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Slow dynamics of interacting antiferromagnetic nanoparticlesMar 08 2011We study magnetic relaxation dynamics, memory and aging effects in interacting polydisperse antiferromagnetic NiO nanoparticles by solving a master equation using a two-state model. We investigate the effects of interactions using dipolar, Nearest-Neighbour ... More
Plane Symmetric Inhomogeneous Cosmological Models with a Perfect Fluid in General RelativityOct 26 2006Aug 20 2007In this paper we investigate a class of solutions of Einstein equations for the plane-symmetric perfect fluid case with shear and vanishing acceleration. If these solutions have shear, they must necessarily be non-static. We examine the integrable cases ... More
Shape Instabilities in the Dynamics of a Two-component Fluid MembraneApr 21 1997We study the shape dynamics of a two-component fluid membrane, using a dynamical triangulation monte carlo simulation and a Langevin description. Phase separation induces morphology changes depending on the lateral mobility of the lipids. When the mobility ... More
EMEEDP: Enhanced Multi-hop Energy Efficient Distributed Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor NetworkNov 12 2014Nov 14 2014In WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) every sensor node sensed the data and transmit it to the CH (Cluster head) or BS (Base Station). Sensors are randomly deployed in unreachable areas, where battery replacement or battery charge is not possible. For this ... More
Tri-connectivity Augmentation in TreesJan 04 2016For a connected graph, a {\em minimum vertex separator} is a minimum set of vertices whose removal creates at least two connected components. The vertex connectivity of the graph refers to the size of the minimum vertex separator and a graph is $k$-vertex ... More
Kinetics of Phase Ordering in a Two-Component Fluid MembraneMar 05 1996We present a novel Monte Carlo simulation of the phase separation dynamics of a model fluid membrane. Such a phase segregation induces shape changes of the membrane and results in local `budding' under favourable conditions. We present a preliminary investigation ... More
Simultaneous Conjugacy Classes as Combinatorial Invariants of Finite GroupsMay 20 2019Let $G$ be a finite group. We consider the problem of counting simultaneous conjugacy classes of $n$-tuples and and simultaneous conjugacy classes of commuting $n$-tuples in $G$. Let $\alpha_{G,n}$ denote the number of simultaneous conjugacy classes of ... More
On the number of representations by certain octonary quadratic forms with coefficients 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6Jul 13 2016In this paper, we find formulas for the number of representations of certain diagonal octonary quadratic forms with coefficients $1,2,3,4$ and $6$. We obtain these formulas by constructing explicit bases of the space of modular forms of weight $4$ on ... More
Absence of a multiglass state in some transition metal doped quantum paraelectricsOct 23 2018We critically investigate the purported existence of a multiglass state in the quantum paraelectrics SrTiO${_3}$ and KTaO${_3}$ doped with magnetic 3d transition metals. We observe that the transition metals have limited solubility in these hosts, and ... More
Drug-Drug Interaction Extraction from Biomedical Text Using Long Short Term Memory NetworkJan 28 2017Aug 13 2017Simultaneous administration of multiple drugs can have synergistic or antagonistic effects as one drug can affect activities of other drugs. Synergistic effects lead to improved therapeutic outcomes, whereas, antagonistic effects can be life-threatening, ... More
Unified Neural Architecture for Drug, Disease and Clinical Entity RecognitionAug 11 2017Most existing methods for biomedical entity recognition task rely on explicit feature engineering where many features either are specific to a particular task or depends on output of other existing NLP tools. Neural architectures have been shown across ... More
What matters in a transferable neural network model for relation classification in the biomedical domain?Aug 11 2017Aug 14 2017Lack of sufficient labeled data often limits the applicability of advanced machine learning algorithms to real life problems. However efficient use of Transfer Learning (TL) has been shown to be very useful across domains. TL utilizes valuable knowledge ... More
Recurrent neural network models for disease name recognition using domain invariant featuresJun 30 2016Hand-crafted features based on linguistic and domain-knowledge play crucial role in determining the performance of disease name recognition systems. Such methods are further limited by the scope of these features or in other words, their ability to cover ... More
A Vector Space Approach to Generate Dynamic Keys for Hill CipherSep 15 2019In this paper a variant of the Hill cipher is proposed. In the classical Hill cipher an invertible matrix is used for encryption but the scheme is vulnerable to the known-plaintext attack which can reveal the matrix. In our proposed cryptosystem, each ... More
Mesoscale computational studies of membrane bilayer remodeling by curvature-inducing proteinsOct 16 2015Biological membranes constitute boundaries of cells and cell organelles. Physico-chemical mechanisms at the atomic scale are dictated by protein-lipid interaction strength, lipid composition, lipid distribution in the vicinity of the protein, shape and ... More
Siamese Neural Networks with Random Forest for detecting duplicate question pairsJan 22 2018Jan 28 2018Determining whether two given questions are semantically similar is a fairly challenging task given the different structures and forms that the questions can take. In this paper, we use Gated Recurrent Units(GRU) in combination with other highly used ... More
Investigating how well contextual features are captured by bi-directional recurrent neural network modelsSep 03 2017Nov 29 2017Learning algorithms for natural language processing (NLP) tasks traditionally rely on manually defined relevant contextual features. On the other hand, neural network models using an only distributional representation of words have been successfully applied ... More
Investigations of the heterometallic Ludwigite Ni${_2}$AlBO${_5}$Jul 11 2019We present magnetic, thermodynamic, dielectric and structural investigations on the aluminoborate Ni${_2}$AlBO${_5}$, belonging to the ludwigite family. Room temperature structural refinement suggests that the system crystallizes in the orthorhombic $Pbam$ ... More
EvoCut : A new Generalization of Albert-Barabási Model for Evolution of Complex NetworksMar 01 2018With the evolution of social networks, the network structure shows dynamic nature in which nodes and edges appear as well as disappear for various reasons. The role of a node in the network is presented as the number of interactions it has with the other ... More
Particle Swarm Optimized Fuzzy Controller for Indirect Vector Control of Multilevel Inverter Fed Induction MotorSep 05 2014The Particle Swarm Optimized (PSO) fuzzy controller has been proposed for indirect vector control of induction motor. In this proposed scheme a Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) multilevel inverter is used and hysteresis current control technique has been adopted ... More
Dynamics of a droplet under the influence of an alternating electric fieldJan 17 2019We investigate the electrohydrodynamics of an initially spherical droplet in a leaky dielectric medium under the influence of an external AC electric field by conducting axisymmetric numerical simulations using a charge-conservative volume-of-fluid based ... More
An Optimized Disk Scheduling Algorithm With Bad-Sector ManagementAug 03 2019In high performance computing, researchers try to optimize the CPU Scheduling algorithms, for faster and efficient working of computers. But a process needs both CPU bound and I/O bound for completion of its execution. With modernization of computers ... More
Federated Learning: Challenges, Methods, and Future DirectionsAug 21 2019Federated learning involves training statistical models over remote devices or siloed data centers, such as mobile phones or hospitals, while keeping data localized. Training in heterogeneous and potentially massive networks introduces novel challenges ... More
Structural and dielectric properties of Pb(1-x)(Na0.5Sm0.5)xTiO3 ceramicsFeb 27 2017A correlation between structure and vibrational properties related to a ferroelectric to paraelectric phase transition in perovskite Pb(1-x)(Na0.5Sm0.5)xTiO3 (PNST - x) polycrystalline powders is discussed. Substitution leads to reduction of tetragonality ... More
Relation extraction from clinical texts using domain invariant convolutional neural networkJun 30 2016In recent years extracting relevant information from biomedical and clinical texts such as research articles, discharge summaries, or electronic health records have been a subject of many research efforts and shared challenges. Relation extraction is ... More
Inter-sentence Relation Extraction with Document-level Graph Convolutional Neural NetworkJun 11 2019Inter-sentence relation extraction deals with a number of complex semantic relationships in documents, which require local, non-local, syntactic and semantic dependencies. Existing methods do not fully exploit such dependencies. We present a novel inter-sentence ... More
Biomedical Event Trigger Identification Using Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Network Based ModelsMay 26 2017Biomedical events describe complex interactions between various biomedical entities. Event trigger is a word or a phrase which typically signifies the occurrence of an event. Event trigger identification is an important first step in all event extraction ... More
Organelle morphogenesis by active remodelingMar 04 2014Intracellular organelles are subject to a steady flux of lipids and proteins through active, energy consuming transport processes. Active fission and fusion are promoted by GTPases, e.g., Arf-Coatamer and the Rab-Snare complexes, which both sense and ... More
Impact of post deposition annealing in O2 ambient on structural properties of nanocrystalline hafnium oxide thin filmSep 03 2015May 04 2016In the present work, HfO2 thin film (100nm) has been deposited by sputtering technique and annealed at various temperatures ranging from 400 to 1000\degree (in step of 200 \degree) in O2 ambient for 10 min. The samples have been characterized using XRD, ... More
A wireless triboelectric nanogeneratorJul 12 2017We demonstrate a new paradigm for the wireless harvesting of mechanical energy via a 3D-printed triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) which comprises a graphene polylactic acid (gPLA) nanocomposite and Teflon. The synergistic combination of eco-friendly ... More
L shell x-ray production in high-Z elements using 4-6 MeV/u fluorine ionsOct 01 2016L shell line and total x-ray production cross sections in 78Pt, 79Au, 82Pb, 83Bi, 90Th, and 92U targets ionized by 4-6 MeV/u fluorine ions were measured. These cross sections are compared with available theories for L shell ionization using single- and ... More
Active remodeling of chromatin and implications for in-vivo foldingOct 14 2015Recent high resolution experiments have provided a quantitative description of the statistical properties of interphase chromatin at large scales. These findings have stimulated a search for generic physical interactions that give rise to such specific ... More
A Microcontroller Based Device to Reduce Phanthom PowerJun 18 2013In this paper we concern ourselves with the problem of minimizing the standby power consumption in some of the house hold appliances. Here we propose a remote controlled device through which we could reduce the amount of standby power consumed by the ... More
Theory and Applications of Two-dimensional, Null-boundary, Nine-Neighborhood, Cellular Automata Linear rulesApr 15 2008This paper deals with the theory and application of 2-Dimensional, nine-neighborhood, null- boundary, uniform as well as hybrid Cellular Automata (2D CA) linear rules in image processing. These rules are classified into nine groups depending upon the ... More
Distributed Constrained Recursive Nonlinear Least-Squares Estimation: Algorithms and AsymptoticsFeb 01 2016Jul 30 2016This paper focuses on the problem of recursive nonlinear least squares parameter estimation in multi-agent networks, in which the individual agents observe sequentially over time an independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) time-series consisting ... More
Universal quantized thermal conductance in grapheneFeb 18 2019The universal quantization of thermal conductance provides information on the topological order of a state beyond electrical conductance. Such measurements have become possible only recently, and have discovered, in particular, that the value of the observed ... More
Structural and ferroelectric properties of perovskite Pb(1-x)(K0.5Sm0.5)xTiO3 ceramicsMar 03 2017PbTiO3 has the highest tetragonal distortion (c/a=1.064) and highest spontaneous polarization among perovskite titanates. But, it is hazardous and hence one needs to reduce Pb content by substituting or reducing Pb content for use in applications. Pb(1-x)(K0.5Sm0.5)xTiO3 ... More
MATCHA: Speeding Up Decentralized SGD via Matching Decomposition SamplingMay 23 2019The trade-off between convergence error and communication delays in decentralized stochastic gradient descent~(SGD) is dictated by the sparsity of the inter-worker communication graph. In this paper, we propose MATCHA, a decentralized SGD method where ... More
Rotational state-changing cold collisions of hydroxyl ions with heliumApr 20 2015Cold molecules are important for many applications, from fundamental precision measurements, quantum information processing, quantum-controlled chemistry, to understanding the cold interstellar medium. Molecular ions are known to be cooled efficiently ... More
Singlet Pathway to the Ground State of Ultracold Polar MoleculesAug 07 2019Starting from weakly bound Feshbach molecules, we demonstrate a two-photon pathway to the dipolar ground state of bi-alkali molecules that involves only singlet-to-singlet optical transitions. This pathway eliminates the search for a suitable intermediate ... More
Nanoelectromechanical resonators from high-T$_c$ superconducting crystals of Bi$_2$Sr$_2$Ca$_1$Cu$_2$O$_{8+δ}$Feb 19 2019In this report, we present nanoelectromechanical resonators fabricated with thin exfoliated crystals of a high-T$_c$ cuprate superconductor Bi$_2$Sr$_2$Ca$_1$Cu$_2$O$_{8+\delta}$. The mechanical readout is performed by capacitively coupling their motion ... More
Terahertz-visible two-photon rotational spectroscopy of cold OD-Feb 26 2016We present a method to measure rotational transitions of molecular anions in the terahertz domain by sequential two-photon absorption. Ion excitation by bound-bound terahertz absorption is probed by absorption in the visible on a bound-free transition. ... More
String theory: a perspective over the last 25 yearsOct 12 2011Nov 16 2011This article provides some historical background and then reviews developments in string theory over the last twenty-five years or so. Both perturbative and non-perturbative approaches to string theory are surveyed and their impact on how we view quantum ... More
Investigation of La and Al substitution on the spontaneous polarization and lattice dynamics of the Pb(1-x)LaxTi(1-x)AlxO3 ceramicsFeb 01 2018The phase purity and crystal structure of PLTA samples (synthesized via sol-gel process) were confirmed using synchrotron x-ray powder diffraction (wavelength, lmbda= 0.44573 A. Rietveld analyses of powder x-ray diffraction data confirmed the tetragonal ... More
Latent class analyisis for reliable measure of inflation expectation in the indian publicMar 04 2016The main aim of this paper is to inspect the properties of survey based on households inflation expectations, conducted by Reserve Bank of India. It is theorized that the respondents answers are exaggerated by extreme response bias. Latent class analysis ... More
Field Generated by Division Points of Certain Formal Group LawsSep 01 2018Jan 18 2019In this article we study the Galois group of field generated by division points of special class of formal group laws and prove an equivalent condition for the group to be abelian. Further, we explore relations between the endomorphism ring of a formal ... More
Cosmic Rays Propagation in Bose Condensed Dark MatterDec 04 1997We have calculated the dispersion relation for the high energy cosmic rays (protons, electrons and neutrinos) propagating in the Bose gas as well as Bose condensate medium of the pseudo-scalar particles. For cosmic rays propagating in the Bose gas, the ... More
Structural, Electrical, and Magnetic Properties of La2Ni1.5Mn0.5O6 double perovskitesOct 19 2017Feb 25 2018Among multifunctional double perovskite oxides, La2NiMnO6 has recently drawn significant attention due to its importance both in terms of understanding of fundamental physics and potential for device applications. The relative alteration in Ni:Mn ratio ... More
SN 2016B a.k.a ASASSN-16ab: a transitional type II supernovaApr 03 2019We present photometry, polarimetry and spectroscopy of the Type II supernova ASASSN-16ab/SN 2016B in PGC 037392. The photometric and spectroscopic follow-up commenced about two weeks after shock breakout and continued until nearly six months. The light ... More
Higher-derivative 3-algebrasAug 22 2008Sep 05 2008Starting with the N=8 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on D2-branes and incorporating higher-derivative corrections to lowest nontrivial order, we perform a duality to derive the Lorentzian 3-algebra theory along with a set of derivative corrections. ... More
DSA Security Enhancement through Efficient Nonce GenerationAug 26 2015The Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) has become the de facto standard for authentication of transacting entities since its inception as a standard by NIST. An integral part of the signing process in DSA is the generation of a random number called a nonce ... More
M2 to D2Mar 24 2008Mar 26 2008We examine the recently proposed "3-algebra" field theory for multiple M2-branes and show that when a scalar field valued in the 3-algebra develops a vacuum expectation value, the resulting Higgs mechanism has the novel effect of promoting topological ... More
Path Loss Exponent Estimation in a Large Field of InterferersFeb 04 2008Jan 23 2012In wireless channels, the path loss exponent (PLE) has a strong impact on the quality of links, and hence, it needs to be accurately estimated for the efficient design and operation of wireless networks. In this paper, we address the problem of PLE estimation ... More
Simultaneous Localization And Mapping with depth Prediction using Capsule Networks for UAVsAug 16 2018In this paper, we propose an novel implementation of a simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system based on a monocular camera from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) using Depth prediction performed with Capsule Networks (CapsNet), which possess ... More
Abelian subcategories closed under extensions: K-theory and decompositionsJul 15 2005Mar 02 2006A full subcategory of modules over a commutative ring $R$ is wide if it is abelian and closed under extensions. Hovey \cite{wide} gave a classification of wide subcategories of finitely presented modules over regular coherent rings in terms of certain ... More
Memory and aging effects in antiferromagnetic nanoparticlesMay 22 2009Feb 14 2010We investigate slow dynamics of collection of a few antiferromagnetic NiO nanoparticles. The zero-field cooled magnetization exhibits size dependent fluctuations. We find memory effects in field cooled magnetization, as well as aging effects in thermoremenant ... More
Heavy traffic analysis of open processing networks with complete resource pooling: asymptotic optimality of discrete review policiesMar 23 2005We consider a class of open stochastic processing networks, with feedback routing and overlapping server capabilities, in heavy traffic. The networks we consider satisfy the so-called complete resource pooling condition and therefore have one-dimensional ... More
Design of One-Dimensional Linear Phase Digital IIR Filters Using Orthogonal PolynomialsJul 10 2013In the present paper, we discuss a method to design a linear phase 1-dimensional Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter using orthogonal polynomials. The filter is designed using a set of object functions. These object functions are realized using a set ... More
On the non-detection of Glashow resonance in IceCubeDec 29 2016Jul 27 2018Electron anti-neutrinos at the Glashow resonance (GR, at $E_{\bar \nu_e} \sim 6.3$ PeV) have an enhanced probability to be detected. With three neutrinos detected by IceCube in the (1-2) PeV energy range at present, one would expect that about 1 to 4 ... More
On the micro-to-macro limit for first-order traffic flow models on networksMay 06 2015Aug 27 2015Connections between microscopic follow-the-leader and macroscopic fluid-dynamics traffic flow models are already well understood in the case of vehicles moving on a single road. Analogous connections in the case of road networks are instead lacking. This ... More
What is special about the divisors of 24?Apr 27 2011Aug 05 2012What is an interesting number theoretic or a combinatorial characterization of the divisors of 24 amongst all positive integers? In this paper I will provide one characterization in terms of modular multiplication tables. This idea evolved interestingly ... More
Thick subcategories in stable homotopy theoryJul 10 2006In these lectures we give an exposition of the seminal work of Devinatz, Hopkins and Smith which is surrounding the classification of the thick subcategories of finite spectra in stable homotopy theory. The lectures are expository and are aimed primarily ... More
Bufferless NOC Simulation of Large Multicore System on GPU HardwareAug 12 2015Last level cache management and core interconnection network play important roles in performance and power consumption in multicore system. Large scale chip multicore uses mesh interconnect widely due to scalability and simplicity of the mesh interconnection ... More
Voice based self help System: User Experience Vs AccuracyApr 07 2015In general, self help systems are being increasingly deployed by service based industries because they are capable of delivering better customer service and increasingly the switch is to voice based self help systems because they provide a natural interface ... More
Correlation, Network and Multifractal Analysis of Global Financial IndicesFeb 02 2012We apply RMT, Network and MF-DFA methods to investigate correlation, network and multifractal properties of 20 global financial indices. We compare results before and during the financial crisis of 2008 respectively. We find that the network method gives ... More
On the Nature of Optical Excitations in Hydrogenated Aluminium Cluster Al4H6: A Theoretical StudyJan 05 2010Jan 10 2010In this paper, we present a theoretical investigation of photoabsorption spectrum of the newly synthesized hydrogenated cluster of aluminium, Al4H6. The calculations are performed within the wave-function-based semi-empirical method employing the complete ... More
Colloquium: Ionic phenomena in nanoscale pores through 2D materialsSep 13 2018Jul 17 2019Ion transport through nanopores permeates through many areas of science and technology, from cell behavior to sensing and separation to catalysis and batteries. Two-dimensional materials, such as graphene, molybdenum disulfide (MoS$_2$), and hexagonal ... More
Study of the properties of dense nuclear matter and application to some astrophysical systemsApr 22 1995May 23 1995The highlights and main results of this work can be summarized as follows : (1) The energy per nucleon of cold nuclear matter, derived by us using chiral sigma model, is in good agreement with the preliminary estimates inferred from heavy-ion collision ... More
On the observational behaviour of the highly polarized Type IIn supernova SN 2017hccJul 06 2019We present the results based on photometric ($Swift$ UVOT), broad-band polarimetric ($V$ and $R$-band) and optical spectroscopic observations of the Type IIn supernova (SN) 2017hcc. Our study is supplemented with spectropolarimetric data available in ... More
A combinatorial identity for the speed of growth in an anisotropic KPZ modelAug 07 2015Jan 27 2016The speed of growth for a particular stochastic growth model introduced by Borodin and Ferrari in [Comm. Math. Phys. 325 (2014), 603-684], which belongs to the KPZ anisotropic universality class, was computed using multi-time correlations. The model was ... More
The Congruence Y* on Quasi Completely Regular SemiringsApr 26 2018In this paper we investigate about the congruence generated by Y on quasi completely regular semirings and obtained the interval which Y* belongs to on quasi completely regular semirings.
Hadwiger's Conjecture for Proper Circular Arc GraphsMay 18 2006Jul 07 2006Circular arc graphs are graphs whose vertices can be represented as arcs on a circle such that any two vertices are adjacent if and only if their corresponding arcs intersect. Proper circular arc graphs are graphs which have a circular arc representation ... More
Rainbow Colouring of Split and Threshold GraphsMay 08 2012A rainbow colouring of a connected graph is a colouring of the edges of the graph, such that every pair of vertices is connected by at least one path in which no two edges are coloured the same. Such a colouring using minimum possible number of colours ... More
Online Handwritten Devanagari Stroke Recognition Using Extended Directional FeaturesJan 11 2015This paper describes a new feature set, called the extended directional features (EDF) for use in the recognition of online handwritten strokes. We use EDF specifically to recognize strokes that form a basis for producing Devanagari script, which is the ... More
A Rule-Based Short Query Intent Identification SystemMar 25 2015Using SMS (Short Message System), cell phones can be used to query for information about various topics. In an SMS based search system, one of the key problems is to identify a domain (broad topic) associated with the user query; so that a more comprehensive ... More
On the number of geodesics of Petersen graph $GP(n,2)$Mar 26 2017In any network, the interconnection of nodes by means of geodesics and the number of geodesics existing between nodes are important. There exists a class of centrality measures based on the number of geodesics passing through a vertex. Betweenness centrality ... More
Betweenness Centrality of Cartesian Product of GraphsMar 14 2016Betweenness centrality is a widely-used measure in the analysis of large complex networks. It measures the potential or power of a vertex to control the communication over the network under the assumption that information primarily flows over the shortest ... More
Size-dependent magnetization fluctuations in NiO nanoparticlesJun 07 2008Jul 14 2010The finite size and surface roughness effects on the magnetization of NiO nanoparticles is investigated. A large magnetic moment arises for an antiferromagnetic nanoparticle due to these effects. The magnetic moment without the surface roughness has a ... More
The fractional S-transform on BMO and Hardy spacesDec 11 2015In this paper, the authors studied the fractional S-transform on BMO and Hardy spaces and generalized the results given in \cite{Singh15h}. In introduction section, the definitions of the S-transform, fractional Fourier transform and fractional S-transform ... More
Basis Identification for Automatic Creation of Pronunciation Lexicon for Proper NamesJun 05 2014Development of a proper names pronunciation lexicon is usually a manual effort which can not be avoided. Grapheme to phoneme (G2P) conversion modules, in literature, are usually rule based and work best for non-proper names in a particular language. Proper ... More
Maximal Entanglement and Teleportation using an Arthurs-Kelly type Interaction for QubitsDec 11 2016Dec 18 2018We study entanglement generation between a system qubit and three apparatus qubits using an exactly solvable Arthurs-Kelly type model. We demonstrate the possibility of generating an EPR-like maximally entangled system-apparatus state, in which the second ... More
Electromagnetic annihilation into charged leptons and scattering off nucleons of spin-3/2 Majorana particlesAug 06 2014We compute the cross section for the electromagnetic annihilation into charged leptons, and the electromagnetic scattering off nucleons, of spin-3/2 self-conjugate (Majorana) particles using the general form of the electromagnetic vertex function that ... More
On-line Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition using Fuzzy Directional FeaturesApr 07 2015This paper describes a new feature set for use in the recognition of on-line handwritten Devanagari script based on Fuzzy Directional Features. Experiments are conducted for the automatic recognition of isolated handwritten character primitives (sub-character ... More
Ultrafast Response of Plasmonic NanostructuresFeb 02 2018Plasmonic metal nanostructures are an integral part of nanophotonic device applications owing to their ability to generate strong localized electromagnetic fields when illuminated from the far-field. These nanostructures can be prepared in the laboratory ... More
Fuchs' problem for indecomposable abelian groupsMay 13 2015More than 50 years ago, Laszlo Fuchs asked which abelian groups can be the group of units of a commutative ring. Though progress has been made, the question remains open. We provide an answer to this question in the case of indecomposable abelian groups ... More
Recursive Distributed Detection for Composite Hypothesis Testing: Nonlinear Observation Models in Additive Gaussian NoiseJan 19 2016Oct 26 2016This paper studies recursive composite hypothesis testing in a network of sparsely connected agents. The network objective is to test a simple null hypothesis against a composite alternative concerning the state of the field, modeled as a vector of (continuous) ... More
Dilepton Signal of a Type-II Seesaw at CERN LHC: Reveals a TeV Scale B-L SymmetryApr 06 2010Aug 19 2010We explore the discovery potential of doubly charged Higgs bosons (\xi^{\pm\pm}) at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). For moderate values of the coupling constants in the original Type-II seesaw model, these doubly-charged Higgs bosons are not accessible ... More
Fast and Accurate Frequency Estimation Using Sliding DFTFeb 20 2012Frequency Estimation of a complex exponential is a problem relevant to a large number of fields. In this paper a computationally efficient and accurate frequency estimator is presented using the guaranteed stable Sliding DFT which gives stability as well ... More
Recursive Distributed Detection for Composite Hypothesis Testing: Nonlinear Observation Models in Additive Gaussian NoiseJan 19 2016Feb 21 2017This paper studies recursive composite hypothesis testing in a network of sparsely connected agents. The network objective is to test a simple null hypothesis against a composite alternative concerning the state of the field, modeled as a vector of (continuous) ... More
Evaluating the Performance of a Speech Recognition based SystemJan 11 2016Speech based solutions have taken center stage with growth in the services industry where there is a need to cater to a very large number of people from all strata of the society. While natural language speech interfaces are the talk in the research community, ... More
Recursive Distributed Detection for Composite Hypothesis Testing: Algorithms and AsymptoticsJan 19 2016This paper studies recursive composite hypothesis testing in a network of sparsely connected agents. The network objective is to test a simple null hypothesis against a composite alternative concerning the state of the field, modeled as a vector of (continuous) ... More
Sequence to Sequence Learning for Optical Character RecognitionNov 13 2015Dec 27 2015We propose an end-to-end recurrent encoder-decoder based sequence learning approach for printed text Optical Character Recognition (OCR). In contrast to present day existing state-of-art OCR solution which uses connectionist temporal classification (CTC) ... More
Distributed Sequential Detection for Gaussian Shift-in-Mean Hypothesis TestingNov 27 2014Aug 31 2015This paper studies the problem of sequential Gaussian shift-in-mean hypothesis testing in a distributed multi-agent network. A sequential probability ratio test (SPRT) type algorithm in a distributed framework of the \emph{consensus}+\emph{innovations} ... More
Modified Mel Filter Bank to Compute MFCC of Subsampled SpeechOct 25 2014Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCCs) are the most popularly used speech features in most speech and speaker recognition applications. In this work, we propose a modified Mel filter bank to extract MFCCs from subsampled speech. We also propose a ... More
SN 2018hna: 1987A-like supernova with a signature of shock breakoutAug 21 2019High cadence ultraviolet, optical and near-infrared photometric and low-resolution spectroscopic observations of the peculiar Type II supernova (SN) 2018hna are presented. The early phase multiband light curves exhibit the adiabatic cooling envelope emission ... More
Broken translational and rotational symmetries in LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 spinelMay 11 2019In condensed matter physics broken symmetries and emergence of quasi-particles are intimately linked to each other. Whenever a symmetry is broken, it leaves its fingerprints, and that may be observed indirectly via its influence on the other quasi-particles. ... More
VR CCD photometry of variable stars in globular cluster NGC 4147May 20 2019We present results of a search for variable stars in a region of the globular cluster NGC 4147 based on photometric observations with 4k x 4k CCD imager mounted at the axial port of the recently installed 3.6 m Devasthal optical telescope at Aryabhatta ... More
Anisotropy in the magnetization and magnetoelectric response of single crystalline Mn$_{4}$Ta$_{2}$O$_{9}$Apr 24 2019We report temperature dependent magnetization and neutron diffraction measurements on the corundum related magnetoelectric antiferromagnet Mn$_{4}$Ta$_{2}$O$_{9}$. Measurements performed on a single crystalline specimen reveal that the magnetization is ... More
Nonequilibrium dynamics in an amorphous solidJun 05 2008The non-equilibrium dynamics of an amorphous solid is studied with a soft-spin type model. We show that the aging behavior in the glassy state follows a modified Kohlrausch-Williams-Watts (KWW) form similar to that obtained in Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 95}, ... More
Domain Growth, Budding, and Fission in Phase Separating Self-Assembled Fluid BilayersFeb 02 2006A systematic investigation of the phase separation dynamics in self-assembled multi-component bilayer fluid vesicles and open membranes is presented. We use large-scale dissipative particle dynamics to explicitly account for solvent, thereby allowing ... More