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A Deep Unsupervised Learning Approach Toward MTBI Identification Using Diffusion MRIFeb 08 2018Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) is a growing public health problem with an estimated incidence of one million people annually in US. Neurocognitive tests have been used to both assess the patient condition and to monitor the patient progress. This ... More
Nonequilibrium finite-frequency noise of a resonance-level quantum dot close to a dissipative quantum phase transition: Functional Renormalization Group approachesOct 25 2010Nov 15 2012We calculate the finite-frequency current noise of a nonequilibrium resonance-level quantum dot close to a dissipative quantum phase transition of the Kosterlitz-Thouless (KT) type between a de-localized phase for weak dissipation and a localized phase ... More
Dynamical properties of a nonequilibrium quantum dot close to localized-delocalized quantum phase transitionsAug 23 2010We calculate the dynamical decoherence rate and susceptibility of a nonequilibrium quantum dot close to the delocalized-to-localized quantum phase transitions. The setup concerns a resonance-level coupled to two spinless fermionic baths with a finite ... More
An Efficient Approach for Computing Optimal Low-Rank Regularized Inverse MatricesApr 06 2014Standard regularization methods that are used to compute solutions to ill-posed inverse problems require knowledge of the forward model. In many real-life applications, the forward model is not known, but training data is readily available. In this paper, ... More
Optimal regularized inverse matrices for inverse problemsMar 18 2016In this paper, we consider optimal low-rank regularized inverse matrix approximations and their applications to inverse problems. We give an explicit solution to a generalized rank-constrained regularized inverse approximation problem, where the key novelties ... More
The Design of the NetBSD I/O SubsystemsMay 19 2016This book describes the source code of the NetBSD Operating System Release 1.6 in SUN UltraSPARC 64-bit platform by annotating related excerpts from references and user manuals on the NetBSD Operating System. The goal of this book is to provide necessary ... More
Distributed Denial of Service is a Scalability ProblemApr 01 2011Apr 13 2011Distributed denial of service attacks are often considered a security problem. While this may be the way to view the problem with today's Internet, new network architectures attempting to address the issue should view it as a scalability problem. In addition, ... More
Precisely Analyzing Loss in Interface Adapter ChainsNov 30 2010Interface adaptation allows code written for one interface to be used with a software component with another interface. When multiple adapters are chained together to make certain adaptations possible, we need a way to analyze how well the adaptation ... More
Three-dimensional kaon and pion emission source extraction from \sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200 GeV Au+Au collisions at RHIC-STARDec 27 2010Dec 30 2010Three-dimensional source images for mid-rapidity, low transverse momentum kaon and pion pairs have been extracted from central Au+Au collisions data at \sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200 GeV by the STAR experiment at RHIC. The pion source function displays significant ... More
Weighted inequalities for multivariable dyadic paraproducsJan 09 2010Nov 22 2010Using Wilson's Haar basis in $\R^n$, which is different than the usual tensor product Haar functions, we define its associated dyadic paraproduct in $\R^n$. We can then extend "trivially" Beznosova's Bellman function proof of the linear bound in $L^2(w)$ ... More
Sharp estimates for the commutators of the Hilbert, Riesz transforms and the Beurling-Ahlfors operator on weighted Lebesgue spacesJan 05 2010We prove that the operator norm on weighted Lebesgue space L2(w) of the commutators of the Hilbert, Riesz and Beurling transforms with a BMO function b depends quadratically on the A2-characteristic of the weight, as opposed to the linear dependence known ... More
Hawking Radiation and Entropy from Horizon Degrees of FreedomNov 02 2010May 29 2012We study the thermodynamic properties of horizons using the dynamical description of the gravitational degrees of freedom at a horizon found in a previous work. We use the action of the horizon degrees of freedom to posit an ansatz Liouville action in ... More
Numerical study on diverging probability density function of flat-top solitons in an extended Korteweg-de Vries equationAug 15 2009We consider an extended Korteweg-de Vries (eKdV) equation, the usual Korteweg-de Vries equation with inclusion of an additional cubic nonlinearity. We investigate the statistical behaviour of flat-top solitary waves described by an eKdV equation in the ... More
Parity Violation in Top Quark Pair Production at the Fermilab Tevatron ColliderNov 18 1994The leading weak corrections to the production of top quark pairs via $q\bar{q} \to t\bar{t}$ in $p\bar{p}$ collisions are evaluated. The chromo-anapole form factor of the top quark and effects of parity violation are studied in the Standard Model (SM) ... More
Production of CP-Odd Higgs Bosons with Large Transverse Momentum at Hadron SupercollidersOct 01 1993Apr 05 1994A two Higgs doublet model is employed to study the production of a CP-odd Higgs boson ($A$) associated with a large transverse momentum jet ($j$) at hadron supercolliders. The cross section of $pp \to jA+X$ is evaluated with four subprocesses: $gg \to ... More
Sharp estimates for the commutator of the Hilbert transform on weighted Lebesgue spacesApr 21 2009Nov 22 2010This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to some error in the result
Virtual Poincaré polynomial of the space of stable pairs supported on quintic curvesSep 17 2014May 31 2015Let $\mathbf{M}^{\alpha}(d,\chi)$ be the moduli space of $\alpha$-stable pairs $(s,F)$ on the projective plane $\mathbb{P}^2$ with Hilbert polynomial $\chi(F(m))=dm+\chi$. For sufficiently large $\alpha$ (denoted by $\infty$), it is well known that the ... More
On Tightness of Mutual Dependence Upperbound for Secret-key Capacity of Multiple TerminalsMay 21 2008Jun 16 2008Csiszar and Narayan[3] defined the notion of secret key capacity for multiple terminals, characterized it as a linear program with Slepian-Wolf constraints of the related source coding problem of communication for omniscience, and upper bounded it by ... More
Tunneling between single and multi-centered black hole configurationsJan 14 2012Aug 20 2012We find a gravitational instanton that connects an initial state corresponding to a single-centered extremal Reissner-Nordstrom (ERN) black hole configuration, to a final state corresponding to a multi-centered configuration. This instanton is interpreted ... More
Fragmentation of black hole scaling throats in N=2 supergravityDec 20 2011We find an instanton analogous to the Brill instanton that describes the fragmentation of a single-centered black hole scaling throat of charge $\Gamma_1 + \Gamma_2 + \Gamma_3$ in N=2 supergravity to three disconnected throats of charges $\Gamma_1, \Gamma_2, ... More
Evidence for a long range structure in the pion emission source in Au+Au collisions at RHICOct 11 2005The PHENIX experiment, has recently acquired $\sim$ 1 billion minimum bias Au+Au events at $\sqrt s = 200$GeV during the year-2004 run. This high statistics data set, coupled with a state-of-the-art analysis technique, allows for the extraction of 3D ... More
The Search for Higgs Bosons of Minimal Supersymmetry at the LHCFeb 18 1998The prospects for discovering neutral Higgs bosons in the minimal supersymmetric model (MSSM) and in the minimal supergravity model at the LHC are investigated. Two special discovery channels are discussed: (i) the decay mode of the MSSM CP-odd Higgs ... More
Convergence and Divergence of Approximations in terms of the Derivatives of Heat KernelSep 08 2014We consider an approximate solution to the heat equation which consists of the derivatives of heat kernel. Some conditions in the initial value, under which the approximation converges to the solution of the heat equation or diverges when the number of ... More
Success Exponent of Wiretapper: A Tradeoff between Secrecy and ReliabilityMay 23 2008May 31 2008Equivocation rate has been widely used as an information-theoretic measure of security after Shannon[10]. It simplifies problems by removing the effect of atypical behavior from the system. In [9], however, Merhav and Arikan considered the alternative ... More
Instability of Near-Extremal Black Holes in N=2, d=4 SupergravityDec 20 2011Oct 25 2012As a precursor to studying the bound states of multiple non-extremal black holes in $\mathcal{N}=2$, $d=4$ supergravity, we investigate the stability of a near-extremal D0-D4 black hole in the probe limit, when the parameters of the black hole solution ... More
The Effective Fluid Approach to Cosmological Nonlinearities: Applications to PreheatingSep 07 2010In [arXiv:1004.2488], Baumann et al. present a new formalism for studying cosmological systems where the characteristic scale of non-linearities is much smaller than the Hubble scale. By integrating out the short-wavelength modes, it is possible to obtain ... More
Asymptotic Symmetries of Rindler Space at the Horizon and Null InfinityMay 05 2010Jun 21 2010We investigate the asymptotic symmetries of Rindler space at null infinity and at the event horizon using both systematic and ad hoc methods. We find that the approaches that yield infinite-dimensional asymptotic symmetry algebras in the case of anti-de ... More
From Quasirandom graphs to Graph Limits and GraphletsMar 10 2012Nov 05 2013We generalize the notion of quasirandom which concerns a class of equivalent properties that random graphs satisfy. We show that the convergence of a graph sequence under the spectral distance is equivalent to the convergence using the (normalized) cut ... More
Higgs Decays into LeptonsSep 30 2002We discuss the prospects for the discovery of neutral Higgs bosons ($\phi^0 = H^0, h^0, A^0$) in multi-Higgs doublet models via their decays into leptons at hadron colliders. A major focus will be searching for Higgs bosons produced with bottom quarks ... More
Modeling network technology deployment rates with different network modelsApr 05 2011To understand the factors that encourage the deployment of a new networking technology, we must be able to model how such technology gets deployed. We investigate how network structure influences deployment with a simple deployment model and different ... More
Efficient Batch Update of Unique Identifiers in a Distributed Hash Table for Resources in a Mobile HostJun 05 2007Jun 21 2010Resources in a distributed system can be identified using identifiers based on random numbers. When using a distributed hash table to resolve such identifiers to network locations, the straightforward approach is to store the network location directly ... More
Dynamics of Diffeomorphism Degrees of Freedom at a HorizonNov 02 2010Mar 19 2011We define a set of boundary conditions that ensure the presence of a null hypersurface with the essential characteristics of a horizon, using the formalism of weakly isolated horizons as a guide. We then determine the diffeomorphisms that preserve these ... More
The Study of Entangled States in Quantum Computation and Quantum Information ScienceAug 11 2008This thesis explores the use of entangled states in quantum computation and quantum information science. Entanglement, a quantum phenomenon with no classical counterpart, has been identified as an important and quantifiable resource in many areas of theoretical ... More
Kondo effect in coupled quantum dots with RKKY interaction: Finite temperature and magnetic field effectsJul 28 2006We study transport through two quantum dots coupled by an RKKY interaction as a function of temperature and magnetic field. By applying the Numerical Renormalization Group (NRG) method we obtain the transmission and the linear conductance. At zero temperature ... More
Search for Neutron-Antineutron Oscillations Using Multiprong Events in Soudan 2May 28 2002We have searched for neutron-antineutron oscillations using the 5.56 fiducial kiloton-year exposure of the Soudan 2 iron tracking calorimeter. We require candidate n-nbar occurrences to have .GE. 4 prongs (tracks and showers) and to have kinematics compatible ... More
Measures for a Multidimensional MultiverseNov 19 2012Nov 16 2014We explore the phenomenological implications of generalizing measures to a multidimensional multiverse. We consider a simple model in which the vacua are nucleated from a $D$-dimensional parent spacetime through dynamical compactification of the extra ... More
Quantum criticality in Kondo quantum dot coupled to helical edge states of interacting 2D topological insulatorsJan 26 2012Apr 01 2012We investigate theoretically the quantum phase transition (QPT) between the one-channel Kondo (1CK) and two-channel Kondo (2CK) fixed points in a quantum dot coupled to helical edge states of interacting 2D topological insulators (2DTI) with Luttinger ... More
Can the vertical motions in the eyewall of tropical cyclones support persistent UAV flight?Aug 15 2014Powered flights in the form of manned or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been flying into tropical cyclones to obtain vital atmospheric measurements with flight duration typically lasting between 12 and 36 hours. Convective vertical motion properties ... More
Renormalization group improvement of the effective potential in massive $φ^4$ theoryMay 12 1999Using the method of renormalization group, we improve the two-loop effective potential of the massive $\phi^4$ theory to obtain the next-next-to-leading logarithm correction in the $\bar{MS}$ scheme. Our result well reproduces the next-next-to-leading ... More
Induced Lorentz- and CPT-violating Chern-Simons term in QED: Fock-Schwinger proper time methodJan 16 2001Using the Fock-Schwinger proper time method, we calculate the induced Chern-Simons term arising from the Lorentz- and CPT-violating sector of quantum electrodynamics with a $b_\mu \bar{\psi}\gamma^\mu \gamma_5 \psi$ term. Our result to all orders in $b$ ... More
Three-Loop Effective Potential of O(N) $φ^4$ TheoryJul 26 1998Nov 23 1998The three-loop effective potential of the massless O(N) $\phi^4$ theory is calculated analytically using techniques of dimensional regularization. We see a complete agreement between our result and Jackiw's result obtained only up to two-loop order using ... More
Renormalization conditions and the effective potential of the massless phi^4 theoryApr 10 1998We point out that there is a missing portion in the two-loop effective potential of the massless O(N) phi^4 theory obtained by Jackiw in his classic paper, Phys. Rev. D 9, 1686 (1974).
Quantum criticality of the two-channel pseudogap Anderson model: Universal scaling in linear and non-linear conductanceJan 18 2015The quantum criticality of the two-lead two-channel pseudogap Anderson model is studied. Based on the non-crossing approximation, we calculate both the linear and nonlinear conductance of the model at finite temperatures with a voltage bias and a power-law ... More
Nonequilibrium occupation number and charge susceptibility of a resonance level close to a dissipative quantum phase transitionFeb 22 2010Based on the recent paper (Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 216803, (2009)), we study the nonequilibrium occupation number and charge susceptibility of a resonance level close to a dissipative quantum phase transition of the Kosterlitz-Thouless (KT) type between ... More
Concept of spinsonde for multi-cycle measurement of vertical wind profile of tropical cyclonesSep 23 2014Tropical cyclones and cyclogenesis are active areas of research. Chute-operated dropsondes jointly developed by NASA and NCAR are capable of acquiring high resolution vertical wind profile of tropical cyclones. This paper proposes a chute-free vertical ... More
Competing Orders and Superconductivity in the Doped Mott Insulator on the Shastry-Sutherland LatticeOct 17 2003Quantum antiferromagnets on geometrically frustrated lattices often allow a number of unusual paramagnetic ground states. The fate of these Mott insulators upon doping is an important issue that may shed some light on the high $T_c$ cuprate problem. We ... More
Evaluation of a Class of Two-Scale Three-Loop Vacuum DiagramsMar 15 2002As a generalization of a previous work [Phys. Rev. D. {\bf 59}, 105014 (1999)], we compute analytically a class of three-loop vacuum diagrams with two {\em arbitrarily} different mass scales. We use a decomposition algorithm in which the integrand of ... More
Calculation of a Class of Three-Loop Vacuum Diagrams with Two Different Mass ValuesMay 23 1998Apr 23 1999We calculate analytically a class of three-loop vacuum diagrams with two different mass values, one of which is one-third as large as the other, using the method of Chetyrkin, Misiak, and M\"{u}nz in the dimensional regularization scheme. All pole terms ... More
Quantum criticality out of equilibrium in the pseudogap Kondo modelJul 12 2011We theoretically investigate the non-equilibrium quantum phase transition in a generic setup: the pseudogap Kondo model where a quantum dot couples to two-left (L) and right (R)-voltage-biased fermionic leads with power-law density of states (DOS) with ... More
RG-Improved Three-Loop Effective Potential of the Massive $φ^4$ theoryNov 24 1999Feb 01 2002The renormalization group method is applied to the three-loop effective potential of the massive $\phi^4$ theory in the $\bar{\rm MS}$ scheme in order to obtain the next-next-next-to-leading logarithm resummation. For this, we exploit four-loop parts ... More
Kondo effect in a side-coupled double-quantum-dot system embedded in a mesoscopic ringAug 05 2009Sep 04 2009We study the finite size effect of the Kondo screening cloud in a double-quantum-dot setup via a large-N slave-boson mean-field theory. In this setup, one of the dots is embedded in a close metallic ring with a finite size $L$ and the other dot is side-coupled ... More
Two-stage Kondo effect in side-coupled quantum dots: Renormalized perturbative scaling theory and Numerical Renormalization Group analysisJul 24 2007We study numerically and analytically the dynamical (AC) conductance through a two-dot system, where only one of the dots is coupled to the leads but it is also side-coupled to the other dot through an antiferromagnetic exchange (RKKY) interaction. In ... More
Tunable Fano-Kondo resonance in side-coupled double quantum dot systemApr 28 2010We study the interference between the Fano and Kondo effects in a side-coupled double-quantum- dot system where one of the quantum dots couples to conduction electron bath while the other dot only side-couples to the first dot via antiferromagnetic (AF) ... More
A weak form of beyond endoscopic decomposition for the stable trace formula of odd orthogonal groupsAug 11 2016Aug 17 2016We show that the cuspidal component of the stable trace formula of a special odd orthogonal group over a number field, satisfies a weak form of beyond endoscopic decomposition. We also study the $r$-stable trace formula, when $r$ is the standard or the ... More
The $L^2$ Volume of the Space of Holomorphic Maps from Kähler Riemann Surfaces to $\mathbb{CP}^k$Apr 04 2015May 14 2015We prove the conjectural formula for the $L^2$ volume of the space of degree $r$ holomorphic maps from a compact K\"ahler Riemann surface of genus $b$ to $\pk$. This formula was posed in \cite{Ba} and rigorously verified in \cite{Sp} for a special case ... More
The Chern-Simons Coefficient in Supersymmetric Non-abelian Chern-Simons Higgs TheoriesApr 07 1999May 14 1999By taking into account the effect of the would be Chern-Simons term, we calculate the quantum correction to the Chern-Simons coefficient in supersymmetric Chern-Simons Higgs theories with matter fields in the fundamental representation of SU(n). Because ... More
Unstable Angina is a syndrome correlated to mixed Th17 and Th1 immune disorderNov 20 2013Unstable angina is common clinical manifestation of atherosclerosis. However, the detailed pathogenesis of unstable angina is still not known. Here, I propose that unstable angina is a mixed TH17 and TH1 immune disorder. By using microarray analysis, ... More
Sepsis is a syndrome with hyperactivity of TH17-like innate immunity and hypoactivity of adaptive immunityNov 19 2013Currently, there are two major theories for the pathogenesis of sepsis: hyperimmune and hypoimmune. Hyperimmune theory suggests that cytokine storm causes the symptoms of sepsis. On the contrary, hypoimmune theory suggests that immunosuppression causes ... More
Detecting the Higgs Bosons of Minimal Supergravity with Muon PairsNov 13 1997The prospects at the CERN LHC are investigated for the discovery via decays into muon pairs of neutral Higgs bosons in the minimal supergravity model. Promising results are found for the CP-odd pseudoscalar ($A^0$) and the heavier CP-even scalar ($H^0$) ... More
Implications of New CMB Data for Neutralino Dark MatterJun 17 2001The combination of new cosmic microwave background data with cosmological priors has determined the physical cold dark matter (cdm) density to be $\Omega_{\rm cdm} h^2 = 0.13\pm0.01$. We find the corresponding regions of parameters in the minimal supergravity ... More
DISCOVERING THE HIGGS BOSONS OF MINIMAL SUPERSYMMETRY WITH MUONSMar 22 1995The prospects of detecting neutral Higgs bosons in the minimal supersymmetric model via their decays into muon pairs at the LHC are investigated. The CMS detector performance is adopted for a realistic study of observability. It is found that the muon ... More
Abelian Gauge Fluxes and Local Models in F-TheoryNov 03 2009Feb 28 2010We analyze the Abelian gauge fluxes in local F-theory models with G_S=SU(6) and SO(10). For the case of G_S=SO(10), there is a no-go theorem which states that for an exotic-free spectrum, there are no solutions for U(1)^2 gauge fluxes. We explicitly construct ... More
Birkhoff spectra for one-dimensional maps with some hyperbolicityMar 11 2008We study the multifractal analysis for smooth dynamical systems in dimension one. It is characterized the Hausdorff dimension of the level set obtained from the Birkhoff averages of a continuous function by the local dimensions of hyperbolic measures ... More
Estimation errors of the Sharpe ratio for long-memory stochastic volatility modelsFeb 27 2007The Sharpe ratio, which is defined as the ratio of the excess expected return of an investment to its standard deviation, has been widely cited in the financial literature by researchers and practitioners. However, very little attention has been paid ... More
New exponential, logarithm and q-probability in the non-extensive statistical physicsFeb 07 2013In this paper, a new exponential and logarithm related to the non-extensive statistical physics is proposed by using the q-sum and q-product which satisfy the distributivity. And we discuss the q-mapping from an ordinary probability to q-probability. ... More
On the representation of $A_{\kk}(2)$ algebra and $A_{\kk}(d)$ algebraDec 27 2012In this paper the representation of $A_{\kk}(2)$ algebra given by Daoud and Kibler [M.Daoud and M.Kibler, J.Phys.A 43 115303 (2010), 45 244036 (2012)] is investigated. It is shown that the new generators are necessary for consistency of the algebra. The ... More
Fermions out of Dipolar Bosons in the lowest Landau levelDec 19 2007Apr 15 2008In the limit of very fast rotation atomic Bose-Einstein condensates may reside entirely in the lowest two-dimensional Landau level (LLL). For small enough filling factor of the LLL, one may have formation of fractional quantum Hall states. We investigate ... More
The cosmic origin of supersymmetry and internal symmetryJan 31 2001Feb 06 2001The cosmic vacuum is the wavefunction of the eleven dimensional Planck supermembrane. The Planck wavefunction is the superposition of dimensions from eleven to four dimensional spacetime with decreasing energy and increasing size. The cosmic vacuum is ... More
The masses of elementary particles and hadronsMar 23 2000Jul 28 2001The masses of elementary particles and hadrons can be calculated from the periodic table of elementary particles. The periodic table is derived from dimensional hierarchy for the seven extra spatial dimensions. As a molecule is the composite of atoms ... More
Boundary Conditions of Subharmonic Oscillations in Fixed-Switching-Frequency DC-DC ConvertersFeb 20 2012Mar 27 2012Design-oriented boundary conditions for subharmonic oscillations are of great interest recently. Based on a subharmonic oscillation boundary condition reported in a PhD thesis more than a decade ago, extended new boundary conditions are derived in closed ... More
Closed-Form Critical Conditions of Subharmonic Oscillations for Buck ConvertersMar 26 2012A general critical condition of subharmonic oscillation in terms of the loop gain is derived. Many closed-form critical conditions for various control schemes in terms of converter parameters are also derived. Some previously known critical conditions ... More
Robustness of complex many-body networks: Novel perspective in 2D metal-insulator transitionFeb 10 2014May 27 2014We present a novel theoretical framework established by complex network analysis for understanding the phase transition beyond the Landau symmetry breaking paradigm. In this paper we take a two-dimensional metal-insulator transition driven by electron ... More
Schechter vs. Schechter: Sub-Arcsecond Gravitational Lensing and Inner Halo ProfilesNov 21 2002Jan 08 2003Sub-arcsecond lensing statistics depend sensitively on the inner mass profiles of low-mass objects and the faint-end slopes of the Schechter luminosity function and the Press-Schechter mass function. By requiring the luminosity and mass functions to give ... More
Neutrinos and Dark MatterApr 01 1999In these lectures I highlight some key features of massive neutrinos in the context of cosmology. I first review the thermal history and the free-streaming kinematics of the uniform cosmic background neutrinos. I then describe how fluctuations in the ... More
Effects of Residue Background Events in Direct Dark Matter Detection Experiments on the Determinations of Ratios of WIMP-Nucleon Cross SectionsApr 28 2011Aug 16 2011In our work on the development of model-independent data analysis methods for determining ratios between different couplings/cross sections of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) by using measured recoil energies from direct Dark Matter detection ... More
Effects of Residue Background Events in Direct Detection Experiments on Determining Properties of Halo Dark MatterNov 09 2010We reexamine the model-independent data analysis methods for extracting properties of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) by using data (measured recoil energies) from direct Dark Matter detection experiments directly and, as a more realistic ... More
Monads for natural language semanticsMay 17 2002Accounts of semantic phenomena often involve extending types of meanings and revising composition rules at the same time. The concept of monads allows many such accounts -- for intensionality, variable binding, quantification and focus -- to be stated ... More
Asymptotic spectral flow for Dirac operators of disjoint Dehn twistsApr 26 2011Jul 08 2013Let Y be a compact, oriented 3-manifold with a contact form a. For any Dirac operator D, we study the asymptotic behavior of the spectral flow between D and D+cl(-ira) as r very large. If a is the Thurston-Winkelnkemper contact form whose monodromy is ... More
Study of $π^{0}$ and $η$ decays containing dileptonDec 11 2009Oct 20 2010We calculate the momentum dependent form factors of $P \to \gamma^* \gamma^*$($P=\pi^{0}, \eta$) within the light-front quark model. Using the form factors, we examine the decays of $P \to l^+ l^-$, $P \to l^+ l^- \gamma$ and $P \to l^+ l^- l^+ l^-$($l=e$ ... More
Diffractive Production at Collider Energies and FactorizationOct 03 1998The most important consequence of Pomeron being a pole is the factorization property. However, due to Pomeron intercept being greater than 1, the extrapolated single diffraction dissociation cross section based on a classical triple-Pomeron formula is ... More
Diffraction Association and Flavoring of PomeronMay 14 1998The most important consequence of Pomeron being a pole is the factorization property. However, due to Pomeron intercept being greater than 1, the extrapolated single diffraction dissociation cross section based on a classical triple-Pomeron formula is ... More
Finding Consensus in Multi-Agent Networks Using Heat Kernel PagerankJul 31 2015We present a new and efficient algorithm for determining a consensus value for a network of agents. Different from existing algorithms, our algorithm evaluates the consensus value for very large networks using heat kernel pagerank. We consider two frameworks ... More
Stable maps of genus $0$ in the space of stable vector bundles on a curveDec 24 2015Let $X$ be a smooth projective curve with genus $g\geq3$. Let $\mathcal{N}$ be the moduli space of stable rank two vector bundles $E$ on $X$ with a fixed determinant $\mathcal{O}_X(-x)$ for $x\in X$. In this paper, as a generalization of Kiem and Castravet's ... More
Categories as models on a suitable algebraic theorySep 09 2011We explain how categories, and groupoids, can be seen as models for a Lawvere ${\mathfrak Gr}$-theory, where ${\mathfrak Gr}$ is the category of graphs, and show that for Lawvere ${\mathfrak Gr}$-theories finitely presentable models are finitely presentable ... More
Motion Estimation and Correction in Photoacoustic Tomographic ReconstructionSep 27 2016Motion, e.g., due to patient movement or improper device calibration, is inevitable in many imaging modalities such as photoacoustic tomography (PAT) by a rotating system and can lead to undesirable motion artifacts in image reconstructions, if ignored. ... More
Strong Duality Theorem for Continuous-Time Linear Programming ProblemsMay 09 2014Oct 31 2014This paper is aimed to prove the strong duality theorem for continuous-time linear programming problems in which the coefficients are assumed to be piecewise continuous functions. The previous paper proved the strong duality theorem for the case of piecewise ... More
Dynamic asymptotic dimension and $K$-theory of Banach crossed product algebrasNov 28 2016We apply controlled (or quantitative) $K$-theory to prove that a certain $L_p$ assembly map is an isomorphism for $p\in(1,\infty)$ when a countable discrete group $\Gamma$ acts with finite dynamic asymptotic dimension on a compact Hausdorff space $X$. ... More
Reduction of a Class of Three-Loop Vacuum Diagrams to Tetrahedron TopologiesJan 16 2001Jan 19 2001We obtain finite parts (as well as $\epsilon$-pole parts) of massive three-loop vacuum diagrams with three-point and/or four-point interaction vertices by reducing them to tetrahedron diagrams with both massive and massless lines, whose finite parts were ... More
Network topology: detecting topological phase transitions in the Kitaev chain and the rotor planeAug 01 2013May 08 2014We propose a novel network measure of topological invariants, called small-worldness, for identifying topological phase transitions of quantum and classical spin models. Small-worldness is usually defined in the study of social networks based on the best ... More
Galois representations attached to automorphic forms on GL_2 over CM fieldsSep 25 2011Sep 03 2013In this paper we generalize the work of Harris-Soudry-Taylor and construct the compatible systems of two-dimensional Galois representations attached to cuspidal automorphic representations of cohomological type on GL_2 over a CM field with a suitable ... More
On the $q$-Laplace transform in the non-extensive statistical physicsJan 23 2013In this paper, q-Laplace transforms related to the non-extensive thermodynamics are investigated by using the algebraic operation of the non-extensive calculus. The deformed simple harmonic problem is discussed by using the q-Laplace transform.
Evaluation of Stopping Powers of Superheavy Ions with $\it{Z}$ up to 124 in Al and UFeb 01 2015Electronic and nuclear stopping powers of superheavy ions with $\it{Z}$ up to 124 and $\it{A}$=300 in Al and U were estimated in the energy range of 0.01-0.20 MeV/u. The corresponding stopping powers were estimated using stopping powers of ions with 6$\leq$$\it{Z}$$\leq$92 ... More
On Global Flipped SU(5) GUTs in F-theoryAug 15 2010Mar 27 2011We construct an SU(4) spectral divisor and its factorization of types (3,1) and (2,2) based on the construction proposed in [1]. We calculate the chiral spectra of flipped SU(5) GUTs by using the spectral divisor construction. The results agree with those ... More
Using Nyquist or Nyquist-Like Plot to Predict Three Typical Instabilities in DC-DC ConvertersApr 09 2012By transforming an exact stability condition, a new Nyquist-like plot is proposed to predict occurrences of three typical instabilities in DC-DC converters. The three instabilities are saddle-node bifurcation (coexistence of multiple solutions), period-doubling ... More
AMIDAS-II: Upgrade of the AMIDAS Package and Website for Direct Dark Matter Detection Experiments and PhenomenologyMar 22 2014Nov 13 2014In this paper, we give a detailed user's guide to the AMIDAS (A Model-Independent Data Analysis System) package and website, which is developed for online simulations and data analyses for direct Dark Matter detection experiments and phenomenology. Recently, ... More
Effects of Residue Background Events in Direct Dark Matter Detection Experiments on the Estimation of the Spin-Independent WIMP-Nucleon CouplingMar 21 2011Aug 16 2011In our work on the development of a model-independent data analysis method for estimating the spin-independent (SI) scalar coupling of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) on nucleons by using measured recoil energies from direct Dark Matter detection ... More
Uploading User-Defined Functions onto the AMIDAS WebsiteOct 11 2009The AMIDAS website has been established as an online interactive tool for running simulations and analyzing data in direct Dark Matter detection experiments. At the first phase of the website building, only some commonly used WIMP velocity distribution ... More
Background effects on reconstructed WIMP couplingsJan 28 2012In this talk, I presented effects of small, but non-negligible unrejected background events on the determinations of WIMP couplings/cross sections.
Analyzing Direct Dark Matter Detection Data by the AMIDAS WebsiteSep 01 2011In this talk I have presented the data analysis results of extracting properties of halo WIMPs: the mass and the (ratios between the) spin-independent and spin-dependent couplings/cross sections on nucleons by the AMIDAS website. Although non-standard ... More
Determining Ratios of WIMP-Nucleon Cross Sections from Direct Dark Matter Detection DataMar 02 2011Jul 04 2011Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) are one of the leading candidates for Dark Matter. So far the usual procedure for constraining the WIMP-nucleon cross sections in direct Dark Matter detection experiments have been to fit the predicted event ... More