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Structured illumination microscopy with unknown patterns and a statistical priorOct 26 2016Jan 12 2017Structured illumination microscopy (SIM) improves resolution by down-modulating high-frequency information of an object to fit within the passband of the optical system. Generally, the reconstruction process requires prior knowledge of the illumination ... More
Temperature enhanced photothermal cooling of a micro-cantileverAug 26 2014We present a temperature enhanced photothermal cooling scheme in a micro-cantilever based FP cavity. Experiments at various temperatures show a temperature dependence of photothermal cooling efficiency. And approximate one order of improvement on the ... More
Generation of narrow-band polarization-entangled photon pairs at a rubidium D1 lineJul 14 2016Using the process of cavity-enhanced spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC), we generate a narrow-band polarization-entangled photon pair resonant on the rubidium (Rb) D1 line (795 nm). The degenerate single-mode photon pair is selected by multiple ... More
A spectral collocation method for nonlocal diffusion equationsFeb 28 2018Nonlocal diffusion model provides an appropriate description of the diffusion process of solute in the complex medium, which cannot be described properly by classical theory of PDE. However, the operators in the nonlocal diffusion models are nonlocal, ... More
The Galactic spiral structure as revealed by O- and early B-type starsMay 14 2019We investigate the morphology and kinematics of the Galactic spiral structure based on a new sample of O- and early B-type stars. We select 6,858 highly confident OB star candidates from the combined data of the VST Photometric H$\alpha$ Survey Data Release ... More
ERNIE: Enhanced Representation through Knowledge IntegrationApr 19 2019We present a novel language representation model enhanced by knowledge called ERNIE (Enhanced Representation through kNowledge IntEgration). Inspired by the masking strategy of BERT, ERNIE is designed to learn language representation enhanced by knowledge ... More
Intervention Aided Reinforcement Learning for Safe and Practical Policy Optimization in NavigationNov 15 2018Combining deep neural networks with reinforcement learning has shown great potential in the next-generation intelligent control. However, there are challenges in terms of safety and cost in practical applications. In this paper, we propose the Intervention ... More
Detecting the Sagittarius stream with LAMOST DR4 M giants \& Gaia DR2Feb 21 2019We use LAMOST DR4 M giants combined with Gaia DR2 proper motions and ALLWISE photometry to obtain an extremely pure sample of Sagittarius (Sgr) stream stars. Using TiO5 and CaH spectral indices as an indicator, we selected out a large sample of M giant ... More
Two-stage energy release process of a confined flare with double HXR peaksJan 20 2018Jan 24 2018A complete understanding of the onset and subsequent evolution of confined flares has not been achieved. Earlier studies mainly analyzed disk events so as to reveal their magnetic topology and cause of confinement. In this study, taking advantage of a ... More
Superfluid-Mott Insulator Transition of Spin-2 Cold Bosons in an Optical Lattice in a Magnetic FieldDec 18 2003The superfluid-Mott insulator transition of spin-2 boson atoms with repulsive interaction in an optical lattice in a magnetic field is presented. By using the mean field theory, Mott ground states and phase diagrams of superfluid-Mott insulator transition ... More
BiRA-Net: Bilinear Attention Net for Diabetic Retinopathy GradingMay 15 2019Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a common retinal disease that leads to blindness. For diagnosis purposes, DR image grading aims to provide automatic DR grade classification, which is not addressed in conventional research methods of binary DR image classification. ... More
Non-Markovian Entanglement Sudden Death and Rebirth of a Two-Qubit System in the Presence of System-Bath CoherenceOct 17 2010We present a detailed study of the entanglement dynamics of a two-qubit system coupled to independent non-Markovian environments, employing hierarchy equations. This recently developed theoretical treatment can conveniently solve non-Markovian problems ... More
BiRA-Net: Bilinear Attention Net for Diabetic Retinopathy GradingMay 15 2019Jul 01 2019Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a common retinal disease that leads to blindness. For diagnosis purposes, DR image grading aims to provide automatic DR grade classification, which is not addressed in conventional research methods of binary DR image classification. ... More
Computational illumination for high-speed in vitro Fourier ptychographic microscopyJun 13 2015Sep 20 2015We demonstrate a new computational illumination technique that achieves large space-bandwidth-time product, for quantitative phase imaging of unstained live samples in vitro. Microscope lenses can have either large field of view (FOV) or high resolution, ... More
Learning the Wireless V2I Channels Using Deep Neural NetworksJul 10 2019For high data rate wireless communication systems, developing an efficient channel estimation approach is extremely vital for channel detection and signal recovery. With the trend of high-mobility wireless communications between vehicles and vehicles-to-infrastructure ... More
Non-Markovian Dynamics of Quantum and Classical Correlations in the Presence of System-Bath CoherenceNov 23 2010We present a detailed study of the dynamics of correlations in non-Markovian environments, applying the hierarchy equations approach. This theoretical treatment is able to take the system-bath interaction into consideration carefully. It is shown that ... More
Diophantine equations involving Euler's totient functionNov 01 2017In this paper, we consider the equations involving Euler's totient function $\phi$ and Lucas type sequences. In particular, we prove that the equation $\phi (x^m-y^m)=x^n-y^n$ has no solutions in positive integers $x, y, m, n$ except for the trivial solutions ... More
Identifying Galactic Halo Substructure in 6D Phase-space Using $\sim$13,000 LAMOST K GiantsJun 11 2019We construct a large halo K-giant sample by combining the positions, distances, radial velocities, and metallicities of over 13,000 LAMOST DR5 halo K giants with the Gaia DR2 proper motions, which covers a Galactocentric distance range of 5-120 kpc. Using ... More
Mod 2 cohomology ring of a kind of orbit configuration spaceDec 25 2018In this paper we caculate mod 2 cohomology ring of $F_{\mathbb{Z}_2^m}(\mathbb{R}^m,n)$ , which is local representation of orbit congfiguration spaces over small covers. We construct a differntial graded algebra, and there is a ring isomorphism between ... More
Classical analog of Stückelberg interferometry with two coupled mechanical resonatorsApr 01 2016Coupled nanomechanical resonators have recently attracted much attention for both fundamental studies in physics and broad applications in high-precession detection or sensing. By studying the Landau-Zener transitions and Rabi oscillation of two coupled ... More
Higher cohomology of the pluricanonical bundle is not deformation invariantDec 01 2006Jan 16 2008In this paper, we compute the dimensions of the 1st and 2nd cohomology groups of all the pluricanonical bundles for Hirzebruch surfaces, and the dimensions of the 1st and 2nd cohomology groups of the second pluricanonical bundles for a blow-up of a projective ... More
Selecting M-giants with infra-red photometry: Distances, metallicities and the Sagittarius streamMar 01 2016Apr 14 2016Using a spectroscopically confirmed sample of M-giants, M-dwarfs and quasars from the LAMOST survey, we assess how well WISE $\&$ 2MASS color-cuts can be used to select M-giant stars. The WISE bands are very efficient at separating M-giants from M-dwarfs ... More
Experimental robustness of Fourier Ptychography phase retrieval algorithmsNov 10 2015Dec 18 2015Fourier ptychography is a new computational microscopy technique that provides gigapixel-scale intensity and phase images with both wide field-of-view and high resolution. By capturing a stack of low-resolution images under different illumination angles, ... More
Integral Hodge classes on fourfolds fiberd by quadric bundlesFeb 25 2014Oct 31 2014We discuss the space of sections and certain bisections on a quadric surfaces bundle $X$ over a smooth curve. The Abel-Jacobi from these spaces to the intermediate Jacobian will be shown to be dominant with rationally connected fibers. As an application, ... More
Comparison of the algebraic and the symplectic Gromov-Witten invariantsJan 01 1998We show that the algebraic and the symplectic GW-inivariants of smooth projective varieties are equivalent.
Virtual moduli cycles and Gromov-Witten invariants of general symplectic manifoldsAug 26 1996Sep 19 1996We construct Gromov-Witten invariants of general symplectic manifolds.
A Derivative-Free Trust-Region Algorithm for Reliability-Based OptimizationNov 07 2015Oct 02 2016In this note, we present a derivative-free trust-region (TR) algorithm for reliability based optimization (RBO) problems. The proposed algorithm consists of solving a set of subproblems, in which simple surrogate models of the reliability constraints ... More
Picard groups of moduli of K3 surfaces of low degree K3 surfacesApr 11 2013We study the moduli space of quasi-polarized K3 surfaces of degree 6 and 8 via geometric invariant theory. In particular, we verify the Noether-Lefschetz conjecture in these two cases. The general case is discussed at the end of the paper.
The quantum cohomology of homogeneous varietiesApr 16 1995We established the associativity of the quantum cohomologies of homogeneous varieties by using degeneration method in algebraic geometry.
Multi-view metric learning for multi-instance image classificationOct 21 2016It is critical and meaningful to make image classification since it can help human in image retrieval and recognition, object detection, etc. In this paper, three-sides efforts are made to accomplish the task. First, visual features with bag-of-words ... More
Virtual moduli cycles and Gromov-Witten invariants of algebraic varietiesFeb 09 1996Feb 14 1998We introduce a method of constructing the virtual cycle of any scheme associated with a tangent-obstruction complex. We apply this method to constructing the virtual moduli cycle of the moduli of stable maps from n-pointed genus g curves to any smooth ... More
Orbifold regularity of weak Kahler-Einstein metricsMay 08 2015In this note, we prove that any non-collapsing and compact Gromov-Hausdorff limit of Kahler-Einstein manifolds is either smooth or is orbifold outside a subvariety of complex codimension at least 3.
An Extended Generalized Disjunctive Paraconsistent Data Model for Disjunctive InformationOct 20 2004This paper presents an extension of generalized disjunctive paraconsistent relational data model in which pure disjunctive positive and negative information as well as mixed disjunctive positive and negative information can be represented explicitly and ... More
The Yang-Mills α-flow in vector bundles over four manifolds and its applicationsMar 04 2013In this paper, we introduce an \alpha -flow for the Yang-Mills functional in vector bundles over four dimensional Riemannian manifolds, and establish global existence of a unique smooth solution to the \alpha -flow with smooth initial value. We prove ... More
Classical dynamical localization in a strongly driven two-mode mechanical systemJun 20 2017We report the realization of dynamical localization in a strongly driven two-mode optomechanical system consisting of two coupled cantilevers. Due to the coupling, mechanical oscillations can transport between the cantilevers. However, by placing one ... More
Generalised monogamy relation of convex-roof extended negativity in multi-level systemsMay 07 2016Nov 20 2016In this paper, we investigate the generalised monogamy inequalities of convex-roof extended negativity (CREN) in multi-level systems. The generalised monogamy inequalities provide the upper and lower bounds of bipartite entanglement, which are obtained ... More
Experimental demonstration of high-rate measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution over asymmetric channelsAug 26 2018Apr 28 2019Measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDI-QKD) can eliminate all detector side channels and it is practical with current technology. Previous implementations of MDI-QKD all use two symmetric channels with similar losses. However, the ... More
Efficient Electrical Control of Thin-Film Black Phosphorus BandgapDec 14 2016Recently rediscovered black phosphorus is a layered semiconductor with promising electronic and photonic properties. Dynamic control of its bandgap can enable novel device applications and allow for the exploration of new physical phenomena. However, ... More
Nonreciprocal State Conversion between Microwave and Optical PhotonsOct 29 2016Jul 07 2017Optomechanical quantum interfaces can be utilized to connect systems with distinctively different frequencies in hybrid quantum networks. Here we present a scheme of nonreciprocal quantum state conversion between microwave and optical photons via an optomechanical ... More
Broadband high reflectivity in subwavelength-grating slab waveguidesSep 16 2015We computationally study a subwavelength dielectric grating structure, show that slab waveguide modes can be used to obtain broadband high reflectivity, and analyze how slab waveguide modes influence reflection. A structure showing interference between ... More
Generalized monogamy relation of convex-roof extended negativity in multi-level systemsMay 07 2016May 12 2016In this paper, we investigate the generalized monogamy inequalities in terms of convex-roof extend- ed negativity (CREN) in multi-level systems. The generalized monogamy inequalities provide the upper and lower bounds of bipartite entanglement, which ... More
Disentangling Style and Content in Anime IllustrationsMay 26 2019May 28 2019Existing methods for AI-generated artworks still struggle with generating high-quality stylized content, where high-level semantics are preserved, or separating fine-grained styles from various artists. We propose a novel Generative Adversarial Disentanglement ... More
A Schur-type addition theorem for primesApr 05 2008May 08 2008Suppose that all primes are colored with k colors. Then there exist monochromatic primes p1, p2, p3 such that p1+p2=p3+1.
Observation of $γp \to Λ\barΛ p$ with GlueX at Jefferson LabOct 10 2018Nov 05 2018For the first time, baryon-antibaryon photoproduction in the reaction $\gamma p \to \Lambda \bar{\Lambda} p$ has been observed at photon energies from threshold near 4.9 GeV to 11.6 GeV. The measurements are in progress with the GlueX spectrometer in ... More
Primes in the form $[αp+β]$Mar 12 2008Apr 05 2008Let \beta be a real number. Then for almost all irrational \alpha>0 (in the sense of Lebesgue measure) \limsup_{x\to\infty}\pi_{\alpha,\beta}^*(x)(\log x)^2/x>=1, where \pi_{\alpha,\beta}^*(x)={p<=x: both p and [\alpha p+\beta] are primes}.
Difference sets and Polynomials of prime variablesSep 12 2007Nov 08 2007Let \psi(x) be a polynomial with rational coefficients. Suppose that \psi has the positive leading coefficient and zero constant term. Let A be a set of positive integers with the positive upper density. Then there exist x,y\in A and a prime p such that ... More
On stability of the hyperbolic space form under the normalized Ricci flowJun 30 2009This paper studies the normalized Ricci flow from a slight perturbation of the hyperbolic metric on $\mathbb H^n$. It's proved that if the perturbation is small and decays sufficiently fast at the infinity, then the flow will converge exponentially fast ... More
Application of RWA leads to false conclusions about the transition probability for the near or exact resonanceNov 19 2015Apr 28 2016Rotating wave approximation (RWA) plays a key rule in quantum optics to solve some Schr\"{o}dinger equation approximately. For example, it is well known that RWA has been used to calculate the transition probability. However, so far no one shows the validity ... More
On the L2-Hodge theory of Landau-Ginzburg modelsMar 07 2019Let X be a non-compact Calabi-Yau manifold and f be a holomorphic function on X with compact critical locus. We introduce the notion of f-twisted Sobolev spaces for the pair (X,f) and prove the corresponding Hodge-to-de Rham degeneration property via ... More
Generation of multiphoton entangled quantum states with a single silicon nanowireMar 05 2018Multiphoton entanglement plays a critical role in quantum information processing, and greatly improves our fundamental understanding of the quantum world. Despite tremendous efforts in either bulk media or fiber-based devices, nonlinear interactions in ... More
Chen's primes and ternary Goldbach problemDec 24 2008We prove that there exists a k_0>0 such that every sufficiently large odd integer n with 3\mid n can be represented as p_1+p_2+p_3, where p_1,p_2 are Chen's primes and p_3 is a prime with p_3+2 has at most k_0 prime factors.
Equiaffine isoparametric functions and their regular level hypersurfacesMar 28 2018In this paper, we introduce and study the locally strongly convex equiaffine isoparametric hypersurfaces and equiaffine isoparametric functions on the affine space $A^{n+1}$. Motivated by the case on the Euclidean space $E^{n+1}$, we first introduce the ... More
Two addition theorems on polynomials of prime variablesOct 29 2007We extend a recent result of Khalfalah and Szemeredi to the polynomials of prime variables.
Experimental investigation of quantum key distribution over water channelMar 04 2019Apr 12 2019Quantum key distribution (QKD) has undergone significant development in recent decades, particularly with respect to free-space (air) and optical fiber channels. Here, we report the first proof-of-principle experiment for the BB84 protocol QKD over a ... More
The Cauchy two-matrix model, C-Toda lattice and CKP hierarchyJan 02 2018This paper mainly talks about the Cauchy two-matrix model and its corresponding integrable hi- erarchy with the help of orthogonal polynomials theory and Toda-type equations. Starting from the symmetric reduction of Cauchy biorthogonal polynomials, we ... More
Photometric and Spectroscopic Observations of GRB 140629AApr 17 2018We present our optical photometric and spectroscopical observations of GRB 140629A. A redshift of $z=2.275\pm0.043$ is measured through the metal absorption lines in our spectroscopic data. Using our photometric data and multiple observational data observed ... More
Experimental Quantum Fast Hitting on Hexagonal GraphsJul 17 2018Dec 04 2018Quantum walks are powerful kernels in quantum computing protocols that possess strong capabilities in speeding up various simulation and optimisation tasks. One striking example is given by quantum walkers evolving on glued trees for their faster hitting ... More
Superconvergence of $C^0$-$Q^k$ finite element method for elliptic equations with approximated coefficientsFeb 03 2019We prove that the superconvergence of $C^0$-$Q^k$ finite element method at the Gauss Lobatto quadrature points still holds if variable coefficients in an elliptic problem are replaced by their piecewise $Q^k$ Lagrange interpolant at the Gauss Lobatto ... More
On the monotonicity and discrete maximum principle of the finite difference implementation of $C^0$-$Q^2$ finite element methodMay 15 2019We show that the fourth order accurate finite difference implementation of continuous finite element method with tensor product of quadratic polynomial basis is monotone thus satisfies the discrete maximum principle for solving a scalar variable coefficient ... More
Cooperation Enforcement and Collusion Resistance in Repeated Public Goods GamesNov 15 2018Enforcing cooperation among substantial agents is one of the main objectives for multi-agent systems. However, due to the existence of inherent social dilemmas in many scenarios, the free-rider problem may arise during agents' long-run interactions and ... More
The bunch current measurement using high-speed photodetector at HLS IIJan 07 2017Mar 06 2017This contribution presents a novel bunch current measurement system based on an ultra-fast photodetector and a high-speed digitizer at Hefei Light Source II (HLS II). In order to achieve bunch-by-bunch resolution, the sampling rate of the system is nearly ... More
Geometric energy transfer in a Stückelberg interferometer of two parametrically coupled mechanical modesNov 24 2018Geometric phase, which is acquired after a system undergoing cyclic evolution in the Hilbert space, is believed to be noise-resilient because it depends only on the global properties of the evolution path. Here, we report geometric control of energy transfer ... More
Symplectic Birational GeometryJun 17 2009This is a survey on symplectic birational geometry. In arbitrary dimension, this subject is centered around the notion of uniruledness. In low dimensions, we will also discuss Kodaira dimension and minimality.
Raman sideband cooling of $^{25}$Mg$^+$ -$^{27}$Al$^+$ ions pair and observation of quantum logic spectraFeb 26 2019We perform quantum logic spectroscopy (QLS) on $^{27}$Al$^+$ ion $^1$S$_0$ - $^3$P$_1$ transition, which is an important step toward the QLS based $^{27}$Al$^+$ ion optical clock. As a precondition of QLS, both the stretch (STR) mode and the common (COM) ... More
Virtual Betti numbers and virtual symplecticity of 4-dimensional mapping toriNov 18 2012In this note, we compute the virtual first Betti numbers of 4-manifolds fibering over $S^1$ with prime fiber. As an application, we show that if such a manifold is symplectic with nonpositive Kodaira dimension, then the fiber itself is a sphere or torus ... More
Uniruled symplectic divisorsNov 27 2007This is a paper devoted to the symplectic birational geometry program where many basic notions are defined in terms of genus 0 GW invariants. We show that the existence of a positive uniruled symplectic divisor often implies that the ambient manifold ... More
Acceleration-extended Newton-Hooke symmetry and its dynamical realizationJun 08 2008Aug 05 2008Newton-Hooke group is the nonrelativistic limit of de Sitter (anti-de Sitter) group, which can be enlarged with transformations that describe constant acceleration, as well as central charges. We consider a higher order Lagrangian that is quasi-invariant ... More
Symplectic forms and surfaces of negative squareJan 23 2006We introduce an analogue of the inflation technique of Lalonde-McDuff, allowing us to obtain new symplectic forms from symplectic surfaces of negative self-intersection in symplectic four-manifolds. We consider the implications of this construction for ... More
Note on a theorem of BangertSep 27 2015We generalize Bangert's non-hyperbolicity result for uniformly tamed almost complex structures on standard symplectic $R^{2n}$ to asymtotically standard symplectic manifolds.
Lagrangian spheres, symplectic surfaces and the symplectic mapping class groupDec 19 2010Oct 01 2011Given a Lagrangian sphere in a symplectic 4-manifold $(M, \omega)$ with $b^+=1$, we find embedded symplectic surfaces intersecting it minimally. When the Kodaira dimension $\kappa$ of $(M, \omega)$ is $-\infty$, this minimal intersection property turns ... More
Geography of symplectic 4-manifolds with Kodaira dimension oneMay 02 2005The geography problem is usually stated for simply connected symplectic 4-manifolds. When the first cohomology is nontrivial, however, one can restate the problem taking into account how close the symplectic manifold is to satisfying the conclusion of ... More
The symplectic mapping class group of $\CC P^2 n{\bar{\CC P^2}}$ with $n\leq4$Oct 28 2013May 03 2014In this paper we prove that the Torelli part of the symplectomorphism groups of the $n$-point ($n\leq 4$) blow-ups of the projective plane is trivial. Consequently, we determine the symplectic mapping class group. It is generated by reflections on $K_{\omega}- ... More
Rotating halo traced by the K giant stars from LAMOST and GaiaMay 21 2018Dec 07 2018With the help of Gaia DR2, we are able to obtain the full 6-D phase space information for stars from LAMOST DR5. With high precision of position, velocity, and metallicity, the rotation of the local stellar halo is presented using the K giant stars with ... More
Cosmological Constraints on the Undulant UniverseJun 17 2010We use the redshift Hubble parameter $H(z)$ data derived from relative galaxy ages, distant type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia), the Baryonic Acoustic Oscillation (BAO) peak, and the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) shift parameter data, to constrain cosmological ... More
Relationship between Conditional Diagnosability and 2-extra Connectivity of Symmetric GraphsAug 10 2015The conditional diagnosability and the 2-extra connectivity are two important parameters to measure ability of diagnosing faulty processors and fault-tolerance in a multiprocessor system. The conditional diagnosability $t_c(G)$ of $G$ is the maximum number ... More
Transferring Grasp Configurations using Active Learning and Local ReplanningJul 22 2018Oct 28 2018We present a new approach to transfer grasp configurations from prior example objects to novel objects. We assume the novel and example objects have the same topology and similar shapes. We perform 3D segmentation on these objects using geometric and ... More
Five-wave-packet quantum error correction based on continuous-variable cluster entanglementNov 20 2015Quantum error correction protects the quantum state against noise and decoherence in quantum communication and quantum computation, which enables one to perform fault-torrent quantum information processing. We experimentally demonstrate a quantum error ... More
Infrared carpet cloak designed with uniform silicon grating structureOct 22 2009Through a particularly chosen coordinate transformation, we propose an optical carpet cloak that only requires homogeneous anisotropic dielectric material. The proposed cloak could be easily imitated and realized by alternative layers of isotropic dielectrics. ... More
Symplectic $-2$ spheres and the symplectomorphism group of small rational 4-manifoldsNov 22 2016Let $(X,\omega)$ be a symplectic rational 4 manifold. We study the space of tamed almost complex structures $\mathcal{J}_{\omega}$ using a fine decomposition via smooth rational curves and a relative version of the infinite dimensional Alexander duality. ... More
Functional Bias and Spatial Organization of Genes in Mutational Hot and Cold Regions in the Human GenomeFeb 03 2004The neutral mutation rate is known to vary widely along human chromosomes, leading to mutational hot and cold regions. We provide evidence that categories of functionally-related genes reside preferentially in mutationally hot or cold regions, the size ... More
Global existence for compressible Navier-Stokes-Poisson equations in three and higher dimensionsSep 26 2008Nov 23 2008The compressible Navier-Stokes-Poisson system is concerned in the present paper, and the global existence and uniqueness of the strong solution is shown in the framework of hybrid Besov spaces in three and higher dimensions.
Holographic Entanglement Entropy and Van der Waals transitions in Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theorySep 11 2018Mar 10 2019According to the gauge/gravity duality, the Van der Waals transition of charged AdS black holes in extended phase space is conjectured to be dual to a renormalization group flow on the space of field theories. So exploring the Van der Waals transition ... More
FCOS: Fully Convolutional One-Stage Object DetectionApr 02 2019Apr 14 2019We propose a fully convolutional one-stage object detector (FCOS) to solve object detection in a per-pixel prediction fashion, analogue to semantic segmentation. Almost all state-of-the-art object detectors such as RetinaNet, SSD, YOLOv3, and Faster R-CNN ... More
Variational Hetero-Encoder Randomized Generative Adversarial Networks for Joint Image-Text ModelingMay 18 2019For bidirectional joint image-text modeling, we develop variational hetero-encoder (VHE) randomized generative adversarial network (GAN) that integrates a probabilistic text decoder, probabilistic image encoder, and GAN into a coherent end-to-end multi-modality ... More
Hamiltonian formalism of the Landau-Lifschitz equation for a spin chain with full anisotropySep 25 2005The Hamiltonian formalism of the Landau-Lifschitz equation for a spin chain with full anisotropy is formulated completely, which constructs a stable base for further investigations.
Zone folding induced topological insulators in phononic crystalsJun 18 2017This letter investigates a flow-free, pseudospin-based acoustic topological insulator. Zone folding, a strategy originated from photonic crystal, is used to form double Dirac cones in phononic crystal. The lattice symmetry of the phononic crystal is broken ... More
General Monogamy of Tsallis $q$-Entropy Entanglement in Multiqubit SystemsApr 26 2016Aug 01 2018In this paper, we study the monogamy inequality of Tsallis-q entropy entanglement. We first provide an analytic formula of Tsallis-q entropy entanglement in two-qubit systems for $\frac{5-\sqrt{13}}{2}\leq q\leq\frac{5+\sqrt{13}}{2}.$ The analytic formula ... More
Purifying Adversarial Perturbation with Adversarially Trained Auto-encodersMay 26 2019Machine learning models are vulnerable to adversarial examples. Iterative adversarial training has shown promising results against strong white-box attacks. However, adversarial training is very expensive, and every time a model needs to be protected, ... More
Note on the additive complements of primesJan 09 2011Apr 28 2011We extend two results of Ruzsa and Vu on the additive complements of primes
Note on a sum involving the Euler functionSep 27 2018Oct 22 2018We prove that $$ \sum_{n \leq x} \varphi([x/n])\leq\bigg(\frac{1380}{4009}+\frac{2629}{4009}\cdot\frac1{\zeta(2)}+o(1)\bigg)x\log x $$ as $x\to\infty$, where $\varphi$ denotes the Euler totient function and $[x]$ denotes the integer part of $x$.
On the Erdos-Fuchs theoremAug 30 2016We prove several extensions of the Erdos-Fuchs theorem.
Inverse Erdos-Fuchs theorem for k-fold sumsetsSep 14 2012Nov 04 2012We generalize a result of Ruzsa on the inverse Erdos-Fuchs theorem for k-fold sumsets.
Clique Numbers of Graphs and Irreducible Exact m-Covers of ZApr 06 2008Apr 26 2008For each m>=1 and k>=2, we construct a graph G=(V,E) with \omega(G)=m such that max_{1\leq i\leq k} \omega(G[V_i])=m for arbitrary partition V=V_1\cup...\cup V_k, where \omega(G) is the clique number of G and G[V_i] is the induced subgraph of G with the ... More
HPILN: A feature learning framework for cross-modality person re-identificationJun 07 2019Most video surveillance systems use both RGB and infrared cameras, making it a vital technique to re-identify a person cross the RGB and infrared modalities. This task can be challenging due to both the cross-modality variations caused by heterogeneous ... More
Well-posedness for a multi-dimensional viscous liquid-gas two-phase flow modelJul 21 2011Feb 10 2012The Cauchy problem of a multi-dimensional ($d\geqslant 2$) compressible viscous liquid-gas two-phase flow model is concerned in this paper. We investigate the global existence and uniqueness of the strong solution for the initial data close to a stable ... More
Best lower bound for the maximum heterochromatic matchings in edge-colored bipartite graphsDec 30 2005Nov 30 2007This paper has been withdrawn by the author(s), due an error in the proof.
Non-Markovian dynamics for an open two-level system without rotating wave approximation: Indivisibility versus backflow of informationMay 28 2012By use of the two measures presented recently, the indivisibility and the backflow of information, we study the non-Markovianity of the dynamics for a two-level system interacting with a zero-temperature structured environment without using rotating wave ... More
A two-way regularization method for MEG source reconstructionSep 28 2012The MEG inverse problem refers to the reconstruction of the neural activity of the brain from magnetoencephalography (MEG) measurements. We propose a two-way regularization (TWR) method to solve the MEG inverse problem under the assumptions that only ... More
Stochastic Telegraph Equation Limit for the Stochastic Six Vertex ModelJul 12 2018In this article we study the stochastic six vertex model under the scaling proposed by Borodin and Gorin (2018), where the weights of corner-shape vertices are tuned to zero, and prove Conjecture 6.1 therein: that the height fluctuation converges in finite ... More
Stability of the Einstein static universe in Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld theoryMay 18 2017Jul 29 2017By considering the realization of the emergent universe scenario in Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld (EiBI) theory, we study the stability of the Einstein static universe filled with perfect fluid in EiBI theory against both the homogeneous and inhomogeneous ... More