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Furstenberg theorem for frequently hypercyclic operatorsAug 21 2014In this paper, we show that if the direct sum $T\oplus T$ of frequently hypercyclic operators is frequently hypercyclic, then every higher direct sum $T\oplus\cdots\oplus T$ is also frequently hypercyclic.
Hen Process in Effective Field TheoryNov 17 2003An effective field theory technique that combines the standard nuclear physics approach and chiral perturbation theory is applied to the $hen$ process, ${}^{3}{He}+n\to {}^{4}{He}+ \gamma$. For the initial and final nuclear states, high-precision wave ... More
Global regularity for degenerate/singular parabolic equations involving measure dataMar 19 2019Sep 03 2019We consider degenerate and singular parabolic equations with $p$-Laplacian structure in bounded nonsmooth domains when the right-hand side is a signed Radon measure with finite total mass. We develop a new tool that allows global regularity estimates ... More
Absolute frequency measurement of 1S0 (F = 1/2) - 3P0 (F = 1/2) transition of 171Yb atoms in a one-dimensional optical lattice at KRISSDec 27 2011Jan 25 2013We measured the absolute frequency of the optical clock transition 1S0 (F = 1/2) - 3P0 (F = 1/2) of 171Yb atoms confined in a one-dimensional optical lattice and it was determined to be 518 295 836 590 863.5(8.1) Hz. The frequency was measured against ... More
Your Click Knows It: Predicting User Purchase through Improved User-Item Pairwise RelationshipJun 21 2017Jun 22 2017Understanding users' behavior and predicting their future purchase are critical for e-commerce companies to boost their revenue. While explicit user feedback such as ratings plays the most significant role in eliciting users' preferences, such feedback ... More
Polynomial control on weighted stability bounds and inversion norms of localized matrices on simple graphsSep 18 2019The (un)weighted stability for some matrices is one of essential hypotheses in time-frequency analysis and applied harmonic analysis. In the first part of this paper, we show that for a localized matrix in a Beurling algebra, its weighted stabilities ... More
Embeddability of right-angled Artin groups on complements of treesJun 30 2017Jul 02 2018For a finite simplicial graph $\Gamma$, let $A(\Gamma)$ denote the right-angled Artin group on $\Gamma$. Recently Kim and Koberda introduced the extension graph $\Gamma^e$ for $\Gamma$, and established the Extension Graph Theorem: for finite simplicial ... More
Abelian subgroups of Garside groupsSep 25 2006Jul 23 2008In this paper, we show that for every abelian subgroup $H$ of a Garside group, some conjugate $g^{-1}Hg$ consists of ultra summit elements and the centralizer of $H$ is a finite index subgroup of the normalizer of $H$. Combining with the results on translation ... More
Stable super summit sets in Garside groupsFeb 26 2006Sep 28 2006withdrawn and included in our new manuscript "Abelian subgroups of Garside groups", math.GT/0609683
A Garside-theoretic approach to the reducibility problem in braid groupsJun 10 2005Jul 14 2008Let $D_n$ denote the $n$-punctured disk in the complex plane, where the punctures are on the real axis. An $n$-braid $\alpha$ is said to be \emph{reducible} if there exists an essential curve system $\C$ in $D_n$, called a \emph{reduction system} of $\alpha$, ... More
Conjugacy classes of periodic braidsFeb 13 2007Apr 29 2010Recently, there have been several progresses for the conjugacy search problem (CSP) in Garside groups, especially in braid groups. All known algorithms for solving this problem use a sort of exhaustive search in a particular finite set such as the super ... More
Translation numbers in a Garside group are rational with uniformly bounded denominatorsApr 04 2006Mar 22 2007It is known that Garside groups are strongly translation discrete. In this paper, we show that the translation numbers in a Garside group are rational with uniformly bounded denominators and can be computed in finite time. As an application, we give solutions ... More
A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions toward spintronic applicationsJun 11 2019Jun 12 2019The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions ... More
Magnetic skyrmion artificial synapse for neuromorphic computingJul 01 2019Since the discovery of magnetic skyrmions achieved one decade ago, there have been significant efforts to bring the virtual particles into fully functional devices, inspired by their fascinating physical and topological properties suitable for future ... More
A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions roward spintronic applicationsJun 11 2019The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions ... More
Bulk properties of van-der-Waals hard ferromagnet VI3Dec 13 2018Jan 21 2019We present comprehensive measurements of the structural, magnetic and electronic properties of layered van-der-Waals ferromagnet VI$_3$ down to low temperatures. Despite belonging to a well studied family of transition metal trihalides, this material ... More
Effective Field Theory for Low-Energy np SystemsMar 22 1998The properties of low-energy neutron-proton systems are studied in an effective field theory where only nucleons figure as relevant degrees of freedom. With a finite momentum cut-off regularization scheme, we show that the large scattering lengths of ... More
Optical Characterization of PtSi/Si by Spectroscopic EllipsometryJun 12 2016We report optical characterization of PtSi films for thermoelectric device applications by nondestructive spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE). Pt monolayer and Pt-Si multilayer which consists of 3 pairs of Pt and Si layers were deposited on p-doped-silicon ... More
EFT for electroweak processes of light nucleiSep 08 2003Recently we succeeded to make a reliable EFT prediction in a totally parameter-free manner for the $S$ factors for the solar $pp$ and $hep$ processes, $p+p\to d + e^+ +\nu_e$ and $\He3+p \to \He4 + e^+ + \nu_e$. The strategy used in there is to embed ... More
Restoration of Topological Surface State by Vacuum Annealing in Magnetically Doped Topological InsulatorSep 14 2017The introduction of magnetic order on the surface of topological insulators in general breaks the two-dimensional character of topological surface state (TSS). Once the TSS disappears, it is improbable to restore the topological surface properties. In ... More
Heating and Turbulence Driving by Galaxy Motions in Galaxy ClustersJul 30 2007Using three-dimensional hydrodynamic simulations, we investigate heating and turbulence driving in an intracluster medium (ICM) by orbital motions of galaxies in a galaxy cluster. We consider Ng member galaxies on isothermal and isotropic orbits through ... More
Entropy of 2+1 dimensional de Sitter space in terms of brick wall methodOct 22 1998We calculate the statistical entropy of a scalar field on the background of three-dimensional De Sitter space in terms of the brick wall method and finally derive the perimeter law of the entropy.
Counterfactual Quantum CryptographySep 23 2008Sep 26 2008Quantum cryptography allows one to distribute a secret key between two remote parties using the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics. The well-known established paradigm for the quantum key distribution relies on the actual transmission of signal ... More
Charge asymmetry dependence of anisotropic flow in pPb and PbPb collisions with CMS experimentApr 21 2017In nucleus-nucleus collisions, the linear dependence found for the elliptic flow harmonic of both positive or negative charged particles as a function of event charge asymmetry is predicted by the phenomenon known as the Chiral Magnetic Wave (CMW) due ... More
The Solar $Hep$ ProcessFeb 03 2004Dec 20 2004The $Hep$ process is a weak-interaction reaction, $He3 + p \to He4 + e^+ + \nu_e$, which occurs in the sun. There is renewed interest in $Hep$ owing to current experimental efforts to extract from the observed solar neutrino spectrum information on non-standard ... More
Fluorescent H_2 Emission Lines from the Reflection Nebula NGC 7023 Observed with IGRINSSep 07 2016We have analyzed the temperature, velocity and density of H_2 gas in NGC 7023 with a high-resolution near-infrared spectrum of the northwestern filament of the reflection nebula. By observing NGC 7023 in the H and K bands at R ~ 45,000 with the Immersion ... More
Multimodal Speaker Segmentation and Diarization using Lexical and Acoustic Cues via Sequence to Sequence Neural NetworksMay 28 2018While there has been substantial amount of work in speaker diarization recently, there are few efforts in jointly employing lexical and acoustic information for speaker segmentation. Towards that, we investigate a speaker diarization system using a sequence-to-sequence ... More
Probing Primordial Symmetry Breaking with Cosmic Microwave Background AnisotropyAug 13 2019There have been vigorous research attempts to test various modified gravity theories by using physics of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) anisotropy. In this article, with the CMB we try to distinguish two different scenarios of spontaneous symmetry ... More
Bayesian Semi-nonnegative Tri-matrix Factorization to Identify Pathways Associated with Cancer TypesDec 01 2017Identifying altered pathways that are associated with specific cancer types can potentially bring a significant impact on cancer patient treatment. Accurate identification of such key altered pathways information can be used to develop novel therapeutic ... More
Time-delayed Spatial Patterns in a Two-dimensional Array of Coupled OscillatorsJun 29 2001Oct 17 2002We investigated the effect of time delays on phase configurations in a set of two-dimensional coupled phase oscillators. Each oscillator is allowed to interact with its neighbors located within a finite radius, which serves as a control parameter in this ... More
Hexagon Formation as a Compromise Between Squares and Stripes in Vertically Vibrated Granular LayersJun 14 2001Jul 17 2001We propose a spatially continuous and temporally discrete model for pattern formation in vertically vibrated granular layers. The grain transfer and the grain mobility transitions are introduced qualitatively, but explicitly. This model reproduces experimentally ... More
Nonlinear Dynamical Friction in a Gaseous MediumAug 10 2009Using high-resolution, two-dimensional hydrodynamic simulations, we investigate nonlinear gravitational responses of gas to, and the resulting drag force on, a very massive perturber M_p moving at velocity V_p through a uniform gaseous medium of adiabatic ... More
Partially Locked States in Coupled Oscillators due to Inhomogeneous CouplingMar 17 2008Mar 17 2008We investigate coupled identical phase oscillators with scale-free distribution of coupling strength. It is shown that partially locked states can occur due to the inhomogeneity in coupling and some properties of the coupling function. Various quantities ... More
Characterization of the Hilbert ball by its AutomorphismsDec 02 2002We show in this paper that every domain in a separable Hilbert space, say $\cH$, which has a $C^2$ smooth strongly pseudoconvex boundary point at which an automorphism orbit accumulates is biholomorphic to the unit ball of $\cH$. This is the complete ... More
Improved BFT quantization of O(3) nonlinear sigma modelAug 17 1999We newly apply the improved Batalin-Fradkin-Tyutin(BFT) Hamiltonian method to the O(3) nonlinear sigma model, and directly obtain the compact form of nontrivial first class Hamiltonian by introducing the BFT physical fields. Furthermore, following the ... More
Improved Dirac quantization of a free particleJun 22 1999Nov 28 2000In the framework of Dirac quantization with second class constraints, a free particle moving on the surface of a $(d-1)-$dimensional sphere has an ambiguity in the energy spectrum due to the arbitrary shift of canonical momenta. We explicitly show that ... More
Observation of magnetic skyrmion crystals in a van der Waals ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2Jul 02 2019Since the discovery of long-range magnetic orders in the two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals (vdW) crystals, significant interest on such 2D magnets has emerged, inspired by their appealing physical properties and integration with other 2D family for unique ... More
Dynamical effects on superconductivity in BCS-BEC crossoverDec 31 2018We investigate the dynamical effects of pairing interaction on superconductivity in BCS-BEC crossover by studying the Holstein model at half-filling where the electron-phonon coupling $g$ controls the crossover. The dynamical mean-field theory was employed ... More
Dynamical analysis of Brans-Dicke Universe with inverse power-law effective potentialJul 03 2018Feb 26 2019We study Brans-Dicke cosmology with an inverse power-law effective potential. By using dynamical analyses, we search for fixed points corresponding to the radiation-like matter and dark energy-dominated era of our Universe, and the stability of fixed ... More
Critical behavior of an absorbing phase transition in an interacting monomer-dimer modelAug 18 1995We study a monomer-dimer model with repulsive interactions between the same species in one dimension. With infinitely strong interactions the model exhibits a continuous transition from a reactive phase to an inactive phase with two equivalent absorbing ... More
The Fermion Chern-Simons Gauge Theory of Fractional Quantum Hall Effect for Electromagnetic Polarization TensorJun 11 1996Unlike an earlier theory, by avoiding both the electromagnetic gauge field shift and the assumption of the zero average of electromagnetic field fluctuation the fermion Chern-Simons gauge theory is reformulated to obtain mean field solutions and a self-consistent ... More
On shellability for a poset of even subgraphs of a graphMay 18 2017Feb 08 2018Given a simple graph $G$, a poset of its even subgraphs was firstly considered by S. Choi and H. Park to study the topology of a real toric manifold associated with $G$. S. Choi and the authors extended this to a graph allowing multiple edges, motivated ... More
Static properties of chiral models with SU(3) group structureMay 24 2001May 30 2001We investigate the strangeness in the framework of chiral models, such as the Skyrmion, MIT bag, chiral bag and superqualiton models, with SU(3) flavor group structure. We review the recent progresses in both the theoretical paradigm and experimental ... More
Flavor symmetry breaking effects on SU(3) SkyrmionNov 03 2000We study the massive SU(3) Skyrmion model to investigate the flavor symmetry breaking (FSB) effects on the static properties of the strange baryons in the framework of the rigid rotator quantization scheme combined with the improved Dirac quantization ... More
New charge exchange model of GEANT4 for $^{9}$Be(p,n)$^{9}$B reactionApr 22 2014Oct 05 2014A new data-based charge exchange model of GEANT4 dedicated to the $^{9}$Be(p,n)$^{9}$B reaction is developed by taking the ENDF/B-VII.1 differential cross-section data as input. Our model yields results that are in good agreement with the experimental ... More
Scaling of Coulomb pseudo-potential in s-wave narrow-band superconductorsNov 04 2001Nov 20 2001The Coulomb pseudo-potential $\mu^*$ is extracted by fitting the numerically calculated transition temperature $T_c$ of the Eliashberg-Nambu equation which is extended to incorporate the narrow-band effects, that is, the vertex correction and the frequency ... More
BFT Hamiltonian embedding for SU(3) SkyrmionOct 22 1999Jul 19 2000We newly apply the Batalin, Fradkin and Tyutin (BFT) formalism to the SU(3) flavor Skyrmion model to investigate the Weyl ordering correction to the structure of the hyperfine splittings of strange baryons. On the other hand, the Berry phases and Casimir ... More
Batalin-Tyutin Quantization of the (2+1) dimensional nonabelian Chern-Simons field theoryMar 31 1994The (2+1) dimensional nonabelian Chern-Simons theory coupled to complex scalar fields is quantized by using the Batalin-Tyutin canonical Hamiltonian method which systematically embeds second-class constraint system into first-class one. We obtain the ... More
Optimization of the pulse width and injection time in a double-pass laser amplifierMay 03 2018We have optimized the input pulse width and injection time to achieve the highest possible output pulse energy in a double-pass laser amplifier. For this purpose, we have extended the modified Frantz-Nodvik equation by simultaneously including both spontaneous ... More
Computation of dendritic microstructures using a level set methodMar 07 2000We compute time-dependent solutions of the sharp-interface model of dendritic solidification in two dimensions by using a level set method. The steady-state results are in agreement with solvability theory. Solutions obtained from the level set algorithm ... More
Instability of Magnetized Ionization Fronts Surrounding H II RegionsOct 22 2014An ionization front (IF) surrounding an H II region is a sharp interface where a cold neutral gas makes transition to a warm ionized phase by absorbing UV photons from central stars. We investigate the instability of a plane-parallel D-type IF threaded ... More
A Semi-empirical Mass-loss Rate in Short-period Cataclysmic VariablesAug 05 2010The mass-loss rate of donor stars in cataclysmic variables (CVs) is of paramount importance in the evolution of short-period CVs. Observed donors are oversized in comparison with those of isolated single stars of the same mass, which is thought to be ... More
Noncommutative open strings from Dirac quantizationNov 12 1999Nov 17 1999We study Dirac commutators of canonical variables on D-branes with a constant Neveu-Schwarz 2-form field by using the Dirac constraint quantization method, and point out some subtleties appearing in previous works in analyzing constraint structure of ... More
RGB-based 3D Hand Pose Estimation via Privileged Learning with Depth ImagesNov 18 2018This paper proposes a method for hand pose estimation from RGB images that uses both external large-scale depth image datasets and paired depth and RGB images as privileged information at training time. We show that providing depth information during ... More
UBVI Surface Photometry of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 300 in the Sculptor GroupApr 02 2004We present UBVI surface photometry for 20.'5 X 20.'5 area of a late-type spiral galaxy NGC 300. In order to understand the morphological properties and luminosity distribution characteristics of NGC 300, we have derived isophotal maps, surface brightness ... More
Internal Structure and Apsidal Motions of Polytropic Stars in Close BinariesApr 20 2009We consider a synchronized, circular-orbit binary consisting of a polytrope with index n and a point-mass object, and use a self-consistent field method to construct the equilibrium structure of the polytrope under rotational and tidal perturbations. ... More
Instability of Evaporation Fronts in the Interstellar MediumOct 10 2013Dec 06 2013The neutral component of the interstellar medium is segregated into the cold neutral medium (CNM) and warm neutral medium (WNM) as a result of thermal instability. It was found that a plane-parallel CNM-WNM evaporation interface, across which the CNM ... More
Implicit Simulation Methods for Stochastic Chemical KineticsMar 14 2013In biochemical systems some of the chemical species are present with only small numbers of molecules. In this situation discrete and stochastic simulation approaches are more relevant than continuous and deterministic ones. The fundamental Gillespie's ... More
EvaluationNet: Can Human Skill be Evaluated by Deep Networks?May 31 2017With the recent substantial growth of media such as YouTube, a considerable number of instructional videos covering a wide variety of tasks are available online. Therefore, online instructional videos have become a rich resource for humans to learn everyday ... More
Spatial Attention Deep Net with Partial PSO for Hierarchical Hybrid Hand Pose EstimationApr 12 2016Oct 20 2016Discriminative methods often generate hand poses kinematically implausible, then generative methods are used to correct (or verify) these results in a hybrid method. Estimating 3D hand pose in a hierarchy, where the high-dimensional output space is decomposed ... More
Grounding Value Alignment with Ethical PrinciplesJul 11 2019An important step in the development of value alignment (VA) systems in AI is understanding how values can interrelate with facts. Designers of future VA systems will need to utilize a hybrid approach in which ethical reasoning and empirical observation ... More
Graph invariants and Betti numbers of real toric manifoldsDec 31 2017May 01 2018For a graph $G$, a graph cubeahedron $\square_G$ and a graph associahedron $\triangle_G$ are simple convex polytopes which admit (real) toric manifolds. In this paper, we introduce a graph invariant, called the $b$-number, and we show that the $b$-numbers ... More
Support-Area Dependence of Vibration-Insensitive Optical CavitiesNov 03 2018May 24 2019The vibration sensitivities of optical cavities depending on the support-area were investigated both numerically and experimentally. We performed the numerical simulation with two models; one with total constraint over the support area, and the other ... More
Support-Area Dependence of Vibration-Insensitive Optical CavitiesNov 03 2018The vibration sensitivities of optical cavities depending on the support-area were investigated both numerically and experimentally. We performed the numerical simulation with two models; one with total constraint over the support area, and the other ... More
Pricing and Hedging Long-Term OptionsOct 29 2014Mar 25 2016In this article, we investigate the behavior of long-term options. In many cases, option prices follow an exponential decay (or growth) rate for further maturity dates. We determine under what conditions option prices are characterized by this property. ... More
General self-flattening surfacesMar 17 2003Recently Jeong and Kim [Phys. Rev. E {\bf 66}, 051605 (2002)] investigated the scaling properties of equilibrium self-flattening surfaces subject to a restricted curvature constraint. In one dimension (1D), they found numerically that the stationary roughness ... More
Critical behavior of an interacting monomer-dimer modelDec 13 1993We study a monomer-dimer model with repulsive interactions between the same species in one dimension. With infinitely strong interactions the model exhibits a continuous transition from a reactive phase to an inactive phase with two equivalent absorbing ... More
$P_1$-nonconforming divergence-free finite element method on square meshes for Stokes equationsSep 19 2016Recently, the $P_1$-nonconforming finite element space over square meshes has been proved stable to solve Stokes equations with the piecewise constant space for velocity and pressure, respectively. In this paper, we will introduce its locally divergence-free ... More
Realizing fusion systems inside finite groupsAug 23 2015We show that every (not necessarily saturated) fusion system can be realized as a full subcategory of the fusion system of a finite group. This result extends our previous work \cite{Park2010} and complements the related result \cite{LearyStancu2007} ... More
Value of Usage and Seller's Listing Behavior in Internet AuctionsSep 24 2001In this paper, we aim to empirically examine the value of website usage and sellers' listing behavior in the two leading Internet auctions sites, eBay and Yahoo!Auctions. The descriptive data analysis of the seller's equilibrium listing behavior indicates ... More
Critical Temperature of Thermal Entanglement Phase Transition in Coupled Harmonic OscillatorsMar 08 2019We discuss on the external temperature dependence of quantum entanglement in coupled harmonic oscillator system. We show that entanglement sudden death phenomenon in temperature occurs in this system. This fact implies that the thermal entanglement completely ... More
Non-complex symplectic 4-manifolds with $b_{2}^{+}=1$Aug 31 2001In this short article we give a criterion whether a given minimal symplectic 4-manifold with $b_{2}^{+}=1$ having a torsion-free canonical class is rational or ruled. As a corollary, we confirm that most of homotopy elliptic surfaces $E(1}_{K}$, K is ... More
Eta invariants and regularized determinants for odd dimensional hyperbolic manifolds with cuspsNov 15 2001Dec 21 2005We study the eta invariants of Dirac operators and the regularized determinants of Dirac Laplacians over hyperbolic manifolds with cusps. We follow Werner M"uller and use relative traces to define these spectral invariants. We show the regularity of eta ... More
An algorithm for the classification of twisted forms of toric varietiesApr 17 2018Apr 26 2018Let $K/k$ be a finite Galois extension, $G=\text{Gal}(K/k)$, $\Sigma$ be a fan in a lattice $N$ and $X_{\Sigma}$ be an associated toric variety over $k$. It is well known that the set of $K/k$-forms of $X_{\Sigma}$ is in bijection with $H^1(G,\text{Aut}_{\Sigma}^T)$, ... More
Some effects of Veronese map on syzygies of projective varietiesSep 30 2005Nov 08 2005Let $X \subset \P^r$ be a nondegenerate projective variety and let $\nu_{\ell} : \P^r \to \P^N$ be the $\ell$-th Veronese embedding. In this paper we study the higher normality, defining equations and syzygies among them for the projective embedding $\nu_{\ell} ... More
Counting conjugacy classes of cyclic subgroups for fusion systemsJul 09 2013We give another proof of an observation of Th\'evenaz \cite{T1989} and present a fusion system version of it. Namely, for a saturated fusion system $\CF$ on a finite $p$-group $S$, we show that the number of the $\CF$-conjugacy classes of cyclic subgroups ... More
Milnor's triple linking numbers and derivatives of genus three knotsMar 30 2016A derivative of an algebraically slice knot $K$ is an oriented link disjointly embedded in a Seifert surface of $K$ such that its homology class forms a basis for a metabolizer $H$ of $K$. We show that for a genus three algebraically slice knot $K$, the ... More
The Spectral Geometry of Einstein Manifolds with BoundaryMay 07 2003May 07 2003Let (M,g) be a compact Einstein manifold with smooth boundary. We consider the spectrum of the p form valued Laplacian with respect to a suitable boundary condition. We show that certain geometric properties of the boundary may be spectrally characterized ... More
Spectral Geometry and the Kaehler Condition for Hermitian Manifolds with BoundaryFeb 24 2003Feb 25 2003Let (M,g,J) be a compact Hermitian manifold with a smooth boundary. Let $\Delta_p$ and $D_p$ be the realizations of the real and complex Laplacians on p forms with either Dirichlet or Neumann boundary conditions. We generalize previous results in the ... More
Geometric models of twisted differential K-theory IFeb 06 2016Nov 27 2016This is the first in a series of papers constructing geometric models of twisted differential K-theory. In this paper we construct a model of even twisted differential K-theory when the underlying topological twist represents a torsion class. By differential ... More
The estimation of neutrino fluxes produced by proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=14$ TeV of the LHCOct 10 2011Oct 17 2011Intense and collimated neutrino beams are produced by charm and beauty particle decays from proton-proton collisions at the LHC. A neutrino experiment would be run parasitically without interrupting the LHC physics program during the collider run. We ... More
Quasi-multiplicativity of typical cocyclesMar 10 2019We show that typical (in the sense of Bonatti-Viana) H\"{o}lder and fiber-bunched $GL_d(\mathbb{R})$-valued cocycles over a subshift of finite type are uniformly quasi-multiplicative with respect to all singular value potentials. We prove the continuity ... More
Amicable pairs and aliquot cycles on averageMar 23 2014Silverman and Stange defined the notion of an aliquot cycle of length $L$ for a fixed elliptic curve $E/\mathbb{Q}$, and conjectured an order of magnitude for the function that counts such aliquot cycles. We show that the conjectured upper bound holds ... More
Detecting Dark Photon with Reactor Neutrino ExperimentsMay 06 2017Aug 02 2017We propose to search for light $U(1)$ dark photons, $A'$, produced via kinetically mixing with ordinary photons via the Compton-like process, $\gamma e^- \rightarrow A' e^-$, in a nuclear reactor and detected by their interactions with the material in ... More
The Geography of Spin Symplectic 4-ManifoldsAug 22 2000Aug 31 2001In this paper we construct a family of simply connected, spin, non-complex, symplectic 4-manifolds which cover all but finitely many allowed lattice points $(\chi, c)$ lying in $0 \leq c \leq 8.76\chi$. Furthermore, as a corollary, we prove that there ... More
Exotic smooth structures on 3{CP}^2#8{-CP}^2Jul 05 2005Aug 29 2005Motivated by Stipsicz and Szab\'{o}'s exotic 4-manifolds with b_2^+=3 and b_2^-=8, we construct a family of simply connected smooth 4-manifolds with b_2^+=3 and b_2^-=8. As a corollary, we conclude that the topological 4-manifold 3{CP}^2#8{-CP}^2 admits ... More
Frame Potentials and Orthogonal VectorsFeb 25 2019Apr 22 2019An extension is given of a recent result of Glazyrin, showing that an orthonormal basis $\{e_{i}\}_{i=1}^{d}$ joined with the vectors $\{e_{j}\}_{j=1}^{m}$, where $1\leq m < d$ minimizes the $p$-frame potential for $p\in[1,2\log{\frac{2m+1}{2m}}/\log{\frac{m+1}{m}}]$ ... More
On higher syzygies of ruled surfaces IINov 01 2004In this article we we continue the study of property $N_p$ of irrational ruled surfaces begun in \cite{ES}. Let $X$ be a ruled surface over a curve of genus $g \geq 1$ with a minimal section $C_0$ and the numerical invariant $e$. When $X$ is an elliptic ... More
On higher syzygies of ruled surfacesJan 10 2004Sep 22 2004We study higher syzygies of a ruled surface $X$ over a curve of genus $g$ with the numerical invariant $e$. Let $L \in {Pic}X$ be a line bundle in the numerical class of $aC_0 +bf$. We prove that for $0 \leq e \leq g-3$, $L$ satisfies property $N_p$ if ... More
A Generalization of Multiple Choice Balls-into-Bins: Tight BoundsJan 16 2012Jul 11 2016This paper investigates a general version of the multiple choice model called the $(k,d)$-choice process in which $n$ balls are assigned to $n$ bins. In the process, $k<d$ balls are placed into $k$ least loaded out of $d$ bins chosen independently and ... More
A Hochschild-cyclic approach to additive higher Chow cyclesFeb 14 2008Over a field of characteristic zero, we introduce two motivic operations on additive higher Chow cycles: analogues of the Connes boundary $B$ operator and the shuffle product on Hochschild complexes. The former allows us to apply the formalism of mixed ... More
$P_1$-nonconforming divergence-free finite element method on square meshes for Stokes equationsSep 19 2016Nov 25 2018Recently, the $P_1$-nonconforming finite element space over square meshes has been proved stable to solve Stokes equations with the piecewise constant space for velocity and pressure, respectively. In this paper, we will introduce its locally divergence-free ... More
Fatou's theorem for subordinate Brownian motions with Gaussian components on $C^{1,1}$ open setsDec 24 2015Sep 15 2016We prove Fatou's theorem for nonnegative harmonic functions with respect to subordinate Brownian motions with Gaussian components on bounded $C^{1,1}$ open sets $D$. We prove that nonnegative harmonic functions with respect to such processes on $D$ converge ... More
D^0-$\bar D^0$ Mixing and CP Violation from FOCUS ExperimentNov 16 2000Nov 27 2000Measurement results on $D^0$-$\bar D^0$ mixing and CP violation are presented. FOCUS, a fixed target experiment at Fermilab, collected a high statistics photo-produced charm sample collected during the 96-97 run. We reconstructed more than 1 million charmed ... More
Sensitivity Analysis of Long-Term Cash FlowsNov 12 2015In this article, a sensitivity analysis of long-term cash flows with respect to perturbations in the underlying process is presented. For this purpose, we employ the martingale extraction through which a pricing operator is transformed into what is easier ... More
Ross Recovery with Recurrent and Transient ProcessesOct 08 2014Oct 17 2015Recently, Ross showed that it is possible to recover an objective measure from a risk-neutral measure. His model assumes that there is a finite-state Markov process X that drives the economy in discrete time. Many authors extended his model to a continuous-time ... More
Frame Potentials and Orthogonal VectorsFeb 25 2019An extension is given of a recent result of Glazyrin, showing that an orthonormal basis $\{e_{i}\}_{i=1}^{d}$ joined with the vectors $\{e_{j}\}_{j=1}^{m}$, where $1\leq m < d$ minimizes the $p$-frame potential for $p\in[1,2\log{\frac{2m+1}{2m}}/\log{\frac{m+1}{m}}]$ ... More
JGAN: A Joint Formulation of GAN for Synthesizing Images and LabelsMay 28 2019Image generation with explicit condition or label generally works better than unconditional image generation. In modern GAN frameworks, both generator and discriminator are formulated to model the conditional distribution of images given with labels. ... More
On alternating signed permutations with the maximal number of fixed pointsMar 21 2015A conjecture by R. Stanley on a class of alternating permutations, which is proved by R. Chapman and L. Williams states that alternating permutations with the maximal number of fixed points is equidistributed with derangements. We extend this (type $A$) ... More
Influence of small scale $E_M$ and $H_M$ on the growth of large scale magnetic fieldMay 29 2014We investigated the influence of small scale magnetic energy ($E_M$) and magnetic helicity ($H_M$) on the growth rate ($\gamma$) of large scale magnetic field ($\overline{{\bf B}}$). $H_M$ that plays a key role in MHD dynamo is a topological concept describing ... More