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Vacuum effective actions and mass-dependent renormalization in curved spaceFeb 08 2019We review past and present results on the non-local form-factors of the effective action of semiclassical gravity in two and four dimensions computed by means of a covariant expansion of the heat kernel up to the second order in the curvatures. We discuss ... More
On Newtonian singularities in higher derivative gravity modelsDec 01 2014Nov 10 2015We consider the problem of Newtonian singularity in the wide class of higher derivative gravity models, including the ones which are renormalizable and super-renormalizable at the quantum level. The simplest version of the singularity-free theory has ... More
Form factors and decoupling of matter fields in four-dimensional gravityDec 02 2018Jan 31 2019We extend previous calculations of the non-local form factors of semiclassical gravity in $4D$ to include the Einstein-Hilbert term. The quantized fields are massive scalar, fermion and vector fields. The non-local form factor in this case can be seen ... More
Non-local form factors for curved-space antisymmetric fieldsMay 21 2016Jul 09 2016In the recent paper Buchbinder, Kirillova and Pletnev presented formal arguments concerning quantum equivalence of free massive antisymmetric tensor fields of second and third rank to the free Proca theory and massive scalar field with minimal coupling ... More
One-loop divergences in the Galileon modelJul 02 2012Sep 03 2012The investigation of UV divergences is a relevant step in better understanding of a new theory. In this work the one-loop divergences in the free field sector are obtained for the popular Galileons model. The calculations are performed by the generalized ... More
Diversity of planetary systems in low-mass disks: Terrestrial-type planet formation and water deliveryMay 08 2014Several studies, observational and theoretical, suggest that planetary systems with only rocky planets should be the most common in the Universe. We study the diversity of planetary systems that might form around Sun-like stars in low-mass disks without ... More
Correlation of financial markets in times of crisisFeb 07 2011Mar 10 2011Using the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of correlations matrices of some of the main financial market indices in the world, we show that high volatility of markets is directly linked with strong correlations between them. This means that markets tend to ... More
Vacuum contribution of photons in the theory with Lorentz and CPT-violating termsMar 13 2014The photon contribution to the divergences and conformal anomaly in the theory with Lorentz and CPT-violating terms is evaluated. We calculate one-loop counterterms coming from the integration over electromagnetic field and check that they possess local ... More
Bremsstrahlung radiation by a tunneling particleDec 21 1998We study the bremsstrahlung radiation of a tunneling charged particle in a time-dependent picture. In particular, we treat the case of bremsstrahlung during alpha-decay, which has been suggested as a promissing tool to investigate the problem of tunneling ... More
Spherical collapse of small masses in the ghost-free gravityApr 01 2015May 20 2015We discuss some properties of recently proposed models of a ghost-free gravity. For this purpose we study solutions of linearized gravitational equations in the framework of such a theory. We mainly focus on the version of the ghost-free theory with the ... More
A Social Network Analysis Framework for Modeling Health Insurance Claims DataFeb 20 2018Health insurance companies in Brazil have their data about claims organized having the view only for providers. In this way, they loose the physician view and how they share patients. Partnership between physicians can view as a fruitful work in most ... More
Immittance response of an electrolytic cell in the presence of adsorption, generation, and recombination of ionsApr 01 2012Effects of the adsorption-desorption process on the immittance response of an electrolytic cell are theoretically investigated in the framework of the diffusional Poisson-Nernst-Planck (PNP) continuum model, when the generation and recombination of ions ... More
Shielding Property in Higher DimensionsJan 23 2019When the reduced state of a many-body quantum system is independent of its remaining parts, we say it shows what has become known by shielding property. Under some assumptions, equilibrium states of quantum transverse Ising models do manifest such phenomenon. ... More
JobPruner: A Machine Learning Assistant for Exploring Parameter Spaces in HPC ApplicationsFeb 03 2018Feb 14 2018High Performance Computing (HPC) applications are essential for scientists and engineers to create and understand models and their properties. These professionals depend on the execution of large sets of computational jobs that explore combinations of ... More
Action Recognition in Videos: from Motion Capture Labs to the WebJun 17 2010This paper presents a survey of human action recognition approaches based on visual data recorded from a single video camera. We propose an organizing framework which puts in evidence the evolution of the area, with techniques moving from heavily constrained ... More
Optical conductivity of curved grapheneOct 09 2013May 01 2014We compute the optical conductivity for an out-of-plane deformation in graphene using an approach based on solutions of the Dirac equation in curved space. Different examples of periodic deformations along one direction translates into an enhancement ... More
A Democratic Gauge Model for Dark/Visible Matter SymmetryAug 12 2011We develop a model for visible matter-dark matter interaction based on the exchange of a weakly interacting massive gauge boson called herein the WIMG. Our model hinges on the assumption that all known particles in the visible matter have their counterparts ... More
Irreversibility at zero temperature from the perspective of the environemntApr 09 2018Apr 16 2018We address the emergence of entropy production in the non-equilibrium process of an open quantum system from the viewpoint of the environment. By making use of a dilation-based approach akin to Stinespring theorem, we derive an expression for the entropy ... More
A classification of special 2-fold coveringsApr 07 2009Starting with an O(2)-principal fibration over a closed oriented surface F_g, g>=1, a 2-fold covering of the total space is said to be special when the monodromy sends the fiber SO(2) = S^1 to the nontrivial element of Z_2. Adapting D Jonhson's method ... More
A Shielding Property for Thermal Equilibrium States on the Quantum Ising ModelSep 20 2017We show that Gibbs states of non-homogeneous transverse Ising chains satisfy a \emph{shielding} property. Namely, whatever the fields on each spin and exchange couplings between neighboring spins are, if the field in one particular site is null, the reduced ... More
Energy current manipulation and reversal of rectification in graded XXZ spin chainsAug 22 2018This work is devoted to the investigation of nontrivial transport properties in many-body quantum systems. Precisely, we study transport in the steady state of spin-1/2 Heisenberg XXZ chains, driven out of equilibrium by two magnetic baths with fixed, ... More
JobPruner: A Machine Learning Assistant for Exploring Parameter Spaces in HPC ApplicationsFeb 03 2018Feb 06 2018High Performance Computing (HPC) applications are essential for scientists and engineers to create and understand models and their properties. These professionals depend on the execution of large sets of computational jobs that explore combinations of ... More
From stable to unstable anomaly-induced inflationSep 29 2015Sep 21 2016Quantum effects derived through conformal anomaly lead to an inflationary model that can be either stable or unstable. The unstable version requires a large dimensionless coefficient of about $5\times 10^8$ in front of the $R^2$ term that results in the ... More
SLA-aware Interactive Workflow Assistant for HPC Parameter Sweeping ExperimentsNov 09 2016A common workflow in science and engineering is to (i) setup and deploy large experiments with tasks comprising an application and multiple parameter values; (ii) generate intermediate results; (iii) analyze them; and (iv) reprioritize the tasks. These ... More
Dynamical gap generation in graphene nanoribbons: An effective relativistic field theoretical modelDec 07 2010Apr 22 2011We show that the assumption of a nontrivial zero band gap for a graphene sheet within an effective relativistic field theoretical model description of interacting Dirac electrons on the surface of graphene describes the experimental band gap of graphene ... More
Helping HPC Users Specify Job Memory Requirements via Machine LearningNov 09 2016Resource allocation in High Performance Computing (HPC) settings is still not easy for end-users due to the wide variety of application and environment configuration options. Users have difficulties to estimate the number of processors and amount of memory ... More
A Scalable Machine Learning System for Pre-Season Agriculture Yield ForecastJun 25 2018Oct 15 2018Yield forecast is essential to agriculture stakeholders and can be obtained with the use of machine learning models and data coming from multiple sources. Most solutions for yield forecast rely on NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) data, which ... More
Comparison of Volumes of Siegel Sets and Fundamental Domains of $\mathrm{SL}_n(\mathbb{Z})$Apr 12 2016Oct 13 2016The purpose of this paper is to calculate explicitly the volume of Siegel sets for $\mathrm{SL} _n (\mathbb{Z})$ in $\mathrm{SL} _n (\mathbb{R})$, so that we can compare this volume with the volume of fundamental domains of $\mathrm{SL} _n (\mathbb{Z})$ ... More
Hyperbolic distribution problems on Siegel 3-folds and Hilbert modular varietiesFeb 24 2005We generalize to Hilbert modular varieties of arbitrary dimension the work of W. Duke (Inventiones 1988) on the equidistribution of Heegner points and of primitive positively oriented closed geodesics in the Poincare upper half plane, subject to certain ... More
Non-unitary representations, Baum-Connes morphism and unconditional completionsApr 28 2008We show that the Baum-Connes morphism twisted by a non-unitary representation, defined in [GA08], is an isomorphism for a large class of groups satisfying the Baum-Connes conjecture. Such class contains all the real semi-simple Lie groups, all hyperbolic ... More
Transcendence Measures for some $U_m$-numbers related to Liouville's constantOct 19 2009In this note, we shall prove that the sum and the product of an algebraic number $\alpha$ by the \textit{Liouville constant} $L=\sum_{j=1}^{\infty}10^{-j!}$ is a $U$-number with type equals to the degree of $\alpha$ (with respect to $\mathbb{Q}$). Moreover, ... More
Derived categories of functors and Fourier--Mukai transform for quiver sheavesSep 19 2012Let C be small category and A an arbitrary category. Consider the category C(A) whose objects are functors from C to A, and whose morphisms are natural transformations. Given a functor F : A --> B one obtains an induced functor F_C : C(A) --> C(B) . If ... More
Gauge Transformations, Twisted Poisson Brackets and Hamiltonization of Nonholonomic SystemsApr 05 2011Aug 22 2011In this paper we study the problem of Hamiltonization of nonholonomic systems from a geometric point of view. We use gauge transformations by 2-forms (in the sense of Severa and Weinstein [29]) to construct different almost Poisson structures describing ... More
Dummy variables and their interactions in regression analysis: examples from research on body mass indexNov 18 2015Nov 21 2015This paper is especially written for students and demonstrates the correct use of nominal and ordinal scaled variables in regression analysis by means of so-called dummy variables. We start out with examples of body mass index (BMI) differences between ... More
Far-UV FUSE spectra of peculiar magnetic cataclysmic variablesFeb 17 2003We present far-UV spectra of the three magnetic cataclysmic variables (MCVs) BY Cam, V1309 Ori and AE Aqr obtained with the FUSE satellite. These MCVs have revealed strongly unusual NV and CIV UV resonance lines. The FUSE spectra exhibit broad OVI lines ... More
Helium ordered trapping in arsenolite under compression: Synthesis of He2As4O6Feb 15 2015The compression of arsenolite (cubic As2O3) has been studied from a joint experimental and theoretical point of view. Experimental X-ray diffraction and Raman scattering measurements of this molecular solid at high pressures with different pressure-transmitting ... More
Mechanical response of a self avoiding membrane: fold collisions and the birth of conical singularitiesDec 18 2009Mar 28 2011An elastic membrane that is forced to reside in a container smaller than its natural size will deform and, upon further volume reduction, eventually crumple. The crumpled state is characterized by the localization of energy in a complex network of highly ... More
Macroscopic magnetic frustrationJul 10 2012Although geometrical frustration transcends scale, it has primarily been evoked in the micro and mesoscopic realm to characterize such phases as spin-ice liquids and glasses and to explain the behavior of such materials as multiferroics, high temperature ... More
Methods for estimating the upcrossings index: improvements ans comparisonJul 31 2015The upcrossings index $0\leq \eta\leq 1,$ a measure of the degree of local dependence in the upcrossings of a high level by a stationary process, plays, together with the extremal index $\theta,$ an important role in extreme events modelling. For stationary ... More
Clustering of high values in random fieldsSep 02 2015The asymptotic results that underlie applications of extreme random fields often assume that the variables are located on a regular discrete grid, identified with $\mathbb{Z}^2$, and that they satisfy stationarity and isotropy conditions. Here we extend ... More
Time Inference with MUSE in Extragalactic Rings (TIMER): Properties of the Survey and High-Level Data ProductsOct 02 2018The Time Inference with MUSE in Extragalactic Rings (TIMER) project is a survey with the VLT-MUSE integral-field spectrograph of 24 nearby barred galaxies with prominent central structures (e.g., nuclear rings or inner discs). The main goals of the project ... More
Stratifying systems over hereditary algebrasAug 26 2013This paper deals with stratifying systems over hereditary algebras. In the case of tame hereditary algebras we obtain a bound for the size of the stratifying systems composed only by regular modules and we conclude that stratifying systems can not be ... More
Wang-Landau sampling: Improving accuracyOct 20 2011Dec 20 2011In this work we investigate the behavior of the microcanonical and canonical averages of the two-dimensional Ising model during the Wang-Landau simulation. The simulations were carried out using conventional Wang-Landau sampling and the $1/t$ scheme. ... More
Direct, elliptic and triangular flow of protons in Au+Au reactions at 1.23 AGeV: A theoretical analysis of the recent HADES dataFeb 06 2018Recently, the HADES experiment at GSI has provided preliminary data on the direct flow, $v_1$ elliptic flow, $v_2$ and triangular flow, $v_3$ of protons in Au+Au reactions at a beam energy of 1.23 AGeV. Here we present a theoretical discussion of these ... More
Correction to the geometric phase by structured environments: the onset of non-Markovian effectsMar 24 2015We study the geometric phase of a two-level system under the presence of a structured environment, particularly analysing its correction with the ohmicity parameter $s$ and the onset of non-Markovianity. We firstly examine the system coupled to a set ... More
Decoherence of a solid-state qubit by different noise correlation spectraNov 21 2014The interaction between solid-state qubits and their environmental degrees of freedom produces non-unitary effects like decoherence and dissipation. Uncontrolled decoherence is one of the main obstacles that must be overcome in quantum information processing. ... More
Positive Definite Functions on Complex Spheres and their Walks through DimensionsApr 05 2017Nov 08 2017We provide walks through dimensions for isotropic positive definite functions defined over complex spheres. We show that the analogues of Mont\'ee and Descente operators as proposed by Beatson and zu Castell [J. Approx. Theory 221 (2017), 22-37] on the ... More
Reasoning for ALCQ extended with a flexible meta-modelling hierarchyOct 29 2014This works is motivated by a real-world case study where it is necessary to integrate and relate existing ontologies through meta- modelling. For this, we introduce the Description Logic ALCQM which is obtained from ALCQ by adding statements that equate ... More
Spin-dependent Scattering by a Potential Barrier on a NanotubeNov 13 2010The electron spin effects on the surface of a nanotube have been considered through the spin-orbit interaction (SOI), arising from the electron confinement on the surface of the nanotube. This is of the same nature as the Rashba-Bychkov SOI at a semiconductor ... More
Two-stage ordering of spins in a dipolar spin ice on the kagome latticeJun 25 2009May 05 2011Spin ice, a peculiar thermal state of a frustrated ferromagnet on the pyrochlore lattice, has a finite entropy density and excitations carrying magnetic charge. By combining analytical arguments and Monte Carlo simulations, we show that spin ice on the ... More
Document classification using a Bi-LSTM to unclog Brazil's supreme courtNov 27 2018The Brazilian court system is currently the most clogged up judiciary system in the world. Thousands of lawsuit cases reach the supreme court every day. These cases need to be analyzed in order to be associated to relevant tags and allocated to the right ... More
Gaia FGK Benchmark Stars - MetallicitySep 04 2013Jan 27 2014To calibrate automatic pipelines that determine atmospheric parameters of stars, one needs a sample of stars -- ``benchmark stars'' -- with well defined parameters to be used as a reference We provide a detailed documentation of the determination of the ... More
Fractional spins and static correlation error in density functional theoryMay 12 2008Electronic states with fractional spins arise in systems with large static correlation (strongly correlated systems). Such fractional-spin states are shown to be ensembles of degenerate ground states with normal spins. It is proven here that the energy ... More
Dynamics of magnetic charges in artificial spin iceJun 21 2010Aug 24 2010Artificial spin ice has been recently implemented in two-dimensional arrays of mesoscopic magnetic wires. We propose a theoretical model of magnetization dynamics in artificial spin ice under the action of an applied magnetic field. Magnetization reversal ... More
Numerical approach to simulating interference phenomena in a two-oscillating mirrors cavityMar 08 2017We study photon creation in a cavity with two perfectly conducting moving mirrors. We derive the dynamic equations of the modes and study different situations concerning various movements of the walls, such as translational or breathing modes. We can ... More
Migrations, vaccinations and epidemic controlDec 21 2017We consider three regions with different public health conditions. In the absence of migration among these regions, the first two have good health conditions and the disease free state is stable; for the third region, on the other hand, the only stable ... More
Exploring the Referral and Usage of Science Fiction in HCI LiteratureMar 22 2018Jul 25 2018Research on science fiction (sci-fi) in scientific publications has indicated the usage of sci-fi stories, movies or shows to inspire novel Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research. Yet no studies have analysed sci-fi in a top-ranked computer science ... More
About simple variational splines from the Hamiltonian viewpointNov 07 2017In this paper, we study simple splines on a Riemannian manifold $Q$ from the point of view of the Pontryagin maximum principle (PMP) in optimal control theory. The control problem consists in finding smooth curves matching two given tangent vectors with ... More
Ergodic-nonergodic transition in tapped granular systems: The role of persistent contactsMar 09 2017Static granular packs have been studied in the last three decades in the frame of a modified equilibrium statistical mechanics that assumes ergodicity as a basic postulate. The canonical example on which this framework is tested consists in the series ... More
Estimating the Upcrossings IndexApr 09 2012For stationary sequences, under general local and asymptotic dependence restrictions, any limiting point process for time normalized upcrossings of high levels is a compound Poisson process, i.e., there is a clustering of high upcrossings, where the underlying ... More
Integer Programming Ensemble of Classifiers for Temporal RelationsDec 05 2014Jun 18 2015Extraction of events and understanding related temporal expression among them is a major challenge in natural language processing. In longer texts, processing on sentence-by-sentence or expression-by-expression basis often fails, in part due to the disregard ... More
Double Ore Extensions versus Iterated Ore ExtensionsSep 17 2009Motivated by the construction of new examples of Artin-Schelter regular algebras of global dimension four, J.J. Zhang and J. Zhang (2008) introduced an algebra extension $A_P[y_1,y_2;\sigma,\delta,\tau]$ of $A$, which they called a double Ore extension. ... More
From Dusty Filaments to Cores to Stars: An Infrared Extinction Study of Lupus 3Apr 21 2005We present deep NIR observations of a dense region of Lupus 3 obtained with ESO's NTT and VLT. Using the NICE method we construct a dust extinction map of the cloud, which reveals embedded globules, a dense filament, and a dense ring structure. We derive ... More
HI debris in the IC 1459 galaxy groupOct 03 2017We present HI synthesis imaging of the giant elliptical galaxy IC 1459 and its surroundings with the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA). Our search for extended HI emission revealed a large complex of HI clouds near IC 1459, likely the debris from ... More
Dependence of multivariate extremesJun 08 2010We give necessary and sufficient conditions for two sub-vectors of a random vector with a multivariate extreme value distribution, corresponding to the limit distribution of the maximum of a multidimensional stationary sequence with extremal index, to ... More
Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Log-Gaussian Cox Processes: Extending the Geostatistical ParadigmDec 23 2013In this paper we first describe the class of log-Gaussian Cox processes (LGCPs) as models for spatial and spatio-temporal point process data. We discuss inference, with a particular focus on the computational challenges of likelihood-based inference. ... More
Characterization theorems for the spaces of derivations of evolution algebras associated to graphsJul 06 2018Nov 03 2018It is well-known that the space of derivations of $n$-dimensional evolution algebras with non-singular matrices is zero. On the other hand, the space of derivations of evolution algebras with matrices of rank $n-1$ has also been completely described in ... More
On the multivariate upcrossings indexJun 08 2010The notion of multivariate upcrossings index of a stationary sequence ${\bf{X}}=\{(X_{n,1},\ldots,X_{n,d})\}_{n\geq 1}$ is introduced and its main properties are derived, namely the relations with the multivariate extremal index and the clustering of ... More
On Exact Symmetries and Massless Vectors in Holographic Flows and other Flux VacuaMar 12 2010We analyze the isometries of Type IIB flux vacua based on the Papadopolous-Tseytlin ansatz and identify the related massless bulk vector fields. To this end we devise a general ansatz, valid in any flux compactification, for the fluctuations of the metric ... More
Scalar mesons within a dynamical holographic QCD modelAug 28 2009Oct 25 2010We show that the infrared dynamics of string modes dual to $q\bar q$ states within a Dynamical AdS/QCD model of coupled dilaton-gravity background gives the Reggelike spectrum of $f0's$ scalars and higher spin mesons consistent with experimental data. ... More
Scalar Spectrum from a Dynamical Gravity/Gauge modelApr 05 2010We show that a Dynamical AdS/QCD model is able to reproduce the linear Regge trajectories for the light-flavor sector of mesons with high spin and also for the scalar and pseudoscalar ones. In addition the model has confinement by the Wilson loop criteria ... More
Electronic properties of closed cage nanometer-size spherical graphitic particlesJan 14 2013We investigate the localization of charged particles by the image potential of spherical shells, such as fullerene buckyballs. These "spherical image states" exist within surface potentials formed by the competition between the attractive image potential ... More
Automorphisms of Generalized Down-Up AlgebrasJun 22 2007A generalization of down-up algebras was introduced by Cassidy and Shelton (J. Algebra 279 (2004), no. 1), the so-called generalized down-up algebras. We describe the automorphism group of conformal Noetherian generalized down-up algebras L(f,r,s,\gamma) ... More
Generalized madogram and pairwise dependence of maxima over two regions of a random fieldApr 13 2011Jan 24 2012Spatial environmental processes often exhibit dependence in their large values. In order to model such processes their dependence properties must be characterized and quantified. In this paper we introduce a measure that evaluates the dependence among ... More
Comparison of OFDM and SC-DFE Capacities Without Channel Knowledge at the TransmitterJun 14 2013This letter provides a capacity analysis between OFDM and the ideal SC-DFE when no channel knowledge is available at the transmitter. Through some algebraic manipulation of the OFDM and SC-DFE capacities and using the concavity property of the manipulated ... More
Extremal graphs for the sum of the two largest signless Laplacian eigenvaluesOct 31 2013Let G be a simple graph on $n$ vertices and $e(G)$ edges. Consider $Q(G) = D + A$ as the signless Laplacian of $G$, where $A$ is the adjacency matrix and $D$ is the diagonal matrix of the vertices degree of $G$. Let $q_1(G)$ and $q_2(G)$ be the first ... More
Cooperative spectrum sensing over unreliable reporting channelJun 20 2011This article aims to analyze a cooperative spectrum sensing scheme using a centralized approach with unreliable reporting channel. The spectrum sensing is applied to a cognitive radio system, where each cognitive radio performs a simple energy detection ... More
Mesonic Spectrum from a Dynamical Gravity/Gauge modelApr 09 2010Within a formulation of a Dynamical AdS/QCD model we calculate the spectrum of light flavored mesons. The background fields of the model correspond to an IR deformed Anti de Sitter metric coupled to a dilaton field. Confinement comes as a consequence ... More
The Gaia-ESO survey: Hydrogen lines in red giants directly trace stellar massJun 17 2016Red giant stars are perhaps the most important type of stars for Galactic and extra-galactic archaeology: they are luminous, occur in all stellar populations, and their surface temperatures allow precise abundance determinations for many different chemical ... More
Bivariate representation and conjugacy class zeta functions associated to unipotent group schemes, II: Groups of type F, G, and HMay 05 2018This is the second of two papers introducing and investigating two bivariate zeta functions associated to unipotent group schemes over rings of integers of number fields. In the first part, we proved some of their properties such as rationality and functional ... More
Hadrons in AdS/QCD modelsFeb 04 2012We discuss applications of gauge/gravity duality to describe the spectrum of light hadrons. We compare two particular 5-dimensional approaches: a model with an infrared deformed Anti-de Sitter metric and another one based on a dynamical AdS/QCD framework ... More
Analytic properties of bivariate representation and conjugacy class zeta functions of finitely generated nilpotent groupsJul 15 2018Let $\mathbf{G}$ be a unipotent group scheme defined in terms of a nilpotent Lie lattice over the ring $\mathcal{O}$ of integers of a number field. We consider bivariate zeta functions of groups of the form $\mathbf{G}(\mathcal{O})$ encoding, respectively, ... More
Bivariate representation and conjugacy class zeta functions associated to unipotent group schemes, I: Arithmetic propertiesFeb 13 2018May 05 2018This is the first of two papers in which we introduce and study two bivariate zeta functions associated to unipotent group schemes over rings of integers of number fields. These zeta functions encode, respectively, the numbers of isomorphism classes of ... More
Robust Kantorovich's theorem on Newton's method under majorant condition in Riemannian ManifoldsMay 21 2015A robust affine invariant version of Kantorovich's theorem on Newton's method, for finding a zero of a differentiable vector field defined on a complete Riemannian manifold, is presented in this paper. In the analysis presented, the classical Lipschitz ... More
GALEX and Optical Light Curves of EF Eridanus During a Low State: the Puzzling Source of UV LightJun 21 2006Low state optical photometry of EF Eri during an extended low accretion state combined with GALEX near and far UV time-resolved photometry reveals a source of UV flux that is much larger than the underlying 9500K white dwarf, and that is highly modulated ... More
A coronagraphic absorbing cloud reveals the narrow-line region and extended Lyman-$α$ emission of QSO J0823+0529Aug 26 2015We report long-slit spectroscopic observations of the quasar SDSS J082303.22+052907.6 ($z_{\rm CIV}$$\sim$3.1875), whose Broad Line Region (BLR) is partly eclipsed by a strong damped Lyman-$\alpha$ (DLA; log$N$(HI)=21.7) cloud. This allows us to study ... More
Shortcut sets for the locus of plane Euclidean networksApr 13 2016May 18 2016We study the problem of augmenting the locus $\mathcal{N}_{\ell}$ of a plane Euclidean network $\mathcal{N}$ by inserting iteratively a finite set of segments, called \emph{shortcut set}, while reducing the diameter of the locus of the resulting network. ... More
Shocks in financial markets, price expectation, and damped harmonic oscillatorsMar 10 2011Sep 24 2011Using a modified damped harmonic oscillator model equivalent to a model of market dynamics with price expectations, we analyze the reaction of financial markets to shocks. In order to do this, we gather data from indices of a variety of financial markets ... More
Linking Dynamical Gluon Mass to Chiral Symmetry Breaking via a QCD Low Energy Effective Field TheoryMay 24 2011A low energy effective field theory model for QCD with a scalar color octet field is discussed. The model relates the gluon mass, the constituent quark masses and the quark condensate. The gluon mass comes about $\sqrt{N_c}\, \Lambda_{QCD}$ with the quark ... More
A bilevel learning approach for optimal observation placement in variational data assimilationNov 28 2018In this paper we propose a bilevel optimization approach for the placement of observations in variational data assimilation problems. Within the framework of supervised learning, we consider a bilevel problem where the lower level task is the variational ... More
PACCE: Perl Algorithm to Compute Continuum and Equivalent WidthsMay 02 2011We present Perl Algorithm to Compute continuum and Equivalent Widths (pacce). We describe the methods used in the computations and the requirements for its usage. We compare the measurements made with pacce and "manual" ones made using iraf splot task. ... More
Bayesian modeling of bacterial growth for multiple populationsNov 21 2014Bacterial growth models are commonly used for the prediction of microbial safety and the shelf life of perishable foods. Growth is affected by several environmental factors such as temperature, acidity level and salt concentration. In this study, we develop ... More
One-Level density for holomorphic cusp forms of arbitrary levelApr 12 2016In 2000 Iwaniec, Luo, and Sarnak proved for certain families of $L$-functions associated to holomorphic newforms of square-free level that, under the Generalized Riemann Hypothesis, as the conductors tend to infinity the one-level density of their zeros ... More
FDD Channel Estimation via Covariance Identification in Wideband Massive MIMO SystemsDec 03 2018A method for channel estimation in wideband massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems using covariance identification is developed. The method is useful for Frequency-Division Duplex (FDD) at either sub-6GHz or millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency ... More
In silico modeling of the molecular structure and binding of leukotriene A4 into leukotriene A4 hydrolaseJul 04 2012A combined molecular docking and molecular structure in silico analysis on the substrate and product of leukotriene A4 hydrolase (LTA4H) was performed. The molecular structures of the substrate leukotriene A4 (LTA4) and product leukotirene B4 (LTB4) were ... More
Non-equilibrium time dynamics of genetic evolutionAug 18 2018Biological systems are typically highly open, non-equilibrium systems that are very challenging to understand from a statistical mechanics perspective. While statistical treatments of evolutionary biological systems have a long and rich history, examination ... More
Non-thermal radiation from a runaway massive starNov 11 2010We present a study of the radio emission from a massive runaway star. The star forms a bow shock that is clearly observed in the infrared. We have performed VLA observations under the assumption that the reverse shock in the stellar wind might accelerate ... More
Automatic segmentation of the Foveal Avascular Zone in ophthalmological OCT-A imagesNov 26 2018Angiography by Optical Coherence Tomography is a non-invasive retinal imaging modality of recent appearance that allows the visualization of the vascular structure at predefined depths based on the detection of the blood movement. OCT-A images constitute ... More
HST and Optical Data on SDSSJ0804+5103 (EZ Lyn) One Year after OutburstMar 08 2013We present an ultraviolet spectrum and light curve of the short orbital period cataclysmic variable EZ Lyn obtained with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph on the Hubble Space Telescope 14 months after its dwarf nova outburst, along with ground-based optical ... More
One-Level density for holomorphic cusp forms of arbitrary levelApr 12 2016Jul 13 2017In 2000 Iwaniec, Luo, and Sarnak proved for certain families of $L$-functions associated to holomorphic newforms of square-free level that, under the Generalized Riemann Hypothesis, as the conductors tend to infinity the one-level density of their zeros ... More