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Predicate Abstraction via Symbolic Decision ProceduresDec 01 2006Apr 24 2007We present a new approach for performing predicate abstraction based on symbolic decision procedures. Intuitively, a symbolic decision procedure for a theory takes a set of predicates in the theory and symbolically executes a decision procedure on all ... More
Heavy quarkonium suppression beyond the adiabatic limitMay 14 2019Many prior studies of in-medium quarkonium suppression have implicitly made use of an adiabatic approximation in which it was assumed that the heavy quark potential is a slowly varying function of time. In the adiabatic limit, one can separately determine ... More
Orbital Period Increase in ES CetiJan 03 2018We report a long-term study of the eclipse times in the 10-minute helium binary ES Ceti. The binary period increases rapidly, with P/P-dot = 6.2x10^6 yr. This is consistent with the assumption that gravitational radiation (GR) drives the mass transfer, ... More
Excision boundary conditions for the conformal metricOct 24 2008Shibata, Ury\=u and Friedman recently suggested a new decomposition of Einstein's equations that is useful for constructing initial data. In contrast to previous decompositions, the conformal metric is no longer treated as a freely-specifiable variable, ... More
Investigation of Feshbach Resonances in ultra-cold 40 K spin mixturesJan 09 2017Magnetically-tunable Feshbach resonances are an indispensable tool for experiments with atomic quantum gases. We report on twenty thus far unpublished Feshbach resonances and twenty one further probable Feshbach resonances in spin mixtures of ultracold ... More
Exotic E11 branes as composite gravitational solutionsAug 04 2009Sep 02 2009A two-parameter group element is presented that interpolates between M-brane solutions. The group element is used to interpret a number of exotic branes related to the generators of the adjoint representation of E11 as non-marginal half-BPS bound states ... More
Constellations in P^dOct 27 2010Nov 12 2010Let A be a subset of positive relative upper density of P^d, the d-tuples of primes. We prove that A contains an affine copy of any finite set of lattice points E, as long as E is in general position in the sense that it has at most one point on every ... More
A Theory For Particle Settling and Shear-Induced Migration in Thin Film FlowOct 16 2007Experiments of particle-laden inclined film flow [Zhou, Dupuy, Bertozzi, and Hosoi, Phys. Rev. Lett. 94 (2005)] have displayed different settling behaviors depending on the particle concentration $\phi$ and angle of inclination $\theta$, in which particles ... More
Homotopical Algebra in Categories with Enough ProjectivesMar 02 2017Mar 06 2018For a complete and cocomplete category $\mathcal{C}$ with a well-behaved class of `projectives' $\bar{\mathcal{P}}$, we construct a model structure on the category $s\mathcal{C}$ of simplicial objects in $\mathcal{C}$ where the weak equivalences, fibrations ... More
On decomposing Betti tables and $O$-sequencesJul 15 2014The Boij-S\"oderberg characterization decomposes a Betti table into a unique positive integral linear combination of pure diagrams. Given a module with a pure resolution, we describe explicit formulae for computing the decomposition of the Betti table ... More
Approximating Unitary Preparations of Orthogonal Black Box StatesJun 23 2019In this paper, I take a step toward answering the following question: for m different small circuits that compute m orthogonal n qubit states, is there a small circuit that will map m computational basis states to these m states without any input leaving ... More
Maximum of the characteristic polynomial for a random permutation matrixJun 20 2018Let $P_N$ be a uniform random $N\times N$ permutation matrix and let $\chi_N(z)=\det(zI_N- P_N)$ denote its characteristic polynomial. We prove a law of large numbers for the maximum modulus of $\chi_N$ on the unit circle, specifically, \[ \sup_{|z|=1}|\chi_N(z)|= ... More
Nauty in Macaulay2Oct 29 2010Feb 24 2011We introduce a new Macaulay2 package, Nauty, which gives access to powerful methods on graphs provided by the software nauty by Brendan McKay. The primary motivation for accessing nauty is to determine if two graphs are isomorphic. We also implement methods ... More
Eilenberg--Mac Lane Spaces for Topological GroupsMar 06 2018The goal of this paper is to establish a topological version of the notion of an Eilenberg-Mac Lane space. If $X$ is a pointed topological space, $\pi_1(X)$ has a natural topology coming from the compact-open topology on the space of maps $S^1 \to X$. ... More
Multi-Purposing Domain Adaptation Discriminators for Pseudo Labeling ConfidenceJul 17 2019Often domain adaptation is performed using a discriminator (domain classifier) to learn domain-invariant feature representations so that a classifier trained on labeled source data will generalize well to unlabeled target data. A line of research stemming ... More
Activity2Vec: Learning ADL Embeddings from Sensor Data with a Sequence-to-Sequence ModelJul 12 2019Recognizing activities of daily living (ADLs) plays an essential role in analyzing human health and behavior. The widespread availability of sensors implanted in homes, smartphones, and smart watches have engendered collection of big datasets that reflect ... More
Probabilistic finiteness properties for profinite groupsJul 11 2019We introduce a probabilistic version of the $\mathrm{FP}_n$ property for profinite groups, called $\mathrm{PFP}_n$, using the notion of positively finitely generated modules. We further define and study related properties such as positive finite presentability. ... More
Some algebras with the weak Lefschetz propertyJun 06 2016Using a connection to lozenge tilings of triangular regions, we establish an easily checkable criterion that guarantees the weak Lefschetz property of a quotient by a monomial ideal. It is also shown that each such ideal also has a semistable syzygy bundle. ... More
Uniform, Integral and Feasible Proofs for the Determinant IdentitiesNov 10 2018Aiming to provide weak as possible axiomatic assumptions in which one can develop basic linear algebra, we give a uniform and integral version of the short propositional proofs for the determinant identities demonstrated over $GF(2)$ in Hrubes-Tzameret ... More
Theory of Series in the $\mathcal{A}$-calculus and the $N$-Pythagorean TheoremAug 04 2017Aug 14 2018In this paper we study sequences, series, power series and uniform convergence in the $\mathcal{A}$-Calculus. Here $\mathcal{A}$ denotes an associative unital real algebra. We say a function is $\mathcal{A}$-differentiable if it is real differentiable ... More
Particle production during inflation and gravitational waves detectable by ground-based interferometersAug 31 2011Jun 27 2012Inflation typically predicts a quasi scale-invariant spectrum of gravitational waves. In models of slow-roll inflation, the amplitude of such a background is too small to allow direct detection without a dedicated space-based experiment such as the proposed ... More
Determining the dimension of iterative Hessian transformationAug 30 2005The central mean subspace (CMS) and iterative Hessian transformation (IHT) have been introduced recently for dimension reduction when the conditional mean is of interest. Suppose that X is a vector-valued predictor and Y is a scalar response. The basic ... More
The weak Lefschetz property for monomial ideals of small typeJul 14 2015Jul 15 2015In this work a combinatorial approach towards the weak Lefschetz property is developed that relates this property to enumerations of signed perfect matchings as well as to enumerations of signed families of non-intersecting lattice paths in certain triangular ... More
Algorithms for Envelope Estimation IISep 12 2015We propose a new algorithm for envelope estimation, along with a new root n consistent method for computing starting values. The new algorithm, which does not require optimization over a Grassmannian, is shown by simulation to be much faster and typically ... More
Leveraging Adiabatic Quantum Computation for Election ForecastingJan 30 2018Accurate, reliable sampling from fully-connected graphs with arbitrary correlations is a difficult problem. Such sampling requires knowledge of the probabilities of observing every possible state of a graph. As graph size grows, the number of model states ... More
Strongly coupled large N spectrum of two matrices coupled via a Yang-Mills interactionOct 01 2007May 08 2008We consider the large N spectrum of the quantum mechanical hamiltonian of two hermitean matrices coupled via a Yang-Mills interaction. In a framework where one of the matrices is treated exactly and the other is treated as a creation operator impurity, ... More
Circular law for the sum of random permutation matricesMay 25 2017Apr 04 2018Let $P_n^1,\dots, P_n^d$ be $n\times n$ permutation matrices drawn independently and uniformly at random, and set $S_n^d:=\sum_{\ell=1}^d P_n^\ell$. We show that if $\log^{12}n/(\log \log n)^{4} \le d=O(n)$, then the empirical spectral distribution of ... More
Controllable Finite-Momenta Dynamical Quasicondensation in the Periodically Driven One-Dimensional Fermi-Hubbard ModelJun 12 2019In the strongly interacting limit of the Hubbard model localized double-occupancies form effective hard-core bosonic excitations, called a doublons, which are long-lived due to energy conservation. Using time-dependent density-matrix renormalisation group ... More
Large Slow Roll Parameters in Single Field InflationAug 14 2015May 01 2016We initially consider two simple situations where inflationary slow roll parameters are large and modes no longer freeze out shortly after exiting the horizon, treating both cases analytically. We then consider applications to transient phases where the ... More
Implementing an apparent-horizon finder in three dimensionsJun 06 1996Locating apparent horizons is not only important for a complete understanding of numerically generated spacetimes, but it may also be a crucial component of the technique for evolving black-hole spacetimes accurately. A scheme proposed by Libson et al., ... More
Solar system Deep Time-Surveys of atmospheres, surfaces, and ringsMar 15 2019Imaging and resolved spectroscopy reveal varying environmental conditions in our dynamic solar system. Many key advances have focused on how these conditions change over time. Observatory-level commitments to conduct annual observations of solar system ... More
Numerical Evolution of Black Holes with a Hyperbolic Formulation of General RelativityAug 27 1997We describe a numerical code that solves Einstein's equations for a Schwarzschild black hole in spherical symmetry, using a hyperbolic formulation introduced by Choquet-Bruhat and York. This is the first time this formulation has been used to evolve a ... More
Can a combination of the conformal thin-sandwich and puncture methods yield binary black hole solutions in quasi-equilibrium?Jun 06 2003We consider combining two important methods for constructing quasi-equilibrium initial data for binary black holes: the conformal thin-sandwich formalism and the puncture method. The former seeks to enforce stationarity in the conformal three-metric and ... More
Quasi-equilibrium Binary Black Hole Initial Data for Dynamical EvolutionsJun 04 2004Sep 20 2004We present a formalism for constructing quasi-equilibrium binary black hole initial data suitable for numerical evolution. We construct quasi-equilibrium models by imposing an approximate helical Killing symmetry appropriate for quasi-circular orbits. ... More
Multivariate Design of Experiments for Engineering Dimensional AnalysisAug 04 2017Aug 07 2018We consider the design of dimensional analysis experiments when there is more than a single response. We first give a brief overview of dimensional analysis experiments and the dimensional analysis (DA) procedure. The validity of the DA method for univariate ... More
Binary Neutron Stars in Quasi-Equilibrium Circular Orbit: A Fully Relativistic TreatmentJan 14 1997We present a numerical scheme that solves the initial value problem in full general relativity for a binary neutron star in quasi-equilibrium. While Newtonian gravity allows for a strict equilibrium, a relativistic binary system emits gravitational radiation, ... More
Treating instabilities in a hyperbolic formulation of Einstein's equationsJul 14 1998We have recently constructed a numerical code that evolves a spherically symmetric spacetime using a hyperbolic formulation of Einstein's equations. For the case of a Schwarzschild black hole, this code works well at early times, but quickly becomes inaccurate ... More
Census of the Local Universe (CLU) Narrow-Band Survey I: Galaxy Catalogs from Preliminary FieldsOct 13 2017May 08 2019We present the Census of the Local Universe (CLU) narrow-band survey to search for emission-line (\ha) galaxies. CLU-\ha~has imaged $\approx$3$\pi$ of the sky (26,470~deg$^2$) with 4 narrow-band filters that probe a distance out to 200~Mpc. We have obtained ... More
No Time for Dead Time: Timing analysis of bright black hole binaries with NuSTARSep 10 2014Timing of high-count rate sources with the NuSTAR Small Explorer Mission requires specialized analysis techniques. NuSTAR was primarily designed for spectroscopic observations of sources with relatively low count-rates rather than for timing analysis ... More
A Concrete View of Rule 110 ComputationJun 17 2009Rule 110 is a cellular automaton that performs repeated simultaneous updates of an infinite row of binary values. The values are updated in the following way: 0s are changed to 1s at all positions where the value to the right is a 1, while 1s are changed ... More
A note on discrete spherical averages over sparse sequencesAug 11 2018Sep 18 2018This note presents an example of an increasing sequence $(\lambda_l)_{l=1}^\infty$ such that the maximal operators associated to normalized discrete spherical convolution averages \[ \sup_{l\geq 1}\frac{1}{r(\lambda_l)}\left|\sum_{|x|^2=\lambda_l}f(y-x)\right|\] ... More
Discrete multilinear spherical averagesAug 05 2018In this note we give a characterization of $\ell^{p}\times ...\times \ell^{p}\to\ell^q$ boundedness of maximal operators associated to multilinear convolution averages over spheres in $\mathbb{Z}^n$.
Comments on Beckmann's Uniform ReductsJan 19 2006Jan 23 2006Arnold Beckmann defined the uniform reduct of a propositional proof system f to be the set of those bounded arithmetical formulas whose propositional translations have polynomial size f-proofs. We prove that the uniform reduct of f + Extended Frege consists ... More
Neptune's Latitudinal Variations as Viewed with ALMAMay 08 2019We present spatially resolved millimeter maps of Neptune between 95 and 242 GHz taken with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in $2016-2017$. The millimeter weighting functions peak between 1 and 10 bar on Neptune, lying in between ... More
Line arrangements and configurations of points with an unusual geometric propertyFeb 06 2016Mar 02 2017The SHGH conjecture proposes a solution to the question of how many conditions a general union of fat points imposes on the complete linear system of curves in $\mathbb P^2$ of fixed degree $d$, and it is known to be true in many cases. We propose a new ... More
Trends in Ultracool Dwarf Magnetism. I. X-Ray Suppression and Radio EnhancementOct 24 2013Feb 20 2014Although ultracool dwarfs (UCDs) are now known to generate and dissipate strong magnetic fields, a clear understanding of the underlying dynamo is still lacking. We have performed X-ray and radio observations of seven UCDs in a narrow range of spectral ... More
Tailoring surface interactions, contact angles, drop topologies and self-assembly using laser irradiationSep 27 2012UV laser irradiation (lambda = 193 nm), below and above damage thresholds, is used to both alter and pattern the surface properties of borosilicate slides to tune and control the contact angle of a water drop over the surface. Large variation exceeding ... More
A Vision For Continuous Automated Game DesignJul 30 2017ANGELINA is an automated game design system which has previously been built as a single software block which designs games from start to finish. In this paper we outline a roadmap for the development of a new version of ANGELINA, designed to iterate on ... More
The Connectedness of Space Curve InvariantsJan 28 1994It is a result of Gruson and Peskine that the invariants of a set points in $\ptwo$ in general position are connected. Associated to a space curve there are sequences of invariants which generalize the invariants of points in $\ptwo$. The main result ... More
Non-Abelian BIonic Brane IntersectionsJun 25 2003Jul 22 2003We study "fuzzy funnel" solutions to the non-Abelian equations of motion of the D-string. Our funnel describes n^6/360 coincident D-strings ending on n^3/6 D7-branes, in terms of a fuzzy six-sphere which expands along the string. We also provide a dual ... More
Relativized Propositional CalculusMar 09 2012Proof systems for the Relativized Propositional Calculus are defined and compared.
Maximal Function Inequalities and a Theorem of BirchNov 12 2017Dec 05 2017In this paper we prove an analogue of the discrete spherical maximal theorem of Magyar, Stein, and Wainger, an analogue which concerns maximal functions associated to homogenous algebraic surfaces. Let $\mathfrak{p}$ be a homogenous polynomial in $n$ ... More
On the ergodic Waring--Goldbach problemMar 08 2017We prove an asymptotic formula for the Fourier transform of the arithmetic surface measure associated to the Waring--Goldbach problem and provide several applications, including bounds for discrete spherical maximal functions along the primes and distribution ... More
An improved bound for the degree of smooth surfaces in P4 not of general type.Jan 16 1995This is an addendum to the paper of Braun and Fl{\o}ystad ([BF]) on the bound for the degree of a smooth surface in $\pfour$ not of general type. Using their construction and the regularity of curves in $\pthree$, one may lower the bound a little more. ... More
Spatial InterpolantsJan 16 2015We propose Splinter, a new technique for proving properties of heap-manipulating programs that marries (1) a new separation logic-based analysis for heap reasoning with (2) an interpolation-based technique for refining heap-shape invariants with data ... More
Simulation of Qubit Quantum Circuits via Pauli PropagationJan 25 2019Mar 18 2019We present novel algorithms to estimate outcomes for qubit quantum circuits. Notably, these methods can simulate a Clifford circuit in linear time without ever writing down stabilizer states explicitly. These algorithms outperform previous noisy near-Clifford ... More
An algebraic approach to finite projective planesMar 14 2015Oct 19 2015A finite projective plane, or more generally a finite linear space, has an associated incidence complex that gives rise to two natural algebras: the Stanley-Reisner ring $R/I_\Lambda$ and the inverse system algebra $R/I_\Delta$. We give a careful study ... More
Trends in Ultracool Dwarf Magnetism. II. The Inverse Correlation Between X-ray Activity and Rotation as Evidence for a Bimodal DynamoOct 24 2013Feb 20 2014Observations of magnetic activity indicators in solar-type stars exhibit a relationship with rotation with an increase until a "saturation" level and a moderate decrease in activity in the very fastest rotators ("supersaturation"). While X-ray data have ... More
Verifying Equivalence of Database-Driven ApplicationsOct 20 2017This paper addresses the problem of verifying equivalence between a pair of programs that operate over databases with different schemas. This problem is particularly important in the context of web applications, which typically undergo database refactoring ... More
Temperature and strain characterization of regenerated gratingsDec 01 2012Both temperature and strain characterization of seed and regenerated gratings with and without post-annealing is reported. The high temperature regeneration has significant impact to thermal characterization and mechanical strength of gratings whilst ... More
New theory of femtosecond induced changes and nanopore formationSep 06 2011Recent results confirm the presence of molecular oxygen proving that recombination of dissociated silica bonds does not occur. This combined with the observation of nanopores within the nanograting structure in silica, leads to a new interpretation of ... More
Improved $\ell^p$-Boundedness for Integral $k$-Spherical Maximal FunctionsJul 26 2017May 30 2018We improve the range of $\ell^p(\mathbb Z^d)$-boundedness of the integral $k$-spherical maximal functions introduced by Magyar. The previously best known bounds for the full $k$-spherical maximal function require the dimension $d$ to grow at least cubicly ... More
Astro2020 Science White Paper: Triggered High-Priority Observations of Dynamic Solar System PhenomenaMar 20 2019Unexpected dynamic phenomena have surprised solar system observers in the past and have led to important discoveries about solar system workings. Observations at the initial stages of these events provide crucial information on the physical processes ... More
Step size of the rotary proton motor in single FoF1-ATP synthase from a thermoalkaliphilic bacterium by DCO-ALEX FRETFeb 05 2012Thermophilic enzymes can operate at higher temperatures but show reduced activities at room temperature. They are in general more stable during preparation and, accordingly, are considered to be more rigid in structure. Crystallization is often easier ... More
A smooth surface in P4 not of general type has degree at most 46Jan 04 1997This is the continuation of papers by Braun and Floystad, Cook, Braun and Cook. We use Generic Initial Ideal Theory in conjunction with Liaison Theory to further restrict the possible generic initial ideals of hyperplane sections of smooth surfaces not ... More
Self-consistent kinetic simulations of lower hybrid drift instability resulting in electron current driven by fusion products in tokamak plasmasOct 11 2010We present particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations of minority energetic protons in deuterium plasmas, which demonstrate a collective instability responsible for emission near the lower hybrid frequency and its harmonics. The simulations capture the lower ... More
Small-World Bonds and Patchy Percolation on the Hanoi NetworkJul 15 2009The bond-percolation properties of the Hanoi networks are analyzed with the renormalization group. Unlike scale-free networks, they are meant to provide an analytically tractable interpolation between finite dimensional, lattice-based models and their ... More
Black-hole head-on collisions in higher dimensionsSep 29 2017Dec 11 2017The collision of black holes and the emission of gravitational radiation in higher-dimensional spacetimes are of interest in various research areas, including the gauge-gravity duality, the TeV gravity scenarios evoked for the explanation of the hierarchy ... More
Many-body dynamics of p-wave Feshbach molecule production: a mean-field approachOct 08 2012Jan 16 2013We study the mean-field dynamics of p-wave Feshbach molecule production in an ultra cold gas of Fermi atoms in the same internal state. We derive a separable potential to describe the low-energy scattering properties of such atoms, and use this potential ... More
Independently Recurrent Neural Network (IndRNN): Building A Longer and Deeper RNNMar 13 2018May 22 2018Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) have been widely used for processing sequential data. However, RNNs are commonly difficult to train due to the well-known gradient vanishing and exploding problems and hard to learn long-term patterns. Long short-term ... More
Superhumps and flickering in V1316 CygniOct 08 2007We present analysis and results of a coordinated CCD photometry campaign to observe the 2006 June superoutburst of the cataclysmic variable V1316 Cyg involving 8 longitudinally-distributed observers. The outburst peaked at magnitude 15.03 on June 10, ... More
Return of the King: Time-Series Photometry of FO Aquarii's Initial Recovery from its Unprecedented 2016 Low StateSep 05 2016Oct 10 2016In 2016 May, the intermediate polar FO~Aqr was detected in a low state for the first time in its observational history. We report time-resolved photometry of the system during its initial recovery from this faint state. Our data, which includes high-speed ... More
Infinite reduced words and the Tits boundary of a Coxeter groupJan 05 2013Sep 18 2014Let (W,S) be a finite rank Coxeter system with W infinite. We prove that the limit weak order on the blocks of infinite reduced words of W is encoded by the topology of the Tits boundary of the Davis complex X of W. We consider many special cases, including ... More
Spectral Correlations in the Crossover Transition from a Superposition of Harmonic Oscillators to the Gaussian Unitary EnsembleJul 20 1998We compute the spectral correlation functions for the transition from a harmonic oscillator towards the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble (GUE). We use a variant of the supersymmetry method to obtain analytical results in a fast and elegant way. In contrast to ... More
Nef reduction and anticanonical bundlesOct 31 2003We investigate the structure of smooth projective 3-folds X with -K_X nef and K_X^3=0.
On the boundedness of an iteration involving points on the hypersphereJan 11 2010Oct 05 2010For a finite set of points $X$ on the unit hypersphere in $\mathbb{R}^d$ we consider the iteration $u_{i+1}=u_i+\chi_i$, where $\chi_i$ is the point of $X$ farthest from $u_i$. Restricting to the case where the origin is contained in the convex hull of ... More
Analysis of Nb3Sn surface layers for superconducting RF cavity applicationsMar 11 2015We present an analysis of the Nb3Sn surface layers grown on a bulk niobium (Nb) coupon prepared at the same time and by the same vapor diffusion process used to make Nb3Sn coatings on 1.3 GHz cavities. Tunneling spectroscopy reveals a well-developed, ... More
GAVO Tools for the Analysis of Stars and NebulaeJun 15 2007Within the framework of the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (GAVO), we provide synthetic spectra, simulation software for the calculation of NLTE model atmospheres, as well as necessary atomic data. This will enable a VO user to directly compare ... More
Finite group extensions and the Baum-Connes conjectureSep 13 2002Jul 29 2007In this note, we exhibit a method to prove the Baum-Connes conjecture (with coefficients) for extensions with finite quotients of certain groups which already satisfy the Baum-Connes conjecture. Interesting examples to which this method applies are torsion-free ... More
Quantization and the Issue of Time for Various Two-Dimensional Models of GravityAug 31 1993It is shown that the models of 2D Liouville Gravity, 2D Black Hole- and $R^2$-Gravity are {\em embedded} in the Katanaev-Volovich model of 2D NonEinsteinian Gravity. Different approaches to the formulation of a quantum theory for the above systems are ... More
Measuring the Accuracy of Linked Data IndicesMar 19 2016Being based on Web technologies, Linked Data is distributed and decentralised in its nature. Hence, for the purpose of finding relevant Linked Data on the Web, search indices play an important role. Also for avoiding network communication overhead and ... More
Modelling Epidemics on NetworksNov 21 2011Dec 15 2011Infectious disease remains, despite centuries of work to control and mitigate its effects, a major problem facing humanity. This paper reviews the mathematical modelling of infectious disease epidemics on networks, starting from the simplest Erdos-Renyi ... More
Anomalies and large N limits in matrix string theoryJun 20 1998May 13 1999We study the loop expansion for the low energy effective action for matrix string theory. For long string configurations we find the result depends on the ordering of limits. Taking $g_s\to 0$ before $N\to\infty$ we find free strings. Reversing the order ... More
Generalised network clustering and its dynamical implicationsJun 23 2010A parameterisation of generalised network clustering, in the form of four-motif prevalences, is presented. This involves three real parameters that are conditional on one- two- and three-motif prevalences. Interpretations of these real parameters are ... More
Non-Markovian stochastic epidemics in extremely heterogeneous populationsMar 12 2014A feature often observed in epidemiological networks is significant heterogeneity in degree. A popular modelling approach to this has been to consider large populations with highly heterogeneous discrete contact rates. This paper defines an individual-level ... More
Exact epidemic dynamics for generally clustered, complex networksJun 17 2010Oct 02 2012The last few years have seen remarkably fast progress in the understanding of statistics and epidemic dynamics of various clustered networks. This paper considers a class of networks based around a concept (the locale) that allows asymptotically exact ... More
Forbidden Induced SubgraphsOct 15 2016In descending generality I survey: five partial orderings of graphs, the induced-subgraph ordering, and examples like perfect, threshold, and mock threshold graphs. The emphasis is on how the induced subgraph ordering differs from other popular orderings ... More
Tutorial Note on Merging Matrix Elements with Parton ShowersMar 26 2015In this short note, I introduce to essential conceptual features and main building blocks of matrix element merging algorithms, operating on fixed order calculations both at leading order and next-to-leading order. The intention is purely pedagogical, ... More
Measured geodesic laminations in FlatlandJan 16 2015Since their introduction by Thurston, measured geodesic laminations on hyperbolic surfaces occur in many contexts. In this survey, we give a generalization of geodesic laminations on surfaces endowed with a half-translation structure, called flat laminations, ... More
Decompositions of Binomial Ideals in Macaulay 2Jun 29 2011The package Binomials contains implementations of specialized algorithms for binomial ideals, including primary decomposition into binomial ideals. The current implementation works in characteristic zero. Primary decomposition is restricted to binomial ... More
Periodic excitations of bilinear quantum systemsMar 06 2011Aug 09 2012A well-known method of transferring the population of a quantum system from an eigenspace of the free Hamiltonian to another is to use a periodic control law with an angular frequency equal to the difference of the eigenvalues. For finite dimensional ... More
The obstruction to the existence of a loopless star productSep 30 2013Jan 15 2014We show that there is an obstruction to the existence of a star product defined by Kontsevich graphs without directed cycles.
Characteristic classes in deformation quantizationAug 21 2012Dec 03 2014In deformation quantization one can associate five characteristic functions to (stable) formality morphisms on cochains and chains and to "two-brane" formality morphisms. We show that these characteristic functions agree.
Probabilistic Latent Semantic AnalysisJan 23 2013Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis is a novel statistical technique for the analysis of two-mode and co-occurrence data, which has applications in information retrieval and filtering, natural language processing, machine learning from text, and in ... More
Testing Quarkonium Production with Photoproduced $J/ψ+ γ$Nov 13 1996Jan 14 1997I compute the leading color-octet contributions to the process $\gamma + p \to J/\psi + \gamma (+ X)$ within the non-relativistic QCD (NRQCD) factorization formalism. In the color-singlet model, $J/\psi + \gamma$ can only be produced when the photon interacts ... More
Summing $O(β_0^n α_s^{n+1})$ Corrections to Top Quark DecaysJul 21 1997Order $\beta_0^n \alpha_s^{n+1}$ QCD corrections to top quark decays into $W^+$ and $H^+$ bosons are computed to all orders in perturbation theory. Predictions for the radiative corrections to the top quark width are compared with the estimates from BLM ... More
The $1/m_Q$ Expansion in QCD: Introduction and OverviewSep 22 1994A mini-review of the heavy mass expansion in QCD is given. We focus on exclusive semileptonic decays and some topics of recent interest in inclusive decays of heavy hadrons.
Computing the Maslov index from singularities of a matrix Riccati equationOct 13 2015Oct 27 2015We study the Maslov index as a tool to analyze stability of steady state solutions to a reaction-diffusion equation in one spatial dimension. We show that the path of unstable subspaces associated to this equation is governed by a matrix Riccati equation ... More
Constrained randomization of time series dataSep 30 1999A new method is introduced to create artificial time sequences that fulfil given constraints but are random otherwise. Constraints are usually derived from a measured signal for which surrogate data are to be generated. They are fulfilled by minimizing ... More
Genealogy of Nonperturbative Quantum-Invariants of 3-Manifolds: The Surgical FamilyJan 21 1996Mar 22 1996We study the relations between the invariants $\tau_{RT}$, $\tau_{HKR}$, and $\tau_L$ of Reshetikhin-Turaev, Hennings-Kauffman-Radford, and Lyubashenko, respectively. In particular, we discuss explicitly how $\tau_L$ specializes to $\tau_{RT}$ for semisimple ... More