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Infinitesimal Lipschitz conditions on family of analytic varietiesFeb 08 2019In this work, we extend the concept of the double of an ideal defined in \cite{G2}, to the context of modules. We also obtain the genericity of the infinitesimal Lipschitz condition A for an enlarged class of analytic spaces.
Categorical Aspects of the Double Structure of a ModuleApr 27 2017Sep 28 2017In this work we develop some categorical aspects of the double structure of a module.
Conformally flat sources for the Linet-Tian spacetimeDec 21 2012Dec 28 2012We investigate the matching, across cylindrical surfaces, of static cylindrically symmetric conformally flat spacetimes with a cosmological constant $\Lambda$, satisfying regularity conditions at the axis, to an exterior Linet-Tian spacetime. We prove ... More
A semi-supervised fuzzy GrowCut algorithm to segment and classify regions of interest of mammographic imagesDec 03 2017According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. It is the second leading cause of death among women round the world, becoming the most fatal form of cancer. Mammographic image segmentation is a fundamental ... More
Inference on Dynamic Models for non-Gaussian Random Fields using INLA: A Homicide Rate Analysis of Brazilian CitiesDec 24 2013Feb 13 2015Robust time series analysis is an important subject in statistical modeling. Models based on Gaussian distribution are sensitive to outliers, which may imply in a significant degradation in estimation performance as well as in prediction accuracy. State-space ... More
Geodesics dynamics in the Linet-Tian spacetime with Lambda<0Mar 15 2014We investigate the geodesics' kinematics and dynamics in the Linet-Tian metric with Lambda<0 and compare with the results for the Levi-Civita metric, when Lambda=0. This is used to derive new stability results about the geodesics' dynamics in static vacuum ... More
Analysis of supervised and semi-supervised GrowCut applied to segmentation of masses in mammography imagesDec 20 2017Breast cancer is already one of the most common form of cancer worldwide. Mammography image analysis is still the most effective diagnostic method to promote the early detection of breast cancer. Accurately segmenting tumors in digital mammography images ... More
Few-Photon Heteorodyne SpectroscopyJan 28 2016Mar 11 2016We perform a high resolution Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of optical sources in the few-photon regime based on the phenomenon of two-photon interference in a beam splitter. From the heterodyne interferogram between test and reference sources it is possible ... More
Linear-Optic Heralded Photon SourceJul 07 2015Nov 22 2015We present a Heralded Photon Source based only on linear optics and weak coherent states. By time-tuning a Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer fed with frequency-displaced coherent states, the output photons can be synchronously heralded following sub-Poisson ... More
Impact of Raman scattered noise from multiple telecom channels on fiber-optic quantum key distribution systemsOct 02 2014In this paper we analyze the impact of the spontaneous Raman scattered noise generated from multiple optical classical channels on a single quantum key distribution channel, all within the telecom C-band. We experimentally measure the noise generated ... More
The Bi-Lipschitz Equisingularity of Essentially Isolated Determinantal SingularitiesMay 10 2017Oct 18 2017The bi-Lipschitz geometry is one of the main subjects in the modern approach of Singularity Theory. However, it rises from works of important mathematicians of the last century, especially Zariski. In this work we investigate the Bi-Lipschitz equisingularity ... More
Métodos de Otimização Combinatória Aplicados ao Problema de Compressão MultiFrasesMar 19 2017The Internet has led to a dramatic increase in the amount of available information. In this context, reading and understanding this flow of information have become costly tasks. In the last years, to assist people to understand textual data, various Natural ... More
Scaling properties of d-dimensional complex networksOct 03 2018Jan 03 2019The area of networks is very interdisciplinary and exhibits many applications in several fields of science. Nevertheless, there are few studies focusing on geographically located $d$-dimensional networks. In this paper, we study scaling properties of ... More
On the Levi-Civita solutions with cosmological constantNov 03 1999The main properties of the Levi-Civita solutions with the cosmological constant are studied. In particular, it is found that some of the solutions need to be extended beyond certain hypersurfaces in order to have geodesically complete spacetimes. Some ... More
High Level Pattern Classification via Tourist Walks in NetworksMay 07 2013Complex networks refer to large-scale graphs with nontrivial connection patterns. The salient and interesting features that the complex network study offer in comparison to graph theory are the emphasis on the dynamical properties of the networks and ... More
Goldbach conjecture sequences in quantum mechanicsMar 25 2013Jan 09 2014We show that there is a correspondence between Goldbach conjecture sequences (GCS) and expectation values of the number operator in Fock states. We demonstrate that depending on the normalization or not of Fock state superpositions, we have sequences ... More
Safeguarding Quantum Key Distribution through Detection RandomizationOct 02 2014We propose and experimentally demonstrate a scheme to render the detection apparatus of a Quantum Key Distribution system immune to the main classes of hacking attacks in which the eavesdropper explores the back-door opened by the single-photon detectors. ... More
Spectral characterization of weak coherent state sources based on two-photon interferenceJul 08 2015We demonstrate a method for characterizing the coherence function of coherent states based on two-photon interference. Two states from frequency mismatched faint laser sources are fed into a Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer and the interference pattern is ... More
Discriminating word senses with tourist walks in complex networksJun 17 2013Patterns of topological arrangement are widely used for both animal and human brains in the learning process. Nevertheless, automatic learning techniques frequently overlook these patterns. In this paper, we apply a learning technique based on the structural ... More
Word sense disambiguation via high order of learning in complex networksFeb 18 2013Complex networks have been employed to model many real systems and as a modeling tool in a myriad of applications. In this paper, we use the framework of complex networks to the problem of supervised classification in the word disambiguation task, which ... More
Network-based stochastic competitive learning approach to disambiguation in collaborative networksMar 02 2013Many patterns have been uncovered in complex systems through the application of concepts and methodologies of complex networks. Unfortunately, the validity and accuracy of the unveiled patterns are strongly dependent on the amount of unavoidable noise ... More
Inflationary Super-Hubble Waves and the Size of the UniverseApr 03 2013Sep 22 2013The effect of the scalar spectral index on inflationary super-Hubble waves is to amplify/damp large wavelengths according to whether the spectrum is red ($n_{s}<1$) or blue ($n_{s}>1$). As a consequence, the large-scale temperature correlation function ... More
Strain-Tunable GaAs Quantum dot: A Nearly Dephasing-Free Source of Entangled Photon Pairs on DemandJan 20 2018Oct 10 2018Entangled photon generation from semiconductor quantum dots via the biexciton-exciton cascade underlies various decoherence mechanisms related to the solid-state nature of the quantum emitters. So far, this has prevented the demonstration of nearly-maximally ... More
GEMINI: A Generic Multi-Modal Natural Interface Framework for VideogamesFeb 15 2013In recent years videogame companies have recognized the role of player engagement as a major factor in user experience and enjoyment. This encouraged a greater investment in new types of game controllers such as the WiiMote, Rock Band instruments and ... More
Nested distance for stagewise-independent processesNov 29 2017We prove that, for two discrete-time stagewise-independent processes with a stagewise metric, the nested distance is equal to the sum of the Wasserstein distances between the marginal distributions of each stage.
Map Memorization and Forgetting in the IARA Autonomous CarOct 04 2018In this work, we present a novel strategy for correcting imperfections in occupancy grid maps called map decay. The objective of map decay is to correct invalid occupancy probabilities of map cells that are unobservable by sensors. The strategy was inspired ... More
Resonance fluorescence of GaAs quantum dots with near-unity photon indistinguishabilityJan 28 2019Photonic quantum technologies call for scalable quantum light sources that can be integrated, while providing the end user with single and entangled photons on-demand. One promising candidate are strain free GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots obtained by droplet ... More
A Proposed Search for the Detection of Gravitational Waves from Eccentric Binary Black HolesNov 30 2015Most of compact binary systems are expected to circularize before the frequency of emitted gravitational waves (GWs) enters the sensitivity band of the ground based interferometric detectors. However, several mechanisms have been proposed for the formation ... More
SNA-based reasoning for multiagent team compositionJun 16 2015The social network analysis (SNA), branch of complex systems can be used in the construction of multiagent systems. This paper proposes a study of how social network analysis can assist in modeling multiagent systems, while addressing similarities and ... More
Artin algebras of finite type and finite categories of $Δ$-good modulesMay 13 2015We give an alternative proof to the fact that if the square of the infinite radical of the module category of an Artin algebra is equal to zero then the algebra is of finite type by making use of the theory of postprojective and preinjective partitions. ... More
Isoperimetric regions in H^2 between parallel horocyclesJun 22 2009Oct 21 2009In this work we investigate the following isoperimetric problem in the hyperbolic plane: to find the regions of prescribed area with minimal perimeter between two parallel horocycles. We give an explicit and detailed description of all such regions.
On the Gorensteinization of Schubert Varieties via Boundary DivisorsJul 14 2018We will describe a one-step "Gorensteinization" process for a Schubert variety by blowing-up along its boundary divisor. The local question involves Kazhdan-Lusztig varieties which can be degenerated to affine toric schemes defined using the Stanley-Reisner ... More
Equimultiplicity of families of map germs from $\mathbb{C}^2$ to $\mathbb{C}^3$Feb 13 2019In 1971, Zariski proposed some questions in Theory of Singularities. One of such problems is the so-called, nowadays, Zariski's multiplicity conjecture. In this work, we consider the version of this conjecture for families. We answer positively Zariski's ... More
Guidelines for the Calculation of Bound Molecular SpectraSep 15 2005Line-by-line calculations are becoming the standard procedure for carrying spectral simulations. However, it is important to insure the accuracy of such spectral simulations through the choice of adapted models for the simulation of key parameters such ... More
Ressonant elliptic problems under Cerami conditionMay 11 2012We establish existence and multiplicity of solutions for a elliptic resonant elliptic problem under Dirichlet boundary conditions.
New Identities from a Combinatorial Approach to Generalized Fibonacci and Generalized Lucas NumbersDec 12 2013Sep 04 2016We present here some new identities for generalizations of Fibonacci and Lucas numbers by combinatorially interpreting these numbers in terms of numbers of certain tilings of a $1 \times m$ board. As a consequence, some new interesting identities involving ... More
Approximating Poker Probabilities with Deep LearningAug 22 2018Aug 23 2018Many poker systems, whether created with heuristics or machine learning, rely on the probability of winning as a key input. However calculating the precise probability using combinatorics is an intractable problem, so instead we approximate it. Monte ... More
Fold-Forms for Four-FoldsSep 22 2009This paper explains an application of Gromov's h-principle to prove the existence, on any orientable 4-manifold, of a folded symplectic form. That is a closed 2-form which is symplectic except on a separating hypersurface where the form singularities ... More
A Model-Predictive Motion Planner for the IARA Autonomous CarNov 14 2016We present the Model-Predictive Motion Planner (MPMP) of the Intelligent Autonomous Robotic Automobile (IARA). IARA is a fully autonomous car that uses a path planner to compute a path from its current position to the desired destination. Using this path, ... More
A new generalized field of valuesDec 17 2010Given a right eigenvector $x$ and a left eigenvector $y$ associated with the same eigenvalue of a matrix $A$, there is a Hermitian positive definite matrix $H$ for which $y=Hx$. The matrix $H$ defines an inner product and consequently also a field of ... More
Lower semicontinuity of global attractors for a class of evolution equations type neural fields in a bounded domainDec 24 2013In this work we consider the nonlocal evolution equation $$ \frac{\partial u(w,t)}{\partial t}=-u(w,t)+ \int_{S^{1}}J(wz^{-1})f(u(z,t))dz+ h, \,\,\, h > 0 $$ which arises in models of neuronal activity, in $L^{2}(S^{1})$, where $S^{1}$ denotes the unit ... More
Strict Bott-Samelson Resolutions of Schubert VarietiesFeb 11 2017Jan 02 2018We explore the relationship between two desingularization techniques for Schubert varieties. The Bott-Samelson resolution is the more common of the two, but it fails to encompass many properties that Hironaka resolutions provide, in particular, being ... More
Multiplicity of solutions for gradient systems under strong resonance at the first eigenvalueJun 29 2012In this paper we establish existence and multiplicity of solutions for an elliptic system which has strong resonance at first eigenvalue. To describe the resonance, we use an eigenvalue problem with indefinite weight. In all results we use Variational ... More
On the convergence of series of moments for row-wise sums of random variablesJan 18 2019Given a triangular array $\left\{X_{n,k}, \, 1 \leqslant k \leqslant n, n \geqslant 1 \right\}$ of random variables satisfying $\mathbb{E} \lvert X_{n,k} \rvert^{p} < \infty$ for some $p \geqslant 1$ and sequences $\{b_{n} \}$, $\{c_{n} \}$ of positive ... More
Asymptotic behavior for a non-autonomous model of neural fields with variable external stimulusDec 28 2017Mar 14 2018In this work we consider a class of nonlocal non-autonomous evolution equations, which generalizes the model of neuronal activity that arises in Amari (1979). Under suitable assumptions on the nonlinearity and on the parameters present in the equation, ... More
Asymptotic Behavior of neural fields in an unbounded domainDec 29 2013In this paper, we prove the existence of a compact global attractor for the flow generated by equation $$ \frac{\partial u}{\partial t}(x,t)+u(x,t)= \int_{\mathbb{R}^{N}}J(x-y)(f( u(y,t))dy+ h, \quad h > 0, \quad x\in \mathbb{R}^{N}, \quad t\in\mathbb{R}_{+} ... More
A method to identify and characterise binary candidates - a study of CoRoT dataMar 25 2011Mar 31 2011The analysis of the CoRoT space mission data was performed aiming to test a method that selects, among the several light curves observed, the transiting systems that likely host a low-mass star orbiting the main target. The method identifies stellar companions ... More
Multilevel LDPC Lattices with Efficient Encoding and Decoding and a Generalization of Construction D'Dec 21 2017Nov 22 2018Lattice codes are elegant and powerful structures that not only can achieve the capacity of the AWGN channel but are also a key ingredient to many multiterminal schemes that exploit linearity properties. However, constructing lattice codes that can realize ... More
Ferromagnetism in Dilute Magnetic SemiconductorsNov 16 2010We study the ferromagnetism of Ga1-xMnxAs by using a model Hamiltonian, based on an impurity band and the anti-ferromagnetic exchange interaction between the spins of Mn atoms and the charge carriers in the impurity band. Based on the mean field approach ... More
Differential geometry of spherical curves and manifolds with constant sectional curvatureSep 16 2018Oct 30 2018It is known that the so-called rotation minimizing (RM) frames allow for a simple and elegant characterization of geodesic spherical curves in Euclidean, hyperbolic, and spherical spaces through a certain linear equation involving the coefficients that ... More
Moving frames and the characterization of curves that lie on a surfaceJul 19 2016Aug 18 2016In this work we are interested in the characterization of curves that belong to a given surface. To the best of our knowledge, there is no known general solution to this problem. Indeed, a solution is only available for a few examples: planes, spheres, ... More
Characterization of Spherical and Plane Curves Using Rotation Minimizing FramesJun 06 2017Jun 24 2017In this work we furnish characterizations of spherical and plane curves using rotation minimizing frames. Due to their minimal twist, in many contexts these frames are preferable over the usual Frenet one, such as in motion design, sweep surface modeling, ... More
Lyapunov exponents and partial hyperbolicity of chain control sets on flag manifoldsMar 14 2018Nov 03 2018For a right-invariant control system on a flag manifold $\mathbb{F}_{\Theta}$ of a real semisimple Lie group, we relate the $\mathfrak{a}$-Lyapunov exponents to the Lyapunov exponents of the system over regular points. Moreover, we adapt the concept of ... More
Exact Effective Action for (1+1 Dimensional) Fermions in an Abelian Background at Finite TemperatureAug 05 1998Aug 10 1998In an effort to further understand the structure of effective actions for fermions in an external gauge background at finite temperature, we study the example of 1+1 dimensional fermions interacting with an arbitrary Abelian gauge field. We evaluate the ... More
Self-Driving Cars: A SurveyJan 14 2019We survey research on self-driving cars published in the literature focusing on autonomous cars developed since the DARPA challenges, which are equipped with an autonomy system that can be categorized as SAE level 3 or higher. The architecture of the ... More
Analyzing Peer Selection Policies for BitTorrent Multimedia On-Demand Streaming Systems in InternetFeb 10 2014The adaptation of the BitTorrent protocol to multimedia on-demand streaming systems essentially lies on the modification of its two core algorithms, namely the piece and the peer selection policies, respectively. Much more attention has though been given ... More
Continuity of reachable sets of restricted affine control systemsJun 20 2016In this paper we give a direct proof that for a restricted affine control system on a connected manilfold M, the associated reachable sets up to time t varies continuously with the Haudorff metric.
Hyperbolic Chain Control Sets on Flag ManifoldsFeb 24 2014In this paper we study the chain control sets of right-invariant control systems on the flag manifolds of a non-compact semisimple Lie group. We prove that each chain control set is partially (skew-) hyperbolic over the associated control flow. Moreover, ... More
Photospheric parameters and C abundances in solar-like stars with and without planetsOct 01 2009We have been analyzing a large sample of solar-like stars with and without planets in order to homogeneously measure their photospheric parameters and Carbon abundances. Our sample contains around 200 stars in the solar neighborhood observed with the ... More
Rigidity for critical metrics of the volume functionalJun 22 2017Sep 25 2017Geodesic balls in a simply connected space forms $\mathbb{S}^n$, $\mathbb{R}^{n}$ or $\mathbb{H}^{n}$ are distinguished manifolds for comparison in bounded Riemannian geometry. In this paper we show that they have the maximum possible boundary volume ... More
Entanglement of spin-1/2 Heisenberg Antiferromagnetic quantum spin chainsMay 14 2016The quantum entanglement measure is determined, for the first time, for a collection of spin-1/2 arranged in a infinite chain with finite temperature and applied to a single-crystal \beta-\mathrm{T_eVO_4}. The physical quantity proposed here to measure ... More
Invariance entropy for a class of partially hyperbolic setsNov 03 2017May 09 2018Invariance entropy is a measure for the smallest data rate in a noiseless digital channel above which a controller that only receives state information through this channel is able to render a given subset of the state space invariant. In this paper, ... More
Harmonically free group actions and equivariant bifurcation in the Yamabe problemNov 18 2016We study multiplicity of constant scalar curvature metrics in products of a compact closed manifold and a compact manifold with boundary using equivariant bifurcation theory.
A Semigroup associated to a linear control system on a Lie groupMay 03 2016Jul 11 2016Let us consider a linear control system \Sigma on a connected Lie group G. It is known that the accessibility set A from the identity e is in general not a semigroup. In this article we associate a new algebraic object S to \Sigma which turns out to be ... More
Segmented Tau Approximation for a Non-Autonomous Functional Differential Equation of Mixed TypeAug 01 2016Aug 04 2016The segmented formulation of the Tau method is used to numerically solve the non-autonomous forward-backward functional differential equation x'(t) = a(t)x(t) + b(t)x(t-1) + c(t)x(t+1), where x is the unknown function, a, b, and c are known functions. ... More
Invariance Entropy of Hyperbolic Control SetsAug 11 2014In this paper, we improve the known estimates for the invariance entropy of a nonlinear control system. For sets of complete approximate controllability we derive an upper bound in terms of Lyapunov exponents and for uniformly hyperbolic sets we obtain ... More
On Oda's Strong Factorization ConjectureNov 24 2009The Oda's Strong Factorization Conjecture states that a proper birational map between smooth toric varieties can be decomposed as a sequence of smooth toric blowups followed by a sequence of smooth toric blowdowns. This article describes an algorithm ... More
Robustness of critical bit rates for practical stabilization of networked control systemsOct 24 2016In this paper we address the question of robustness of critical bit rates for the stabilization of networked control systems over digital communication channels. For a deterministic nonlinear system, the smallest bit rate above which practical stabilization ... More
On the Optimization of BitTorrent-Like Protocols for Interactive On-Demand Streaming SystemsOct 08 2014This paper proposes two novel optimized BitTorrent-like protocols for interactive multimedia streaming: the Simple Interactive Streaming Protocol (SISP) and the Exclusive Interactive Streaming Protocol (EISP). The former chiefly seeks a trade-off between ... More
Differential geometry of invariant surfaces in simply isotropic and pseudo-isotropic spacesSep 28 2018Nov 14 2018We study invariant surfaces generated by one-parameter subgroups of simply and pseudo isotropic rigid motions. Basically, simply and pseudo isotropic geometries are the study of a three-dimensional space equipped with a rank 2 metric of index zero and ... More
Moving frames and the characterization of curves that lie on a surfaceJul 19 2016Jul 17 2017In this work we are interested in the characterization of curves that belong to a given surface. To the best of our knowledge, there is no known general solution to this problem. Indeed, a solution is only available for a few examples: planes, spheres, ... More
Characterization of curves that lie on a geodesic sphere or on a totally geodesic hypersurface in a hyperbolic space or in a sphereJul 23 2017Mar 26 2018The consideration of the so-called rotation minimizing frames allows for a simple and elegant characterization of plane and spherical curves in Euclidean space via a linear equation relating the coefficients that dictate the frame motion. In this work, ... More
The geometry of Gauss map and shape operator in simply isotropic and pseudo-isotropic spacesJan 03 2018Oct 30 2018In this work we are interested in the differential geometry of surfaces in simply isotropic $\mathbb{I}^3$ and pseudo-isotropic $\mathbb{I}_{\mathrm{p}}^3$ spaces, which is basically the study of $\mathbb{R}^3$ equipped with a degenerate metric such as ... More
Surfaces of revolution with prescribed mean and skew curvatures in Lorentz-Minkowski spaceApr 01 2018Apr 11 2018In this work, we investigate the problem of finding surfaces in the Lorentz-Minkowski 3-space with prescribed skew (S) and mean (H) curvatures, which are defined through the discriminant of the characteristic polynomial of the shape operator and its trace, ... More
Galois Groups in the work of Mira FernandesJan 08 2011In connection to a review of the writings on Galois Theory of the Portuguese mathematician Aureliano Mira Fernandes at turn of the XXth century a brief narrative is presented on how the group theory concepts discovered by Galois are connected to previous ... More
Las Vergnas Cube Conjecture and reconstruction properties of the cube matroidAug 05 2005Las Vergnas Cube Conjecture states that the cube matroid has exactly one class of orientations. We prove that this conjecture is equivalent to saying that the oriented matroid of the affine dependencies of the n-cube can be reconstructed from the underlying ... More
On p-Parabolicity of Riemannian SubmersionsAug 04 2015We provide some criteria to $p$-parabolicity of Riemannian submersions. In particular, if $N$ is $p$-parabolic and $\pi:M\to N$ is a Riemannian submersion with uniformly bounded volume of fibers, then $M$ is also $p$-parabolic. In the case of warped manifolds ... More
Dynamics of endomorphisms of Lie groupsApr 28 2016Jun 17 2016For a given endomorphism {\phi} of a connected Lie group G this paper studies subgroups of G that are intrinsically connected with the dynamical properties of {\phi}.
Rotation minimizing frames and spherical curves in simply isotropic and pseudo-isotropic 3-spacesJul 19 2017Sep 03 2018In this work, we are interested in the differential geometry of curves in the simply isotropic and pseudo-isotropic 3-spaces, which are examples of Cayley-Klein geometries whose absolute figure is given by a plane at infinity and a degenerate quadric. ... More
Gender Matters! Analyzing Global Cultural Gender Preferences for Venues Using Social SensingMar 18 2017Gender differences is a phenomenon around the world actively researched by social scientists. Traditionally, the data used to support such studies is manually obtained, often through surveys with volunteers. However, due to their inherent high costs because ... More
Copycat CNN: Stealing Knowledge by Persuading Confession with Random Non-Labeled DataJun 14 2018In the past few years, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have been achieving state-of-the-art performance on a variety of problems. Many companies employ resources and money to generate these models and provide them as an API, therefore it is in their ... More
You are What you Eat (and Drink): Identifying Cultural Boundaries by Analyzing Food & Drink Habits in FoursquareApr 03 2014Food and drink are two of the most basic needs of human beings. However, as society evolved, food and drink became also a strong cultural aspect, being able to describe strong differences among people. Traditional methods used to analyze cross-cultural ... More
Regularized Fuzzy Neural Networks to Aid Effort Forecasting in the Construction and Software DevelopmentDec 04 2018Predicting the time to build software is a very complex task for software engineering managers. There are complex factors that can directly interfere with the productivity of the development team. Factors directly related to the complexity of the system ... More
Black hole qubit correspondence from quantum circuitsJan 16 2014Jul 03 2015We consider the black hole qubit correspondence (BHQC) from quantum circuits, taking into account the use of gate operations with base in the formulation of wrapped brane qubits. We interpret these quantum circuits with base on the BHQC classification ... More
Montagem de um sistema de projeção digital para domo hemisféricoMay 24 2010In this work we present an alternative to a full dome digital projection system. The system presented is based upon a single projector coupled to the optical lens (fisheye and objective lens) to scatter the light onto the dome surface. This alternative ... More
Fuzzy neural networks to create an expert system for detecting attacks by SQL InjectionJan 09 2019Its constant technological evolution characterizes the contemporary world, and every day the processes, once manual, become computerized. Data are stored in the cyberspace, and as a consequence, one must increase the concern with the security of this ... More
Perturbation of a nonautonomous problem in $\mathbb{R}^n$Nov 22 2011In this paper we prove a stability result about the asymptotic dynamics of a perturbed nonautonomous evolution equation in $\mathbb{R}^n$ governed by a maximal monotone operator.
A constrained shape optimization problem in Orlicz-Sobolev spacesMay 18 2018In this manuscript we study the following optimization problem: given a bounded and regular domain $\Omega\subset \mathbb{R}^N$ we look for an optimal shape for the "$\mathrm{W}-$vanishing window" on the boundary with prescribed measure over all admissible ... More
Graded identities of simple real graded division algebrasOct 09 2015Feb 26 2016Let A and B be finite dimensional simple real algebras with division gradings by an abelian group G. In this paper we give necessary and sufficient conditions for the coincidence of the graded identities of A and B. We also prove that every finite dimensional ... More
SafeGuardPF: Safety Guaranteed Reactive Potential Fields for Mobile Robots in Unknown and Dynamic EnvironmentsSep 22 2016An autonomous navigation with proven collision avoidance in unknown and dynamic environments is still a challenge, particularly when there are moving obstacles. A popular approach to collision avoidance in the face of moving obstacles is based on model ... More
Singularity of generalized grey Brownian motions with different parametersNov 08 2016In this note we prove that the probability measures generated by two generalized grey Brownian motions with different parameters are singular with respect to each other. This result can be interpreted as an extension of the Feldman-H\'ajek dichotomy of ... More
Interpolation of bilinear operators and compactnessMay 31 2012The behavior of bilinear operators acting on interpolation of Banach spaces for the $\rho$ method in relation to the compactness is analyzed. Similar results of Lions-Peetre, Hayakawa and Person's compactness theorems are obtained for the bilinear case ... More
LISA Sensitivities to Gravitational Waves from Relativistic Metric Theories of GravityOct 06 2010The direct observation of gravitational waves will provide a unique tool for probing the dynamical properties of highly compact astrophysical objects, mapping ultra-relativistic regions of space-time, and testing Einstein's general theory of relativity. ... More
GSV-index for holomorphic Pfaff SystemsNov 28 2016Nov 30 2016In this work we introduce the GSV-index for varieties invariant by a holomorphic Pfaff system on complex manifolds. We work with Pfaff systems not necessarily locally decomposable. We prove a non-negativity property for the index. As an application, we ... More
Generalized Field Theoretical Approach to General Relativity and Conserved Quantities in Anti-de Sitter SpacetimesMay 23 2000A new prescription to calculate the total energies and angular momenta of asymptotically $(d+1)$-dimensional anti-de Sitter spacetimes is proposed. The method is based on an extension of the field theoretical approach to General Relativity to the case ... More
Logarithmic behavior of degradation dynamics in metal--oxide semiconductor devicesFeb 18 2010In this paper the authors describe a theoretical simple statistical modelling of relaxation process in metal-oxide semiconductor devices that governs its degradation. Basically, starting from an initial state where a given number of traps are occupied, ... More
A novel and precise time domain description of MOSFET low frequency noise due to random telegraph signalsFeb 02 2010Nowadays, random telegraph signals play an important role in integrated circuit performance variability, leading for instance to failures in memory circuits. This problem is related to the successive captures and emissions of electrons at the many traps ... More
The strong coupling regime of twelve flavors QCDNov 15 2012We summarize the results recently reported in Ref.[1] [A. Deuzeman, M.P. Lombardo, T. Nunes da Silva and E. Pallante,"The bulk transition of QCD with twelve flavors and the role of improvement"] for the SU(3) gauge theory with Nf=12 fundamental flavors, ... More
Stochastic differential equations driven by generalized grey noiseDec 04 2014Dec 15 2014In this paper we establish a substitution formula for stochastic differential equation driven by generalized grey noise. We then apply this formula to investigate the absolute continuity of the solution with respect to the Lebesgue measure and the positivity ... More
Existence of multi-peak solutions for a class of quasilinear problems in Orlicz-Sobolev spacesAug 12 2016The aim of this work is to establish the existence of multi-peak solutions for the following class of quasilinear problems \[ - \mbox{div}\big(\epsilon^{2}\phi(\epsilon|\nabla u|)\nabla u\big) + V(x)\phi(| u|)u = f(u)\quad \mbox{in} \quad \mathbb{R}^{N}, ... More