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Vacuum effective actions and mass-dependent renormalization in curved spaceFeb 08 2019We review past and present results on the non-local form-factors of the effective action of semiclassical gravity in two and four dimensions computed by means of a covariant expansion of the heat kernel up to the second order in the curvatures. We discuss ... More
On Newtonian singularities in higher derivative gravity modelsDec 01 2014Nov 10 2015We consider the problem of Newtonian singularity in the wide class of higher derivative gravity models, including the ones which are renormalizable and super-renormalizable at the quantum level. The simplest version of the singularity-free theory has ... More
Massive vector field on curved background: non-minimal coupling, quantization and divergencesMar 01 2017Apr 03 2017We study the effective action for the massive vector field theory non-minimally coupled to external gravitational field. Such a theory is an interesting model both from the theoretical side and also due to the various phenomenological applications to ... More
Gauge and parametrization ambiguity in quantum gravityDec 09 2017Jan 26 2018The gauge and parametrization dependence is discussed in quantum gravity in an arbitrary dimension $D$. Explicit one-loop calculations are performed within the most general parametrization of quantum metric with seven arbitrary parameters. On the other ... More
Vacuum effective actions and mass-dependent renormalization in curved spaceFeb 08 2019Mar 02 2019We review past and present results on the non-local form-factors of the effective action of semiclassical gravity in two and four dimensions computed by means of a covariant expansion of the heat kernel up to the second order in the curvatures. We discuss ... More
Gauge invariance of the background average effective actionMay 20 2019Using the background field method for the functional renormalization group approach in the case of Yang-Mills theory, we study the background field symmetry and gauge dependence of the background average effective action, when the regulator action depends ... More
Gauge invariance of the background average effective actionMay 20 2019Aug 21 2019Using the background field method for the functional renormalization group approach in the case of a generic gauge theory, we study the background field symmetry and gauge dependence of the background average effective action, when the regulator action ... More
Form factors and decoupling of matter fields in four-dimensional gravityDec 02 2018Jan 31 2019We extend previous calculations of the non-local form factors of semiclassical gravity in $4D$ to include the Einstein-Hilbert term. The quantized fields are massive scalar, fermion and vector fields. The non-local form factor in this case can be seen ... More
Stochastic quantization of a self-interacting nonminimal scalar field in semiclassical gravityApr 12 2018Apr 19 2018We employ stochastic quantization for a self-interacting nonminimal massive scalar field in curved spacetime. The covariant background field method and local momentum space representation are used to obtain the Euclidean correlation function and evaluate ... More
Cooperative spectrum sensing over unreliable reporting channelJun 20 2011This article aims to analyze a cooperative spectrum sensing scheme using a centralized approach with unreliable reporting channel. The spectrum sensing is applied to a cognitive radio system, where each cognitive radio performs a simple energy detection ... More
Mesonic Spectrum from a Dynamical Gravity/Gauge modelApr 09 2010Within a formulation of a Dynamical AdS/QCD model we calculate the spectrum of light flavored mesons. The background fields of the model correspond to an IR deformed Anti de Sitter metric coupled to a dilaton field. Confinement comes as a consequence ... More
Bivariate representation and conjugacy class zeta functions associated to unipotent group schemes, II: Groups of type F, G, and HMay 05 2018This is the second of two papers introducing and investigating two bivariate zeta functions associated to unipotent group schemes over rings of integers of number fields. In the first part, we proved some of their properties such as rationality and functional ... More
Extremal graphs for the sum of the two largest signless Laplacian eigenvaluesOct 31 2013Let G be a simple graph on $n$ vertices and $e(G)$ edges. Consider $Q(G) = D + A$ as the signless Laplacian of $G$, where $A$ is the adjacency matrix and $D$ is the diagonal matrix of the vertices degree of $G$. Let $q_1(G)$ and $q_2(G)$ be the first ... More
Correlation of financial markets in times of crisisFeb 07 2011Mar 10 2011Using the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of correlations matrices of some of the main financial market indices in the world, we show that high volatility of markets is directly linked with strong correlations between them. This means that markets tend to ... More
A bilevel learning approach for optimal observation placement in variational data assimilationNov 28 2018Jun 10 2019In this paper we propose a bilevel optimization approach for the placement of space and time observations in variational data assimilation problems. Within the framework of supervised learning, we consider a bilevel problem where the lower-level task ... More
Non-local form factors for curved-space antisymmetric fieldsMay 21 2016Jul 09 2016In the recent paper Buchbinder, Kirillova and Pletnev presented formal arguments concerning quantum equivalence of free massive antisymmetric tensor fields of second and third rank to the free Proca theory and massive scalar field with minimal coupling ... More
One-loop divergences in the Galileon modelJul 02 2012Sep 03 2012The investigation of UV divergences is a relevant step in better understanding of a new theory. In this work the one-loop divergences in the free field sector are obtained for the popular Galileons model. The calculations are performed by the generalized ... More
Vacuum contribution of photons in the theory with Lorentz and CPT-violating termsMar 13 2014The photon contribution to the divergences and conformal anomaly in the theory with Lorentz and CPT-violating terms is evaluated. We calculate one-loop counterterms coming from the integration over electromagnetic field and check that they possess local ... More
Spherical collapse of small masses in the ghost-free gravityApr 01 2015May 20 2015We discuss some properties of recently proposed models of a ghost-free gravity. For this purpose we study solutions of linearized gravitational equations in the framework of such a theory. We mainly focus on the version of the ghost-free theory with the ... More
Observation of Intense Second Harmonic Generation from MoS$_{2}$ Atomic CrystalsApr 15 2013Since de discovery of graphene, the family of 2-dimensional materials has attracted much recent attention. In this work, the nonlinear optical properties of few-layer MoS2 two-dimensional crystals are studied using femtosecond laser pulses. We observed ... More
Microstructure and corrosion evolution of additively manufactured aluminium alloy AA7075 as a function of ageingMay 29 2019Additively manufactured high strength aluminium alloy AA7075 was prepared using selective laser melting. High strength aluminium alloys prepared by selective laser melting have not been widely studied to date. The evolution of microstructure and hardness, ... More
Planetary formation and water delivery in the habitable zone around solar-type stars in different dynamical environmentsOct 12 2017Aims. We study the formation and water delivery of planets in the habitable zone (HZ) around solar-type stars. In particular, we study different dynamical environments that are defined by the most massive body in the system. Methods. First of all, a semi-analytical ... More
Optical conductivity of curved grapheneOct 09 2013May 01 2014We compute the optical conductivity for an out-of-plane deformation in graphene using an approach based on solutions of the Dirac equation in curved space. Different examples of periodic deformations along one direction translates into an enhancement ... More
Action Recognition in Videos: from Motion Capture Labs to the WebJun 17 2010This paper presents a survey of human action recognition approaches based on visual data recorded from a single video camera. We propose an organizing framework which puts in evidence the evolution of the area, with techniques moving from heavily constrained ... More
Energetics of nearby stellar bow shocksOct 22 2012Jul 08 2013The latest survey of stellar bow shocks (Peri et al. 2012) lists 28 candidates detected at IR wavelengths, associated with massive, early-type stars up to 3 kpc, along with the geometrical parameters of the structures found. I present here some considerations ... More
Is the stellar system WR 11 a gamma-ray source?Mar 24 2016Mar 28 2016Many early-type stars are in systems; some of them have been indicated as putative high-energy emitters. The radiation is expected to be produced at the region where two stellar winds collide. Compelling evidence of such emission was found only for the ... More
Eco-evolutionary Model of Rapid Phenotypic Diversification in Species-Rich CommunitiesOct 03 2018Evolutionary and ecosystem dynamics are often treated as different processes --operating at separate timescales-- even if evidence reveals that rapid evolutionary changes can feed back into ecological interactions. A recent long-term field experiment ... More
JobPruner: A Machine Learning Assistant for Exploring Parameter Spaces in HPC ApplicationsFeb 03 2018Feb 14 2018High Performance Computing (HPC) applications are essential for scientists and engineers to create and understand models and their properties. These professionals depend on the execution of large sets of computational jobs that explore combinations of ... More
From stable to unstable anomaly-induced inflationSep 29 2015Sep 21 2016Quantum effects derived through conformal anomaly lead to an inflationary model that can be either stable or unstable. The unstable version requires a large dimensionless coefficient of about $5\times 10^8$ in front of the $R^2$ term that results in the ... More
Loop Quantum Gravity Immirzi parameter and the Kaniadakis statisticsJul 31 2018In this letter we have shown that a possible connection between the LQG Immirzi parameter and the area of a punctured surface can emerge depending on the thermostatistics theory previously chosen. Starting from the Boltzmann-Gibbs entropy, the Immirzi ... More
ABMS of social network based on affinityFeb 28 2019An agent-based model is proposed for analyzing the dynamics that arise from interactions within social networks, analyzing the individual behavior of each profile. Said model considers a simplified construction of a social network while satisfying properties ... More
A Manifesto for Future Generation Cloud Computing: Research Directions for the Next DecadeNov 24 2017Aug 24 2018The Cloud computing paradigm has revolutionised the computer science horizon during the past decade and has enabled the emergence of computing as the fifth utility. It has captured significant attention of academia, industries, and government bodies. ... More
Investigation of the WR 11 field at decimeter wavelengthsMar 25 2019The massive binary system WR11 has been recently proposed as the counterpart of a Fermi source. If correct, it would be the second colliding wind binary detected in GeV gamma-rays. However, the reported flux measurements from 1.4 to 8.64GHz fail to establish ... More
Configurational Entropy as a tool to select a physical Thick Brane ModelOct 12 2017Nov 18 2017We analise braneworld scenarios via a configurational entropy (CE) formalism. Braneworld scenarios have drawn attention mainly due to the fact that they can explain the hierarchy problem and unify the fundamental forces through a symmetry breaking procedure. ... More
A Scalable Machine Learning System for Pre-Season Agriculture Yield ForecastJun 25 2018Oct 15 2018Yield forecast is essential to agriculture stakeholders and can be obtained with the use of machine learning models and data coming from multiple sources. Most solutions for yield forecast rely on NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) data, which ... More
Comparison of Volumes of Siegel Sets and Fundamental Domains of $\mathrm{SL}_n(\mathbb{Z})$Apr 12 2016Oct 13 2016The purpose of this paper is to calculate explicitly the volume of Siegel sets for $\mathrm{SL} _n (\mathbb{Z})$ in $\mathrm{SL} _n (\mathbb{R})$, so that we can compare this volume with the volume of fundamental domains of $\mathrm{SL} _n (\mathbb{Z})$ ... More
Hyperbolic distribution problems on Siegel 3-folds and Hilbert modular varietiesFeb 24 2005We generalize to Hilbert modular varieties of arbitrary dimension the work of W. Duke (Inventiones 1988) on the equidistribution of Heegner points and of primitive positively oriented closed geodesics in the Poincare upper half plane, subject to certain ... More
The Generic Degree of AutonomyMay 18 2018Aug 27 2018This paper calculates the degree of autonomy of a generic autonomous n-D system given by the kernel of a partial difference operator. The calculation implies that attaching a generic controller to a non-autonomous system, results in a controlled system ... More
Characteristic-free resolutions of Weyl and Specht modulesApr 11 2011Apr 19 2011We construct explicit resolutions of Weyl modules by divided powers and of co-Specht modules by permutational modules. We also prove a conjecture of Boltje-Hartmann on resolutions of co-Specht modules.
Stratifying ideals and twisted productsSep 21 2014We study stratifying ideals for rings in the context of relative homological algebra. Using LU-decompositions, which are a special type of twisted products, we give a sufficient condition for an idempotent ideal to be (relative) stratifying.
Nonlinear dark-field imaging of 1D defects in monolayer dichalcogenidesMar 12 2019Extended defects with one dimensionality smaller than that of the host, such as 2D grain boundaries in 3D materials or 1D grain boundaries in 2D materials, can be particularly damaging since they directly impede the transport of charge, spin or heat, ... More
Biochemical analysis of human breast tissues using FT-Raman spectroscopyMar 31 2006In this work we employ the Fourier Transform Raman Spectroscopy to study normal and tumoral human breast tissues, including several subtypes of cancers. We analyzed 194 Raman spectra from breast tissues that were separated into 9 groups according to their ... More
A Review on the Application of Blockchain for the Next Generation of Cybersecure Industry 4.0 Smart FactoriesFeb 25 2019Industry 4.0 is a concept devised for improving the way modern factories operate through the use of some of the latest technologies, like the ones used for creating Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), robotics or Big Data applications. One of such technologies ... More
Spokes cluster: The search for the quiescent gasMay 15 2013Context. Understanding the role of fragmentation is one of the most important current questions of star formation. To better understand the process of star and cluster formation, we need to study in detail the physical structure and properties of the ... More
Projective Splitting Algorithms for Integer Linear Programming Part 1: Pure Integer ProgramsApr 15 2014We propose a new exact approach for solving integer linear programming (ILP) problems which we will call projective splitting algorithms (PSAs). Unlike classical methods for solving ILP problems, PSAs conduct the search for the optimal solution by generating ... More
Clustering of high values in random fieldsSep 02 2015The asymptotic results that underlie applications of extreme random fields often assume that the variables are located on a regular discrete grid, identified with $\mathbb{Z}^2$, and that they satisfy stationarity and isotropy conditions. Here we extend ... More
Wang-Landau sampling: Improving accuracyOct 20 2011Dec 20 2011In this work we investigate the behavior of the microcanonical and canonical averages of the two-dimensional Ising model during the Wang-Landau simulation. The simulations were carried out using conventional Wang-Landau sampling and the $1/t$ scheme. ... More
Survival of molecular gas in a stellar feedback-driven outflow witnessed with the MUSE TIMER project and ALMAJul 30 2019Stellar feedback plays a significant role in modulating star formation, redistributing metals, and shaping the baryonic and dark structure of galaxies -- however, the efficiency of its energy deposition to the interstellar medium is challenging to constrain ... More
Electronic excitation by short X-ray pulses: From quantum beats to wave packet revivalsSep 26 2011We propose a simple way to determine the periodicities of wave packets in quantum systems directly from the energy differences of the states involved. The resulting classical periods and revival times are more accurate than those obtained with the traditional ... More
Stratifying systems over the hereditary path algebra with quiver $\mathbb{A}_{p,q}$Nov 18 2015The authors have proved in [J. Algebra Appl. 14 (2015), no. 6] that the size of a stratifying system over a finite-dimensional hereditary path algebra $A$ is at most $n$, where $n$ is the number of isomorphism classes of simple $A$-modules. Moreover, ... More
Applications of parabolic Dirac operators to the instationary viscous MHD equations on conformally flat manifoldsApr 24 2018In this paper we apply classical and recent techniques from quaternionic analysis using parabolic Dirac type operators and related Teodorescu and Cauchy-Bitzadse type operators to set up some analytic representation formulas for the solutions to the time ... More
Homological properties of quantised Borel-Schur algebras and resolutions of quantised Weyl modulesApr 17 2013We continue the development of the homological theory of quantum general linear groups previously considered by the first author. The development is used to transfer information to the representation theory of quantised Schur algebras. The acyclicity ... More
Influence of temperature on the magnetic oscillations in graphene with spin splitting: a new approachJun 06 2018We analyze the magnetic oscillations (MO) in pristine graphene, under a perpendicular magnetic field, taking into account the Zeeman effect. We consider a constant Fermi energy, such that the valence band is always full and only the conduction band is ... More
Magnetic oscillations in siliceneJun 04 2018In this work the magnetic oscillations (MO) in pristine silicene at $T=0$ K are studied. Considering a constant electron density we obtain analytical expressions for the ground state internal energy and magnetization, under a perpendicular electric and ... More
Mechanical response of a self avoiding membrane: fold collisions and the birth of conical singularitiesDec 18 2009Mar 28 2011An elastic membrane that is forced to reside in a container smaller than its natural size will deform and, upon further volume reduction, eventually crumple. The crumpled state is characterized by the localization of energy in a complex network of highly ... More
Time Inference with MUSE in Extragalactic Rings (TIMER): Properties of the Survey and High-Level Data ProductsOct 02 2018The Time Inference with MUSE in Extragalactic Rings (TIMER) project is a survey with the VLT-MUSE integral-field spectrograph of 24 nearby barred galaxies with prominent central structures (e.g., nuclear rings or inner discs). The main goals of the project ... More
An O(a) modified lattice set-up of the Schrödinger functional in SU(3) gauge theoryApr 30 2011Jan 18 2012The set-up of the QCD Schr\"odinger functional (SF) on the lattice with staggered quarks requires an even number of points $L/a$ in the spatial directions, while the Euclidean time extent of the lattice, $T/a$, must be odd. Identifying a unique renormalisation ... More
Nonunitary geometric phases: a qubit coupled to an environment with random noiseMar 20 2013We describe the decoherence process induced on a two-level quantum system in direct interaction with a non-equilibrium environment. The non-equilibrium feature is represented by a non-stationary random function corresponding to the fluctuating transition ... More
Constraints on direction-dependent cosmic birefringence from Planck polarization dataMay 18 2017Feb 06 2018Cosmic birefringence is the process that rotates the plane of polarization by an amount, $\alpha$, as photons propagate through free space. Such an effect arises in parity-violating extensions to the electromagnetic sector, such as the Chern-Simons term ... More
Document classification using a Bi-LSTM to unclog Brazil's supreme courtNov 27 2018The Brazilian court system is currently the most clogged up judiciary system in the world. Thousands of lawsuit cases reach the supreme court every day. These cases need to be analyzed in order to be associated to relevant tags and allocated to the right ... More
Astro2020 Science White Paper: Understanding the evolution of close white dwarf binariesMar 11 2019Mar 15 2019Interacting binaries containing white dwarfs can lead to a variety of outcomes that range from powerful thermonuclear explosions, which are important in the chemical evolution of galaxies and as cosmological distance estimators, to strong sources of low ... More
HATS-54b-HATS-58Ab: five new transiting hot Jupiters including one with a possible temperate companionDec 18 2018We report the discovery by the HATSouth project of 5 new transiting hot Jupiters (HATS-54b through HATS-58Ab). HATS-54b, HATS-55b and HATS-58Ab are prototypical short period ($P = 2.5-4.2$ days, $R_p\sim1.1-1.2$ $R_J$) hot-Jupiters that span effective ... More
Computer-assisted independent study in mutivariate calculusJul 14 2015Learning mathematics requires students to work in an independent way which is particularly challenging for such an abstract subject. Advancements in technology and, taking the student as the focus of his own learning, led to a change of paradigm in the ... More
Effects of periodic scattering potential on Landau quantization and ballistic transport of electrons in grapheneSep 26 2013A two-dimensional periodic array of scatterers has been introduced to a single layer of graphene in the presence of an external magnetic field perpendicular to the graphene layer. The eigenvalue equation for such a system has been solved numerically to ... More
Constraining Axion Mass through Gamma-ray Observations of PulsarsAug 09 2019We analyze 9 years of PASS 8 $\textit{Fermi}$-LAT data in the 60$-$500 MeV range and determine flux upper limits (UL) for 17 gamma-ray dark pulsars as a probe of axions produced by nucleon-nucleon Bremsstrahlung in the pulsar core. Using a previously ... More
Bet-hedging strategies in expanding populationsOct 02 2018In ecology, species can mitigate their extinction risks in uncertain environments by diversifying individual phenotypes. This observation is quantified by the theory of bet-hedging, which provides a reason for the degree of phenotypic diversity observed ... More
Adsorption of a Cationic Laser Dye onto Polymer/Surfactant Complex Film Fabricated by Layer-by-Layer Electrostatic Self-Assembly TechniqueJun 20 2011Fabrication of complex molecular films of organic materials is one of the most important issues in modern nanoscience and nanotechnology. Soft materials with flexible properties have been given much attention and can be obtained through bottom up processing ... More
Delta mass shift as a thermometer of kinetic decoupling in Au+Au reactions at 1.23 AGeVMar 28 2019The HADES experiment at GSI will soon provide data on the production and properties of $\Delta$ baryons from Au+Au reactions at 1.23 AGeV. Using the UrQMD model, we predict the yield and spectra of $\Delta$ resonances. In addition we show that one expects ... More
Reverberation Mapping of Luminous Quasars at High-zJun 21 2018Jul 27 2018We present Reverberation Mapping (RM) results for 17 high-redshift, high-luminosity quasars with good quality R-band and emission line light curves. We are able to measure statistically significant lags for Ly_alpha (11 objects), SiIV (5 objects), CIV ... More
Comparison of OFDM and SC-DFE Capacities Without Channel Knowledge at the TransmitterJun 14 2013This letter provides a capacity analysis between OFDM and the ideal SC-DFE when no channel knowledge is available at the transmitter. Through some algebraic manipulation of the OFDM and SC-DFE capacities and using the concavity property of the manipulated ... More
Hadrons in AdS/QCD modelsFeb 04 2012We discuss applications of gauge/gravity duality to describe the spectrum of light hadrons. We compare two particular 5-dimensional approaches: a model with an infrared deformed Anti-de Sitter metric and another one based on a dynamical AdS/QCD framework ... More
Analytic properties of bivariate representation and conjugacy class zeta functions of finitely generated nilpotent groupsJul 15 2018Let $\mathbf{G}$ be a unipotent group scheme defined in terms of a nilpotent Lie lattice over the ring $\mathcal{O}$ of integers of a number field. We consider bivariate zeta functions of groups of the form $\mathbf{G}(\mathcal{O})$ encoding, respectively, ... More
Bivariate representation and conjugacy class zeta functions associated to unipotent group schemes, I: Arithmetic propertiesFeb 13 2018May 05 2018This is the first of two papers in which we introduce and study two bivariate zeta functions associated to unipotent group schemes over rings of integers of number fields. These zeta functions encode, respectively, the numbers of isomorphism classes of ... More
Estimating the Upcrossings IndexApr 09 2012For stationary sequences, under general local and asymptotic dependence restrictions, any limiting point process for time normalized upcrossings of high levels is a compound Poisson process, i.e., there is a clustering of high upcrossings, where the underlying ... More
Migrations, vaccinations and epidemic controlDec 21 2017We consider three regions with different public health conditions. In the absence of migration among these regions, the first two have good health conditions and the disease free state is stable; for the third region, on the other hand, the only stable ... More
Age and metallicity of star clusters in the Small Magellanic Cloud from integrated spectroscopyFeb 23 2010Feb 02 2011Context: Analysis of ages and metallicities of star clusters in the Magellanic Clouds provide information for studies on the chemical evolution of the Clouds and other dwarf irregular galaxies. Aims: The aim is to derive ages and metallicities from integrated ... More
From tunneling to contact in a magnetic atom: the non-equilibrium Kondo effectSep 28 2016A low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope was employed to study the differential conductance in an atomic junction formed by an adsorbed Co atom on a Cu(100) surface and a copper-covered tip. A zero-bias anomaly (ZBA) reveals spin scattering off ... More
Numerical approach to simulating interference phenomena in a two-oscillating mirrors cavityMar 08 2017We study photon creation in a cavity with two perfectly conducting moving mirrors. We derive the dynamic equations of the modes and study different situations concerning various movements of the walls, such as translational or breathing modes. We can ... More
Dynamics of magnetic charges in artificial spin iceJun 21 2010Aug 24 2010Artificial spin ice has been recently implemented in two-dimensional arrays of mesoscopic magnetic wires. We propose a theoretical model of magnetization dynamics in artificial spin ice under the action of an applied magnetic field. Magnetization reversal ... More
About simple variational splines from the Hamiltonian viewpointNov 07 2017In this paper, we study simple splines on a Riemannian manifold $Q$ from the point of view of the Pontryagin maximum principle (PMP) in optimal control theory. The control problem consists in finding smooth curves matching two given tangent vectors with ... More
On Sessions and Infinite DataOct 20 2016We investigate some subtle issues that arise when programming distributed computations over infinite data structures. To do this, we formalise a calculus that combines a call-by-name functional core with session-based communication primitives and that ... More
A study on missing lines in the synthetic solar spectrum near the Ca tripletFeb 13 2017Synthetic stellar spectra are extensively used for many different applications in astronomy, from stellar studies (such as in the determination of atmospheric parameters of observed stellar spectra), to extragalactic studies (e.g. as one of the main ingredients ... More
Non-Equilibrium Electron Transport in Two-Dimensional Nano-Structures Modeled by Green's Functions and the Finite-Element MethodAug 06 2003We use the effective-mass approximation and the density-functional theory with the local-density approximation for modeling two-dimensional nano-structures connected phase-coherently to two infinite leads. Using the non-equilibrium Green's function method ... More
Cosmic phylogeny: reconstructing the chemical history of the solar neighbourhood with an evolutionary treeNov 08 2016Feb 02 2017Using 17 chemical elements as a proxy for stellar DNA, we present a full phylogenetic study of stars in the solar neighbourhood. This entails applying a clustering technique that is widely used in molecular biology to construct an evolutionary tree from ... More
Localising the gamma-ray emission region during the June 2014 outburst of 3C 454.3Jan 26 2016In May - July 2014, the flat spectrum radio quasar 3C 454.3 exhibited strong flaring behaviour. Observations with the Large Area Telescope detector on-board the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope captured the $\gamma$-ray flux at energies 0.1 $\leq E_{\gamma}\leq$ ... More
Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment on MOBA GamesJun 08 2017This paper addresses the dynamic difficulty adjustment on MOBA games as a way to improve the player's entertainment. Although MOBA is currently one of the most played genres around the world, it is known as a game that offer less autonomy, more challenges ... More
On the isomorphisms between evolution algebras of graphs and random walksOct 28 2017Dec 30 2018Evolution algebras are non-associative algebras inspired from biological phenomena, with applications to or connections with different mathematical fields. There are two natural ways to define an evolution algebra associated to a given graph. While one ... More
Activity and rotation of Kepler-17Feb 07 2017Magnetic activity on stars manifests itself in the form of dark spots on the stellar surface, that cause modulation of a few percent in the light curve of the star as it rotates. When a planet eclipses its host star, it might cross in front of one of ... More
Scalar Spectrum from a Dynamical Gravity/Gauge modelApr 05 2010We show that a Dynamical AdS/QCD model is able to reproduce the linear Regge trajectories for the light-flavor sector of mesons with high spin and also for the scalar and pseudoscalar ones. In addition the model has confinement by the Wilson loop criteria ... More
Scalar mesons within a dynamical holographic QCD modelAug 28 2009Oct 25 2010We show that the infrared dynamics of string modes dual to $q\bar q$ states within a Dynamical AdS/QCD model of coupled dilaton-gravity background gives the Reggelike spectrum of $f0's$ scalars and higher spin mesons consistent with experimental data. ... More
On Exact Symmetries and Massless Vectors in Holographic Flows and other Flux VacuaMar 12 2010We analyze the isometries of Type IIB flux vacua based on the Papadopolous-Tseytlin ansatz and identify the related massless bulk vector fields. To this end we devise a general ansatz, valid in any flux compactification, for the fluctuations of the metric ... More
J-PLUS: A wide-field multi-band study of the M15 globular cluster. Evidence of multiple stellar populations in the RGBApr 11 2018The Javalambre Photometric Local Universe Survey (J-PLUS) provides wide field-of-view images in 12 narrow, intermediate and broad-band filters optimized for stellar photometry. Here we have applied J-PLUS data for the first time for the study of Galactic ... More
Robust Kantorovich's theorem on Newton's method under majorant condition in Riemannian ManifoldsMay 21 2015A robust affine invariant version of Kantorovich's theorem on Newton's method, for finding a zero of a differentiable vector field defined on a complete Riemannian manifold, is presented in this paper. In the analysis presented, the classical Lipschitz ... More
Non-equilibrium time dynamics of genetic evolutionAug 18 2018Biological systems are typically highly open, non-equilibrium systems that are very challenging to understand from a statistical mechanics perspective. While statistical treatments of evolutionary biological systems have a long and rich history, examination ... More
A simple model for nanofiber formation by rotary jet-spinningOct 07 2011Feb 12 2012Nanofibers are microstructured materials that span a broad range of applications from tissue engineering scaffolds to polymer transistors. An efficient method of nanofiber production is Rotary Jet-Spinning (RJS), consisting of a perforated reservoir rotating ... More
Valley properties of doped graphene in a magnetic fieldFeb 13 2015The aim of this work is to describe the electronic properties of graphene in a constant magnetic field in the long wavelength approximation with random binary disorder, by solving the Soven equation self-consistently. Density of state contributions for ... More
Automatic segmentation of the Foveal Avascular Zone in ophthalmological OCT-A imagesNov 26 2018Angiography by Optical Coherence Tomography is a non-invasive retinal imaging modality of recent appearance that allows the visualization of the vascular structure at predefined depths based on the detection of the blood movement. OCT-A images constitute ... More
Thermal corrections to quantum friction and decoherence: a Closed-Time-Path approach to atom-surface interactionJan 14 2019Apr 09 2019In this paper we study the dissipative effects and decoherence induced on a particle moving at constant speed in front of a dielectric plate in quantum vacuum, developing a Closed-Time-Path (CTP) integral formulation in order to account for the corrections ... More
Dynamics of artificial spin ice: continuous honeycomb networkDec 08 2011Feb 20 2012We model the dynamics of magnetization in an artificial analog of spin ice specializing to the case of a honeycomb network of connected magnetic nanowires. The inherently dissipative dynamics is mediated by the emission, propagation and absorption of ... More
Diversity of planetary systems in low-mass disks: Terrestrial-type planet formation and water deliveryMay 08 2014Several studies, observational and theoretical, suggest that planetary systems with only rocky planets should be the most common in the Universe. We study the diversity of planetary systems that might form around Sun-like stars in low-mass disks without ... More