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Recurrent neural network models for disease name recognition using domain invariant featuresJun 30 2016Hand-crafted features based on linguistic and domain-knowledge play crucial role in determining the performance of disease name recognition systems. Such methods are further limited by the scope of these features or in other words, their ability to cover ... More
Unified Neural Architecture for Drug, Disease and Clinical Entity RecognitionAug 11 2017Most existing methods for biomedical entity recognition task rely on explicit feature engineering where many features either are specific to a particular task or depends on output of other existing NLP tools. Neural architectures have been shown across ... More
What matters in a transferable neural network model for relation classification in the biomedical domain?Aug 11 2017Aug 14 2017Lack of sufficient labeled data often limits the applicability of advanced machine learning algorithms to real life problems. However efficient use of Transfer Learning (TL) has been shown to be very useful across domains. TL utilizes valuable knowledge ... More
Drug-Drug Interaction Extraction from Biomedical Text Using Long Short Term Memory NetworkJan 28 2017Aug 13 2017Simultaneous administration of multiple drugs can have synergistic or antagonistic effects as one drug can affect activities of other drugs. Synergistic effects lead to improved therapeutic outcomes, whereas, antagonistic effects can be life-threatening, ... More
Biomedical Event Trigger Identification Using Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Network Based ModelsMay 26 2017Biomedical events describe complex interactions between various biomedical entities. Event trigger is a word or a phrase which typically signifies the occurrence of an event. Event trigger identification is an important first step in all event extraction ... More
Broken translational and rotational symmetries in LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 spinelMay 11 2019In condensed matter physics broken symmetries and emergence of quasi-particles are intimately linked to each other. Whenever a symmetry is broken, it leaves its fingerprints, and that may be observed indirectly via its influence on the other quasi-particles. ... More
Anisotropic Diffusion for Details Enhancement in Multi-Exposure Image FusionJul 10 2013We develop a multiexposure image fusion method based on texture features, which exploits the edge preserving and intraregion smoothing property of nonlinear diffusion filters based on partial differential equations (PDE). With the captured multiexposure ... More
Tri-connectivity Augmentation in TreesJan 04 2016For a connected graph, a {\em minimum vertex separator} is a minimum set of vertices whose removal creates at least two connected components. The vertex connectivity of the graph refers to the size of the minimum vertex separator and a graph is $k$-vertex ... More
Nonuniversality in ImbibitionMar 11 1995Mar 15 1995We report an imbibition experiment in 2D random porous media in which height - height correlation function grows with a nonuniversal exponent; rather it depends on evaporation. We present an imbibition model which is consistent with the experiment. It ... More
Simultaneous Conjugacy Classes as Combinatorial Invariants of Finite GroupsMay 20 2019Let $G$ be a finite group. We consider the problem of counting simultaneous conjugacy classes of $n$-tuples and and simultaneous conjugacy classes of commuting $n$-tuples in $G$. Let $\alpha_{G,n}$ denote the number of simultaneous conjugacy classes of ... More
Certain Results On $N(\Kappa)$-contact Metric ManifoldsJun 11 2019In this paper, $N(\kappa)$-contact metric manifolds satisfying the conditions $\widetilde{C}(\xi,X)\cdot\widetilde{C}=0$, $\widetilde{C}(\xi,X)\cdot R=0$, $\widetilde{C}(\xi,X)\cdot S=0$, $\widetilde{C}(\xi,X)\cdot C=0$, $C\cdot S=0$ and $R\cdot C=f_{C}Q(g,C)$ ... More
On the number of representations by certain octonary quadratic forms with coefficients 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6Jul 13 2016In this paper, we find formulas for the number of representations of certain diagonal octonary quadratic forms with coefficients $1,2,3,4$ and $6$. We obtain these formulas by constructing explicit bases of the space of modular forms of weight $4$ on ... More
On the number of representations of certain quadratic forms and a formula for the Ramanujan Tau functionFeb 04 2017Aug 05 2017In this paper, we find the number of representations of the quadratic form $x_1^2+ x_1x_2 + x_2^2 + \ldots + x_{2k-1}^2 + x_{2k-1}x_{2k} + x_{2k}^2,$ for $k=7,9,11,12,14$ using the theory of modular forms. By comparing our formulas with the formulas obtained ... More
On the representations of a positive integer by certain classes of quadratic forms in eight variablesJul 16 2016In this paper we use the theory of modular forms to find formulas for the number of representations of a positive integer by certain class of quadratic forms in eight variables, viz., forms of the form $a_1x_1^2 + a_2 x_2^2 + a_3 x_3^2 + a_4 x_4^2 + b_1(x_5^2+x_5x_6 ... More
On the number of representations by certain octonary quadratic forms with coefficients 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6Jul 13 2016Jun 23 2017In this paper, we find formulas for the number of representations of certain diagonal octonary quadratic forms with coefficients $1,2,3,4$ and $6$. We obtain these formulas by constructing explicit bases of the space of modular forms of weight $4$ on ... More
Congestion Control Technique Using Intelligent Traffic and VanetNov 16 2013Road traffic jams is a most important problem in nearly all cities around the world, especially in developing regions resulting in enormous delays, increased fuel wastage and monetary losses. In this paper, we have obtained an in-sight idea of simulating ... More
Flow-induced nonequilibrium self-assembly in suspensions of stiff, apolar, active filamentsAug 02 2014Aug 19 2015Active bodies in viscous fluids interact hydrodynamically through self-generated flows. Here we study spontaneous aggregation induced by hydrodynamic flow in a suspension of stiff, apolar, active filaments. Lateral hydrodynamic attractions in extensile ... More
Siamese Neural Networks with Random Forest for detecting duplicate question pairsJan 22 2018Jan 28 2018Determining whether two given questions are semantically similar is a fairly challenging task given the different structures and forms that the questions can take. In this paper, we use Gated Recurrent Units(GRU) in combination with other highly used ... More
Investigating how well contextual features are captured by bi-directional recurrent neural network modelsSep 03 2017Nov 29 2017Learning algorithms for natural language processing (NLP) tasks traditionally rely on manually defined relevant contextual features. On the other hand, neural network models using an only distributional representation of words have been successfully applied ... More
Comparative performance analysis of multi dynamic time quantum Round Robin(MDTQRR) algorithm with arrival timeSep 14 2011CPU being considered a primary computer resource, its scheduling is central to operating-system design. A thorough performance evaluation of various scheduling algorithms manifests that Round Robin Algorithm is considered as optimal in time shared environment ... More
Complete Flux Scheme for Elliptic Singularly Perturbed Differential-Difference EquationsJun 18 2018In this study, we propose a new scheme named as complete flux scheme (CFS) based on the finite volume method for solving singularly perturbed differential-difference equations (SPDDEs) of elliptic type. An alternate integral representation for the flux ... More
Structural and dielectric properties of Pb(1-x)(Na0.5Sm0.5)xTiO3 ceramicsFeb 27 2017A correlation between structure and vibrational properties related to a ferroelectric to paraelectric phase transition in perovskite Pb(1-x)(Na0.5Sm0.5)xTiO3 (PNST - x) polycrystalline powders is discussed. Substitution leads to reduction of tetragonality ... More
Characteristic specific prioritized dynamic average burst round robin scheduling for uniprocessor and multiprocessor environmentNov 08 2015CPU scheduling is one of the most crucial operations performed by operating systems. Different conventional algorithms like FCFS, SJF, Priority, and RR (Round Robin) are available for CPU Scheduling. The effectiveness of Priority and Round Robin scheduling ... More
Relation extraction from clinical texts using domain invariant convolutional neural networkJun 30 2016In recent years extracting relevant information from biomedical and clinical texts such as research articles, discharge summaries, or electronic health records have been a subject of many research efforts and shared challenges. Relation extraction is ... More
Inter-sentence Relation Extraction with Document-level Graph Convolutional Neural NetworkJun 11 2019Inter-sentence relation extraction deals with a number of complex semantic relationships in documents, which require local, non-local, syntactic and semantic dependencies. Existing methods do not fully exploit such dependencies. We present a novel inter-sentence ... More
Confirmation of the monoclinic Cc space group for the ground state phase of Pb(Zr0.525Ti0.475)O3 (PZT525): A Combined Synchrotron X-Ray and Neutron Powder Diffraction StudyMar 14 2014The low temperature antiferrodistortive phase transition in a pseudo-tetragonal composition of PZT with x=0.525 is investigated through a combined synchrotron x-ray and neutron powder diffraction study. It is shown that the superlattice peaks cannot be ... More
Impact of post deposition annealing in O2 ambient on structural properties of nanocrystalline hafnium oxide thin filmSep 03 2015May 04 2016In the present work, HfO2 thin film (100nm) has been deposited by sputtering technique and annealed at various temperatures ranging from 400 to 1000\degree (in step of 200 \degree) in O2 ambient for 10 min. The samples have been characterized using XRD, ... More
A reentrant superspin glass state and magnetization steps in the oxyborate Co2AlBO5Dec 15 2016An oxyborate Co2AlBO5 belonging to the ludwigite family is investigated using structural, thermodynamic, dielectric and magnetic measurements. Magnetic measurements indicate that this system is seen to exhibit long range magnetic ordering at T{_N} = 42 ... More
Theory and Applications of Two-dimensional, Null-boundary, Nine-Neighborhood, Cellular Automata Linear rulesApr 15 2008This paper deals with the theory and application of 2-Dimensional, nine-neighborhood, null- boundary, uniform as well as hybrid Cellular Automata (2D CA) linear rules in image processing. These rules are classified into nine groups depending upon the ... More
Structural and ferroelectric properties of perovskite Pb(1-x)(K0.5Sm0.5)xTiO3 ceramicsMar 03 2017PbTiO3 has the highest tetragonal distortion (c/a=1.064) and highest spontaneous polarization among perovskite titanates. But, it is hazardous and hence one needs to reduce Pb content by substituting or reducing Pb content for use in applications. Pb(1-x)(K0.5Sm0.5)xTiO3 ... More
(Pb1-xBix)(Ti1-xMnx)O3: Competing mechanism of Tetragonal-Cubic phase on A/B site modificationsMar 05 2018Structural, vibrational and dielectric properties of (Pb1-xBix)(Ti1-xMnx)O3 (PBTM) (0 x 0.50) polycrystalline ceramics have been examined as a function of temperature. Synchrotron-based powder x-ray diffraction was employed to confirm phase purity and ... More
Distributed Constrained Recursive Nonlinear Least-Squares Estimation: Algorithms and AsymptoticsFeb 01 2016Jul 30 2016This paper focuses on the problem of recursive nonlinear least squares parameter estimation in multi-agent networks, in which the individual agents observe sequentially over time an independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) time-series consisting ... More
Universal quantized thermal conductance in grapheneFeb 18 2019The universal quantization of thermal conductance provides information on the topological order of a state beyond electrical conductance. Such measurements have become possible only recently, and have discovered, in particular, that the value of the observed ... More
MATCHA: Speeding Up Decentralized SGD via Matching Decomposition SamplingMay 23 2019The trade-off between convergence error and communication delays in decentralized stochastic gradient descent~(SGD) is dictated by the sparsity of the inter-worker communication graph. In this paper, we propose MATCHA, a decentralized SGD method where ... More
Design, Fabrication and Characterization of nanoplasmonic lattice for trapping of ultracold atomsOct 24 2018Ultracold atom-traps on a chip enhances the practical application of atom traps in quantum information processing, sensing, and metrology. Plasmon mediated near-field optical potentials are promising for trapping atoms. The combination of plasmonic nanostructures ... More
Coupled magnetic and ferroelectric states in the distorted honeycomb system Fe$_{4}$Ta$_{2}$O$_{9}$Jan 31 2018We report on the magnetic, thermodynamic, dielectric, and pyroelectric measurements on the hitherto unreported Fe${_4}$Ta${_2}$O${_9}$. This system is seen to exhibit a series of magnetic transitions, many of which are coupled to the emergence of ferroelectric ... More
Non-exponential decoherence and subdiffusion in atom-optics kicked rotorJul 19 2016Apr 10 2017Quantum systems lose coherence upon interaction with the environment and tend towards classical states. Quantum coherence is known to exponentially decay in time so that macroscopic quantum superpositions are generally unsustainable. In this work, slower ... More
Investigation of La and Al substitution on the spontaneous polarization and lattice dynamics of the Pb(1-x)LaxTi(1-x)AlxO3 ceramicsFeb 01 2018The phase purity and crystal structure of PLTA samples (synthesized via sol-gel process) were confirmed using synchrotron x-ray powder diffraction (wavelength, lmbda= 0.44573 A. Rietveld analyses of powder x-ray diffraction data confirmed the tetragonal ... More
String theory: a perspective over the last 25 yearsOct 12 2011Nov 16 2011This article provides some historical background and then reviews developments in string theory over the last twenty-five years or so. Both perturbative and non-perturbative approaches to string theory are surveyed and their impact on how we view quantum ... More
Structural, dielectric and ferroelectric studies of thermally stable and efficient energy storage ceramic material: (Na0.5-xKxBi0.5-xLax)TiO3Jun 02 2018The structural, dielectric and ferroelectric properties of lead-free (Na0.5-xKxBi0.5-xLax)TiO3 powders synthesized by sol-gel self-combustion method were investigated. Rietveld refinement of Synchrotron x-ray diffraction data confirms pure single phase ... More
Development of Diagnostics for High-Temperature High-Pressure Liquid Pb-16Li ApplicationsSep 13 2017Liquid lead-lithium (Pb-16Li) is of primary interest as one of the candidate materials for tritium breeder, neutron multiplier and coolant fluid in liquid metal blanket concepts relevant to fusion power plants. For an effective and reliable operation ... More
Latent class analyisis for reliable measure of inflation expectation in the indian publicMar 04 2016The main aim of this paper is to inspect the properties of survey based on households inflation expectations, conducted by Reserve Bank of India. It is theorized that the respondents answers are exaggerated by extreme response bias. Latent class analysis ... More
Nanoelectromechanical resonators from high-T$_c$ superconducting crystals of Bi$_2$Sr$_2$Ca$_1$Cu$_2$O$_{8+δ}$Feb 19 2019In this report, we present nanoelectromechanical resonators fabricated with thin exfoliated crystals of a high-T$_c$ cuprate superconductor Bi$_2$Sr$_2$Ca$_1$Cu$_2$O$_{8+\delta}$. The mechanical readout is performed by capacitively coupling their motion ... More
On Certain Reciprocal SumsJul 14 2018In this note we associate a sequence of non-negative integers to any convergent series of positive real numbers and study this sequence for the series $\sum_{n \geq 1} n^{-k}$ where $k$ is an integer $\geq 2$.
Axial Vector Coupling Constant in Chiral Colour Dielectric ModelMay 04 1998The axial vector coupling constants of the $\beta$ decay processes of neutron and hyperon are calculated in SU(3) chiral colour dielectric model (CCDM). Using these axial coupling constants of neutron and hyperon, in CCDM we calculate the integrals of ... More
Charge Radii of HyperonsNov 22 1994The momentum projected SU(3) Chiral Color Dielectric Model (CCDM) is employed to calculate the charge root mean square radii and charge distributions of hyperons. We compare our result with Skyrme, MIT bag and Cloudy Bag model results. The charge distribution ... More
Multi-GeV neutrinos due to neutro anti-neutron oscillation in Gamma-Ray Burst FireballsFeb 27 2007The long and short gamma-ray bursts are believed to be produced due to collapse of massive stars and merger of compact binaries respectively. All these objects are rich in neutron and the jet outflow from these objects must have a neutron component in ... More
Neutrino propagation in a random magnetic fieldFeb 05 1997The active-sterile neutrino conversion probability is calculated for neutrino propagating in a medium in the presence of random magnetic field fluctuations. Necessary condition for the probability to be positive definite is obtained. Using this necessary ... More
Cerenkov radiation of longitudinal photons by neutrinosDec 16 1996In a relativistic plasma neutrino can emit plasmons by the Cerenkov process which is kinematically allowed for a range of frequencies for which refractive index is greater than one. We have calculated the rate of energy emission by this process. We compute ... More
Field Generated by Division Points of Certain Formal Group Laws - IIINov 12 2018Feb 03 2019Several questions about the Galois group of field generated by certain one dimensional formal group laws are studied. This is continuation of author's prior article titled 'Field Generated by Division Points of Certain Formal Group Laws - II'. Some general ... More
Structural, Electrical, and Magnetic Properties of La2Ni1.5Mn0.5O6 double perovskitesOct 19 2017Feb 25 2018Among multifunctional double perovskite oxides, La2NiMnO6 has recently drawn significant attention due to its importance both in terms of understanding of fundamental physics and potential for device applications. The relative alteration in Ni:Mn ratio ... More
Auslander-Reiten sequences for homotopists and arithmeticiansNov 04 2008We introduce Auslander-Reiten sequences for group algebras and give several recent applications. The first part of the paper is devoted to some fundamental problems in Tate cohomology which are motivated by homotopy theory. In the second part of the paper ... More
Computing local constants for CM elliptic curvesNov 01 2010Sep 29 2012For E/k an elliptic curve with CM by O, we determine a formula for (a generalization of) the arithmetic local constant of [4] at almost all primes of good reduction. We apply this formula to the CM curves defined over Q and are able to describe extensions ... More
Abelian subcategories closed under extensions: K-theory and decompositionsJul 15 2005Mar 02 2006A full subcategory of modules over a commutative ring $R$ is wide if it is abelian and closed under extensions. Hovey \cite{wide} gave a classification of wide subcategories of finitely presented modules over regular coherent rings in terms of certain ... More
DSA Security Enhancement through Efficient Nonce GenerationAug 26 2015The Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) has become the de facto standard for authentication of transacting entities since its inception as a standard by NIST. An integral part of the signing process in DSA is the generation of a random number called a nonce ... More
Refinements of chromatic towers and Krull-Schmidt decompositions in stable homotopy categoriesJul 28 2006We study the triangulated subcategories of compact objects in stable homotopy categories such as the homotopy category of spectra, the derived categories of rings, and the stable module categories of Hopf algebras. In the first part of this thesis we ... More
Developments in high energy theoryMay 12 2009Jul 22 2009This non-technical review article is aimed at readers with some physics background, including beginning research students. It provides a panoramic view of the main theoretical developments in high energy physics since its inception more than half a century ... More
MedMentions: A Large Biomedical Corpus Annotated with UMLS ConceptsFeb 25 2019This paper presents the formal release of MedMentions, a new manually annotated resource for the recognition of biomedical concepts. What distinguishes MedMentions from other annotated biomedical corpora is its size (over 4,000 abstracts and over 350,000 ... More
Design of One-Dimensional Linear Phase Digital IIR Filters Using Orthogonal PolynomialsJul 10 2013In the present paper, we discuss a method to design a linear phase 1-dimensional Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter using orthogonal polynomials. The filter is designed using a set of object functions. These object functions are realized using a set ... More
Memory and aging effects in antiferromagnetic nanoparticlesMay 22 2009Feb 14 2010We investigate slow dynamics of collection of a few antiferromagnetic NiO nanoparticles. The zero-field cooled magnetization exhibits size dependent fluctuations. We find memory effects in field cooled magnetization, as well as aging effects in thermoremenant ... More
Heavy traffic analysis of open processing networks with complete resource pooling: asymptotic optimality of discrete review policiesMar 23 2005We consider a class of open stochastic processing networks, with feedback routing and overlapping server capabilities, in heavy traffic. The networks we consider satisfy the so-called complete resource pooling condition and therefore have one-dimensional ... More
What is special about the divisors of 24?Apr 27 2011Aug 05 2012What is an interesting number theoretic or a combinatorial characterization of the divisors of 24 amongst all positive integers? In this paper I will provide one characterization in terms of modular multiplication tables. This idea evolved interestingly ... More
Voice based self help System: User Experience Vs AccuracyApr 07 2015In general, self help systems are being increasingly deployed by service based industries because they are capable of delivering better customer service and increasingly the switch is to voice based self help systems because they provide a natural interface ... More
Correlation, Network and Multifractal Analysis of Global Financial IndicesFeb 02 2012We apply RMT, Network and MF-DFA methods to investigate correlation, network and multifractal properties of 20 global financial indices. We compare results before and during the financial crisis of 2008 respectively. We find that the network method gives ... More
Evaluation of the convolution sums $\sum_{l+15m=n} σ(l) σ(m)$ and $\sum_{3l+5m=n} σ(l) σ(m)$ and some applicationsJul 21 2012Oct 21 2012We evaluate the convolution sums $\sum_{l,m\in {\mathbb N}, {l+15m=n}} \sigma(l) \sigma(m)$ and $\sum_{l,m\in {\mathbb N}, {3l+5m=n}} \sigma(l) \sigma(m)$ for all $n\in {\mathbb N}$ using the theory of quasimodular forms and use these convolution sums ... More
A supercongruence for generalized Domb numbersJan 30 2012Jul 18 2012Using techniques due to Coster, we prove a supercongruence for a generalization of the Domb numbers. This extends a recent result of Chan, Cooper and Sica and confirms a conjectural supercongruence for numbers which are coefficients in one of Zagier's ... More
On the box dimension of graph of harmonic functions on the Sierpiński gasketSep 25 2018In this paper, we have obtained bounds for the box dimension of graph of harmonic function on the Sierpi\'nski gasket. Also we get upper and lower bounds for the box dimension of graph of functions that belongs to $\text{dom}(\mathcal{E}),$ that is, all ... More
Spectroscopy of MACHO 97-SMC-1: self-lensing within the SMCOct 04 1998More than a dozen microlensing events have been detected so far towards the LMC and 2 towards the SMC. If all the lenses are in the Galactic halo, both the LMC and the SMC events are expected to have similar time scales. However, the first event towards ... More
Study of the properties of dense nuclear matter and application to some astrophysical systemsApr 22 1995May 23 1995The highlights and main results of this work can be summarized as follows : (1) The energy per nucleon of cold nuclear matter, derived by us using chiral sigma model, is in good agreement with the preliminary estimates inferred from heavy-ion collision ... More
Bufferless NOC Simulation of Large Multicore System on GPU HardwareAug 12 2015Last level cache management and core interconnection network play important roles in performance and power consumption in multicore system. Large scale chip multicore uses mesh interconnect widely due to scalability and simplicity of the mesh interconnection ... More
Strain Induced Enhancement of Thermoelectric Properties of Monolayer WS2 through Valley DegeneracyMay 24 2019Two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides show great potential as promising thermoelectric materials due to their lower dimensionality, the unique density of states and quantum confinement of carriers. The effect of mechanical strain on the thermoelectric ... More
Interstellar absorption lines in the spectrum of the starburst galaxy NGC 1705Jun 01 1998I present a GHRS archival study of the interstellar absorption lines in the line-of-sight to the HI-rich starburst dwarf galaxy NGC 1705, in the 1170 to 1740A range at ~ 120 km/s resolution. The absorption features arising due to photospheric lines are ... More
Golden aspect ratio for ion transport simulation in nanoporesNov 01 2017Jul 05 2018Access resistance indicates how well current carriers from a bulk medium can converge to a pore or opening, and is an important concept in nanofluidic devices and in cell physiology. In simplified scenarios, when the bulk dimensions are infinite in all ... More
Bayesian Sample Size Determination of Vibration Signals in Machine Learning Approach to Fault Diagnosis of Roller BearingsFeb 25 2014Sample size determination for a data set is an important statistical process for analyzing the data to an optimum level of accuracy and using minimum computational work. The applications of this process are credible in every domain which deals with large ... More
Hadronic-origin TeV flare of M87 in April 2010Oct 04 2013Oct 07 2013M87 is a giant radio galaxy with FR-I morphology. It underwent three episodes of TeV flaring in recent years with the strongest one in April 2010 which was jointly monitored by MAGIC, VERITAS and H.E.S.S. We explain its spectral energy distribution in ... More
On the Nature of Optical Excitations in Hydrogenated Aluminium Cluster Al4H6: A Theoretical StudyJan 05 2010Jan 10 2010In this paper, we present a theoretical investigation of photoabsorption spectrum of the newly synthesized hydrogenated cluster of aluminium, Al4H6. The calculations are performed within the wave-function-based semi-empirical method employing the complete ... More
Neutrino absorption by W production in the presence of a magnetic fieldNov 11 2008In this work we calculate the decay rate of the electron type neutrinos into $W$ bosons and electrons in presence of an external uniform magnetic field. The decay rate is calculated from the imaginary part of the $W$ exchange neutrino self-energy diagram ... More
Bose-Einstein Condensation in nonuniform rotationMay 07 2018Jun 20 2018In this work, we would like to present the Bose-Einstein Condensation in such a system where rotation is decreasing radially from the centre of the condensate. That non-uniform rotation is defined by a rotating parameter called $\lambda$. The system is ... More
Effect of Resonant Neutrino Oscillation on TeV Neutrino Flavor Ratio from Choked GRBsJul 26 2010In the collapsar scenario of the long duration Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs), multi-TeV neutrino emission is predicted as the jet makes its way through the stellar envelope. Such a neutrino signal is also expected for more general ``failed'' GRBs in which a ... More
Fortran 90 implementation of the Hartree-Fock approach within the CNDO/2 and INDO modelsDec 19 2008Despite the tremendous advances made by the ab initio theory of electronic structure of atoms and molecules, its applications are still not possible for very large systems. Therefore, semi-empirical model Hamiltonians based on the zero-differential overlap ... More
Colloquium: Ionic phenomena in porous 2D materials and their applicationsSep 13 2018Ion transport through porous systems permeates through many areas of science and technology, from cell behavior to sensing and separation to catalysis and batteries. Two-dimensional materials, such as graphene, molybdenum disulfide (MoS$_2$), and hexagonal ... More
Maxwell-Hall access resistance in graphene nanoporesAug 10 2017Feb 14 2018The resistance due to the convergence from bulk to a constriction, for example, a nanopore, is a mainstay of transport phenomena. In classical electrical conduction, Maxwell, and later Hall for ionic conduction, predicted this access or convergence resistance ... More
Theory of Linear Optical Absorption in B_12 Clusters: Role of the geometryDec 22 2009Boron clusters have been widely studied theoretically for their geometrical properties and electronic structure using a variety of methodologies. An important cluster of boron is the B$_{12}$ cluster whose two main isomers have distinct geometries, namely, ... More
Free-standing high quality factor thin-film lithium niobate micro-photonic disk resonatorsSep 22 2014Lithium Niobate (LN or just niobate) thin-film micro-photonic resonators have promising prospects in many applications including high efficiency electro-optic modulators, optomechanics and nonlinear optics. This paper presents free-standing thin-film ... More
Critical exponents and the correlation length in the charge exchange manganite spin glass Eu_{0.5}Ba_{0.5}MnO_{3}Sep 14 2005The critical regime of the charge exchange (CE) manganite spin glass Eu_{0.5}Ba_{0.5}MnO_{3} is investigated using linear and non linear magnetic susceptibility and the divergence of the third ordered susceptibility (chi{_3}) signifying the onset of a ... More
The Congruence Y* on Quasi Completely Regular SemiringsApr 26 2018In this paper we investigate about the congruence generated by Y on quasi completely regular semirings and obtained the interval which Y* belongs to on quasi completely regular semirings.
Rainbow Colouring of Split and Threshold GraphsMay 08 2012A rainbow colouring of a connected graph is a colouring of the edges of the graph, such that every pair of vertices is connected by at least one path in which no two edges are coloured the same. Such a colouring using minimum possible number of colours ... More
Bipartite powers of k-chordal graphsAug 01 2011Jan 29 2012Let k be an integer and k \geq 3. A graph G is k-chordal if G does not have an induced cycle of length greater than k. From the definition it is clear that 3-chordal graphs are precisely the class of chordal graphs. Duchet proved that, for every positive ... More
Basis Identification for Automatic Creation of Pronunciation Lexicon for Proper NamesJun 05 2014Development of a proper names pronunciation lexicon is usually a manual effort which can not be avoided. Grapheme to phoneme (G2P) conversion modules, in literature, are usually rule based and work best for non-proper names in a particular language. Proper ... More
On-line Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition using Fuzzy Directional FeaturesApr 07 2015This paper describes a new feature set for use in the recognition of on-line handwritten Devanagari script based on Fuzzy Directional Features. Experiments are conducted for the automatic recognition of isolated handwritten character primitives (sub-character ... More
Ultrafast Response of Plasmonic NanostructuresFeb 02 2018Plasmonic metal nanostructures are an integral part of nanophotonic device applications owing to their ability to generate strong localized electromagnetic fields when illuminated from the far-field. These nanostructures can be prepared in the laboratory ... More
Slow dynamics of interacting antiferromagnetic nanoparticlesMar 08 2011We study magnetic relaxation dynamics, memory and aging effects in interacting polydisperse antiferromagnetic NiO nanoparticles by solving a master equation using a two-state model. We investigate the effects of interactions using dipolar, Nearest-Neighbour ... More
A Rule-Based Short Query Intent Identification SystemMar 25 2015Using SMS (Short Message System), cell phones can be used to query for information about various topics. In an SMS based search system, one of the key problems is to identify a domain (broad topic) associated with the user query; so that a more comprehensive ... More
Online Handwritten Devanagari Stroke Recognition Using Extended Directional FeaturesJan 11 2015This paper describes a new feature set, called the extended directional features (EDF) for use in the recognition of online handwritten strokes. We use EDF specifically to recognize strokes that form a basis for producing Devanagari script, which is the ... More
On the number of geodesics of Petersen graph $GP(n,2)$Mar 26 2017In any network, the interconnection of nodes by means of geodesics and the number of geodesics existing between nodes are important. There exists a class of centrality measures based on the number of geodesics passing through a vertex. Betweenness centrality ... More
Betweenness Centrality of Cartesian Product of GraphsMar 14 2016Betweenness centrality is a widely-used measure in the analysis of large complex networks. It measures the potential or power of a vertex to control the communication over the network under the assumption that information primarily flows over the shortest ... More
Size-dependent magnetization fluctuations in NiO nanoparticlesJun 07 2008Jul 14 2010The finite size and surface roughness effects on the magnetization of NiO nanoparticles is investigated. A large magnetic moment arises for an antiferromagnetic nanoparticle due to these effects. The magnetic moment without the surface roughness has a ... More
The fractional S-transform on BMO and Hardy spacesDec 11 2015In this paper, the authors studied the fractional S-transform on BMO and Hardy spaces and generalized the results given in \cite{Singh15h}. In introduction section, the definitions of the S-transform, fractional Fourier transform and fractional S-transform ... More
Fuchs' problem for indecomposable abelian groupsMay 13 2015More than 50 years ago, Laszlo Fuchs asked which abelian groups can be the group of units of a commutative ring. Though progress has been made, the question remains open. We provide an answer to this question in the case of indecomposable abelian groups ... More
Curiosities above c = 24Dec 12 2018Apr 02 2019Two-dimensional rational CFT are characterised by an integer $\ell$, related to the number of zeroes of the Wronskian of the characters. For two-character RCFT's with $\ell<6$ there is a finite number of theories and most of these are classified. Recently ... More