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The XYZ mesons: what they aren'tDec 28 2018Jan 02 2019I discuss the properties of some representative $XYZ$ mesons in the context of the most commonly proposed models for their underlying nature.
A New Hadron SpectroscopyNov 28 2014QCD-motivated models for hadrons predict an assortment of "exotic" hadrons that have structures that are more complex than the quark-antiquark mesons and three-quark baryons of the original quark-parton model. These include pentaquark baryons, the six-quark ... More
Comment on the X(3915) nonstandard hadron candidateApr 12 2019I review the experimental evidence for the $X(3915)$, the candidate nonstandard meson associated with $\omega J\psi$ resonance-like peaks in $B\rightarrow K\omega J\psi$ and $\gamma\gamma\rightarrow\omega J\psi$ near $M(\omega J\psi)=3920$~MeV, and address ... More
Non-Standard Heavy Mesons and Baryons, an Experimental ReviewAug 14 2017Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the generally accepted theory for the strong interactions, describes the interactions between quarks and gluons. The strongly interacting particles that are seen in nature are hadrons, which are composites of quarks and gluons. ... More
Multifractal tubesJul 19 2013Tube formulas refer to the study of volumes of $r$ neighbourhoods of sets. For sets satisfying some (possible very weak) convexity conditions, this has a long history. However, within the past 20 years Lapidus has initiated and pioneered a systematic ... More
Multifractal spectra and multifractal zeta-functionsJul 18 2013We introduce multifractal zeta-functions providing precise information of a very general class of multifractal spectra, including, for example, the multifractal spectra of self-conformal measures and the multifractal spectra of ergodic Birkhoff averages ... More
Dynamical multifractal zeta-functions and fine multifractal spectra of graph-directed self-conformal constructionsNov 20 2014We introduce multifractal pressure and dynamical multifractal zeta-functions providing precise information of a very general class of multifractal spectra, including, for example, the fine multifractal spectra of graph-directed self-conformal measures ... More
QCD ExoticsMar 05 2014QCD-motivated models for hadrons predict an assortment of "exotic" hadrons that have structures that are more complex then the quark-antiquark mesons and three-quark baryons of the original quark-parton model. These include pentaquark baryons, the six-quark ... More
History of Belle and some of its lesser known highlightsJan 06 2016I report on the early history of Belle, which was almost entirely focused on testing the Kobayashi Maskawa mechanism for $CP$ violation that predicted large matter-antimatter asymmetries in certain $B$ meson decay modes. Results reported by both BaBar ... More
Multiquark HadronsNov 04 2016A number of candidate multiquark hadrons, i.e., particle resonances with substructures that are more complex than the quark-antiquark mesons and three-quark baryons that are prescribed in the textbooks, have recently been observed. In this talk I present: ... More
The Role of Flavor Physics in the LHC EraSep 01 2014Sep 02 2014Although searches for new physics at the CERN Large Hadron Collider will probably dominate the the agenda of the experimental high energy physics community during the next decade or more, high-intensity experiments at the tau-charm and beauty thresholds ... More
Properties of non-q\bar{q} XYZ mesons and results of a search for the H-dibaryonJul 16 2013A number of charmonium- and bottomonium-like meson states have been observed that have properties that do not match well to expectations for the simple quark-antiquark substructure suggested by the constituent quark model. Some of them are electrically ... More
Recent Results from BaBar, Belle, BESIII and CDFNov 24 2010A brief report of some recent experimental developments concerning the $X$, $Y$ and $Z$ charmoniumlike mesons states and other puzzling states from the BaBar, Belle, BESIII and CDF experiments is presented.
XYZ Meson SpectroscopyNov 05 2015Many candidate multiquark mesons, i.e., mesons with substructures that are more complex than the quark-antiquark prescription that is in the textbooks, have recently been observed. Many of the most recently observed candidate states are electrically charged ... More
Is the X(3915) the chi_{c0}(2P)?Oct 24 2014The Particle Data Group has assigned the X(3915) meson, an omega J/psi mass peak seen in B-> omega J/psi decays and in two-photon fusion reactions gamma-gamma->omega J/psi, as the chi_{c0}(2P), the 2^3P_0 charmonium state. Here it is shown that if the ... More
A variational approach to stable principal component pursuitJun 04 2014We introduce a new convex formulation for stable principal component pursuit (SPCP) to decompose noisy signals into low-rank and sparse representations. For numerical solutions of our SPCP formulation, we first develop a convex variational framework and ... More
News from BESIIIMar 20 2012BESIII is a new state-of-the-art 4pi detector at the recently upgraded BEPCII two-ring e+e- collider at the Institute of High Energy Physics in Beijing. It has been in operation for three years, during which time it has collected the world's largest data ... More
The Z Charmoniumlike MesonsJan 12 2011A brief review of the experimental situation concerning the electrically-charged charmoniumlike meson candidates, $Z^-$, is presented.
Fine and coarse multifractal zeta-functions: On the multifractal formalism for multifractal zeta-functionsNov 20 2014Multifractal analysis refers to the study of the local properties of measures and functions, and consists of two parts: the fine multifractal theory and the coarse multifractal theory. The fine and the coarse theory are linked by a web of conjectures ... More
Dynamical multifractal zeta-functions, multifractal pressure and fine multifractal spectraSep 30 2013We introduce multifractal pressure and dynamical multifractal zeta-functions providing precise information of a very general class of multifractal spectra, including, for example, the fine multifractal spectra of self-conformal measures and the fine multifractal ... More
Incorporating Network Built-in Priors in Weakly-supervised Semantic SegmentationJun 06 2017Pixel-level annotations are expensive and time consuming to obtain. Hence, weak supervision using only image tags could have a significant impact in semantic segmentation. Recently, CNN-based methods have proposed to fine-tune pre-trained networks using ... More
X-ray binaries in SculptorNov 03 2005We report the results of a deep Chandra survey of the Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy. We find five X-ray sources with L_X of at least 6*10^33 ergs/sec with optical counterparts establishing them as members of Sculptor. These X-ray luminosities indicate ... More
Hilbert Bases and Lecture Hall PartitionsMar 06 2017Jun 16 2017In the interest of finding the minimum additive generating set for the set of $\boldsymbol{s}$-lecture hall partitions, we compute the Hilbert bases for the $\boldsymbol{s}$-lecture hall cones in certain cases. In particular, we compute the Hilbert bases ... More
Charmless Hadronic B Decays at BABARNov 10 2000We present preliminary results of several searches for rare charmless hadronic decays of the B meson using data collected by the BABAR detector at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center's PEP-II storage ring. We search for the decays h^+h^-, h^+h^-h^+, ... More
Coincidence and noncoincidence of dimensions in compact subsets of $[0,1]$Dec 22 2018We show that given any six numbers $r,s,t,u,v,w \in (0,1]$ satisfying $r \leq s \leq \min(t,u) \leq \max(t,u) \leq v \leq w$, it is possible to construct a compact subset of $[0,1]$ with Hausdorff dimension equal to $r$, lower modified box dimension equal ... More
Three dimensional manifolds all of whose geodesics are closedMay 22 2009We present some results concerning the Morse Theory of the energy function on the free loop space of the three sphere for metrics all of whose geodesics are closed. We also explain how these results relate to the Berger Conjecture in dimension three.
Quarkonium at the Frontiers of High Energy Physics: A Snowmass White PaperJul 29 2013Aug 13 2013In this Snowmass White Paper, we discuss physics opportunities involving heavy quarkonia at the intensity and energy frontiers of high energy physics. We focus primarily on two specific aspects of quarkonium physics for which significant advances can ... More
What's new with the XYZ mesons?Jan 08 2008Feb 13 2008I review some of the recent experimental results on the so-called XYZ mesons.
New Particles from BelleDec 25 2004Jan 07 2005I report recent results on hidden charm spectroscopy from Belle. These include: observation of a near-threshold enhancement in the omega-J/psi invariant mass distribution for exclusive B-->K omega J/psi decays; evidence for the decay X(3872)-->pi+pi-pi0 ... More
An Experimental Overview of the X, Y & Z Charmoniumlike MesonsSep 15 2009A review of some of the recent experimental developments concerning the X, Y and Z charmoniumlike meson states is presented.
Protostellar accretion traced with chemistry. High resolution C18O and continuum observations towards deeply embedded protostars in PerseusMar 29 2017Context: Understanding how accretion proceeds is a key question of star formation, with important implications for both the physical and chemical evolution of young stellar objects. In particular, very little is known about the accretion variability in ... More
The Exotic XYZ Charmonium-like MesonsJan 25 2008Charmonium, the spectroscopy of c\bar{c} mesons, has recently enjoyed a renaissance with the discovery of several missing states and a number of unexpected charmonium-like resonances. The discovery of these new states has been made possible by the extremely ... More
Centralizers and Inverses to Induction as Equivalence of CategoriesApr 30 2005Jun 02 2005Given a ring homomorphism $B \to A$, consider its centralizer $R = A^B$, bimodule endomorphism ring $S = \End {}_BA_B$ and sub-tensor-square ring $T = (A \o_B A)^B$. Nonassociative tensoring by the cyclic modules $R_T$ or ${}_SR$ leads to an equivalence ... More
Bipartite Multigraphs with Expander-Like PropertiesDec 06 2004A graph with vertex set V and edge set E is called a (d,c)-expander if the maximum degree of a vertex is d and, for every subset W of V that has cardinality at most |V|/2, the number of edges between vertices in W and vertices outside of W is at least ... More
Hopf subalgebras and tensor powers of generalized permutation modulesOct 11 2012Jun 12 2014By means of a certain module V and its tensor powers in a finite tensor category, we study a question of whether the depth of a Hopf subalgebra R of a finite-dimensional Hopf algebra H is finite. The module V is the counit representation induced from ... More
Algebraic K-theory and trace invariantsApr 21 2003The cyclotomic trace of B\"okstedt-Hsiang-Madsen, the subject of B\"okstedt's lecture at the congress in Kyoto, is a map of pro-abelian groups K_*(A) -> TR_*^.(A;p) from Quillen's algebraic K-theory to a topological refinement of Connes' cyclic homology. ... More
On the structure of nearly pseudo-Kähler manifoldsDec 17 2009Firstly we give a condition to split off the K"ahler factor from a nearly pseudo-K"ahler manifold and apply this to get a structure result in dimension 8. Secondly we extend the construction of nearly K"ahler manifolds from twistor spaces to negatively ... More
Network Rewriting I: The FoundationApr 11 2012A theory is developed which uses "networks" (directed acyclic graphs with some extra structure) as a formalism for expressions in multilinear algebra. It is shown that this formalism is valid for arbitrary PROPs (short for 'PROducts and Permutations category'), ... More
Anchor maps and stable modules in depth twoJun 20 2006Aug 14 2006An algebra extension A | B is right depth two if its tensor-square A\otimes_B A is in the Dress category Add A as A-B-bimodules. We consider necessary conditions for right, similarly left, D2 extensions in terms of partial A-invariance of two-sided ideals ... More
Semisimple Hopf algebras and their depth two Hopf subalgebrasJul 03 2008We prove that a depth two Hopf subalgebra K of a semisimple Hopf algebra H is normal (where the ground field $k$ is algebraically closed of characteristic zero). This means on the one hand that a Hopf subalgebra is normal when inducing (then restricting) ... More
Pseudo-Galois Extensions and Hopf AlgebroidsAug 22 2005Aug 21 2006A pseudo-Galois extension is shown to be a depth two extension. Studying its left bialgebroid, we construct an enveloping Hopf algebroid for the semi-direct product of groups, or more generally involutive Hopf algebras, and their module algebras. It is ... More
Geometric Analysis and General RelativityDec 23 2005This article discusses methods of geometric analysis in general relativity, with special focus on the role of "critical surfaces" such as minimal surfaces, marginal surface, maximal surfaces and null surfaces.
Maximal supersymmetry and exceptional groupsJun 08 2010The article is a tribute to my old mentor, collaborator and friend Murray Gell-Mann. In it I describe work by Pierre Ramond, Sung-Soo Kim and myself where we describe the N = 8 Supergravity in the light-cone formalism. We show how the Cremmer-Julia E7(7) ... More
Dissipation for Euler's Disk and a Desktop Demonstration of Coalescing Neutron StarsFeb 11 2001I show that the recent calculation of Moffatt's regarding the viscous dissipation of a spinning coin overlooked the importance of the finite width of the viscous boundary layer. My new estimates are more in accord with that observed. I also point out ... More
Skew Hopf algebras, irreducible extensions and the pi-methodJan 15 2007Dec 28 2007To a depth two extension A | B, we associate the dual bialgebroids S := \End {}_BA_B and T := (A \o_B A)^B over the centralizer R=C_A(B). In the set-up where R is a subalgebra of B, which is quite common, two nondegenerate pairings of S and T will define ... More
Hadronic Spectrum - Multiquark StatesJan 16 2009Many newly discovered mesons behave like $\ccbar$ charmonium states in that they preferentially decay into final states that contain a $c$- and a $\bar{c}$-quark, but do not fit expectations for any of the unfilled levels of the conventional $\ccbar$ ... More
Report on GR16, Session A3: Mathematical Studies of the Field EquationsApr 29 2002May 17 2002In this report, which is an extended version of that appearing in the Proceedings of GR16, I will give a summary of the main topics covered in Session A.3. on mathematical relativity at GR16, Durban. The summary is mainly based on extended abstracts submitted ... More
Finite depth and Jacobson-Bourbaki correspondenceJul 25 2007We introduce a notion of depth three tower of three rings C < B < A with depth two ring extension A | B recovered when B = C. If A = \End B_C and B | C is a Frobenius extension, this captures the notion of depth three for a Frobenius extension in arXiv:math/0107064 ... More
Local-to-global extensions of D-modules in positive characteristicNov 25 2013Oct 28 2014In "On the calculation of some differential Galois groups" (Invent. Math. 87 (1987), no. 1), Katz defines the notion of a special flat connection on the complex affine line minus the origin, and he shows that the functor which restricts a flat connection ... More
Modelling dust processing and the evolution of grain sizes in the ISM using the method of momentsJun 07 2016Interstellar dust grains do not have a single well-defined origin. Stars are demonstrably dust producers, but also efficient destroyers of cosmic dust. Dust destruction in the ISM is believed to be the result of SN shocks hitting the ambient ISM gas (and ... More
Maximally Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory. The Story of N = 4 Yang-Mills TheoryNov 10 2015This is a personally colored account of the history behind N=4 Yang-Mills Theory.
Ext and Tor on two-dimensional cyclic quotient singularitiesJan 21 2016May 05 2016Given two torus invariant Weil divisors $D$ and $D'$ on a two-dimensional cyclic quotient singularity $X$, the groups $\mathop{Ext}\nolimits^i_{X}(\mathcal{O}(D),\mathcal{O}(D'))$, $i>0$, are naturally $\mathbb{Z}^2$-graded. We interpret these groups ... More
Recent results of the CMS experimentAug 18 2014The CMS experiment is a multi-purpose detector successfully operated at the LHC where predominantly pp collisions take place at various centre-of-mass energies up to sqrt(s)=8 TeV so far. Several weeks per year also heavy-ion collisions take place leading ... More
Pullback of regular singular stratified bundles and restriction to curvesOct 20 2014Mar 17 2015A stratified bundle is a vector bundle which is a D-module. We show that regular singularity of stratified bundles on smooth varieties in positive characteristic is preserved by pullback and that regular singularity can be checked on curves, if the ground ... More
Wild ramification of nilpotent coverings and coverings of bounded degreeJun 28 2016A finite \'etale map between irreducible, normal varieties is called tame, if it is tamely ramified with respect to all partial compactifications whose boundary is the support of a strict normal crossings divisor. We prove that if the Galois group of ... More
Evidence for a generalization of Gieseker's conjecture on stratified bundles in positive characteristicOct 29 2012Sep 09 2013Let X be a smooth, connected, projective variety over an algebraically closed field of positive characteristic. In "Flat vector bundles and the fundamental group in non-zero characteristics" (Ann. Scuola Norm. Sup. Pisa Cl. Sci. (4) 2 (1975)), Gieseker ... More
Regular singular stratified bundles and tame ramificationOct 18 2012Aug 09 2013Let X be a smooth variety over an algebraically closed field k of positive characteristic. We define and study a general notion of regular singularities for stratified bundles (i.e. O_X-coherent D_X-modules) on X without relying on resolution of singularities. ... More
Tropical intersection products on smooth varietiesApr 17 2009Mar 05 2010In analogy to chapter 9 of arXiv:0709.3705 we define an intersection product of tropical cycles on tropical linear spaces L^n_k, i.e. on tropical fans of the type max{0,x_1,...,x_n}^(n-k)*R^n. Afterwards we use this result to obtain an intersection product ... More
Okounkov Bodies of Complexity-One T-VarietiesAug 02 2011We compute Okounkov bodies of projective complexity-one T-varieties with respect to two types of invariant flags. In particular, we show that the latter are rational polytopes. Moreover, using results of Dave Anderson and Nathan Ilten, we briefly exhibit ... More
An in-Depth Look at Quotient ModulesMay 18 2017Oct 10 2017The coset $G$-space of a finite group and a subgroup is a fundamental module of study of Schur and others around 1930; for example, its endomorphism algebra is a Hecke algebra of double cosets. We study and review its generalization $Q$ to Hopf subalgebras, ... More
Report on GRG18, Session A3, Mathematical Studies of the Field EquationsMar 31 2008Apr 01 2008In this report I will give a summary of some of the main topics covered in Session A3, mathematical studies of the field equations, at GRG18, Sydney. Unfortunately, due to length constraints, some of the topics covered at the session will be very briefly ... More
Construction of hyperboloidal initial dataMay 18 2002I describe the conformal method for constructing solutions of the hyperboloidal constraint equations as well as the conditions needed on the free data in order to have regularity up to boundary for the solutions to the constraint equations. A brief discussion ... More
Depth three towers and Jacobson-Bourbaki correspondenceJun 08 2007We introduce a notion of depth three tower of three rings C < B < A as a useful generalization of depth two ring extension. If A = End B_C and B | C is a Frobenius extension, this also captures the notion of depth three for a Frobenius extension in math.RA/0107064 ... More
Hopf algebroids and Galois extensionsSep 07 2004To a finite Hopf-Galois extension $A | B$ we associate dual bialgebroids $S := \End_BA_B$ and $T := (A \o_B A)^B$ over the centralizer $R$ using the depth two theory in math.RA/0108067. First we extend results on the equivalence of certain properties ... More
The Endomorphism Ring Theorem for Galois and D2 extensionsMar 10 2005Apr 01 2005Let $S$ be the left bialgebroid $\End {}_BA_B$ over the centralizer $R$ of a right D2 algebra extension $A \| B$, which is to say that its tensor-square is isomorphic as $A$-$B$-bimodules to a direct summand of a finite direct sum of $A$ with itself. ... More
Galois theory for bialgebroids, depth two and normal Hopf subalgebrasFeb 09 2005We reduce certain proofs in math.RA/0108067, math.RA/0408155, and math.QA/0409589 to depth two quasibases from one side only, a minimalistic approach which leads to a characterization of Galois extensions for finite projective bialgebroids without the ... More
Integrability of generalized pluriharmonic mapsFeb 11 2015In this paper we provide examples of maps from almost complex domains into pseudo-Riemannian symmetric targets, which are pluriharmonic and not integrable, i.e. do not admit an associated family. More precisely, for one class of examples the source has ... More
Pair-correlation analysis of HD 10180 reveals a possible planetary orbit at about 0.92 AUSep 28 2010The pair-correlations between the positions of the six known planets in the exoplanetary system HD 10180 are studied. There are six non-trivial and almost equally spaced peaks. This demonstrates longer-ranged positional order between the orbits and suggests ... More
The ancient art of laying ropeApr 06 2010Aug 08 2010We describe a geometrical property of helical structures and show how it accounts for the early art of ropemaking. Helices have a maximum number of rotations that can be added to them -- and it is shown that this is a geometrical feature, not a material ... More
The geometrical origin of the strain-twist coupling in double helicesMar 28 2010May 07 2010The geometrical coupling between strain and twist in double helices is investigated. Overwinding, where strain leads to further winding, is shown to be a universal property for helices, which are stretched along their longitudinal axis when the initial ... More
Birkhoff polytopes of different type and the orthant-lattice propertyMar 29 2019The Birkhoff polytope, defined to be the convex hull of $n\times n$ permutation matrices, is a well studied polytope in the context of the Ehrhart theory. This polytope is known to have many desirable properties, such as the Gorenstein property and existence ... More
Asymmetric steering in coherent transport of atomic population with a three-well Bose-Hubbard modelNov 15 2014We analyse the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) steering properties in a three-well Bose-Hubbard model under the mechanism of coherent transport of atomic population (CTAP). This process, also known as transport without transit (TWT), transfers condensed ... More
Entanglement via a three-well Bose-Hubbard system and via an optical beamsplitterOct 08 2015We compare and contrast the entangling properties of a three-well Bose-Hubbard model and an optical beamsplitter. The coupling between the different modes is linear in both cases, and we may identify two output modes. Obvious differences are that our ... More
Euler-Mahonian statistics and descent bases for semigroup algebrasJun 09 2016Oct 15 2017We consider quotients of the unit cube semigroup algebra by particular $\mathbb{Z}_r\wr S_n$-invariant ideals. Using Gr\"obner basis methods, we show that the resulting graded quotient algebra has a basis where each element is indexed by colored permutations ... More
Quantum corrected Langevin dynamics for adsorbates on metal surfaces interacting with hot electronsMar 11 2010We investigate the importance of including quantized initial conditions in Langevin dynamics for adsorbates interacting with a thermal reservoir of electrons. For quadratic potentials the time evolution is exactly described by a classical Langevin equation ... More
The size of the nucleosomeFeb 03 2011Feb 21 2011The structural origin of the size of the 11 nm nucleosomal disc is addressed. On the nanometer length-scale the organization of DNA as chromatin in the chromosomes involves a coiling of DNA around the histone core of the nucleosome. We suggest that the ... More
Memory effects in non-adiabatic molecular dynamics at metal surfacesJun 11 2010We study the effect of temporal correlation in a Langevin equation describing non-adiabatic dynamics at metal surfaces. For a harmonic oscillator the Langevin equation preserves the quantum dynamics exactly and it is demonstrated that memory effects are ... More
Depth three towers of rings and groupsMar 12 2007May 11 2007Depth three and finite depth are notions known for subfactors via diagrams and Frobenius extensions of rings via centralizers in endomorphism towers. From the point of view of depth two ring extensions, we provide a clear definition of depth three for ... More
Small-scale clustering of nano-dust grains in turbulent interstellar molecular clouds [Extended version]Nov 23 2018Clustering and dynamics of nano-sized particles (nano dust) is investigated using high-resolution ($1024^3$) simulations of compressible isothermal hydrodynamic turbulence, intended to mimic the conditions inside cold molecular clouds in the interstellar ... More
A Homogeneous Function Constant along the Leaves of a FoliationJul 03 2018Given a smooth foliation by complex curves (locally around a point $x\in\mathbb{C}^2\setminus\{0\}$) which is "compatible" with the foliation by spheres centered at the origin, we construct a smooth real-valued function $g$ in a neighborhood of said point, ... More
ICON Challenge on Algorithm SelectionNov 12 2015We present the results of the ICON Challenge on Algorithm Selection.
A Parameter Version of Forstnerič's Splitting LemmaFeb 05 2018We construct solution operators to the $\overline{\partial}$-equation that depend continuously on the domain. This is applied to derive a parameter version of Forstneri\v{c}'s splitting lemma: If both the maps and the domains they are defined on vary ... More
A tower condition characterizing normalityOct 18 2013Jan 27 2014We define left relative H-separable tower of rings and continue a study of these begun by Sugano. It is proven that a progenerator extension has right depth two if and only if the ring extension together with its right endomorphism ring is a left relative ... More
Uniquely separable extensionsAug 14 2018The separability tensor element of a separable extension of noncommutative rings is an idempotent when viewed in the correct endomorphism ring; so one speaks of a separability idempotent, as one usually does for separable algebras. It is proven that this ... More
Hidden Beauty in Twisted Viking Neck RingsAug 25 2010Many hoards found in Ireland, Scotland, Orkney Islands, and Scandinavia demonstrate the vikings ability to fabricate beautiful arm and neck rings of twisted silver and gold rods. Characteristic for such rings is the uniform appearance of the twisted pattern ... More
Vibrationally Mediated Control of Single Electron Transmission in Weakly Coupled Molecule-Metal JunctionsJan 04 2010Mar 25 2010We propose a mechanism which allows one to control the transmission of single electrons through a molecular junction. The principle utilizes the emergence of transmission sidebands when molecular vibrational modes are coupled to the electronic state mediating ... More
Origin of power laws for reactions at metal surfaces mediated by hot electronsNov 10 2009Dec 01 2009A wide range of experiments have established that certain chemical reactions at metal surfaces can be driven by multiple hot electron mediated excitations of adsorbates. A high transient density of hot electrons is obtained by means of femtosecond laser ... More
Modified zeta functions as kernels of integral operatorsSep 14 2009The modified zeta functions $\sum_{n \in K} n^{-s}$, where $K \subset \N$, converge absolutely for $\Re s > 1/2$. These generalise the Riemann zeta function which is known to have a meromorphic continuation to all of $\C$ with a single pole at $s=1$. ... More
Local properties of Hilbert spaces of Dirichlet seriesNov 15 2010We show that the asymptotic behavior of the partial sums of a sequence of positive numbers determine the local behavior of the Hilbert space of Dirichlet series defined using these as weights. This extends results recently obtained describing the local ... More
Domain Wall Junctions in Supersymmetric Field Theories in D=4Feb 21 2000We study the possible BPS domain wall junction configurations for general polynomial superpotentials of N=1 supersymmetric Wess-Zumino models in D=4. We scan the parameter space of the superpotential and find different possible BPS states for different ... More
Do planetary seasons play a fundamental role in attaining habitable climates?May 26 2016A simple phenomenological account for planetary climate instabilities is presented. The description is based on the standard model where the balance of incoming stellar radiation and outward thermal radiation is described by the effective planet temperature. ... More
Twist neutrality, a zero sum rule for oriented closed space curves with applications to circular DNAJan 06 2013Feb 14 2013The interplay between global constraints and local material properties of chain molecules is a subject of emerging interest. Studies of molecules that are intrinsically chiral, such as double-stranded DNA, is one example. Their properties generally depend ... More
Do planetary seasons play a fundamental role in attaining habitable climates?May 26 2016Nov 06 2016A simple phenomenological account for planetary climate instabilities is presented. The description is based on the standard model where the balance of incoming stellar radiation and outward thermal radiation is described by the effective planet temperature. ... More
Extending the random-phase approximation for electronic correlation energies: The renormalized adiabatic local density approximationAug 02 2012Aug 23 2012The adiabatic connection fluctuation-dissipation theorem with the random phase approximation (RPA) has recently been applied with success to obtain correlation energies of a variety of chemical and solid state systems. The main merit of this approach ... More
On the boundary behaviour of the Hardy spaces of Dirichlet series and a frame bound estimateJul 15 2009A range of Hardy-like spaces of ordinary Dirichlet series, called the Dirichlet-Hardy spaces $\Hp^p$, $p \geq 1$, have been the focus of increasing interest among researchers following a paper of Hedenmalm, Lindqvist and Seip in Duke Math. J 86 (1997), ... More
Addendum to "The Kolmogorov--Riesz compactness theorem" (Expo. Math. 28:385--394 (2010))Aug 31 2015Oct 07 2015We show how to improve on Theorem 10 in [arXiv:0906.4883], describing when subsets in $W^{1,p}(\mathbb{R}^n)$ are totally bounded subsets of $L^q(\mathbb{R}^n)$ for $p<n$ and $p\le q<p^*$. This improvement was first shown by Dosso, Fofana, and Sanogo ... More
Transcription and the Pitch Angle of DNAMay 31 2012Mar 01 2013The question of the value of the pitch angle of DNA is visited from the perspective of a geometrical analysis of transcription. It is suggested that for transcription to be possible, the pitch angle of B-DNA must be smaller than the angle of zero-twist. ... More
Solving the kernel perfect problem by (simple) forbidden subdigraphs for digraphs in some families of generalized tournaments and generalized bipartite tournamentsDec 01 2017Nov 26 2018A digraph such that every proper induced subdigraph has a kernel is said to be \emph{kernel perfect} (KP for short) (\emph{critical kernel imperfect} (CKI for short) resp.) if the digraph has a kernel (does not have a kernel resp.). The unique CKI-tournament ... More
Hot Gaseous Coronae around Spiral Galaxies: Probing the Illustris SimulationMar 03 2015The presence of hot gaseous coronae around present-day massive spiral galaxies is a fundamental prediction of galaxy formation models. However, our observational knowledge remains scarce, since to date only four gaseous coronae were detected around spirals ... More
The random phase approximation applied to solids, molecules, and graphene-metal interfaces: From weak to strong binding regimesNov 29 2012Mar 01 2013The random phase approximation (RPA) is attracting renewed interest as a universal and accurate method for first-principles total energy calculations. The RPA naturally accounts for long-range dispersive forces without compromising accuracy for short ... More