$-parallel section in $E$ defined on $U$ ... More
Beyond Worst-Case AnalysisJun 26 2018In the worst-case analysis of algorithms, the overall performance of an algorithm is summarized by its worst performance on any input. This approach has countless success stories, but there are also important computational problems --- like linear programming, ... More
Detection and effects of meteoric smoke particles in the atmosphereJan 16 2018Sep 03 2018These are the lecture notes of a trial lecture on the given topic "The detection and effects of meteoric debris in the atmosphere and why we should care". I have shortened the title a little, while I have expanded on the contents. First, I discuss some ... More
Evolution in Virtual WorldsOct 17 2017This chapter discusses the possibility of instilling a virtual world with mechanisms for evolution and natural selection in order to generate rich ecosystems of complex organisms in a process akin to biological evolution. Some previous work in the area ... More
Experimental summary of the $52^{\rm nd}$ Rencontres de Moriond session on Electroweak Interactions and Unified TheoriesJul 17 2017Jul 18 2017A summary, from an experimental perspective, of the $52^{\rm nd}$ Rencontres de Moriond session on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories is presented.
Explanation in Artificial Intelligence: Insights from the Social SciencesJun 22 2017Aug 15 2018There has been a recent resurgence in the area of explainable artificial intelligence as researchers and practitioners seek to make their algorithms more understandable. Much of this research is focused on explicitly explaining decisions or actions to ... More
Radio Detection of Cosmic Rays -- Achievements and Future PotentialApr 18 2017When modern efforts for radio detection of cosmic rays started about a decade ago, hopes were high but the true potential was unknown. Since then, we have achieved a detailed understanding of the radio emission physics and have consequently succeeded ... More
The structure of low-complexity Gibbs measures on product spacesOct 16 2018Let $K_1$, $\dots$, $K_n$ be bounded, complete, separable metric spaces. Let $f:\prod_i K_i \to \mathbb{R}$ be a bounded and continuous potential function, and let $\mu\ \propto\ \mathrm{e}^f$ be the associated Gibbs distribution. At each point $\mathbf{x} ... More
A New Model for Pricing Collateralized Financial DerivativesMay 29 2018This paper presents a new model for pricing financial derivatives subject to collateralization. It allows for collateral arrangements adhering to bankruptcy laws. As such, the model can back out the market price of a collateralized contract. This framework ... More
Euclidean-valued group cohomology is always reducedOct 11 2013Feb 16 2017If G is a countable discrete group acting linearly on a finite-dimensional vector space over any topological field, then the groups of coboundaries are closed for the product topology in all degrees, and hence the cohomology is reduced in all degrees. ... More
Ergodic-theoretic implementations of the Roth density-increment argumentMay 27 2011Jul 21 2013We exhibit proofs of two ergodic-theoretic results in the study of multiple recurrence using an analog of the density-increment argument of Roth and Gowers: Furstenberg's Multiple Recurrence Theorem (which implies Szemer\'edi's Theorem), and a two-dimensional ... More
Non-conventional ergodic averages for several commuting actions of an amenable groupSep 17 2013Jun 19 2014Let $(X,\mu)$ be a probability space, $G$ a countable amenable group and $(F_n)_n$ a left F\o lner sequence in $G$. This paper analyzes the non-conventional ergodic averages \[\frac{1}{|F_n|}\sum_{g \in F_n}\prod_{i=1}^d (f_i\circ T_1^g\cdots T_i^g)\] ... More
Lagrangian matching invariants for fibred four-manifolds: IIJun 02 2006Dec 19 2007In the second of a pair of papers, we complete the construction of Seiberg-Witten-like invariants for smooth four-manifolds equipped with broken fibrations, prove an index formula, and compute some examples.
Lagrangian matching invariants for fibred four-manifolds: IJun 02 2006Dec 19 2007In a pair of papers, we construct invariants for smooth four-manifolds equipped with `broken fibrations' - the singular Lefschetz fibrations of Auroux, Donaldson and Katzarkov - generalising the Donaldson-Smith invariants for Lefschetz fibrations. The ... More
Partial difference equations over compact Abelian groups, II: step-polynomial solutionsSep 13 2013Oct 25 2014This paper continues an earlier work on the structure of solutions to two classes of functional equation. Let $Z$ be a compact Abelian group and $U_1$, \ldots, $U_k \leq Z$ be closed subgroups. Given $f:Z\to\mathbb{T}$ and $w \in Z$, one defines the differenced ... More
Gluing and deformation of asymptotically cylindrical Calabi-Yau manifolds in complex dimension threeMar 27 2017We develop some consequences of the connection between Calabi-Yau structures and torsion-free $G_2$ structures on compact and asymptotically cylindrical six- and seven-dimensional manifolds. Firstly, we improve the known proof that matching asymptotically ... More
Positive Polynomials and Sequential Closures of Quadratic ModulesJul 21 2008Let S be a basic closed semi-algebraic set in R^n and P the corresponding preordering in R[X_1,...,X_n]. We examine for which polynomials f there exist identities f+\ep q \in P for all \ep>0. These are precisely the elements of the sequential closure ... More
Multi-variate correlation and mixtures of product measuresSep 27 2018Nov 16 2018Total correlation (`TC') and dual total correlation (`DTC') are two classical way to quantify the correlation among an $n$-tuple of random variables. They both reduce to mutual information when $n=2$. The first part of this paper sets up the theory of ... More
There are no socialist primes less than 10^9Oct 23 2013Dec 05 2013There are no primes $p$ with $5<p<10^{9}$ for which $2!, 3!, \ldots, (p-1)!$ are all distinct modulo $p$; it is conjectured that there are no such primes.
The sum of the unitary divisor functionDec 17 2013Jul 10 2014This article establishes a new upper bound on the function $\sigma^{*}(n)$, the sum of all coprime divisors of $n$. The article concludes with two questions concerning this function.
Bandwidth renormalization due to the intersite Coulomb interactionJan 31 2019The theory of correlated electrons is currently moving beyond the paradigmatic Hubbard $U$, towards the investigation of intersite Coulomb interactions. Recent investigations have revealed that these interactions are relevant for the quantitative description ... More
An ultrafast polarised single photon source at 220 KOct 01 2016A crucial requirement for the realisation of efficient and scalable on-chip quantum communication is an ultrafast polarised single photon source operating beyond the Peltier cooling barrier of 200 K. While a few systems based on different materials and ... More
Phonons in two-dimensional soft colloidal crystalsDec 08 2012Sep 11 2013The vibrational modes of pristine and polycrystalline monolayer colloidal crystals composed of thermosensitive microgel particles are measured using video microscopy and covariance matrix analysis. At low frequencies, the Debye relation for two dimensional ... More
DASH: a library of dynamical subhalo evolutionJan 24 2019The abundance and demographics of dark matter substructure is important for many areas in astrophysics and cosmological $N$-body simulations have been the primary tool used to investigate them. However, it has recently become clear that the simulations ... More