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Optimization of the pulse width and injection time in a double-pass laser amplifierMay 03 2018We have optimized the input pulse width and injection time to achieve the highest possible output pulse energy in a double-pass laser amplifier. For this purpose, we have extended the modified Frantz-Nodvik equation by simultaneously including both spontaneous ... More
Static properties of chiral models with SU(3) group structureMay 24 2001May 30 2001We investigate the strangeness in the framework of chiral models, such as the Skyrmion, MIT bag, chiral bag and superqualiton models, with SU(3) flavor group structure. We review the recent progresses in both the theoretical paradigm and experimental ... More
Flavor symmetry breaking effects on SU(3) SkyrmionNov 03 2000We study the massive SU(3) Skyrmion model to investigate the flavor symmetry breaking (FSB) effects on the static properties of the strange baryons in the framework of the rigid rotator quantization scheme combined with the improved Dirac quantization ... More
Support-Area Dependence of Vibration-Insensitive Optical CavitiesNov 03 2018May 24 2019The vibration sensitivities of optical cavities depending on the support-area were investigated both numerically and experimentally. We performed the numerical simulation with two models; one with total constraint over the support area, and the other ... More
$CP^{1}$ model with Hopf term and fractional spin statisticsNov 23 2001We reconsider the $CP^{1}$ model with the Hopf term by using the Batalin-Fradkin-Tyutin (BFT) scheme, which is an improved version of the Dirac quantization method. We also perform a semi-classical quantization of the topological charge Q sector by exploiting ... More
Global Embeddings of Two-dimensional Dilatonic Black HolesOct 11 2001Feb 11 2003We obtain minimal (2+1) and (2+2) dimensional global flat embeddings of uncharged and charged dilatonic black holes in (1+1) dimensions, respectively. Moreover, we obtain the Hawking temperatures and the black hole ones of these dilatonic black holes. ... More
Improved Hamilton-Jacobi Quantization for Nonholonomic Constrained SystemSep 06 2001The nonholonomic constrained system with second-class constraints is investigated using the Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) quantization scheme to yield the complete equations of motion of the system. Although the integrability conditions in the HJ scheme are equivalent ... More
Multimodal Sensor-Based Semantic 3D Mapping for a Large-Scale EnvironmentFeb 28 2018Semantic 3D mapping is one of the most important fields in robotics, and has been used in many applications, such as robot navigation, surveillance, and virtual reality. In general, semantic 3D mapping is mainly composed of 3D reconstruction and semantic ... More
Local free-fall temperatures of charged BTZ black holes in massive gravityDec 02 2018Feb 06 2019We obtain a (3+3)-dimensional global flat embedding of the generalized (2+1) charged Ba\~nados-Teitelboim-Zanelli black holes in massive gravity. We also study the local free-fall temperatures for freely falling observers starting from rest and investigate ... More
Warped products and the Reissner-Nordström-AdS black holeJul 30 2004We study a multiply warped product manifold associated with the Reissner-Nordstrom-AdS metric to investigate the physical properties inside the black hole event horizons. Our results include various limiting geometries of the RN, Schwarzschild--AdS and ... More
Warped products and Reissner-Nordstrom metricApr 23 2002We study a multiply warped products manifold associated with the Reissner-Nordstrom metric to investigate the physical properties inside the black hole event horizons. It is shown that, different from the uncharged Schwarzschild metric, the Ricci curvature ... More
Quantitative Approach to Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance Based on Film Dosimetry and OptimizationJun 15 2004To accurately verify the dose of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), we have used a global optimization method to investigate a new dose-verification algorithm. In practical application of this quality assurance (QA) procedure, verification ... More
Absolute frequency measurement of 1S0 (F = 1/2) - 3P0 (F = 1/2) transition of 171Yb atoms in a one-dimensional optical lattice at KRISSDec 27 2011Jan 25 2013We measured the absolute frequency of the optical clock transition 1S0 (F = 1/2) - 3P0 (F = 1/2) of 171Yb atoms confined in a one-dimensional optical lattice and it was determined to be 518 295 836 590 863.5(8.1) Hz. The frequency was measured against ... More
Weakly- and Self-Supervised Learning for Content-Aware Deep Image RetargetingAug 09 2017This paper proposes a weakly- and self-supervised deep convolutional neural network (WSSDCNN) for content-aware image retargeting. Our network takes a source image and a target aspect ratio, and then directly outputs a retargeted image. Retargeting is ... More
Fast and Full-Resolution Light Field Deblurring using a Deep Neural NetworkMar 31 2019Restoring a sharp light field image from its blurry input has become essential due to the increasing popularity of parallax-based image processing. State-of-the-art blind light field deblurring methods suffer from several issues such as slow processing, ... More
Sharp and Bright Photoluminescence Emission of Single Crystalline Diacetylene NanoparticlesJun 09 2016Amorphous nanoparticles (NPs) of diacetylene (DA) molecules were prepared by using a reprecipitation method. After crystallization through solvent-vapor annealing process, the highly crystalline DA NPs show different structural and optical characteristics ... More
Atomic scale variation of electron tunneling into a Luttinger liquid ? : High resolution scanning tunneling spectroscopy study on Au/Ge(001)Sep 17 2014Au-induced atomic wires on the Ge(001) surface were recently claimed to be an ideal 1D metal and their tunneling spectra were analyzed as the manifestation of a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid (TLL) state. We reinvestigate this system for atomically well-ordered ... More
Dynamical mean-field theory of Hubbard-Holstein model at half-filling: Zero temperature metal-insulator and insulator-insulator transitionsDec 16 2003We study the Hubbard-Holstein model, which includes both the electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions characterized by $U$ and $g$, respectively, employing the dynamical mean-field theory combined with Wilson's numerical renormalization group ... More
Dirac Quantization of Restricted QCDNov 22 2006We discuss the quantization of the restricted gauge theory of SU(2) QCD regarding it as a second-class constraint system, and construct the BRST symmetry of the constrained system in the framework of the improved Dirac quantization scheme. Our analysis ... More
An Effective Field Theory at Finite DensityOct 08 2004An effective theory to treat the dense nuclear medium by the perturbative expansion method is proposed as a natural extension of the Heavy Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory (HBChPT). Treating the Fermi momentum scale as a separate scale of the system, ... More
Search for exoplanets around northern circumpolar stars III. long-period radial velocity variations in hd 18438 and hd 158996Mar 20 2018Detecting exoplanets around giant stars sheds light on the later-stage evolution of planetary systems. We observed the M giant HD 18438 and the K giant HD 158996 as part of a Search for Exoplanets around Northern circumpolar Stars (SENS) and obtained ... More
[Fe II] 1.64 um Imaging Observations of the Outflow Features around Ultracompact H II Regions in the 1st Galactic QuadrantAug 05 2014We present [Fe II] 1.644 um features around ultracompact H II regions (UCHIIs) found on a quest for the "footprint" outflow features of UCHIIs---the feature produced by the outflowing materials ejected during the earlier, active accretion phase of massive ... More
Voltage Scaling of Graphene Device on SrTiO3 Epitaxial Thin FilmFeb 16 2016Electrical transport in monolayer graphene on SrTiO3 (STO) thin film is examined in order to promote gate-voltage scaling using a high-k dielectric material. The atomically flat surface of thin STO layer epitaxially grown on Nb-doped STO single-crystal ... More
KYDISC: Galaxy Morphology, Quenching, and Mergers in the Cluster EnvironmentJun 13 2018We present the KASI-Yonsei Deep Imaging Survey of Clusters (KYDISC) targeting 14 clusters at 0.015 < z < 0.144 using the Inamori Magellan Areal Camera and Spectrograph on the 6.5-meter Magellan Baade telescope and the MegaCam on the 3.6-meter Canada-France-Hawaii ... More
Frobenius numbers of Pythagorean triplesFeb 26 2014Given relatively prime integers $a_1, \dotsc, a_n$, the Frobenius number $g(a_1, \dotsc, a_n)$ is defined as the largest integer which cannot be expressed as $x_1 a_1 + \dotsb + x_n a_n$ with $x_i$ nonnegative integers. In this article, we give the Frobenius ... More
Water and Methanol Maser Survey of Protostars in the Orion Molecular Cloud ComplexOct 30 2013The results of a maser survey toward ninety-nine protostars in the Orion molecular cloud complex are presented. The target sources are low-mass protostars identified from infrared observations. Single-dish observations were carried out in the water maser ... More
TRk-CNN: Transferable Ranking-CNN for image classification of glaucoma, glaucoma suspect, and normal eyesMay 16 2019In this paper, we proposed Transferable Ranking Convolutional Neural Network (TRk-CNN) that can be effectively applied when the classes of images to be classified show a high correlation with each other. The multi-class classification method based on ... More
Unknotting number and genus of 3-braid knotsMay 15 2013Jan 27 2014Let $u(K)$ and $g(K)$ denote the unknotting number and the genus of a knot $K$, respectively. For a 3-braid knot $K$, we show that $u(K)\le g(K)$ holds, and that if $u(K)=g(K)$ then $K$ is either a 2-braid knot, a connected sum of two 2-braid knots, the ... More
Dual presentation and linear basis of the Temperley-Lieb algebrasMar 25 2004Apr 23 2006The braid group $B_n$ maps homomorphically into the Temperley-Lieb algebra $\TL_n$. It was shown by Zinno that the homomorphic images of simple elements arising from the dual presentation of the braid group $B_n$ form a basis for the vector space underlying ... More
Path lifting properties and embedding between RAAGsJul 24 2015Dec 11 2015For a finite simplicial graph $\Gamma$, let $G(\Gamma)$ denote the right-angled Artin group on the complement graph of $\Gamma$. In this article, we introduce the notions of "induced path lifting property" and "semi-induced path lifting property" for ... More
Radiative transfer in half spaces of arbitrary dimensionMay 19 2019We solve the classic albedo and Milne problems of plane-parallel illumination of an isotropically-scattering half-space when generalized to a Euclidean domain $\mathbb{R}^d$ for arbitrary $d \ge 1$. A continuous family of pseudo-problems and related $H$ ... More
A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions roward spintronic applicationsJun 11 2019The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions ... More
A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions toward spintronic applicationsJun 11 2019Jun 12 2019The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions ... More
Surface-diffusion-limited growth of atomically thin WS2 crystals from core-shell nucleiSep 02 2018Atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) have recently attracted great attention since the unique and fascinating physical properties have been found in various TMDs, implying potential applications in next-generation devices. The progress ... More
Noncrossing partitions for periodic braidsAug 21 2016May 03 2017An element in Artin's braid group $B_n$ is called periodic if it has a power which lies in the center of $B_n$. The conjugacy problem for periodic braids can be reduced to the following: given a divisor $1\le d<n-1$ of $n-1$ and an element $\alpha$ in ... More
Some power of an element in a Garside group is conjugate to a periodically geodesic elementApr 06 2006Jun 18 2009We show that for each element $g$ of a Garside group, there exists a positive integer $m$ such that $g^m$ is conjugate to a periodically geodesic element $h$, an element with $|h^n|_\D=|n|\cdot|h|_\D$ for all integers $n$, where $|g|_\D$ denotes the shortest ... More
Embeddability of right-angled Artin groups on complements of treesJun 30 2017Jul 02 2018For a finite simplicial graph $\Gamma$, let $A(\Gamma)$ denote the right-angled Artin group on $\Gamma$. Recently Kim and Koberda introduced the extension graph $\Gamma^e$ for $\Gamma$, and established the Extension Graph Theorem: for finite simplicial ... More
High-resolution near-IR Spectral mapping with H$_{2}$ and [Fe II] lines of Multiple Outflows around LkH$α$ 234Apr 05 2018We present a high-resolution, near-IR spectroscopic study of multiple outflows in the LkH$\alpha$ 234 star formation region using the Immersion GRating INfrared Spectrometer (IGRINS). Spectral mapping over the blueshifted emission of HH 167 allowed us ... More
Epitaxial Growth of a Single-Crystal Hybridized Boron Nitride and Graphene layer on a Wide-Band Gap SemiconductorJun 12 2015Vertical and lateral heterogeneous structures of two-dimensional (2D) materials have paved the way for pioneering studies on the physics and applications of 2D materials. A hybridized hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) and graphene lateral structure, a heterogeneous ... More
Near-Infrared Photometric Study of the Old Open Cluster Trumpler 5Dec 23 2009We present JHK near-infrared photometric study for the old open cluster (OC) Trumpler 5 (Tr 5), based on the 2MASS data. From the color-magnitude diagrams of Tr 5, we have located the position of the red giant clump (RGC) stars, and used the mean magnitude ... More
EFT for electroweak processes of light nucleiSep 08 2003Recently we succeeded to make a reliable EFT prediction in a totally parameter-free manner for the $S$ factors for the solar $pp$ and $hep$ processes, $p+p\to d + e^+ +\nu_e$ and $\He3+p \to \He4 + e^+ + \nu_e$. The strategy used in there is to embed ... More
Effective Field Theory for Low-Energy np SystemsMar 22 1998The properties of low-energy neutron-proton systems are studied in an effective field theory where only nucleons figure as relevant degrees of freedom. With a finite momentum cut-off regularization scheme, we show that the large scattering lengths of ... More
Optical Characterization of PtSi/Si by Spectroscopic EllipsometryJun 12 2016We report optical characterization of PtSi films for thermoelectric device applications by nondestructive spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE). Pt monolayer and Pt-Si multilayer which consists of 3 pairs of Pt and Si layers were deposited on p-doped-silicon ... More
Cosmic String Spacetime in Dilaton Gravity and Flat Rotation CurvesDec 29 2004In dilaton gravity theories, we consider a string-like topological defect formed during U(1) gauge symmetry-breaking phase transition in the early Universe, and far from the cosmic string we have vacuum solutions of the generalized Einstein equation. ... More
[Fe II] 1.64 um Features of Jets and Outflows from Young Stellar Objects in the Carina NebulaAug 14 2013We present [Fe II] 1.64 {\mu}m imaging observations for jets and outflows from young stellar objects (YSOs) over the northern part (~ 24'x45') of the Carina Nebula, a massive star forming region. The observations were performed with IRIS2 of Anglo-Australian ... More
Giant thermal hysteresis in Verwey transition of single domain Fe3O4 nanoparticlesMar 15 2018Most interesting phenomena of condensed matter physics originate from interactions among different degrees of freedom, making it a very intriguing yet challenging question how certain ground states emerge from only a limited number of atoms in assembly. ... More
Restoration of Topological Surface State by Vacuum Annealing in Magnetically Doped Topological InsulatorSep 14 2017The introduction of magnetic order on the surface of topological insulators in general breaks the two-dimensional character of topological surface state (TSS). Once the TSS disappears, it is improbable to restore the topological surface properties. In ... More
White-light-seeded, CEP-stable, 4.5-W, 4-micron KTA parametric amplifier driven by a 1.4-ps Yb:YAG thin disk laserAug 28 2018We demonstrate a robust, carrier envelope phase (CEP)-stable, potassium titanyl arsenate (KTA)-based optical parametric amplifier (OPA) delivering 6-cycle (79 fs), 3.8-$\mu$m pulses at a 100-kHz repetition rate with an average power of 4.5 W. The pivotal ... More
Braid groups of imprimitive complex reflection groupsApr 22 2014Jan 24 2015We obtain new presentations for the imprimitive complex reflection groups of type $(de,e,r)$ and their braid groups $B(de,e,r)$ for $d,r \ge 2$. Diagrams for these presentations are proposed. The presentations have much in common with Coxeter presentations ... More
Degeneracy pressure of relic neutrinos and cosmic coincidence problemApr 13 2011Apr 17 2011We consider the universe as a huge $\nu_R$-sphere formed with degenerate relic neutrinos and suggest that its constant energy density play a role of an effective cosmological constant. We construct the sphere as a bubble of true vacuum in a field theory ... More
A quasi-solution approach to Blasius similarity equation with general boundary conditionsApr 08 2014A recently developed method \cite{Costinetal}, \cite{Dubrovin}, and \cite{BlasiusCT} is used to find an analytic approximate solution with rigorous error bounds to the classical Blasius similarity equation with general boundary conditions. This provides ... More
Inverse Tunneling Magnetoresistance in nanoscale Magnetic Tunnel JunctionsMay 16 2005We report on our theoretical study of the inverse TMR effect in the spin polarized transport through a narrow channel. In the weak tunneling limit, we find the ordinary positive TMR. The TMR changes its sign as the transmission probability becomes large ... More
A note on string size evolution in phantom cosmologyJul 12 2014Apr 05 2015We analyze evolution of string size in higher-dimensional cosmology with phantom field. Assuming that the Universe possesses the phantom field defined in a ten-dimensional spacetime, we predict string size which is claimed to be that of photon in nature ... More
Global embeddings and hydrodynamic properties of Kerr black holeSep 20 2012Oct 27 2016In the presence of a rotating Kerr black hole, we investigate hydrodynamics of the massive particles and massless photons, to construct relations among number density, pressure and internal energy density of the massive particles and photons around the ... More
Schrödinger representation for topological solitonsDec 31 2003May 31 2004Exploiting the SU(2) Skyrmion Lagrangian with second-class constraints associated with Lagrange multiplier and collective coordinates, we convert the second-class system into the first-class one in the Batalin-Fradkin-Tyutin embedding through introduction ... More
Complete higher dimensional global embedding structures of various black holesOct 28 2003Jan 09 2004We study global flat embeddings inside and outside of event horizons of black holes such as Schwarzschild and Reissner-Nordstr\"{o}m black holes, and of de Sitter space. On these overall patches of the curved manifolds we investigate four accelerations ... More
Realization of giant magnetoelectricity in helimagnetsJan 08 2010Jan 21 2010We show that low field magnetoelectric (ME) properties of helimagnets Ba0.5Sr1.5Zn2(Fe1-xAlx)12O22 can be efficiently tailored by Al-substitution level. As x increases, the critical magnetic field for switching electric polarization is systematically ... More
Emergence of robust 2D skyrmions in SrRuO3 ultrathin film without the capping layerOct 03 2018Magnetic skyrmions have fast evolved from a novelty, as a realization of topologically protected structure with particle-like character, into a promising platform for new types of magnetic storage. Significant engineering progress was achieved with the ... More
Element-Specific Orbital Character in a Nearly-Free-Electron Superconductor Ag$_5$Pb$_2$O$_6$ Revealed by Core-Level PhotoemissionMar 29 2017Ag$_5$Pb$_2$O$_6$ has attracted considerable attention due to its novel nearly-free-electron superconductivity, but its electronic structure and orbital character of the Cooper-pair electrons remain controversial. Here, we present a method utilizing core-level ... More
The BOES spectropolarimeter for Zeeman measurements of stellar magnetic fieldsJul 28 2007We introduce a new polarimeter installed on the high-resolution fiber-fed echelle spectrograph (called BOES) of the 1.8-m telescope at the Bohyunsan Optical Astronomy Observatory, Korea. The instrument is intended to measure stellar magnetic fields with ... More
Bayesian Semi-nonnegative Tri-matrix Factorization to Identify Pathways Associated with Cancer TypesDec 01 2017Identifying altered pathways that are associated with specific cancer types can potentially bring a significant impact on cancer patient treatment. Accurate identification of such key altered pathways information can be used to develop novel therapeutic ... More
Furstenberg theorem for frequently hypercyclic operatorsAug 21 2014In this paper, we show that if the direct sum $T\oplus T$ of frequently hypercyclic operators is frequently hypercyclic, then every higher direct sum $T\oplus\cdots\oplus T$ is also frequently hypercyclic.
The Solar $Hep$ ProcessFeb 03 2004Dec 20 2004The $Hep$ process is a weak-interaction reaction, $He3 + p \to He4 + e^+ + \nu_e$, which occurs in the sun. There is renewed interest in $Hep$ owing to current experimental efforts to extract from the observed solar neutrino spectrum information on non-standard ... More
Charge asymmetry dependence of anisotropic flow in pPb and PbPb collisions with CMS experimentApr 21 2017In nucleus-nucleus collisions, the linear dependence found for the elliptic flow harmonic of both positive or negative charged particles as a function of event charge asymmetry is predicted by the phenomenon known as the Chiral Magnetic Wave (CMW) due ... More
Supersymmetric Monopole Quantum Mechanics on SphereMay 03 2005May 24 2005We study N=2 supersymmetric quantum mechanics of a charged particle on sphere in the background of Dirac magnetic monopole. We adopt CP(1) model approach in which the monopole interaction is free of singularity. In order to exploit manifest U(1) covariance ... More
The Infrared Medium-deep Survey. III. Survey of Luminous Quasars at 4.7 $\leq$ z $\leq$ 5.4Jun 26 2017We present our first results of the survey for high redshift quasars at $5 \lesssim {\rm z} \lesssim 5.7$. The search for quasars in this redshift range has been known to be challenging due to limitations of filter sets used in previous studies. We conducted ... More
Multimodal Speaker Segmentation and Diarization using Lexical and Acoustic Cues via Sequence to Sequence Neural NetworksMay 28 2018While there has been substantial amount of work in speaker diarization recently, there are few efforts in jointly employing lexical and acoustic information for speaker segmentation. Towards that, we investigate a speaker diarization system using a sequence-to-sequence ... More
Occlusion-aware Hand Pose Estimation Using Hierarchical Mixture Density NetworkNov 29 2017May 21 2018Learning and predicting the pose parameters of a 3D hand model given an image, such as locations of hand joints, is challenging due to large viewpoint changes and articulations, and severe self-occlusions exhibited particularly in egocentric views. Both ... More
Schrödinger Fields on the Plane with non-Abelian Chern-Simons InteractionsFeb 23 1994Physical content of the nonrelativistic quantum field theory with non-Abelian Chern-Simons interactions is clarified with the help of the equivalent first- quantized description which we derive in any physical gauge.
ScreenerNet: Learning Self-Paced Curriculum for Deep Neural NetworksJan 03 2018Jun 06 2018We propose to learn a curriculum or a syllabus for supervised learning and deep reinforcement learning with deep neural networks by an attachable deep neural network, called ScreenerNet. Specifically, we learn a weight for each sample by jointly training ... More
The Infrared Medium-deep Survey. VI. Discovery of Faint Quasars at $z\sim5$ with a Medium-band-based ApproachNov 21 2018Nov 22 2018The faint quasars with $M_{1450}>-24$ mag are known to hold the key to the determination of the ultraviolet emissivity for the cosmic re-ionization. But only a few have been identified so far because of the limitations on the survey data. Here, we present ... More
Proceedings of the first MadAnalysis 5 workshop on LHC recasting in KoreaJun 07 2018We present the activities performed during the first MadAnalysis 5 workshop on LHC recasting that has been organized at High 1 (Gangwon privince, Korea) on August 20-27, 2017. This report includes details on the implementation in the MadAnalysis 5 framework ... More
Particle with non-Abelian charge: classical and quantumNov 15 2010May 24 2011We study the action for a non-Abelian charged particle in a non-Abelian background field in the worldline formalism, described by real bosonic variables, leading to the well known equations given by Wong. The isospin parts in the action can be viewed ... More
Colliding Waves on a Brane, the Big Bounce and ReconnectionNov 03 2008We present a time-dependent solution of the Nambu-Goto action which represents two colliding waves moving at the speed of light. This solution can be decomposed into two distinct regions with different geometries corresponding to shrinking or expanding ... More
Effects of signs in tunneling matrix elements on transmission zeros and phaseNov 23 2002Apr 26 2003The effect of the signs in the tunneling matrix elements on the transmission zeros and the transmission phase in transport through a quantum dot is studied. The existence of the transmission zeros is determined by both the relative signs and the strength ... More
Improved BFT quantization of O(3) nonlinear sigma modelAug 17 1999We newly apply the improved Batalin-Fradkin-Tyutin(BFT) Hamiltonian method to the O(3) nonlinear sigma model, and directly obtain the compact form of nontrivial first class Hamiltonian by introducing the BFT physical fields. Furthermore, following the ... More
Improved Dirac quantization of a free particleJun 22 1999Nov 28 2000In the framework of Dirac quantization with second class constraints, a free particle moving on the surface of a $(d-1)-$dimensional sphere has an ambiguity in the energy spectrum due to the arbitrary shift of canonical momenta. We explicitly show that ... More
Formation of Blue-cored Dwarf Early-type Galaxies in a Cluster Environment: a Kinematical PerspectiveJun 05 2019The presence of blue cores in some dwarf early-type galaxies (dEs) in galaxy clusters suggests the scenario of late-type galaxy infall and subsequent transformation into red, quiescent dEs. We present Gemini Multi-Object Spectrographs long-slit spectroscopy ... More
New charge exchange model of GEANT4 for $^{9}$Be(p,n)$^{9}$B reactionApr 22 2014Oct 05 2014A new data-based charge exchange model of GEANT4 dedicated to the $^{9}$Be(p,n)$^{9}$B reaction is developed by taking the ENDF/B-VII.1 differential cross-section data as input. Our model yields results that are in good agreement with the experimental ... More
Hen Process in Effective Field TheoryNov 17 2003An effective field theory technique that combines the standard nuclear physics approach and chiral perturbation theory is applied to the $hen$ process, ${}^{3}{He}+n\to {}^{4}{He}+ \gamma$. For the initial and final nuclear states, high-precision wave ... More
BFT Hamiltonian embedding for SU(3) SkyrmionOct 22 1999Jul 19 2000We newly apply the Batalin, Fradkin and Tyutin (BFT) formalism to the SU(3) flavor Skyrmion model to investigate the Weyl ordering correction to the structure of the hyperfine splittings of strange baryons. On the other hand, the Berry phases and Casimir ... More
Scaling of Coulomb pseudo-potential in s-wave narrow-band superconductorsNov 04 2001Nov 20 2001The Coulomb pseudo-potential $\mu^*$ is extracted by fitting the numerically calculated transition temperature $T_c$ of the Eliashberg-Nambu equation which is extended to incorporate the narrow-band effects, that is, the vertex correction and the frequency ... More
Dynamical effects on superconductivity in BCS-BEC crossoverDec 31 2018We investigate the dynamical effects of pairing interaction on superconductivity in BCS-BEC crossover by studying the Holstein model at half-filling where the electron-phonon coupling $g$ controls the crossover. The dynamical mean-field theory was employed ... More
Dynamical analysis of Brans-Dicke Universe with inverse power-law effective potentialJul 03 2018Feb 26 2019We study Brans-Dicke cosmology with an inverse power-law effective potential. By using dynamical analyses, we search for fixed points corresponding to the radiation-like matter and dark energy-dominated era of our Universe, and the stability of fixed ... More
Critical behavior of an absorbing phase transition in an interacting monomer-dimer modelAug 18 1995We study a monomer-dimer model with repulsive interactions between the same species in one dimension. With infinitely strong interactions the model exhibits a continuous transition from a reactive phase to an inactive phase with two equivalent absorbing ... More
Batalin-Tyutin Quantization of the (2+1) dimensional nonabelian Chern-Simons field theoryMar 31 1994The (2+1) dimensional nonabelian Chern-Simons theory coupled to complex scalar fields is quantized by using the Batalin-Tyutin canonical Hamiltonian method which systematically embeds second-class constraint system into first-class one. We obtain the ... More
UKIRT Widefield Infrared Survey for Fe$^+$Jun 17 2014The United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) Widefield Infrared Survey for Fe$^+$ (UWIFE) is a 180 deg$^2$ imaging survey of the first Galactic quadrant (7$^{\circ}$ < l < 62$^{\circ}$; |b| < 1.5$^{\circ}$) using a narrow-band filter centered on the ... More
Submillimeter continuum variability in Planck Galactic cold clumpsMay 29 2019Jun 14 2019In the early stages of star formation, a protostar is deeply embedded in an optically thick envelope such that it is not directly observable. Variations in the protostellar accretion rate, however, will cause luminosity changes that are reprocessed by ... More
Ferroelectric polarization rotation in order-disorder-type LiNbO3 thin filmsDec 07 2018The direction of ferroelectric polarization is prescribed by the symmetry of the crystal structure. Therefore, rotation of the polarization direction is largely limited, despite the opportunity it offers in understanding important dielectric phenomena ... More
The Fermion Chern-Simons Gauge Theory of Fractional Quantum Hall Effect for Electromagnetic Polarization TensorJun 11 1996Unlike an earlier theory, by avoiding both the electromagnetic gauge field shift and the assumption of the zero average of electromagnetic field fluctuation the fermion Chern-Simons gauge theory is reformulated to obtain mean field solutions and a self-consistent ... More
Evolution of Kinetic and Magnetic Energy in Intra Cluster MediaApr 12 2015Jul 13 2015Intra Cluster Media (ICMs) located at galaxy clusters is in the state of hot, tenuous, magnetized, and highly ionized X-ray emitting plasmas. This overall collisionless, viscous, and conductive magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence in ICM is simulated ... More
On shellability for a poset of even subgraphs of a graphMay 18 2017Feb 08 2018Given a simple graph $G$, a poset of its even subgraphs was firstly considered by S. Choi and H. Park to study the topology of a real toric manifold associated with $G$. S. Choi and the authors extended this to a graph allowing multiple edges, motivated ... More
Submillimeter continuum variability in Planck Galactic cold clumpsMay 29 2019In the early stages of star formation, a protostar is deeply embedded in an optically thick envelope such that it is not directly observable. Variations in the protostellar accretion rate, however, will cause luminosity changes that are reprocessed by ... More
Computation of dendritic microstructures using a level set methodMar 07 2000We compute time-dependent solutions of the sharp-interface model of dendritic solidification in two dimensions by using a level set method. The steady-state results are in agreement with solvability theory. Solutions obtained from the level set algorithm ... More
Complex Events Recognition under Uncertainty in a Sensor NetworkNov 01 2014Automated extraction of semantic information from a network of sensors for cognitive analysis and human-like reasoning is a desired capability in future ground surveillance systems. We tackle the problem of complex decision making under uncertainty in ... More
Coupling of Brans-Dicke scalar field with Horava-Lifshitz gravityMar 15 2010Dec 27 2010We look for a Brans-Dicke type of generalization of the Horava-Lifshitz gravity. It is shown that such a generalization is possible within the detailed balance condition. Classically, the resulting theory reduces in the IR limit to the usual Brans-Dicke ... More
RGB-based 3D Hand Pose Estimation via Privileged Learning with Depth ImagesNov 18 2018This paper proposes a method for hand pose estimation from RGB images that uses both external large-scale depth image datasets and paired depth and RGB images as privileged information at training time. We show that providing depth information during ... More
Dilaton driven Hawking radiation in AdS$_2$ black holeMay 03 1999Jul 30 1999A recent study shows that Hawking radiation of the massless scalar field does not appear on the two-dimensional AdS$_2$ black hole background. We study this issue by investigating absorption and reflection coefficients under dilaton coupling with the ... More
Gravitational Runaway and Turbulence Driving in Star-Gas Galactic DisksJan 26 2007Galactic disks consist of both stars and gas. The gas is more dynamically responsive than the stars, and strongly nonlinear structures and velocities can develop in the ISM even while stellar surface density perturbations remain fractionally small. We ... More
Exact self-gravitating N-body motion in the CGHS modelJul 26 2002In the asymptotically flat two-dimensional dilaton gravity, we present an N-body particle action which has a dilaton coupled mass term for the exact solubility. This gives nonperturbative exact solutions for the N-body self-gravitating system, so the ... More