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A dynamical magnetic field accompanying the motion of ferroelectric domain wallsApr 12 2019The recently proposed dynamical multiferroic effect describes the generation of magnetization from temporally varying electric polarization. Here, we show that the effect can lead to a magnetic field at moving ferroelectric domain walls, where the rearrangement ... More
A Correspondence Between Distances and Embeddings for Manifolds: New Techniques for Applications of the Abstract BoundaryApr 18 2011We present a one-to-one correspondence between equivalence classes of embeddings of a manifold (into a larger manifold of the same dimension) and equivalence classes of certain distances on the manifold. This correspondence allows us to use the Abstract ... More
The impact of locally-enhanced vertical diffusivity on the cross-shelf transport of tracers induced by a submarine canyonAug 22 2018Feb 08 2019The exchanges of water, nutrients and oxygen between the coastal and open ocean are key components of on-shelf nutrient budgets and biogeochemical cycles. On a regional scale, submarine canyons enhance physical processes such as shelf-slope mass exchange ... More
A VLBI Search for Radio Supernovae in Wolf Rayet GalaxiesJan 02 2007We have used the VLBI High Sensitivity Array (VLBA with VLA, Green Bank Telescope, and Arecibo) to search for young radio supernovae in three nearby Wolf Rayet dwarf galaxies containing Super Star Clusters (SSCs) and signs of extreme star formation in ... More
Span, Cospan, and Other Double CategoriesJan 18 2012Given a double category D such that D_0 has pushouts, we characterize oplax/lax adjunctions between D and Cospan(D_0) such that the right adjoint is normal and restricts to the identity on D_0, where Cospan(D_0) denotes the double category on D_0 whose ... More
Re-Evaluating Small Long-Period Confirmed Planets From KeplerJan 02 2019We re-examine the statistical confirmation of small long-period Kepler planet candidates in light of recent improvements in our understanding of the occurrence of systematic false alarms in this regime. Using the final Data Release 25 (DR25) Kepler planet ... More
Kepler's Earth-like Planets Should Not Be Confirmed Without Independent Detection: The Case of Kepler-452bMar 30 2018We show that the claimed confirmed planet Kepler-452b (a.k.a. K07016.01, KIC 8311864) can not be confirmed using a purely statistical validation approach. Kepler detects many more periodic signals from instrumental effects than it does from transits, ... More
Si-compatible candidates for high-K dielectrics with the Pbnm perovskite structureMay 16 2010Aug 03 2010We analyze both experimentally (where possible) and theoretically from first-principles the dielectric tensor components and crystal structure of five classes of Pbnm perovskites. All of these materials are believed to be stable on silicon and are therefore ... More
Exponentiability via Double CategoriesDec 06 2011Apr 24 2012We use double categories to obtain a single theorem characterizing certain exponentiable morphisms of small categories, topological spaces, locales, and posets.
Depths of Powers of the Edge Ideal of a TreeAug 04 2009Lower bounds are given for the depths of R/I^t for t at least one when I is the edge ideal of a tree or forest. The bounds are given in terms of the diameter of the tree, or in case of a forest, the largest diameter of a connected component and the number ... More
Automatic kidney segmentation in ultrasound images using subsequent boundary distance regression and pixelwise classification networksNov 12 2018Mar 30 2019It remains challenging to automatically segment kidneys in clinical ultrasound (US) images due to the kidneys' varied shapes and image intensity distributions, although semi-automatic methods have achieved promising performance. In this study, we propose ... More
A Probabilistic Approach to Kepler Completeness and Reliability for Exoplanet Occurrence RatesJun 09 2019Aug 06 2019Exoplanet catalogs produced by surveys suffer from a lack of completeness (not every planet is detected) and less than perfect reliability (not every planet in the catalog is a true planet), particularly near the survey's detection limit. Therefore, occurrence ... More
HST/NICMOS Imaging of Disks and Envelopes Around Very Young StarsFeb 06 1999We present HST/NICMOS observations with 0.1" (15 AU) resolution of six young stellar objects in the Taurus star-formation region. The targets of our survey are three Class I IRAS sources (IRAS 04016+2610, IRAS 04248+2612, and IRAS 04302+2247) and three ... More
Highly entangled multi-qubit states with simple algebraic structureApr 24 2009Aug 14 2009Recent works by Brown et al and Borras et al have explored numerical optimisation procedures to search for highly entangled multi-qubit states according to some computationally tractable entanglement measure. We present an alternative scheme based upon ... More
Poly-free constructions for right-angled Artin groupsMay 31 2005We show that every right-angled Artin group AG defined by a graph G of finite chromatic number is poly-free with poly-free length bounded between the clique number and the chromatic number of G. Further, a characterization of all right-angled Artin groups ... More
Geometric idealizersSep 23 2008Let X be a projective variety, $\sigma$ an automorphism of X, L a $\sigma$-ample invertible sheaf on X, and Z a closed subscheme of X. Inside the twisted homogeneous coordinate ring $B = B(X, L, \sigma)$, let I be the right ideal of sections vanishing ... More
Two globally convergent nonmonotone trust-region methods for unconstrained optimizationJan 09 2015This paper addresses some trust-region methods equipped with nonmonotone strategies for solving nonlinear unconstrained optimization problems. More specifically, the importance of using nonmonotone techniques in nonlinear optimization is motivated, then ... More
On nearly semifree circle actionsMar 22 2005Recall that an effective circle action is semifree if the stabilizer subgroup of each point is connected. We show that if $(M, \om)$ is a coadjoint orbit of a compact Lie group $G$ then every element of $\pi_1(G)$ may be represented by a semifree $S^1$-action. ... More
Reduction of twisted generalized Kähler structureOct 01 2005Oct 11 2005We show that our earlier work in \cite{LT05} extends to the twisted case, that is, we defined a notion of moment map and reduction in both twisted generalized complex geometry and twisted generalized K\"ahler geometry.
A Magnetic and Moessbauer Spectral Study of Core/Shell Structured Fe/Au NanoparticlesDec 16 2005Fe/Au nanoparticles have been chemically synthesized through a reverse micelle reaction and investigated by both conventional and synchrotron based x-ray diffraction and by magnetic and Moessbauer spectral studies. The powder x-ray diffraction patterns ... More
Structured Convolution Matrices for Energy-efficient Deep learningJun 08 2016We derive a relationship between network representation in energy-efficient neuromorphic architectures and block Toplitz convolutional matrices. Inspired by this connection, we develop deep convolutional networks using a family of structured convolutional ... More
Fully-automatic segmentation of kidneys in clinical ultrasound images using a boundary distance regression networkJan 05 2019It remains challenging to automatically segment kidneys in clinical ultrasound images due to the kidneys' varied shapes and image intensity distributions, although semi-automatic methods have achieved promising performance. In this study, we developed ... More
A Machine Learning Technique to Identify Transit Shaped SignalsAug 31 2015We describe a new metric that uses machine learning to determine if a periodic signal found in a photometric time series appears to be shaped like the signature of a transiting exoplanet. This metric uses dimensionality reduction and k-nearest neighbors ... More
Estimating the Distribution of Random Parameters in a Diffusion Equation Forward Model for a Transdermal Alcohol BiosensorAug 13 2018We estimate the distribution of random parameters in a distributed parameter model with unbounded input and output for the transdermal transport of ethanol in humans. The model takes the form of a diffusion equation with the input being the blood alcohol ... More
No positive cone in a free product is regularSep 20 2016Nov 15 2017We show that there exists no left order on the free product of two nontrivial, finitely generated, left-orderable groups such that the corresponding positive cone is represented by a regular language. Since there are orders on free groups of rank at least ... More
Classification of Hamiltonian torus actions with two dimensional quotientsSep 30 2011May 09 2012We construct all possible Hamiltonian torus actions for which all the non-empty reduced spaces are two dimensional (and not single points) and the manifold is connected and compact, or, more generally, the moment map is proper as a map to a convex set. ... More
Minimal Almost ConvexityAug 01 2014In this article we show that the Baumslag-Solitar group $BS(1,2)$ is minimally almost convex, or $MAC$. We also show that $BS(1,2)$ does not satisfy Po\'enaru's almost convexity condition $P(2)$, and hence the condition $P(2)$ is strictly stronger than ... More
Stackable groups, tame filling invariants, and algorithmic properties of groupsSep 28 2011Dec 30 2011We introduce a combinatorial property for finitely generated groups called stackable that implies the existence of an inductive procedure for constructing van Kampen diagrams with respect to a canonical finite presentation. We also define algorithmically ... More
Topology of complexity one quotientsOct 02 2018We describe of the topology of the geometric quotients of 2n dimensional compact connected symplectic manifolds with n-1 dimensional torus actions. When the isotropy weights at each fixed point are in general position, the quotient is homeomorphic to ... More
A counterexample to the Bernhard-Jablan unknotting conjectureMay 17 2017Dec 31 2017We show that there is a knot satisfying the property that for each minimal crossing number diagram of the knot and each single crossing of the diagram, changing the crossing results in a diagram for a knot whose unknotting number is at least that of the ... More
Global well-posedness for an advection-diffusion equation arising in magneto-geostrophic dynamicsJul 07 2010Feb 04 2011We use De Giorgi techniques to prove H\"older continuity of weak solutions to a class of drift-diffusion equations, with $L^2$ initial data and divergence free drift velocity that lies in $L_{t}^{\infty}BMO_{x}^{-1}$. We apply this result to prove global ... More
Hamiltonian circle actions on eight dimensional manifolds with minimal fixed setsAug 27 2014Feb 11 2016Consider a Hamiltonian circle action on a closed $8$-dimensional symplectic manifold $M$ with exactly five fixed points, which is the smallest possible fixed set. In their paper, L. Godinho and S. Sabatini show that if $M$ satisfies an extra "positivity ... More
Identifying False Alarms in the Kepler Planet Candidate CatalogFeb 09 2016We present a new automated method to identify instrumental features masquerading as small, long period planets in the \kepler\ planet candidate catalog. These systematics, mistakenly identified as planet transits, can have a strong impact on occurrence ... More
Blood ties: ABO is a trans-species polymorphism in primatesAug 22 2012The ABO histo-blood group, the critical determinant of transfusion incompatibility, was the first genetic polymorphism discovered in humans. Remarkably, ABO antigens are also polymorphic in many other primates, with the same two amino acid changes responsible ... More
Discovery and Vetting of Exoplanets I: Benchmarking K2 Vetting ToolsJan 22 2019We have adapted the algorithmic tools developed during the Kepler mission to vet the quality of transit-like signals for use on the K2 mission data. Using the four sets of publicly-available lightcurves on MAST, we produced a uniformly-vetted catalog ... More
Embedded Associated Primes of Powers of Square-free Monomial IdealsMay 24 2008Apr 25 2009An ideal I in a Noetherian ring R is normally torsion-free if Ass(R/I^t)=Ass(R/I) for all natural numbers t. We develop a technique to inductively study normally torsion-free square-free monomial ideals. In particular, we show that if a square-free monomial ... More
Waste Not, Want Not: Why Rarefying Microbiome Data is InadmissibleOct 01 2013Dec 12 2013The interpretation of count data originating from the current generation of DNA sequencing platforms requires special attention. In particular, the per-sample library sizes often vary by orders of magnitude from the same sequencing run, and the counts ... More
Computations with Frobenius powersDec 17 2002Jun 13 2003It is an open question whether tight closure commutes with localization in quotients of a polynomial ring in finitely many variables over a field. Katzman showed that tight closure of ideals in these rings commutes with localization at one element if ... More
Type II Quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: V. Imaging host galaxies with the Hubble Space TelescopeMar 23 2006Sep 26 2006Type II quasars are luminous Active Galactic Nuclei whose centers are obscured by large amounts of gas and dust. In this paper we present 3-band HST images of nine type II quasars with redshifts 0.2 < z < 0.4 selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey ... More
Hamiltonian circle actions with minimal fixed setsMay 25 2009Nov 04 2012Consider an effective Hamiltonian circle action on a compact symplectic $2n$-dimensional manifold $(M, \omega)$. Assume that the fixed set $M^{S^1}$ is {\em minimal}, in two senses: it has exactly two components, $X$ and $Y$, and $\dim(X) + \dim(Y) = ... More
Regina Lectures on Fat PointsOct 14 2013These notes are a record of lectures given in the Workshop on Connections Between Algebra and Geometry at the University of Regina, May 29--June 1, 2012. The lectures were meant as an introduction to current research problems related to fat points for ... More
Maximal Hamiltonian tori for polygon spacesJul 06 2002We study the poset of Hamiltonian tori for polygon spaces. We determine some maximal elements and give examples where maximal Hamiltonian tori are not all of the same dimension.
On the ill/well-posedness and nonlinear instability of the magneto-geostrophic equationsMay 07 2011May 13 2011We consider an active scalar equation that is motivated by a model for magneto-geostrophic dynamics and the geodynamo. We prove that the non-diffusive equation is ill-posed in the sense of Hadamard in Sobolev spaces. In contrast, the critically diffusive ... More
Cartan Prolongation of a Family of Curves Acquiring a NodeOct 08 2017Apr 07 2018Using the monster/Semple tower construction, we study the structure of the Cartan prolongation of the family $x_1x_2 = t$ of plane curves with nodal central member.
A Spitzer Study of Comets 2P/Encke, 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, and C/2001 HT50 (LINEAR-NEAT)Jul 18 2006We present infrared images and spectra of comets 2P/Encke, 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, and C/2001 HT50 (LINEAR-NEAT) as part of a larger program to observe comets inside of 5 AU from the sun with the Spitzer Space Telescope. The nucleus of comet 2P/Encke ... More
Galactic and Magellanic Evolution with the SKAJan 06 2015As we strive to understand how galaxies evolve it is crucial that we resolve physical processes and test emerging theories in nearby systems that we can observe in great detail. Our own Galaxy, the Milky Way, and the nearby Magellanic Clouds provide unique ... More
Sensitivity Analyses of Exoplanet Occurrence Rates from Kepler and GaiaAug 01 2019We infer the number of planets-per-star as a function of orbital period and planet size using $Kepler$ archival data products with updated stellar properties from the $Gaia$ Data Release 2. Using hierarchical Bayesian modeling and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo, ... More
Knot Invariants from Laplacian MatricesSep 18 2018Nov 12 2018A checkerboard graph of a special diagram of an oriented link is made a directed, edge-weighted graph in a natural way so that a principal minor of its Laplacian matrix is a Seifert matrix of the link. Doubling and weighting the edges of the graph produces ... More
On Eigenvalues of Free Group EndomorphismsJun 21 2012Jun 25 2012Let \phi be an endomorphism of a finitely generated free group F, and let H be a finite-index subgroup of F that is invariant under \phi. The nonzero eigenvalues of \phi are contained in the eigenvalues of \phi restricted to H.
Contamination in the Kepler Field. Identification of 685 KOIs as False Positives Via Ephemeris Matching Based On Q1-Q12 DataJan 06 2014Apr 14 2014The Kepler mission has to date found almost 6,000 planetary transit-like signals, utilizing three years of data for over 170,000 stars at extremely high photometric precision. Due to its design, contamination from eclipsing binaries, variable stars, and ... More
Probing Shock Breakout with Serendipitous GALEX Detections of Two SNLS Type II-P SupernovaeApr 07 2008Jul 31 2008We report the serendipitous detection by GALEX of fast (<1 day) rising (>1 mag) UV emission from two Type II plateau (II-P) supernovae (SNe) at z=0.185 and 0.324 discovered by the Supernova Legacy Survey. Optical photometry and VLT spectroscopy 2 weeks ... More
Milky Way Tomography with K and M Dwarf Stars: the Vertical Structure of the Galactic DiskJun 06 2017Jul 17 2017We use the number density distributions of K and M dwarf stars with vertical height from the Galactic disk, determined using observations from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, to probe the structure of the Milky Way disk across the survey's footprint. Using ... More
Lehmer's question, knots and surface dynamicsSep 03 2005Aug 28 2007Lehmer's question is equivalent to one about generalized growth rates of Lefschetz numbers of iterated pseudo-Anosov surface homeomorphisms. One need consider only homeomorphisms that arise as monodromies of fibered knots in lens spaces L(n,1), n>0. Lehmer's ... More
Twisted Alexander Invariants of Twisted LinksFeb 07 2012Let L be an oriented (d+1)-component link in the 3-sphere, and let L(q) be the d-component link in a homology 3-sphere that results from performing 1/q-surgery on the last component. Results about the Alexander polynomial and twisted Alexander polynomials ... More
A Constant Introduction of Additional Food Does Not Yield Pest Eradication in Finite TimeOct 01 2018Biological control, the use of predators and pathogens to control target pests, is a promising alternative to chemical control. It is hypothesized that the introduced predators efficacy can be boosted by providing them with an additional food source. ... More
Group gradings on simple Lie algebras of type A in positive characteristicJun 07 2007In this paper we consider gradings by a finite abelian group $G$ on the Lie algebra $\mathfrak{sl}_n(F)$ over an algebraically closed field $F$ of characteristic different from 2 and not dividing $n$.
Computing the Frobenius-Schur indicator for abelian extensions of Hopf algebrasAug 20 2001Nov 20 2001In this paper we show that for an important class of non-trivial Hopf algebras, the Schur indicator is a computable invariant. The Hopf algebras we consider are all abelian extensions; as a special case, they include the Drinfeld double of a group algebra. ... More
Multiplicities of semidualizing modulesJan 15 2010Sep 02 2012A finitely generated module C over a commutative noetherian ring R is semidualizing if Hom_R(C,C) \cong R and Ext^i_R(C,C) = 0 for all i \geq 1. For certain local Cohen-Macaulay rings (R,m), we verify the equality of Hilbert-Samuel multiplicities e_R(J;C) ... More
Algebraic algorithms for even circuits in graphsJul 06 2019We present an algebraic algorithm to detect the existence of and to list all indecomposable even circuits in a given graph. We also discuss an application of our work to the study of directed cycles in digraphs.
A new family of Poisson algebras and their deformationsNov 14 2016Aug 12 2017Let $\Bbbk$ be a field of characteristic zero. For any positive integer $n$ and any scalar $a\in\Bbbk$, we construct a family of Artin-Schelter regular algebras $R(n,a)$, which are quantisations of Poisson structures on $\Bbbk[x_0,\dots,x_n]$. This generalises ... More
Geometry of the word problem for 3-manifold groupsSep 20 2016Dec 13 2017We provide an algorithm to solve the word problem in all fundamental groups of closed 3-manifolds; in particular, we show that these groups are autostackable. This provides a common framework for a solution to the word problem in any closed 3-manifold ... More
Homology and closure properties of autostackable groupsMay 30 2015Autostackability for finitely presented groups is a topological property of the Cayley graph combined with formal language theoretic restrictions, that implies solvability of the word problem. The class of autostackable groups is known to include all ... More
Decision problems for inverse monoids presented by a single sparse relatorNov 08 2009We study a class of inverse monoids of the form M = Inv< X | w=1 >, where the single relator w has a combinatorial property that we call sparse. For a sparse word w, we prove that the word problem for M is decidable. We also show that the set of words ... More
Additional key features required for different directives based porting approachesAug 16 2019This document is one of the deliverable reports created for the ESCAPE project. ESCAPE stands for Energy-efficient Scalable Algorithms for Weather Prediction at Exascale. The project develops world-class, extreme-scale computing capabilities for European ... More
Interfacial structure and boundary lubrication of a dicationic ionic liquidJul 25 2019We report measurements of the normal surface forces and friction forces between two mica surfaces separated by a nano-film of dicationic ionic liquid using a Surface Force Balance. The dicationic ionic liquid 1,10-bis(3-methylimidazolium)decane di- [bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)]imide ... More
Measuring Transit Signal Recovery in the Kepler Pipeline. III. Completeness of the Q1-Q17 DR24 Planet Candidate Catalogue, with Important Caveats for Occurrence Rate CalculationsMay 18 2016With each new version of the Kepler pipeline and resulting planet candidate catalogue, an updated measurement of the underlying planet population can only be recovered with an corresponding measurement of the Kepler pipeline detection efficiency. Here, ... More
Ideals in the enveloping algebra of the positive Witt algebraOct 27 2017May 15 2019Let $W_+$ be the positive Witt algebra, which has a $C$-basis $\{e_n: n \in Z_{\geq 1}\}$, with Lie bracket $[ e_i, e_j] = (j-i) e_{i+j}$. We study the two-sided ideal structure of the universal enveloping algebra $U(W_+)$ of $W_+$. We show that if $I$ ... More
Algorithms and topology for Cayley graphs of groupsJul 18 2013Autostackability for finitely generated groups is defined via a topological property of the associated Cayley graph which can be encoded in a finite state automaton. Autostackable groups have solvable word problem and an effective inductive procedure ... More
Computing Severi Degrees with Long-edge GraphsMar 21 2013Nov 03 2013We study a class of graphs with finitely many edges in order to understand the nature of the formal logarithm of the generating series for Severi degrees in elementary combinatorial terms. These graphs are related to floor diagrams associated to plane ... More
Generation of Motion of Drops with Interfacial ContactAug 05 2015A liquid drop moves on a solid surface if it is subjected to a gradient of wettability or temperature. However, the pinning defects on the surface manifested in terms of a wetting hysteresis, or first-order nonlinear friction, limit the motion in the ... More
Knots Connected by Wide RibbonsAug 01 2018A ribbon is, intuitively, a smooth mapping of an annulus $S^1 \times I$ in 3-space having constant width $\varepsilon$. This can be formalized as a triple $(x,\varepsilon, \mathbf{u})$ where $x$ is smooth curve in 3-space and $\mathbf{u}$ is a unit vector ... More
Tangles and links: a view with treesOct 30 2017Mar 02 2018A result about spanning forests for graphs yields a short proof of Krebes's theorem concerning embedded tangles in links.
Graph complexity and Mahler measureJan 21 2017The (torsion) complexity of a finite edge-weighted graph is defined to be the order of the torsion subgroup of the abelian group presented by its Laplacian matrix. When G is d-periodic (i.e., G has a free action of the rank-d free abelian group by graph ... More
An Optimization-Based Sum-of-Squares Approach to Vizing's ConjectureJan 29 2019May 06 2019Vizing's conjecture (open since 1968) relates the sizes of dominating sets in two graphs to the size of a dominating set in their Cartesian product graph. In this paper, we formulate Vizing's conjecture itself as a Positivstellensatz existence question. ... More
Decoding dynamic brain patterns from evoked responses: A tutorial on multivariate pattern analysis applied to time-series neuroimaging dataJun 09 2016Multivariate pattern analysis (MVPA) or brain decoding methods have become standard practice in analysing fMRI data. Although decoding methods have been extensively applied in Brain Computing Interfaces (BCI), these methods have only recently been applied ... More
Knot Groups with Many KillersSep 17 2009The group of any nontrivial torus knot, hyperbolic 2-bridge knot, or hyperbolic knot with unknotting number one contains infinitely many elements, none the automorphic image of another, such that each normally generates the group.
Micro-Randomized Trials in mHealthApr 01 2015The use and development of mobile interventions is experiencing rapid growth. In "just-in-time" mobile interventions, treatments are provided via a mobile device that are intended to help an individual make healthy decisions" in the moment," and thus ... More
The Triple Helix of University-Industry-Government Relations at the Country Level, and Its Dynamic Evolution under the Pressures of GlobalizationSep 06 2012Jan 03 2013Using data from the Web of Science (WoS), we analyze the mutual information among university, industrial, and governmental addresses (U-I-G) at the country level for a number of countries. The dynamic evolution of the Triple Helix can thus be compared ... More
Visualizing Topographic Independent Component Analysis with MoviesJan 24 2019Independent component analysis (ICA) has often been used as a tool to model natural image statistics by separating multivariate signals in the image into components that are assumed to be independent. However, these estimated components oftentimes have ... More
Col-OSSOS: The Colours of the Outer Solar System Origins SurveySep 22 2018Apr 12 2019The Colours of the Outer Solar System Origins Survey (Col-OSSOS) is acquiring near-simultaneous $g$, $r$, and $J$ photometry of unprecedented precision with the Gemini North Telescope, targeting nearly a hundred trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) brighter ... More
Pathway to the PiezoElectronic Transduction Logic DeviceMar 25 2015The information age challenges computer technology to process an exponentially increasing computational load on a limited energy budget - a requirement that demands an exponential reduction in energy per operation. In digital logic circuits, the switching ... More
Model selection via Bayesian information capacity designs for generalised linear modelsJan 29 2016Oct 26 2016The first investigation is made of designs for screening experiments where the response variable is approximated by a generalised linear model. A Bayesian information capacity criterion is defined for the selection of designs that are robust to the form ... More
Bayesian State Space Modeling of Physical Processes in Industrial HygieneJul 06 2018Exposure assessment models are deterministic models derived from physical-chemical laws. In real workplace settings, chemical concentration measurements can be noisy and indirectly measured. In addition, inference on important parameters such as generation ... More
The Spitzer Survey of Interstellar Clouds in the Gould Belt. VI. The Auriga-California Molecular Cloud observed with IRAC and MIPSFeb 25 2014We present observations of the Auriga-California Molecular Cloud (AMC) at 3.6, 4.5, 5.8, 8.0, 24, 70 and 160 micron observed with the IRAC and MIPS detectors as part of the Spitzer Gould Belt Legacy Survey. The total mapped areas are 2.5 sq-deg with IRAC ... More
Invariants of Links in Thickened SurfacesApr 17 2013A group invariant for links in thickened closed orientable surfaces is studied. Associated polynomial invariants are defined. The group detects nontriviality of a virtual link and determines its virtual genus.
Continuous k-frames and their dualsJan 12 2019k-frames were recently introduced by Gavruta in Hilbert spaces to study atomic systems with respect to a bounded linear operator. A continuous frame is a family of vectors in Hilbert space which allows reproductions of arbitrary elements by continuous ... More
Estimating Treatment Effects using Multiple Surrogates: The Role of the Surrogate Score and the Surrogate IndexMar 30 2016Jun 04 2016Estimating the long-term effects of treatments is of interest in many fields. A common challenge in estimating such treatment effects is that long-term outcomes are unobserved in the time frame needed to make policy decisions. One approach to overcome ... More
Estimating Average Treatment Effects: Supplementary Analyses and Remaining ChallengesFeb 04 2017There is a large literature on semiparametric estimation of average treatment effects under unconfounded treatment assignment in settings with a fixed number of covariates. More recently attention has focused on settings with a large number of covariates. ... More
Uniformly Balanced Repeated Measurements Designs in the Presence of Subject DropoutOct 03 2007Low, Lewis and Prescott (1999) showed that a crossover design based on a Williams Latin square of order 4 can suffer substantial loss of efficiency if some observations in the final period are unavailable. Indeed, if all observations are missing, the ... More
Observational prospects for gravitational waves from hidden or dark chiral phase transitionsApr 16 2019We study the gravitational wave (GW) signature of first-order chiral phase transitions ($\chi$PT) in strongly interacting hidden or dark sectors. We do so using several effective models in order to reliably capture the relevant non-perturbative dynamics. ... More
Hosts and Alignment Effect in 0.5 < z < 1 radio sourcesSep 11 1998R- and I- band images with good seeing at the NOT of the hosts of a sample of 7C radio galaxies at z ~ 0.7 (with mean radio flux 20 times fainter than the 3C sample) show some evidence of radio-optical alignment. A quantitative analysis of the alignment ... More
High-resolution x-ray telescopesOct 23 2010High-energy astrophysics is a relatively young scientific field, made possible by space-borne telescopes. During the half-century history of x-ray astronomy, the sensitivity of focusing x-ray telescopes-through finer angular resolution and increased effective ... More
Terrestrial Planet Occurrence Rates for the Kepler GK Dwarf SampleJun 12 2015We measure planet occurrence rates using the planet candidates discovered by the Q1-Q16 Kepler pipeline search. This study examines planet occurrence rates for the Kepler GK dwarf target sample for planet radii, 0.75<Rp<2.5 Rearth, and orbital periods, ... More
A super-Earth-sized planet orbiting in or near the habitable zone around Sun-like starApr 17 2013We present the discovery of a super-earth-sized planet in or near the habitable zone of a sun-like star. The host is Kepler-69, a 13.7 mag G4V-type star. We detect two periodic sets of transit signals in the three-year flux time series of Kepler-69, obtained ... More
Convolutional Networks for Fast, Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic ComputingMar 28 2016May 24 2016Deep networks are now able to achieve human-level performance on a broad spectrum of recognition tasks. Independently, neuromorphic computing has now demonstrated unprecedented energy-efficiency through a new chip architecture based on spiking neurons, ... More
Detection of Potential Transit Signals in 17 Quarters of Kepler Data: Results of the Final Kepler Mission Transiting Planet Search (DR25)Apr 20 2016Nov 16 2016We present results of the final Kepler Data Processing Pipeline search for transiting planet signals in the full 17-quarter primary mission data set. The search includes a total of 198,709 stellar targets, of which 112,046 were observed in all 17 quarters ... More
4D Multi-atlas Label Fusion using Longitudinal ImagesAug 29 2017Longitudinal reproducibility is an essential concern in automated medical image segmentation, yet has proven to be an elusive objective as manual brain structure tracings have shown more than 10% variability. To improve reproducibility, lon-gitudinal ... More
Improving the Scalability of Optimal Bayesian Network Learning with External-Memory Frontier Breadth-First Branch and Bound SearchFeb 14 2012Previous work has shown that the problem of learning the optimal structure of a Bayesian network can be formulated as a shortest path finding problem in a graph and solved using A* search. In this paper, we improve the scalability of this approach by ... More
Three dimensions of knot coloringJan 23 2013May 12 2016This survey article discusses three aspects of knot colorings. Fox colorings are assignments of labels to arcs, Dehn colorings are assignments of labels to regions, and Alexander-Briggs colorings assign labels to vertices. The labels are found among the ... More
Counterfactual Inference for Consumer Choice Across Many Product CategoriesJun 06 2019This paper proposes a method for estimating consumer preferences among discrete choices, where the consumer chooses at most one product in a category, but selects from multiple categories in parallel. The consumer's utility is additive in the different ... More