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Global solution to the Cauchy problem on a universe fireworks modelJun 06 2008We prove existence and uniqueness of the global solution to the Cauchy problem on a universe fireworks model with finite total mass at the initial state when the ratio of the mass surviving the explosion, the probability of the explosion of fragments ... More
On the Period Lengths of the Parallel Chip-Firing GameMar 04 2010Jul 08 2013The parallel chip-firing game is a periodic automaton on graphs in which vertices "fire" chips to their neighbors. In 1989, Bitar conjectured that the period of a parallel chip-firing game with n vertices is at most n. Though this conjecture was disproven ... More
GPU-based Low-dose 4DCT Reconstruction via Temporal Non-local MeansSep 07 2010Jan 05 2011Four-dimensional computed tomography (4DCT) has been widely used in cancer radiotherapy for accurate target delineation and motion measurement for tumors in thorax and upper abdomen areas. However, 4DCT simulation is associated with much higher imaging ... More
$C^\infty$ local solutions of elliptical $2-$Hessian equation in $\mathbb{R}^3$Jun 13 2014In this work, we study the existence of $C^{\infty}$ local solutions to $2$-Hessian equation in $\mathbb{R}^{3}$. We consider the case that the right hand side function $f$ possibly vanishes, changes the sign, is positively or negatively defined. We also ... More
Cellular automata approach to synchronized traffic flow modellingMay 15 2018Oct 06 2018Cellular automaton (CA) approach is an important theoretical framework for studying complex system behavior and has been widely applied in various research field. CA traffic flow models have the advantage of flexible evolution rules and high computation ... More
Empirical analysis and simulation of the evolution concavity of traffic oscillationsMay 22 2015Aug 10 2016This paper has investigated the growth pattern of traffic oscillations in the NGSIM vehicle trajectories data, via measuring the standard deviation of vehicle velocity involved in oscillations. We found that the standard deviation of the velocity increases ... More
Motors and Impossible Firing Patterns in the Parallel Chip-Firing GameNov 29 2012Nov 20 2014The parallel chip-firing game is an automaton on graphs in which vertices "fire" chips to their neighbors when they have enough chips to do so. The game is always periodic, and we concern ourselves with the firing sequences of vertices. We introduce the ... More
The "S" Curve Relationship between Export Diversity and Economic Size of CountriesMay 30 2011The highly detailed international trade data among all countries in the world during 1971-2000 shows that the kinds of export goods and the logarithmic GDP (gross domestic production) of a country has an S-shaped relationship. This indicates all countries ... More
Beam dynamics of the superconducting wiggler on the SSRF storage ringJul 08 2015In the SSRF Phase-II beamline project, a Superconducting Wiggler (SW) will be installed in the electron storage ring. It may greatly impact on the beam dynamics due to the very high magnetic field. The emittance growth becomes a main problem, even after ... More
Speed dependent stochasticity capacitates Newell model for synchronized flow and oscillation growth patternJul 03 2016Nov 01 2018This paper has incorporated the stochasticity into the Newell car following model. Three stochastic driving factors have been considered: (i) Driver's acceleration is bounded. (ii) Driver's deceleration includes stochastic component, which is depicted ... More
The fixed-point iteration method for IMRT optimization with truncated dose deposition coefficient matrixMar 14 2013In the treatment plan optimization for intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), dose-deposition coefficient (DDC) matrix is often pre-computed to parameterize the dose contribution to each voxel in the volume of interest from each beamlet of unit ... More
Prepartition: Paradigm for the Load Balance of Virtual Machine Allocation in Data CentersAug 26 2015It is significant to apply load-balancing strategy to improve the performance and reliability of resource in data centers. One of the challenging scheduling problems in Cloud data centers is to take the allocation and migration of reconfigurable virtual ... More
Multiple representations of real numbers on self-similar sets with overlapsOct 11 2018Jan 18 2019Let $K$ be the attractor of the following IFS $$\{f_1(x)=\lambda x, f_2(x)=\lambda x +c-\lambda,f_3(x)=\lambda x +1-\lambda\}, $$ where $f_1(I)\cap f_2(I)\neq \emptyset, (f_1(I)\cup f_2(I))\cap f_3(I)=\emptyset,$ and $I=[0,1]$ is the convex hull of $K$. ... More
Yangian description for decays and possible explanation of $X$ in the decay $K^0_L\to π^0 π^0 X$Oct 04 2009Oct 09 2009In this letter, hadronic decay channels of light pseudoscalar mesons are realized in Yangian algebra. In the framework of Yangian, we find that these decay channels can be formulated by acting transition operators, composed of the generators of Yangian, ... More
Ultrafast Mapping of Coherent Dynamics and Density Matrix Reconstruction in Terahertz-Assisted Laser FieldNov 17 2017Jul 18 2018A time-resolved spectroscopic protocol exploiting terahertz-assisted photoionization is proposed to reconstruct transient density matrix. Population and coherence elements are effectively mapped onto spectrally separated peaks in photoionization spectra. ... More
Local unitary classification for sets of generalized Bell statesNov 16 2017Apr 30 2018In this paper, we study the local unitary classification for pairs (triples) of generalized Bell states, based on the local unitary equivalence of two sets. In detail, we firstly introduce some general unitary operators which give us more local unitary ... More
Infrared carpet cloak designed with uniform silicon grating structureOct 22 2009Through a particularly chosen coordinate transformation, we propose an optical carpet cloak that only requires homogeneous anisotropic dielectric material. The proposed cloak could be easily imitated and realized by alternative layers of isotropic dielectrics. ... More
Learning the image processing pipelineMay 30 2016Many creative ideas are being proposed for image sensor designs, and these may be useful in applications ranging from consumer photography to computer vision. To understand and evaluate each new design, we must create a corresponding image processing ... More
Realignment Entanglement Criterion for Continuous Bipartite Symmetric Quantum StatesNov 25 2012Dec 23 2012The separability of bipartite non-Gaussian states is studied by applying the realignment criterion with the technique of functional analysis. The realignment criterion is given as one inequality in contrast to the infinitive number of inequalities based ... More
Genuine Entanglement of Four Qubit Cluster Diagonal StatesApr 24 2012Dec 23 2012We reduce the necessary and sufficient biseparable conditions of the four qubit cluster diagonal state to concise forms. Only 4 out of the 15 parameters are proved to be relevant in specifying the genuine entanglement of the state. Using the relative ... More
Entanglement and genuine entanglement of three qubit GHZ diagonal statesApr 24 2012Dec 10 2012We analytically prove the necessary and sufficient criterion for the full separability of three-qubit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) diagonal states. The corresponding entanglement is exactly calculable for some GHZ diagonal states and is tractable ... More
Dynamics of Taylor RisingMar 27 2019We study the dynamics of liquid climbing in a narrow and tilting corner, inspired by recent work on liquid transportation on the peristome surface of Nepenthes alata. Considering the balance of gravity, interfacial tension and viscous force, we derive ... More
Applicability of coupling strength estimation for linear chains of restricted accessMar 10 2019The characterization of an unknown quantum system requires the Hamiltonian identification. The full access to the system, however, is usually restricted, hindering the direct retrieval of relevant parameters, and a reliable indirect estimation is usually ... More
Car following behavioral stochasticity analysis and modellingJul 07 2019This paper analyzes the car following behavioral stochasticity based on the experimental trajectory data by measuring the wave travel time Tn(t) of vehicle n. The analysis shows that the Tn(t) does not follow a consistent pattern. In particular, we found ... More
A Third-Order Moving Mesh Cell-Centered Scheme for One-Dimensional Elastic-Plastic FlowsJan 02 2017Aug 25 2017A third-order moving mesh cell-centered scheme without the remapping of physical variables is developed for the numerical solution of one-dimensional elastic-plastic flows with the Mie-Gr\"{u}neisen equation of state, the Wilkins constitutive model, and ... More
GPU-based Monte Carlo radiotherapy dose calculation using phase-space sourcesFeb 07 2013Jun 19 2013A novel phase-space source implementation has been designed for GPU-based Monte Carlo dose calculation engines. Due to the parallelized nature of GPU hardware, it is essential to simultaneously transport particles of the same type and similar energies ... More
$^{81}$Kr dating at the Guliya ice cap, Tibetan PlateauJun 21 2019We present radiometric $^{81}$Kr dating results for ice samples collected at the outlets of the Guliya ice cap in the western Kunlun Mountains of the Tibetan Plateau. This first application of $^{81}$Kr dating on mid-latitude glacier ice was made possible ... More
Multicolor Photometry of the Nearby Galaxy Cluster A119Apr 09 2012This paper presents multicolor optical photometry of the nearby galaxy cluster Abell 119 (z = 0:0442) with the Beijing-Arizona-Taiwan-Connecticut (BATC) system of 15 intermediate bands. Within the BATC viewing field of 58'* 58', there are 368 galaxies ... More
Entanglement Criterion for Coherent Subtraction and Coherent Addition Bipartite Continuous variable StatesNov 26 2012Photon subtraction and addition are experimental means of generating non-Gaussian states from Gaussian states. Coherent subtraction or addition is a combination of photon subtractions or additions. The resultant states are quite general non-Gaussian states. ... More
The Radio Number of Grid GraphsJan 25 2014The radio number problem uses a graph-theoretical model to simulate optimal frequency assignments on wireless networks. A radio labeling of a connected graph $G$ is a function $f:V(G) \to \mathbb Z_{0}^+$ such that for every pair of vertices $u,v \in ... More
Theoretical investigation, simulation and empirical analysis of the growth pattern of traffic oscillations in the Euler coordinatesJun 12 2018Oct 19 2018The formation and development of oscillations is an important traffic flow phenomenon. Recent studies found that along a vehicle platoon described in the Lagrangian specification, traffic oscillations grow in a concave way. Since stationary bottlenecks ... More
Common feature of concave growth pattern of oscillations in terms of speed, acceleration, fuel consumption and emission in car following: experiment and modelingFeb 29 2016This paper has investigated the growth pattern of traffic oscillations by using vehicle trajectory data in a car following experiment. We measured the standard deviation of acceleration, emission and fuel consumption of each vehicle in the car-following ... More
The growth pattern of traffic oscillations: A comparison study between China and USASep 08 2018The evolution of oscillations is a very important issue in traffic flow studies. Recent car-following experiments in China show that the speed standard deviation grows in a concave way along a platoon of vehicles following one another on a roadway. This ... More
Multi-GPU implementation of a VMAT treatment plan optimization algorithmMar 05 2015VMAT optimization is a computationally challenging problem due to its large data size, high degrees of freedom, and many hardware constraints. High-performance graphics processing units have been used to speed up the computations. However, its small memory ... More
Learning What Data to LearnFeb 28 2017Machine learning is essentially the sciences of playing with data. An adaptive data selection strategy, enabling to dynamically choose different data at various training stages, can reach a more effective model in a more efficient way. In this paper, ... More
A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Having Independent TE and TM Modes in an Anisotropic WaveguideAug 02 2016Whether there exist independent transverse electric (TE) and transverse magnetic (TM) modes in a metallic waveguide filled with an anisotropic medium is a fundamental question in electromagnetics waveguide theory, but so far no definitive answers have ... More
The Strong Decays of $P-$wave Mixing Heavy-Light $1^+$ StatesMar 19 2018Many $P-$wave mixing heavy-light $1^+$ states have not been discovered by experiment, some of them have been discovered but without the information of width, or with large uncertainty widths. In this paper, we study the strong decays of $P-$wave mixing ... More
A high performance computing method for accelerating temporal action proposal generationJun 15 2019Sep 12 2019Temporal action recognition always depends on temporal action proposal generation to hypothesize actions. Applications require temporal action proposal generation to handle both large video dataset and generate more potential actions and suffer from high ... More
Self-localization of a single hole in Mott antiferromagnetsMay 23 2012A long-standing issue in the physics of strongly correlated electronic systems is whether the motion of a single hole in quantum antiferromagnets can be understood in terms of the quasiparticle picture. Very recently, investigations of this issue have ... More
Raman spectroscopy of sodium chloride under high-pressure and high-temperatureMar 28 2019The high-pressure and high-temperature behaviors of sodium chloride (NaCl) have the fundamental and application significance to the high pressure physics and chemistry. To explore the reactivity of NaCl at high pressure and high temperature, we compressed ... More
Learning the Treatment Effects on FTIR Signals Subject to Multiple Sources of UncertaintiesAug 29 2019Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) is a versatile technique for characterizing the chemical composition of the various uncertainties, including baseline shift and multiplicative error. This study aims at analyzing the effect of certain treatment ... More
On the role of speed adaptation and spacing indifference in traffic instability: evidence from car-following experiments and its stochastic modelingNov 02 2016Dec 31 2018Understanding the mechanisms responsible for the emergence and evolution of oscillations in traffic flow has been subject to intensive research by the traffic flow theory community. In our previous work, we proposed a new mechanism to explain the generation ... More
Quantum Hall Effects in Monolayer-Bilayer Graphene Planar JunctionsAug 19 2013The Hall resistance of a homogeneous electron system is well known to be anti-symmetric with respect to the magnetic field and the sign of charge carriers. We have observed that such symmetries no longer hold in planar hybrid structures consisting of ... More
Four-dimensional Cone Beam CT Reconstruction and Enhancement using a Temporal Non-Local Means MethodJan 12 2012Four-dimensional Cone Beam Computed Tomography (4D-CBCT) has been developed to provide respiratory phase resolved volumetric imaging in image guided radiation therapy (IGRT). Inadequate number of projections in each phase bin results in low quality 4D-CBCT ... More
Semi-leptonic Production of $D_{sJ}(3040)$ and $D_J(3000)$ in $B_s$ and $B$ DecaysAug 25 2016Aug 30 2016In this paper, we study the productions of the newly detected states $D_{sJ}(3040)$ and $D_J(3000)$ observed by BABAR Collaboration and LHCb Collaboration. We assume these states to be the $D_s(2P)$ and $D(2P)$ states with the quantum number $J^P=1^+$ ... More
The sudden birth and sudden death of thermal fidelity in a two-qubit XY modelJan 11 2011Apr 29 2011We study the energy level crossings of the states and thermal fidelity for a two-qubit system in the presence of a transverse and inhomogeneous magnetic field. It is shown clearly the effects of the anisotropic factor of the magnetic field through the ... More
Semi-leptonic decays of $B^\ast$, $B_s^\ast$, and $B_c^\ast$ with the Bethe-Salpeter methodApr 18 2018Oct 08 2018In this paper we study the semileptonic decays of $B^\ast$, $B_s^\ast$, and $B_c^\ast$ by using the Bethe-Salpeter method with instantaneous approximation. Both the $V\to Pl^-\bar\nu_l$ and $V\to Vl^-\bar\nu_l$ cases are considered. The largest partial ... More
Fully Convolutional Attention Networks for Fine-Grained RecognitionMar 22 2016Mar 21 2017Fine-grained recognition is challenging due to its subtle local inter-class differences versus large intra-class variations such as poses. A key to address this problem is to localize discriminative parts to extract pose-invariant features. However, ground-truth ... More
Dual-Color Laser Induced Terahertz Generation in Strong Field ApproximationApr 27 2019The mechanism of the terahertz (THz) wave generation (TWG) in dual-color fields is elucidated within the theoretical framework of single-atom based strong field approximation (SFA). Evaluating the transition dipole moment, the continuum-continuum (CC) ... More
Improved 2D Intelligent Driver Model simulating synchronized flow and evolution concavity in traffic flowMar 01 2016This paper firstly show that 2 Dimensional Intelligent Driver Model (Jiang et al., PloS one, 9(4), e94351, 2014) is not able to replicate the synchronized traffic flow. Then we propose an improved model by considering the difference between the driving ... More
Cellular automaton model with dynamical 2D speed-gap relation reproduces empirical and experimental features of traffic flowMar 20 2015This paper proposes an improved cellular automaton traffic flow model based on the brake light model, which takes into account that the desired time gap of vehicles is remarkably larger than one second. Although the hypothetical steady state of vehicles ... More
Charge modulation as fingerprints of phase-string triggered interferenceDec 10 2014Jul 08 2015Charge order appears to be an ubiquitous phenomenon in doped Mott insulators, which is currently under intense experimental and theoretical investigations particularly in the high $T_c$ cuprates. This phenomenon is conventionally understood in terms of ... More
Using a double-frequency RF system to facilitate on-axis beam accumulation in a storage ringJan 18 2016An on-axis injection scheme using a double-frequency RF system in a storage ring with small dynamic aperture is proposed. By altering RF voltages, empty RF buckets can be created which will be used for on-axis injection. After bunches are injected, a ... More
Tight-binding calculation of growth mechanism of graphene on Ni(111) surfaceMar 03 2012The nucleation of graphene on Ni surface, as well as on the step, is studied using a tight binding method of SCC-DFTB. The result demonstrates that the fcc configuration has the lowest total energy and thus is the most stable one compared to the other ... More
Mid-infrared ultra-short mode-locked fiber laser utilizing topological insulator Bi2Te3 nano-sheets as the saturable absorberMay 23 2015The newly-emergent two-dimensional topological insulators (TIs) have shown their unique electronic and optical properties, such as good thermal management, high nonlinear refraction index and ultrafast relaxation time. Their narrow energy band gaps predict ... More
Social Anchor-Unit Graph Regularized Tensor Completion for Large-Scale Image RetaggingApr 12 2018Oct 03 2018Image retagging aims to improve tag quality of social images by refining their original tags or assigning new high-quality tags. Recent approaches simultaneously explore visual, user and tag information to improve the performance of image retagging by ... More
The Study of Rare $B_c\rightarrow D^{(*)}_{s,d}l\bar{l}$ DecaysJul 21 2013Feb 27 2014In this paper, we study rare decays $B_c\rightarrow D^{(*)}_{s,d}l\bar{l}$ within the Standard Model. The penguin, box, annihilation, color-favored cascade and color-suppressed cascade contributions are included. Based on our calculation, the annihilation ... More
Cellular automaton model simulating spatiotemporal patterns, phase transitions and evolution concavity in traffic flowJul 15 2015This paper firstly show that a recent model (Tian et al., Transpn. Res. B 71, 138-157, 2015) is not able to well replicate the evolution concavity in traffic flow, i.e. the standard deviation of vehicles increases in a concave/linear way along the platoon. ... More
Mass dependence of symmetry energy coefficients in Skyrme forceApr 02 2015Based on the semi-classical extended Thomas-Fermi approach, we study the mass dependence of the symmetry energy coefficients of finite nuclei for 36 different Skyrme forces. The reference densities of both light and heavy nuclei are obtained. Eight models ... More
On the Development of Text Input Method - Lessons LearnedApr 27 2007Intelligent Input Methods (IM) are essential for making text entries in many East Asian scripts, but their application to other languages has not been fully explored. This paper discusses how such tools can contribute to the development of computer processing ... More
An Analytic Linear Accelerator Source Model for Monte Carlo Dose Calculations. I. Model Representation and ConstructionMar 05 2015Monte Carlo (MC) simulation is considered as the most accurate method for radiation dose calculations. Accuracy of a source model for a linear accelerator is critical for the overall dose calculation accuracy. In this paper, we presented an analytical ... More
An Analytic Linear Accelerator Source Model for Monte Carlo dose calculations. II. Model Utilization in a GPU-based Monte Carlo Package and Automatic Source CommissioningMar 05 2015We recently built an analytical source model for GPU-based MC dose engine. In this paper, we present a sampling strategy to efficiently utilize this source model in GPU-based dose calculation. Our source model was based on a concept of phase-space-ring ... More
An OpenCL-based Monte Carlo dose calculation engine (oclMC) for coupled photon-electron transportMar 05 2015Monte Carlo (MC) method has been recognized the most accurate dose calculation method for radiotherapy. However, its extremely long computation time impedes clinical applications. Recently, a lot of efforts have been made to realize fast MC dose calculation ... More
GPU-based Low Dose CT Reconstruction via Edge-preserving Total Variation RegularizationSep 13 2010Jan 05 2011High radiation dose in CT scans increases a lifetime risk of cancer and has become a major clinical concern. Recently, iterative reconstruction algorithms with Total Variation (TV) regularization have been developed to reconstruct CT images from highly ... More
Existence and convexity of local solutions to degenerate hessian equationsAug 16 2017Sep 13 2017In this work, we prove the existence of local convex solution to the degenerate Hessian equation
Wavelet-based fast time-resolved magnetic sensing with electronic spins in diamondDec 22 2015Time-resolved magnetic sensing is of great importance from fundamental studies to applications in physical and biological sciences. Recently the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) defect center in diamond has been developed as a promising sensor of magnetic field ... More
Interfacial Multiferroics of TiO2/PbTiO3 Heterostructure Driven by Ferroelectric Polarization DiscontinuityFeb 22 2017Novel phenomena appear when two different oxide materials are combined together to form an interface. For example, at the interface of LaAlO3/SrTiO3, two dimensional conductive states form to avoid the polar discontinuity and magnetic properties are found ... More
Tensor N-tubal rank and its convex relaxation for low-rank tensor recoveryDec 03 2018As low-rank modeling has achieved great success in tensor recovery, many research efforts devote to defining the tensor rank. Among them, the recent popular tensor tubal rank, defined based on the tensor singular value decomposition (t-SVD), obtains promising ... More
Rapid Infrared Variability of Three Radio-loud Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies: A View from the Wide-field Infrared Survey ExplorerOct 10 2012Using newly released data from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, we report the discovery of rapid infrared variability in three radio-loud narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies (NLS1s) selected from the 23 sources in the sample of Yuan et al. (2008). ... More
Rates of $D^{*}_{0}(2400)$, $ D_J^*(3000) $ as the $D^{*}_{0}(2P)$ and $D^{*}_{0}(3P)$ in $B$ DecaysAug 02 2019In this paper, we use the instantaneous Bethe-Salpeter method to calculate the semi-leptonic and non-leptonic production of the orbitally excited scalar $ D_0^* $ in $ B $ meson decays. When the final state is $ 1P $ state $ D_0^*(2400) $, our theoretical ... More
MinAtar: An Atari-Inspired Testbed for Thorough and Reproducible Reinforcement Learning ExperimentsMar 07 2019Jun 07 2019The Arcade Learning Environment (ALE) is a popular platform for evaluating reinforcement learning agents. Much of the appeal comes from the fact that Atari games demonstrate aspects of competency we expect from an intelligent agent and are not biased ... More
Non-Vanishing of Archimedean Local Integrals of Friedberg-Jacquet with Explicit Cohomological VectorsDec 10 2018In this paper, we establish the non-vanishing property with explicitly constructed cohomological test vector for the archimedean local integral of the Friedberg-Jacquet global integral that represents the standard $L$-function for cuspidal automorphic ... More
Irregular varieites with geometric genus one, theta divisors, and fake toriApr 26 2016Apr 27 2016We study the Albanese image of a compact K\"ahler manifold whose geometric genus is one. We prove that if the Albanese map is not surjective, then the manifold maps surjectively onto an ample divisor in some abelian variety, and in many cases the ample ... More
Archimedean Non-vanishing, Cohomological Test Vectors, and Standard $L$-functions of $\mathrm{GL}_{2n}$: Real CaseDec 10 2018Mar 27 2019The standard $L$-functions of $\mathrm{GL}_{2n}$ expressed in terms of the Friedberg-Jacquet global zeta integrals have better structure for arithmetic applications, due to the relation of the linear periods with the modular symbols. The most technical ... More
Finding a promising venture capital project with todim under probabilistic hesitant fuzzy circumstanceSep 01 2018Considering the risk aversion for gains and the risk seeking for losses of venture capitalists, the TODIM has been chosen as the decision-making method. Moreover, group decision is an available way to avoid the limited ability and knowledge etc. of venture ... More
A Simple Proof of Inequalities of Integrals of Composite FunctionsMay 11 2006In this paper we give a simple proof of inequalities of integrals of functions which are the composition of nonnegative continous convex functions on a vector space ${\bf R}^m$ and vector-valued functions in a weakly compact subset of a Banach vector ... More
Electromagnetic beam modulating through transformation optical structuresJun 05 2008Jun 06 2008The transformation media concept based on the form-invariant Maxwell's equations under coordinate transformations has opened up new possibilities to manipulate the electromagnetic fields. In this paper we report on applying the finite-embedded coordinate ... More
Period Relations for Standard $L$-functions of Symplectic TypeSep 08 2019This article is to understand the critical values of $L$-functions $L(s,\Pi\otimes \chi)$ and to establish the relation of the relevant global periods at the critical places. Here $\Pi$ is an irreducible regular algebraic cuspidal automorphic representation ... More
OpenVanilla - A Non-Intrusive Plug-In Framework of Text ServicesAug 04 2005Jun 29 2006Input method (IM) is a sine qua non for text entry of many Asian languages, but its potential applications on other languages remain under-explored. This paper proposes a philosophy of input method design by seeing it as a nonintrusive plug-in text service ... More
Detailed Electronic Structure of the Three-Dimensional Fermi Surface and its Sensitivity to Charge Density Wave Transition in ZrTe3 Revealed by High Resolution Laser-Based Angle-Resolved Photoemission SpectroscopyFeb 24 2019The detailed information of the electronic structure is the key for understanding the nature of charge density wave (CDW) order and its relationship with superconducting order in microscopic level. In this paper, we present high resolution laser-based ... More
A Networks and Machine Learning Approach to Determine the Best College Coaches of the 20th-21st CenturiesApr 08 2014Our objective is to find the five best college sports coaches of past century for three different sports. We decided to look at men's basketball, football, and baseball. We wanted to use an approach that could definitively determine team skill from the ... More
Dimensional crossover and topological nature of the thin films of a three-dimensional topological insulator by band gap engineeringMay 16 2019Identification and control of topological phases in topological thin films offer great opportunity for fundamental research and the fabrication of topology-based devices. Here, combining molecular beam epitaxy, angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy ... More
A Reconfigurable Active Huygens' MetalensFeb 07 2017Metasurfaces enable a new paradigm of controlling electromagnetic waves by manipulating subwavelength artificial structures within just a fraction of wavelength. Despite the rapid growth, simultaneously achieving low-dimensionality, high transmission ... More
Coexistence of superconductivity and antiferromagnetism in Ca$_{0.74(1)}$La$_{0.26(1)}$(Fe$_{1-x}$Co$_{x}$)As$_{2}$ single crystalsMar 15 2016We report the transport, thermodynamic, $\mu$SR and neutron study of the Ca$_{0.74(1)}$La$_{0.26(1)}$(Fe$_{1-x}$Co$_{x}$)As$_{2}$ single crystals, mapping out the temperature-doping level phase diagram. Upon Co substitution on the Fe site, the structural/magnetic ... More
D-brane superpotentials, SU(2) Ooguri-Vafa invariants and TypeII/F -theory dualityOct 17 2017Apr 06 2018The phase transitions are studied for the D-brane systems with multiple open-string moduli in terms of toric geometry: between the parallel D-brane phase corresponding to the Coulomb branch and the coincident phase corresponding to the Higgs branch. The ... More
Stopping light by an air waveguide with anisotropic metamaterial claddingJan 07 2009We present a detailed study of oscillating modes in a slab waveguide with air core and anisotropic metamaterial cladding. It is shown that, under specific dielectric configurations, slow and even stopped electromagnetic wave can be supported by such an ... More
A Minesweeper Solver Using Logic Inference, CSP and SamplingOct 07 2018Minesweeper as a puzzle video game and is proved that it is an NPC problem. We use CSP, Logic Inference and Sampling to make a minesweeper solver and we limit us each select in 5 seconds.
Suspending Effect on Low-Frequency Charge Noise in Graphene Quantum DotJun 16 2014Oct 13 2015Charge noise is critical in the performance of gate-controlled quantum dots (QDs). Here we show the 1/f noise for a microscopic graphene QD is substantially larger than that for a macroscopic graphene field-effect transistor (FET), increasing linearly ... More
The selective transfer of patterned grapheneAug 26 2013Jan 01 2014Graphene is an emerging class of two-dimensional (2D) material with unique electrical properties and a wide range of potential practical applications. In addition, graphene hybrid structures combined with other 2D materials, metal microstructures, silicon ... More
Noise induced pattern formation of oscillation growth in traffic flowNov 02 2016Noise is able to induce diverse patterns in physical and interdisciplinary extended systems. This Letter investigates the role of noise in pattern formation of traffic flow, which is a typical self-driven system far from equilibrium. We demonstrate that ... More
The Photometric System of Tsinghua-NAOC 80-cm Telescope at NAOC Xinglong ObservatoryMay 30 2012Tsinghua-NAOC (National Astronomical Observatories of China) Telescope (hereafter, TNT) is an 80-cm Cassegrain reflecting telescope located at Xinglong bservatory of NAOC, with main scientific goals of monitoring various transients in the universe such ... More
Efficient Electrical Control of Thin-Film Black Phosphorus BandgapDec 14 2016Recently rediscovered black phosphorus is a layered semiconductor with promising electronic and photonic properties. Dynamic control of its bandgap can enable novel device applications and allow for the exploration of new physical phenomena. However, ... More
Computations of Galois Representations Associated to Modular FormsNov 04 2013Aug 04 2014We propose an improved algorithm for computing mod $\ell$ Galois representations associated to a cusp form $f$ of level one. The proposed method allows us to explicitly compute the case with $\ell=29$ and $f$ of weight $k=16$, and the cases with $\ell=31$ ... More
Configurational space continuity and free energy calculationsFeb 25 2016Aug 20 2016Free energy is arguably the most importance function(al) for understanding of molecular systems. A number of rigorous and approximate free energy calculation/estimation methods have been developed over many decades. One important issue, the continuity ... More
NP=P: From Polynomial Time Approximation Bounded Solutions of TSPMay 20 2016The question of whether all problems in NP class are also in P class is generally considered one of the most important open questions in mathematics and theoretical computer science as it has far-reaching consequences to other problems in mathematics, ... More
Learning Decorrelated Hashing Codes for Multimodal RetrievalMar 02 2018May 22 2019In social networks, heterogeneous multimedia data correlate to each other, such as videos and their corresponding tags in YouTube and image-text pairs in Facebook. Nearest neighbor retrieval across multiple modalities on large data sets becomes a hot ... More
Matrix Theory over the Complex Quaternion AlgebraApr 01 2000We present in this paper some fundamental tools for developing matrix analysis over the complex quaternion algebra. As applications, we consider generalized inverses, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, similarity, determinants of complex quaternion matrices, ... More
The relation between cosmological redshift and scale factor for photonsSep 25 2017The cosmological constant problem has become one of the most important ones in modern cosmology. In this paper, we try to construct a model that can avoid the cosmological constant problem and have the potential to explain the apparent late-time accelerating ... More
On uniform K-stability of pairsDec 14 2018Jan 01 2019In this paper, we discuss stable pairs, which were first studied by S. Paul, and give a proof for a result I learned from him. As a consequence, we will show that the K-stability implies the CM-stability.
Geometry and nonlinear analysisDec 01 2002Nonlinear analysis has played a prominent role in the recent developments in geometry and topology. The study of the Yang-Mills equation and its cousins gave rise to the Donaldson invariants and more recently, the Seiberg-Witten invariants. Those invariants ... More