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Scalable Person Re-identification on Supervised Smoothed ManifoldMar 24 2017Most existing person re-identification algorithms either extract robust visual features or learn discriminative metrics for person images. However, the underlying manifold which those images reside on is rarely investigated. That raises a problem that ... More
Multidimensional Scaling on Multiple Input Distance MatricesMay 01 2016Aug 26 2017Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) is a classic technique that seeks vectorial representations for data points, given the pairwise distances between them. However, in recent years, data are usually collected from diverse sources or have multiple heterogeneous ... More
Spectroscopic Studies of an Ultraluminous Supersoft X-Ray Source in M81Aug 31 2015Ultraluminous supersoft X-ray sources (ULSs) exhibit supersoft X-ray spectra with blackbody temperatures below 0.1 keV and bolometric luminosities above 10$^{39}$ ergs s$^{-1}$. In this Letter, we report the first optical spectroscopic observations of ... More
Hard-Aware Point-to-Set Deep Metric for Person Re-identificationJul 30 2018Person re-identification (re-ID) is a highly challenging task due to large variations of pose, viewpoint, illumination, and occlusion. Deep metric learning provides a satisfactory solution to person re-ID by training a deep network under supervision of ... More
Real-Time Prediction for Fine-Grained Air Quality Monitoring System with Asynchronous SensingNov 06 2018Due to the significant air pollution problem, monitoring and prediction for air quality have become increasingly necessary. To provide real-time fine-grained air quality monitoring and prediction in urban areas, we have established our own Internet-of-Things-based ... More
Scattering Forms and the Positive Geometry of Kinematics, Color and the WorldsheetNov 24 2017Mar 28 2018The search for a theory of the S-Matrix has revealed surprising geometric structures underlying amplitudes ranging from the worldsheet to the amplituhedron, but these are all geometries in auxiliary spaces as opposed to kinematic space where amplitudes ... More
Real-Time Fine-Grained Air Quality Sensing Networks in Smart City: Design, Implementation and OptimizationOct 18 2018Feb 27 2019Driven by the increasingly serious air pollution problem, the monitoring of air quality has gained much attention in both theoretical studies and practical implementations. In this paper, we present the architecture, implementation and optimization of ... More
Simultaneously high electron and hole mobilities in cubic boron-V compounds: BP, BAs and BSbJul 08 2018Through first-principles calculations, the phonon-limited transport properties of cubic boron-V compounds (BP, BAs and BSb) are studied. We find that the high optical phonon frequency in these compounds leads to the substantial suppression of polar scattering ... More
Phonon Hydrodynamic Heat Conduction and Knudsen Minimum in GraphiteNov 02 2017Dec 21 2017In the hydrodynamic regime, phonons drift with a nonzero collective velocity under a temperature gradient, reminiscent of viscous gas and fluid flow. The study of hydrodynamic phonon transport has spanned over half a century but has been mostly limited ... More
Analysis of Sequential Quadratic Programming through the Lens of Riemannian OptimizationMay 22 2018Jan 31 2019We prove that a "first-order" Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP) algorithm for equality constrained optimization has local linear convergence with rate $(1-1/\kappa_R)^k$, where $\kappa_R$ is the condition number of the Riemannian Hessian, and global ... More
Longitudinal wave instability in magnetized high correlation dusty plasmaJun 18 2003Low frequency longitudinal wave instability in magnetized high correlation dusty plasmas is investigated. The dust charging relaxation is taken into account. It is found that the instablity of wave is determined significantly by the frequency of wave, ... More
The Amplituhedron from Momentum Twistor DiagramsAug 11 2014We propose a new diagrammatic formulation of the all-loop scattering amplitudes/Wilson loops in planar N=4 SYM, dubbed the "momentum-twistor diagrams". These are on-shell-diagrams obtained by gluing trivalent black and white vertices defined in momentum ... More
Graph Edit Distance Computation via Graph Neural NetworksAug 16 2018Oct 03 2018Graph similarity search is among the most important graph-based applications, e.g. finding the chemical compounds that are most similar to a query compound. Graph similarity/distance computation, such as Graph Edit Distance (GED) and Maximum Common Subgraph ... More
Regional Homogeneity: Towards Learning Transferable Universal Adversarial Perturbations Against DefensesApr 01 2019This paper focuses on learning transferable adversarial examples specifically against defense models (models to defense adversarial attacks). In particular, we show that a simple universal perturbation can fool a series of state-of-the-art defenses. Adversarial ... More
UAV Aided Aerial-Ground IoT for Air Quality Sensing in Smart City: Architecture, Technologies and ImplementationSep 11 2018As air pollution is becoming the largest environmental health risk, the monitoring of air quality has drawn much attention in both theoretical studies and practical implementations. In this article, we present a real-time, fine-grained and power-efficient ... More
Metric Attack and Defense for Person Re-identificationJan 30 2019Mar 23 2019Person re-identification (re-ID) has attracted much attention recently due to its great importance in video surveillance. In general, distance metrics used to identify two person images are expected to be robust under various appearance changes. However, ... More
GraphHP: A Hybrid Platform for Iterative Graph ProcessingJun 22 2017The Bulk Synchronous Parallel(BSP) computational model has emerged as the dominant distributed framework to build large-scale iterative graph processing systems. While its implementations(e.g., Pregel, Giraph, and Hama) achieve high scalability, frequent ... More
ATRank: An Attention-Based User Behavior Modeling Framework for RecommendationNov 17 2017Nov 27 2017A user can be represented as what he/she does along the history. A common way to deal with the user modeling problem is to manually extract all kinds of aggregated features over the heterogeneous behaviors, which may fail to fully represent the data itself ... More
CenterNet: Keypoint Triplets for Object DetectionApr 17 2019Apr 18 2019In object detection, keypoint-based approaches often suffer a large number of incorrect object bounding boxes, arguably due to the lack of an additional look into the cropped regions. This paper presents an efficient solution which explores the visual ... More
Improving Transferability of Adversarial Examples with Input DiversityMar 19 2018Mar 27 2019Though CNNs have achieved the state-of-the-art performance on various vision tasks, they are vulnerable to adversarial examples --- crafted by adding human-imperceptible perturbations to clean images. However, most of the existing adversarial attacks ... More
Learning Transferable Adversarial Examples via Ghost NetworksDec 09 2018Feb 26 2019Recent development of adversarial attacks has proven that ensemble-based methods outperform traditional, non-ensemble ones in black-box attack. However, these methods generally require a family of diverse models, and ensembling them together afterward, ... More
Integrable Open Spin Chains from Flavored ABJM TheoryApr 19 2017Apr 27 2017We compute the two-loop anomalous dimension matrix in the scalar sector of planar ${\cal N}=3$ flavored ABJM theory. Using coordinate Bethe ansatz, we obtain the reflection matrix and confirm that the boundary Yang-Baxter equations are satisfied. This ... More
X-ray Activity from Different Types of StarsFeb 03 2019X-ray emission is an important indicator of stellar activity. In this paper, we study stellar X-ray activity using the XMM-Newton and LAMOST data for different types of stars. We provide a sample including 1259 X-ray emitting stars, of which 1090 have ... More
Giant negative thermal expansion covering room temperature in nanocrystalline GaNxMn3Aug 05 2015Materials with negative thermal expansion (NTE), which contract upon heating, are of great interest both technically and fundamentally. Here, we report giant NTE covering room temperature in mechanically milled antiperovksite GaNxMn3 compounds. The micrograin ... More
Modulation effect in multiphoton pair productionJan 13 2017We investigate the electron-positron pair production process in an oscillating field with modulated amplitude in quantum kinetic formalism. By comparing the number density in field with and without modulation, we find that the pair production rate can ... More
Thomson backscattering in combined uniform magnetic and envelope modulating circularly-polarized laser fieldsDec 23 2018The Thomson backscattering spectra in combined uniform magnetic and cosine-envelope circularly-polarized laser fields are studied in detail. With an introduction of the envelope modulation, the radiation spectra exhibit high complexity attributed to the ... More
Improving the staggered grid Lagrangian hydrodynamics for modeling multi-material flowsJul 07 2017In this work, we make two improvements on the staggered grid hydrodynamics (SGH) Lagrangian scheme for modeling 2-dimensional compressible multi-material flows on triangular mesh. The first improvement is the construction of a dynamic local remeshing ... More
Triplet-Center Loss for Multi-View 3D Object RetrievalMar 16 2018Most existing 3D object recognition algorithms focus on leveraging the strong discriminative power of deep learning models with softmax loss for the classification of 3D data, while learning discriminative features with deep metric learning for 3D object ... More
Divide and Fuse: A Re-ranking Approach for Person Re-identificationAug 11 2017As re-ranking is a necessary procedure to boost person re-identification (re-ID) performance on large-scale datasets, the diversity of feature becomes crucial to person reID for its importance both on designing pedestrian descriptions and re-ranking based ... More
Multidimensional Scaling on Multiple Input Distance MatricesMay 01 2016Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) is a classic technique that seeks vectorial representations for data points, given the pairwise distances between them. However, in recent years, data are usually collected from diverse sources or have multiple heterogeneous ... More
The Landscape of Empirical Risk for Non-convex LossesJul 22 2016Jul 25 2016We revisit the problem of learning a noisy linear classifier by minimizing the empirical risk associated to the square loss. While the empirical risk is non-convex, we prove that its structure is remarkably simple. Namely, when the sample size is larger ... More
The Classification of n-Lie AlgebrasJun 10 2010This paper proves the isomorphic criterion theorem for (n+2)-dimensional n-Lie algebras, and gives a complete classification of (n+1)-dimensional n-Lie algebras and (n+2)-dimensional n-Lie algebras over an algebraically closed field of characteristic ... More
Deep Learning Representation using Autoencoder for 3D Shape RetrievalSep 25 2014We study the problem of how to build a deep learning representation for 3D shape. Deep learning has shown to be very effective in variety of visual applications, such as image classification and object detection. However, it has not been successfully ... More
A Method to Search for Black Hole Candidates with Giant Companions by LAMOSTFeb 07 2019We propose a method to search for stellar-mass black hole (BH) candidates with giant companions from spectroscopic observations. Based on the stellar spectra of LAMOST Data Release 6, we obtain a sample of seven giants in binaries with large radial velocity ... More
Machine Learning Classification of Gaia Data Release 2Aug 17 2018Machine learning has increasingly gained more popularity with its incredibly powerful ability to make predictions or calculated suggestions for large amounts of data. We apply the machine learning classification to 85,613,922 objects in the $Gaia$ data ... More
Presence of Exotic Electronic Surface States in LaBi and LaSbJul 14 2016Nov 01 2016Extremely high magnetoresistance (XMR) in the lanthanum monopnictides La$X$ ($X$ = Sb, Bi) has recently attracted interest in these compounds as candidate topological materials. However, their perfect electron-hole compensation provides an alternative ... More
CG X-1: an eclipsing Wolf-Rayet ULX in the Circinus galaxyApr 01 2019We investigated the time-variability and spectral properties of the eclipsing X-ray source Circinus Galaxy X-1 (GG X-1), using Chandra, XMM-Newton and ROSAT. We phase-connected the lightcurves observed over 20 years, and obtained a best-fitting period ... More
Proximal algorithms for constrained composite optimization, with applications to solving low-rank SDPsMar 01 2019We study a family of (potentially non-convex) constrained optimization problems with convex composite structure. Through a novel analysis of non-smooth geometry, we show that proximal-type algorithms applied to exact penalty formulations of such problems ... More
The Amplituhedron and the One-loop Grassmannian MeasureOct 13 2015All-loop planar scattering amplitudes in maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory can be formulated geometrically in terms of the "amplituhedron". We study the mathematical structures of the one-loop amplituhedron, and present a new formula for its ... More
The UV Emission of Stars in LAMOST Survey I. CatalogsFeb 02 2018We present the ultraviolet magnitudes for over three million stars in the LAMOST survey, in which 2,202,116 stars are detected by $GALEX$. For 889,235 undetected stars, we develop a method to estimate their upper limit magnitudes. The distribution of ... More
Observation of second sound in graphite at temperatures above 100 KJan 26 2019Wavelike thermal transport in solids, referred to as second sound, has until now been an exotic phenomenon limited to a handful of materials at low temperatures. This has restricted interest in its occurrence and in its potential applications. Through ... More
Recombination processes in CuInS$_{2}$/ZnS Nanocrystals during steady-state photoluminescenceJan 25 2016We report on temperature- and excitation-power-dependent photoluminescence (PL) study of CuInS$_{2}$/ZnS nanocrystals dispersed on a SiO$_{2}$/Si substrate with a confocal micro-PL system. With increasing the excitation power at 22 K and room temperature, ... More
Residual Attention based Network for Hand Bone Age AssessmentDec 21 2018Computerized automatic methods have been employed to boost the productivity as well as objectiveness of hand bone age assessment. These approaches make predictions according to the whole X-ray images, which include other objects that may introduce distractions. ... More
Heat conduction in one-dimensional Yukawa chainsDec 02 2003Heat conduction in one-dimensional Yukawa chains is investigated. It is shown numerically that it has the abnormal heat conduction which is proportional to the system size. Effects of asymmetric external potential, the modified Frenkel-Kontorova one, ... More
The Landscape of Empirical Risk for Non-convex LossesJul 22 2016Jan 14 2017Most high-dimensional estimation and prediction methods propose to minimize a cost function (empirical risk) that is written as a sum of losses associated to each data point. In this paper we focus on the case of non-convex losses, which is practically ... More
Gaia Calibrated UV Luminous Stars in LAMOSTJul 02 2018We take advantage of the Gaia data release 2 to present 275 and 1,774 ultraviolet luminous stars in the FUV and the NUV. These stars are 5$\sigma$ exceeding the centers of the reference frame that is built with over one million UV stars in the log $g$ ... More
Nanostructured Polymer Films with Metal-like Thermal ConductivityAug 21 2017Thermally conductive polymers are of fundamental interest and can also be exploited in thermal management applications. Recent studies have shown stretched polymers can achieve high thermal conductivity. However, the transport mechanisms of heat in thermally ... More
Extremes of $α(t)$-Locally stationary Gaussian processes with non-constant variancesJun 22 2016Aug 21 2016With motivation from K. D\c{e}bicki and P. Kisowski (2007), in this paper we derive the exact tail asymptotics of $\alpha(t)$-locally stationary Gaussian processes with non-constant variance functions. We show that some certain variance functions lead ... More
Estimation of Change-point ModelsMay 01 2018May 08 2018We consider the testing and estimation of change-points, locations where the distribution abruptly changes, in a sequence of observations. Motivated by this problem, in this contribution we first investigate the extremes of Gaussian fields with trend ... More
Extremes of multifractional Brownian motionNov 15 2017Mar 30 2019Let $B_{H}(t), t\geq [0,T], T\in(0,\infty)$ be the standard Multifractional Brownian Motion(mBm), in this contribution we are concerned with the exact asymptotics of \begin{eqnarray*} \mathbb{P}\left\{\sup_{t\in[0,T]}B_{H}(t)>u\right\} \end{eqnarray*} ... More
Parisian ruin of Brownian motion risk model over an infinite-time horizonFeb 20 2017Let $B(t), t\in \mathbb{R}$ be a standard Brownian motion. In this paper, we derive the exact asymptotics of the probability of Parisian ruin on infinite time horizon for the following risk process \begin{align}\label{Rudef} R_u^{\delta}(t)=e^{\delta ... More
Mimicing the Kane-Mele type spin orbit interaction by spin-flexual phonon coupling in graphene devicesMar 28 2015Jun 08 2017On the efforts of enhancing the spin orbit interaction (SOI) of graphene for seeking the dissipationless quantum spin Hall devices, unique Kane-Mele type SOI and high mobility samples are desired. However, common external decoration often introduces extrinsic ... More
Quantum Teichmüller spaces and Kashaev's 6j-symbolsJun 14 2007The Kashaev invariants of 3-manifolds are based on $6j$-symbols from the representation theory of the Weyl algebra, a Hopf algebra corresponding to the Borel subalgebra of $U_q(sl(2,\C))$. In this paper, we show that Kashaev's $6j$-symbols are intertwining ... More
Extremes of $L^p$-norm of Vector-valued Gaussian processes with TrendJun 26 2017Jun 01 2018Let $\boldsymbol{X}(t)=(X_1(t),\ldots,X_d(t))$ be a Gaussian vector process and $g(t)$ be a continuous function. The asymptotics of distribution of $\left\|\boldsymbol{X}(t)\right\|_p$, the $L^p$ norm for Gaussian finite-dimensional vector, have been ... More
Multi-Object Tracking and Identification over SetsMay 25 2016The ability for an autonomous agent or robot to track and identify potentially multiple objects in a dynamic environment is essential for many applications, such as automated surveillance, traffic monitoring, human-robot interaction, etc. The main challenge ... More
Estimation of Parameters in Avian Movement ModelsOct 04 2018Oct 15 2018The knowledge of the movement of animals is important and necessary for ecologists to do further analysis such as exploring the animal migration route. A novel method which is based on the state space modeling has been proposed to track the bird, where ... More
Gelfand-Kirillov dimensions of the $Z^2$-graded oscillator representations of sl(n)Jan 20 2015Nov 18 2015We find an exact formula of Gelfand-Kirillov dimensions for the infinite-dimensional explicit irreducible sl(n, F)-modules that appeared in the Z^2-graded oscillator generalizations of the classical theorem on harmonic polynomials established by Luo and ... More
Two Optical Counterpart Candidates of M82-X1 from HST ObservationsOct 01 2015Optical counterparts can provide significant constraints on the physical nature of ultraluminous X-ray sources (ULXs). In this letter, we identify six point sources in the error circle of a ULX in M82, namely M82 X-1, by registering Chandra positions ... More
Real-Time Fine-Grained Air Quality Sensing Networks in Smart City: Design, Implementation and OptimizationOct 18 2018Driven by the increasingly serious air pollution problem, the monitoring of air quality has gained much attention in both theoretical studies and practical implementations. In this paper, we present the architecture, implementation and optimization of ... More
The effect of frequency chirping on electron-positron pair production in the one- and two-color laser pulse fieldsMay 30 2016The effect of the frequency chirping on momentum spectrum and pair production rate in one- and two-color laser pulse fields is investigated by solving the quantum Vlasov equation. A small frequency chirp shifts the momentum spectrum along the momentum ... More
Vacuum pair production of charged scalar bosons in time-dependent electric fieldsDec 10 2013Based on the quantum mechanical scattering model, the dynamical assist effect and the multiple-slit interference effect in electron-positron pair production from vacuum are generalized to vacuum pair production of charged scalar bosons. For the former ... More
Effects of ion mobility and positron fraction on solitary waves in weak relativistic electron-positron-ion plasmaOct 16 2013Effects of ion mobility and positron fraction on solitary waves of envelop of laser field and potential of electrostatic field in weak relativistic electron-positron-ion plasma are investigated. The parameter region for the existence of solitary waves ... More
Image Stitching by Line-guided Local Warping with Global Similarity ConstraintFeb 25 2017Oct 30 2017Low-textured image stitching remains a challenging problem. It is difficult to achieve good alignment and it is easy to break image structures due to insufficient and unreliable point correspondences. Moreover, because of the viewpoint variations between ... More
Texture Characterization by Using Shape Co-occurrence PatternsFeb 10 2017Texture characterization is a key problem in image understanding and pattern recognition. In this paper, we present a flexible shape-based texture representation using shape co-occurrence patterns. More precisely, texture images are first represented ... More
On the quantization accuracy of the acoustoelectric currentJul 16 2008By deriving analytical formulae for the quantization accuracy of the acoustoelectric current, we reveal that: 1) the flatness of the current plateau for the typical present devices has reached the theoretical limit of about 100ppm over a 1/1000 change ... More
Learn to Interpret Atari AgentsDec 29 2018Jan 24 2019Deep Reinforcement Learning (DeepRL) agents surpass human-level performances in a multitude of tasks. However, the direct mapping from states to actions makes it hard to interpret the rationale behind the decision making of agents. In contrast to previous ... More
An investigation of a magnetic cataclysmic variable with a period of 14.1 ksOct 17 2016Magnetic cataclysmic variables (CVs) contain a white dwarf with magnetic field strong enough to control the accretion flow from a late type secondary. In this paper, we discover a magnetic CV (CXOGSG J215544.4+380116) from the $Chandra$ archive data. ... More
An Updated Ultraviolet Catalog of GALEX Nearby GalaxiesAug 28 2015The ultraviolet catalog of nearby galaxies made by \citet{Gil07} presents the integrated photometry and surface brightness profiles for 1034 nearby galaxies observed by \textit{Galaxy Evolution Explorer} (\textit{GALEX}). We provide an updated catalog ... More
Machine learning Applied to Star-Galaxy-QSO Classification and Stellar Effective Temperature RegressionNov 09 2018In modern astrophysics, the machine learning has increasingly gained more popularity with its incredibly powerful ability to make predictions or calculated suggestions for large amounts of data. We describe an application of the supervised machine-learning ... More
GIFT: A Real-time and Scalable 3D Shape Search EngineApr 07 2016Mar 31 2017Projective analysis is an important solution for 3D shape retrieval, since human visual perceptions of 3D shapes rely on various 2D observations from different view points. Although multiple informative and discriminative views are utilized, most projection-based ... More
Quantum anomalous Hall multilayers grown by molecular beam epitaxyJun 15 2018Quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect is a quantum Hall effect that occurs without the need of external magnetic field. A system composed of multiple parallel QAH layers is an effective high Chern number QAH insulator and the key to the applications of ... More
GIFT: A Real-time and Scalable 3D Shape Search EngineApr 07 2016Projective analysis is an important solution for 3D shape retrieval, since human visual perceptions of 3D shapes rely on various 2D observations from different view points. Although multiple informative and discriminative views are utilized, most projection-based ... More
A Combined Chandra and LAMOST Study of Stellar ActivityDec 14 2018We probed stellar X-ray activity over a wide range of stellar parameters, using {\it Chandra} and LAMOST data. We measured the X-ray-to-bolometric luminosity ratio ($R_X = L_X/L_{\rm bol}$) for 484 main-sequence stars, and found a bimodal distribution ... More
PCL: Proposal Cluster Learning for Weakly Supervised Object DetectionJul 09 2018Oct 13 2018Weakly Supervised Object Detection (WSOD), using only image-level annotations to train object detectors, is of growing importance in object recognition. In this paper, we propose a novel deep network for WSOD. Unlike previous networks that transfer the ... More
Hypergraph Convolution and Hypergraph AttentionJan 23 2019Recently, graph neural networks have attracted great attention and achieved prominent performance in various research fields. Most of those algorithms have assumed pairwise relationships of objects of interest. However, in many real applications, the ... More
Towards Economic Models for MOOC Pricing Strategy DesignJan 15 2017MOOCs have brought unprecedented opportunities of making high-quality courses accessible to everybody. However, from the business point of view, MOOCs are often challenged for lacking of sustainable business models, and academic research for marketing ... More
Pair production in differently polarized electric fields with frequency chirpsNov 29 2018Electron-positron pair production in strong electric fields, i.e., the Sauter-Schwinger effect, is studied using the real-time Dirac-Heisenberg-Wigner formalism. Hereby, the electric field is modeled to be a homogeneous, single-pulse field with subcritical ... More
Electron-positron pair creation characterized by the conversion energyMay 22 2016It is demonstrated that a pair can be characterized under which mechanism it was created according to its conversion energy, a quantity defined as the sum of electron and its conjugate positron's mass-energy, in the study of electron-positron pair creation. ... More
Relativistic baryonic jets from an ultraluminous supersoft X-ray sourceNov 30 2015Dec 07 2015The formation of relativistic jets by an accreting compact object is one of the fundamental mysteries of astrophysics. While the theory is poorly understood, observations of relativistic jets from systems known as microquasars have led to a well-established ... More
A dislocation-based explanation of quasi-elastic release in shock-loaded aluminumSep 27 2016A novel explanation of the quasielastic release phenomenon in shock compressed aluminum is presented. A dislocation-based model, taking into account dislocation substructures and evolution, is applied to simulate the elastic plastic response of both single ... More
Seiberg-Witten-Floer Theory for Homology 3-SpheresFeb 02 1996Jul 29 1996We give the definition of the Seiberg-Witten-Floer homology group for a homology 3-sphere. Its Euler characteristic number is a Casson-type invariant. For a four-manifold with boundary a homology sphere, a relative Seiberg-Witten invariant is defined ... More
Symplectic Approach of Wess-Zumino-Witten Model and Gauge Field TheoriesApr 04 1995A systematic description of the Wess-Zumino-Witten model is presented. The symplectic method plays the major role in this paper and also gives the relationship between the WZW model and the Chern-Simons model. The quantum theory is obtained to give the ... More
Distributed Full-duplex via Wireless Side Channels: Bounds and ProtocolsDec 20 2012May 14 2014In this paper, we study a three-node full-duplex network, where a base station is engaged in simultaneous up- and downlink communication in the same frequency band with two half-duplex mobile nodes. To reduce the impact of inter- node interference between ... More
Statistical analysis of factor models of high dimensionMay 30 2012This paper considers the maximum likelihood estimation of factor models of high dimension, where the number of variables (N) is comparable with or even greater than the number of observations (T). An inferential theory is developed. We establish not only ... More
Top-antitop and Top-top Resonances in the Dilepton Channel at the CERN LHCSep 26 2008Apr 12 2009We perform a model-independent study for top-antitop and top-top resonances in the dilepton channel at the Large Hadtron Collider. In this channel, we can solve the kinematic system to obtain the momenta of all particles including the two neutrinos, and ... More
More on the Bending of Light in Quantum GravityDec 22 2016Mar 05 2017We reconsider the long-range effects of the scattering of massless scalars and photons from a massive scalar object in quantum gravity. At the one-loop level, the relevant quantum mechanical corrections could be sorted into the graviton double-cut contributions, ... More
Parisian Ruin of the Brownian Motion Risk Model with Constant Force of InterestJun 23 2016Sep 13 2016Let $B(t), t\in \mathbb{R}$ be a standard Brownian motion. Define a risk process \label{Rudef} R_u^{\delta}(t)=e^{\delta t}\left(u+c\int^{t}_{0}e^{-\delta s}d s-\sigma\int_{0}^{t}e^{-\delta s}d B(s)\right), t\geq0, where $u\geq 0$ is the initial reserve, ... More
Fractals from genomes: exact solutions of a biology-inspired problemOct 26 1999This is a review of a set of recent papers with some new data added. After a brief biological introduction a visualization scheme of the string composition of long DNA sequences, in particular, of bacterial complete genomes, will be described. This scheme ... More
Large Antenna Analysis of Multi-Cell Full-Duplex NetworksJun 16 2016We study a multi-cell multi-user MIMO full-duplex network, where each base station (BS) has multiple antennas with full-duplex capability supporting single-antenna users with either full-duplex or half-duplex radios. We characterize the up- and downlink ... More
A Bound on the Spectral Radius of Hypergraphs with $e$ EdgesMay 03 2017For $r\geq 3$, let $f_r\colon [0,\infty)\to [1,\infty)$ be the unique analytic function such that $f_r({k\choose r})={k-1\choose r-1}$ for any $k\geq r-1$. We prove that the spectral radius of an $r$-uniform hypergraph $H$ with $e$ edges is at most $f_r(e)$. ... More
Approximation of Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test StatisticsFeb 24 2018Motivated by the weak limit of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test statistics, in this contribution, we concern the asymptotics of \begin{align*} \mathbb{P}\left\{\sup_{\boldsymbol{x}\in [0,1]^n}\left(W(\boldsymbol{x})\Big| W(\boldsymbol{1})=w\right)>u\right\}, ... More
First Measurement of the Branching Fraction of the Decay psi(2S) --> tau tauOct 28 2000The branching fraction of the psi(2S) decay into tau pair has been measured for the first time using the BES detector at the Beijing Electron-Positron Collider. The result is $B_{\tau\tau}=(2.71\pm 0.43 \pm 0.55) \times 10^{-3}$, where the first error ... More
Partial Wave Analysis of $J/ψ\to γ(K^+K^-π^+π^-)$Aug 10 1999Feb 03 2000BES data on $J/\psi \to \gamma (K^+K^-\pi^+\pi^-)$ are presented. The $K^*\bar K^*$ contribution peaks strongly near threshold. It is fitted with a broad $0^{-+}$ resonance with mass $M = 1800 \pm 100$ MeV, width $\Gamma = 500 \pm 200$ MeV. A broad $2^{++}$ ... More
Determination of the J/psi Leptonic Branching Fraction via psi(2S) -> pi^+ pi^- J/psiJun 10 1998A comparison of the rates for psi(2S) -> pi^+ pi^- J/psi, J/psi -> l^+l^- and J/psi -> anything is used to determine the J/psi leptonic branching fractions. The results are B(J/psi -> e^+e^-) = (5.90 +/- 0.05 +/- 0.10)% and B(J/psi -> mu^+ mu^-) = (5.84 ... More
Search for Lepton Flavor Violation Process J/$ψ\to eμ$Mar 07 2003Using a sample of 5.8X10E7 J/$\psi$ events, the Beijing Spectrometer experiment has searched for the decay J/$\psi \to e\mu$. Four candidates, consistent with the estimated background, are observed, and an upper limit on the branching fraction of J/$\psi ... More
Partial Wave Analysis of $J/ψ\toγ(π^+π^-π^+π^-)$Sep 23 1999Feb 03 2000BES data on $J/\psi \to \gamma (\pi^{+} \pi^{-} \pi^{+} \pi^{-})$ have been analyzed into partial waves. We fit with resonances having $J^{PC}=2^{++}$ at 1275 MeV, $0^{++}$ at 1500 MeV, $2^{++}$ at 1565 MeV, $0^{++}$ at 1740 MeV, $2^{++}$ at 1940 MeV ... More
Elementary n-Lie algebrasNov 16 2005Nov 19 2005In this paper, we mainly study some properties of elementary n-Lie algebras, and prove some necessary and sufficient conditions for elementary n-Lie algebras, we also give the relations between elementary n-algebras and E-algebras.
Homogeneous Rota-Baxter operators on $3$-Lie algebra $A_ω$Dec 07 2015In the paper we study homogeneous Rota-Baxter operators with weight zero on the infinite dimensional simple $3$-Lie algebra $A_{\omega}$ over a field $F$ ( $ch F=0$ ) which is realized by an associative commutative algebra $A$ and a derivation $\Delta$ ... More
Test one to test many: a unified approach to quantum benchmarksNov 28 2017Apr 24 2018Quantum benchmarks are routinely used to validate the experimental demonstration of quantum information protocols. Many relevant protocols, however, involve an infinite set of input states, of which only a finite subset can be used to test the quality ... More
$α$ Clustering slightly above ${}^{100}$Sn in the Light of the New Experimental Data on the Superallowed $α$ DecayNov 26 2018The recently observed $\alpha$-decay chain ${}^{108}\text{Xe}\to{}^{104}\text{Te}\to{}^{100}\text{Sn}$ [K.~Auranen \emph{et al.}, Phys.\ Rev.\ Lett.\ {\bf121}, 182501 (2018)] could provide valuable information on the $\alpha$ clustering in even-even nuclei ... More