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A D'-type symbiotic binary in the planetary nebula SMP LMC 88Feb 08 2018SMP LMC 88 is one of the planetary nebulae (PN) in the Large Magellanic Cloud. We identify in its spectrum Raman scattered O VI lines at 6825 and 7083A. This unambiguously classifies the central object of the nebula as a symbiotic star (SySt). We identified ... More
A Degeneracy in DRW Modelling of AGN Light CurvesApr 06 2016Apr 21 2016Individual light curves of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) are nowadays successfully modelled with the damped random walk (DRW) stochastic process, characterized by the power exponential covariance matrix of the signal, with the power $\beta=1$. By Monte ... More
Collapse of unit horizontal bundles equipped with a metric of Cheeger-Gromoll typeJun 14 2007We study unit horizontal bundles associated with Riemannian submersions. First we investigate metric properties of an arbitrary unit horizontal bundle equipped with a Riemannian metric of the Cheeger-Gromoll type. Next we examine it from the Gromov-Hausdorff ... More
Discovery of 5000 Active Galactic Nuclei behind the Magellanic CloudsApr 10 2009Jul 24 2009We show that using mid-IR color selection to find active galactic nuclei (AGN) is as effective in dense stellar fields such as the Magellanic Clouds as it is in extragalactic fields with low stellar densities using comparisons between the Spitzer Deep, ... More
Quantifying Quasar Variability As Part of a General Approach To Classifying Continuously Varying SourcesSep 07 2009Nov 30 2009Robust fast methods to classify variable light curves in large sky surveys are becoming increasingly important. While it is relatively straightforward to identify common periodic stars and particular transient events (supernovae, novae, microlensing), ... More
OGLE-III Microlensing Events and the Structure of the Galactic BulgeMay 13 2014Jan 07 2015We present and study the largest and the most comprehensive catalog of microlensing events ever constructed. The sample of standard microlensing events comprises 3718 unique events from years 2001--2009, with 1409 not detected before in real-time by the ... More
The Magellanic Quasars Survey. I. Doubling the Number of Known AGNs Behind the Small Magellanic CloudFeb 03 2011We report the spectroscopic confirmation of 29 new, 12 plausible, and 3 previously known quasars behind the central ~1.5 deg^2 region of the Small Magellanic Cloud. These were identified in a single 2df/AAOmega observation on the Anglo-Australian Telescope ... More
Some properties of generalized higher-order convexityJul 25 2008The generalized divided differences are introduced. They are applied to investigate some properties characterizing generalized higher-order convexity. Among others some support-type property is proved.
Local affine selections of convex multifunctionsNov 08 2016It is well known that not every convex multifunction admits an affine selection. One could ask whether there exists at least local affine selection. The answer is positive in the finite-dimensional case. The main part of this note consists of two examples ... More
On some extremalities in the approximate integrationJul 25 2008Jul 16 2012Some extremalities for quadrature operators are proved for convex functions of higher order. Such results are known in the numerical analysis, however they are often proved under suitable differentiability assumptions. In our considerations we do not ... More
Further Evidence that Quasar X-Ray Emitting Regions Are Compact: X-Ray and Optical Microlensing in the Lensed Quasar Q J0158-4325May 21 2012We present four new seasons of optical monitoring data and six epochs of X-ray photometry for the doubly-imaged lensed quasar Q J0158-4325. The high-amplitude, short-period microlensing variability for which this system is known has historically precluded ... More
A note on the polynomial-like iterative equations orderApr 05 2016We discuss a new case where the order of a polynomial-like iterative equation can be lowered.
Empirical Conversions of Broad-Band Optical and Infrared Magnitudes to Monochromatic Continuum Luminosities for Active Galactic NucleiApr 22 2015Oct 29 2015We use public data for 105783 quasars from The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Data Release 7 (DR7) that include spectral monochromatic luminosities at 5100\AA, 3000\AA, and 1350\AA, and the corresponding observed broad-band ugriz, VRI (converted), JHK ... More
Hermite-Hadamard-type inequalities in the approximate integrationJul 25 2008Jul 16 2012We give a slight extension of the Hermite-Hadamard inequality on simplices and we use it to establish error bounds of the operators connected with the approximate integration.
Polynomial selections and separation by polynomialsJul 25 2008Necessary and sufficient conditions under which two real functions defined on the real interval can be separated by a polynomial are given. An immediate consequence of the main result is the existence of the polynomial separation of convex functions of ... More
Revisiting Stochastic Variability of AGNs with Structure FunctionsApr 20 2016Jul 04 2016Discrepancies between reported structure function (SF) slopes and their overall flatness as compared to expectations from the damped random walk (DRW) model, which generally well describes the variability of active galactic nuclei (AGNs), have triggered ... More
Support-type properties of convex functions of higher order and Hadamard-type inequalitiesJul 25 2008It is well-known that every convex function admits an affine support at every interior point of a domain. Convex functions of higher order (precisely of an odd order) have a similar property: they are supported by the polynomials of degree no greater ... More
The Szlenk power type and tensor products of Banach spacesApr 12 2016We prove a formula for the Szlenk power type of the injective tensor product of Banach spaces with Szlenk index at most $\omega$. We also show that the Szlenk power type as well as summability of the Szlenk index are separably determined, and we extend ... More
Wei-Norman equations for classical groupsDec 18 2013We show that the non-linear autonomus Wei-Norman equations, expressing the solution of a linear system of non-autonomous equations on a Lie algebra, can be reduced to the hierarchy of matrix Riccati equations in the case of all classical simple Lie algebras. ... More
Luzin and Sierpiński sets, some nonmeasurable subsets of the plane and additive properties on the lineJun 11 2014Jun 22 2014In this paper we shall introduce some nonmeasurable and completely nonmeasurable subsets of the plane with various additional properties, e.g. being Hamel basis, intersecting each line in a strong Luzin / Sierpi\'nski set. Also some additive properties ... More
On ultralimits of sparse graph classesAug 28 2015The notion of nowhere denseness is one of the central concepts of the recently developed theory of sparse graphs. We study the properties of nowhere dense graph classes by investigating appropriate limit objects defined using the ultraproduct construction. ... More
Optimal coloured perceptronsApr 11 2000Dec 13 2000Ashkin-Teller type perceptron models are introduced. Their maximal capacity per number of couplings is calculated within a first-step replica-symmetry-breaking Gardner approach. The results are compared with extensive numerical simulations using several ... More
Differential as a harmonic morphism with respect to Cheeger--Gromoll type metricsAug 04 2009We investigate horizontal conformality of a differential of a map between Riemannian manifolds where the tangent bundles are equipped with Cheeger--Gromoll type metrics. As a corollary, we characterize the differential of a map as a harmonic morphism. ... More
On the equivalence of the Ashkin-Teller and the four-state Potts-glass models of neural networksMar 28 2001Apr 10 2001We show that for a particular choice of the coupling parameters the Ashkin-Teller spin-glass neural network model with the Hebb learning rule and one condensed pattern yields the same thermodynamic properties as the four-state anisotropic Potts-glass ... More
The Ashkin-Teller neural network near saturationJun 17 1999Jan 04 2000The thermodynamic and retrieval properties of the Ashkin-Teller neural network model storing an infinite number of patterns are examined in the replica-symmetric mean-field approximation. In particular, for linked patterns temperature-capacity phase diagrams ... More
On condensation properties of Bethe roots associated with the XXZ chainAug 24 2015I prove that the Bethe roots describing either the ground state or a certain class of "particle-hole" excited states of the XXZ spin-$1/2$ chain in any sector with magnetisation $\mathfrak{m} \in [0;1/2]$ exist and form, in the infinite volume limit, ... More
Combinatorics of generalized Bethe equationsMay 14 2012A generalization of the Bethe ansatz equations is studied, where a scalar two-particle S-matrix has several zeroes and poles in the complex plane, as opposed to the ordinary single pole/zero case. For the repulsive case (no complex roots), the main result ... More
Large-distance and long-time asymptotic behavior of the reduced density matrix in the non-linear Schrödinger modelJan 08 2011May 05 2011Starting from the form factor expansion in finite volume, we derive the multidimensional generalization of the so-called Natte series for the zero-temperature, time and distance dependent reduced density matrix in the non-linear Schr\"{o}dinger model. ... More
On the emptiness formation probability of the open XXZ spin-$\tf{1}{2}$ chainAug 02 2007This paper is devoted to the study of the emptiness formation probability $\tau\pa{m}$ of the open XXZ chain. We derive a closed form for $\tau\pa{m}$ at $\Delta=\tf{1}{2}$ when the boundary field vanishes. Moreover we obtain its leading asymptotics for ... More
On Form Factors of the conjugated field in the non-linear Schröodinger modelMay 05 2011Izergin-Korepin's lattice discretization of the non-linear Schr\"odinger model along with Oota's inverse problem provides one with determinant representations for the form factors of the lattice discretized conjugated field operator. We prove that these ... More
Spaces of algebraic maps from real projective spaces into complex projective spacesDec 20 2008Feb 08 2010We study the homotopy types of spaces of algebraic (rational) maps from real projective spaces into complex projective spaces. In a previous paper we have shown that the inclusion of the first space into the second one is a homotopy equivalence. In this ... More
Cardinal invariants for C-cross topologiesSep 13 2006C-cross topologies are introduced. Modifcations of the Kuratowski-Ulam Theorem are considered. Cardinal invariants add, cof, cov and non with respect to meager or nowhere dense subsets are compared. Remarks on invariants cof(nwdY) are mentioned for dense ... More
Entropy bounds for conjunctive queries with functional dependenciesDec 06 2015We study the problem of finding the worst-case bound for the size of the result $Q(\mathbb{ D})$ of a fixed conjunctive query $Q$ applied to a database $\mathbb{ D}$ satisfying given functional dependencies. We provide a precise characterization of this ... More
Simulations of coalescing black holesFeb 16 2016May 19 2016We describe the methods and results of numerical simulations of coalescing black holes. The simulation in dynamical spacetime covers the inspiral, merger, and ringdown phases. We analyze the emission of gravitational waves and properties of a black hole ... More
Completely nonmeasurable unionsMar 03 2010Assume that there is no quasi-measurable cardinal smaller than $2^\omega$. ($\kappa$ is quasi measurable if there exists $\kappa $-additive ideal $\ci $ of subsets of $\kappa $ such that the Boolean algebra $P(\kappa)/\ci$ satisfies c.c.c.) We show that ... More
Extremal measures with prescribed momentsJul 14 2014Nov 21 2014In the approximate integration some inequalities between the quadratures and the integrals approximated by them are called \emph{extremalities}. On the other hand, the set of all quadratures is convex. We are trying to find possible connections between ... More
A Second Method to Photometrically Align Multi-Site Microlensing Light Curves: Source Color in Planetary Event MOA-2007-BLG-192Oct 12 2009At present, microlensing light curves from different telescopes and filters are photometrically aligned by fitting them to a common model. We present a second method based on photometry of common field stars. If two spectral responses are similar (or ... More
A high-velocity bulge RR Lyrae variable on a halo-like orbitJun 08 2015We report on the RR Lyrae variable star, MACHO 176.18833.411, located toward the Galactic bulge and observed within the data from the ongoing Bulge RR Lyrae Radial Velocity Assay (BRAVA-RR), which has the unusual radial velocity of -372 +- 8 km/s and ... More
Discovery of Energy Dependent X-ray Microlensing in Q2237+0305Jun 29 2011We present our long term Chandra X-ray monitoring data for the gravitationally lensed quasar Q2237+0305 with 20 epochs spanning 10 years. We easily detect microlensing variability between the images in the full (0.2--8 keV), soft (0.2--2 keV), and hard ... More
The Araucaria Project: A study of the classical Cepheid in the eclipsing binary system OGLE LMC562.05.9009 in the Large Magellanic CloudNov 09 2015We present a detailed study of the classical Cepheid in the double-lined, highly eccentric eclipsing binary system OGLE-LMC562.05.9009. The Cepheid is a fundamental mode pulsator with a period of 2.988 days. The orbital period of the system is 1550 days. ... More
Statistical mechanics of the majority gameJul 08 2003The majority game, modelling a system of heterogeneous agents trying to behave in a similar way, is introduced and studied using methods of statistical mechanics. The stationary states of the game are given by the (local) minima of a particular Hopfield ... More
Conformality of a differential with respect to Cheeger-Gromoll type metricsSep 25 2008We investigate conformality of the differential of a mapping between Riemannian manifolds if the tangent bundles are equipped with a generalized metric of Cheeger-Gromoll type.
Unitarity of the SoV transform for the Toda chainJun 20 2013May 04 2015The quantum separation of variables method consists in mapping the original Hilbert space where a spectral problem is formulated onto one where the spectral problem takes a simpler "separated" form. In order to realise such a program, one should construct ... More
Truncated Wiener-Hopf operators with Fisher Hartwig singularitiesMay 26 2008Jan 20 2010We derive the asymptotic behavior of determinants of truncated Wiener-Hopf operators generated by symbols having Fisher-Hartwig singularities. This task is achieved thanks to an asymptotic resolution of the Riemann-Hilbert problem associated to some generalized ... More
On-line learning and generalisation in coupled perceptronsNov 26 2001We study supervised learning and generalisation in coupled perceptrons trained on-line using two learning scenarios. In the first scenario the teacher and the student are independent networks and both are represented by an Ashkin-Teller perceptron. In ... More
Statics and dynamics of an Ashkin-Teller neural network with low loadingJan 27 1998May 28 1998An Ashkin-Teller neural network, allowing for two types of neurons is considered in the case of low loading as a function of the strength of the respective couplings between these neurons. The storage and retrieval of embedded patterns built from the ... More
Aspects of the inverse problem for the Toda chainJul 15 2013May 01 2015We generalize Babelon's approach to equations in dual variables so as to be able to treat new types of operators which we build out of the sub-constituents of the model's monodromy matrix. Further, we also apply Sklyanin's recent monodromy matrix identities ... More
Fine structure of the asymptotic expansion of cyclic integralsJan 20 2010The asymptotic expansion of $n$-dimensional cyclic integrals was expressed as a series of functionals acting on the symmetric function involved in the cyclic integral. In this article, we give an explicit formula for the action of these functionals on ... More
Asymptotic analysis and quantum integrable modelsAug 25 2015This habilitation thesis reviews the progress made by the author respectively to studying various asymptotic regimes of correlation functions in quantum integrable models.
Form factors of bound states in the XXZ chainNov 04 2016This work focuses on the calculation of the large-volume behaviour of form factors of local operators in the XXZ spin-$1/2$ chain taken between the ground state and an excited state containing bound states. The analysis is rigorous and builds on various ... More
New algorithms for binary jumbled pattern matchingOct 23 2012May 01 2013Given a pattern $P$ and a text $T$, both strings over a binary alphabet, the binary jumbled string matching problem consists in telling whether any permutation of $P$ occurs in $T$. The indexed version of this problem, i.e., preprocessing a string to ... More
Nonmeasurable sets and unions with respect to selected ideals especially ideals defined by treesJul 09 2015In this paper we consider nonmeasurablity with respect to sigma-ideals defined be trees. First classical example of such ideal is Marczewski ideal s_0. We will consider also ideal l_0 defined by Laver trees and m_0 defined by Miller trees. With the mentioned ... More
Embeddable properties of metric $σ$-discrete spacesApr 30 2015Dimensional types of metric scattered spaces are investigated. Revised proofs of Mazurkiewicz-Sierpi\'nski and Knaster-Urbanik theorems are presented. Embeddable properties of countable metric spaces are generalized onto uncountable metric $\sigma$-discrete ... More
Two simple full-text indexes based on the suffix arrayMay 22 2014May 23 2016We propose two suffix array inspired full-text indexes. One, called SA-hash, augments the suffix array with a hash table to speed up pattern searches due to significantly narrowed search interval before the binary search phase. The other, called FBCSA, ... More
Some properties of $\mathcal{I}$-Luzin setsJan 20 2015Jan 26 2015In this paper we consider a notion of $\mathcal{I}$-Luzin set which generalizes the classical notion of Luzin set and Sierpi{\'n}ski set on Euclidean spaces. We show that there is a translation invariant $\sigma$-ideal $\mathcal{I}$ with Borel base for ... More
Complete nonmeasurability in regular familiesSep 06 2010We show that for a $\sigma $-ideal $\ci$ with a Borel base of subsets of an uncountable Polish space, if $\ca$ is (in several senses) a "regular" family of subsets from $\ci $ then there is a subfamily of $\ca$ whose union is completely nonmeasurable ... More
The monoid consisting of Kuratowski operationsMay 15 2012Aug 30 2012The paper fills gaps in knowledge about Kuratowski operations which are already in the literature. The Cayley table for these operations has been drawn up. Techniques, using only paper and pencil, to point out all semigroups and its isomorphic types are ... More
On the geometry of warped foliationsJan 19 2010We discuss the geometry of warped foliations. After examining the Levi-Civita connection, we describe the formulae for sectional, Ricci and scalar curvatures. In the final part of this note, we present some examples.
On some inequality of Hermite-Hadamard typeSep 29 2011Jul 13 2012It is well-known that the left term of the classical Hermite-Hadamard inequality is closer to the integral mean value than the right one. We show that in the multivariate case it is not true. Moreover, we introduce some related inequality comparing the ... More
Reference-less detection, astrometry, and photometry of faint companions with adaptive opticsMay 13 2008Jul 14 2009We propose a complete framework for the detection, astrometry, and photometry of faint companions from a sequence of adaptive optics corrected short exposures. The algorithms exploit the difference in statistics between the on-axis and off-axis intensity. ... More
Tangency vis-a'-vis differentiability by Peano, Severi and GuareschiMar 05 2010Peano defined 'differentiability' of functions and 'lower tangent cones' in 1887, and 'upper tangent cones' in 1903, but uses the latter concept already in 1887 without giving a formal definition. Both cones were defined for arbitrary sets, as certain ... More
Towards historical roots of necessary conditions of optimality. Regula of PeanoFeb 24 2010At the end of 19th century Peano discerned vector spaces, differentiability, convex sets, limits of families of sets, tangent cones, and many other concepts, in a modern perfect form. He applied these notions to solve numerous problems. The theorem on ... More
Space-time engineering with LASETRON pulsesAug 01 2003The LASETRON project (Phys. Rev. Lett, 88, (2002), p. 074801-1) offers the possibility of the investigation of electron-positron structure of the space-time. Following our results (From Quarks to Bulk Matter, Hadronic Press, 2001) we analyze theoretically ... More
TBA for the Toda chainJun 15 2010We give a direct derivation of a proposal of Nekrasov-Shatashvili concerning the quantization conditions of the Toda chain. The quantization conditions are formulated in terms of solutions to a nonlinear integral equation similar to the ones coming from ... More
Long-time and large-distance asymptotic behavior of the current-current correlators in the non-linear Schrödinger modelJan 04 2011We present a new method allowing us to derive the long-time and large-distance asymptotic behavior of the correlations functions of quantum integrable models from their exact representations. Starting from the form factor expansion of the correlation ... More
Surface free energy of the open XXZ spin-1/2 chainJan 27 2012May 07 2012We study the boundary free energy of the XXZ spin-$\tf{1}{2}$ chain subject to diagonal boundary fields. We first show that the representation for its finite Trotter number approximant obtained by Bortz, Frahm and G\"{o}hmann is related to the partition ... More
A plausible (overlooked) super-luminous supernova in the SDSS Stripe 82 dataAug 09 2013Aug 12 2013We present the discovery of a plausible super-luminous supernova (SLSN), found in the archival data of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Stripe 82, called PSN 000123+000504. The supernova peaked at M_g<-21.3 mag in the second half of September 2005, but ... More
Sub- and Supersonic Heat Motion Induced by Femtosecond Laser PulsesNov 28 2003In this paper the superheating of electron plasma by femtosecond laser pulses is investigated. With Heaviside thermal equation (Lasers in Engineering, 12, (2002), p.17) the generation of superhot electrons is described. It is shown that in hot electron ... More
Asymptotic behaviour of two-point functions in multi-species modelsJan 18 2016We extract the long-distance asymptotic behaviour of two-point correlation functions in massless quantum integrable models containing multi-species excitations. For such a purpose, we extend to these models the method of a large-distance regime re-summation ... More
Mid-Infrared Variability from the Spitzer Deep, Wide-Field SurveyFeb 18 2010May 28 2010We use the multi-epoch, mid-infrared Spitzer Deep, Wide-Field Survey to investigate the variability of 474,179 objects in 8.1 deg^2 of the NDWFS Bootes field. We perform a Difference Image Analysis of the four available epochs between 2004 and 2008, focusing ... More
Detection of faint companions through stochastic speckle discriminationNov 01 2007May 14 2008We propose a new post-processing technique for the detection of faint companions from a sequence of adaptive optics corrected short exposures. The algorithm exploits the difference in shape between the on-axis and off-axis irradiance distributions and ... More
Entropy of foliations with leafwise Finsler structureOct 03 2014Jan 29 2015We extend the notion of the geometric entropy of foliation to foliated manifolds equipped with leafwise Finsler structure. We study the relation between the geometric entropy and the topological entropy of the holonomy pseudogroup. The case of foliated ... More
Separation theorems for compact Hausdorff foliationsDec 21 2008We investigate compact Hausdorff foliations on compact Riemannian manifolds in the context of the Gromov-Hausdorff distance theory. We give some sufficient conditions for such foliations to be separated in the Gromov-Hausdorff topology.
Passive tracer in a flow corresponding to a two dimensional stochastic Navier Stokes equationsApr 26 2012In this paper we prove the law of large numbers and central limit theorem for trajectories of a particle carried by a two dimensional Eulerian velocity field. The field is given by a solution of a stochastic Navier--Stokes system with a non-degenerate ... More
Positive solutions for anisotropic discrete BVPMar 20 2012Dec 06 2012Using mountain pass arguments and the Karsuh-Kuhn-Tucker Theorem, we prove the existence of at least two positive solution of the anisotropic discrete Dirichlet boundary value problem. Our results generalize and improve those of [15].
The modified Klein Gordon equation for neolithic population migrationMar 11 2007In this paper the model for the neolithic migration in Europe is developed. The new migration equation, the modified Klein Gordon equation is formulated and solved. It is shown that the migration process can be described as the hyperbolic diffusion with ... More
Radio Pulsar Style Timing of Eclipsing Binary Stars from the ASAS CatalogueApr 17 2012The Light-Time Effect (LTE) is observed whenever the distance between the observer and any kind of periodic event changes in time. The usual cause of this distance change is the reflex motion about the system's barycenter due to the gravitational influence ... More
The two mode Heaviside equation for ultra-short laser pulses interaction with matterJul 26 2006In his paper the two mode Heaviside equation was formulated and solved. It was shown that the interaction of ultra-short laser pulses with matter leads to two mode excitation electrons and phonons which afterwards diffuse with finite velocities.
$1/k$-homogeneous long solenoidsDec 29 2014We study nonmetric analogues of Vietoris solenoids. Let $\Lambda$ be an ordered continuum, and let $\vec{p}=\langle p_1,p_2,\dots\rangle$ be a sequence of positive integers. We define a natural inverse limit space $S(\Lambda,\vec{p})$, where the first ... More
Thermal form factors of the XXZ chain and the large-distance asymptotics of its temperature dependent correlation functionsMay 01 2013Jun 20 2013We derive expressions for the form factors of the quantum transfer matrix of the spin-1/2 XXZ chain which are suitable for taking the infinite Trotter number limit. These form factors determine the finitely many amplitudes in the leading asymptotics of ... More
Microscopic approach to a class of 1D quantum critical modelsJan 30 2015Starting from the finite volume form factors of local operators, we show how and under which hypothesis the $c=1$ free boson conformal field theory in two-dimensions emerges as an effective theory governing the large-distance regime of multi-point correlation ... More
Generalized Newton transformation and its applications to extrinsic geometryNov 20 2012Jan 19 2016In this article we introduce a generalization of the Newton transformation to the case of a system of endomorphisms. We show that it can be used in the context of extrinsic geometry of foliations and distributions yielding new integral formulas containing ... More
Asymptotic expansion of a partition function related to the sinh-modelDec 24 2014This paper develops a method to carry out the large-$N$ asymptotic analysis of a class of $N$-dimensional integrals arising in the context of the so-called quantum separation of variables method. We push further ideas developed in the context of random ... More
Schrodinger equation for classical particlesDec 26 2009In this paper we propose the hyperbolic Schredinger equation (HS). The solution of the HS for a particle in a box is obtained. It is shown that for particles with m greater of Mp the energy spectrum is independent of the mass of particle.
On the possible void decay in free-electron laser sase-fel experimentMay 21 2007In this paper the motion of ultrahigh energy particles produced in sasefel is investigated. The critical field which opose the acceleration of the ultra high energy particles is calculated
On the temperature of the moving rodAug 30 2007In this paper the Lorentz transformation for temperature is derived and discussed. Considering the hyperbolic heat transport equation it is shown that T(prim) = gamma T, where gamma is the Lorentz factor, T denotes the temperature in the rest system and ... More
Local quantum mechanics with finite Planck massApr 20 2007In this paper the motion of quantum particles with initial mass m is investigated. The quantum mechanics equation is formulated and solved. It is shown that the wave function contains the component which is depended on the gravitation fine structure constant ... More
The critical Ising lines of the d=2 Ashkin-Teller modelMar 23 1998The universal critical point ratio $Q$ is exploited to determine positions of the critical Ising transition lines on the phase diagram of the Ashkin-Teller (AT) model on the square lattice. A leading-order expansion of the ratio $Q$ in the presence of ... More
Development of the Schrodinger equation for attosecond laser pulse interaction with Planck gasSep 04 2011The creation of the new particles by the interaction of the ultrarelativistic ions,from Large Hadron Collider(LHC), and attosecond laser pulse open new possibilities for laser physicists community .In this paper we propose the hyperbolic Schr\"odinger ... More
Large-x analysis of an operator valued Riemann-Hilbert problemNov 05 2014The purpose of this paper is to push forward the theory of operator-valued Riemann Hilbert problems and demonstrate their effectiveness in respect to the implementation of a non-linear steepest descent method \textit{\'{a} la} Deift-Zhou. In the present ... More
On determinants of integrable operators with shiftsJan 10 2013Integrable integral operator can be studied by means of a matrix Riemann--Hilbert problem. However, in the case of so-called integrable operators with shifts, the associated Riemann--Hilbert problem becomes operator valued and this complicates strongly ... More
Non-degenerate jump of Milnor numbers of surface singularitiesAug 11 2015Aug 12 2015The jump of the Milnor number of an isolated singularity $f_0$ is the minimal non-zero difference between the Milnor numbers of $f_0$ and one of its deformations $(f_s)$. We give a formula for the jump in some class of surface singularities in the case ... More
$χ_{c1}$ and $χ_{c2}$ production at $e^+e^-$ collidersMay 22 2016Jul 26 2016Direct, resonant production of the charmonium states $\chi_{c1}$ and $\chi_{c2}$ in electron-positron annihilation is investigated. Depending on details of the model, a sizeable variation of the prediction for the production cross section is anticipated. ... More
Indexing arbitrary-length $k$-mers in sequencing readsFeb 06 2015Feb 13 2015We propose a lightweight data structure for indexing and querying collections of NGS reads data in main memory. The data structure supports the interface proposed in the pioneering work by Philippe et al. for counting and locating $k$-mers in sequencing ... More
On the classes of higher-order Jensen-convex functions and Wright-convex functions, IINov 28 2016Recently Nikodem, Rajba and W\k{a}sowicz compared the classes of n-Wright-convex functions and n-Jensen-convex functions by showing that the first one is a proper subclass of the latter one, whenever n is an odd natural number. Till now the case of even ... More
Quasar Variability in the Mid-InfraredSep 08 2015Jan 28 2016The Decadal IRAC Bootes Survey is a mid-IR variability survey of the ~9 sq. deg. of the NDWFS Bootes Field and extends the time baseline of its predecessor, the Spitzer Deep, Wide-Field Survey (SDWFS), from 4 to 10 years. The Spitzer Space Telescope visited ... More
The Magellanic Quasars Survey. II. Confirmation of 144 New Active Galactic Nuclei Behind the Southern Edge of the Large Magellanic CloudJun 15 2011Nov 04 2011We quadruple the number of quasars known behind the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) from 55 (42 in the LMC fields of the third phase of the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE)) to 200 by spectroscopically confirming 169 (144 new) quasars from ... More
AttoscienceJun 01 2008Fascinating developments in optical pulse engineering over the last 20 years lead to the generation of laser pulses as short as few femtosecond, providing a unique tool for high resolution time domain spectroscopy. However, a number of the processes in ... More
Low-temperature large-distance asymptotics of the transversal two-point functions of the XXZ chainJan 16 2014We derive the low-temperature large-distance asymptotics of the transversal two-point functions of the XXZ chain by summing up the asymptotically dominant terms of their expansion into form factors of the quantum transfer matrix. Our asymptotic formulae ... More
Functions Characterizing the Ground State of the XXZ Spin-1/2 Chain in the Thermodynamic LimitNov 27 2013Apr 11 2014We establish several properties of the solutions to the linear integral equations describing the infinite volume properties of the XXZ spin-1/2 chain in the disordered regime. In particular, we obtain lower and upper bounds for the dressed energy, dressed ... More