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Distance Matrix of a Class of Completely Positive Graphs: Determinant and InverseJun 11 2019A real symmetric matrix $A$ is said to be completely positive if it can be written as $BB^t$ for some (not necessarily square) nonnegative matrix $B$. A simple graph $G$ is called a completely positive graph if every doubly nonnegative matrix realization ... More
An algebraic approach to complexity of data stream computationsJan 02 2007Apr 06 2008We consider a basic problem in the general data streaming model, namely, to estimate a vector $f \in \Z^n$ that is arbitrarily updated (i.e., incremented or decremented) coordinate-wise. The estimate $\hat{f} \in \Z^n$ must satisfy $\norm{\hat{f}-f}_{\infty}\le ... More
Consistent estimation in the two star Exponential Random Graph ModelOct 16 2013This paper explores statistical properties of a particular Exponential Random Graph Model, the two star probability distribution on the space of simple graphs. Non degenerate limiting distributions for the number of edges is derived for all parameter ... More
Estimation in exponential families on permutationsJul 03 2013May 13 2015Asymptotics of the normalizing constant is computed for a class of one parameter exponential families on permutations which includes Mallows model with Spearmans's Footrule and Spearman's Rank Correlation Statistic. The MLE, and a computable approximation ... More
Large deviation for the empirical degree distribution of an Erdos-Renyi graphOct 15 2013Oct 26 2013With $(d_1,\cdots,d_n)$ denoting the labeled degrees of an Erdos Renyi graph with parameter $\beta/n$, the large deviation principle for $\frac{1}{n}\sum\limits_{j=1}^n\delta_{d_j}$ (the empirical distribution of the degrees) is derived with a good rate ... More
Fixed points and cycle structure of random permutationsSep 15 2015Jul 13 2016Using the recently developed notion of permutation limits this paper derives the limiting distribution of the number of fixed points and cycle structure for any convergent sequence of random permutations, under mild regularity conditions. In particular ... More
Taylor Polynomial Estimator for Estimating Frequency MomentsJun 04 2015We present a randomized algorithm for estimating the $p$th moment $F_p$ of the frequency vector of a data stream in the general update (turnstile) model to within a multiplicative factor of $1 \pm \epsilon$, for $p > 2$, with high constant confidence. ... More
The Valence Transition Model of Pseudogap, Charge-Order and Superconductivity in Electron- and Hole-Doped Copper OxidesJul 02 2018We present a valence transition model for electron- and hole-doped cuprates, within which there occurs a discrete jump in ionicity Cu$^{2+} \to$ Cu$^{1+}$ upon doping, at or near optimal doping in the electron-doped compounds and at the pseudogap phase ... More
Short average distribution of a prime counting function over families of elliptic curvesSep 27 2016Let $E$ be an elliptic curve defined over $\mathbb{Q}$ and let $N$ be a positive integer. Now, $M_E(N)$ counts the number of primes $p$ such that the group $E_p(\mathbb{F}_p)$ is of order $N$. In an earlier joint work with Balasubramanian, we showed that ... More
Threadbare Parallel Port DAQ CardAug 26 2007A very simple Data acquisition card was developed in our under-graduate class for interfacing with the parallel port of a standard computer. It was developed with the intention to enable students to do various physics experiments with the computer sparing ... More
Estimating small frequency moments of data stream: a characteristic function approachMay 07 2010May 29 2010A data stream is viewed as a sequence of $M$ updates of the form $(\text{index},i,v)$ to an $n$-dimensional integer frequency vector $f$, where the update changes $f_i$ to $f_i + v$, and $v$ is an integer and assumed to be in $\{-m, ..., m\}$. The $p$th ... More
Mean-Value of Product of Shifted Multiplicative Functions and Average Number of Points on Elliptic CurvesAug 14 2014Sep 03 2014In this paper, we consider the mean value of the product of two real valued multiplicative functions with shifted arguments. The functions $F$ and $G$ under consideration are close to two nicely behaved functions $A$ and $B$, such that the average value ... More
Asymptotic expansions for factorial moments of some distributions in the analysis of algorithmsNov 22 2016We establish asymptotic expansions for factorial moments of following distributions: number of cycles in a random permutation, number of inversions in a random permutation, and number of comparisons used by the randomized quick sort algorithm.To achieve ... More
Spectrum Sharing Between A Surveillance Radar and Secondary Wi-Fi NetworksFeb 02 2016Co-existence between unlicensed networks that share spectrum spatio-temporally with terrestrial (e.g. Air Traffic Control) and shipborne radars in 3-GHz band is attracting significant interest. Similar to every primary-secondary coexistence scenario, ... More
Consistency of perturbed Tribimaximal, Bimaximal and Democratic mixing with Neutrino mixing dataDec 05 2017Feb 17 2018We scrutinize corrections to tribimaximal (TBM), bimaximal (BM) and democratic (DC) mixing matrices for explaining recent global fit neutrino mixing data. These corrections are parameterized in terms of small orthogonal rotations (R) with corresponding ... More
A subclass of close-to-convex harmonic mappingsJul 14 2012A subclass of complex-valued close-to-convex harmonic functions that are univalent and sense-preserving in the open unit disc is investigated. The coefficient estimates, growth results, area theorem, boundary behavior, convolution and convex combination ... More
Signature of topological phases in ZitterbewegungMay 07 2016We have studied the Zitterbewegung effect on an infinite two dimensional sheet with honeycomb lattice. By tuning the perpendicular electric field and the magnetization of the sheet, it can enter different topological phases. We have shown that the longitudinal ... More
Spin Orbit Torque in two dimensional Antiferromagnetic Topological InsulatorsSep 05 2016Nov 09 2016We investigate spin transport in two dimensional ferromagnetic (FTI) and antiferromagnetic (AFTI) topological insulators. In presence of an in plane magnetization AFTI supports zero energy modes, which enables topologically protected edge conduction at ... More
Quantum state transformations and the Schubert calculusOct 07 2004Recent developments in mathematics have provided powerful tools for comparing the eigenvalues of matrices related to each other via a moment map. In this paper we survey some of the more concrete aspects of the approach with a particular focus on applications ... More
Characterizing Successful Formulas: the Multi-agent CaseSep 05 2012Characterization of successful formulas in Public Announcement Logic (PAL) is a well known open problem in Dynamic Epistemic Logic. Recently, Holliday and ICard have given a complete characterization for the single agent case. However, the problem for ... More
Spin-orbit torque in 3D topological insulator-ferromagnet heterostructure: crossover between bulk and surface transportNov 29 2017Mar 21 2018Current-driven spin-orbit torques are investigated in a heterostructure composed of a ferromagnet deposited on top of a three dimensional topological insulator using the linear response formalism. We develop a tight-binding model of the heterostructure ... More
Non-equilibrium spin density and spin-orbit torque in three dimensional topological insulators - antiferromagnet heterostructureJan 24 2019We study the behavior of non-equilibrium spin density and spin-orbit torque in a topological insulator - antiferromagnet heterostructure. Unlike ferromagnetic heterostructures where Dirac cone is gapped due to time-reversal symmetry breaking, here the ... More
Old and New Scaling Laws in Quantum QuenchAug 15 2016Oct 12 2016The response of a many body system to a time dependent coupling which passes through or approaches a critical point displays universal scaling behavior. In some regimes, scaling laws have been known since the 1970's. Recently holographic techniques have ... More
A Mobile Message Scheduling and Delivery System using m-Learning frameworkMar 29 2010Wireless data communications in form of Short Message Service (SMS) and Wireless Access Protocols (WAP) browsers have gained global popularity, yet, not much has been done to extend the usage of these devices in electronic learning (e-learning) and information ... More
TASEP on parallel tracks: effects of mobile bottlenecks in fixed segmentsSep 10 2014May 28 2017We study the flux of totally asymmetric simple exclusion processes (TASEPs) on a twin co-axial square tracks. In this biologically motivated model the particles in each track act as mobile bottlenecks against the movement of the particles in the other ... More
A comprehensive class of harmonic functions defined by convolution and its connection with integral transforms and hypergeometric functionsJan 13 2013Oct 25 2013For given two harmonic functions $\Phi$ and $\Psi$ with real coefficients in the open unit disk $\mathbb{D}$, we study a class of harmonic functions $f(z)=z-\sum_{n=2}^{\infty}A_nz^{n}+\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}B_n\bar{z}^n$ $(A_n, B_n \geq 0)$ satisfying \[\RE ... More
Revisiting Calculation of Moments of Number of Comparisons used by the Randomized Quick Sort AlgorithmSep 07 2016Sep 18 2016We revisit the method of Kirschenhofer, Prodinger and Tichy [KHT87] [KHT] to calculate the moments of comparisons used by the quick sort algorithm. We reemphasize that this approach helps in calculating these quantities with less computation. We also ... More
Generalised Uncertainty Principle, Remnant Mass and Singularity Problem in Black Hole ThermodynamicsFeb 11 2010Apr 06 2010We have derived a new Generalised Uncertainty Principle (GUP) based on certain general assumptions. This GUP is consistent with predictions from string theory. It is then used to study Schwarzschild black hole thermodynamics. Corrections to the mass-temperature ... More
No zero-crossings for random polynomials and the heat equationAug 11 2012Jan 09 2015Consider random polynomial $\sum_{i=0}^na_ix^i$ of independent mean-zero normal coefficients $a_i$, whose variance is a regularly varying function (in $i$) of order $\alpha$. We derive general criteria for continuity of persistence exponents for centered ... More
Local-global principle for norm one toriApr 01 2019Let K be a complete discretely valued field with residue field k and F be a function field of a curve over K. Let L/F be a Galois extension of degree n. If n is coprime to char(k), then under some assumptions on K(e.g. K is algebraically closed or a finite ... More
Persistence of Gaussian processes: non-summable correlationsAug 26 2015Sep 08 2016Suppose the auto-correlations of real-valued, centered Gaussian process $Z(\cdot)$ are non-negative and decay as $\rho(|s-t|)$ for some $\rho(\cdot)$ regularly varying at infinity of order $-\alpha \in [-1,0)$. With $I_\rho(t)=\int_0^t \rho(s)ds$ its ... More
Revisiting calculation of moments of number of comparisons used by the randomized quick sort algorithmSep 07 2016Oct 21 2016We revisit the method of Kirschenhofer, Prodinger and Tichy to calculate the moments of comparisons used by the quick sort algorithm. We reemphasize that this approach helps in calculating these quantities with less computation. We also point out that ... More
Two new explicit formulas for the Bernoulli NumbersMay 23 2019May 28 2019In this brief note, we give two explicit formulas for the Bernoulli Numbers in terms of the Stirling numbers of the second kind, and the Eulerian Numbers. To the best of our knowledge, these formulas are new. We also derive two more probably known formulas. ... More
Joint estimation of parameters in Ising modelJan 19 2018We study joint estimation of the inverse temperature and magnetization parameters $(\beta,B)$ of an Ising model with a non-negative coupling matrix $A_n$ of size $n\times n$, given one sample from the Ising model. We give a general bound on the rate of ... More
Black Hole Geometries in Noncommutative String TheoryOct 05 2005We obtain a generalized Schwarzschild (GS-) and a generalized Reissner-Nordstrom (GRN-) black hole geometries in (3+1)-dimensions, in a noncommutative string theory. In particular, we consider an effective theory of gravity on a curved $D_3$-brane in ... More
Scattering of Noncommutative Strings: A Note on Signature Change at Planck ScaleJan 10 2005We compute the S-matrix, for the scattering of two string states, on a noncommutative D3-brane in a path integral formalism. Our analysis attempts to resolve the issue of ``imaginary string'', originally raised by `t Hooft in a point-particle scattering ... More
Revisiting Calculation of Moments of Number of Comparisons used by the Randomized Quick Sort AlgorithmSep 07 2016Oct 09 2016We revisit the method of Kirschenhofer, Prodinger and Tichy [KHT87] [KHT] to calculate the moments of comparisons used by the quick sort algorithm. We reemphasize that this approach helps in calculating these quantities with less computation. We also ... More
Spin Orbit Torque in two dimensional Antiferromagnetic Topological InsulatorsSep 05 2016We investigate spin transport in two dimensional ferromagnetic (FTI) and antiferromagnetic (AFTI) topological insulators. Contrary to FTI, AFTI supports zero energy modes in presence of an in plane magnetic order, which enables topologically protected ... More
Optical Probes of the Quantum-Entangled Triplet-Triplet State in a Heteroacene DimerSep 25 2018The nature and extent of the spin-entanglement in the triplet-triplet biexciton with total spin zero in correlated-electron $\pi$-conjugated systems continues to be an enigma. Differences in the ultrafast transient absorption spectra of free triplets ... More
Diagrammatic Exciton Basis Theory of the Photophysics of Pentacene DimersJul 14 2017Covalently linked acene dimers are of interest as candidates for intramolecular singlet fission. We report many-electron calculations of the energies and wavefunctions of the optical singlets, the lowest triplet exciton and the triplet-triplet biexciton, ... More
Discordlike correlation of bipartite coherenceNov 01 2016Jun 30 2017Quantum discord has been studied extensively as a measure of non-classical correlations which includes entanglement as a subset. Although it is well known that non-zero discord can exist without entanglement, the origin of quantum discord is not well ... More
Learning Semantic String Transformations from ExamplesApr 26 2012We address the problem of performing semantic transformations on strings, which may represent a variety of data types (or their combination) such as a column in a relational table, time, date, currency, etc. Unlike syntactic transformations, which are ... More
Holography and Cosmological SingularitiesJun 28 2007Nov 20 2007Certain null singularities in ten dimensional supergravity have natural holographic duals in terms of Matrix Theory and generalizations of the AdS/CFT correspondence. In many situations the holographic duals appear to be well defined in regions where ... More
Black Hole Entropy and String TheoryMar 01 1996Apr 01 1996This is an expanded version of a talk given at ``{\em IInd Recontre du Vietnam}'' held at Ho Chi Minh City in October, 1995. We discuss several aspects of black hole entropy in string theory. We first explain why the geometric entropy in two dimensional ... More
Emission from parallel p-brane Black HolesMay 21 1997The entropy of a near-extremal black hole made of parallel D-branes has been shown to agree, upto a numerical factor, with that of the gas of massless open string states on the brane worldvolume when the string coupling is chosen suitably. We investigate ... More
Connecting Quantum Discord with CoherenceNov 01 2016Nov 17 2016Quantum discord has been studied extensively as a measure of non-classical correlations which includes entanglement as a subset. Although it is well known that non-zero discord can exist without entanglement, the origin of quantum discord is not well ... More
On Estimating the First Frequency Moment of Data StreamsMay 05 2010Estimating the first moment of a data stream defined as $F_1 = \sum_{i \in \{1, 2, \ldots, n\}} \abs{f_i}$ to within $1 \pm \epsilon$-relative error with high probability is a basic and influential problem in data stream processing. A tight space bound ... More
CR-precis: A deterministic summary structure for update data streamsSep 07 2006Oct 10 2006We present the \crprecis structure, that is a general-purpose, deterministic and sub-linear data structure for summarizing \emph{update} data streams. The \crprecis structure yields the \emph{first deterministic sub-linear space/time algorithms for update ... More
Signature of topological transition in persistent current in a Dirac RingJul 18 2016We study the persistent current in a one dimensional Dirac ring and show that the change of spin current with respect to an applied perpendicular electric field can be used to identify the topological phases. We further study the effect of Rashba spin ... More
Signature of topological phases in ZitterbewegungMay 07 2016Nov 09 2016We have studied the {\em Zitterbewegung} effect on an infinite two dimensional sheet with honeycomb lattice. By tuning the perpendicular electric field and the magnetization of the sheet, it can enter different topological phases. We have shown that the ... More
The One Dimensional Matrix Model and String TheoryNov 19 1992We discuss the basic features of the double scaling limit of the one dimensional matrix model and its interpretation as a two dimensional string theory. Using the collective field theory formulation of the model we show how the fluctuations of the collective ... More
Matrix Models and Nonperturbative String Propagation in Two-Dimensional Black Hole BackgroundsMar 19 1993We identify a quantity in the $c=1$ matrix model which describes the wavefunction for physical scattering of a tachyon from a black hole of the two dimensional critical string theory. At the semiclassical level this quantity corresponds to the usual picture ... More
Normal state of metal-intercalated phenacene crystals: Role of electron correlationsJul 11 2016In this work we study the effect of long range electron-electron correlations on the behavior of the normal state of metal-intercalated phenacene crystals. While the individual phenacene molecules are modeled by the Pariser-Parr-Pople Hamiltonian with ... More
Poisson distribution of a prime counting function corresponding to elliptic curvesMar 03 2015Sep 27 2016Let $E$ be an elliptic curve defined over rational field $\mathbb{Q}$ and $N$ be a positive integer. Now, $M_E(N)$ denotes the number of primes $p$, such that the group $E_p(\mathbb{F}_p)$ is of order $N$. We show that $M_E(N)$ follows Poisson distribution ... More
Persistent Current in Normal MetalsDec 14 1999We discuss the recent experiments on persistent current in metallic rings in the backdrop of low temperature decoherence. The observed size of the persistent current, typically on the order of the Thouless energy, $ e/\tau_D$, is much larger than the ... More
An Analytic Description of Light Emission in SonoluminescenceDec 15 1999May 15 2000Light emission in sonoluminescence is shown to be a lasing process with a wide gain bandwidth. Population inversion of the gas molecules inside the bubble is achieved by hydrodynamical pumping. Analytic expressions are derived for the sonoluminescence ... More
Notes on Decoherence at Absolute ZeroDec 14 1999The problem of electron decoherence at low temperature is analyzed from the perspective of recent experiments on decoherence rate measurement and on related localization phenomena in low-dimensional systems. Importance of decoherence at zero temperature, ... More
Production process dependence of neutrino flavor conversionJun 11 1997Oct 08 1997We perform a covariant wave-packet analysis of neutrino oscillations taking into account the lifetime of the neutrino production process . We find that flavor oscillations in space are washed out when the neutrinos are produced from long lived resonances ... More
The Regge symmetry is a scissors congruence in hyperbolic spaceJan 27 2003We give a constructive proof that the Regge symmetry is a scissors congruence in hyperbolic space. The main tool is Leibon's construction for computing the volume of a general hyperbolic tetrahedron. The proof consists of identifying the key elements ... More
STAR experiment results from the beam energy scan program at RHICJun 29 2011We present the first results using the STAR detector from the Beam Energy Scan (BES) program at the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider (RHIC). In this program, Au ion collisions at center of mass energies (\sqrt{s_{NN}}) of 7.7, 11.5 and 39 GeV allowed RHIC ... More
Particle production at forward rapidity in d+Au and Au+Au collisions in STAR experiment at RHICSep 30 2005Oct 02 2005We present the recent results from the STAR experiment on charged and neutral particle measurements at the forward rapidity in d+Au collisions at sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200 GeV and Au+Au collisions at sqrt{s_{NN}} = 62.4 GeV. The nuclear modification factor for ... More
Exploring the QCD phase diagram through relativistic heavy ion collisionsNov 15 2013We present a review of the studies related to establishing the QCD phase diagram through high energy nucleus-nucleus collisions. We particularly focus on the experimental results related to the formation of a quark-gluon phase, crossover transition and ... More
Search for color charge dependence of energy loss at RHICMay 07 2007May 18 2007The non-Abelian feature of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) results in the gluons losing more energy than quarks in the medium formed in high energy heavy-ion collisions. Experimental results in p+p collisions when compared to NLO pQCD calculations show that ... More
Phi-measure and Disoriented chiral condensatesMar 05 2002Fluctuations in the ratio of neutral to charged pions arising due to formation of disoriented chiral condensates (DCC) are discussed using the Phi-measure. The properties of the measure for various cases of DCC and non-DCC are discussed. The effect of ... More
Determination of the age of the earth from Kamland measurement of geo-neutrinosFeb 09 2003Jul 21 2003The low energy component of the antineutrino spectrum observed in the recent Kamland experiment has significant contribution from the radioactive decay of $^{238}U$ and $^{232}Th$ in the crust and mantle of the earth. By taking the ratio of the antineutrino ... More
Of Decoherent Electrons and Disordered ConductorsMay 13 2002This lecture note reviews a variety of transport and thermodynamic measurements of electron decoherence time in low-dimensional conductors at low temperature. The mechanism of dephasing by electron interaction mediated by an arbitrarily small number of ... More
Electromagnetic Field Correlation inside a Sonoluminescing BubbleMay 15 2000We consider the correlation of the electromagnetic field to determine spatial coherence inside a sonoluminescing bubble. We explicitly calculate the first order correlation function for two limiting cases of the excitation field: a blackbody spectrum ... More
A 5-Dimensional Tonnetz for Nearly Symmetric HexachordsJun 15 2018The standard 2-dimensional Tonnetz describes parsimonious voice-leading connections between major and minor triads as the 3-dimensional Tonnetz does for dominant seventh and half-diminished seventh chords. In this paper, I present a geometric model for ... More
Inference in Ising ModelsJul 25 2015Oct 27 2015The Ising spin glass is a one-parameter exponential family model for binary data with quadratic sufficient statistic. In this paper, we show that given a single realization from this model, the maximum pseudolikelihood estimate (MPLE) of the natural parameter ... More
Limit Theorems for Monochromatic StarsApr 15 2017Nov 30 2017Let $T(K_{1, r}, G_n)$ be the number of monochromatic copies of the $r$-star $K_{1, r}$ in a uniformly random coloring of the vertices of the graph $G_n$. In this paper we provide a complete characterization of the limiting distribution of $T(K_{1, r}, ... More
Pressure Effects on the Atomic and Electronic Structure of Aligned Small Diameter Carbon NanotubesMay 05 2008Aug 27 2008Density functional methods have been used to calculate the electronic properties of aligned smalldiameter single-walled carbon nanotubes under hydrostatic pressures. Abrupt pressure induced semiconductor-metal and metal-semiconductor transitions concomitant ... More
Algorithm For Multi-Hand Finger Counting: An Easy ApproachApr 10 2014In this paper we propose an easy algorithm for real time hand finger counting involving one or more than one hand. Hand finger counting is a simple medium for Human-Computer Interface which can prove to be a convenient input method for driving interactive ... More
Clustering GCG: a viable option for unified dark matter-dark energy?May 22 2014Oct 21 2014We study the clustering Generalized Chaplygin Gas (GCG) as a possible candidate for dark matter-dark energy unification. The vanishing speed of sound ($c_{s}^2 = 0$) for the GCG fluid can be obtained by incorporating higher derivative operator in the ... More
Degree Sequence of Random Permutation GraphsMar 12 2015In this paper we study the degree sequence of the permutation graph $G_{\pi_n}$ associated with a sequence $\pi_n\in S_n$ of random permutations. Joint limiting distributions of the degrees are established using results from graph and permutation limit ... More
Quantum NanomechanicsFeb 28 2008Quantum Nanomechanics is the emerging field which pertains to the mechanical behavior of nanoscale systems in the quantum domain. Unlike the conventional studies of vibration of molecules and phonons in solids, quantum nanomechanics is defined as the ... More
Dodecatonic Cycles and Parsimonious Voice-Leading in the Mystic-Wozzeck GenusMay 26 2018This paper develops a unified voice-leading model for the genus of mystic and Wozzeck chords. These voice-leading regions are constructed by perturbing symmetric partitions of the octave, and new Neo-Riemannian transformations between nearly symmetric ... More
Solution of the Strong CP problem in the low energy effective Standard ModelJun 28 1994We consider the low energy effective chiral theory of QCD mesons and the electroweak Goldstone bosons. In this effective theory the pion sector contributes to the gauge boson masses and the Yukawa couplings of the fermions. Consequently the Yukawa sector ... More
Bose Einstein Correlations in the Lund Model for Multijet SystemsNov 12 2002The interference based analysis of Bose Einstein Correlations in the Lund Model has hitherto been limited to simple strings without gluonic excitations. A new fragmentation method based on the Area Law in the Lund Model allows such an analysis to be extended ... More
Well-Posedness Of Common Fixed Point Theorem For Three and Four Mappings Under Strict Contractive Conditions In Fuzzy metric SpaceApr 16 2011None has studied the well-posedness of common fixed points in fuzzy metric space. In this paper, our target is to develop the well-posedness of common fixed points in fuzzy metric space. Also using weakly compatibility, implicit relation, property (E.A.) ... More
A Note on Supergravity Duals of Noncommutative Yang-Mills TheoryApr 30 2000May 11 2000A class of supergravity backgrounds have been proposed as dual descriptions of strong coupling large-N noncommutative Yang-Mills (NCYM) theories in 3+1 dimensions. However calculations of correlation functions in supergravity from an evaluation of relevant ... More
Open Wilson Lines in Noncommutative Gauge Theory and Tomography of Holographic Dual SupergravityAug 03 2000Sep 19 2000We study the issue of gauge-invariant observables in d=4, N=4 noncommutative gauge theory and UV-IR relation therein. We show that open Wilson lines form a complete set of gauge invariant operators, which are local in momentum space and, depending on ... More
Benchmarking NLopt and state-of-art algorithms for Continuous Global Optimization via Hybrid IACO$_\mathbb{R}$Mar 11 2015This paper presents a comparative analysis of the performance of the Incremental Ant Colony algorithm for continuous optimization ($IACO_\mathbb{R}$), with different algorithms provided in the NLopt library. The key objective is to understand how the ... More
Exact and Asymptotic Results on Coarse Ricci Curvature of GraphsJun 28 2013Jul 10 2013In this paper we study Ollivier's coarse Ricci-curvature for graphs, and obtain exact formulas for the Ricci-curvature for bipartite graphs and for the graphs with girth at least 5. These are the first formulas for Ricci-curvature which hold for a wide ... More
A Neurodynamical System for finding a Minimal VC Dimension ClassifierMar 11 2015The recently proposed Minimal Complexity Machine (MCM) finds a hyperplane classifier by minimizing an exact bound on the Vapnik-Chervonenkis (VC) dimension. The VC dimension measures the capacity of a learning machine, and a smaller VC dimension leads ... More
Robust Node ID Assignment for Mobile P2P NetworksMay 14 2019The advancement of portable mobile wireless devices such as smart-phones, PDA, etc., brought mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) as an extension of traditional P2P networks to provide efficient, low-cost communication among them in a cellular network. It is challenging ... More
Cantor's intersection theorem in the setting of $\mathcal{F}$-metric spacesMar 24 2019This paper deals with an open problem posed by Jleli and Samet in \cite[\, M.~Jleli and B.~Samet, On a new generalization of metric spaces, J. Fixed Point Theory Appl, 20(3) 2018]{JS1}. In \cite[\, Remark 5.1]{JS1} They asked whether the Cantor's intersection ... More
Monochromatic Subgraphs in Randomly Colored GraphonsJul 18 2017Aug 07 2017Let $T(H, G_n)$ be the number of monochromatic copies of a fixed connected graph $H$ in a uniformly random coloring of the vertices of the graph $G_n$. In this paper we give a complete characterization of the limiting distribution of $T(H, G_n)$, when ... More
Compact $z=2$ Electrodynamics in 2+1 dimensions: Confinement with gapless modesSep 16 2009Apr 02 2010We consider 2+1 dimensional compact U(1) gauge theory at the Lifshitz point with dynamical critical exponent $z=2$. As in the usual $z=1$ theory, monopoles proliferate the vacuum for any value of the coupling, generating a mass scale. The theory of the ... More
Unruh Radiation, Holography and Boundary CosmologyApr 23 2001May 08 2001A uniformly acclerated observer in anti-deSitter space-time is known to detect thermal radiation when the acceleration exceeds a critical value. We investigate the holographic interpretation of this phenomenon. For uniformly accelerated trajectories transverse ... More
Quantum Quench across a Holographic Critical PointSep 18 2011We study the problem of quantum quench across a critical point in a strongly coupled field theory using AdS/CFT techniques. The model involves a probe neutral scalar field with mass-squared $m^2$ in the range $-9/4 < m^2 < -3/2$ in a $AdS_4$ charged black ... More
Is there a common theme behind the correlated-electron superconductivity in organic charge-transfer solids, cobaltates, spinels and fullerides?Nov 29 2011We posit that there exist deep and fundamental relationships between the above seemingly very different materials. The carrier concentration-dependences of the electronic behavior in the conducting organic charge-transfer solids and layered cobaltates ... More
Large eddy simulations of turbulent thermal convection using renormalized viscosity and thermal diffusivityJun 15 2018In this paper we employ renormalized viscosity and thermal diffusivity to construct a subgrid-scale model for large eddy simulation (LES) of turbulent thermal convection. For LES, we add $\nu_\mathrm{ren} \propto \Pi_u^{1/3} (\pi/\Delta)^{-1/3}$ to the ... More
Evaporation Rate of Water in Hydrophobic ConfinementNov 16 2011Dec 29 2011The drying of hydrophobic cavities is believed to play an important role in biophysical phenomena such as the folding of globular proteins, the opening and closing of ligand-gated ion channels, and ligand binding to hydrophobic pockets. We use forward ... More
Bounds on Slow Roll and the de Sitter SwamplandJul 13 2018Jul 26 2018The recently introduced swampland criterion for de Sitter (arXiv:1806.08362) can be viewed as a (hierarchically large) bound on the smallness of the slow roll parameter $\epsilon_V$. This leads us to consider the other slow roll parameter $\eta_V$ more ... More
Inference in Ising ModelsJul 25 2015Mar 03 2017The Ising spin glass is a one-parameter exponential family model for binary data with quadratic sufficient statistic. In this paper, we show that given a single realization from this model, the maximum pseudolikelihood estimate (MPLE) of the natural parameter ... More
Characterizing quark gluon plasma by dilepton interferometryJan 21 2011The Hanbury-Brown-Twiss (HBT) radii have been calculated from the two particle correlation functions with virtual photons produced in the collisions of two nuclei at ultra-relativistic energies. We show that the variation of the HBT radii with the invariant ... More
Evolution of collectivity as a signal of quark gluon plasma formation in heavy ion collisionsAug 06 2010Aug 10 2011A measurement for studying the mass dependence of the dilepton interferometry in relativistic heavy-ion collision experiments as a tool to characterize the quark-gluon phase is proposed. In calculations involving dileptons, we show that the mass dependence ... More
Detection Thresholds for the $β$-Model on Sparse GraphsAug 05 2016In this paper we study sharp thresholds for detecting sparse signals in $\beta$-models for potentially sparse random graphs. The results demonstrate interesting interplay between graph sparsity, signal sparsity, and signal strength. In regimes of moderately ... More
New type of phase transition in Reissner Nordström - AdS black hole and its thermodynamic geometryAug 16 2010Dec 09 2010The phase transition of a RN-AdS black hole is studied in details using Ehrenfest's equations. There is no discontinuity in entropy which signals a lack of any first order phase transition. We then show that although Ehrenfest's first equation is satisfied, ... More
Pricing Mechanisms for Crowd-Sensed Spatial-Statistics-Based Radio MappingNov 22 2016Networking on white spaces (i.e., locally unused spectrum) relies on active monitoring of spatio-temporal spectrum usage. Spectrum databases based on empirical radio propagation models are widely adopted but shown to be error-prone, since they do not ... More