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Rigid foldability of the augmented square twistSep 13 2018Define the augmented square twist origami crease pattern to be the classic square twist crease pattern with one crease added along a diagonal of the twisted square. In this paper we fully describe the rigid foldability of this new crease pattern. Specifically, ... More
Domain-wall free energy in Heisenberg ferromagnetsAug 19 2013We consider Gaussian fluctuations about domain walls embedded in one- or two-dimensional spin lattices. Analytic expressions for the free energy of one domain wall are obtained. From these, the temperature dependence of experimentally relevant spatial ... More
Spatial control of irreversible protein aggregationSep 10 2018Liquid cellular compartments spatially segregate from the cytoplasm and can regulate aberrant protein aggregation, a process linked to several medical conditions, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Yet the mechanisms by which these droplet-like ... More
Geometric localization in supported elastic strutsJun 11 2019Localized deformation patterns are a common motif in morphogenesis and are increasingly finding widespread applications in materials science, for instance as memory devices. Here we describe the emergence of spatially localized deformations in a minimal ... More
Semantic Linking - a Context-Based Approach to Interactivity in HypermediaJul 31 2004The semantic Web initiates new, high level access schemes to online content and applications. One area of superior need for a redefined content exploration is given by on-line educational applications and their concepts of interactivity in the framework ... More
Kinetics of spontaneous filament nucleation via oligomers: insights from theory and simulationOct 07 2016Jan 04 2017Nucleation processes are at the heart of a large number of phenomena, from cloud formation to protein crystallization. A recently emerging area where nucleation is highly relevant is the initiation of filamentous protein self-assembly, a process that ... More
Kinetics of spontaneous filament nucleation via oligomers: insights from theory and simulationOct 07 2016Nucleation processes are at the heart of a large number of phenomena, from cloud formation to protein crystallization. A recently emerging area where nucleation is highly relevant is the initiation of filamentous protein self-assembly, a process that ... More
Delineating the conformal windowJul 09 2010Jul 20 2010We identify and characterise the conformal window in gauge theories relevant for beyond the standard model building, e.g. Technicolour, using the criteria of metric confinement and causal analytic couplings, which are known to be consistent with the phase ... More
A Random Matrix Approach to Credit RiskFeb 18 2011Jun 28 2011We estimate generic statistical properties of a structural credit risk model by considering an ensemble of correlation matrices. This ensemble is set up by Random Matrix Theory. We demonstrate analytically that the presence of correlations severely limits ... More
Statistical causes for the Epps effect in microstructure noiseSep 30 2010We present two statistical causes for the distortion of correlations on high-frequency financial data. We demonstrate that the asynchrony of trades as well as the decimalization of stock prices has a large impact on the decline of the correlation coefficients ... More
The homotopical dimension of random 2-complexesMay 19 2010In this paper we study the Linial-Meshulam model of random two-dimensional complexes. We prove that a random 2-complex is homotopically one dimensional, with probability tending to one as n tends to infitnity, assuming that the probability parameter p ... More
Impact of the tick-size on financial returns and correlationsJan 28 2010Jul 12 2010We demonstrate that the lowest possible price change (tick-size) has a large impact on the structure of financial return distributions. It induces a microstructure as well as it can alter the tail behavior. On small return intervals, the tick-size can ... More
Compensating asynchrony effects in the calculation of financial correlationsOct 15 2009Jul 06 2010We present a method to compensate statistical errors in the calculation of correlations on asynchronous time series. The method is based on the assumption of an underlying time series. We set up a model and apply it to financial data to examine the decrease ... More
Quantum Monte Carlo studies of edge magnetism in chiral graphene nanoribbonsMar 18 2013May 06 2013We investigate chiral graphene nanoribbons using projective quantum Monte Carlo simulations within the local Hubbard model description and study the effects of electron-electron interactions on the electronic and magnetic properties at the ribbon edges. ... More
Reaction rate theory for supramolecular kinetics: application to protein aggregationMar 13 2018Probing the reaction mechanisms of supramolecular processes in soft- and biological matter, such as protein aggregation, is inherently challenging. These processes emerge from the simultaneous action of multiple molecular mechanisms, each of which is ... More
Round-Trip Voronoi Diagrams and Doubling Density in Geographic NetworksMay 06 2010The round-trip distance function on a geographic network (such as a road network, flight network, or utility distribution grid) defines the "distance" from a single vertex to a pair of vertices as the minimum length tour visiting all three vertices and ... More
Spin States in a Gate-Defined Quantum Point Contact in an InAs Two-Dimensional Electron GasJun 05 2019We experimentally study quantized conductance in an electrostatically defined constriction in a high-mobility InAs two-dimensional electron gas. A parallel magnetic field lifts the spin degeneracy and allows for the observation of plateaus in integer ... More
A Gate-Defined Quantum Point Contact in an InAs Two-Dimensional Electron GasJun 05 2019Aug 02 2019We experimentally study quantized conductance in an electrostatically defined constriction in a high-mobility InAs two-dimensional electron gas. A parallel magnetic field lifts the spin degeneracy and allows for the observation of plateaus in integer ... More
Interaction of Epithelial Cells with Surfaces and Surfaces Decorated by MoleculesMar 02 2013A detailed understanding of the interface between living cells and substrate materials is of rising importance in many fields of medicine, biology and biotechnology. Cells at interfaces often form epithelia. The physical barrier that they form is one ... More
Atmospheric Parameters of Field L and T DwarfsNov 06 2007We present an analysis of the 0.95-14.5 micron spectral energy distributions of nine field ultracool dwarfs with spectral types ranging from L1 to T4.5. Effective temperatures, gravities, and condensate cloud sedimentation efficiencies are derived by ... More
Approaching Conformality with Ten FlavorsApr 26 2012Jun 05 2012We present first results for lattice simulations, on a single volume, of the low-lying spectrum of an SU(3) Yang-Mills gauge theory with ten light fermions in the fundamental representation. Fits to the fermion mass dependence of various observables are ... More
Toward TeV ConformalityOct 12 2009Feb 19 2010We study the chiral condensate $<\bar{\psi} \psi>$ for an SU(3) gauge theory with $N_f$ massless Dirac fermions in the fundamental representation when $N_f$ is increased from 2 to 6. For $N_f=2$, our lattice simulations of $<\bar{\psi} \psi >/F^3$, where ... More
Parity Doubling and the S Parameter Below the Conformal WindowSep 29 2010We describe a lattice simulation of the masses and decay constants of the lowest-lying vector and axial resonances, and the electroweak S parameter, in an SU(3) gauge theory with $N_f = 2$ and 6 fermions in the fundamental representation. The spectrum ... More
Centrifugal Acceleration in Pulsar MagnetosphereOct 17 2003We present a relativistic model of pulsar radio emission by plasma accelerated along the rotating magnetic field lines projected on to a 2D plane perpendicular to the rotation axis. We have derived the expression for the trajectory of a particle, and ... More
Production of energetic dileptons with small invariant masses from the quark-gluon plasmaJan 23 1997Apr 11 1997The resummation technique of Braaten and Pisarski is used for a complete calculation of the $\alpha^2 \alpha_s$-contribution to the production rate of dileptons with energy E >> T and invariant mass M <~ T from a quark-gluon plasma. In particular the ... More
Absolute emission altitude of pulsars: PSRs B1839+09, B1916+14 and B2111+46Mar 25 2010We study the mean profiles of the multi--component pulsars PSRs B1839+09, B1916+14 and B2111+46. We estimate the emission height of the core components, and hence find the absolute emission altitudes corresponding to the conal components. By fitting Gaussians ... More
Millisecond Pulsar Emission Altitude from Relativistic Phase Shift: PSR J0437-4715Apr 27 2006We have analyzed the profile of the millisecond pulsar PSR J0437-4715 at 1440 MHz by fitting the Gaussians to pulse components, and identified its 11 emission components. We propose that they form a emission beam with 5 nested cones centered on the core. ... More
Dynamics of Charged Particles in the Radio Emission Region of Pulsar MagnetosphereMar 28 2007We consider the classical picture of three dimensional motion of charged particles in pulsar magnetosphere. We adopt a perturbative method to solve the equation of motion, and find the trajectory of particles as they move along the rotating dipolar magnetic ... More
Radio Emission by Particles due to Pulsar SpinJan 15 2005We present a relativistic model for the motion of charged particles in rotating magnetic field lines projected on to a plane perpendicular to the rotation axis. By making an approximation that the projected field lines are straight, an analytical expression ... More
On the Applicability of Post's LatticeJul 17 2010Jan 05 2012For decision problems P defined over Boolean circuits from a restricted set of gates, we have that P(B) AC0 many-one reduces to P(B') for all finite sets B and B' of gates such that all gates from B can be computed by circuits over gates from B'. In this ... More
The Phylogenetic Indian Buffet Process: A Non-Exchangeable Nonparametric Prior for Latent FeaturesJun 13 2012Nonparametric Bayesian models are often based on the assumption that the objects being modeled are exchangeable. While appropriate in some applications (e.g., bag-of-words models for documents), exchangeability is sometimes assumed simply for computational ... More
Scaling of Majorana Zero-Bias Conductance PeaksJun 21 2017Sep 12 2017We report an experimental study of the scaling of zero-bias conductance peaks compatible with Majorana zero modes as a function of magnetic field, tunnel coupling, and temperature in one-dimensional structures fabricated from an epitaxial semiconductor-superconductor ... More
Nucleation and Growth of the Superconducting Phase in the Presence of a CurrentSep 10 1997We study the localized stationary solutions of the one-dimensional time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau equations in the presence of a current. These threshold perturbations separate undercritical perturbations which return to the normal phase from overcritical ... More
Rectification of heat currents across nonlinear quantum chains: A versatile approach beyond weak thermal contactJul 19 2018Oct 22 2018Within the emerging field of quantum thermodynamics the issues of heat transfer and heat rectification are basic ingredients for the understanding and design of heat engines or refrigerators at nanoscales. Here, a consistent and versatile approach for ... More
Consistency in Echo-State NetworksJan 23 2019Consistency is an extension to generalized synchronization which quantifies the degree of functional dependency of a driven nonlinear system to its input. We apply this concept to echo-state networks, which are an artificial-neural network version of ... More
Maximizing LSST Solar System Science: Approaches, Software Tools, and Infrastructure NeedsJun 26 2019The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is expected to increase known small solar system object populations by an order of magnitude or more over the next decade, enabling a broad array of transformative solar system science investigations to be performed. ... More
Laboratory atomic transition data for precise optical quasar absorption spectroscopyNov 12 2013Jul 10 2014Quasar spectra reveal a rich array of important astrophysical information about galaxies which intersect the quasar line of sight. They also enable tests of the variability of fundamental constants over cosmological time and distance-scales. Key to these ... More
Henkin constructions of models with size continuumOct 01 2017We survey the technique of constructing customized models of size continuum in omega steps and illustrate the method by giving new proofs of mostly old results within this rubric. One new theorem, which is joint with Saharon Shelah, is that a pseudominimal ... More
Improving Human-Machine Cooperative Visual Search With Soft HighlightingDec 24 2016Advances in machine learning have produced systems that attain human-level performance on certain visual tasks, e.g., object identification. Nonetheless, other tasks requiring visual expertise are unlikely to be entrusted to machines for some time, e.g., ... More
Caltech Faint Field Galaxy Redshift Survey IX: Source detection and photometry in the Hubble Deep Field RegionSep 21 1999Detection and photometry of sources in the U_n, G, R, and K_s bands in a 9x9 arcmin^2 region of the sky, centered on the Hubble Deep Field, are described. The data permit construction of complete photometric catalogs to roughly U_n=25, G=26, R=25.5 and ... More
Transfer learning approach for financial applicationsSep 09 2015Artificial neural networks learn how to solve new problems through a computationally intense and time consuming process. One way to reduce the amount of time required is to inject preexisting knowledge into the network. To make use of past knowledge, ... More
The RMS Charge Radius of the Proton and Zemach MomentsNov 08 2010Jan 26 2011On the basis of recent precise measurements of the electric form factor of the proton, the Zemach moments, needed as input parameters for the determination of the proton rms radius from the measurement of the Lamb shift in muonic hydrogen, are calculated. ... More
Microscopic understanding of heavy-tailed return distributions in an agent-based modelJul 12 2012The distribution of returns in financial time series exhibits heavy tails. In empirical studies, it has been found that gaps between the orders in the order book lead to large price shifts and thereby to these heavy tails. We set up an agent based model ... More
Solution of the proton radius puzzle? Low momentum transfer electron scattering data are not enoughNov 02 2015In two recent papers it is argued that the 'proton radius puzzle' can be explained by truncating the electron scattering data to low momentum transfer and fit the rms radius in the low momentum expansion of the form factor. It is shown that this procedure ... More
Effective models for strong electronic correlations at graphene edgesMay 02 2013We describe a method for deriving effective low-energy theories of electronic interactions at graphene edges. Our method is applicable to general edges of honeycomb lattices (zigzag, chiral, and even disordered) as long as localized low-energy states ... More
S-wave scattering of strangeness -3 baryonsJan 17 2012We explore the interactions of two strangeness -3 baryons in multiple spin channels with lattice QCD. This system provides an ideal laboratory for exploring the interactions of multi-baryon systems with minimal dependence on light quark masses. Model ... More
Sunyaev-Zel'dovich clusters in Millennium Gas simulationsDec 16 2011Jan 30 2012We have exploited the large-volume Millennium Gas cosmological N-body hydrodynamics simulations to study the SZ cluster population at low and high redshift, for three models with varying gas physics. We confirm previous results using smaller samples that ... More
The First Detection of Blue Straggler Stars in the Milky Way BulgeMay 20 2011We report the first detections of Blue Straggler Stars (BSS) in the bulge of the Milky Way galaxy. Proper motions from extensive space-based observations along a single sight-line allow us to separate a sufficiently clean and well-characterized bulge ... More
U(1) Axial Symmetry and Correlation Functions in the High Temperature Phase of QCDAug 07 1996Simple group-theoretical arguments are used to demonstrated that in the high temperature (chirally restored) phase of QCD with N massless flavours, all n-point correlation functions of quark bilinears are invariant under U(1) axial transformations provided ... More
Phases of QCD with nonvanishing isopin densityApr 26 2001Jul 30 2001The propagation of low-momentum baryons through QCD matter at low isospin density is studied using chiral perturbation theory. When the isospin chemical potential exceeds a critical value, the dispersion relation for the lowest nucleon mode becomes anomalous ... More
Fingering instabilities of a reactive micellar interfaceMar 28 2007Jun 05 2007We present an experimental study of the fingering patterns in a Hele-Shaw cell, occurring when a gel-like material forms at the interface between aqueous solutions of a cationic surfactant cetyltrimethylammonium bromide) and an organic salt (salicylic ... More
Relations Among Correlation Functions in the High Temperature Phase of QCD with Broken SU(3)Jan 29 1997Group-theoretic arguments are used to determine the dependence of two-point correlators of quark bilinears on the current quark masses. The leading difference between $\pi$ and $\delta$ correlators is found to be of order $m_s$ times a U(1)$_{\scriptscriptstyle ... More
From a Link Semantic to Semantic Links - Building Context in Educational HypermediaDec 30 2009Modularization and granulation are key concepts in educational content management, whereas teaching, learning and understanding require a discourse within thematic contexts. Even though hyperlinks and semantically typed references provide the context ... More
Multiple Outbursts of Asteroid (6478) GaultMar 13 2019Main-belt asteroid (6478) Gault unexpectedly sprouted two tails in late 2018 and early 2019, identifying it as a new active asteroid. Here we present observations obtained by the 1.2-m Zwicky Transient Facility survey telescope that provide detailed time-series ... More
A Massive Pulsar in a Compact Relativistic BinaryApr 25 2013Many physically motivated extensions to general relativity (GR) predict significant deviations in the properties of spacetime surrounding massive neutron stars. We report the measurement of a 2.01 +/- 0.04 solar mass pulsar in a 2.46-hr orbit with a 0.172 ... More
Bézier $\bar{B}$ ProjectionAug 24 2017Feb 20 2018In this paper we demonstrate the use of B\'{e}zier projection to alleviate locking phenomena in structural mechanics applications of isogeometric analysis. Interpreting the well-known $\bar{B}$ projection in two different ways we develop two formulations ... More
Isogeometric Bézier dual mortaring: The biharmonic problemApr 30 2019In this paper we develop an isogeometric B\'ezier dual mortar method for the biharmonic problem on multi-patch domains. The well-posedness of the discrete biharmonic problem requires a discretization with $C^1$ continuous basis functions. Hence, two Lagrange ... More
Numerical Prediction of a SeawayOct 07 2014The ability of three wave theories to predict statistics and the crest kinematics of a seaway is quantified. The three wave theories are high-order spectral (HOS) theory, free-surface mapping (FSM), and volume-of-fluid (VOF). Issues associated with applying ... More
WW Scattering Parameters via Pseudoscalar Phase ShiftsJan 19 2012Using domain-wall lattice simulations, we study pseudoscalar-pseudoscalar scattering in the maximal isospin channel for an SU(3) gauge theory with two and six fermion flavors in the fundamental representation. This calculation of the S-wave scattering ... More
The MINOS Light Injection Calibration SystemApr 17 2002A description is given of the light-injection calibration system that has been developed for the MINOS long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. The system is based upon pulsed blue LEDs monitored by PIN photodiodes. It is designed to measure non-linearities ... More
Conditioning of Leverage Scores and Computation by QR DecompositionFeb 05 2014May 23 2015The leverage scores of a full-column rank matrix A are the squared row norms of any orthonormal basis for range(A). We show that corresponding leverage scores of two matrices A and A + \Delta A are close in the relative sense, if they have large magnitude ... More
Meson-Nucleon Vertex Form Factors at Finite Temperature Using a Soft Pion Form FactorApr 07 2003The temperature and density dependence of the meson-nucleon vertex form factors is studied in the framework of thermofield dynamics. Results are obtained for two rather different nucleon-nucleon potentials: the usual Bonn potential and the variation with ... More
Flavour dependence of the pion and kaon form factors and parton distribution functionsApr 11 2016The separate quark flavour contributions to the pion and kaon valence quark distribution functions are studied, along with the corresponding electromagnetic form factors in the space-like region. The calculations are made using the solution of the Bethe-Salpeter ... More
On the $ξ$-Distribution of Inclusively Produced Particles in $e^+e^-$ AnnihilationSep 17 1999We discuss the momentum distributions of inclusively produced particles in $e^+e^-$ annihilation. We show that the dependence of the position of the maxima of the $\xi=\ln(1/z)$ spectra on the mass of the produced particles follows naturally from the ... More
Evaluating (and improving) the correspondence between deep neural networks and human representationsJun 08 2017Jul 24 2018Decades of psychological research have been aimed at modeling how people learn features and categories. The empirical validation of these theories is often based on artificial stimuli with simple representations. Recently, deep neural networks have reached ... More
Dynamics of hadron strong production and decaySep 12 2007Apr 04 2008We generalize results of lattice QCD to determine the spin-dependent symmetries and factorization properties of meson production in OZI allowed processes. This explains some conjectures previously made in the literature about axial meson decays and gives ... More
Charge Symmetry at the Partonic LevelJul 14 2009This review article discusses the experimental and theoretical status of partonic charge symmetry. It is shown how the partonic content of various structure functions gets redefined when the assumption of charge symmetry is relaxed. We review various ... More
Comparison of Neutrino and Muon Structure Functions, Shadowing Corrections and Charge Symmetry ViolationSep 23 1998Comparison of structure functions measured in neutrino and charged lepton deep inelastic scattering can be used to test basic properties of parton distribution functions such as the validity of charge symmetry. Recent experiments indicate a substantial ... More
The ESO Nearby Abell Cluster Survey. XI. Segregation of cluster galaxies and subclusteringJan 31 2002We study luminosity and morphology segregation of over 3000 cluster galaxies in an ensemble cluster of 59 rich, nearby galaxy clusters observed in the ESO Nearby Cluster Survey (ENACS). Within this sample we identify those galaxies that are in substructures. ... More
Large $N_c$ Thermodynamics with Dynamical FermionsAug 31 2018Sep 26 2018We present a progress report on our investigation of the thermodynamics of QCD with $N_f=2$ flavors of dynamical Wilson fermions in the limit of a large number of colors $N_c$. To date, studies of the thermodynamics of QCD at large $N_c$ have been limited ... More
Lambda Polarization in Polarized Proton-Proton Collisions at RHICFeb 08 2000We discuss Lambda polarization in semi-inclusive proton-proton collisions, with one of the protons longitudinally polarized. The hyperfine interaction responsible for the $\Delta$-$N$ and $\Sigma$-$\Lambda$ mass splittings gives rise to flavor asymmetric ... More
Evidence for Charge Symmetry Violation in Parton DistributionsOct 02 1998By comparing structure functions measured in neutrino and charged lepton deep inelastic scattering, one can test the validity of parton charge symmetry. New experiments allow us to make such tests, which set rather tight upper limits on parton charge ... More
Structure and Production of Lambda BaryonsAug 05 1999Aug 26 1999We discuss the quark parton structure of the $\Lambda$ baryon and the fragmentation of quarks into $\Lambda$ baryons. We show that the hyperfine interaction, responsible for the $\Delta$-$N$ and $\Sigma^0$-$\Lambda$ mass splittings, leads not only to ... More
Reactive Molecular Dynamics study on the first steps of DNA-damage by free hydroxyl radicalsDec 12 2011We employ a large scale molecular simulation based on bond-order ReaxFF to simulate the chemical reaction and study the damage to a large fragment of DNA-molecule in the solution by ionizing radiation. We illustrate that the randomly distributed clusters ... More
Evidence for Substantial Charge Symmetry Violation in Parton DistributionsJun 03 1998In principle one can test the validity of charge symmetry for parton distributions by comparing structure functions measured in neutrino and charged lepton deep inelastic scattering. New experiments make such tests possible; they provide rather tight ... More
On the continuous Fermat-Weber problem for a convex polygon using Euclidean distanceMar 14 2014We consider the continuous Fermat-Weber problem, where the customers are continuously (uniformly) distributed along the boundary of a convex polygon. We derive the closed-form expression for finding the average distance from a given point to the continuously ... More
Adapting Deep Network Features to Capture Psychological RepresentationsAug 06 2016Deep neural networks have become increasingly successful at solving classic perception problems such as object recognition, semantic segmentation, and scene understanding, often reaching or surpassing human-level accuracy. This success is due in part ... More
Hard photon production rate of a quark-gluon plasma at finite quark chemical potentialOct 18 1994Dec 19 1994We compute the photon production rate of a quark-gluon plasma (QGP) at finite quark chemical potential $\mu $ using the Braaten-Pisarski method, thus continuing the work of Kapusta, Lichard, and Seibert who did the calculation for $\mu =0$.
Understanding the effects of geometry and rotation on pulsar intensity profilesMar 24 2010We have developed a method to compute the possible distribution of radio emission regions in a typical pulsar magnetosphere, taking into account the viewing geometry and rotational effects of the neutron star. Our method can estimate the emission altitude ... More
Shadowing in neutrino deep inelastic scattering and the determination of the strange quark distributionApr 27 1998We discuss shadowing corrections to the structure function $F_2$ in neutrino deep-inelastic scattering on heavy nuclear targets. In particular, we examine the role played by shadowing in the comparison of the structure functions $F_2$ measured in neutrino ... More
Entropic forces stabilize diverse emergent structures in colloidal membranesJul 02 2015The depletion interaction mediated by non-adsorbing polymers promotes condensation and assembly of repulsive colloidal particles into diverse higher-order structures and materials. One example, with particularly rich emergent behaviors, is the formation ... More
Trouble With The Curve: Improving MLB Pitch ClassificationApr 05 2013The PITCHf/x database has allowed the statistical analysis of of Major League Baseball (MLB) to flourish since its introduction in late 2006. Using PITCHf/x, pitches have been classified by hand, requiring considerable effort, or using neural network ... More
AXTAR: Mission Design ConceptJul 06 2010The Advanced X-ray Timing Array (AXTAR) is a mission concept for X-ray timing of compact objects that combines very large collecting area, broadband spectral coverage, high time resolution, highly flexible scheduling, and an ability to respond promptly ... More
A new class of pulsating hot subdwarfsJun 03 2019Using high-cadence observations from the Zwicky Transient Facility at low Galactic latitudes, we have discovered a new class of pulsating, hot, compact stars. We have found four candidates, exhibiting blue colors ($g-r\leq-0.1$ mag), pulsation amplitudes ... More
Perpetual Adaptation of Software to Hardware: An Extensible Architecture for Providing Code Optimization as a Central System ServiceMar 22 1999We present an open architecture for just-in-time code generation and dynamic code optimization that is flexible, customizable, and extensible. While previous research has primarily investigated functional aspects of such a system, architectural aspects ... More
Spatial Interaction Modelling of Cross-Region R&D Collaborations Empirical Evidence from the EU Framework ProgrammesApr 16 2010The focus of this study is on cross-region R&D collaboration networks in the EU Framework Programmes (FP's). In contrast to most other empirical studies in this field, we shift attention to regions as units of analysis, i.e. we use aggregated data on ... More
Adsorption of polymers at nanowiresMar 09 2011Low-energy structures of a hybrid system consisting of a polymer and an attractive nanowire substrate as well as the thermodynamics of the adsorption transition are studied by means of Monte Carlo computer simulations. Depending on structural and energetic ... More
Law-Aware Access Control and its Information ModelJun 23 2010Cross-border access to a variety of data such as market information, strategic information, or customer-related information defines the daily business of many global companies, including financial institutions. These companies are obliged by law to keep ... More
Electroweak Baryogenesis in the Adiabatic LimitJan 17 1994Electroweak baryogenesis can occur in the ``adiabatic limit,'' in which expanding bubbles of true vacuum are assumed to have rather thick walls and be slowly moving. Here the problem of calculating the baryon asymmetry in this limit is reconsidered. A ... More
Complexity of Non-Monotonic LogicsSep 10 2010Over the past few decades, non-monotonic reasoning has developed to be one of the most important topics in computational logic and artificial intelligence. Different ways to introduce non-monotonic aspects to classical logic have been considered, e.g., ... More
On putative q-Analogues of the Fano Plane and Related Combinatorial StructuresApr 25 2015A set $\mathcal{F}_q$ of $3$-dimensional subspaces of $\mathbb{F}_q^7$, the $7$-dimensional vector space over the finite field $\mathbb{F}_q$, is said to form a $q$-analogue of the Fano plane if every $2$-dimensional subspace of $\mathbb{F}_q^7$ is contained ... More
Topological equivalence of holomorphic foliation germs of rank $1$ with isolated singularity in the Poincaré domainJan 01 2016May 21 2016We show that the topological equivalence class of holomorphic foliation germs with an isolated singularity of Poincar\'e type is determined by the topological equivalence class of the real intersection foliation of the (suitably normalized) foliation ... More
Simple acoustical technique for automated measurement of drift tube anode wire tensionSep 21 2005Sep 23 2005We describe a simple and inexpensive acoustical technique that permits rapid, accurate and in-situ measurement of drift tube anode wire tensions even if the anode wire is electrically discontinuous.
Supersymmetric Relations Among Electromagnetic Dipole OperatorsApr 25 2001May 17 2001Supersymmetric contributions to all leptonic electromagnetic dipole operators have essentially identical diagramatic structure. With approximate slepton universality this allows the muon anomalous magnetic moment to be related to the electron electric ... More
Vertex partition of hypergraphs and maximum degenerate subhypergraphsJul 06 2018In 2007 Matamala proved that if $G$ is a simple graph with maximum degree $\Delta\geq 3$ not containing $K_{\Delta +1}$ as a subgraph and $s, t$ are positive integers such that $s+t \geq \Delta$, then the vertex set of $G$ admits a partition $(S,T)$ such ... More
Counting characters in linear group actionsApr 04 2007Let $G$ be a finite group and $V$ be a finite $G$--module. We present upper bounds for the cardinalities of certain subsets of $\Irr(GV)$, such as the set of those $\chi\in\Irr(GV)$ such that, for a fixed $v\in V$, the restriction of $\chi$ to $<v>$ is ... More
Higher Symmetries of the Square of the LaplacianOct 20 2006The symmetry operators for the Laplacian in flat space were recently described and here we consider the same question for the square of the Laplacian. Again, there is a close connection with conformal geometry. There are three main steps in our construction. ... More
New a priori analysis of first-order system least-squares finite element methods for parabolic problemsMay 10 2018We provide new insights into the a priori theory for a time-stepping scheme based on least-squares finite element methods for parabolic first-order systems. The elliptic part of the problem is of general reaction-convection-diffusion type. The new ingredient ... More
Subleading Light-cone distributions functions in the decays Lambda(b) --> X(s) Gamma and Lambda(b) --> X(u) Lepton Anti-NuOct 17 2002Jan 28 2003In this paper we investigate the subleading twist corrections to the photon energy spectrum in the decay Lambda_b -> X_s \gamma and to the lepton energy spectrum in Lambda_b -> X_u l \bar{\nu}. As a first step we rederive the matching coefficients of ... More
Partitions of multigraphs under degree constraintsMar 24 2017Jul 25 2017In 1996, Michael Stiebitz proved that if $G$ is a simple graph with $\delta(G)\geq s+t+1$ and $s,t\in \mathbb{Z}_{\geq 0}$, then $V(G)$ can be partitioned into two sets $A$ and $B$ such that $\delta(G[A])\geq s$ and $\delta(G[B])\geq t$. In 2016, Amir ... More