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Gamma-rays and their futureFeb 27 2019The focus of this presentation is to go through some of the remarkable observations concerning gamma-ray cosmic accelerators and diffuse emissions. Additionally, I will cover the status of the new generation of gamma-ray groundbased observatories, CTA ... More
On a generalization of a theorem of Levin and Stečkin and inequalities of the Hermite-Hadamard typeSep 05 2015We give new necessary and sufficient conditions for higher order convex ordering. These results generalize the Levin-Ste\v{c}kin theorem (1960) on convex ordering. The obtained results can be useful in the study of the Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities ... More
Constant Jacobi osculating rank of $U(3)/(U(1) \times U(1) \times U(1))$ - Appendix -Jun 16 2009Jan 05 2010This is the appendix of the paper [T. Arias-Marco, Constant Jacobi osculating rank of $U(3)/(U(1) \times U(1) \times U(1))$, Arch. Math. (Brno) 45 (2009), 241--254] where we obtain an interesting relation between the covariant derivatives of the Jacobi ... More
Non-monotone travelling waves in a single species reaction-diffusion equation with delayAug 04 2005Jul 15 2006We prove the existence of a continuous family of positive and generally non-monotone travelling fronts in delayed reaction-diffusion equations $u_t(t,x) = \Delta u(t,x)- u(t,x) + g(u(t-h,x)) (*)$, when $g \in C^2(R_+,R_+)$ has exactly two fixed points: ... More
A sharpening of a problem on Bernstein polynomials and convex function and related resultsJan 07 2018We present a short proof of a conjecture proposed by I. Ra\c{s}a (2017), which is an inequality involving basic Bernstein polynomials and convex functions. This proof was given in the letter to I. Ra\c{s}a (2017). The methods of our proof allow us to ... More
Flow equivalence of graph algebrasDec 18 2002Aug 18 2003This paper explores the effect of various graphical constructions upon the associated graph $C^*$-algebras. The graphical constructions in question arise naturally in the study of flow equivalence for topological Markov chains. We prove that out-splittings ... More
Computation of Hopf Galois structures on low degree separable extensions and classification of those for degrees $p^2$ and $2p$Feb 26 2018Jul 04 2018A Hopf Galois structure on a finite field extension $L/K$ is a pair $(H,\mu)$, where $H$ is a finite cocommutative $K$-Hopf algebra and $\mu$ a Hopf action. In this paper we present a program written in the computational algebra system Magma which gives ... More
Convex order for convolution polynomials of Borel measuresNov 09 2018We give necessary and sufficient conditions for Borel measures to satisfy the inequality introduced by Komisarski, Rajba (2018). This inequality is a generalization of the convex order inequality for binomial distributions, which was proved by Mrowiec, ... More
A multiplicity result for a fractional Kirchhoff equation in $\R^{N}$ with a general nonlinearityJun 19 2016In this paper we deal with the following fractional Kirchhoff equation (p+q \iint_{\R^{2N}} \frac{|u(x)- u(y)|^{2}}{|x-y|^{N+2s}} dx dy)(-\Delta)^{s}u = g(u) in \R^{N}, where s\in (0,1), N\geq 2, p>0, q is a small positive parameter and g: \R\rightarrow ... More
An algorithm to determine Hopf Galois structuresApr 01 2017Jul 25 2017A Hopf Galois structure on a finite field extension L/K is given by a finite cocommutative K-Hopf algebra and a Hopf action. In this paper we present an algorithm written in the computational algebra system Magma which gives all Hopf Galois structures ... More
A Geometric Approach to Hochschild Cohomology of the Exterior AlgebraJul 09 2016We give a new computation of Hochschild (co)homology of the exterior algebra, together with algebraic structures, by direct comparison with the symmetric algebra. The Hochschild cohomology is determined to be essentially the algebra of even-weight polyvector ... More
G-corks & Heegaard Floer HomologySep 15 2016Recently Auckly-Kim-Melvin-Ruberman showed that for any finite subgroup G of SO(4) there exists a contractible 4-manifold with an effective G-action on its boundary so that the twists associated to the non-trivial elements of G do not extend to diffeomorphisms ... More
A Non-Abelian Vortex Lattice in Strongly Coupled SystemsJul 30 2013Oct 09 2013The AdS/CFT correspondence predicts that background non-abelian magnetic fields induce instabilities in strongly-coupled systems with non-abelian global symmetries. These instabilities lead to the formation of vortex lattices in which the non-abelian ... More
Fiber products of hyperelliptic curvesMar 28 2003Let $k$ be a number field, and let $S$ be a finite set of maximal ideals of the ring of integers of $k$. In his 1962 ICM address, Shafarevich asked if there are only finitely many $k$-isomorphism classes of algebraic curves of a fixed genus $g\ge 1$ with ... More
Recursion relations in semirigid topological gravityDec 10 1991Dec 11 1991A field theoretical realization of topological gravity is discussed in the semirigid geometry context. In particular, its topological nature is given by the relation between deRham cohomology and equivariant BRST cohomology and the fact that all but one ... More
Local semicircle law at the spectral edge for Gaussian $β$-ensemblesNov 05 2011We study the local semicircle law for Gaussian $\beta$-ensembles at the edge of the spectrum. We prove that at the almost optimal level of $n^{-2/3+\epsilon}$, the local semicircle law holds for all $\beta \geq 1$ at the edge. The proof of the main theorem ... More
Quadratic twists of pairs of elliptic curvesJun 16 2006Given two elliptic curves defined over a number field K, not both with j-invariant zero, we show that there are infinitely many $D\in K^\times$ with pairwise distinct image in $ K^\times/{K^\times}^2 $, such that the quadratic twist of both curves by ... More
Moments of the rank of elliptic curvesMar 28 2003Fix an elliptic curve $E/\Q$, and assume the generalized Riemann hypothesis for the $L$-function $ L(E_D, s) $ for every quadratic twist $E_D$ of $E$ by $D\in\Z$. We combine Weil's explicit formula with techniques of Heath-Brown to derive an asymptotic ... More
On the Neron-Severi groups of fibered varietiesApr 19 2001We apply Tate's conjecture on algebraic cycles to study the N\'eron-Severi groups of varieties fibered over a curve. This is inspired by the work of Rosen and Silverman, who carry out such an analysis to derive a formula for the rank of the group of sections ... More
Turaev Torsion Invariants of 3-orbifoldsFeb 02 2016We construct a combinatorial invariant of 3-orbifolds with singular set a link that generalizes the Turaev torsion invariant of 3-manifolds. We give several gluing formulas from which we derive two consequences. The first is an understanding of how the ... More
Global wellposedness for a certain class of large initial data for the 3D Navier-Stokes EquationsJun 18 2012Jun 27 2012In this article, we consider a special class of initial data to the 3D Navier-Stokes equations on the torus, in which there is a certain degree of orthogonality in the components of the initial data. We showed that, under such conditions, the Navier-Stokes ... More
Stationary Transformation of Integrated Brownian MotionDec 15 2004Consider an n-fold integrated Brownian motion. We show that a simple change in time and scale transforms it into a stationary Gaussian process. The collection of stationary processes so constructed not only constitutes an interesting family of processes, ... More
Formal Group Rings of Toric VarietiesSep 03 2014Mar 26 2015In this paper we use formal group rings to construct an algebraic model of the $T$-equivariant oriented cohomology of smooth toric varieties. Then we compare our model with known results of equivariant cohomology of toric varieties to justify our construction. ... More
Practical Approach to Knowledge-based Question Answering with Natural Language Understanding and Advanced ReasoningJul 24 2007This research hypothesized that a practical approach in the form of a solution framework known as Natural Language Understanding and Reasoning for Intelligence (NaLURI), which combines full-discourse natural language understanding, powerful representation ... More
Quantum Ergodicity and the Analysis of Semiclassical Pseudodifferential OperatorsOct 11 2014This undergraduate thesis is concerned with developing the tools of differential geometry and semiclassical analysis needed to understand the the quantum ergodicity theorem of Schnirelman (1974), Zelditch (1987), and Colin de Verdi\`ere (1985) and the ... More
Smoothness of Loewner SlitsJan 27 2012In this paper, we show that the chordal Loewner differential equation with $C^{\beta}$ driving function generates a $C^{\beta + 1/2}$ slit for $1/2 < \beta \leq 2$, except when $\beta = 3/2$ the slit is only proved to be weakly $C^{1,1}$.
NetScore: Towards Universal Metrics for Large-scale Performance Analysis of Deep Neural Networks for Practical On-Device Edge UsageJun 14 2018Aug 26 2018Much of the focus in the design of deep neural networks has been on improving accuracy, leading to more powerful yet highly complex network architectures that are difficult to deploy in practical scenarios, particularly on edge devices such as mobile ... More
On the Asymptotic, Near-Equilibrium Sensory ResponseJul 24 2013Mar 29 2016The asymptotic, near-equilibrium neural response of the sensory periphery can be derived theoretically using information theory, asymptotic Bayesian statistics and a theory of complex systems. Almost no biological knowledge is required. The theoretical ... More
A Geometric Approach to Hochschild Cohomology of the Exterior AlgebraJul 09 2016Sep 15 2017We give a new computation of Hochschild (co)homology of the exterior algebra, together with algebraic structures, by direct comparison with the symmetric algebra. The Hochschild cohomology is determined to be essentially the algebra of even-weight polyvector ... More
The Kalman condition for the boundary controllability of coupled 1-d wave equationsFeb 22 2019This paper is devoted to prove the exact controllability of a system of N one-dimensional coupled wave equations when the control is exerted on a part of the boundary by means of one control. We consider the case where the coupling matrix A has distinct ... More
Inaudibility of sixth order curvature invariantsJun 08 2015It is known that the spectrum of the Laplace operator on functions of a closed Riemannian manifold does not determine the integrals of the individual fourth order curvature invariants $\operatorname{scal}^2$, $|\operatorname{ric}|^2$, $|R|^2$, which appear ... More
On a class of nonlinear Schrödinger-Poisson systems involving a nonradial charge densityMay 02 2018Oct 01 2018In the spirit of the classical work of P. H. Rabinowitz on nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations, we prove existence of mountain-pass solutions and least energy solutions to the nonlinear Schr\"odinger-Poisson system \begin{equation}\nonumber \left\{\begin{array}{lll} ... More
A robust method for cluster analysisApr 25 2005Let there be given a contaminated list of n R^d-valued observations coming from g different, normally distributed populations with a common covariance matrix. We compute the ML-estimator with respect to a certain statistical model with n-r outliers for ... More
Robust Stackelberg controllability for the Navier--Stokes equationsAug 15 2017In this paper we deal with a robust Stackelberg strategy for the Navier--Stokes system. The scheme is based in considering a robust control problem for the "follower control" and its associated disturbance function. Afterwards, we consider the notion ... More
Secret Sharing LDPC Codes for the BPSK-constrained Gaussian Wiretap ChannelSep 15 2010Jan 21 2011The problem of secret sharing over the Gaussian wiretap channel is considered. A source and a destination intend to share secret information over a Gaussian channel in the presence of a wiretapper who observes the transmission through another Gaussian ... More
Color-Octet Fraction in J/Psi Production and AbsorptionApr 10 1996Feb 25 1997The cross section between a $c \bar c$ pair and a nucleon is small and sensitive to the $c - \bar c$ separation if the pair is in a color-singlet state, but very large and insensitive to the separation if it is in a color-octet state. We use this property ... More
On finite complete rewriting systems and large subsemigroupsMay 06 2010Aug 20 2011Let $S$ be a semigroup and $T$ be a subsemigroup of finite index in $S$ (that is, the set $S\setminus T$ is finite). The subsemigroup $T$ is also called a large subsemigroup of $S$. It is well known that if $T$ has a finite complete rewriting system then ... More
LDPC Code Design for the BPSK-constrained Gaussian Wiretap ChannelMar 21 2011A coding scheme based on irregular low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes is proposed to send secret messages from a source over the Gaussian wiretap channel to a destination in the presence of a wiretapper, with the restriction that the source can send ... More
Exotic $bc\bar q\bar q$ four-quark statesDec 21 2018Dec 24 2018We carry out a systematic study of exotic $QQ^\prime \bar q\bar q$ four-quark states containing distinguishable heavy flavors, $b$ and $c$. Different generic constituent models are explored in an attempt to extract general conclusions. The results are ... More
On the Galois correspondence theorem in separable Hopf Galois theoryMay 05 2014In this paper we present a reformulation of the Galois correspondence theorem of Hopf Galois theory in terms of groups carrying farther the description of Greither and Pareigis. We prove that the class of Hopf Galois extensions for which the Galois correspondence ... More
Hopf Galois structures on symmetric and alternating extensionsMar 07 2017Mar 14 2018By using our previous results on induced Hopf Galois structures and a recent result by Koch, Kohl, Truman and Underwood on normality, we determine which types of Hopf Galois structures occur on Galois extensions with Galois group isomorphic to alternating ... More
Temporal Evolution of Chromospheric Oscillations in Flaring Regions - A Pilot StudyMar 07 2018We have analyzed H-alpha intensity images obtained at a 1 minute cadence with the Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) system to investigate the properties of oscillations in the 0-8 mHz frequency band at the location and time of strong M- and X-class ... More
The Hopf Galois property in subfield latticesSep 23 2013Hopf Galois theory for finite separable field extensions was introduced by Greither and Pareigis. They showed that all Hopf Galois extensions of degree up to 5 are either Galois or almost classically Galois and they determined the Hopf Galois character ... More
Geometric conemanifold structures on $\mathbb{T}_{p/q}$, the result of $p/q$ surgery in the left-handed trefoil knot $\mathbb{T}$Nov 11 2014As an example of the transitions between some of the eight geometries of Thurston, investigated before, we study the geometries supported by the cone-manifolds obtained by surgery on the trefoil knot with singular set the core of the surgery. The geometric ... More
AptaBlocks Online - A web-based toolkit for the in-silico assembly of RNA complexesMar 13 2019Summary: The AptaBlocks Web Interface is focused on providing graphical, intuitive, and platform independent access to AptaBlocks, an experimentally validated algorithmic approach for the in-silico design of oligonucleotide sticky bridges. The availability ... More
Robust Stackelberg controllability for a parabolic equationOct 19 2016The aim of this paper is to perform a Stackelberg strategy to control parabolic equations. We have one control, \textit{the leader}, that is responsible for a null controllability property; additionally, we have a control \textit{the follower} that solves ... More
Entanglement in a two-dimensional string theoryOct 06 2016Oct 08 2016What is the meaning of entanglement in a theory of extended objects such as strings? To address this question we consider entanglement entropy in the Gross-Taylor model, the string theory dual to two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory at large $N$. The string ... More
Kauffman brackets, character varieties, and triangulations of surfacesSep 01 2010A Kauffman bracket on a surface is an invariant for framed links in the thickened surface, satisfying the Kauffman skein relation and multiplicative under superposition. This includes representations of the skein algebra of the surface. We show how an ... More
Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics : HighlightsOct 01 2005Feb 28 2007This article presents an overview of neutrino physics research, with highlights on the physics goals, results and interpretations of the current neutrino experiments and future directions and program. It is not meant to be a comprehensive account or detailed ... More
T-violation tests for relativity principlesJan 23 2003We consider the implications of a violation of the equivalence principle or of Lorentz invariance in the neutrino sector for the T-asymmetry $\Delta P_T \equiv P(\nu_{\alpha} \to \nu_{\beta}) - P(\nu_{\beta} \to \nu_{\alpha})$ in a three-flavour framework. ... More
Synchronised neutrino oscillations from self interaction and associated applicationsNov 05 2002Nov 11 2002A recent revival of interest in synchronised oscillations due to neutrino--neutrino forward scattering in dense gases has led to two interesting applications with notable outcomes: (i) cosmological bounds on neutrino--antineutrino asymmetries are improved ... More
Relic neutrino asymmetry generation from $ν_α- ν_s$ oscillationsDec 08 2000Active--sterile neutrino oscillations provide a mechanism by which large differences in the neutrino and antineutrino number densities can be created in the early universe. The quantum kinetic equations are employed in the study of these asymmetries, ... More
Noncovalent Interactions in Supramolecular Complexes: A Study on Corannulene and the Double Concave BuckycatcherApr 24 2010Stimulated by the recent observation of {\pi}-{\pi} interactions between C60 and corannulene subunits in a molecular tweezer arrangement (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2007, 129, 3842), a density functional theory study was performed to analyze the electronic structure ... More
Heights and the Specialization Map for Families of Elliptic Curves over P^nSep 10 2014Jun 22 2015For $n\geq 2$, let $K=\overline{\mathbb{Q}}(\mathbb{P}^n)=\overline{\mathbb{Q}}(T_1, \ldots, T_n)$. Let $E/K$ be the elliptic curve defined by a minimal Weiestrass equation $y^2=x^3+Ax+B$, with $A,B \in \overline{\mathbb{Q}}[T_1, \ldots, T_n]$. There's ... More
A space-time characterization of the Kerr-Newman metricJul 11 2008Jan 30 2009In the present paper, the characterization of the Kerr metric found by Marc Mars is extended to the Kerr-Newman family. A simultaneous alignment of the Maxwell field, the Ernst two-form of the pseudo-stationary Killing vector field, and the Weyl curvature ... More
SO(3) quantum invariants are denseAug 18 2008We show that when $r \geq 5$ is prime, the SO(3) Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev quantum invariants for three-manifolds at the level $r$ form a dense set in the complex plane. This confirms a conjecture of Larsen and Wang.
Convergence of the eigenvalue density for beta-Laguerre ensembles on short scalesFeb 06 2013Nov 07 2013In this note, we prove that the normalized trace of the resolvent of the beta-Laguerre ensemble eigenvalues is close to the Stieltjes transform of the Marchenko-Pastur (MP) distribution with very high probability, for values of the imaginary part greater ... More
Non-Fermi Liquid Behavior In Quantum Critical SystemsSep 28 1993The problem of an electron gas interacting via exchanging transverse gauge bosons is studied using the renormalization group method. The long wavelength behavior of the gauge field is shown to be in the Gaussian universality class with a dynamical exponent ... More
The triangle of operators, topologies, bornologiesJun 10 2005This paper discusses two common techniques in functional analysis: the topological method and the bornological method. In terms of Pietsch's operator ideals, we establish the equivalence of the notions of operators, topologies and bornologies. The approaches ... More
Symmetric Tensor Decomposition by an Iterative Eigendecomposition AlgorithmSep 17 2014Feb 17 2016We present an iterative algorithm, called the symmetric tensor eigen-rank-one iterative decomposition (STEROID), for decomposing a symmetric tensor into a real linear combination of symmetric rank-1 unit-norm outer factors using only eigendecompositions ... More
A Short Survey on Data Clustering AlgorithmsNov 25 2015With rapidly increasing data, clustering algorithms are important tools for data analytics in modern research. They have been successfully applied to a wide range of domains; for instance, bioinformatics, speech recognition, and financial analysis. Formally ... More
Zeta Functions of Projective Toric Hypersurfaces over Finite FieldsNov 06 2008I give a formula for the zeta function of a projective toric hypersurface over a finite field and estimate its Newton polygon. As an application this formula allows us to compute the exact number of rational points on the families of Calabi-Yau manifolds ... More
Dissociation of Heavy Quarkonia in the Quark-Gluon PlasmaDec 21 2001May 27 2002Using a temperature-dependent potential obtained from lattice gauge calculations, we study the stability of heavy quarkonia in the quark-gluon plasma. We find that only the Upsilon(1S) and the eta_b(1S) are bound in the quark-gluon plasma, and have a ... More
Comment on ``Lattice QCD analysis of the strangeness magnetic moment of the nucleon''Mar 20 2001Sep 04 2002The recent chirally extrapolated result of Leinweber and Thomas [Phys. Rev. D {\bf 62}, 074505 (2000), or LT] for the nucleon strangeness form factor G_M^s(0)= -0.16 \pm 0.18 \mu_N differs markedly from the earlier result -0.75 \pm 0.30 \mu_N obtained ... More
Suppression of J/psi and Psi' Production in High-Energy Pb on Pb CollisionsJul 10 1996Dec 13 1996The anomalous J/psi suppression in Pb-Pb collisions at 158A GeV observed recently by NA50 can be explained as due to the transition to a new phase of strong J/psi absorption, which sets in when the local energy density exceeds about 3.4 GeV/fm**3.
Vector potentials in gauge theories in flat spacetimeSep 09 2015A recent suggestion that vector potentials in electrodynamics (ED) are nontensorial objects under 4D frame rotations is found to be both unnecessary and confusing. As traditionally used in ED, a vector potential $A$ always transforms homogeneously under ... More
New Approaches to Honesty Theory and Applications in Quantum Dynamical SemigroupsJul 24 2015We prove some new characterisations of honesty of the perturbed semigroup in Kato's Perturbation Theorem on abstract state spaces via three approaches, namely mean ergodicity of operators, adjoint operators and uniqueness of the perturbed semigroup. We ... More
High fidelity ac gate operations of the quantum dot hybrid qubitJul 15 2015Mar 22 2016Semiconductor quantum dots in silicon are promising qubits because of long spin coherence times and their potential for scalability. However, such qubits with complete electrical control and fidelities above the threshold for quantum error correction ... More
The Ridge Associated with the Near-side Jet in High Energy-Heavy-Ion CollisionsNov 18 2009The ridge particles associated with a near-side jet are identified as medium partons kicked by the jet near the surface. They carry direct information on the parton momentum distribution at the moment of jet-parton collisions and the magnitude of the ... More
The Momentum Kick Model Description of the Near-Side Ridge and Jet QuenchingJun 12 2008Dec 14 2008In the momentum kick model, a near-side jet emerges near the surface, kicks medium partons, loses energy, and fragments into the trigger particle and fragmentation products. The kicked medium partons subsequently materialize as the observed ridge particles, ... More
Exploring Early Parton Momentum Distribution with the Ridge from the Near-Side JetApr 24 2008Oct 27 2008In a central nucleus-nucleus collision at high-energies, medium partons kicked by a near-side jet acquire a momentum along the jet direction and subsequently materialize as the observed ridge particles. They carry direct information on the early parton ... More
Does HBT Measure the Freeze-out Source Distribution?Mar 02 2004It is generally assumed that as a result of multiple scattering, the source distribution measured in HBT interferometry corresponds to a chaotic source at freeze-out. This assumption is subject to question as effects of multiple scattering in HBT measurements ... More
Signatures of Flux Tube Fragmentation and Strangeness Correlations in pp CollisionsNov 07 2016In the fragmentation of a color flux tube in high-energy $pp$ collisions or $e^+$-$e^-$ annihilations, the production of $q$-$\bar q$ pairs along a color flux tube precedes the fragmentation of the tube. The local conservation laws in the production of ... More
Monopoles and Wilson LinesJan 23 2014May 19 2014We present a semi-classical description of BPS monopoles interacting with Wilson lines. The Wilson lines are represented as non-Abelian spin impurities. These spins interact with the monopole degrees of freedom through a natural connection on the moduli ... More
Computing the Yolk in Spatial Voting Games without Computing Median LinesFeb 13 2019The yolk is an important concept in spatial voting games as it generalises the equilibrium and provides bounds on the uncovered set. We present near-linear time algorithms for computing the yolk in the spatial voting model in the plane. To the best of ... More
Out-of-Equilibrium Collinear Enhanced Equilibration in the Bottom-Up Thermalization Scenario in Heavy Ion CollisionsApr 25 2004Apr 28 2004Experimental measurement of the elliptic flow parameter $v_2$ and hydrodynamic model together showed that thermalization in the central region at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider to be perplexingly fast. This is a mystery in itself since none of the ... More
What exactly is a Skyrmion?Feb 26 2002Feb 28 2002Skyrmions are well known to be baryons because their topological charge has been positively identified with the baryon number. Beyond that their identity has never been clear. In view of the possibility of skyrmion production through Disoriented Chiral ... More
Filling up the Two-Body Partial Decay Width of P-Wave Charmonia with the Color Octet ContributionSep 26 2000The importance of the color octet component in P-wave charmonia is discussed in the context of exclusive decay processes. It is vital to include this contribution already at the level of the two-body decay channels. The \pi \pi and proton-antiproton channels ... More
Difficulties in Formulating an imaginary-time formalism of temporal axial gauge at finite TJan 10 1995Oct 16 1995Following the successful construction of the finite T real-time formalism in temporal axial gauge, we attempt to further study the equivalent new imaginary-time formalism of James and Landshoff based on the same Hamiltonian approach in the hope that it ... More
Asymptotic Analysis of Orthogonal Polynomials via the Transfer Matrix ApproachSep 08 2010Mar 29 2011In this paper, we present a new method via the transfer matrix approach to obtain asymptotic formulae of orthogonal polynomials with asymptotically identical coefficients of bounded variation. We make use of the hyperbolicity of the recurrence matrices ... More
A Formula for Inserting Point MassesSep 08 2010Let mu be a probability measure on the unit circle and nu be the measure formed by adding a pure point to mu. We give a formula for the Verblunsky coefficients of the perturbed measure, based on a result of Simon.
Spin Hall and longitudinal conductivity of a conserved spin current in two dimensional heavy-hole gasesSep 22 2009Dec 12 2009The spin Hall and longitudinal conductivity of a 2D heavy-hole gas with {\it k}-cubic Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interaction is studied in the ac frequency domain. Using Kubo linear-response theory and a recently proposed definition for the (conserved) ... More
From Galois to Hopf Galois: theory and practiceMar 25 2014Hopf Galois theory expands the classical Galois theory by considering the Galois property in terms of the action of the group algebra k[G] on K/k and then replacing it by the action of a Hopf algebra. We review the case of separable extensions where the ... More
Non-isomorphic Hopf-Galois structures with isomorphic underlying Hopf algebrasJun 19 2014We give a degree 8 separable extension having two non-isomorphic Hopf-Galois structures with isomorphic underlying Hopf algebras.
Second-order sensitivity relations and regularity of the value function for Mayer's problem in optimal controlAug 22 2014This paper investigates the value function, $V$, of a Mayer optimal control problem with the state equation given by a differential inclusion. First, we obtain an invariance property for the proximal and Fr\'echet subdifferentials of $V$ along optimal ... More
Tauberian conditions, Muckenhoupt weights, and differentiation properties of weighted basesApr 03 2013Dec 02 2013We give an alternative characterization of the class of Muckenhoupt weights $A_{\infty, \mathfrak B}$ for homothecy invariant Muckenhoupt bases $\mathfrak B$ consisting of convex sets. In particular we show that $w\in A_{\infty, \mathfrak B}$ if and only ... More
Minimax Optimal Estimation of Convex Functions in the Supreme NormJun 08 2013Estimation of convex functions finds broad applications in engineering and science, while convex shape constraint gives rise to numerous challenges in asymptotic performance analysis. This paper is devoted to minimax optimal estimation of univariate convex ... More
On the homotopy type of complexes of graphs with bounded domination numberJan 22 2019Let $D_{n,\gamma}$ be the complex of graphs on $n$ vertices and domination number at least $\gamma$. We prove that $D_{n,n-2}$ has the homotopy type of a finite wedge of 2-spheres. This is done by using discrete Morse theory techniques. Acyclicity of ... More
On the classes of higher-order Jensen-convex functions and Wright-convex functions, IINov 28 2016Recently Nikodem, Rajba and W\k{a}sowicz compared the classes of n-Wright-convex functions and n-Jensen-convex functions by showing that the first one is a proper subclass of the latter one, whenever n is an odd natural number. Till now the case of even ... More
Taiwan EXperiment On NeutrinO -- History, Status and ProspectsAug 01 2016We present an overview of the foundation, evolution, contributions and future prospects of the TEXONO Collaboration and its research programs on neutrino physics and dark matter searches at the Kuo-Sheng Reactor Neutrino Laboratory in Taiwan and, as a ... More
Prospects of Scintillating Crystal Detector in Low-Energy Low-Background ExperimentsOct 01 1999Sep 07 2000Scintillating crystal detector offers potential advantages in low-energy (keV-MeV range) low-background experiments for particle physics and astrophysics. The merits are discussed using CsI(Tl) crystal as illustrations. The various physics topics which ... More
Neutrino mass in cosmology: status and prospectsNov 06 2011I give an overview of the effects of neutrino masses in cosmology, focussing on the role they play in the evolution of cosmological perturbations. I discuss how recent observations of the cosmic microwave background anisotropies and the large-scale matter ... More
Optoelectronic Properties of Carbon Nanorings: Excitonic Effects from Time-Dependent Density Functional TheoryDec 23 2009The electronic structure and size-scaling of optoelectronic properties in cycloparaphenylene carbon nanorings are investigated using time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT). The TDDFT calculations on these molecular nanostructures indicate that ... More
Regularity conditions in the CLT for linear eigenvalue statistics of Wigner matricesOct 20 2012Oct 05 2015We show that the variance of centred linear statistics of eigenvalues of GUE matrices remains bounded for large $n$ for some classes of test functions less regular than Lipschitz functions. This observation is suggested by the limiting form of the variance ... More
A coding approach to guarantee information integrity against a Byzantine relayFeb 01 2013This paper presents a random coding scheme with which two nodes can exchange information with guaranteed integrity over a two-way Byzantine relay. This coding scheme is employed to obtain an inner bound on the capacity region with guaranteed information ... More
Grover Search with Lackadaisical Quantum WalksFeb 16 2015Sep 24 2015The lazy random walk, where the walker has some probability of staying put, is a useful tool in classical algorithms. We propose a quantum analogue, the lackadaisical quantum walk, where each vertex is given $l$ self-loops, and we investigate its effects ... More
Detectability of Symbol Manipulation by an Amplify-and-Forward RelayMay 11 2012May 14 2012This paper studies the problem of detecting a potential malicious relay node by a source node that relies on the relay to forward information to other nodes. The channel model of two source nodes simultaneously sending symbols to a relay is considered. ... More
Quantum Walk Search on Johnson GraphsJan 16 2016Apr 12 2016The Johnson graph $J(n,k)$ is defined by $n$ symbols, where vertices are $k$-element subsets of the symbols, and vertices are adjacent if they differ in exactly one symbol. In particular, $J(n,1)$ is the complete graph $K_n$, and $J(n,2)$ is the strongly ... More
Faster Quantum Walk Search on a Weighted GraphJul 27 2015A randomly walking quantum particle evolving by Schr\"odinger's equation searches for a unique marked vertex on the "simplex of complete graphs" in time $\Theta(N^{3/4})$. In this paper, we give a weighted version of this graph that preserves vertex-transitivity, ... More
Quantum Walk Search with Time-Reversal Symmetry BreakingApr 28 2015Jul 15 2015We formulate Grover's unstructured search algorithm as a chiral quantum walk, where transitioning in one direction has a phase conjugate to transitioning in the opposite direction. For small phases, this breaking of time-reversal symmetry is too small ... More