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ELF: An Extensive, Lightweight and Flexible Research Platform for Real-time Strategy GamesJul 04 2017Nov 10 2017In this paper, we propose ELF, an Extensive, Lightweight and Flexible platform for fundamental reinforcement learning research. Using ELF, we implement a highly customizable real-time strategy (RTS) engine with three game environments (Mini-RTS, Capture ... More
Design of magnetic spirals in layered perovskites: extending the stability range far beyond room temperatureSep 27 2018In insulating materials with ordered magnetic spiral phases, ferroelectricity can emerge due to the breaking of inversion symmetry. This property is of both fundamental and practical interest, in particular with a view to exploiting it in low-power electronic ... More
Effect of transport-induced charge inhomogeneity on point-contact Andreev reflection spectra at ferromagnet-superconductor interfacesJun 06 2012We investigate the transport properties of a ferromagnet-superconductor interface within the framework of a modified three-dimensional Blonder-Tinkham-Klapwijk formalism. In particular, we propose that charge inhomogeneity forms via two unique transport ... More
Focusing of Maximum Vertex Degrees in Random Faulty Scaled Sector GraphsSep 16 2009Dec 12 2011In this paper we study the behavior of maximum out/in-degree of binomial/Poisson random scaled sector graphs in the presence of random vertex and edge faults. We prove that the probability distribution of maximum degrees for random faulty scaled sector ... More
Bipancyclic subgraphs in random bipartite graphsNov 28 2012Dec 14 2012A bipartite graph on 2n vertices is bipancyclic if it contains cycles of all even lengths from 4 to 2n. In this paper we prove that the random bipartite graph $G(n,n,p)$ with $p(n)\gg n^{-2/3}$ asymptotically almost surely has the following resilience ... More
Laws of Large Numbers of Subgraphs in Directed Random Geometric NetworksSep 16 2009Given independent random points $\mathcal{X}_n=\{X_1,...,X_n\}$ in $\mathbb{R}^2$, drawn according to some probability density function $f$ on $\mathbb{R}^2$, and a cutoff $r_n>0$ we construct a random geometric digraph $G(\mathcal{X}_n,\mathcal{Y}_n,r_n)$ ... More
Bounds of distance Estrada index of graphsNov 19 2015Let $\lambda_1,\lambda_2,\cdots,\lambda_n$ be the eigenvalues of the distance matrix of a connected graph $G$. The distance Estrada index of $G$ is defined as $DEE(G)=\sum_{i=1}^ne^{\lambda_i}$. In this note, we present new lower and upper bounds for ... More
Structure and Physical Conditions in MHD Jets from Young StarsDec 28 2001We have constructed the foundations to a series of theoretical diagnostic methods to probe the jet phenomenon in young stars as observed at various optical forbidden lines. We calculate and model in a self-consistent manner the physical and radiative ... More
Clustering Bioactive Molecules in 3D Chemical Space with Unsupervised Deep LearningFeb 09 2019Unsupervised clustering has broad applications in data stratification, pattern investigation and new discovery beyond existing knowledge. In particular, clustering of bioactive molecules facilitates chemical space mapping, structure-activity studies, ... More
Simulation of continuous variable quantum games without entanglementJan 12 2011Apr 26 2011A simulation scheme of quantum version of Cournot's Duopoly is proposed, in which there is a new Nash equilibrium that may be also Pareto optimal without any entanglement involved. The unique property of this simulation scheme is decoherence-free against ... More
Mean parity of single quantum excitation of some optical fields in thermal environmentsJul 13 2008Jun 11 2010The mean parity (the Wigner function at the origin) of excited binomial states, excited coherent states and excited thermal states in thermal channel is investigated in details. It is found that the single-photon excited binomial state and the single-photon ... More
Nonclassicality of single quantum excitation of a thermal field in thermal environmentsMay 28 2008The nonclassicality of single photon-added thermal states in the thermal channel is investigated by exploring the volume of the negative part of the Wigner function. The Wigner functions become positive when the decay time exceeds a threshold value $\gamma{t}_c$, ... More
Cooperative Change Detection for Online Power Quality MonitoringDec 08 2014This paper considers the real-time power quality monitoring in power grid systems. The goal is to detect the occurrence of disturbances in the nominal sinusoidal voltage/current signal as quickly as possible such that protection measures can be taken ... More
Search for new physics in $B_{d,s}\to l^+l^-$Oct 23 2002An overview of recent theoretical developments in rare leptonic B decays is given. New physics effects on branching ratio and CP violation in the decays are analyzed in models beyond SM (supersymmetric models and two Higgs doublet models).
Machine Comprehension Based on Learning to RankMay 11 2016May 13 2016Machine comprehension plays an essential role in NLP and has been widely explored with dataset like MCTest. However, this dataset is too simple and too small for learning true reasoning abilities. \cite{hermann2015teaching} therefore release a large scale ... More
Mortality and life expectancy forecasting for a group of populations in developed countries: A robust multilevel functional data methodSep 23 2016A robust multilevel functional data method is proposed to forecast age-specific mortality rate and life expectancy for two or more populations in developed countries with high-quality vital registration systems. It uses a robust multilevel functional ... More
Informational work storage in quantum thermodynamicsSep 10 2017Jan 24 2018We present a critical examination of the difficulties with the quantum versions of a lifted weight that are widely used as work storage systems in quantum thermodynamics. To overcome those difficulties, inspired by the relations between information and ... More
Bayesian bandwidth estimation for a nonparametric functional regression model with mixed types of regressors and unknown error densityMar 08 2014We investigate the issue of bandwidth estimation in a nonparametric functional regression model with function-valued, continuous real-valued and discrete-valued regressors under the framework of unknown error density. Extending from the recent work of ... More
Reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces supporting nontrivial Hermitian weighted composition operatorsApr 07 2011We characterize those generating functions k that produce weighted Hardy spaces of the unit disk D supporting nontrivial Hermitian weighted composition operators. Our characterization shows that the spaces associated with the "classical reproducing kernels," ... More
Order-2 Asymptotic Optimality of the Fully Distributed Sequential Hypothesis TestJun 14 2016This work analyzes the asymptotic performances of fully distributed sequential hypothesis testing procedures as the type-I and type-II error rates approach zero, in the context of a sensor network without a fusion center. In particular, the sensor network ... More
Nonparametric Bernstein-von Mises Phenomenon: A Tuning Prior PerspectiveNov 13 2014Jul 16 2015Statistical inference on infinite-dimensional parameters in a Bayesian framework is investigated. The main contribution of this paper is to demonstrate that nonparametric Bernstein-von Mises theorem can be established in a {\em general} class of nonparametric ... More
Mortality and life expectancy forecasting for a group of populations in developed countries: A multilevel functional data methodJun 16 2016A multilevel functional data method is adapted for forecasting age-specific mortality for two or more populations in developed countries with high-quality vital registration systems. It uses multilevel functional principal component analysis of aggregate ... More
Selection of the optimal Box-Cox transformation parameter for modelling and forecasting age-specific fertilityMar 08 2015The Box-Cox transformation can sometimes yield noticeable improvements in model simplicity, variance homogeneity and precision of estimation, such as in modelling and forecasting age-specific fertility. Despite its importance, there have been few studies ... More
Bootstrap methods for stationary functional time seriesOct 03 2016Bootstrap methods for estimating the long-run covariance of stationary functional time series are considered. We introduce a versatile bootstrap method that relies on functional principal component analysis, where principal component scores can be bootstrapped ... More
Analysis and control of a scalar conservation law modeling a highly re-entrant manufacturing systemMar 23 2010In this paper, we study a scalar conservation law that models a highly re-entrant manufacturing system as encountered in semi-conductor production. As a generalization of \cite{CKWang}, the velocity function possesses both the local and nonlocal character. ... More
A low-redshift galaxy cluster X-ray Temperature Function incorporating Suzaku dataSep 05 2008We present the first results of a survey of 14 low redshift galaxy clusters using Suzaku. Although luminous (L_x> 1\times 10^{43} erg s^{-1} (0.1-2.4 keV)), these clusters have no prior pointed X-ray data. Together with 47 other systems they form a flux ... More
Large and moderate deviation principles for Engel continued fractionsApr 18 2016Aug 26 2016Large and moderate deviation principles are proved for Engel continued fractions, a new type of continued fraction expansion with non-decreasing partial quotients in number theory.
Geometry and nonlinear analysisDec 01 2002Nonlinear analysis has played a prominent role in the recent developments in geometry and topology. The study of the Yang-Mills equation and its cousins gave rise to the Donaldson invariants and more recently, the Seiberg-Witten invariants. Those invariants ... More
A Two-Dimensional Improvement for Farr-Gao AlgorithmJan 08 2010Jan 17 2014Farr-Gao algorithm is a state-of-the-art algorithm for reduced Gr\"{o}bner bases of vanishing ideals of finite points, which has been implemented in Maple$^\circledR$ as a build-in command. In this paper, we present a two-dimensional improvement for it ... More
Recoverability of Joint Distribution from Missing DataNov 15 2016A probabilistic query may not be estimable from observed data corrupted by missing values if the data are not missing at random (MAR). It is therefore of theoretical interest and practical importance to determine in principle whether a probabilistic query ... More
Matrix Theory over the Complex Quaternion AlgebraApr 01 2000We present in this paper some fundamental tools for developing matrix analysis over the complex quaternion algebra. As applications, we consider generalized inverses, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, similarity, determinants of complex quaternion matrices, ... More
A diagrammatic categorification of a Clifford algebraSep 24 2013We give a graphical calculus for a categorification of a Clifford algebra and its Fock space representation via differential graded categories. The categorical action is motivated by the gluing action between the contact categories of infinite strips. ... More
Canonical subgroups of Barsotti-Tate groupsJun 02 2006Aug 19 2008Let $S$ be the spectrum of a complete discrete valuation ring with fraction field of characteristic 0 and perfect residue field of characteristic $p\geq 3$. Let $G$ be a truncated Barsotti-Tate group of level 1 over $S$. If ``$G$ is not too supersingular'', ... More
Does the Schwarzschild black hole really exist?Nov 22 2005We use the Kruskal time coordinate T to define the initial time. By this way, it naturally divides the stable study into one connected with the two regions: the white-hole-connected region and the black-hole-connected region. The union of the two regions ... More
Integral equations for the spin-weighted spheroidal wave functionNov 17 2004Nov 25 2004Integral equations for the spin-weighted spheroidal wave functions is given. For the prolate spheroidal wave function with m=0, there exists the integral equation whose kernel is(sin x)/x, and the sinc function kernel (sin x)/x is of great mathematical ... More
The dynamics of a qubit coupled strongly with a quantum oscillatorSep 03 2012The dynamics of a qubit coupled with a quantum oscillator is re-studied in the region of strong coupling. The non-degenerate perturbation is added to the usual degenerate one and new results are given.
Multi-center SuperstrataJul 29 2016Aug 05 2016We construct a new class of superstrata, the regular supergravity solutions describing the microstates of D1-D5-P black holes. Our solutions are obtained by adding momentum charge to the D1-D5 geometries based on multiple concentric Kaluza-Klein monopoles. ... More
On the conjecture by Demyanov-Ryabova in converting finite exhaustersJan 24 2016Apr 04 2016In this paper, we prove the conjecture of Demyanov and Ryabova on the length of cycles in converting exhausters in an affinely independent setting and obtain a combinatorial reformulation of the conjecture. Given a finite collection of polyhedra, we can ... More
Analogous Viscosity Equations of Granular Powders Based on Eyrings Rate Process Theory and Free Volume ConceptAug 21 2015The viscosity concept of thermal systems is borrowed to describe the flowability of granular powders in this article with the granular temperature is defined analogously. Eyrings rate process theory and free volume concept, which have been proved to be ... More
A combinatorial algorithm for constrained assortment optimization under nested logit modelMar 30 2016We consider the assortment optimization problem with disjoint-cardinality constraints under two-level nested logit model. To solve this problem, we first identify a candidate set with $O(mn^2)$ assortments and show that at least one optimal assortment ... More
Different Asymptotic Behavior versus Same Dynamical ComplexityNov 04 2013Jan 14 2015For any dynamical system $T:X\rightarrow X$ of a compact metric space $X$ with $g-$almost product property and uniform separation property, under the assumptions that the periodic points are dense in $X$ and the periodic measures are dense in the space ... More
Analytical formulas for calculating the extremal ranks of the matrix-valued function $A + BXC$ when the rank of $X$ is fixedJan 16 2013One of the simplest matrix-valued function with a single variable matrix $X$ is given by $A + BXC$. In this this note, analytical formulas are established for calculating the maximal and minimal ranks of $A + BXC$ when the rank of the variable matrix ... More
p-adic Monodromy of the Universal Deformation of a HW-cyclic Barsotti-Tate GroupAug 15 2007Aug 22 2008Let k be an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p>0$, and $G_0$ be a Barsotti-Tate group (or $p$-divisible group) over k. We denote by $S$ the "algebraic" local moduli in characteristic p of $G_0$, by $G$ the universal deformation of $G_0$ over ... More
Equalities and inequalities for Hermitian solutions and Hermitian definite solutions of the two matrix equations $AX = B$ and $AXA^* = B$Jan 17 2013This paper studies algebraic properties of Hermitian solutions and Hermitian definite solutions of the two types of matrix equation $AX = B$ and $AXA^* = B$. We first establish a variety of rank and inertia formulas for calculating the maximal and minimal ... More
De Sitter Thermodynamics from Diamonds's TemperatureApr 11 2005Jun 16 2005The thermal time hypothesis proposed by Rovelli [1] regards the physical basis for the flow of time as thermodynamical and provides a definition of the temperature for some special cases. We verify this hypothesis in the case of de Sitter spacetime by ... More
Topological Charge of ADHM Instanton on R^2_{NC}*R^2Apr 19 2004We have calculated the topological charge of U(N) instantons on non-degenerate noncommutative space time to be exactly the instanton number k in a previous paper [Mod.Phys.Lett. A18 1691]. This paper, which deals with the degenerate R^2_{NC}*R^2 case, ... More
An upper bound on the Abbes-Saito filtration for finite flat group schemes and applicationsApr 23 2010May 17 2010Let $\cO_K$ be a complete discrete valuation ring of residue characteristic $p>0$, and $G$ be a finite flat group scheme over $\cO_K$ of order a power of $p$. We prove in this paper that the Abbes-Saito filtration of $G$ is bounded by a simple linear ... More
Separable rational connectedness and stabilityDec 16 2013Jul 29 2014In this short note we prove that in many cases the failure of a variety to be separably rationally connected is caused by the instability of the tangent sheaf (if there are no other obvious reasons). A simple application of the results proves that a smooth ... More
R-equivalence on del Pezzo surfaces of degree 4 and cubic surfacesJul 06 2013Apr 02 2014We prove that there is a unique $R$-equivalence class on every del Pezzo surface of degree $4$ defined over the Laurent field $K=k((t))$ in one variable over an algebraically closed field $k$ of characteristic not equal to $2$ or $5$. We also prove that ... More
The Application of Bayesian Technique for Particle IdentificationFeb 24 2006Oct 26 2006The PID problem in high energy physics experiments is analysed with Bayesian technique. The corresponding applicable method is presented.
On the Diophantine Equation 2^a3^b + 2^c3^d = 2^e3^f + 2^g3^hOct 08 2009This paper is a continuation of [1], in which I studied Harvey Friedman's problem of whether the function f(x,y) = x^2 + y^3 satisfies any identities; however, no knowledge of [1] is necessary to understand this paper. We will break the exponential Diophantine ... More
Identities of the Function f(x,y) = x^2 + y^3Oct 08 2009Harvey Friedman asked in 1986 whether the function f(x,y) = x^2 + y^3 on the real plane R^2 satisfies any identities; examples of identities are commutativity and associativity. To solve this problem of Friedman, we must either find a nontrivial identity ... More
The stable problem of the black-hole connected region in the Schwarzschild black holeDec 18 2005The stability of the Schwarzschild black hole is studied. Using the Painlev\'{e} coordinate, our region can be defined as the black-hole-connected region(r>2m, see text) of the Schwarzschild black hole or the white-hole-connected region(r>2m, see text) ... More
Stability of pairsOct 21 2013This is essentially an expository note based on S. Paul's works on the stability of pairs. Its connection to K-stability will be also discussed.
K-stability and Kähler-Einstein metricsNov 20 2012Jan 28 2013In this new version, we correct some typos. For the readers' convenience, we also added some footnotes and more details for certain lemmas and theorems.
On the Hyperbolic Gluing Equations and Representations of Fundamental Groups of Closed 3-ManifoldsApr 20 2010Apr 22 2010We show that for a representation of the fundamental group of a triangulated closed 3-manifold (not necessarily hyperbolic) into $\PSL$ so that any edge loop has non-trivial image under the representation, there exist uncountably many solutions to the ... More
Latent Capacity Region: A Case Study on Symmetric Broadcast With Common MessagesMar 24 2011We consider the problem of broadcast with common messages, and focus on the case that the common message rate $R_{\mathcal{A}}$, i.e., the rate of the message intended for all the receivers in the set $\mathcal{A}$, is the same for all the set $\mathcal{A}$ ... More
Manifestly covariant classical correlation dynamics II. Transport equations and Hakim equilibrium conjectureMay 29 2009This is the second of a series of papers on the special relativistic classical statistical mechanics. Employing the general theory developed in the first paper we rigorously derive the relativistic Vlasov, Landau and Boltzmann equation. The latter two ... More
Characterizing the Rate Region of the (4,3,3) Exact-Repair Regenerating CodesDec 03 2013Exact-repair regenerating codes are considered for the case (n,k,d)=(4,3,3), for which a complete characterization of the rate region is provided. This characterization answers in the affirmative the open question whether there exists a non-vanishing ... More
A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for MDL Learning Bayesian NetworksJan 16 2013This paper extends the work in [Suzuki, 1996] and presents an efficient depth-first branch-and-bound algorithm for learning Bayesian network structures, based on the minimum description length (MDL) principle, for a given (consistent) variable ordering. ... More
Classicality of overconvergent Hilbert eigenforms: Case of quadratic residue degreeApr 23 2011Let $F$ be a quadratic real field, $p$ be a rational prime inert in $F$. In this paper, we prove that an overconvergent $p$-adic Hilbert eigenform for $F$ of small slope is actually a classical Hilbert modular form.
Universal Approach to Quantum Adiabaticity via Ancilla CavityFeb 07 2018A central challenge in the successful implementation of adiabatic quantum algorithms is to maintain the quantum adiabaticity during the entire evolution. However, the energy gap between the ground and the excited states of interacting many-body systems ... More
Characterization of ${\cal B}(\infty)$ using marginally large tableaux and rigged configurations in the $A_n$ case via integer sequencesNov 14 2016Dec 15 2016Rigged configurations are combinatorial objects prominent in the study of solvable lattice models. Marginally large tableaux are semi-standard Young tableaux of special form that give a realization of the crystals ${\cal B}(\infty)$. We introduce cascading ... More
A DFT+U study of the segregation of Pt to the CeO$_{2-x}$ $\Sigma3[1\bar10]/(111)$ grain boundaryOct 11 2017Grain boundaries (GBs) can be used as traps for solute atoms and defects, and the interaction between segregants and GBs is crucial for understanding the properties of nanocrystalline materials. In this study, we have systematically investigated the tendency ... More
Spinor field equations and the problem of prescribing mean curvature on $S^2$Oct 09 2018Let $\Sigma$ denote the class of positive smooth functions on $S^2$, we show that there exists a $C^1$-dense subset $\mathscr{Q}$ of $\Sigma$ such that each $Q\in\mathscr{Q}$ can be prescribed as the mean curvature of a conformal isometric embedding $S^2\hookrightarrow\mathbb{R}^3$. ... More
Polarization of light and the spin state of photonOct 11 2011The comparison of the polarization and spin of light is presented in the paper. It is shown that it is more easier and clearer to use the polarization of the light to explain the effect of the interaction of light and atoms than that of spin of the light. ... More
New Investigation on the Spheroidal Wave EquationsApr 09 2010Changing the spheroidal wave equations into new Schro$dinger's form, the super-potential expanded in the series form of the parameter $\alpha$are obtained in the paper. This general form of the super-potential makes it easy to get the ground eigenfunctions ... More
Nonexistence of Lyapunov Exponents for Matrix CocyclesMay 18 2015It follows from Oseledec Multiplicative Ergodic Theorem that the Lyapunov-irregular set of points for which the Oseledec averages of a given continuous cocycle diverge has zero measure with respect to any invariant probability measure. In strong contrast, ... More
Lyapunov `Non-typical' Points of Matrix Cocycles and Topological EntropyMay 17 2015It follows from Oseledec Multiplicative Ergodic Theorem (or Kingman's Sub-additional Ergodic Theorem) that the set of `non-typical' points for which the Oseledec averages of a given continuous cocycle diverge has zero measure with respect to any invariant ... More
Tap Density Equations of Granular Powders Based on the Rate Process Theory and the Free Volume ConceptSep 05 2014Tap density of a granular powder is often linked to the flowability via Carr Index that measures how tight a powder can be packed, under an assumption that more easily packed powders usually flow poorly. Understanding how particles are packed is important ... More
A Note on the Fundamental Limits of Coded CachingFeb 27 2015The fundamental limit of coded caching is investigated for the case with $N=3$ files and $K=3$ users. An improved outer bound is obtained through the computational approach developed by the author in an earlier work. This result is part of the online ... More
Supersymmetric field theory of local light diffusion in semi-infinite mediaDec 22 2007A supersymmetric field theory of light diffusion in semi-infinite disordered media is presented. With the help of this technique we justify--at the perturbative level--the local light diffusion proposed by Tiggelen, Lagendijk, and Wiersma [Phys. Rev. ... More
Manifestly covariant classical correlation dynamics I. General theoryJan 11 2009May 29 2009n this series of papers we substantially extend investigations of Israel and Kandrup on nonequilibrium statistical mechanics in the framework of special relativity. This is the first one devoted to the general mathematical structure. Basing on the action-at-a-distance ... More
Evolution towards Jüttner equilibrium: Manifestly covariant correlation dynamicsJul 09 2008Jan 11 2009Replaced by the new article arXiv:0901.1425 because the J\"uttner distribution has been revised and the second author been removed.
Conservation of Total Escape from Hydrodynamic Planetary AtmospheresAug 02 2013Atmosphere escape is one key process controlling the evolution of planets. However, estimating the escape rate in any detail is difficult because there are many physical processes contributing to the total escape rate. Here we show that as a result of ... More
Robust Photon Entanglement via Quantum Interference in Optomechanical InterfacesJan 23 2013Jul 03 2013Entanglement is often the key element in quantum information protocols. Here, we present schemes to generate robust photon entanglement in optomechanical interfaces via quantum interference. The schemes explore the excitation of the Bogoliubov dark mode ... More
Cavity cooling of a mechanical resonator in the presence of two-level-system defectsDec 07 2010Jul 22 2011Cavity cooling via quantum backaction force can extract thermal fluctuations from a mechanical resonator to reach the quantum ground state. Surface or bulk two-level-system (TLS) defects in a mechanical resonator can couple with the mechanical mode via ... More
Joint Birkhoff Ergodic Average and Topological PressureAug 18 2014Oct 06 2014In this paper we mainly study the dynamical complexity of Birkhoff ergodic average under the simultaneous observation of any number of continuous functions. These results can be as generalizations of [6,35] etc. to study Birkhorff ergodic average from ... More
Topological Pressure for the Completely Irregular Set of Birkhoff AveragesAug 18 2014Feb 24 2017In this paper we mainly study the dynamical complexity of Birkhoff ergodic average under the simultaneous observation of any number of continuous functions. These results can be as generalizations of [6,35] etc. to study Birkhorff ergodic average from ... More
Sub-logistic source can prevent blow-up in the 2D minimal Keller-Segel chemotaxis systemDec 13 2017It is well-known that the Neumann initial-boundary value problem for the minimal-chemotaxis-logistic system in a 2D bounded smooth domain has no blow-up for any choice of parameters. Here, for a large class of kinetic terms including sub-logistic sources, ... More
Towards the symplectic Graber-Harris-Starr theoremsAug 21 2012Aug 22 2012A theorem of Graber, Harris, and Starr states that a rationally connected fibration over a curve has a section. We study an analogous question in symplectic geometry. Namely, given a rationally connected fibration over a curve, can one find a section ... More
Some examples of symplectic rationally connected 4-foldsDec 06 2011Aug 21 2012A symplectic manifold is called symplectic rationally connected if there is a non-zero genus zero Gromov-Witten invariant with two point insertions. It is conjectured that every smooth projective rationally connected variety is symplectic rationally connected. ... More
Signature candidate of quantum chaos far from the semiclassical regimeApr 23 2013Feb 24 2014We numerically investigated the entanglement product in the simplest coupled kicked top model with the spin $j=1$. Different from the dynamical pattern of entanglement in the semiclassical regime, two similar initial states may have discordant entanglement ... More
Search for new physics via CP violation in $B_{d,s} \to l^+ l^-Nov 07 2000Jun 13 2001It is shown that in the approximation of $|\frac{q}{p}|$=1 the CP violation in $B^0_{d,s} \to l^+ l^-$ decays vanishes in SM. In a 2HDM with CP violating phases and MSSM the CP asymmetries depend on the parameters of models and can be as large as 40% ... More
Proceedings 2nd French Singaporean Workshop on Formal Methods and ApplicationsJul 08 2014This volume contains the proceedings of the 2nd French Singaporean Workshop on Formal Methods and Applications (FSFMA'14). The workshop was held in Singapore on May 13th, 2014, as a satellite event of the 19th International Symposium on Formal Methods ... More
On Equivalent Color Transform and Four Coloring TheoremOct 06 2016In this paper, we apply an equivalent color transform (ECT) for a minimal $k$-coloring of any graph $G$. It contracts each color class of the graph to a single vertex and produces a complete graph $K_k$ for $G$ by removing redundant edges between any ... More
K-stability implies CM-stabilitySep 27 2014In this paper, we prove that any polarized K-stable manifold is CM-stable. This extends what I did for Fano manifolds in my 2012 paper.
Defining Temperatures of Granular Powders Analogously with Thermodynamics to Understand the Jamming PhenomenaFeb 26 2016Aug 02 2016For the purpose of applying laws or principles originated from thermal systems to granular athermal systems, we may need to properly define the critical temperature concept in granular powders. The conventional environmental temperature in thermal systems ... More
Gauge theory and calibrated geometry, IOct 02 2000The geometry of submanifolds is intimately related to the theory of functions and vector bundles. It has been of fundamental importance to find out how those two objects interact in many geometric and physical problems. A typical example of this relation ... More
A deformation of Penner's simplicial coordinateNov 07 2010Jul 15 2011We produce a one-parameter family of coordinates $\{\Psi_h\}_{h\in\mathbb{R}}$ of the decorated Teichm\"{u}ller space of an ideally triangulated punctured surface $(S,T)$ with negative Euler characteristic, which is a deformation of Penner's simplicial ... More
A Batalin-Vilkovisky Algebra structure on the Hochschild Cohomology of Truncated PolynomialsJul 29 2007Apr 22 2010The main result of this paper is to calculate the Batalin-Vilkovisky structure of $HH^*(C^*(\mathbf{K}P^n;R);C^*(\mathbf{K}P^n;R))$ for $ \mathbf{K}=\mathbb{C}$ and $\mathbb{H}$, and $R=\mathbb{Z}$ and any field; and shows that in the special case when ... More
Cavity-assisted Dynamical Quantum Phase Transition at Bifurcation PointsDec 22 2015May 08 2016Coupling a quantum many-body system to a cavity can create bifurcation points in its phase diagram, where the ground state makes sudden switchings between different phases. Here we study the dynamical quantum phase transition of a transverse field Ising ... More
Ground state cooling of nanomechanical resonator via parametric linear couplingSep 25 2008Oct 10 2008We present a ground state cooling scheme for a nanomechanical resonator linearly coupled with a LC oscillator. The linear coupling, when periodically modulated at red detuning, up-converts the low-frequency nanomechanical mode to the high-frequency LC ... More
Schroedinger Cat States of a Nanomechanical ResonatorDec 23 2004We present a scheme of generating large-amplitude Schr\"{o}dinger cat states and entanglement in a coupled system of nanomechanical resonator and single Cooper pair box (SCPB), without being limited by the magnitude of the coupling. It is shown that the ... More
Spending is not Easier than Trading: On the Computational Equivalence of Fisher and Arrow-Debreu EquilibriaJul 23 2009It is a common belief that computing a market equilibrium in Fisher's spending model is easier than computing a market equilibrium in Arrow-Debreu's exchange model. This belief is built on the fact that we have more algorithmic success in Fisher equilibria ... More
A Complexity View of Markets with Social InfluenceSep 02 2010In this paper, inspired by the work of Megiddo on the formation of preferences and strategic analysis, we consider an early market model studied in the field of economic theory, in which each trader's utility may be influenced by the bundles of goods ... More
Linear and quadratic in temperature resistivity from holographyJun 25 2016Jul 10 2016We present a new black hole solution in the Lifshitz spacetime with a hyperscaling violating factor. We analytically compute all of the DC thermoelectric conductivities in this theory. We find that both the linear-T and quadratic-T contributions to the ... More
Enhanced photon production from quark-gluon plasma: Finite-lifetime effectSep 19 2000Dec 22 2000Photon production from a thermalized quark-gluon plasma of finite lifetime is studied directly in real time with a nonequilibrium formulation that includes off-shell (energy nonconserving) effects. To lowest order we find that production of direct photons ... More
Linear and quadratic in temperature resistivity from holographyJun 25 2016Nov 24 2016We present a new black hole solution in the asymptotic Lifshitz spacetime with a hyperscaling violating factor. A novel computational method is introduced to compute the DC thermoelectric conductivities analytically. We find that both the linear-T and ... More
Anomalous transport of the cuprate strange metal from holographyJun 20 2016Jul 04 2016We study the anomalous transport of the cuprate strange metals by exploring a new black hole solution in AdS spacetime with a hyperscaling violating factor via the gauge/gravity duality. We show that both the linear T-dependence resistivity and the quadratic ... More