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Magnetic interactions and electron transport in hole-doped manganite-superconducting cuprate heterostructuresApr 02 2009This thesis presents a systematic study of magnetotransport and magnetic ordering in manganite-high T$_c$ cuprate spin valve structures. YBa$_{2}$Cu$_{3}$O$_{7}$ - La$_{2 / 3}$Sr$_{1 / 3}$MnO$_{3}$ heterostructures of (110) orientation are grown to allow ... More
Magnetoresistance studies of $La_{2/3} Sr_{1/3} MnO_3$ - $YBa_2 Cu_3 O_7$ - $La_{2/3} Sr_{1/3} Mn O_3$ trilayers with ferromagnetic coupling along the nodal direction of $YBa_2 Cu_3 O_7$Mar 06 2010I have successfully prepared (110) trilayers of \LSMO-\YBCO-\LSMO. Magnetization measurements on these samples reveal a stronger coupling between the ferromagnetic layers. The coupling is an order of magnitude higher than that seen in the case of (001) ... More
A comparative study of angle dependent magnetoresistance in [001] and [110] $La_{2/3}Sr_{1/3}MnO_3$Apr 26 2010The angle dependent magnetoresistance study on [001] and [110] La$_{2 / 3}$Sr$_{1 / 3}$MnO$_{3}$ thin films show that the anisotropy energy of [110] films is higher when compared with a [001] oriented La$_{2 / 3}$Sr$_{1 / 3}$MnO$_{3}$ film of similar ... More
Dielectric spectroscopy of CVD diamond on hexagonal boron nitrideJun 14 2019In this work the broadband complex permittivity of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) and its integration with diamond through chemical vapour deposition (CVD) has been measured. This has been achieved using a multitude of dielectric spectroscopic techniques ... More
Traffic Analysis and Control at Proxy ServerJun 20 2017Bandwidth optimization for real-time video traffic transmission through the proxy server is a challenging issue for the next- generation network. The self - control of the traffic rate at the proxy server is based on the relative data present in the proxy ... More
Battery-like Supercapacitors from Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibers Coated Diamond: Design and DemonstratorJan 26 2018Battery-like supercapacitors feature high power and energy densities as well as long-term capacitance retention. The utilized capacitor electrodes are thus better to have large surface areas, high conductivity, high stability, and importantly be of binder ... More
Magnetization depinning transition, anisotropic magnetoresistance and inplane anisotropy in two polytypes of La$_{2 / 3}$Sr$_{1 / 3}$MnO$_{3}$ epitaxial filmsFeb 27 2008Jul 30 2008The isothermal magnetoresistance [R($\theta$)] of [001] and [110] epitaxial films of La$_{2 / 3}$Sr$_{1 / 3}$MnO$_{3}$ measured as a function of the angle $\theta$ between current ($\vec{I}$) and magnetic field ($\vec{H}$), both in the plane of the film, ... More
Approximation of Bandwidth for the Interactive Operation in Video on Demand SystemJun 20 2017An interactive session of video-on-demand (VOD) streaming procedure deserves smooth data transportation for the viewer, irrespective of their geographic location. To access the required video, bandwidth management during the video objects transportation ... More
APS Implementation Over Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksSep 24 2012The real world scenario has changed from the wired connection to wireless connection.Over the years software, development has responded to the increasing growth of wireless connectivity in developing network enabled software.The problem arises in the ... More
Efficient Traffic Control of VoD SystemOct 15 2011It has been a challenging issue to provide digital quality multimedia data stream to the remote user through the distributed system. The main aspects to design the real distributed system, which reduce the cost of the network by means of reduce packet ... More
Analog of Superradiance effect in BECJan 30 2005We investigate the scattering of phase oscillation of Bose-Einstein Condensate by a 'draining of bathtub' type fluid motion. We derive a relation between the reflection and transmission coefficients which exhibits existence of analog of 'Superradiance ... More
On $\ZZ_2^n$-equivariant triangulation of $\RR P^n$Jun 12 2013Mar 24 2016We study several properties of $\ZZ_2^n$-equivariant triangulations of $\RR P^n$. We show that a $\ZZ_2^n$-equivariant triangulation of $\RR P^n$ induces a triangulated subdivision of the orbit space $\bigtriangleup^n$. We show that any vertex minimum ... More
Unveiling the mystery of nucleation and growth of carbon nanotubes in a pure carbon-arcMay 02 2017Since the discovery of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in an electric-arc1, this novel material has made a huge impact in the field of nanotechnology through a large number of potential applications2. Though arc-plasma is known to be a source of pristine CNTs, ... More
Unveiling the mystery of nucleation and growth of carbon nanotube and layered graphene inside carbon arc-dischargeMay 02 2017Jul 21 2019A model for the formation of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and layered graphene in an arc discharge method is developed on the basis of observed erosion of graphite anode under various experimental conditions and analyses of the morphology of the eroded anode-surface, ... More
Complex Cobordism of quasitoric orbifoldsJun 07 2014Jan 29 2016We construct orbifolds with quasitoric boundary and show that they have stable almost complex structure. We show that a quasitoric orbifold is complex cobordant to finite disjoint copies of complex orbifold projective spaces. Finally some computations ... More
Parametric Estimation of HandoffJan 22 2013The efficiency of wireless technology depends upon the seamless connectivity to the user at anywhere any time.Heterogeneous wireless networks are an integration of different networks with diversified technologies. The most essential requirement for Seamless ... More
Analysis and implementation of the Large Scale Video-on-Demand SystemFeb 23 2012Next Generation Network (NGN) provides multimedia services over broadband based networks, which supports high definition TV (HDTV), and DVD quality video-on-demand content. The video services are thus seen as merging mainly three areas such as computing, ... More
Performance Improvement of VOD System by Policy Based Traffic HandleJun 15 2012The distributed system use to enhance the performance of all types of multimedia service in the next generation network. The packet loss occurs in the video on demand system due to delay and huge traffic load from the both sides of client request and ... More
Some $\ZZ_3^n$-equivariant triangulations of $\CP^n$May 11 2014In 1983, Banchoff and Kuhnel constructed a minimal triangulation of $\CP^2$ with 9 vertices. $\CP^3$ was first triangulated by Bagchi and Datta in 2012 with 18 vertices. Known lower bound on number of vertices of a triangulation of $\CP^n$ is $1 + \frac{(n ... More
Correlation between incoherent phase fluctuations and disorder in Y$_{1-x}$Pr$_x$Ba$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-δ}$ epitaxial films from Nernst effect measurementsMar 28 2007Jul 03 2007Measurements of Nernst effect, resistivity and Hall angle on epitaxial films of Y$_{1-x}$Pr$_x$Ba$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-\delta}$(Pr-YBCO, 0$\leq x\leq$0.4) are reported over a broad range of temperature and magnetic field. While the Hall and resistivity data ... More
Diverging Giant Magnetoresistance in the Limit of Infinitely Conducting SpacerJun 24 2008The relevance of pair-breaking by exchange and dipolar fields, and by injected spins in a low carrier density cuprate Y$_{1-x}$Pr$_x$Ba$_2$Cu$_3$O$_7$ sandwiched between two ferromagnetic La$_{2 / 3}$Sr$_{1 / 3}$MnO$_{3}$ layers is examined. At low external ... More
Topographic Feature Extraction for Bengali and Hindi Character ImagesJul 14 2011Feature selection and extraction plays an important role in different classification based problems such as face recognition, signature verification, optical character recognition (OCR) etc. The performance of OCR highly depends on the proper selection ... More
Privacy Preserving Link Prediction with Latent Geometric Network ModelsJul 20 2019Link prediction is an important task in social network analysis, with a wide variety of applications ranging from graph search to recommendation. The usual paradigm is to propose to each node a ranked list of nodes that are currently non-neighbors, as ... More
Synthesis of DNA Templated Tri-functional Electrically Conducting, Optical and Magnetic nanochain of Nicore-Aushell for Bio-deviceDec 31 2008Synthesis of tri functional electrically conducting, optical and magnetic nano-chain of Nicore-Aushell has been discussed here. Our Investigation indicates that such material attached with biomolecule DNA in chain form will have great potentiality in ... More
A Medial Axis Based Thinning Strategy for Character ImagesMar 03 2011Thinning of character images is a big challenge. Removal of strokes or deformities in thinning is a difficult problem. In this paper, we have proposed a medial axis based thinning strategy used for performing skeletonization of printed and handwritten ... More
Some Aspects of Equivariant LS-categoryFeb 09 2015Sep 23 2016We study the lower bounds and upper bounds for LS-category and equivariant LS-category. In particular we compute both invariants for torus manifolds. There are some examples to show the sharpness of conditions in the theorems. Moreover the equivariant ... More
Equilibrium triangulations of some quasitoric 4-manifoldsJul 25 2015Quasitoric manifolds, introduced by M. Davis and T. Januskiewicz in 1991, are topological generalizations of smooth complex projective spaces. In 1992, Banchoff and K\"uhnel constructed a 10-vertex equilibrium triangulations of $\CP^2$. We generalize ... More
SpliceCombo: A Hybrid Technique efficiently use for Principal Component Analysis of Splice Site PredictionJul 19 2019The primary step in search of the gene prediction is an identification of the coding region from genomic DNA sequence. Gene structure in the case of a eukaryotic organism is composed of promoter, intron, start codon, exons, stop codon, etc. Splice site ... More
Generalized Equivariant Cohomologies of Singular Toric VarietiesOct 29 2018Apr 11 2019A complex $n$-dimensional toric variety is equipped with a natural action of compact $n$-dimensional torus $T^n$. In this paper, we introduce the notion of an \emph{almost simple polytope} and compute the $T^n$-equivariant K-theory, cobordism theory and ... More
Alternating chimeras in networks of ephaptically coupled bursting neuronsSep 07 2018In this article, we report the development of an emerging dynamical state, namely, the alternating chimera, in a network of identical neuronal systems induced by an external electromagnetic field. Owing to this interaction scenario, the nonlinear neuronal ... More
Image Enhancement with Statistical EstimationMay 07 2012Contrast enhancement is an important area of research for the image analysis. Over the decade, the researcher worked on this domain to develop an efficient and adequate algorithm. The proposed method will enhance the contrast of image using Binarization ... More
Motion of a random walker in a quenched power law correlated velocity fieldNov 01 2005Jan 12 2006We study the motion of a random walker in one longitudinal and d transverse dimensions with a quenched power law correlated velocity field in the longitudinal x-direction. The model is a modification of the Matheron-de Marsily (MdM) model, with long-range ... More
Reflection coefficient for superresonant scatteringMar 03 2003We investigate superresonant scattering of acoustic disturbances from a rotating acoustic black hole in the low frequency range. We derive an expression for the reflection coefficient, exhibiting its frequency dependence in this regime.
`Superresonance' from a rotating acoustic black holeMar 18 2002Mar 26 2002Using the analogy between a shrinking fluid vortex (`draining bathtub'), modelled as a (2+1) dimensional fluid flow with a sink at the origin, and a rotating (2+1) dimensional black hole with an ergosphere, it is shown that a scalar sound wave is reflected ... More
Enhancement of Image Resolution by BinarizationNov 21 2011Image segmentation is one of the principal approaches of image processing. The choice of the most appropriate Binarization algorithm for each case proved to be a very interesting procedure itself. In this paper, we have done the comparison study between ... More
Performance of Modeling wireless networks in realistic environmentJan 04 2012A wireless network is realized by mobile devices which communicate over radio channels. Since, experiments of real life problem with real devices are very difficult, simulation is used very often. Among many other important properties that have to be ... More
Class Based Admission Control by Complete Partitioning -Video on Demand ServerMay 11 2010In the next generation network (NGN) environment specific consideration is on bandwidth minimization, because this reduces the cost of network. In response to the growing market demand for multimedia traffic transmission, NGN concept has been produced. ... More
Performance Measurement of the Heterogeneous NetworkOct 17 2011Till today we dreamt of imperceptible delay in a network. The computer science research grows today faster than ever offering more and more services (computational representational, graphical, intelligent implication etc) to its user. But the problem ... More
A needlet ILC analysis of WMAP 7-year data: estimation of CMB temperature map and power spectrumJun 27 2011The WMAP 7-year temperature maps have been re-analized to extract a CMB map and CMB power spectrum with reduced contamination by astrophysical foregrounds and noise. The method used is based on linear combinations of WMAP data and foreground templates, ... More
Amplitude death and resurgence of oscillation in network of mobile oscillatorsJul 05 2017The phenomenon of amplitude death has been explored using a variety of different coupling strategies in the last two decades. In most of the work, the basic coupling arrangement is considered to be static over time, although many realistic systems exhibit ... More
Nonequilibrium heat capacityNov 27 2013Development of steady state thermodynamics and statistical mechanics depends crucially on our ability to develop notions of equilibrium thermodynamics for nonequilibrium steady states (NESS). The present paper considers the development of heat capacity. ... More
Fermionic dark matter in leptoquark portalAug 23 2018Sep 09 2018We investigate a beyond standard model (SM) portal scenario for dark matter (DM) particle with leptoquark being the mediator field. Leptoquark, a colored particle having both baryon and lepton number, allows the DM to interact with the SM fields via renormalizable ... More
Derived Witt-Dévissage FormalismFeb 14 2014In this article we establish some formalism of Derived Witt-D\'evissage theory for resolving subcategories of abelian categories. Results directly apply to noetherian schemes.
A new construction of lens spacesApr 17 2013Jan 29 2016Let $T^n$ be the real $n$-torus group. We give a new definition of lens spaces and study the diffeomorphic classification of lens spaces. We show that any $3$-dimensional lens space $L(p; q)$ is $T^2$-equivariantly cobordant to zero. We also give some ... More
Performance of Wang-Landau algorithm in continuous spin models and a case study : modified XY-modelNov 07 2007Feb 11 2009Performance of Wang-Landau (W-L) algorithm in two continuous spin models is tested by determining the fluctuations in energy histogram. Finite size scaling is performed on a modified XY-model using different W-L sampling schemes. Difficulties faced in ... More
Electric Field Response In Breathing PyrochloresApr 15 2019We study the effects of a uniform electric field on the the ground state and excitations of the three-dimensional U(1) spin liquid phase of a breathing pyrochlore lattice, arising due to the coupling between the conventional (Maxwell) electric field and ... More
UV/IR Mixing In Non-Fermi Liquids: Higher-Loop Corrections In Different Energy RangesAug 23 2016We revisit the Ising-nematic quantum critical point with an $m$-dimensional Fermi surface by applying a dimensional regularization scheme. We compute the contribution from two-loop and three-loop diagrams in the intermediate energy range controlled by ... More
Exclusion limits on a scalar decaying to photons and distinguishing its production mechanismsDec 04 2016LHC run-II has a great potential to search for new resonances in the diphoton channel. Latest 13 TeV data already put stringent limits on the cross sections in the diphoton channel assuming the resonance is produced through the gluon-gluon fusion. Many ... More
Unification and new extensions of the no-pumping theorems of stochastic pumpsNov 12 2014From molecular machines to quantum dots, a wide range of mesoscopic systems can be modeled by periodically driven Markov processes, or stochastic pumps. Currents in the stochastic pumps are delimited by an exact no-go condition called the no-pumping theorem ... More
Exclusion limits on a scalar decaying to photons and distinguishing its production mechanismsDec 04 2016Jan 12 2018LHC run-II has a great potential to search for new resonances in the diphoton channel. Latest 13 TeV data already put stringent limits on the cross sections in the diphoton channel assuming the resonance is produced through the gluon-gluon fusion. Many ... More
Appearance Based Robot and Human Activity Recognition SystemFeb 04 2016Feb 10 2016In this work, we present an appearance based human activity recognition system. It uses background modeling to segment the foreground object and extracts useful discriminative features for representing activities performed by humans and robots. Subspace ... More
Example of a group whose quantum isometry group does not depend on the generating setJun 06 2017Jun 10 2017In this article we have shown that the quantum isometry group of $C_r^*(\mathbb{Z})$, denoted by $\mathbb{Q}(\mathbb{Z},S)$ as in \cite{gos_man}, with respect to a symmetric generating set $S$ does not depend on the generating set $S$. Moreover, we have ... More
BRIDGE: A Model for Modern Software Development Process to Cater the Present Software CrisisSep 08 2011As hardware components are becoming cheaper and powerful day by day, the expected services from modern software are increasing like any thing. Developing such software has become extremely challenging. Not only the complexity, but also the developing ... More
Scaling behaviour and superconducting instability in anisotropic non-Fermi liquidsAug 31 2016We study the scaling behaviour of the optical conductivity $(\sigma)$, free energy density $(F)$ and shear viscosity of the quantum critical point associated with spin density wave phase transition for a two-dimensional metallic system with $C_2$ symmetry. ... More
Addendum to "Super-GCA from $\mathcal{N}=(2,2)$ super-Virasoro": Super-GCA connection with tensionless stringsJul 07 2016In this addendum, we consider the connection between certain $2d$ super-GCA, obtained from the parametric contractions of $2d$ SCFTs, which can describe the constraint algebra of null spinning strings.
Superconducting instability in non-Fermi liquidsAug 03 2016Sep 16 2016We use renormalization group (RG) analysis and dimensional regularization techniques to study potential superconductivity-inducing four-fermion interactions in systems with critical Fermi surfaces of general dimensions ($m$) and co-dimensions ($d-m$), ... More
UV/IR Mixing In Non-Fermi Liquids: Higher-Loop Corrections In Different Energy RangesAug 23 2016Nov 08 2016We revisit the Ising-nematic quantum critical point with an $m$-dimensional Fermi surface by applying a dimensional regularization scheme, introduced in Phys. Rev. B 92, 035141 (2015). We compute the contribution from two-loop and three-loop diagrams ... More
Quantum isometry group of dual of finitely generated discrete groups- $\textrm{II}$Apr 09 2015Feb 18 2016As a contribution of the programme of Goswami and Mandal (2014), we carry out explicit computations of $\mathbb{Q}(\Gamma,S)$, the quantum isometry group of the canonical spectral triple on $C_{r}^{*}(\Gamma)$ coming from the word length function corresponding ... More
SRS BUILDER 1.0: An Upper Type CASE Tool For Requirement SpecificationSep 08 2011Software (SW) development is a labor intensive activity. Modern software projects generally have to deal with producing and managing large and complex software products. Developing such software has become an extremely challenging job not only because ... More
Characteristics of Z(2) multi-kink soliton configurationsNov 01 2018In this article, we first briefly review the solution of Z(2) kink solitons. Then we construct some multi-kink soliton configurations which are static and show their few features which are actually important to characterize their stability conditions. ... More
Comments on existence of Z(2) kink soliton configuration in N=2 scalar field theoryNov 23 2018In this article, we look at the existence of kink soliton configurations in N=2 scalar fields models analytically. Although solution of such classical configuration was given earlier in literature but such study was done rather numerically. Here, we first ... More
On exact Courant algebrasJul 18 2014In this note we will show that exact Courant algebras over a Lie algebra $\mathfrak{g}$ can be characterised via Leibniz $2$- cocycles, and the automorphism group of a given exact Courant algebra is in a one-to-one correspondence with first Leibniz cohomology ... More
An Optimal Test for the Additive Model with Discrete or Categorical PredictorsJun 17 2019In multivariate nonparametric regression the additive models are very useful when a suitable parametric model is difficult to find. The backfitting algorithm is a powerful tool to estimate the additive components. However, due to complexity of the estimators, ... More
Superconducting nano-mechanical diamond resonatorsJan 28 2014In this work we present the fabrication and characterization of superconducting nano-mechanical resonators made from nanocrystalline boron doped diamond (BDD). The oscillators can be driven and read out in their superconducting state and show quality ... More
Is small-world network disordered?Sep 01 2004Nov 10 2005Recent renormalization group results predict non self averaging behaviour at criticality for relevant disorder. However, we find strong self averaging(SA) behaviour in the critical region of a quenched Ising model on an ensemble of small-world networks, ... More
Role of topological defects in the phase transition of modified XY model : A Monte Carlo studyNov 05 2009Mar 26 2010Monte Carlo simulation has been performed on a classical two dimensional XY- model with a modified form of interaction potential to investigate the role of topological defects on the phase transition exhibited by the model. In simulations in a restricted ... More
Computer simulation of two continuous spin models using Wang-Landau-Transition-Matrix Monte Carlo AlgorithmSep 22 2008Monte Carlo simulation using a combination of Wang Landau (WL) and Transition Matrix (TM) Monte Carlo algorithms to simulate two lattice spin models with continuous energy is described. One of the models, the one dimensional Lebwohl-Lasher model has an ... More
Superconducting boron doped nanocrystalline diamond on boron nitride ceramicsMay 08 2019In this work we have demonstrated the growth of nanocrystalline diamond on boron nitride ceramic. We measured the zeta potential of the ceramics to select the diamond seeds. Diamond was then grown on the seeded ceramics using a microwave chemical vapour ... More
Chemical mechanical polishing of thin film diamondAug 06 2013The demonstration that Nanocrystalline Diamond (NCD) can retain the superior Young's modulus (1,100 GPa) of single crystal diamond twinned with its ability to be grown at low temperatures (<450 {\deg}C) has driven a revival into the growth and applications ... More
Efficient Radio Frequency filters for space constrained cryogenic set-upsDec 23 2010Feb 25 2011Noise filtering is an essential part for measurement of quantum phenomena at extremely low temperatures. Here, we present the design of a filter which can be installed in space constrained cryogenic environment containing a large number of signal carrying ... More
A simple, space constrained NIRIM type reactor for chemical vapour deposition of diamondMar 26 2018In this paper the design of a simple, space constrained chemical vapour deposition reactor for diamond growth is detailed. Based on the design by NIRIM, the reactor is composed of a quartz discharge tube placed within a 2.45 GHz waveguide to create the ... More
Photometric Evidence of Bullets in SS433 JetJan 14 2005We report the photometric evidence of bullet like features in SS433 in X-rays, Infra-red and Radio bands through a multi-wavelength campaign.
Growth of [110] La$_{2 / 3}$Sr$_{1 / 3}$MnO$_{3}$ - YBa$_{2}$Cu$_{3}$O$_{7}$ heterostructuresJan 25 2012YBa$_{2}$Cu$_{3}$O$_{7}$ - La$_{2 / 3}$Sr$_{1 / 3}$MnO$_{3}$ heterostructures of [110] orientation are grown to allow direct injection of spin polarized holes from the La$_{2 / 3}$Sr$_{1 / 3}$MnO$_{3}$ into the CuO$_2$ superconducting planes. The magnetic ... More
A detailed analysis of the Raman spectra in superconducting boron doped nanocrystalline diamondApr 24 2012May 03 2013The light scattering properties of superconducting (Tc=3.8 K) heavily boron doped nanocrystalline diamond has been investigated by Raman spectroscopy using visible excitations. Fano type interference of the zone-center phonon line and the electronic continuum ... More
Polishing of {100} and {111} single crystal diamond through the use of Chemical Mechanical PolishingFeb 14 2014Diamond is one of the hardest and most difficult to polish materials. In this paper, the polishing of {111} and {100} single crystal diamond surfaces by standard Chemical Mechanical Polishing, as used in the silicon industry, is demonstrated. A Logitech ... More
Persistence Exponents and Scaling In Two Dimensional XY model and A Nematic ModelMar 23 2005Apr 07 2005The persistence exponents associated with the T=0 quenching dynamics of the two dimensional XY model and a two dimensional uniaxial spin nematic model have been evaluated using a numerical simulation. The site persistence or the probability that the sign ... More
Preliminary Design of ARIES-Devasthal Faint Object Spectrograph and CameraMay 04 2009We present here the preliminary design of ARIES-Devasthal Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera (ADFOSC), which is a multi-mode instrument for both imaging and spectroscopy. ADFOSC is the first-generation instrument to be mounted at the axial port of the ... More
On the Integral Cohomology Ring of Toric Orbifolds and Singular Toric VarietiesSep 10 2015Dec 20 2016We examine the integral cohomology rings of certain families of $2n$-dimensional orbifolds $X$ that are equipped with a well-behaved action of the $n$-dimensional real torus. These orbifolds arise from two distinct but closely related combinatorial sources, ... More
Quantitative analysis of the interaction between a dc SQUID and an integrated micromechanical doubly clamped cantileverFeb 08 2019Based on the superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) equations described by the resistively- and capacitively-shunted junction model coupled to the equation of motion of a damped harmonic oscillator, we provide simulations to quantitatively ... More
Statistical Isotropy of CMB Polarization MapsMar 16 2006Jun 25 2006We formulate statistical isotropy of CMB anisotropy maps in its most general form. We also present a fast and orientation independent statistical method to determine deviations from statistical isotropy in CMB polarization maps. Importance of having statistical ... More
Hybrid geometric-random template placement algorithm for gravitational wave searches from compact binary coalescencesFeb 22 2017Nov 12 2017Astrophysical compact binary systems consisting of neutron stars and blackholes are an important class of gravitational wave (GW) sources for advanced LIGO detectors. Accurate theoretical waveform models from the inspiral, merger and ringdown phases of ... More
Infinite Families of Equivariantly Formal Toric OrbifoldsJan 12 2018Jan 22 2018The simplicial wedge construction on simplicial complexes and simple polytopes has been used by a variety of authors to study toric and related spaces, including non-singular toric varieties, toric manifolds, intersections of quadrics and more generally, ... More
Erratum for "On oriented cliques with respect to push operation"Oct 12 2018An error is spotted in the statement of Theorem~1.3 of our published article titled "On oriented cliques with respect to push operation" (Discrete Applied Mathematics 2017). The theorem provided an exhaustive list of 16 minimal (up to spanning subgraph ... More
Chimera states in uncoupled neurons induced by a multilayer structureNov 17 2016Spatial coexistence of coherent and incoherent dynamics in network of coupled oscillators is called a chimera state. We study such chimera states in a network of neurons without any direct interactions but connected through another medium of neurons, ... More
Superconducting Diamond on Silicon Nitride for Device ApplicationsOct 24 2018Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) grown nanocrystalline diamond is an attractive material for the fabrication of devices. For some device architectures, optimisation of its growth on silicon nitride is essential. Here, the effects of three pre-growth surface ... More
Nanostructures made from superconducting boron doped diamondMar 05 2010Mar 30 2010We report on the transport properties of nanostructures made from boron-doped superconducting diamond. Starting from nanocrystalline superconducting boron-doped diamond thin films, grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition, we pattern by electron-beam lithography ... More
Redox agent enhanced chemical mechanical polishing of thin film diamondJan 02 2018The chemical nature of the chemical mechanical polishing of diamond has been examined by adding various redox agents to the alkaline SF1 polishing slurry. Three oxidizing agents namely, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate and ferric nitrate, and ... More
Integral cohomology ring of toric orbifoldsSep 10 2015Jan 11 2016We study the integral cohomology rings of certain families of $2n$-dimensional orbifolds $X$ that are equipped with a well-behaved action of the $n$-dimensional torus. The orbifolds arise from two distinct but closely related combinatorial sources: from ... More
Network Growth with FeedbackMay 27 2008Jan 07 2009Existing models of network growth typically have one or two parameters or strategies which are fixed for all times. We introduce a general framework where feedback on the current state of a network is used to dynamically alter the values of such parameters. ... More
Effect of an external magnetic field on the nematic-isotropic phase transition in mesogenic systems of uniaxial and biaxial moleculesDec 17 2012Influence of an external magnetic field on the nematic-isotropic ($N-I$) phase transition in a dispersion model of nematic liquid crystals, where the molecules are either perfectly uniaxial or biaxial (board-like), has been studied by Monte Carlo simulation. ... More
Effect of a rigid nonpolar solute on the splay, bend elastic constants and on rotational viscosity coefficient of 4-4^\prime -n-octyl-cyanobiphenylNov 27 2000Jan 22 2001The effect of a rigid nonpolar non-mesogenic solute, ``biphenyl'' which is (C_{6}H_{5}-C_{6}H_{5}), on the splay and bend elastic constants and on the rotational viscosity coefficient of (4,4^{\prime})-n-octyl-cyano biphenyl (8CB) is reported. The experiments ... More
Effectual gravitational-wave template banks for coalescing compact binaries using a hybrid placement algorithmNov 23 2017Dec 18 2018Recent discoveries of gravitational wave (GW) signals from astrophysical compact binary systems of neutron stars and black holes have firmly established them as prime sources for advanced GW detectors. Theoretical templates of expected signals from such ... More
Strongly inhomogeneous distribution of spectral properties of silicon-vacancy color centers in nanodiamondsJul 10 2018The silicon-vacancy (SiV) color center in diamond is a solid-state single photon emitter and spin quantum bit suited as a component in quantum devices. Here, we show that the SiV center in nanodiamond exhibits a strongly inhomogeneous distribution with ... More
Production of Metal-free Diamond NanoparticlesAug 20 2018In this paper, the controlled production of high quality metal-free diamond nanoparticles is demonstrated. Milling with tempered steel is shown to leave behind iron oxide contamination which is difficult to remove. Milling with SiN alleviates this issue ... More
Super-GCA from $\mathcal{N} = (2,2)$ Super-VirasoroJan 18 2016Jan 25 2016We derive the extended Supersymmetric Galilean Conformal Algebra (SGCA) in two spacetime dimensions by the method of group contraction on $2d$ $\mathcal{N}=(2,2)$ superconformal algebra. Both the parent and daughter algebras are infinite-dimensional. ... More
Vacuum stability in extended standard model with leptoquarkSep 12 2016We investigate the standard model (SM) with extension of a charged scalar having fractional electromagnetic charge of $-1/3$ unit and with lepton and baryon number violating couplings at tree level. Without directly taking part in the electro-weak (EW) ... More
Thermopower in an anisotropic two-dimensional Weyl semimetalNov 12 2018We investigate the generation of an electric current from a temperature gradient in a two-dimensional Weyl semimetal with anisotropy, both in the presence and absence of a quantizing magnetic field. We show that the anisotropy leads to doping dependences ... More
Gregory-Laflamme as the confinement/deconfinement transition in holographic QCDJul 20 2011Mar 13 2012We discuss the phase structure of N D4 branes wrapped on a temporal (Euclidean) and a spatial circle, in terms of the near-horizon AdS geometries. This system has been studied previously to understand four dimensional pure SU(N) Yang-Mills theory (YM4) ... More
Phases of a two dimensional large N gauge theory on a torusMar 08 2011Sep 22 2011We consider two-dimensional large N gauge theory with D adjoint scalars on a torus, which is obtained from a D+2 dimensional pure Yang-Mills theory on T^{D+2} with D small radii. The two dimensional model has various phases characterized by the holonomy ... More
Unified Theory of the Fractional Quantum Hall EffectJul 08 2015Oct 01 2015I propose quasiparticle and quasihole operators which operating on the Laughlin wave functions describing the Laughlin condensates (LCs) at the filling factors $\nu =1/m$ in a specific Hilbert-subspace, {\em generate} composite fermions (CFs) by expelling ... More