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Note on group distance magic complete bipartite graphsFeb 25 2013Mar 10 2013A $\Gamma$-distance magic labeling of a graph $G=(V,E)$ with $|V | = n$ is a bijection $\ell$ from $V$ to an Abelian group $\Gamma$ of order $n$ such that the weight $w(x)=\sum_{y\in N_G(x)}\ell(y)$ of every vertex $x \in V$ is equal to the same element ... More
A magic rectangle set on Abelian groupsApr 01 2018A $\Gamma$-magic rectangle set $MRS_{\Gamma}(a, b; c)$ of order $abc$ is a collection of $c$ arrays $(a\times b)$ whose entries are elements of group $\Gamma$, each appearing once, with all row sums in every rectangle equal to a constant $\omega\in \Gamma$ ... More
Vertex-Fault Tolerant Complete Matching in Bipartite graphs: the Biregular CaseJul 10 2019Given a family $\mathcal{H}$ of graphs and a positive integer $k$, a graph $G$ is called vertex $k$-fault-tolerant with respect to $\mathcal{H}$, denoted by $k$-FT$(\mathcal{H})$, if $G-S$ contains some $H\in\mathcal{H}$ as a subgraph, for every $S\subset ... More
Group twin coloring of graphsAug 19 2017Jun 24 2018For a given graph $G$, the least integer $k\geq 2$ such that for every Abelian group $\mathcal{G}$ of order $k$ there exists a proper edge labeling $f:E(G)\rightarrow \mathcal{G}$ so that $\sum_{x\in N(u)}f(xu)\neq \sum_{x\in N(v)}f(xv)$ for each edge ... More
A note on $k$-cordial $p$-uniform hypertreesOct 13 2009Hovey introduced a $k$-cordial labeling of graphs as a generalization both of harmonious and cordial labelings. He proved that all tress are $k$-cordial for $k \in \{1,...,5\}$ and he conjectured that all trees are $k$-cordial for all $k$. \indent We ... More
Linear bounds on nowhere-zero group irregularity strength and nowhere-zero group sum chromatic number of graphsMay 14 2018We investigate the \textit{group irregularity strength}, $s_g(G)$, of a graph, i.e. the least integer $k$ such that taking any Abelian group $\mathcal{G}$ of order $k$, there exists a function $f:E(G)\rightarrow \mathcal{G}$ so that the sums of edge labels ... More
$Z_2\times Z_2$-cordial cycle-free hypergraphsAug 19 2018Hovey introduced $A$-cordial labelings as a generalization of cordial and harmonious labelings \cite{Hovey}. If $A$ is an Abelian group, then a labeling $f \colon V (G) \rightarrow A$ of the vertices of some graph $G$ induces an edge labeling on $G$, ... More
Group distance magic graphs $G\times C_n$Feb 26 2013A $\Gamma$-distance magic labeling of a graph $G=(V,E)$ with $|V | = n$ is a bijection $f$ from $V$ to an Abelian group $\Gamma$ of order $n$ such that the weight $w(x)=\sum_{y\in N_G(x)}f(y)$ of every vertex $x \in V$ is equal to the same element $\mu ... More
Note on group distance magic graphs $G[C_4]$Apr 03 2012May 16 2012A \emph{group distance magic labeling} or a $\gr$-distance magic labeling of a graph $G(V,E)$ with $|V | = n$ is an injection $f$ from $V$ to an Abelian group $\gr$ of order $n$ such that the weight $w(x)=\sum_{y\in N_G(x)}f(y)$ of every vertex $x \in ... More
Group Irregular Labelings of Disconnected GraphsSep 02 2012We investigate the \textit{group irregularity strength} ($s_g(G)$) of graphs, i.e. the smallest value of $s$ such that taking any Abelian group $\gr$ of order $s$, there exists a function $f:E(G)\rightarrow \gr$ such that the sums of edge labels at every ... More
Group Sum Chromatic Number of GraphsMay 11 2012Feb 11 2016We investigate the \textit{group sum chromatic number} ($\gchi(G)$) of graphs, i.e. the smallest value $s$ such that taking any Abelian group $\gr$ of order $s$, there exists a function $f:E(G)\rightarrow \gr$ such that the sums of edge labels properly ... More
Realization of digraphs in Abelian groups and its consequencesJan 24 2019Let $\overrightarrow{G}$ be a directed graph with no component of orderless than~$3$, and let $\Gamma$ be a finite Abelian group such that $|\Gamma|\geq 4|V(\overrightarrow{G})|$ or if $|V(\overrightarrow{G})|$ is large enough with respect to an arbitrarily ... More
Note on the group edge irregularity strength of graphsAug 29 2018We investigate the \textit{edge group irregularity strength} ($es_g(G)$) of graphs, i.e. the smallest value of $s$ such that taking any Abelian group $\mathcal{G}$ of order $s$, there exists a function $f:V(G)\rightarrow \mathcal{G}$ such that the sums ... More
Group Irregularity Strength of Connected GraphsMay 11 2012Aug 09 2012We investigate the group irregularity strength ($s_g(G)$) of graphs, i.e. the smallest value of $s$ such that taking any Abelian group $\gr$ of order $s$, there exists a function $f:E(G)\rightarrow \gr$ such that the sums of edge labels at every vertex ... More
Super edge-graceful pathsApr 23 2008A graph $G(V,E)$ of order $|V|=p$ and size $|E|=q$ is called super edge-graceful if there is a bijection $f$ from $E$ to $\{0,\pm 1,\pm 2,...,\pm \frac{q-1}{2}\}$ when $q$ is odd and from $E$ to $\{\pm 1,\pm 2,...,\pm \frac{q}{2}\}$ when $q$ is even such ... More
Group distance magic Cartesian product of two cyclesMay 13 2019Let $G=(V,E)$ be a graph and $\Gamma $ an Abelian group both of order $n$. A $\Gamma$-distance magic labeling of $G$ is a bijection $\ell \colon V\rightarrow \Gamma $ for which there exists $\mu \in \Gamma $ such that $% \sum_{x\in N(v)}\ell (x)=\mu $ ... More
Spectra of Graphs and Closed Distance Magic LabelingsSep 25 2015Let $G=(V,E)$ be a graph of order $n$. A closed distance magic labeling of $G$ is a bijection $\ell \colon V(G)\rightarrow \{1,\ldots ,n\}$ for which there exists a positive integer $k$ such that $\sum_{x\in N[v]}\ell (x)=k$ for all $v\in V $, where $N[v]$ ... More
Note on group irregularity strength of disconnected graphsJul 13 2017We investigate the \textit{group irregularity strength} ($s_g(G)$) of graphs, i.e. the smallest value of $s$ such that taking any Abelian group $\gr$ of order $s$, there exists a function $f:E(G)\rightarrow \gr$ such that the sums of edge labels at every ... More
Distance magic labeling and two products of graphsOct 05 2012Let $G=(V,E)$ be a graph of order $n$. A distance magic labeling of $G$ is a bijection $\ell \colon V\rightarrow {1,...,n}$ for which there exists a positive integer $k$ such that $\sum_{x\in N(v)}\ell (x)=k$ for all $v\in V $, where $N(v)$ is the neighborhood ... More
Understanding the Abstract Dialectical Framework (Preliminary Report)Jul 04 2016Among the most general structures extending the framework by Dung are the abstract dialectical frameworks (ADFs). They come equipped with various types of semantics, with the most prominent - the labeling-based one - analyzed in the context of computational ... More
Existence of a nontrival solution for Dirichlet problem involving p(x)-LaplacianDec 18 2012Nov 03 2014In this paper we study the nonlinear Dirichlet problem involving p(x)-Laplacian (hemivariational inequality) with nonsmooth potential. By using nonsmooth critical point theory for locally Lipschitz functionals due to Chang and the properties of variational ... More
Existence result for differential inclusion with p(x)-LaplacianDec 15 2012Nov 03 2014In this paper we study the nonlinear elliptic problem with p(x)-Laplacian (hemivariational inequality). We prove the existence of a nontrivial solution. Our approach is based on critical point theory for locally Lipschitz functionals due to Chang.
Scattering by local deformations of a straight leaky wireOct 03 2004We consider a model of a leaky quantum wire with the Hamiltonian $-\Delta -\alpha \delta(x-\Gamma)$ in $L^2(\R^2)$, where $\Gamma$ is a compact deformation of a straight line. The existence of wave operators is proven and the S-matrix is found for the ... More
Schroedinger operators with singular interactions: a model of tunneling resonancesDec 22 2003We discuss a generalized Schr\"odinger operator in $L^2(\mathbb{R}^d), d=2,3$, with an attractive singular interaction supported by a $(d-1)$-dimensional hyperplane and a finite family of points. It can be regarded as a model of a leaky quantum wire and ... More
Scattering on leaky wires in dimension threeNov 12 2018We consider the scattering problem for a class of strongly singular Schr\"odinger operators in $L^2(\mathbb{R}R^3)$ which can be formally written as $H_{\alpha,\Gamma}= -\Delta + \delta_\alpha(x-\Gamma)$ where $\alpha\in\mathbb{R}$ is the coupling parameter ... More
Aharonov and Bohm vs. Welsh eigenvaluesDec 13 2017We consider a class of two-dimensional Schr\"odinger operator with a singular interaction of the $\delta$ type and a fixed strength $\beta$ supported by an infinite family of concentric, equidistantly spaced circles, and discuss what happens below the ... More
Strong coupling asymptotics for Schrödinger operators with an interaction supported by an open arc in three dimensionsJul 08 2015We consider Schr\"odinger operators with a strongly attractive singular interaction supported by a finite curve $\Gamma$ of lenghth $L$ in $\R^3$. We show that if $\Gamma$ is $C^4$-smooth and has regular endpoints, the $j$-th eigenvalue of such an operator ... More
Bound states due to a strong $δ$ interaction supported by a curved surfaceJul 19 2002Nov 14 2002We study the Schr\"odinger operator $-\Delta -\alpha \delta (x-\Gamma)$ in $L^2(\R^3)$ with a $\delta$ interaction supported by an infinite non-planar surface $\Gamma$ which is smooth, admits a global normal parameterization with a uniformly elliptic ... More
Leaky quantum wire and dots: a resonance modelJul 15 2003We discuss a model of a leaky quantum wire and a family of quantum dots described by Laplacian in $L^2(\mathbb{R}^2)$ with an attractive singular perturbation supported by a line and a finite number of points. The discrete spectrum is shown to be nonempty, ... More
Hiatus perturbation for a singular Schrödinger operator with an interaction supported by a curve in \mathbb{R}^3Dec 03 2007We consider Schr\"odinger operators in $L^2(\mathbb{R}^3)$ with a singular interaction supported by a finite curve $\Gamma$. We present a proper definition of the operators and study their properties, in particular, we show that the discrete spectrum ... More
Curvature-induced bound states for a $δ$ interaction supported by a curve in $\mathbb{R}^3$Mar 18 2002We study the Laplacian in $L^2(\mathbb{R}^3)$ perturbed on an infinite curve $\Gamma$ by a $\delta$ interaction defined through boundary conditions which relate the corresponding generalized boundary values. We show that if $\Gamma$ is smooth and not ... More
Spectral analysis of a quantum system with a double line singular interactionJul 04 2013We consider a non-relativistic quantum particle interacting with a singular potential supported by two parallel straight lines in the plane. We locate the essential spectrum under the hypothesis that the interaction asymptotically approaches a constant ... More
Empirical Evaluation of Abstract Argumentation: Supporting the Need for Bipolar and Probabilistic ApproachesJul 28 2017Dec 08 2017In dialogical argumentation it is often assumed that the involved parties always correctly identify the intended statements posited by each other, realize all of the associated relations, conform to the three acceptability states (accepted, rejected, ... More
Electron-phonon superconductivity in CaBi2 and the role of spin-orbit interactionApr 01 2019CaBi$_2$ is a recently discovered type-I superconductor with $T_c=2$~K and a layered crystal structure. In this work electronic structure, lattice dynamics and electron-phonon interaction are studied, with a special attention paid to the influence of ... More
Spectral optimization for strongly singular Schrödinger operators with a star-shaped interactionJun 02 2019We discuss the spectral properties of singular Schr\"odinger operators in three dimensions with the interaction supported by an equilateral star, finite or infinite. In the finite case the discrete spectrum is nonempty if the star arms are long enough. ... More
Gap asymptotics in a weakly bent leaky quantum wireJun 24 2015The main question studied in this paper concerns the weak-coupling behavior of the geometrically induced bound states of singular Schr\"odinger operators with an attractive $\delta$ interaction supported by a planar, asymptotically straight curve $\Gamma$. ... More
A straight waveguide with a wire inducing resonancesMay 25 2014We study a straight infinite planer waveguide with, so called, leaky wire attached to the walls of the waveguide. The wire is modelled by an attractive delta interaction supported by a finite segment. If the wire is placed perpendicularly then the system ... More
Asymptotic spectral analysis in colliding leaky quantum layersJun 23 2016We consider the Schroedinger operator with a complex delta interaction supported by two parallel hypersurfaces in the Euclidean space of any dimension. We analyse spectral properties of the system in the limit when the distance between the hypersurfaces ... More
Inflow versus outflow zero-temperature dynamics in one dimensionMar 25 2006It has been suggested that Glauber (inflow) and Sznajd (outflow) zero-temperature dynamics for the one dimensional Ising ferromagnet with the nearest neighbors interactions are equivalent. Here we compare both dynamics from analytical and computational ... More
Group distance magic and antimagic graphsSep 28 2013Oct 04 2016Given a graph $G$ with $n$ vertices and an Abelian group $A$ of order $n$, an $A$-distance antimagic labelling of $G$ is a bijection from $V(G)$ to $A$ such that the vertices of $G$ have pairwise distinct weights, where the weight of a vertex is the sum ... More
Complex Doppler effect in left-handed metamaterialsNov 10 2014Nov 21 2014The Doppler shift is investigated in one-dimensional system with moving source. Theoretical findings are confirmed in numerical simulations of optical and acoustical waves propagation in simple metamaterial model, showing the reversed shift and the existence ... More
Updating schemes in zero-temperature single-spin flip dynamicsDec 18 2008In this paper we examine the role of the so called $c$-parallel updating schemes in relaxation from disordered states to the final ferromagnetic steady state. We investigate two zero-temperature single-spin flip dynamics on a one dimensional lattice of ... More
Possible pulsations of the M giant in MWC560Oct 19 2002MWC 560 and other peculiar symbiotic binary, CH Cyg, have been classified as the prototypes of the new subclass of symbiotic systems - propellers, with accretion onto a magnetic white dwarf being the source of activity. The companion of the hot component ... More
Random triangular groups at density 1/3Aug 27 2013Sep 20 2013Let \Gamma(n,p) denote the binomial model of a random triangular group. We show that there exist constants c, C > 0 such that if p <= c/n^2, then a.a.s. \Gamma(n,p) is free and if p >= C log n/n^2 then a.a.s. \Gamma(n,p) has Kazhdan's property (T). Furthermore, ... More
A sharp threshold for collapse of the random triangular groupMar 14 2014The random triangular group $\Gamma(n,p)$ is the group given by a random group presentation with $n$ generators in which every relator of length three is present independently with probability $p$. We show that in the evolution of $\Gamma(n,p)$ the property ... More
Excitonic Spectra of Wide Parabolic Quantum WellsFeb 18 2015Feb 20 2015The optical properties of wide Quantum Wells are considered, taking into account the screened electron-hole interaction potential and parabolic confinement potentials, different for the electrons and for the holes. The role of the interaction potential ... More
On the connectivity Waiter-Client gameOct 20 2015In this short note we consider a variation of the connectivity Waiter-Client game $WC(n,q,\mathcal{A})$ played on an $n$-vertex graph $G$ which consists of $q+1$ disjoint spanning trees. In this game in each round Waiter offers Client $q+1$ edges of $G$ ... More
A sharp threshold for collapse of the random triangular groupMar 14 2014Nov 18 2016The random triangular group $\Gamma(n,p)$ is the group given by a random group presentation with $n$ generators in which every relator of length three is present independently with probability $p$. We show that in the evolution of $\Gamma(n,p)$ the property ... More
Pulse propagation in a medium optically dressed by a phase-modulated fieldJan 22 2016Pulse propagation is studied in an EIT medium with the control field having a periodically varying phase (chirp). Based both on numerical calculations and on an approximate approach neglecting absorption and nonadiabatic effects, it is shown that transparency ... More
Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and slow light in media with Rydberg ExcitonsDec 29 2016We show that the Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT) is possible in a medium exhibiting Rydberg excitons and indicate the realistic parameters to perform the experiment. The calculations for a Cu$_2$O crystal are given which show that in this ... More
Electrooptical Properties of Rydberg ExcitonsApr 27 2016Jun 08 2016We show how to compute the electrooptical functions (absorption, reflection, and transmission) when Rydberg Excitons appear, including the effect of the coherence between the electron-hole pair and the electromagnetic field. With the use of Real Density ... More
Electro-optical properties of Cu$_2$O in the regime of Franz-Keldysh oscillationsDec 07 2017We present the analytical method enables one to compute the optical functions i.e., reflectivity, transmission and absorption including the excitonic effects for a semiconductor crystal exposed to a uniform electric field for energy region above the gap, ... More
On relations between stable and Zeno dynamics in a leaky graph decay modelApr 08 2005We use a caricature model of a system consisting of a quantum wire and a finite number of quantum dots, to discuss relation between the Zeno dynamics and the stable one which governs time evolution of the dot states in the absence of the wire. We analyze ... More
Quantum Confined Stark Effect in Wide Parabolic Quantum WellsJul 30 2015We show how to compute the optical functions of Wide Parabolic Quantum Wells (WPQWs) exposed to uniform electric F applied in the growth direction, in the excitonic energy region. The effect of the coherence between the electron-hole pair and the electromagnetic ... More
Asymptotics of the bound state induced by $δ$-interaction supported on a weakly deformed planeMar 31 2017Dec 19 2017In this paper we consider the three-dimensional Schr\"{o}dinger operator with a $\delta$-interaction of strength $\alpha > 0$ supported on an unbounded surface parametrized by the mapping $\mathbb{R}^2\ni x\mapsto (x,\beta f(x))$, where $\beta \in [0,\infty)$ ... More
Sign and amplitude representation of the forex networksNov 16 2009We decompose the exchange rates returns of 41 currencies (incl. gold) into their sign and amplitude components. Then we group together all exchange rates with a common base currency, construct Minimal Spanning Trees for each group independently, and analyze ... More
Structure and evolution of the foreign exchange networksJan 29 2009We investigate topology and temporal evolution of the foreign currency exchange market viewed from a weighted network perspective. Based on exchange rates for a set of 46 currencies (including precious metals), we construct different representations of ... More
Magnetooptical Properties of Rydberg Excitons - Center-of-Mass Quantization ApproachOct 01 2016We show how to compute the magnetooptical functions (absorption, reflection, and transmission) when Rydberg Exciton-Polaritons appear, including the effect of the coherence between the electron-hole pair and the electromagnetic field, and the polaritonic ... More
Optical Properties of Rydberg Excitons and PolaritonsNov 27 2015Dec 09 2015We show how to compute the optical functions when Rydberg Excitons appear, including the effect of the coherence between the electron-hole pair and the electromagnetic field. We use the Real Density Matrix Approach (RDMA), which, combined with Green's ... More
Epistemic Graphs for Representing and Reasoning with Positive and Negative Influences of ArgumentsFeb 21 2018This paper introduces epistemic graphs as a generalization of the epistemic approach to probabilistic argumentation. In these graphs, an argument can be believed or disbelieved up to a given degree, thus providing a more fine--grained alternative to the ... More
Polynomial-time Updates of Epistemic States in a Fragment of Probabilistic Epistemic Argumentation (Technical Report)Jun 12 2019Probabilistic epistemic argumentation allows for reasoning about argumentation problems in a way that is well founded by probability theory. Epistemic states are represented by probability functions over possible worlds and can be adjusted to new beliefs ... More
Dispersion mapping as a simple postprocessing step for Fourier domain Optical Coherence Tomography dataAug 14 2017Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) was originally conceived as a volumetric imaging method. Quickly, OCT images went beyond structural data and started to provide functional information about an object enabling for example visualization of blood flow ... More
Collapse of random triangular groups: a closer lookApr 12 2013Sep 20 2013The random triangular group \Gamma(n,t) is a group given by a presentation P=<S|R>, where S is a set of n generators and R is a random set of t cyclically reduced words of length three. The asymptotic behavior of \Gamma(n,t) is in some respects similar ... More
Analysis of a network structure of the foreign currency exchange marketJun 02 2009We analyze structure of the world foreign currency exchange (FX) market viewed as a network of interacting currencies. We analyze daily time series of FX data for a set of 63 currencies, including gold, silver and platinum. We group together all the exchange ... More
Bayesian multi-parameter evidence synthesis to inform decision-making: a case study in hormone-refractory metastatic prostate cancerMay 31 2017In health technology assessment, decisions are based on complex cost-effectiveness models which, to be implemented, require numerous input parameters. When some of relevant estimates are not available the model may have to be simplified. Multi-parameter ... More
Studying Diffusion of Viral Content at Dyadic LevelNov 28 2014Diffusion of information and viral content, social contagion and influence are still topics of broad evaluation. As theory explaining the role of influentials moves slightly to reduce their importance in the propagation of viral content, authors of the ... More
Scanning-free imaging through a single fiber by random spatio-spectral encodingOct 15 2014Nov 03 2014We present an approach for two-dimensional (2D) imaging through a single single-mode or multimode fiber without the need for scanners. A random scattering medium placed next to the distal end of the fiber is used to encode the collected light from every ... More
Influence of nano confinement on nematic liquid crystalsAug 14 2012We explore the nematic ordering of the rod-like liquid crystals 5CB and 6CB, embedded into parallel-aligned nanochannels in mesoporous silicon and silica membranes as a function of mean channel radius (4.7<=R <=8.3 nm), and thus geometrical confinement ... More
Inhomogeneous Relaxation Dynamics and Phase Behaviour of a Liquid Crystal Confined in a Nanoporous SolidApr 19 2015We report filling-fraction dependent dielectric spectroscopy measurements on the relaxation dynamics of the rod-like nematogen 7CB condensed in 13 nm silica nanochannels. In the film-condensed regime, a slow interface relaxation dominates the dielectric ... More
Thermotropic nematic order upon nano-capillary fillingApr 05 2013Optical birefringence and light absorption measurements reveal four regimes for the thermotropic behavior of a nematogen liquid (7CB) upon sequential filling of parallel-aligned capillaries of 12 nm diameter in a monolithic, mesoporous silica membrane. ... More
Nonlinear Optical Properties and Self-Kerr Effect of Rydberg Excitons in Cu$_2$OApr 05 2019We show how to compute the nonlinear optical functions (absorption, reflection, and transmission) for a medium with Rydberg excitons, including the effect of the coherence between the electron-hole pair and the electromagnetic field. Using the Real Density ... More
Studying Paths of Participation in Viral Diffusion ProcessMar 10 2013Authors propose a conceptual model of participation in viral diffusion process composed of four stages: awareness, infection, engagement and action. To verify the model it has been applied and studied in the virtual social chat environment settings. The ... More
Methods for the inclusion of real world evidence in network meta-analysisMay 17 2018Background: Network Meta-Analysis (NMA) is a key component of submissions to reimbursement agencies world-wide, especially when there is limited direct head-to-head evidence for multiple technologies from randomised control trials (RCTs). Almost all NMAs ... More
Combining tumour response and progression free survival as surrogate endpoints for overall survival in advanced colorectal cancerSep 09 2018Progression free survival (PFS) and tumour response (TR) have been investigated as surrogate endpoints for overall survival (OS) in advanced colorectal cancer (aCRC), however their validity has been shown to be suboptimal. In recent years, meta-analytic ... More
Domain Modelling in Computational Persuasion for Behaviour Change in HealthcareFeb 27 2018The aim of behaviour change is to help people to change aspects of their behaviour for the better (e.g., to decrease calorie intake, to drink in moderation, to take more exercise, to complete a course of antibiotics once started, etc.). In current persuasion ... More
Paranematic-to-nematic ordering of a binary mixture of rod-like liquid crystals confined in cylindrical nanochannelsJun 19 2014We explore the optical birefringence of the nematic binary mixtures 6CB$_{1-x}$7CB$_x$ ($0~\le~x~\le~1$) imbibed into parallel-aligned nanochannels of mesoporous alumina and silica membranes for channel radii of $3.4~\le~R~\le 21.0$ nm. The results are ... More
Cross sections for electron collision with pyridine [C$_{5}$H$_{5}$N] moleculeJul 17 2018The absolute grand-total cross section (TCS) for electron scattering from pyridine, C$_{5}$H$_{5}$N, molecules has been measured at impact energies from 0.6 to 300 eV in the linear electron-transmission experiment. The obtained TCS energy dependence appears ... More
Improving weather radar by fusion and classificationApr 25 2014In air traffic management (ATM) all necessary operations (tactical planing, sector configuration, required staffing, runway configuration, routing of approaching aircrafts) rely on accurate measurements and predictions of the current weather situation. ... More
Bivariate network meta-analysis for surrogate endpoint evaluationJul 24 2018Surrogate endpoints are very important in regulatory decision-making in healthcare, in particular if they can be measured early compared to the long-term final clinical outcome and act as good predictors of clinical benefit. Bivariate meta-analysis methods ... More
HP Lyr - possibly the hottest RV Tau type objectOct 19 2002We report Johnson's UBVRI photometric and optical spectroscopic observations of a long period variable HP Lyr which up to now has been considered an eclipsing binary with a period of 140 days. The spectral type changes continually from A2-3 at maxima ... More
A Family of Pb-based Superconductors with Variable Cubic to Hexagonal PackingMay 24 2018We describe three previously unreported superconductors, BaPb3, Ba0.89Sr0.11Pb3 and Ba0.5Sr0.5Pb3. These three materials, together with SrPb3, form a distinctive isoelectronic family of intermetallic superconductors based on the stacking of Pb planes, ... More
A Bayesian hierarchical meta-analytic method for modelling surrogate relationships that vary across treatment classesMay 17 2019Surrogate endpoints play an important role in drug development when they can be used to measure treatment effect early compared to the final clinical outcome and to predict clinical benefit or harm. Therefore, such endpoints must be assessed for their ... More
Thermotropic interface and core relaxation dynamics of liquid crystals in silica glass nanochannels: A dielectric spectroscopy studyAug 16 2015We report dielectric relaxation spectroscopy experiments on two rod-like liquid crystals of the cyanobiphenyl family (5CB and 6CB) confined in tubular nanochannels with 7 nm radius and 340 micrometer length in a monolithic, mesoporous silica membrane. ... More
The gas depletion factor in galaxy clusters: implication from Atacama Cosmology Telescope Polarization experiment measurementsJul 15 2019The gas depletion factor $\gamma(z)$, i.e., the average ratio of the gas mass fraction to the cosmic mean baryon fraction of galaxy clusters, plays a very important role in the cosmological application of the gas mass fraction measurements. In this paper, ... More
Relaxation under outflow dynamics with random sequential updatingApr 07 2005In this paper we compare the relaxation in several versions of the Sznajd model (SM) with random sequential updating on the chain and square lattice. We start by reviewing briefly all proposed one dimensional versions of SM. Next, we compare the results ... More
High-resolution dielectric study reveals pore size-dependent orientational order of a discotic liquid crystal confined in tubular nanoporesJul 09 2015We report a high-resolution dielectric study on a pyrene-based discotic liquid crystal (DLC) in the bulk state and confined in parallel tubular nanopores of monolithic silica and alumina membranes. The positive dielectric anisotropy of the DLC molecule ... More
Automatic Recognition of Facial Displays of Unfelt EmotionsJul 13 2017Jan 09 2018Humans modify their facial expressions in order to communicate their internal states and sometimes to mislead observers regarding their true emotional states. Evidence in experimental psychology shows that discriminative facial responses are short and ... More
Thermotropic Orientational Order of Discotic Liquid Crystals in Nanochannels: An Optical Polarimetry Study and a Landau-de Gennes AnalysisApr 08 2015Optical polarimetry measurements of the orientational order of a discotic liquid crystal based on a pyrene derivative and confined in parallel-aligned nanochannels of monolithic mesoporous alumina, silica, and silicon as a function of temperature, channel ... More
A ferroelectric liquid crystal confined in cylindrical nanopores: Reversible smectic layer buckling, enhanced light rotation and extremely fast electro-optically active Goldstone excitationsNov 27 2017The orientational and translational order of a thermotropic ferroelectric liquid crystal (2MBOCBC) imbibed in self-organized, parallel, cylindrical pores with radii of 10, 15, or 20 nm in anodic aluminium oxide monoliths (AAO) are explored by high-resolution ... More
Evaluation of reduced-graphene-oxide-supported gold nanoparticles as catalytic system for electroreduction of oxygen in alkaline electrolyteMay 08 2018Chemically-reduced graphene-oxide-supported gold nanoparticles are considered here as catalytic materials for the reduction of oxygen in alkaline medium. Gold nanoparticles are prepared by the chemical reduction method, in which the NaBH4-prereduced Keggin-type ... More
GaMnN epitaxial films with high magnetizationMay 15 2012May 17 2012We report on the fabrication of pseudomorphic wurtzite GaMnN grown on GaN with Mn concentrations up to 10% using molecular beam epitaxy. According to Rutherford backscattering the Mn ions are mainly at the Ga-substitutional positions, and they are homogeneously ... More
Reduced-Graphene-Oxide with Dispersed Au-Ir Nanoparticles as Active Support for Pt at low Loadding for Electrocatalytic Oxygen ElectroreductionMay 10 2018We report here on a novel and facile techniques for the synthesis nanocomposite based on stable bimetallic catalyst containing iridium and gold nanoparticles electrodeposited on chemically reduced graphene oxide (rGO) sheet admixed with platinum nanoparticles ... More
Elucidation of role of graphene in catalytic designs for electroreduction of oxygenMay 08 2018Graphene is, in principle, a promising material for consideration as component (support, active site) of electrocatalytic materials, particularly with respect to reduction of oxygen, an electrode reaction of importance to low-temperature fuel cell technology. ... More
Development of nanostructured-graphene-supported silver nanoparticles as catalysts for electroreduction of oxygen in alkaline electrolyteMay 09 2018Here we develop a class off face centred cubic structure of metallic silver nanocrystals, to enable high ORR activity process. Silver nanoparticles deposited within different carbon supports: carboxylated-graphene, SiO2-doted reduced- graphene-oxide (Gr/SiO2) ... More
Evaluation of Reduced-Graphene-Oxide Aligned with WO3-Nanorods as Support for Pt Nanoparticles during Oxygen Electroreduction in Acid MediumMay 10 2018Hybrid supports composed of chemically-reduced graphene-oxide-aligned with tungsten oxide nanowires are considered here as active carriers for dispersed platinum with an ultimate goal of producing improved catalysts for electroreduction of oxygen in acid ... More
Superconductivity in CaBi$_{2}$Jul 26 2016Superconductivity is observed with critical temperature $T_{c}$ = 2.0 K in self-flux-grown single crystals of $CaBi_{2}$. This material adopts the $ZrSi_{2}$ structure type with lattice parameters a = 4.696(1) $\AA$, b = 7.081(2) $\AA$ and c = 4.611(1) ... More
Manipulating Mn--Mg$_k$ cation complexes to control the charge- and spin-state of Mn in GaNNov 13 2013Owing to the variety of possible charge and spin states and to the different ways of coupling to the environment, paramagnetic centres in wide band-gap semiconductors and insulators exhibit a strikingly rich spectrum of properties and functionalities, ... More
Towards 'Pt-free' Anion-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: Fe-Sn Carbon Nitride-Graphene 'Core-Shell' Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction ReactionMay 08 2018We report on the development of two new Pt-free electrocatalysts (ECs) for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) based on graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs). We designed the ECs with a core-shell morphology, where a GNP core support is covered by a carbon nitride ... More
A matrix-based method of moments for fitting multivariate network meta-analysis models with multiple outcomes and random inconsistency effectsMay 25 2017Random-effects meta-analyses are very commonly used in medical statistics. Recent methodological developments include multivariate (multiple outcomes) and network (multiple treatments) meta-analysis. Here we provide a new model and corresponding estimation ... More
Linked Open Data Validity -- A Technical Report from ISWS 2018Mar 26 2019Linked Open Data (LOD) is the publicly available RDF data in the Web. Each LOD entity is identfied by a URI and accessible via HTTP. LOD encodes globalscale knowledge potentially available to any human as well as artificial intelligence that may want ... More