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Detection of planets in extremely weak central perturbation microlensing events via next-generation ground-based surveysMar 06 2014Even though the recently discovered high-magnification event MOA-2010-BLG-311 had complete coverage over the peak, confident planet detection did not happen due to extremely weak central perturbations (fractional deviations of $\lesssim 2\%$). For confident ... More
Microlensing Detections of Planets in Binary Stellar SystemsSep 13 2007We demonstrate that microlensing can be used for detecting planets in binary stellar systems. This is possible because in the geometry of planetary binary systems where the planet orbits one of the binary component and the other binary star is located ... More
Gravitational Microlensing: A Tool for Detecting and Characterizing Free-Floating PlanetsNov 18 2003Various methods have been proposed to search for extrasolar planets. Compared to the other methods, microlensing has unique applicabilities to the detections of Earth-mass and free-floating planets. However, the microlensing method is seriously flawed ... More
Limits of Binaries That Can Be Characterized by Gravitational MicrolensingAug 15 2008Due to the high efficiency of planet detections, current microlensing planet searches focus on high-magnification events. High-magnification events are sensitive to remote binary companions as well and thus a sample of wide-separation binaries are expected ... More
Complete Dictionary Recovery over the Sphere I: Overview and the Geometric PictureNov 11 2015Sep 01 2016We consider the problem of recovering a complete (i.e., square and invertible) matrix $\mathbf A_0$, from $\mathbf Y \in \mathbb{R}^{n \times p}$ with $\mathbf Y = \mathbf A_0 \mathbf X_0$, provided $\mathbf X_0$ is sufficiently sparse. This recovery ... More
When Are Nonconvex Problems Not Scary?Oct 21 2015Apr 23 2016In this note, we focus on smooth nonconvex optimization problems that obey: (1) all local minimizers are also global; and (2) around any saddle point or local maximizer, the objective has a negative directional curvature. Concrete applications such as ... More
The Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás property for operators from $\mathcal{C}(K)$ to uniformly convex spacesJul 29 2014We show that the pair $(C(K),X)$ has the Bishop-Phelps-Bolloba\'as property for operators if $K$ is a compact Hausdorff space and $X$ is a uniformly convex space.
A Geometric Analysis of Phase RetrievalFeb 22 2016Mar 01 2016Can we recover a complex signal from its Fourier magnitudes? More generally, given a set of $m$ measurements, $y_k = |\mathbf a_k^* \mathbf x|$ for $k = 1, \dots, m$, is it possible to recover $\mathbf x \in \mathbb{C}^n$ (i.e., length-$n$ complex vector)? ... More
A Geometric Analysis of Phase RetrievalFeb 22 2016Jan 01 2017Can we recover a complex signal from its Fourier magnitudes? More generally, given a set of $m$ measurements, $y_k = |\mathbf a_k^* \mathbf x|$ for $k = 1, \dots, m$, is it possible to recover $\mathbf x \in \mathbb{C}^n$ (i.e., length-$n$ complex vector)? ... More
Complete Dictionary Recovery over the Sphere II: Recovery by Riemannian Trust-region MethodNov 15 2015Sep 01 2016We consider the problem of recovering a complete (i.e., square and invertible) matrix $\mathbf A_0$, from $\mathbf Y \in \mathbb{R}^{n \times p}$ with $\mathbf Y = \mathbf A_0 \mathbf X_0$, provided $\mathbf X_0$ is sufficiently sparse. This recovery ... More
Subgradient Descent Learns Orthogonal DictionariesOct 25 2018This paper concerns dictionary learning, i.e., sparse coding, a fundamental representation learning problem. We show that a subgradient descent algorithm, with random initialization, can provably recover orthogonal dictionaries on a natural nonsmooth, ... More
Complete Dictionary Recovery over the SphereApr 26 2015Nov 17 2015We consider the problem of recovering a complete (i.e., square and invertible) matrix $\mathbf A_0$, from $\mathbf Y \in \mathbb R^{n \times p}$ with $\mathbf Y = \mathbf A_0 \mathbf X_0$, provided $\mathbf X_0$ is sufficiently sparse. This recovery problem ... More
Estimating the Propagation of Interdependent Cascading Outages with Multi-Type Branching ProcessesMay 25 2014Aug 01 2016In this paper, the multi-type branching process is applied to describe the statistics and interdependencies of line outages, the load shed, and isolated buses. The offspring mean matrix of the multi-type branching process is estimated by the Expectation ... More
Finding a sparse vector in a subspace: Linear sparsity using alternating directionsDec 15 2014Jul 20 2016Is it possible to find the sparsest vector (direction) in a generic subspace $\mathcal{S} \subseteq \mathbb{R}^p$ with $\mathrm{dim}(\mathcal{S})= n < p$? This problem can be considered a homogeneous variant of the sparse recovery problem, and finds connections ... More
Closed-Form Solutions to A Category of Nuclear Norm Minimization ProblemsNov 22 2010Nov 23 2010It is an efficient and effective strategy to utilize the nuclear norm approximation to learn low-rank matrices, which arise frequently in machine learning and computer vision. So the exploration of nuclear norm minimization problems is gaining much attention ... More
Simultaneously continuous retraction and Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás type theoremAug 07 2013Apr 12 2014We study the existence of a retraction from the dual space $X^*$ of a (real or complex) Banach space $X$ onto its unit ball $B_{X^*}$ which is uniformly continuous in norm topology and continuous in weak-$*$ topology. Such a retraction is called a uniformly ... More
Properties of Central Caustics in Planetary MicrolensingMay 18 2005May 20 2005To maximize the number of planet detections, current microlensing follow-up observations are focusing on high-magnification events which have a higher chance of being perturbed by central caustics. In this paper, we investigate the properties of central ... More
The Korea Microlensing Telescope Network (KMTNet) Alert Algorithm and Alert SystemJun 20 2018We describe a new microlensing-event alert algorithm that is tailored to the Korea Microlensing Telescope Network (KMTNet) multi-observatory system. The algorithm focuses on detecting "rising" events, i.e., events whose brightness is increasing as a function ... More
KMT-2016-BLG-1820 and KMT-2016-BLG-2142: Two Microlensing Binaries Composed of Planetary-mass Companions and Very-Low-Mass PrimariesMay 25 2018Sep 18 2018We present the analyses of two short-timescale $(t_{\rm E} \sim 5~{\rm days})$ microlensing events, KMT-2016-BLG-1820 and KMT-2016-BLG-2142. In both light curves, the brief anomalies were clearly captured and densely covered by the Korea Microlensing ... More
Effects of Threshold Energy on Reconstructions of Properties of Low-Mass WIMPs in Direct Dark Matter Detection ExperimentsMar 29 2018Jul 31 2018In this paper, we revisit our model-independent methods developed for reconstructing properties of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) by using measured recoil energies from direct Dark Matter detection experiments directly and take into account ... More
KMT-2016-BLG-1107: A New Hollywood-Planet Close/Wide DegeneracyMay 22 2018Nov 13 2018We show that microlensing event KMT-2016-BLG-1107 displays a new type of degeneracy between wide-binary and close-binary Hollywood events in which a giant-star source envelops the planetary caustic. The planetary anomaly takes the form of a smooth, two-day ... More
Kmt-2016-blg-1397b: Kmtnet-only discovery of a microlens giant planetOct 25 2018We report the discovery of a giant planet in the KMT-2016-BLG-1397 microlensing event, which was found by The Korea Microlensing Telescope Network (KMTNet) alone. The time scale of this event is t_E = 40.0 +- 0.5 days and the mass ratio between the lens ... More
The bottomed strange molecules with isospin 0Jan 13 2018Using the local hidden gauge approach, we study the possibility of the existence of bottomed strange molecular states with isospin 0. We find three bound states with spin-parity $0^+$, $1^+$ and $2^+$ generated by the $\bar{K}^*B^*$ and $\omega B_s^*$ ... More
Vectorial Dimension Reduction for Tensors Based on Bayesian InferenceJul 03 2017Dimensionality reduction for high-order tensors is a challenging problem. In conventional approaches, higher order tensors are `vectorized` via Tucker decomposition to obtain lower order tensors. This will destroy the inherent high-order structures or ... More
Dual Modulation Faraday Rotation Spectroscopy of HO2Oct 10 2013The technique of dual modulation Faraday rotation spectroscopy has been applied for near shot-noise limited detection of HO2 at the exit of an atmospheric pressure flow reactor. This was achieved by combining direct current modulation at 51 kHz of an ... More
On a second numerical index for Banach spacesApr 21 2016We introduce a second numerical index for real Banach spaces with non-trivial Lie algebra, as the best constant of equivalence between the numerical radius and the quotient of the operator norm modulo the Lie algebra. We present a number of examples and ... More
Selective Image Super-ResolutionOct 27 2010In this paper we propose a vision system that performs image Super Resolution (SR) with selectivity. Conventional SR techniques, either by multi-image fusion or example-based construction, have failed to capitalize on the intrinsic structural and semantic ... More
The Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás point propertyMay 01 2016In this article, we study a version of the Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'as property. We investigate a pair of Banach spaces $(X, Y)$ such that every operator from $X$ into $Y$ is approximated by operators which attains its norm at the same point where the original ... More
Mixture of Bilateral-Projection Two-dimensional Probabilistic Principal Component AnalysisJan 07 2016The probabilistic principal component analysis (PPCA) is built upon a global linear mapping, with which it is insufficient to model complex data variation. This paper proposes a mixture of bilateral-projection probabilistic principal component analysis ... More
Multiple Watermarking Algorithm Based on Spread Transform Dither ModulationJan 18 2016Multiple watermarking technique, embedding several watermarks in one carrier, has enabled many interesting applications. In this study, a novel multiple watermarking algorithm is proposed based on the spirit of spread transform dither modulation (STDM). ... More
Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás property for bilinear forms on spaces of continuous functionsOct 02 2014It is shown that the Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'as theorem holds for bilinear forms on the complex $C_0(L_1)\times C_0(L_2)$ for arbitrary locally compact topological Hausdorff spaces $L_1$ and $L_2$.
On the Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás property for numerical radiusDec 30 2013Apr 01 2014We study the Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'as property for numerical radius (in short, BPBp-nu) and find sufficient conditions for Banach spaces ensuring the BPBp-nu. Among other results, we show that $L_1(\mu)$-spaces have this property for every measure $\mu$. ... More
Mixed Effect Composite RNN-GP: A Personalized and Reliable Prediction Model for HealthcareJun 05 2018We present a personalized and reliable prediction model for healthcare, which can provide individually tailored medical services such as diagnosis, disease treatment and prevention. Our proposed framework targets to making reliable predictions from time-series ... More
Scalable Steiner Tree for Multicast Communications in Software-Defined NetworkingApr 14 2014May 08 2014Software-Defined Networking (SDN) enables flexible network resource allocations for traffic engineering, but at the same time the scalability problem becomes more serious since traffic is more difficult to be aggregated. Those crucial issues in SDN have ... More
Properties of microlensing events by wide separation planets with a moonJun 02 2016We investigate the properties of microlensing events caused by planetary systems where planets with a moon are widely separated from their host stars. From this investigation, we find that the moon feature generally appears as an very short-duration perturbation ... More
Properties of Microlensing Central Perturbations by Planets in Binary Stellar Systems under the Strong Finite-Source EffectMar 05 2010Mar 25 2010We investigate high-magnification events caused by planets in wide binary stellar systems under the strong finite-source effect, where the planet orbits one of the companions. From this, we find that the pattern of central perturbations in triple lens ... More
KMT-2016-BLG-2052L: Microlensing Binary Composed of M Dwarfs Revealed from a Very Long Time-scale EventJul 30 2018We present the analysis of a binary microlensing event KMT-2016-BLG-2052, for which the lensing-induced brightening of the source star lasted for 2 seasons. We determine the lens mass from the combined measurements of the microlens parallax $\pie$ and ... More
KMT-2017-BLG-0165Lb: A Super-Neptune mass planet Orbiting a Sun-like Host StarSep 05 2018Dec 27 2018We report the discovery of a low mass-ratio planet $(q = 1.3\times10^{-4})$, i.e., 2.5 times higher than the Neptune/Sun ratio. The planetary system was discovered from the analysis of the KMT-2017-BLG-0165 microlensing event, which has an obvious short-term ... More
Helical Majorana fermions in d_{x^2-y^2} + i d_{xy}-wave topological superconductivity of doped correlated quantum spin Hall insulatorsJun 08 2015Large Hubbard U limit of the Kane-Mele model on a zigzag ribbon of honeycomb lattice near half-filling is studied via a renormalized mean-field theory. The ground state exhibits time-reversal symmetry (TRS) breaking d + i d'-wave superconductivity. At ... More
A note on the impact of management fees on the pricing of variable annuity guaranteesMay 10 2017May 11 2017Variable annuities, as a class of retirement income products, allow equity market exposure for a policyholder's retirement fund with electable additional guarantees to limit the downside risk of the market. Management fees and guarantee insurance fees ... More
Systematic study of Ga$_{1-x}$In$_x$As self-assembled quantum wires with different interfacial strain relaxationMay 23 2000A systematic theoretical study of the electronic and optical properties of Ga$_{1-x}$In$_x$As self-assembled quantum-wires (QWR's) made of short-period superlattices (SPS) with strain-induced lateral ordering is presented. The theory is based on the effective ... More
Feasibility Study of Neutron Dose for Real Time Image Guided Proton Therapy: A Monte Carlo StudyMar 11 2015Two full rotating gantry with different nozzles (Multipurpose nozzle with MLC, Scanning Dedicated nozzle) with conventional cyclotron system is installed and under commissioning for various proton treatment options at Samsung Medical Center in Korea. ... More
A Multi-Epoch, Simultaneous Water and Methanol Maser Survey toward Intermediate-Mass Young Stellar ObjectsAug 19 2011Sep 26 2011We report a multi-epoch, simultaneous 22 GHz H2O and 44 GHz class I CH3OH maser line survey towards 180 intermediate-mass young stellar objects, including 14 Class 0, 19 Class I objects, and 147 Herbig Ae/Be stars. We detected H2O and CH3OH maser emission ... More
Mechanical cooling in the single-photon quadratical optomechanicsApr 25 2015In the paper we study the nonlinear mechanical cooling processes in the intrinsic quadratically optomechanical coupling system without linearizing the optomechanical interaction. We apply the scattering theory to calculate the transition rates between ... More
Holographic Phase Retrieval and Optimal Reference DesignJan 19 2019A general mathematical framework and recovery algorithm is presented for the holographic phase retrieval problem. In this problem, which arises in holographic coherent diffraction imaging, a "reference" portion of the signal to be recovered via phase ... More
Capacity Enhanced Cooperative D2D Systems over Rayleigh Fading Channels with NOMAOct 16 2018This paper considers the cooperative device-to-device (D2D) systems with non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA). We assume that the base station (BS) can communicate simultaneously with all users to satisfy the full information transmission. In order to ... More
Generative Tensor Network Classification Model for Supervised Machine LearningMar 26 2019Tensor network (TN) has recently triggered extensive interests in developing machine-learning models in quantum many-body Hilbert space. Here we purpose a generative TN classification (GTNC) approach for supervised learning. The strategy is to train the ... More
Robust Recovery of Subspace Structures by Low-Rank RepresentationOct 14 2010May 06 2012In this work we address the subspace recovery problem. Given a set of data samples (vectors) approximately drawn from a union of multiple subspaces, our goal is to segment the samples into their respective subspaces and correct the possible errors as ... More
Dislocation-induced thermal transport anisotropy in single-crystal group-III nitride filmsApr 09 2018Dislocations, one-dimensional lattice imperfections, are common to technologically important materials such as III-V semiconductors, and adversely affect heat dissipation in e.g., nitride-based high-power electronic devices. For decades, conventional ... More
Dual-Reference Design for Holographic Coherent Diffraction ImagingFeb 07 2019A new reference design is introduced for Holographic Coherent Diffraction Imaging. This consists of two reference portions - being "block" and "pinhole" shaped regions - adjacent to the imaging specimen. Expected error analysis on data following a Poisson ... More
Robust Low-Rank Subspace Segmentation with Semidefinite GuaranteesSep 20 2010Oct 08 2010Recently there is a line of research work proposing to employ Spectral Clustering (SC) to segment (group){Throughout the paper, we use segmentation, clustering, and grouping, and their verb forms, interchangeably.} high-dimensional structural data such ... More
A non-linear Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás type theoremJul 21 2017The main aim of this paper is to prove a Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'as type theorem on the unital uniform algebra A_{w^*u}(B_{X^*}) consisting of all w^*-uniformly continuous functions on the closed unit ball B_{X^*} which are holomorphic on the interior of ... More
Mechanical Controlled Thermal Switch and Hysteresis with Domain Boundary Engineered Phonon TransportOct 10 2013Heat flow control in phononics has received significant attention recently due to its widespread applications in energy transfer, conversion and utilization. Here, we demonstrate that by applying external stress or strain we can effectively tune the thermal ... More
Interfacial dead layer effects on current-voltage characteristics in asymmetric ferroelectric tunnel junctionsSep 28 2014Current-voltage characteristics and $P-E$ loops are simulated in SrRuO$_{3}$/BaTiO$_{3}$/Pt tunneling junctions with interfacial dead layer. The unswitchable interfacial polarization is coupled with the screen charge and the barrier polarization self-consistently ... More
Gravitational Waves of Jet Precession in Gamma-ray BurstsApr 10 2012The physical nature of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are believed to involve an ultra-relativistic jet. The observed complex structure of light curves motivate the idea of jet precession. In this work, we study the gravitational waves of jet precession based ... More
The Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás version of Lindenstrauss properties A and BMay 28 2013Oct 01 2014We study a Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'as version of Lindenstrauss properties A and B. For domain spaces, we study Banach spaces $X$ such that $(X,Y)$ has the Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'as property (BPBp) for every Banach space $Y$. We show that in this case, there ... More
The Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás theorem for operators on $L_1(μ)$Mar 25 2013In this paper we show that the Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'as theorem holds for $\mathcal{L}(L_1(\mu), L_1(\nu))$ for all measures $\mu$ and $\nu$ and also holds for $\mathcal{L}(L_1(\mu),L_\infty(\nu))$ for every arbitrary measure $\mu$ and every localizable ... More
On Banach spaces with the approximate hyperplane series propertyJul 29 2014We present a sufficient condition for a Banach space to have the approximate hyperplane series property (AHSP) which actually covers all known examples. We use this property to get a stability result to vector-valued spaces of integrable functions. On ... More
On the pointwise Bishop--Phelps--Bollobás property for operatorsAug 31 2017Sep 26 2018We study approximation of operators between Banach spaces $X$ and $Y$ that nearly attain their norms in a given point by operators that attain their norms at the same point. When such approximations exist, we say that the pair $(X, Y)$ has the pointwise ... More
MOA-2016-BLG-319Lb: Microlensing Planet Subject to Rare Minor-Image Perturbation Degeneracy in Determining Planet ParameterSep 21 2018We present the analysis of the planetary microlensing event MOA-2016-BLG-319. The event light curve is characterized by a brief ($\sim 3$ days) anomaly near the peak produced by minor-image perturbations. From modeling, we find two distinct solutions ... More
Multi-Task Learning with a Fully Convolutional Network for Rectum and Rectal Cancer SegmentationJan 22 2019Feb 01 2019In a rectal cancer treatment planning, the location of rectum and rectal cancer plays an important role. The aim of this study is to propose a fully automatic method to segment both rectum and rectal cancer with axial T2-weighted magnetic resonance images. ... More
Time evolution of flares in GRB 130925A: jet precession in black hole accretion systemJan 13 2014GRB 130925A, composed of three gamma-ray emission episodes and a series of orderly flares, has been detected by $Swift$, Fermi, Konus-$Wind$, and $INTEGRAL$. If the third weakest gamma-ray episode can be considered as a giant flare, we find that after ... More
The Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás property for operators between spaces of continuous functionsJun 28 2013Jul 22 2013We show that the space of bounded and linear operators between spaces of continuous functions on compact Hausdorff topological spaces has the Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'as property. A similar result is also proved for the class of compact operators from the ... More
Dictionary Learning in Fourier Transform Scanning Tunneling SpectroscopyJul 19 2018Modern high-resolution microscopes, such as the scanning tunneling microscope, are commonly used to study specimens that have dense and aperiodic spatial structure. Extracting meaningful information from images obtained from such microscopes remains a ... More
On Dark Peaks and Missing Mass: A Weak Lensing Mass Reconstruction of the Merging Cluster System Abell 520Sep 10 2012Merging clusters of galaxies are unique in their power to directly probe and place limits on the self-interaction cross-section of dark matter. Detailed observations of several merging clusters have shown the intracluster gas to be displaced from the ... More
Slow Molecules Produced by PhotodissociationMay 06 2009A simple method to control molecular translation with a chemical reaction is demonstrated. Slow NO molecules have been produced by partially canceling the molecular beam velocity of NO$_2$ with the recoil velocity of the NO photofragment. The NO$_2$ molecules ... More
Perceptual Studies for Foveated Light Field DisplaysAug 20 2017The human visual system can resolve higher spatial frequencies in the fovea than in the periphery. This property has been harnessed by recent 2D foveated rendering methods to reduce computation cost while maintaining perceptual quality. Inspired by this, ... More
Enhancing power of rare variant association test by Zoom-Focus Algorithm (ZFA) to locate optimal testing regionJun 29 2016Motivation: Exome or targeted sequencing data exerts analytical challenge to test single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with extremely small minor allele frequency (MAF). Various rare variant tests were proposed to increase power by aggregating SNPs ... More
A Multi-layered Acoustic Tokenizing Deep Neural Network (MAT-DNN) for Unsupervised Discovery of Linguistic Units and Generation of High Quality FeaturesJun 07 2015This paper summarizes the work done by the authors for the Zero Resource Speech Challenge organized in the technical program of Interspeech 2015. The goal of the challenge is to discover linguistic units directly from unlabeled speech data. The Multi-layered ... More
Star Formation in the Bullet Cluster I: The Infrared Luminosity Function and Star Formation RateMay 20 2010Oct 13 2010The Bullet Cluster is a massive galaxy cluster at z=0.297 undergoing a major supersonic (Mach 3) merger event. Using Spitzer 24um images, IRAC data, optical imaging, and optical spectroscopy, we present the global star formation rate (SFR) of this unique ... More
X-ray Evidence for a Pole-Dominated Corona on AB DorJan 23 2015A fine analysis of spectral line widths and Doppler shifts employing Fourier transform and cross-correlation techniques has been applied to Chandra HETG spectra obtained in 1999 October of the rapidly rotating young star AB Doradus in order to investigate ... More
Cross-correlation search for continuous gravitational waves from a compact object in SNR 1987A in LIGO Science Run 5Sep 30 2016We present the results of a cross-correlation search for gravitational waves from SNR 1987A using the second year of LIGO Science Run 5 data. The frequency band 75--450\,Hz is searched. No evidence of gravitational waves is found. A 90\% confidence upper ... More
Deep 360 Pilot: Learning a Deep Agent for Piloting through 360° Sports VideoMay 04 2017Watching a 360{\deg} sports video requires a viewer to continuously select a viewing angle, either through a sequence of mouse clicks or head movements. To relieve the viewer from this "360 piloting" task, we propose "deep 360 pilot" -- a deep learning-based ... More
A Planetary lensing feature in caustic-crossing high-magnification microlensing eventsMar 19 2012Current microlensing follow-up observations focus on high-magnification events because of the high efficiency of planet detection. However, central perturbations of high-magnification events caused by a planet can also be produced by a very close or a ... More
Statistical properties of an experimental political futures marketMar 23 2005Mar 24 2005A 24-hour exchange market was created on the Web to trade political futures contracts using fictitious money. In this online market, a political futures contract is a futures contract which matures on the election day with a liquidation price determined ... More
Doppler Shifts and Broadening and the Structure of the X-ray Emission from AlgolJan 27 2004In a study of Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating spectra of Algol, we clearly detect Doppler shifts caused by the orbital motion of Algol B. These data provide the first definitive proof that the X-ray emission of Algol is dominated by the secondary, ... More
Reconstruction of network structures from repeating spike patterns in simulated bursting dynamicsFeb 09 2014Jul 12 2014Repeating patterns of spike sequences from a neuronal network have been proposed to be useful in the reconstruction of the network topology. Reverberations in a physiologically realistic model with various physical connection topologies (from random to ... More
Impacts of a Supersonic Shock Front on Star Formation in the Bullet ClusterOct 07 2008We use the Bullet Cluster (1E0657-56) to investigate the extent to which star formation in cluster galaxies is influenced by ram pressure from supersonic gas (Mach 3) during a cluster merger. While the effects of ram pressure have been studied for individual ... More
wtest: an R Package for Testing Main and Interaction Effect in Genotype Data with Binary TraitsOct 11 2016This R package evaluates main and pair-wise interaction effect of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) via the W-test, scalable to whole genome-wide data sets. The package provides fast and accurate p-value estimation of genetic markers, as well as ... More
Revisiting the Light Curves of Gamma-ray Bursts in the Relativistic Turbulence ModelAug 13 2013Rapid temporal variability has been widely observed in the light curves of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). One possible mechanism for such variability is related to the relativistic eddies in the jet. In this paper, we include the contribution of the inter-eddy ... More
Do Intermediate-Mass Black Holes Exist in Globular Clusters?Aug 13 2013The existence of intermediate-mass black holes (IMBHs) in globular clusters (GCs) remains a crucial problem. Searching IMBHs in GCs reveals a discrepancy between radio observations and dynamical modelings: the upper mass limits constrained by radio observations ... More
OGLE-2016-BLG-0156: Microlensing Event With Pronounced Microlens-Parallax Effects Yielding Precise Lens Mass MeasurementJan 19 2019We analyze the gravitational binary-lensing event OGLE-2016-BLG-0156, for which the lensing light curve displays pronounced deviations induced by microlens-parallax effects. The light curve exhibits 3 distinctive widely-separated peaks and we find that ... More
OGLE-2018-BLG-0022: First Prediction of an Astrometric Microlensing Signal from a Photometric Microlensing EventMar 30 2019Apr 04 2019In this work, we present the analysis of the binary microlensing event OGLE-2018-BLG-0022 that is detected toward the Galactic bulge field. The dense and continuous coverage with the high-quality photometry data from ground-based observations combined ... More
OGLE-2018-BLG-0022: First Prediction of an Astrometric Microlensing Signal from a Photometric Microlensing EventMar 30 2019Apr 02 2019In this work, we present the analysis of the binary microlensing event OGLE-2018-BLG-0022 that is detected toward the Galactic bulge field. The dense and continuous coverage with the high-quality photometry data from ground-based observations combined ... More
A Cold Neptune Beyond the Snow Line in the Provisional $\textit{WFIRST}$ FieldSep 28 2018We present the analysis of the microlensing event OGLE-2015-BLG-1670, detected in a high extinction field, very close to the Galactic plane. Due to the dust extinction along the line of sight, this event was too faint to be detected before it reached ... More
Spitzer Microlensing of MOA-2016-BLG-231L : A Counter-Rotating Brown Dwarf Binary in the Galactic DiskFeb 08 2019Feb 12 2019We analyze the binary microlensing event MOA-2016-BLG-231, which was observed from the ground and from Spitzer. The lens is composed of very low-mass brown dwarfs (BDs) with $M_1 = 21^{+12}_{-5} \ M_J$ and $M_2 = 9^{+5}_{-2}\ M_J$, and it is located in ... More
$Spitzer$ Microlensing Parallax for OGLE-2017-BLG-0896 Reveals a Counter-Rotating Low-Mass Brown DwarfMay 22 2018Jan 18 2019The kinematics of isolated brown dwarfs in the Galaxy, beyond the solar neighborhood, is virtually unknown. Microlensing has the potential to probe this hidden population, as it can measure both the mass and five of the six phase-space coordinates (all ... More
Global Uniform Boundedness of Solutions to viscous 3D Primitive Equations with Physical Boundary ConditionsOct 12 2017Oct 13 2017Global uniform boundedness of solutions to 3D viscous Primitive equations in a bounded cylindrical domain with physical boundary condition is proved in space $H^m$ for any $m\geqslant2$. A bounded absorbing set for the solutions in $H^m$ is obtained. ... More
Universal sums of generalized pentagonal numbersMay 09 2018For an integer $x$, an integer of the form $P_5(x)=\frac{3x^2-x}2$ is called a generalized pentagonal number. For positive integers $\alpha_1,\dots,\alpha_k$, a sum $\Phi_{\alpha_1,\dots,\alpha_k}(x_1,x_2,\dots,x_k)=\alpha_1P_5(x_1)+\alpha_2P_5(x_2)+\cdots+\alpha_kP_5(x_k)$ ... More
Experimental determination of the elastic cotunneling rate in a hybrid single-electron boxJul 07 2014We report measurements of charge configurations and charge transfer dynamics in a hybrid single-electron box composed of aluminum and copper. We used two single-electron transistors (SETs) to simultaneously read out different parts of the box, enabling ... More
A W-test collapsing method for rare variant testing with applications to exome sequencing data of hypertensive disorderJul 26 2016Advancement in sequencing technology enables the study of association between complex disorders and rare variants with low minor allele frequencies. One of the major challenges in rare variant testing is lack of statistical power of traditional testing ... More
A WISE View of Star Formation in Local Galaxy ClustersAug 23 2011We present results from a systematic study of star formation in local galaxy clusters using 22 micron data from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). The 69 systems in our sample are drawn from the Cluster Infall Regions Survey (CIRS), and all ... More
A 95 GHz Class I Methanol Maser Survey Toward A Sample of GLIMPSE Point Sources Associated with BGPS ClumpsFeb 29 2012We report a survey with the Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO) 13.7-m radio telescope for class I methanol masers from the 95 GHz (8_0 - 7_1 A^+) transition. The 214 target sources were selected by combining information from both the Spitzer GLIMPSE and ... More
Predicting protein inter-residue contacts using composite likelihood maximization and deep learningAug 31 2018Accurate prediction of inter-residue contacts of a protein is important to calcu- lating its tertiary structure. Analysis of co-evolutionary events among residues has been proved effective to inferring inter-residue contacts. The Markov ran- dom field ... More
Electronic structure in one-Fe Brillouin zone of iron-pnictide superconductor CsFe$_2$As$_2$Sep 08 2014Sep 09 2014The multiband nature of iron-pnictide superconductors is one of the keys to the understanding of their intriguing behavior. The electronic and magnetic properties heavily rely on the multiband interactions between different electron and hole pockets near ... More
Conetronics in 2D Metal-Organic Frameworks: Double Dirac Cones, Magnetic Half Dirac Cones and Quantum Anomalous Hall EffectJun 11 2016Based on recently synthesized Ni3C12S12 class 2D metal-organic frameworks, we predict electronic properties of M3C12S12 and M3C12O12, where M is Zn, Cd, Hg, Be, or Mg with no M orbital contributions to bands near Fermi level. For M3C12S12, their band ... More
A New Application of the Astrometric Method to Break Severe Degeneracies in Binary Microlensing EventsJan 28 2009Jan 29 2009When a source star is microlensed by one stellar component of a widely separated binary stellar components, after finishing the lensing event, the event induced by the other binary star can be additionally detected. In this paper, we investigate whether ... More
Direct observation of laser guided corona dischargesAug 17 2015Laser based lightning control holds a promising way to solve the problem of the long standing disaster of lightning strikes. But it is a challenging project due to insufficient understanding of the interaction between laser plasma channel and high voltage ... More
Evolution of band structure from optimally doped to heavily overdoped Co-substituted NaFeAsJun 20 2012Using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, we studied the electronic structure of NaFe$_{1-x}$Co$_x$As from an optimally doped superconducting compound ($x=0.028$) to a heavily overdoped non-superconducting one ($x=0.109$). Similar to the case of ... More
Monoclinic and Correlated Metal Phase in VO_2 as Evidence of the Mott Transition: Coherent Phonon AnalysisAug 03 2006In femtosecond pump-probe measurements, the appearance of coherent phonon oscillations at 4.5 THz and 6.0 THz indicating the rutile metal phase of VO_2 does not occur simultaneously with the first-order metal-insulator transition (MIT) near 68^oC. The ... More