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Quantum Markov Chains: A unification approachNov 01 2018In the present paper we study a unified approach for Quantum Markov Chains. A new quantum Markov property that generalizes the old one, is discussed. We introduce Markov states and chains on general local algebras, possessing a generic algebraic property, ... More
Phase Transitions for quantum Ising model with competing XY -interactions on a Cayley treeFeb 08 2019The main aim of the present paper is to establish the existence of a phase transition for the quantum Ising model with competing XY interactions within the quantum Markov chain (QMC) scheme. In this scheme, we employ the $C^*$-algebraic approach to the ... More
A new class of rank one transformations with singular spectrumApr 18 2007We introduce a new tool to study the spectral type of rank one transformations using the method of central limit theorem for trigonometric sums. We get some new applications.
On the Erdös flat polynomials problemSep 12 2016There are no square $L^2$-flat sequences of polynomials of the type $$\frac{1}{\sqrt q}(\epsilon_0 + \epsilon_1z + \epsilon_2z^2 + \cdots + \epsilon_{q-2}z^{q-2} +\epsilon_q z^{q-1}),$$ where for each $j,~~ 0 \leq j\leq q-1,~\epsilon_j = \pm 1$. It follows ... More
Ergodic Banach problem, flat polynomials and Mahler's measures with combinatoricsAug 26 2015Jan 06 2016We construct a sequence of polynomials that are flat in the almost everywhere sense. The construction is done by appealing to the nice combinatorial properties of the Singer's sets and Sidon sets. As a consequence, we get a positive answer to Littlewood's ... More
Oscillating sequences, Gowers norms and Sarnak's conjectureApr 18 2017Oct 05 2017It is shown that there is an oscillating sequence of higher order which is not orthogonal to the class of dynamical flow with topological entropy zero. We further establish that any oscillating sequence of order $d$ is orthogonal to any $d$-nilsequence ... More
On the spectrum of $α$-rigid mapsFeb 16 2009Apr 02 2009It is shown that there exists an $\alpha$-rigid transformation with $\alpha$ less or equal to $\frac12$ whose spectrum has Lebesgue component. This answers the question raised by Klemes and Reinhold in \cite{Klemes-Reinhold}. We exhibit also a large class ... More
On the spectral type of some class of rank one flowsMay 24 2012Aug 10 2012It is shown that a certain class of Riesz product type measure on $\R$ is singular. This proves the singularity of the spectral types of some class of rank one flows. Our method is based on the extension of the Central Limit Theorem approach to the real ... More
On Veech's proof of Sarnak's theorem on the Möbius flowNov 15 2017Jan 28 2019We present Veech's proof of Sarnak's theorem on the M\"{o}bius flow which say that there is a unique admissible measure on the M\"{o}bius flow. As a consequence, we obtain that Sarnak's conjecture is equivalent to Chowla conjecture with the help of Tao's ... More
On the homogeneous ergodic bilinear averages with Möbius and liouville weightsJun 15 2017Aug 15 2018It is shown that the homogeneous ergodic bilinear averages with M\"{o}bius or Liouville weight converge almost surely to zero, that is, if $T$ is a map acting on a probability space $(X,\mathcal{A},\mu)$, and $a,b \in \mathbb{Z}$, then for any $f,g \in ... More
Ergodic Banach problem on simple Lebesgue spectrum and flat polynomialsAug 26 2015Aug 07 2018We exhibit a sequence of flat polynomials with coefficients $0,1$. We thus get that there exist a sequences of Newman polynomials that are $L^\alpha$-flat, $0 \leq \alpha <2$. This settles an old question of Littlewood. In the opposite direction, we prove ... More
On the homogeneous ergodic bilinear averages with Möbius and liouville weightsJun 15 2017Jun 13 2019It is shown that the homogeneous ergodic bilinear averages with M\"{o}bius or Liouville weight converge almost surely to zero, that is, if $T$ is a map acting on a probability space $(X,\mathcal{A},\mu)$, and $a,b \in \mathbb{Z}$, then for any $f,g \in ... More
Generalized Riesz Products on the Bohr compactification of $\R$Jun 03 2012Dec 19 2014We study a class of generalized Riesz products connected to the spectral type of some class of rank one flows on $\R$. Applying a Central Limit Theorem of Kac, we exhibit a large class of singular generalized Riesz products on the Bohr compactification ... More
The Rudin-Shapiro polynomials and The Fekete polynomials are not $L^α$-flatMar 13 2016Apr 15 2016We establish that the Rudin-Shapiro polynomials are not $L^\alpha$-flat, for any $\alpha \geq 0$. We further prove that the "truncated" Rudin-Shapiro sequence cannot generate a sequence of $L^\alpha$-flat polynomials, for any $\alpha \geq 0$. In the appendix, ... More
On the Erdös flat polynomials problem, Chowla conjecture and Riemann HypothesisSep 12 2016Jan 11 2017There are no square $L^2$-flat sequences of polynomials of the type $$\frac{1}{\sqrt q}( \epsilon_0 + \epsilon_1z + \epsilon_2z^2 + \cdots + \epsilon_{q-2}z^{q-2} +\epsilon_q z^{q-1}),$$ where for each $j,~~ 0 \leq j\leq q-1,~\epsilon_j = \pm 1$. It follows ... More
The PAH hypothesis after 25 yearsNov 15 2011The infrared spectra of many galactic and extragalactic objects are dominated by emission features at 3.3, 6.2, 7.7, 8.6 and 11.2 \mu m. The carriers of these features remained a mystery for almost a decade, hence the bands were dubbed the unidentified ... More
D-branes on Noncommutative OrbifoldsMay 19 2001We study tachyon condensation on noncommutative toric orbifolds with a $Z_2$ discrete group and explore the various kins of brane bound states arising in the case of irrational values of the B-field. We show that $Z_$ symmetry of the orbifolds incorporates ... More
Solitons on compact and noncompact spaces in large noncommutativityDec 28 2000Jan 06 2001We study solutions at the minima of scalar field potentials for Moyal spaces and torii in the large non-commutativity and interprete these solitons in terms of non-BPS D-branes of string theory. We derive a mass spectrum formula linking different D-branes ... More
Spin-Magnetic Field Interaction and Realization of Fractional SupersymmetryAug 06 2001The fractional supersymmetry in the case of the non-relativistic motion of one anyon with fractional spin is realized. Thus the associated Hamiltonian is discussed.
Disjointness of the Möbius Transformation and Möbius FunctionNov 29 2017Apr 05 2018We study the distribution of the sequence of elements of the discrete dynamical system generated by the M\"obius transformation $x \mapsto (ax + b)/(cx + d)$ over a finite field of $p$ elements. Motivated by a recent conjecture of P. Sarnak, we obtain ... More
Approximate transitivity property and Lebesgue spectrumMar 03 2009Mar 08 2009Exploiting a spectral criterion for a system not to be AT we give some new examples of zero entropy systems without the AT property. Our examples include those with finite spectral multiplicity -- in particular we show that the system arising from the ... More
A note on actions with finite orbits on dendritesFeb 27 2019Apr 12 2019It is shown that the restriction of the action of any group with finite orbit on the minimal sets of dendrites is equicontinuous. Consequently, we obtain that the action of any amenable group and Thompson group on dendrite restricted on minimal sets is ... More
A note on actions with finite orbits on dendritesFeb 27 2019It is shown that the restriction of the action of any group with finite orbit on the minimal sets of dendrites is equicontinuous. Consequently, we obtain that the action of any amenable group and Thompson group on dendrite restricted on minimal sets is ... More
A cubic nonconventional ergodic average with multiplicative or Mangoldt weightsJun 17 2016Nov 04 2016We show that the cubic nonconventional ergodic averages of any order with a bounded multiplicative function weight converge almost surely to zero provided that the multiplicative function satisfies a strong Daboussi-Delange condition. We further obtain ... More
A cubic nonconventional ergodic average with multiplicative or Mangoldt weightsJun 17 2016We show that the cubic nonconventional ergodic averages of any order with a bounded multiplicative function weight converge almost surely to zero provided that the multiplicative function satisfies a strong Daboussi-Delange condition. We further obtain ... More
Graded q-pseudo-differential Operators and Supersymmetric AlgebrasNov 08 2000Dec 06 2000We give a supersymmetric generalization of the sine algebra and the quantum algebra $U_{t}(sl(2))$. Making use of the $q$-pseudo-differential operators graded with a fermionic algebra, we obtain a supersymmetric extension of sine algebra. With this scheme ... More
A Combinatorial Interpretation of the LDU Decomposition of Totally Positive MatricesOct 26 2015We study the combinatorial description of the LDU decomposition of totally positive matrices. We give a description of the lower triangular L, the diagonal D, and the upper triangular U matrices of the LDU decomposition of totally positive matrices in ... More
On Indecomposable triples associated with nilpotent operatorsJun 23 2019We consider in this paper the family of triples $(V, T, U),$ where $ V$ is a finite dimensional space, $T $ is a nilpotent linear operator on $V$ and $U $ is an invariant subspace of $T$. Denote $[U]= ker(T_{|U})$, and $n_U= dim([U] )$. Our main goal ... More
On the pointwise convergence of the cubic average with multiplicative or von Mangoldt weightsJul 02 2018It is shown that the cubic nonconventional ergodic averages of any order with a bounded aperiodic multiplicative function or von Mangoldt weights converge almost surely.
A Blockchain Example for Cooperative Interference ManagementAug 04 2018We present an example where a distributed coordinated protocol supported by a blockchain-enabled monetary mechanism leads to achieving optimal information theoretic degrees of freedom gains. The considered setting is that of a linear interference network, ... More
Multi-Topic Multi-Document SummarizerJan 03 2014Current multi-document summarization systems can successfully extract summary sentences, however with many limitations including: low coverage, inaccurate extraction to important sentences, redundancy and poor coherence among the selected sentences. The ... More
An Accurate Arabic Root-Based Lemmatizer for Information Retrieval PurposesMar 15 2012In spite of its robust syntax, semantic cohesion, and less ambiguity, lemma level analysis and generation does not yet focused in Arabic NLP literatures. In the current research, we propose the first non-statistical accurate Arabic lemmatizer algorithm ... More
When Neurons FailJun 27 2017We view a neural network as a distributed system of which neurons can fail independently, and we evaluate its robustness in the absence of any (recovery) learning phase. We give tight bounds on the number of neurons that can fail without harming the result ... More
Fast and Secure Distributed Learning in High DimensionMay 05 2019Modern machine learning is distributed and the work of several machines is typically aggregated by \emph{averaging} which is the optimal rule in terms of speed, offering a speedup of $n$ (with respect to using a single machine) when $n$ processes are ... More
Helicity and partial wave amplitude analysis of D -> K^* ρdecayOct 14 1999We have carried out an analysis of helicity and partial-wave amplitudes for the process D -> K^* \rho in the factorization approximation using several models for the form factors. All the models, with the exception of one, generate partial-wave amplitudes ... More
Resonant final-state interactions in D^0 -> \bar{K}^{0} η, \bar{K}^{0} η' DecayOct 13 1999We have investimated the effect of the isospin 1/2, J^P = 0^+ resonant state K^*_0(1950) on the decays D^0 ->\bar{K}^{0}\eta and D^0 ->\bar{K}^0 \eta' as a function of the branching ratio sum r =Br(K^*_0(1950)->\bar{K}^0\eta)+ Br(K^*_0(1950)->\bar{K}^0 ... More
A cubic nonconventional ergodic average with Möbius and Liouville weightApr 03 2015May 16 2015It is shown that the cubic nonconventional ergodic average of order 2 with M\"obius and Liouville weight converge almost surely to zero. As a consequence, we obtain that the Ces\`aro mean of the self-correlations and some moving average of the self-correlations ... More
The Best Templates Match Technique For Example Based Machine TranslationJun 04 2014It has been proved that large scale realistic Knowledge Based Machine Translation applications require acquisition of huge knowledge about language and about the world. This knowledge is encoded in computational grammars, lexicons and domain models. Another ... More
A Lemma Based Evaluator for Semitic Language Text Summarization SystemsMar 22 2014Matching texts in highly inflected languages such as Arabic by simple stemming strategy is unlikely to perform well. In this paper, we present a strategy for automatic text matching technique for for inflectional languages, using Arabic as the test case. ... More
Keyphrase Based Arabic Summarizer (KPAS)Jun 23 2012This paper describes a computationally inexpensive and efficient generic summarization algorithm for Arabic texts. The algorithm belongs to extractive summarization family, which reduces the problem into representative sentences identification and extraction ... More
NC Effective Gauge Model for Multilayer FQH StatesAug 20 2002We develop an effective field model for describing FQH states with rational filling factors that are not of Laughlin type. These kinds of systems, which concern single layer hierarchical states and multilayer ones, were observed experimentally; but have ... More
On Black Hole Effective Potential in 6D/7D N=2 SupergravityMar 06 2008May 27 2008Using the harmonic superspace method and the duality between real and complex representations of hypermultiplets, we compute the explicit scalar field expression of the quaternionic metric $G_{mn}$ of the moduli space SO(1,1)x[SO(4,k)/(SO(4)xSO(k))] of ... More
Tetrahedron in F-theory CompactificationJul 15 2009Complex tetrahedral surface $\mathcal{T}$ is a non planar projective surface that is generated by four intersecting complex projective planes $CP^{2}$. In this paper, we study the family $\{\mathcal{T}_{m}\} $ of blow ups of $\mathcal{T}$ and exhibit ... More
Minimax Impulse Control Problems in Finite HorizonMay 04 2013We consider the problem of impulse control minimax in finite horizon, when cost functions $(C(t,x,\xi)>0)$. We show existence of value function of the problem. Moreover, the value function is characterized as the unique viscosity solution of an Isaacs ... More
Limit Behaviour of Sequential Empirical Measure ProcessesOct 30 2008In this paper, we obtain some uniform laws of large numbers and functional central limit theorems for sequential empirical measure processes indexed by classes of product functions satisfying appropriate Vapnik-Chervonenkis properties.
Network Routing Optimization Using Swarm IntelligenceSep 18 2012Aug 17 2015The aim of this paper is to highlight and explore a traditional problem, which is the minimum spanning tree, and finding the shortest-path in network routing, by using Swarm Intelligence. This work to be considered as an investigation topic with combination ... More
On the asymptotic normality of frequency polygons for strongly mixing spatial processesJul 26 2013This paper establishes the asymptotic normality of frequency polygons in the context of stationary strongly mixing random fields indexed by $\Z^d$. Our method allows us to consider only minimal conditions on the width bins and provides a simple criterion ... More
Efficient techniques for mining spatial databasesJun 01 2012Clustering is one of the major tasks in data mining. In the last few years, Clustering of spatial data has received a lot of research attention. Spatial databases are components of many advanced information systems like geographic information systems ... More
Cell Associations that Maximize the Average Uplink-Downlink Degrees of FreedomMay 13 2016We study the problem of associating mobile terminals to base stations in a linear interference network, with the goal of maximizing the average rate achieved over both the uplink and downlink sessions. The cell association decision is made at a centralized ... More
Parametric estimation of hidden stochastic model by contrast minimization and deconvolution: application to the Stochastic Volatility ModelFeb 12 2012Mar 14 2013We study a new parametric approach for particular hidden stochastic models such as the Stochastic Volatility model. This method is based on contrast minimization and deconvolution. After proving consistency and asymptotic normality of the estimation leading ... More
Common-Description Learning: A Framework for Learning Algorithms and Generating Subproblems from Few ExamplesMay 01 2016Current learning algorithms face many difficulties in learning simple patterns and using them to learn more complex ones. They also require more examples than humans do to learn the same pattern, assuming no prior knowledge. In this paper, a new learning ... More
Cloud-Based Topological Interference Management: A Case with No Cooperative Transmission GainMay 17 2016We study the problem of managing interference in linear networks, with backhaul constraints that admit centralized allocation of messages to transmitters through the cloud. Our setting is that of a generic channel, where no channel state information is ... More
Counting positive intersection points of a trinomial and a $\mathbf{T}$-nomial curves via Groethendieck's dessin d'enfantDec 17 2015We consider real polynomial systems $f=g=0$ in two variables where $f$ has $t\geq 3$ monomial terms and $g$ has $3$ monomials terms. We prove that the number of positive isolated solutions of such a system does not exceed $3\cdot 2^{t-2} - 1$. This improves ... More
The (> Half) Empty UniverseApr 02 1997Voids are the most prominent feature of the large-scale structure of the universe. Still, they have been generally ignored in quantitative analysis of it, essentially due to the lack of an objective tool to identify the voids and to quantify them. To ... More
A Mobile Management System for Reforming Subsidies Distribution in Developing CountriesApr 30 2014This paper has a specific objective of being useful for showing how the advances in mobile technologies can help for solving social and political aspects involved in the reform of subsidies in developing countries. It describes the work done to build ... More
Search for sharp neutrino features from dark matter decayJun 02 2016The discovery of a neutrino line or, more broadly, a sharp feature in neutrino data could provide a striking hint for the existence of the dark matter particle. We review here a search for sharp spectral features using neutrino data from IceCube. No significant ... More
Probabilistic pointer analysis for multithreaded programsDec 16 2011The use of pointers and data-structures based on pointers results in circular memory references that are interpreted by a vital compiler analysis, namely pointer analysis. For a pair of memory references at a program point, a typical pointer analysis ... More
Gamma-Gamma Absorption in the Broad Line Region Radiation Fields of Gamma-Ray BlazarsMar 09 2016The expected level of gamma-gamma absorption in the Broad Line Region (BLR) radiation field of gamma-ray loud Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars (FSRQs)is evaluated as a function of the location of the gamma-ray emission region. This is done self-consistently ... More
Optimal Random Access and Random Spectrum Sensing for an Energy Harvesting Cognitive Radio with and without Primary Feedback LeveragingJan 01 2014Apr 27 2014We consider a secondary user (SU) with energy harvesting capability. We design access schemes for the SU which incorporate random spectrum sensing and random access, and which make use of the primary automatic repeat request (ARQ) feedback. We study two ... More
A la Recherche des Facteurs Déterminants de l'Intégration Internationale des Marchés Boursiers : une Analyse sur Données de PanelMay 24 2009The aim of this paper is to identify the determinants of international stock markets integration. Intuitively we selected a great number of factors linked to financial integration. Then, we developed an international asset-pricing model with time-varying ... More
Weighted Hardy inequality on Riemannian manifoldsApr 04 2015Nov 13 2015Let $(M,g)$ be a smooth compact Riemannian manifold of dimension $N\geq 3$ and we let $\Sigma$ to be a closed submanifold of dimension $1 \leq k \leq N-2. $ In this paper we study existence and non-existence of minimizers of Hardy inequality with weight ... More
The Strong Coupling from QuarkoniaDec 21 1993The status of determinations of $\al_s$ from quarkonia using lattice QCD is reviewed. We compare the results with those obtained from perturbative QCD.
Measuring Hamming Distance between Boolean Functions via Entanglement MeasureMar 12 2019In this paper, we present a fast quantum algorithm to measure the Hamming distance between two or more Boolean functions provided as black-boxes. The proposed algorithm constructs a new black-box with a certain property which is utilized to solve this ... More
Inflationary magnetogenesis and non-local actions: The conformal anomalyNov 09 2015We discuss the possibility of successful magnetogenesis during inflation by employing the one-loop effective action of massless QED. The action is strictly non-local and results from the long distance fluctuations of massless charged particles present ... More
A surgery formula for the second Yamabe invariantNov 28 2012Let $(M,g)$ be a compact Riemannian manifold of dimension $n\geq 3$. For a metric $g$ on $M$, we let $\la_2(g)$ be the second eigenvalue of the Yamabe operator $L_g:= \frac{4(n-1)}{n-2} \Delta_g + \scal_g$. Then, the second Yamabe invariant is defined ... More
A covariance equationOct 23 2018Let $\S$ be a commutative semigroup with identity $e$ and let $\Gamma$ be a compact subset in the pointwise convergence topology of the space $\S'$ of all non-zero multiplicative functions on $\S.$ Given a continuous function $F: \Gamma \to \mathbb C$ ... More
Analytic structures of unitary RSOS models with integrable boundary conditionsMay 15 2018In this paper, we consider the unitary critical restricted-solid-on-solid (RSOS) lattice $\mathcal{M}(5,6)$ model with integrable boundary conditions. We introduce its commuting double row transfer matrix satisfying the universal functional relations, ... More
On the largest eigenvalue of Wishart matrices with identity covariance when n, p and p/n tend to infinitySep 22 2003Let X be a n*p matrix and l_1 the largest eigenvalue of the covariance matrix X^{*}*X. The "null case" where X_{i,j} are independent Normal(0,1) is of particular interest for principal component analysis. For this model, when n, p tend to infinity and ... More
The Ran-Reurings fixed point theorem without partial order: a simple proofNov 18 2014Nov 26 2014The purpose of this note is to generalize the celebrated Ran and Reurings fixed point theorem to the setting of a space with a binary relation that is only transitive (and not necessarily a partial order) and a relation-complete metric. The arguments ... More
Solving the Course-timetabling Problem of Cairo University Using Max-SATFeb 11 2018Due to the good performance of current SAT (satisfiability) and Max-SAT (maximum ssatisfiability) solvers, many real-life optimization problems such as scheduling can be solved by encoding them into Max-SAT. In this paper we tackle the course timetabling ... More
A non-unital algebra has UUNP iff its unitization has UUNPDec 10 2015Let $A$ be a non-unital Banach algebra, S. J. Bhatt and H. V. Dedania showed that $A$ has the unique uniform norm property (UUNP) if and only if its unitization has UUNP. Here we prove this result for any non-unital algebra.
Functional continuity of unital $B_{0}$-algebras with orthogonal basesJul 08 2015Mar 12 2016Let $A$ be a unital $B_{0}$-algebra with an orthogonal basis, then every multiplicative linear functional on $A$ is continuous. This gives an answer to a problem posed by Z. Sawon and Z. Wronski.
On a conjecture concerning some automatic continuity theoremsJan 12 2013Let A and B be commutative locally convex algebras with unit. A is assumed to be a uniform topological algebra. Let h be an injective homomorphism from A to B. Under additional assumptions, we characterize the continuity of the homomorphism h^(-1) / Im(h) ... More
On saturated uniformly A-convex algebrasJan 07 2013Aug 11 2014Following ideas of A.C.Cochran, we give a suitable definition of a saturated uniformly A-convex algebra. In the m-convex case, such algebra is a uniform topological one.
Positive linear functionals on BP*-algebrasMay 07 2013Apr 12 2015Let A be a BP*-algebra with identity e, P_{1}(A) be the set of all positive linear functionals f on A such that f(e) = 1, and let M_{s}(A) be the set of all nonzero hermitian multiplicative linear functionals on A. We prove that M_{s}(A) is the set of ... More
Explicit formulas and vanishing conditions for certain coefficients of Drinfeld-Goss Hecke eigenformsMay 27 2017We obtain a closed form polynomial expression for certain coefficients of Drinfeld-Goss double-cuspidal modular forms which are eigenforms for the degree one Hecke operators with power eigenvalues, and we use those formulas to prove vanishing results ... More
On Relatively Prime Subsets and SupersetsOct 24 2009A nonempty finite set of positive integers A is relatively prime if gcd(A) = 1 and it is relatively prime to n if gcd(A [ fng) = 1. The number of nonempty subsets of A which are relatively prime to n is \Phi(A, n) and the number of such subsets of cardinality ... More
Corings over rings with local unitsDec 30 2005Apr 27 2009We show that the category of corings over a fixed base ring with local units is equivalent to the category of comonads in (right) unital modules whose underlying functors preserve inductive limits. Changing base rings, we prove a bi-equivalence of bicategories. ... More
Intersection Theorems for Closed Convex Sets and ApplicationsJan 23 2015A number of landmark existence theorems of nonlinear functional analysis follow in a simple and direct way from the basic separation of convex closed sets in finite dimension via elementary versions of the Knaster-Kuratowski-Mazurkiewicz principle - which ... More
A "milder" version of Calderón's inverse problem for anisotropic conductivities and partial dataJan 29 2015Apr 13 2016Given a general symmetric elliptic operator $$ L\_{a} := \sum\_{k,,j=1}^d \p\_k (a\_{kj} \p\_j) + \sum\_{k=1}^d a\_k \p\_k - \p\_k(\overline{a\_k} .) + a\_0$$we define the associated Dirichlet-to-Neumann (D-t-N) operator with partial data, i.e., data ... More
Error bounds for small jumps of Lévy processesSep 23 2010Oct 04 2012The pricing of options in exponential Levy models amounts to the computation of expectations of functionals of Levy processes. In many situations, Monte-Carlo methods are used. However, the simulation of a Levy process with infinite Levy measure generally ... More
On evolution of multiphase nonlinear modulated wavesDec 06 1995We present a fundamental solution to an initial value problem for the KdV-Whitham system in an explicit integral form. Monotonically decreasing initial data with finite number of breaking points are considered. Generating function for the commuting flows ... More
New algebraic structures in the $C_λ$-extended Hamiltonian systemSep 16 2003A realization of various algebraic structures in terms of the $C_{\lambda}$-extended oscillator algebras is introduced. In particular, the $C_{\lambda}$-extended oscillator algebras realization of Fairlie-Fletcher-Zachos (FFZ)algebra is given. This latter ... More
Legendre Drinfeld modules and universal supersingular polynomialsAug 04 2013We introduce a certain family of Drinfeld modules that we propose as analogues of the Legendre normal form elliptic curves. We exhibit explicit formulas for a certain period of such Drinfeld modules as well as formulas for the supersingular locus in that ... More
Influence of geography on language competitionJul 19 2008Jul 22 2008Competition between languages or cultural traits diffusing in the same geographical area is studied combining the language competition model of Abrams and Strogatz and a human dispersal model on an inhomogeneous substrate. Also, the effect of population ... More
BPS and non BPS 7D Black Attractors in M-Theory on K3Feb 05 2008Feb 14 2008We study the BPS and non BPS black attractors in 7D N=2 supergravity embedded in 11D M-theory compactified on K3. Combining Kahler and complex moduli in terms of SO(3) representations, we build the Dalbeault like (DL) basis for the second cohomology of ... More
Uniqueness of Viscosity Solutions for Optimal Multi-Modes Switching Problem with Risk of defaultFeb 06 2012In this paper we study the optimal m-states switching problem in finite horizon as well as infinite horizon with risk of default. We allow the switching cost functionals and cost of default to be of polynomial growth and arbitrary. We show uniqueness ... More
On the pointwise convergence of multiple ergodic averagesJun 10 2014Mar 03 2016It is shown that there exist a subsequence for which the multiple ergodic averages of commuting invertible measure preserving transformations of a Lebesgue probability space converge almost everywhere provided that the maps are weakly mixing with an ergodic ... More
On finite sums involving $(q)_n$Mar 10 2014Sep 22 2016We use an elementary argument to prove some finite sums involving expressions of the forms $(q)_n$ and $(a;q)_n$ along with inductive formulas for some sequences.
Asynchronous Programming in a Prioritized FormJan 04 2015Asynchronous programming has appeared as a programming style that overcomes undesired properties of concurrent programming. Typically in asynchronous models of programming, methods are posted into a post list for latter execution. The order of method ... More
Recognition of Logically Related Regions Based Heap AbstractionDec 20 2012This paper presents a novel set of algorithms for heap abstraction, identifying logically related regions of the heap. The targeted regions include objects that are part of the same component structure (recursive data structure). The result of the technique ... More
Les index pour les entrepôts de données : comparaison entre index arbre-B et BitmapJul 09 2013With the development of decision systems and specially data warehouses, the visibility of the data warehouse design before its creation has become essential, and that because of data warehouse importance as considered as the unique data source giving ... More
Concrete description for rank one $(Γ, χ)$-theta Fock-Bargmann space in high dimensionMar 15 2014We deal with the $(\mathbb{Z}\omega, \chi)$-theta Fock-Bargmann space consisting of holomorphic automorphic functions associated to given discrete subgroup in $\mathbb{C}^g$ of rank one and given character $\chi$. We give concrete description of its elements, ... More
Concept Based vs. Pseudo Relevance Feedback Performance Evaluation for Information Retrieval SystemMar 18 2014This article evaluates the performance of two techniques for query reformulation in a system for information retrieval, namely, the concept based and the pseudo relevance feedback reformulation. The experiments performed on a corpus of Arabic text have ... More
Quark Flavor Physics ReviewMar 20 2014I review the status of lattice-QCD calculations relevant to quark flavor physics. The recent availability of physical-mass ensembles with large physical volumes generated by a growing number of lattice collaborations is an exciting development and I discuss ... More
Lattice QCDDec 13 1994Dec 31 1994The status of Lattice QCD is reviewed with respect to results that are relevant to Standard Model phenomenology. I argue that in a few simple cases all (or almost all) systematic errors from the lattice calculation are under control. Lattice QCD calculations ... More
Standard Model Parameters from Quarkonia using Lattice QCDAug 08 1995Quarkonia -- mesons made of a heavy quark and anti-quark -- have been extensively studied experimentally. Theoretical calculations of quarkonia based on lattice QCD are possible with control over the systematic errors. The comparison with experimental ... More
Minimal Separators in GraphsApr 13 2019The Known Menger's theorem states that in a finite graph, the size of a minimum separator set of any pair of vertices is equal to the maximum number of disjoint paths that can be found between these two vertices. In this paper, we study the minimal separators ... More
Explicit Factorization of Prime Integers in Quartic Number Fields defined by $X^4+aX+b$Aug 22 2010For every prime integer $p$, an explicit factorization of the principal ideal $p\z_K$ into prime ideals of $\z_K$ is given, where $K$ is a quartic number field defined by an irreducible polynomial $X^4+aX+b\in\z[X]$.