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Measurements of the top-quark mass in fixed schemes and with alternative methods using the ATLAS and CMS detectors at the LHCMar 01 2019Selected topics of the top-quark mass measurements in well-defined schemes are presented. The measurements have been performed using data recorded with the ATLAS and CMS detectors at the LHC at proton-proton centre-of-mass energies of 7 and 8 TeV. Precision ... More
Searches for h(125) properties beyond the Standard Model at the CMS experimentAug 28 2018The discovered Higgs boson with a mass of 125 GeV exhibits properties which are all in agreement with Standard Model predictions. However, the corresponding measurements still allow for a considerable non-Standard Model behavior of the h(125). Beyond ... More
$Δ$-filtrations and projective resolutions for the Auslander-Dlab-Ringel algebraMar 09 2017Aug 21 2017The ADR algebra $R_A$ of an Artin algebra $A$ is a right ultra strongly quasihereditary algebra (RUSQ algebra). In this paper we study the $\Delta$-filtrations of modules over RUSQ algebras and determine the projective covers of a certain class of $R_A$-modules. ... More
Persistence and permanence for a class of functional differential equations with infinite delayApr 17 2015The paper deals with a class of cooperative functional differential equations (FDEs) with infinite delay, for which sufficient conditions for persistence and permanence are established. Here, the persistence refers to all solutions with initial conditions ... More
Convex order for convolution polynomials of Borel measuresNov 09 2018We give necessary and sufficient conditions for Borel measures to satisfy the inequality introduced by Komisarski, Rajba (2018). This inequality is a generalization of the convex order inequality for binomial distributions, which was proved by Mrowiec, ... More
Extremal measures with prescribed momentsJul 14 2014Nov 21 2014In the approximate integration some inequalities between the quadratures and the integrals approximated by them are called \emph{extremalities}. On the other hand, the set of all quadratures is convex. We are trying to find possible connections between ... More
Sylvester's double sums: an inductive proof of the general caseJun 23 2011In 1853 J. Sylvester introduced a family of double sum expressions for two finite sets of indeterminates and showed that some members of the family are essentially the polynomial subresultants of the monic polynomials associated with these sets. In 2009, ... More
A sharpening of a problem on Bernstein polynomials and convex function and related resultsJan 07 2018We present a short proof of a conjecture proposed by I. Ra\c{s}a (2017), which is an inequality involving basic Bernstein polynomials and convex functions. This proof was given in the letter to I. Ra\c{s}a (2017). The methods of our proof allow us to ... More
On the structure of the fiber cone of ideals with analytic spread oneMar 02 2006Foa a given local ring, we study the fiber cone of ideals with analytic spread one. In this case, the fiber cone has a strucure as a module over its Noether normalization which is a polynomial ring in one variable over the residue field. One may then ... More
A multiplicity result for a fractional Kirchhoff equation in $\R^{N}$ with a general nonlinearityJun 19 2016In this paper we deal with the following fractional Kirchhoff equation (p+q \iint_{\R^{2N}} \frac{|u(x)- u(y)|^{2}}{|x-y|^{N+2s}} dx dy)(-\Delta)^{s}u = g(u) in \R^{N}, where s\in (0,1), N\geq 2, p>0, q is a small positive parameter and g: \R\rightarrow ... More
Ultrasonic Nanofabrication with an AFMJan 17 2019Ultrasonic AFM may improve fabrication technologies on the nanometer scale. In the presence of ultrasonic vibration, hard surfaces can be indented and scratched with the tip of a soft cantilever, due to its inertia. Ultrasound reduces or even eliminates ... More
Mechanical-Diode based Ultrasonic Atomic Force MicroscopiesJan 17 2019Recent advances in mechanical-diode based ultrasonic force microscopy techniques are reviewed. The potential of Ultrasonic Force Microscopy (UFM) for the study of material elastic properties is explained in detail. Advantages of the application of UFM ... More
Exploring Geometric Property Thresholds For Filtering Non-Text Regions In A Connected Component Based Text Detection ApplicationSep 11 2017Automated text detection is a difficult computer vision task. In order to accurately detect and identity text in an image or video, two major problems must be addressed. The primary problem is implementing a robust and reliable method for distinguishing ... More
Sign-changing solutions for a class of fractional Schrödinger equations with vanishing potentialsSep 28 2016Jul 04 2017In this paper we consider a class of fractional Schr\"odinger equations with potentials vanishing at infinity. By using a minimization argument and a quantitative deformation Lemma, we prove the existence of a sign-changing solution.
Concentration phenomena for a fractional Schrödinger-Kirchhoff type equationMay 01 2017Oct 28 2017In this paper we deal with the multiplicity and concentration of positive solutions for the following fractional Schr\"odinger-Kirchhoff type equation \begin{equation*} M\left(\frac{1}{\varepsilon^{3-2s}} \iint_{\mathbb{R}^{6}}\frac{|u(x)- u(y)|^{2}}{|x-y|^{3+2s}} ... More
Free software, Open source software, licenses. A short presentation including a procedure for research software and data disseminationSep 09 2014Sep 11 2014The main goal of this document is to help the research community to understand the basic concepts of software distribution: Free software, Open source software, licenses. This document also includes a procedure for research software and data dissemination. ... More
Quantum Cosmology Near Two DimensionsNov 23 2015We consider a Weyl-invariant formulation of gravity with a cosmological constant in d-dimensional spacetime and show that near two dimensions the classical action reduces to the timelike Liouville action. We show that the renormalized cosmological term ... More
Networking technologies for robotic applicationsMay 28 2015The ongoing progress in networking security, together with the growing range of robot applications in many fields of everyday life, makes robotics tangible reality in our near future. Accordingly, new advanced services, depends on the interplay between ... More
The endpoint Fefferman-Stein inequality for the strong maximal functionNov 13 2012Oct 01 2013Let Mf denote the strong maximal function of f on R^n, that is the maximal average of f with respect to n-dimensional rectangles with sides parallel to the coordinate axes. For any dimension n>1 we prove the natural endpoint Fefferman-Stein inequality ... More
A Complete Calculus for Possibilistic Logic Programming with Fuzzy Propositional VariablesJan 16 2013In this paper we present a propositional logic programming language for reasoning under possibilistic uncertainty and representing vague knowledge. Formulas are represented by pairs (A, c), where A is a many-valued proposition and c is value in the unit ... More
W mass and Leptonic Z-decays in the NMSSMJan 25 2011We study a subset of electroweak-precision observables consisting of $M_W$, $\sin^2\theta_{{\tiny eff}}^{\tau}$, $BR(Z\to\tau^+\tau^-)$ and $\Gamma(Z\to\tau^+\tau^-)/\Gamma(Z\to e^+e^-)-1$ (characterizing leptonic $Z$-decays) in the context of the NMSSM. ... More
Attractivity of Saturated Equilibria for Lotka-Volterra Systems with Infinite Delays and Feedback ControlsJul 08 2018In this paper, we apply a Lyapunov functional approach to Lotka-Volterra systems with infinite delays and feedback controls and establish that the feedback controls have no influence on the attractivity properties of a saturated equilibrium. This improves ... More
Hopf Galois structures on separable field extensions of odd prime power degreeJul 30 2018A Hopf Galois structure on a finite field extension $L/K$ is a pair $(\mathcal{H},\mu)$, where $\mathcal{H}$ is a finite cocommutative $K$-Hopf algebra and $\mu$ a Hopf action. In this paper, we present several results on Hopf Galois structures on odd ... More
Local semicircle law at the spectral edge for Gaussian $β$-ensemblesNov 05 2011We study the local semicircle law for Gaussian $\beta$-ensembles at the edge of the spectrum. We prove that at the almost optimal level of $n^{-2/3+\epsilon}$, the local semicircle law holds for all $\beta \geq 1$ at the edge. The proof of the main theorem ... More
Recursion relations in semirigid topological gravityDec 10 1991Dec 11 1991A field theoretical realization of topological gravity is discussed in the semirigid geometry context. In particular, its topological nature is given by the relation between deRham cohomology and equivariant BRST cohomology and the fact that all but one ... More
Self Configuration in Machine LearningSep 17 2018In this paper we first present a class of algorithms for training multi-level neural networks with a quadratic cost function one layer at a time starting from the input layer. The algorithm is based on the fact that for any layer to be trained, the effect ... More
On the Timescale for Star Formation in GalaxiesSep 11 2009The timescale for star formation, a measure of how quickly neutral gas is being converted to stars, is considerably longer than typical dynamical timescales associated with a galactic disk. For purposes of modeling galaxy evolution, however, it would ... More
NetScore: Towards Universal Metrics for Large-scale Performance Analysis of Deep Neural Networks for Practical On-Device Edge UsageJun 14 2018Aug 26 2018Much of the focus in the design of deep neural networks has been on improving accuracy, leading to more powerful yet highly complex network architectures that are difficult to deploy in practical scenarios, particularly on edge devices such as mobile ... More
Two-dimensional gauge dynamics and the topology of singular determinantal varietiesFeb 02 2017Mar 14 2017We record an observation about the Witten indices in two families of gauged linear sigma models: the U(2) model for linear sections of Grassmannians, and the U(1) model for quadric complete intersections. We describe how the Witten indices are related ... More
Collapsing Manifolds with BoundaryNov 21 2007This manuscript studies manifolds-with-boundary collapsing in the Gromov-Hausdorff topology. The main aim is an understanding of the relationship of the topology and geometry of a limiting sequence of manifolds-with-boundary to that of a limit space, ... More
Practical Approach to Knowledge-based Question Answering with Natural Language Understanding and Advanced ReasoningJul 24 2007This research hypothesized that a practical approach in the form of a solution framework known as Natural Language Understanding and Reasoning for Intelligence (NaLURI), which combines full-discourse natural language understanding, powerful representation ... More
Quantum Ergodicity and the Analysis of Semiclassical Pseudodifferential OperatorsOct 11 2014This undergraduate thesis is concerned with developing the tools of differential geometry and semiclassical analysis needed to understand the the quantum ergodicity theorem of Schnirelman (1974), Zelditch (1987), and Colin de Verdi\`ere (1985) and the ... More
A Geometric Approach to Hochschild Cohomology of the Exterior AlgebraJul 09 2016We give a new computation of Hochschild (co)homology of the exterior algebra, together with algebraic structures, by direct comparison with the symmetric algebra. The Hochschild cohomology is determined to be essentially the algebra of even-weight polyvector ... More
G-corks & Heegaard Floer HomologySep 15 2016Recently Auckly-Kim-Melvin-Ruberman showed that for any finite subgroup G of SO(4) there exists a contractible 4-manifold with an effective G-action on its boundary so that the twists associated to the non-trivial elements of G do not extend to diffeomorphisms ... More
A Non-Abelian Vortex Lattice in Strongly Coupled SystemsJul 30 2013Oct 09 2013The AdS/CFT correspondence predicts that background non-abelian magnetic fields induce instabilities in strongly-coupled systems with non-abelian global symmetries. These instabilities lead to the formation of vortex lattices in which the non-abelian ... More
DANCin SEQ2SEQ: Fooling Text Classifiers with Adversarial Text Example GenerationDec 14 2017Machine learning models are powerful but fallible. Generating adversarial examples - inputs deliberately crafted to cause model misclassification or other errors - can yield important insight into model assumptions and vulnerabilities. Despite significant ... More
Synchronisation Induced by Repulsive Interactions in a System of van der Pol OscillatorsNov 12 2010We consider a system of identical van der Pol oscillators, globally coupled through their velocities, and study how the presence of competitive interactions affects its synchronisation properties. We will address the question from two points of view. ... More
Turaev Torsion Invariants of 3-orbifoldsFeb 02 2016We construct a combinatorial invariant of 3-orbifolds with singular set a link that generalizes the Turaev torsion invariant of 3-manifolds. We give several gluing formulas from which we derive two consequences. The first is an understanding of how the ... More
Global wellposedness for a certain class of large initial data for the 3D Navier-Stokes EquationsJun 18 2012Jun 27 2012In this article, we consider a special class of initial data to the 3D Navier-Stokes equations on the torus, in which there is a certain degree of orthogonality in the components of the initial data. We showed that, under such conditions, the Navier-Stokes ... More
Quarter-BPS states in orbifold sigma models with ADE singularitiesApr 10 2017Apr 15 2017We study the elliptic genera of two-dimensional orbifold CFTs, where the orbifolding procedure introduces du Val surface singularities on the target space. The N=4 character decompositions of the elliptic genus contributions from the twisted sectors at ... More
On torsion sections of elliptic fibrationsSep 07 2005Let E be an elliptic curve over the function field Q(t). Suppose that for every number field L\not=Q and every element tau\in L such that the specialization E_tau is smooth, the curve E_tau has a non-trivial torsion point over L. We show that E has a ... More
`Abstract' homomorphisms of l-adic Galois groups and Abelian varietiesJun 03 2001Jul 04 2001Let $k$ be a totally real field, and let $A/k$ be an absolutely irreducible, polarized Abelian variety of odd, prime dimension whose endomorphisms are all defined over $k$. Then the only strictly compatible families of abstract, absolutely irreducible ... More
Stationary Transformation of Integrated Brownian MotionDec 15 2004Consider an n-fold integrated Brownian motion. We show that a simple change in time and scale transforms it into a stationary Gaussian process. The collection of stationary processes so constructed not only constitutes an interesting family of processes, ... More
A Geometric Approach to Hochschild Cohomology of the Exterior AlgebraJul 09 2016Sep 15 2017We give a new computation of Hochschild (co)homology of the exterior algebra, together with algebraic structures, by direct comparison with the symmetric algebra. The Hochschild cohomology is determined to be essentially the algebra of even-weight polyvector ... More
Some perverse equivalences of $SL(2,q)$ in its defining characteristicJul 18 2017In this article, we study the modular representations of the special linear group of degree two over a finite field in defining characteristic. In particular, we study the automorphisms of derived category of representations. We have been able to obtain ... More
On the Asymptotic, Near-Equilibrium Sensory ResponseJul 24 2013Mar 29 2016The asymptotic, near-equilibrium neural response of the sensory periphery can be derived theoretically using information theory, asymptotic Bayesian statistics and a theory of complex systems. Almost no biological knowledge is required. The theoretical ... More
Spectral Sequences and Vacua in N = 2 Gauged Linear Quantum Mechanics with PotentialsNov 16 2015Mar 14 2016We study the behaviour of supersymmetric ground states in a class of one-dimensional N = 2 abelian gauged linear sigma models, including theories for which the target space is a complete intersection in projective space, and more generally, models with ... More
Berry's connection, Kähler geometry and the Nahm construction of monopolesNov 03 2015Nov 06 2015We study supersymmetric deformations of N = 4 quantum mechanics with a Kahler target space admitting a holomorphic isometry. We show that the twisted mass deformation generalises to a deformation constructed from matrix-valued functions of the moment ... More
Relative strongly regular holonomic ${\mathcal{D}}$-modules and the Riemann-Hilbert correspondenceNov 17 2018We introduce the notion of strong regular holonomic ${\mathcal{D}}_{{X\times S}/S}$-module and we prove that the functor ${\mathrm{RH}}^S$ introduced by T. Monteiro Fernandes and C. Sabbah in [14] takes image in ${\mathsf{D}}^{\mathrm{b}}_{\mathrm{srhol}}({\mathcal{D}}_{{X\times ... More
Dark matter direct-detection experimentsSep 26 2015Mar 31 2017In the past decades, several detector technologies have been developed with the quest to directly detect dark matter interactions and to test one of the most important unsolved questions in modern physics. The sensitivity of these experiments has improved ... More
Magneto- and Baro- Caloric Responses in Magnetovolumic SystemsApr 14 2015By means of a mean-field model extended to include magnetovolumic effects we study the effect of external fields on the thermal response characterized either by the isothermal entropy change and/or the adiabatic temperature change. The model includes ... More
On a class of nonlinear Schrödinger-Poisson systems involving a nonradial charge densityMay 02 2018Oct 01 2018In the spirit of the classical work of P. H. Rabinowitz on nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations, we prove existence of mountain-pass solutions and least energy solutions to the nonlinear Schr\"odinger-Poisson system \begin{equation}\nonumber \left\{\begin{array}{lll} ... More
Secret Sharing LDPC Codes for the BPSK-constrained Gaussian Wiretap ChannelSep 15 2010Jan 21 2011The problem of secret sharing over the Gaussian wiretap channel is considered. A source and a destination intend to share secret information over a Gaussian channel in the presence of a wiretapper who observes the transmission through another Gaussian ... More
On the homotopy type of complexes of graphs with bounded domination numberJan 22 2019Let $D_{n,\gamma}$ be the complex of graphs on $n$ vertices and domination number at least $\gamma$. We prove that $D_{n,n-2}$ has the homotopy type of a finite wedge of 2-spheres. This is done by using discrete Morse theory techniques. Acyclicity of ... More
Nonstandard Andreev-Bound-State Spectra in Majorana Devices and Chiral-Anomaly Phenomena in Synthetic DimensionsJan 03 2019We demonstrate how to design various nonstandard types of Andreev-bound-state (ABS) dispersions, via a composite construction relying on Majorana bound states (MBSs). Here, the MBSs appear at the interface of a Josephson junction consisting of two topological ... More
Color-Octet Fraction in J/Psi Production and AbsorptionApr 10 1996Feb 25 1997The cross section between a $c \bar c$ pair and a nucleon is small and sensitive to the $c - \bar c$ separation if the pair is in a color-singlet state, but very large and insensitive to the separation if it is in a color-octet state. We use this property ... More
Tracing Forum Posts to MOOC Content using Topic AnalysisApr 15 2019Massive Open Online Courses are educational programs that are open and accessible to a large number of people through the internet. To facilitate learning, MOOC discussion forums exist where students and instructors communicate questions, answers, and ... More
Newton-Hensel Interpolation LiftingSep 01 2005The main result of this paper is a new version of Newton-Hensel lifting that relates to interpolation questions. It allows one to lift polynomials in $Z[x]$ from information modulo a prime number $p\ne 2$ to a power $p^k$ for any $k$, and its originality ... More
Rational plane curves parameterizable by conicsApr 14 2011Oct 03 2012We introduce the class of rational plane curves parameterizable by conics as an extension of the family of curves parameterizable by lines (also known as monoid curves). We show that they are the image of monoid curves via suitable quadratic transformations ... More
Spatial extremes: Models for the stationary caseMay 16 2006The aim of this paper is to provide models for spatial extremes in the case of stationarity. The spatial dependence at extreme levels of a stationary process is modeled using an extension of the theory of max-stable processes of de Haan and Pickands [Probab. ... More
Regularity results for the minimum time function with Hörmander vector fieldsFeb 24 2017May 29 2017In a bounded domain of $\mathbb{R}^n$ with smooth boundary, we study the regularity of the viscosity solution, $T$, of the Dirichlet problem for the eikonal equation associated with a family of smooth vector fields $\{X_1,\ldots ,X_N\}$, subject to H\"ormander's ... More
Hopf Galois structures on symmetric and alternating extensionsMar 07 2017Mar 14 2018By using our previous results on induced Hopf Galois structures and a recent result by Koch, Kohl, Truman and Underwood on normality, we determine which types of Hopf Galois structures occur on Galois extensions with Galois group isomorphic to alternating ... More
On the Galois correspondence theorem in separable Hopf Galois theoryMay 05 2014In this paper we present a reformulation of the Galois correspondence theorem of Hopf Galois theory in terms of groups carrying farther the description of Greither and Pareigis. We prove that the class of Hopf Galois extensions for which the Galois correspondence ... More
The Hopf Galois property in subfield latticesSep 23 2013Hopf Galois theory for finite separable field extensions was introduced by Greither and Pareigis. They showed that all Hopf Galois extensions of degree up to 5 are either Galois or almost classically Galois and they determined the Hopf Galois character ... More
Multimodal Grounding for Language ProcessingJun 17 2018This survey discusses how recent developments in multimodal processing facilitate conceptual grounding of language. We categorize the information flow in multimodal processing with respect to cognitive models of human information processing and analyze ... More
Formal extension of the Whitney functor and dualityOct 22 2009Jun 22 2011We introduce the formal extension of the Whitney functor and the polynomial extension of the tempered cohomology functor, and prove a natural topological duality between them.
Symbolic approach to the general quadratic polynomial decompositionDec 18 2017In this work we deal with a symbolic approach to the general quadratic polynomial decomposition. By means of a symbolic implementation, we investigate some properties of the components sequences like orthogonality and symmetry. We present some explicit ... More
Nonlocal Quantum Effective Actions in Weyl-Flat SpacetimesOct 31 2017Virtual massless particles in quantum loops lead to nonlocal effects which can have interesting consequences, for example, for primordial magnetogenesis in cosmology or for computing finite $N$ corrections in holography. We describe how the quantum effective ... More
Quantum Field Theory of Interacting Dark Matter/Dark Energy: Dark MonodromiesMay 03 2016Mar 08 2017We discuss how to formulate a quantum field theory of dark energy interacting with dark matter. We show that the proposals based on the assumption that dark matter is made up of heavy particles with masses which are very sensitive to the value of dark ... More
An analysis of Internet Banking in Portugal: the antecedents of mobile banking adoptionDec 11 2013In recent years, mobile operations have gained wide popularity among mainstream users, and banks tend to follow this trend. But are bank customers ready to move forward? Mobile banking appears to be a natural extension of Internet banking. Thus, to predict ... More
Optimal exponents in weighted estimates without examplesJul 22 2013Nov 29 2013We present a general approach for proving the optimality of the exponents on weighted estimates. We show that if an operator $T$ satisfies a bound like $$ \|T\|_{L^{p}(w)}\le c\, [w]^{\beta}_{A_p} \qquad w \in A_{p}, $$ then the optimal lower bound for ... More
WISE photometry of EXor sources and candidatesSep 03 2012Feb 04 2013We present a collection of WISE photometry of EXor sources and candidates (more recently identified). This represents the first complete survey of such objects in the mid-IR (3.4 - 22 um) that was carried out with the same instrumentation. Two-color diagrams ... More
The ANTARES underwater neutrino telescopeOct 21 2008ANTARES is the first undersea neutrino telescope. It is in its complete configuration since May 2008 at about 2.5 km below the sea surface close to Marseille. Data from 12 lines are being analyzed and are producing first results. Here we discuss first ... More
Dark matter millilensing and VSOP-2Feb 08 2008Feb 11 2008According to the cold dark matter scenario, a large number of dark subhalos should be located within the halo of each Milky-way sized galaxy. One promising possibility for detecting such subhalos is to try to observe their gravitational lensing effects ... More
Reducibility of Covers of AFT shiftsDec 07 2008In this paper we show that the reducibility structure of several covers of sofic shifts is a flow invariant. In addition, we prove that for an irreducible subshift of almost finite type the left Krieger cover and the past set cover are reducible. We provide ... More
Structured Peer Learning Program - An Innovative Approach to Computer Science EducationMar 12 2017Structured Peer Learning (SPL) is a form of peer-based supplemental instruction that focuses on mentoring, guidance, and development of technical, communication, and social skills in both the students receiving assistance and the students in teaching ... More
On continuous families of geometric Seifert conemanifold structuresApr 29 2016We determine the Thurston's geometry possesed by any Seifert fibered conemanifold structure in a Seifert manifold with orbit space $S^2$ and no more than three exceptional fibres, whose singular set, composed by fibres, has at most 3 components which ... More
Computing the Homology of Real Projective SetsFeb 05 2016May 12 2017We describe and analyze a numerical algorithm for computing the homology (Betti numbers and torsion coefficients) of real projective varieties. Here numerical means that the algorithm is numerically stable (in a sense to be made precise). Its cost depends ... More
Subresultants in Multiple RootsDec 21 2010Nov 05 2012We extend our previous work on Poisson-like formulas for subresultants in roots to the case of polynomials with multiple roots in both the univariate and multivariate case, and also explore some closed formulas in roots for univariate polynomials in this ... More
Multivariate Subresultants in RootsJan 19 2005Jul 28 2005We give rational expressions for the subresultants of n+1 generic polynomials f_1,..., f_{n+1} in n variables as a function of the coordinates of the common roots of f_1,..., f_n and their evaluation in f_{n+1}. We present a simple technique to prove ... More
Subresultants, Sylvester sums and the rational interpolation problemNov 29 2012Mar 22 2014We present a solution for the classical univariate rational interpolation problem by means of (univariate) subresultants. In the case of Cauchy interpolation (interpolation without multiplicities), we give explicit formulas for the solution in terms of ... More
$C^*$-algebras of labelled graphs III - $K$-theory computationsMar 14 2012Jan 20 2015In this paper we give a formula for the $K$-theory of the $C^*$-algebra of a weakly left-resolving labelled space. This is done by realising the $C^*$-algebra of a weakly left-resolving labelled space as the Cuntz-Pimsner algebra of a $C^*$-correspondence. ... More
D'atri spaces of type k and related classes of geometries concerning jacobi operatorsSep 29 2011Oct 17 2013In this article we continue the study of the geometry of $k$-D'Atri spaces, $% 1\leq k$ $\leq n-1$ ($n$ denotes the dimension of the manifold)$,$ began by the second author. It is known that $k$-D'Atri spaces, $k\geq 1,$ are related to properties of Jacobi ... More
Induced Hopf Galois structuresMay 28 2015For a finite Galois extension K/k and an intermediate field F such that Gal(K/F) has a normal complement in Gal(K/k), we construct and characterize Hopf Galois structures on K/k which are induced by a pair of Hopf Galois structures on K/F and F/k.
Magnetoelectrically-Tunable Andreev-Bound-State Spectra and Spin Polarization in P-Wave Josephson JunctionsJan 03 2019We demonstrate how the boundary-driven reconstruction of the superconducting order parameter can be employed to manipulate the zero-energy Majorana bound states (MBSs) occurring in a topological Josephson junction. We focus on an interface of two p-wave ... More
Topological signatures of the coexistence of antiferromagnetism and odd-parity spin-triplet superconductivityJun 19 2018Strongly correlated systems exhibit a rich phenomenology due to the antagonism of a diversity of ordered phases. The aftermath of this interplay can lead to a coexistence which takes place at a microscopic level, or, a phase separation in which non-overlapping ... More
Optoelectronic Properties of Carbon Nanorings: Excitonic Effects from Time-Dependent Density Functional TheoryDec 23 2009The electronic structure and size-scaling of optoelectronic properties in cycloparaphenylene carbon nanorings are investigated using time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT). The TDDFT calculations on these molecular nanostructures indicate that ... More
Grover Search with Lackadaisical Quantum WalksFeb 16 2015Sep 24 2015The lazy random walk, where the walker has some probability of staying put, is a useful tool in classical algorithms. We propose a quantum analogue, the lackadaisical quantum walk, where each vertex is given $l$ self-loops, and we investigate its effects ... More
Neutrino mass in cosmology: status and prospectsNov 06 2011I give an overview of the effects of neutrino masses in cosmology, focussing on the role they play in the evolution of cosmological perturbations. I discuss how recent observations of the cosmic microwave background anisotropies and the large-scale matter ... More
Detectability of Symbol Manipulation by an Amplify-and-Forward RelayMay 11 2012May 14 2012This paper studies the problem of detecting a potential malicious relay node by a source node that relies on the relay to forward information to other nodes. The channel model of two source nodes simultaneously sending symbols to a relay is considered. ... More
Faster Quantum Walk Search on a Weighted GraphJul 27 2015A randomly walking quantum particle evolving by Schr\"odinger's equation searches for a unique marked vertex on the "simplex of complete graphs" in time $\Theta(N^{3/4})$. In this paper, we give a weighted version of this graph that preserves vertex-transitivity, ... More
Quantum Walk Search with Time-Reversal Symmetry BreakingApr 28 2015Jul 15 2015We formulate Grover's unstructured search algorithm as a chiral quantum walk, where transitioning in one direction has a phase conjugate to transitioning in the opposite direction. For small phases, this breaking of time-reversal symmetry is too small ... More
A coding approach to guarantee information integrity against a Byzantine relayFeb 01 2013This paper presents a random coding scheme with which two nodes can exchange information with guaranteed integrity over a two-way Byzantine relay. This coding scheme is employed to obtain an inner bound on the capacity region with guaranteed information ... More
Quantum Walk Search on Johnson GraphsJan 16 2016Apr 12 2016The Johnson graph $J(n,k)$ is defined by $n$ symbols, where vertices are $k$-element subsets of the symbols, and vertices are adjacent if they differ in exactly one symbol. In particular, $J(n,1)$ is the complete graph $K_n$, and $J(n,2)$ is the strongly ... More
Modelling Latent Travel Behaviour Characteristics with Generative Machine LearningSep 15 2018In this paper, we implement an information-theoretic approach to travel behaviour analysis by introducing a generative modelling framework to identify informative latent characteristics in travel decision making. It involves developing a joint tri-partite ... More
Point mass insertion on the real line and non-exponential perturbation of the recursion coefficientsSep 08 2010We present the construction of a probability measure with compact support on R such that adding a discrete pure point results in changes in the recursion coefficients without exponential decay.
On a domain in C^2 with generic piecewise smooth Levi-flat boundary and non-compact automorphism groupSep 30 1997In this paper, we prove that if D is a simply-connected domain in C^2 with generic piecewise smooth Levi-flat boundary and non-compact automorphism group, then D is biholomorphic to the bidisc. The proof is based on a careful analysis of invariant measures. ... More
A note on mock automorphic forms and the BPS indexOct 18 2017We show that mock automorphic forms obtained from weak harmonic Maa{\ss} forms give rise to nontrivial $(\mathfrak g,K)$-cohomology, providing evidence for replacing the `holomorphic' condition with `cohomological' when generalizing to general reductive ... More
Symplectic Rigidity of Real BidiscSep 25 2015Let $\mathbb{D}$ be the unit disc in $\mathbb{C}$, then $\mathbb{D}^n(r)$ is the complex or symplectic $n$-discs of radius $r$. Let $z_j = x_j+iy_j\in\mathbb{C}, j=1,2$ and $\mathbb{D}_{\mathbb{R}}^2=\{(z_1,z_2) : |x_1|^2+|x_2|^2<1,|y_1|^2+|y_2|^2<1\}$ ... More
Blowup of Solutions of the Hydrostatic Euler EquationsNov 01 2012Nov 07 2012In this paper we prove that for a certain class of initial data, smooth solutions of the hydrostatic Euler equations blow up in finite time.