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EPR Steering inequalities with Communication AssistanceMar 16 2016Mar 22 2016In this paper, we investigate the communication cost of reproducing Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) steering correlations arising from bipartite quantum systems. We characterize the set of bipartite quantum states which admits a local hidden state model ... More
Moments of general time dependent branching processes with applicationsJul 02 2018May 08 2019In this paper, we give sufficient conditions for a Crump-Mode-Jagers process to be bounded in $L_k$ for a given $k>1$. This result is then applied to a recent random graph process motivated by pairwise collaborations and driven by time-dependent branching ... More
Entropic Distance for Nonlinear Master EquationNov 07 2017More and more works deal with statistical systems far from equilibrium, dominated by unidirectional stochastic processes augmented by rare resets. We analyze the construction of the entropic distance measure appropriate for such dynamics. We demonstrate ... More
Random cherry graphsJul 04 2018Due to the popularity of randomly evolving graph processes, there exists a randomized version of many recursively defined graph models. This is also the case with the cherry tree, which was introduced by Buksz\'ar and Pr\'ekopa to improve Bonferroni type ... More
Higher order anisotropies in the Buda-Lund model: Disentangling flow and density field anisotropiesApr 25 2016Oct 12 2016The Buda-Lund hydro model describes an expanding ellipsoidal fireball, and fits the observed elliptic flow and oscillating HBT radii successfully. Due to fluctuations in energy depositions, the fireball shape however fluctuates on an event-by-event basis. ... More
Application of the Non-extensive Statistical Approach to High Energy Particle CollisionsAug 04 2016In high-energy collisions the number of the created particles is far less than the thermodynamic limit, especially in small colliding systems (e.g. proton-proton). Therefore final-state effects and fluctuations in the one-particle energy distribution ... More
Mass hierarchy and energy scaling of the Tsallis--Pareto parameters in hadron productions at RHIC and LHC energiesOct 25 2017The latest, high-accuracy identified hadron spectra measurements in high-energy nuclear collisions led us to the investigation of the strongly interacting particles and collective effects in small systems. Since microscopical processes result in a statistical ... More
Hadronization within Non-Extensive Approach and the Evolution of the ParametersMay 14 2019We review transverse momentum distributions of various identified charged particles stemming from high energy collisions fitted by various non-extensive distributions as well as by the usual Boltzmann-Gibbs statistics. We investigate the best-fit formula ... More
Hadron Spectra Parameters within the Non-Extensive ApproachMay 21 2019We investigate how the non-extensive approach works in high-energy physics. Transverse momentum ($p_T$) spectra of several hadrons are fitted by various non-extensive momentum distributions and by the Boltzmann--Gibbs statistics.~It is shown that some ... More
Local average of the hyperbolic circle problem for Fuchsian groupsSep 11 2017Let $\Gamma\subseteq PSL(2,{\bf R})$ be a finite volume Fuchsian group. The hyperbolic circle problem is the estimation of the number of elements of the $\Gamma$-orbit of $z$ in a hyperbolic circle around $w$ of radius $R$, where $z$ and $w$ are given ... More
Some integrals of hypergeometric functionsSep 11 2017We consider a certain definite integral involving the product of two classical hypergeometric functions having complicated arguments. We show in this paper the surprising fact that this integral does not depend on the parameters of the hypergeometric ... More
Systematic Analysis of the Non-extensive Statistical Approach in High Energy Particle Collisions - Experiment vs. TheoryFeb 09 2017Feb 24 2017The analysis of high-energy particle collisions is an excellent testbed for the non-extensive statistical approach. In these reactions we are far from the thermodynamical limit. In small colliding systems, such as electron-positron or nuclear collisions, ... More
The rate of growth of the minimum clique size of graphs of given order and chromatic numberOct 01 2012Feb 03 2014Let $Q(n,c)$ denote the minimum clique number over graphs with $n$ vertices and chromatic number $c$. We determine the rate of growth of of the sequence ${Q(n,\lceil rn \rceil)}_{n=1}^\infty$ for any fixed $0<r\leq 1$. We also give a better upper bound ... More
Dynamical Stationarity as a Result of Sustained Random GrowthNov 21 2016In sustained growth with random dynamics stationary distributions can exist without detailed balance. This suggests thermodynamical behavior in fast growing complex systems. In order to model such phenomena we apply both a discrete and a continuous master ... More
The class number one problem for the real quadratic fields $\mathbb{Q}\left(\sqrt{(an)^2+4a}\right)$Aug 23 2015We solve unconditionally the class number one problem for the $2$-parameter family of real quadratic fields $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{d})$ with square-free discriminant $d=(an)^2+4a$ for positive odd integers $a$ and $n$.
On the variances of a spatial unit root modelJun 29 2010Sep 03 2010The asymptotic properties of the variances of the spatial autoregressive model $X_{k,\ell}=\alpha X_{k-1,\ell}+\beta X_{k,\ell-1}+\gamma X_{k-1,\ell-1}+\epsilon_{k,\ell}$ are investigated in the unit root case, that is when the parameters are on the boundary ... More
On connections between domain specific constants in some norm inequalitiesDec 12 2017We derive connections between optimal domain specific constants figuring in the Friedrichs-Velte inequality for conjugate harmonic functions, in the Babu\v{s}ka-Aziz inequality for the divergence and in the improved Poincar\'e inequality for the gradient. ... More
Special quadrature error estimates and their application in the hardy-littlewood majorant problemJul 27 2012The Hardy-Littlewood majorant problem has a positive answer only for expo- nents p which are even integers, while there are counterexamples for all p =2 2N. Montgomery conjectured that there exist counterexamples even among idempotent polynomials. This ... More
K-optimal designs for parameters of shifted Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes and sheetsApr 19 2016Continuous random processes and fields are regularly applied to model temporal or spatial phenomena in many different fields of science, and model fitting is usually done with the help of data obtained by observing the given process at various time points ... More
Irrational centersNov 22 2010May 02 2011The main purpose of this article is to get a handle on determining how far a non-rational singularity is from being rational, or in other words, introduce a measure of the failure of a singularity being rational.
Signature coding for OR channel with asynchronous accessAug 03 2005Signature coding for multiple access OR channel is considered. We prove that in block asynchronous case the upper bound on the minimum code length asymptotically is the same as in the case of synchronous access.
Generalizations of some results about the regularity properties of an additive representation functionApr 20 2018Let $A = \{a_{1},a_{2},\dots{}\}$ $(a_{1} < a_{2} < \dots{})$ be an infinite sequence of nonnegative integers, and let $R_{A,2}(n)$ denote the number of solutions of $a_{x}+a_{y}=n$ $(a_{x},a_{y}\in A)$. P. Erd\H{o}s, A. S\'ark\"ozy and V. T. S\'os proved ... More
On the structure of sets which has coinciding representation functionsFeb 15 2017For a set of nonnegative integers $A$ denote by $R_{A}(n)$ the number of unordered representations of the integer $n$ as the sum of two different terms from $A$. In this paper we partially describe the structure of the sets, which has coinciding representation ... More
Problem Solving in SpregoMar 05 2016Sprego is a programming tool for novice and end-user programmers within graphical spreadsheet environments. The main idea of Sprego is to use as few general purpose functions as possible, and based on these functions we create multilevel formulas to solve ... More
Equilibrium distributions in entropy driven balanced processesJun 18 2016Nov 10 2016For entropy driven balanced processes we obtain final states with Poisson, Bernoulli, negative binomial and P\'olya distributions. We apply this both for complex networks and particle production. For random networks we follow the evolution of the degree ... More
K-optimal designs for parameters of shifted Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes and sheetsApr 19 2016Oct 18 2016Continuous random processes and fields are regularly applied to model temporal or spatial phenomena in many different fields of science, and model fitting is usually done with the help of data obtained by observing the given process at various time points ... More
Probabilistic wind speed forecasting using Bayesian model averaging with truncated normal componentsMay 06 2013May 07 2013Bayesian model averaging (BMA) is a statistical method for post-processing forecast ensembles of atmospheric variables, obtained from multiple runs of numerical weather prediction models, in order to create calibrated predictive probability density functions ... More
On Mockenhoupt's Conjecture in the Hardy-Littlewood Majorant ProblemMar 11 2012The Hardy-Littlewood majorant problem has a positive answer only for expo- nents p which are even integers, while there are counterexamples for all p =2 2N. Montgomery conjectured that even among the idempotent polynomials there must exist some counterex- ... More
A unified approach to equilibrium statistics in closed systems with random dynamicsJun 18 2016In a balanced version of decay and growth processes a simple master equation arrives at a final state including the Poisson, Bernoulli, negative binomial and P\'olya distribution. Such decay and growth rates incorporate a symmetry between the observed ... More
How science maps reveal knowledge transfer: new measurement for a historical caseJan 22 2014Modelling actors of science via science (overlay) maps has recently become a popular practice in Interdisciplinarity Research (IDR). The benefits of this toolkit have also been recognized for other areas of scientometrics, such as the study of science ... More
Three-term idempotent counterexamples in the Hardy-Littlewood majorant problemJun 02 2010Sep 20 2011The Hardy-Littlewood majorant problem was raised in the 30's and it can be formulated as the question whether $\int |f|^p\ge \int|g|^p$ whenever $\hat{f}\ge|\hat g|$. It has a positive answer only for exponents $p$ which are even integers. Montgomery ... More
Multicomponent Modified Boltzmann Equation and ThermalizationSep 19 2013Aug 16 2014The existence of stationary distributions in a multicomponent Boltzmann equation using a non-additive kinetic energy composition rule for binary collisions is discussed. It is found that detailed balance is not achieved when -- in contrast to the case ... More
Non-extensive statistics, relativistic kinetic theory and fluid dynamicsMay 28 2012Aug 08 2012Experimental particle spectra can be successfully described by power-law tailed energy distributions characteristic to canonical equilibrium distributions associated to R\'enyi's or Tsallis' entropy formula - over a wide range of energies, colliding system ... More
Science and Facebook: the same popularity law!Jan 19 2017The distribution of scientific citations for publications selected with different rules (author, topic, institution, country, journal, etc.) collapse on a single curve if one plots the citations relative to their mean value. We find that the distribution ... More
A q-parameter bound for particle spectra based on black hole thermodynamics with Rényi-entropySep 17 2013By regarding the Hawking-Bekenstein entropy of Schwarzschild black hole horizons as a non-extensive Tsallis entropy, its formal logarithm, the R\'enyi entropy, is considered. The resulting temperature - horizon-radius relation has the same form as the ... More
Moments of general time dependent branching processes with applicationsJul 02 2018In this paper, we give sufficient conditions for a Crump-Mode-Jagers process to be bounded in $L_k$ for a given $k>1$. This result is then applied to a recent random graph process motivated by pairwise collaborations and driven by time-dependent branching ... More
The splitting principle and singularitiesAug 07 2011The splitting principle states that morphisms in a derived category do not "split" accidentally. This has been successsfully applied in several characterizations of rational, DB, and other singularities. In this article I prove a general statement that ... More
Singularities of stable varietiesFeb 07 2011Jan 23 2012This is a survey on recent results regarding singularities that occur on higher dimensional stable varieties.
The Complexity of MaxMin Length TriangulationAug 01 2012In 1991, Edelsbrunner and Tan gave an O(n^2) algorithm for finding the MinMax Length triangulation of a set of points in the plane. In this paper we resolve one of the open problems stated in that paper, by showing that finding a MaxMin Length triangulation ... More
Maximum Likelihood Based Quantum Set SeparationFeb 12 2004In this paper we introduce a method, which is used for set separation based on quantum computation. In case of no a-priori knowledge about the source signal distribution, it is a challenging task to find an optimal decision rule which could be implemented ... More
Representing regular pseudocomplemented Kleene algebras by tolerance-based rough setsOct 31 2016Jun 11 2017We show that any regular pseudocomplemented Kleene algebra defined on an algebraic lattice is isomorphic to a rough set Kleene algebra determined by a tolerance induced by an irredundant covering.
On additive complement of a finite setApr 25 2013We say the sets of nonnegative integers A and B are additive complements if their sum contains all sufficiently large integers. In this paper we prove a conjecture of Chen and Fang about additive complement of a finite set.
On Sidon sets which are asymptotic bases of order 4Apr 21 2013May 09 2013In this paper we prove the existence of Sidon sets which are asymptotic bases of order 4 by using probabilistic methods.
The intuitive definition of Du Bois singularitiesSep 26 2011Oct 03 2011It is proved that for projective varieties having Du Bois singularities is equivalent to the condition that the coherent cohomology groups of the structure sheaf coincide with the appropriate Hodge components of the singular cohomology groups.
Censored and shifted gamma distribution based EMOS model for probabilistic quantitative precipitation forecastingDec 13 2015Apr 01 2016Recently all major weather prediction centres provide forecast ensembles of different weather quantities which are obtained from multiple runs of numerical weather prediction models with various initial conditions and model parametrizations. However, ... More
Representation of Nelson Algebras by Rough Sets Determined by QuasiordersJul 07 2010Feb 19 2011In this paper, we show that every quasiorder $R$ induces a Nelson algebra $\mathbb{RS}$ such that the underlying rough set lattice $RS$ is algebraic. We note that $\mathbb{RS}$ is a three-valued {\L}ukasiewicz algebra if and only if $R$ is an equivalence. ... More
On the conditions of fixed-point theorems concerning $F$-contractionsSep 25 2017We prove a fixed-point theorem that generalises and simplifies a number of results in the theory of $F$-contractions. We show that all of the previously imposed conditions on the operator can be either omitted or relaxed. Furthermore, our result is formulated ... More
Maximal Thurston-Bennequin number of +adequate linksOct 22 2006The class of +adequate links contains both alternating and positive links. Generalizing results of Tanaka (for the positive case) and Ng (for the alternating case), we construct fronts of an arbitrary +adequate link A so that the diagram has a ruling, ... More
One parameter families of Legendrian torus knotsSep 01 2004We compute the Chekanov-Eliashberg contact homology of what we call the Legendrian closure of a positive braid. We also construct an augmentation for each such link diagram. Then we apply the monodromy techniques established in an earlier paper to a certain ... More
Objective thermomechanicsOct 27 2015Dec 21 2015An irreversible thermodynamical theory of solids is presented where the kinematic quantities are defined in an automatically objective way. Namely, auxiliary elements like reference frame, reference time and reference configuration are avoided by formulating ... More
The asymptotic distance between an ultraflat unimodular polynomial and its conjugate reciprocalOct 09 2018Feb 12 2019Let $${\mathcal K}_n := \left\{p_n: p_n(z) = \sum_{k=0}^n{a_k z^k}, \enspace a_k \in {\mathbb C}\,,\enspace |a_k| = 1 \right\}\,.$$ A sequence $(P_n)$ of polynomials $P_n \in {\mathcal K}_n$ is called ultraflat if $(n + 1)^{-1/2}|P_n(e^{it})|$ converge ... More
Metric geometry of normal Kähler spaces, energy properness, and existence of canonical metricsApr 25 2016Let $(X,\omega)$ be a compact normal K\"ahler space. In this paper, the last in a sequence of works studying the relationship between energy properness and canonical K\"ahler metrics, we introduce a geodesic metric structure on $\mathcal H_{\omega}(X)$, ... More
Minimal clones with few majority operationsFeb 10 2011We characterize minimal clones generated by a majority function containing at most seven ternary operations.
Physical observables of the Ising spin glass in 6-epsilon dimensions: asymptotical behavior around the critical fixed pointDec 29 2016Jun 17 2017The asymptotical behavior of physical quantities, like the order parameter, the replicon and longitudinal masses, is studied around the zero-field spin glass transition point when a small external magnetic field is applied. An effective field theory to ... More
Braid-positive Legendrian linksAug 18 2006Any link that is the closure of a positive braid has a natural Legendrian representative. These were introduced in an earlier paper, where their Chekanov--Eliashberg contact homology was also evaluated. In this paper we re-phrase and improve that computation ... More
On composition-closed classes of Boolean functionsFeb 21 2011We determine all composition-closed equational classes of Boolean functions. These classes provide a natural generalization of clones and iterative algebras: they are closed under composition, permutation and identification (diagonalization) of variables ... More
A question of scaleJul 02 2010If you search for 'collective behaviour' with your web browser most of the texts popping up will be about group activities of humans, including riots, fashion and mass panic. Nevertheless, collective behaviour is also considered to be an important aspect ... More
An efficient algorithm to estimate the potential barrier height from noise-induced escape time dataAug 11 2018It is a common phenomenon in nature and technology that a system under perturbations exits a regime of its usual dynamics. Often it is possible to define a potential function whereby a potential well can be associated with a usual or persistent dynamics, ... More
Small union with large set of centersJan 10 2017Let $T\subset{\mathbb R}^n$ be a fixed set. By a scaled copy of $T$ around $x\in{\mathbb R}^n$ we mean a set of the form $x+rT$ for some $r>0$. In this survey paper we study results about the following type of problems: How small can a set be if it contains ... More
Symmetric Shannon capacity is the independence number minus 1Sep 19 2018A symmetric variant of Shannon capacity is defined and computed.
Arlinskii's iteration and its applicationsSep 10 2016Several Lebesgue-type decomposition theorems in analysis have a strong relation to the operation called: parallel sum. The aim of this paper is to investigate this relation from a new point of view. Namely, using a natural generalization of Arlinskii's ... More
Interaction-free measurement and forward scatteringApr 23 1998Interaction-free measurement is shown to arise from the forward-scattered wave accompanying absorption: a "quantum silhouette" of the absorber. Accordingly, the process is not free of interaction. For a perfect absorber the forward-scattered wave is locked ... More
Self-intersection local time of planar Brownian motion based on a strong approximation by random walksAug 05 2010Mar 02 2011The main purpose of this work is to define planar self-intersection local time by an alternative approach which is based on an almost sure pathwise approximation of planar Brownian motion by simple, symmetric random walks. As a result, Brownian self-intersection ... More
A version of Tutte's polynomial for hypergraphsMar 05 2011Tutte's dichromate T(x,y) is a well known graph invariant. Using the original definition in terms of internal and external activities as our point of departure, we generalize the valuations T(x,1) and T(1,y) to hypergraphs. In the definition, we associate ... More
On multidimensional item response theory -- a coordinate free approachJul 19 2007A coordinate system free definition of complex structure multidimensional item response theory (MIRT) for dichotomously scored items is presented. The point of view taken emphasizes the possibilities and subtleties of understanding MIRT as a multidimensional ... More
Bivariate ensemble model output statistics approach for joint forecasting of wind speed and temperatureJul 13 2015Jul 27 2015Forecast ensembles are typically employed to account for prediction uncertainties in numerical weather prediction models. However, ensembles often exhibit biases and dispersion errors, thus they require statistical post-processing to improve their predictive ... More
Log-normal distribution based EMOS models for probabilistic wind speed forecastingJul 11 2014Ensembles of forecasts are obtained from multiple runs of numerical weather forecasting models with different initial conditions and typically employed to account for forecast uncertainties. However, biases and dispersion errors often occur in forecast ... More
Parameter estimation in linear regression driven by a Gaussian sheetNov 09 2011The problem of estimating the parameters of a linear regression model $Z(s,t)=m_1g_1(s,t)+ \cdots + m_pg_p(s,t)+U(s,t)$ based on observations of $Z$ on a spatial domain $G$ of special shape is considered, where the driving process $U$ is a Gaussian random ... More
The cone of curves of K3 surfaces revistedSep 22 2013The main theorem of "S. J. Kov\'acs: The cone of curves of a K3 surface, Math. Ann. 300 (1994), no. 4, 681-691" is proved in arbitrary characteristic. The proof is essentially the same as in the original paper where it was stated only over the complex ... More
Steenbrink vanishing extendedJul 29 2013Aug 19 2013The notion of DB index, a measure of how far a singularity of a pair is from being Du Bois, is introduced and used to generalize vanishing theorems of Steenbrink and others with simpler and more natural proofs than the originals.
Parameter estimation in a spatial unit root autoregressive modelFeb 16 2011Oct 02 2011Spatial unilateral autoregressive model $X_{k,\ell}=\alpha X_{k-1,\ell}+\beta X_{k,\ell-1}+\gamma X_{k-1,\ell-1}+\epsilon_{k,\ell}$ is investigated in the unit root case, that is when the parameters are on the boundary of the domain of stability that ... More
Rough sets determined by tolerancesMar 25 2013Dec 12 2013We show that for any tolerance $R$ on $U$, the ordered sets of lower and upper rough approximations determined by $R$ form ortholattices. These ortholattices are completely distributive, thus forming atomistic Boolean lattices, if and only if $R$ is induced ... More
The (logarithmic) least squares optimality of the arithmetic (geometric) mean of weight vectors calculated from all spanning trees for incomplete additive (multiplicative) pairwise comparison matricesJan 16 2017Apr 04 2019Complete and incomplete additive/multiplicative pairwise comparison matrices are applied in preference modelling, multi-attribute decision making and ranking. The equivalence of two well known methods is proved in this paper. The arithmetic (geometric) ... More
Are lines much bigger than line segments?Sep 21 2014Oct 05 2015We pose the following conjecture: (*) If A is the union of line segments in R^n, and B is the union of the corresponding full lines then the Hausdorff dimensions of A and B agree. We prove that this conjecture would imply that every Besicovitch set (compact ... More
Pathwise approximation of Feynman path integrals using simple random walksMar 20 2018The aim of the presented research is to give a rigorous mathematical approach to Feynman path integrals based on strong (pathwise) approximations based on simple random walks.
Positive Definite Operator Functions and Sesquilinear FormsSep 24 2014Nov 25 2014Due to the fundamental works of T. Ando, W. Szyma\'nski, F. H. Szafraniec, and many others it is well known that sesquilinear forms play an important role in dilation theory. The crucial fact is that every positive definite operator function induces a ... More
Improved results on the oscillation of the modulus of the Rudin-Shapiro polynomials on the unit circleFeb 07 2018Sep 20 2018Let either $R_k(t) := |P_k(e^{it})|^2$ or $R_k(t) := |Q_k(e^{it})|^2$, where $P_k$ and $Q_k$ are the usual Rudin-Shapiro polynomials of degree $n-1$ with $n=2^k$. In a recent paper we combined close to sharp upper bounds for the modulus of the autocorrelation ... More
The asymptotic value of the Mahler measure of the Rudin-Shapiro polynomialsAug 03 2017Sep 18 2017In signal processing the Rudin-Shapiro polynomials have good autocorrelation properties and their values on the unit circle are small. Binary sequences with low autocorrelation coefficients are of interest in radar, sonar, and communication systems. In ... More
Weak Geodesic Rays in the Space of Kähler Metrics and the Class E(X,ω_0)Jul 25 2013Nov 14 2013Suppose (X,\omega_0) is a compact K\"ahler manifold. In the present work we propose a simple construction for weak geodesic rays in the space of K\"ahler metrics that seems to be tied together with properties of the class E(X,\omega_0). As an application ... More
On the oscillation of the modulus of the Rudin-Shapiro polynomials on the unit circle IIFeb 07 2018Let either $R_k(t) := |P_k(e^{it})|^2$ or $R_k(t) := |Q_k(e^{it})|^2$, where $P_k$ and $Q_k$ are the usual Rudin-Shapiro polynomials of degree $n-1$ with $n=2^k$. In a recent paper we combined close to sharp upper bounds for the modulus of the autocorrelation ... More
An explicit solution for optimal investment problems with autoregressive prices and exponential utilityJan 07 2015We calculate explicitly the optimal strategy for an investor with exponential utility function when the stock price follows an autoregressive Gaussian process. We also calculate its performance and analyse it when the trading horizon tends to infinity. ... More
Combining predictive distributions for statistical post-processing of ensemble forecastsJul 27 2016Weather predictions typically take the form of forecast ensembles obtained from multiple runs of numerical weather prediction models with varying initial conditions and model physics. Due to systematic biases and errors in calibration, ensemble forecasts ... More
Joint probabilistic forecasting of wind speed and temperature using Bayesian model averagingApr 14 2014Ensembles of forecasts are typically employed to account for the forecast uncertainties inherent in predictions of future weather states. However, biases and dispersion errors often present in forecast ensembles require statistical post-processing. Univariate ... More
Efficient weight vectors from pairwise comparison matricesFeb 10 2016Nov 10 2016Pairwise comparison matrices are frequently applied in multi-criteria decision making. A weight vector is called efficient if no other weight vector is at least as good in approximating the elements of the pairwise comparison matrix, and strictly better ... More
Optimal designs for parameters of shifted Ornstein-Uhlenbeck sheets measured on monotonic setsNov 30 2013Measurement on sets with a specific geometric shape can be of interest for many important applications (e.g. measurement along the isotherms in structural engineering). In the present paper the properties of optimal designs for estimating the parameters ... More
Quantum Computation Based Probability Density Function EstimationSep 06 2004Signal processing techniques will lean on blind methods in the near future, where no redundant, resource allocating information will be transmitted through the channel. To achieve a proper decision, however, it is essential to know at least the probability ... More
Computing discrete logarithm by interval-valued paradigmApr 01 2014Interval-valued computing is a relatively new computing paradigm. It uses finitely many interval segments over the unit interval in a computation as data structure. The satisfiability of Quantified Boolean formulae and other hard problems, like integer ... More
Incomplete Analytic Hierarchy Process with Minimum Ordinal ViolationsApr 09 2019Pairwise comparisons offer a natural way of expressing the preferences of the decision makers. Complete and incomplete pairwise comparison matrices have been applied in multi-criteria decision making, as well as in scoring and ranking. Although ordinal ... More
Prime filter structures of pseudocomplemented Kleene algebras and representation by rough setsJun 24 2018May 12 2019We introduce Kleene-Varlet spaces as partially ordered sets equipped with a polarity satisfying certain additional conditions. By applying Kleene-Varlet spaces, we prove that each regular pseudocomplemented Kleene algebra is isomorphic to a subalgebra ... More
The proof of the removable pair conjecture for fractional dimensionDec 27 2013Jan 30 2014In 1971 Trotter conjectured that every finite poset on at least $3$ points has a pair whose removal does not decrease the dimension by more than $1$. In 1992 Brightwell and Scheinerman introduced fractional dimension of posets, and they made a similar ... More
Precessing Jet in the High-Redshift Blazar J0017+8135Aug 22 2016Sep 10 2016The prominent flat-spectrum radio quasar J0017+8135 (S5 0014+81) at z = 3.366 is one of the most luminous active galactic nuclei (AGN) known. Its milliarcsecond-scale radio jet structure has been studied with very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) since ... More
Efficient weight vectors from pairwise comparison matricesFeb 10 2016Feb 25 2016Pairwise comparison matrices are frequently applied in multi-criteria decision making. A weight vector is called efficient if no other weight vector is at least as good in approximating the elements of the pairwise comparison matrix, and strictly better ... More
DB pairs and vanishing theoremsSep 18 2010Jan 13 2011The main purpose of this article is to define the notion of DuBois singularities for pairs and proving a vanishing theorem using this new notion. The main vanishing theorem specializes to a new vanishing theorem for resolutions of log canonial singularities. ... More
Tolerances induced by irredundant coveringsApr 21 2014Feb 01 2015In this paper, we consider tolerances induced by irredundant coverings. Each tolerance $R$ on $U$ determines a quasiorder $\lesssim_R$ by setting $x \lesssim_R y$ if and only if $R(x) \subseteq R(y)$. We prove that for a tolerance $R$ induced by a covering ... More
Extremal orders of compositions of certain arithmetical functionsFeb 08 2008Sep 01 2008We study the exact extremal orders of compositions $f(g(n))$ of certain arithmetical functions, including the functions $\sigma(n)$, $\phi(n)$, $\sigma^*(n)$ and $\phi^*(n)$, representing the sum of divisors of $n$, Euler's function and their unitary ... More
Large chromatic number and Ramsey graphsMar 21 2011Apr 10 2012Let Q(n,c) denote the minimum clique size an n-vertex graph can have if its chromatic number is c. Using Ramsey graphs we give an exact, albeit implicit, formula for the case c is at least (n+3)/2.
Disentangling Soft and Hard Hadron Yields in PbPb Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 2.76 ATeVMay 15 2014May 16 2014We demonstrate that charged pion spectra in central and peripheral PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 2.76 ATeV obtained via perturbative quantum chromodynamics improved parton model calculations [17] can be approximated by the Tsallis distribution for transverse ... More
On minimal additive complements of integersMar 09 2017Apr 25 2018Let $C,W\subseteq \mathbb{Z}$. If $C+W=\mathbb{Z}$, then the set $C$ is called an additive complement to $W$ in $\mathbb{Z}$. If no proper subset of $C$ is an additive complement to $W$, then $C$ is called a minimal additive complement. Let $X\subseteq ... More
Giant planet formation at the pressure maxima of protoplanetary disksOct 04 2016Context. In the classical core-accretion planet formation scenario, rapid inward migration and accretion timescales of kilometer size planetesimals may not favour the formation of massive cores of giant planets before the dissipation of protoplanetary ... More
An optimal extension theorem for 1-forms and the Lipman-Zariski conjectureJan 30 2013Jul 22 2014Let $X$ be a normal variety. Assume that for some reduced divisor $D \subset X$, logarithmic 1-forms defined on the snc locus of $(X, D)$ extend to a log resolution $\tilde X \to X$ as logarithmic differential forms. We prove that then the Lipman-Zariski ... More