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Anisotropic Magnetoresistance and Nontrivial Spin Magnetoresistance in Pt/$α$-Fe$_2$O$_3$ Bilayers: Evidence for Antiferromagnetic Proximity EffectJun 11 2019To date, magnetic proximity effect (MPE) has only been conclusively observed in ferromagnet (FM) based systems. We report the observation of anomalous Hall effect and anisotropic magnetoresistance in angular dependent magnetoresistance (ADMR) measurements ... More
Reliable Electrical Switching of Tri-State Antiferromagnetic Néel Order in $α$-Fe$_2$O$_3$ Epitaxial FilmsJun 11 2019The ability to manipulate antiferromagnetic (AF) moments is a key requirement for the emerging field of antiferromagnetic spintronics. Electrical switching of bi-state AF moments has been demonstrated in metallic AFs, CuMnAs and Mn$_2$Au. Recently, current-induced ... More
A Multi-variable Stacked Long-Short Term Memory Network for Wind Speed ForecastingNov 24 2018Precisely forecasting wind speed is essential for wind power producers and grid operators. However, this task is challenging due to the stochasticity of wind speed. To accurately predict short-term wind speed under uncertainties, this paper proposed a ... More
Asymptotic properties of one-step $M$-estimators based on nonidentically distributed observations with applications to nonlinear regression problemsMar 11 2015Apr 11 2016We study asymptotic behavior of one-step $M$-estimators based on samples from arrays of not necessarily identically distributed random variables and representing explicit approximations to the corresponding consistent $M$-estimators. These estimators ... More
Cluster categories for marked surfaces: punctured caseOct 31 2013Jan 08 2017We study the cluster categories arising from marked surfaces (with punctures and non-empty boundaries). By constructing skewed-gentle algebras, we show that there is a bijection between tagged curves and string objects. Applications include interpreting ... More
Decorated marked surfaces II: Intersection numbers and dimensions of HomsNov 14 2014Jun 02 2017We study the 3-Calabi-Yau categories $\mathcal{D}$ arising from quivers with potential associated to a decorated marked surface $\mathbf{S}_\bigtriangleup$ introduced by the first author. We prove two conjectures in the prequel, that under a bijection ... More
Decorated marked surfaces II: Intersection numbers and dimensions of HomsNov 14 2014May 28 2015We study the 3-Calabi-Yau categories $\mathcal{D}$ arising from quivers with potential associated to a decorated marked surface $\mathbf{S}_\bigtriangleup$ introduced by the first author. We prove two conjectures in the prequel, that under a bijection ... More
Finite presentations for spherical/braid twist groups from decorated marked surfacesMar 29 2017Oct 29 2018We give a finite presentation for the braid twist group of a decorated surface. If the decorated surface arises from a triangulated marked surface without punctures, we obtain a finite presentation for the spherical twist group of the associated 3-Calabi-Yau ... More
Displacement induced electric force and natural self-oscillation of a free electronApr 13 2013Jun 13 2013We show that a kind of displacement induced temporary electric force of a single point charge can be derived by using Maxwell stress analysis. This force comes from the variation of the charge's electric intensities that follow Coulomb's inverse square ... More
Asymptotics for turbulent flame speeds of the viscous G-equation enhanced by cellular and shear flowsJul 20 2010Aug 03 2010G-equations are well-known front propagation models in turbulent combustion and describe the front motion law in the form of local normal velocity equal to a constant (laminar speed) plus the normal projection of fluid velocity. In level set formulation, ... More
Cluster categories for marked surfaces: punctured caseOct 31 2013May 24 2015We study the cluster categories arising from marked surfaces (with punctures and non-empty boundaries). By constructing skewed-gentle algebras, we show that there is a bijection between tagged curves and string objects. Applications include interpreting ... More
Weil asymptotic formula for the Laplacian on domains with rough boundariesOct 07 2003We study asymptotic distribution of eigenvalues of the Laplacian on a bounded domain in $ \R^n$. Our main results include an explicit remainder estimate in the Weyl formula for the Dirichlet Laplacian on an arbitrary bounded domain, sufficient conditions ... More
Asymptotic properties of one-step weighted $M$-estimators and applications to some regression problemsMay 11 2015Jul 04 2015We study asymptotic behavior of one-step weighted $M$-estimators based on samples from arrays of not necessarily identically distributed random variables and representing explicit approximations to the corresponding consistent weighted $M$-estimators. ... More
On the existence of natural self-oscillation of a free electronJan 11 2012Jan 27 2013The possibility of the existence of natural self-oscillation of a free electron is suggested. This oscillation depends on the interaction of the electron with its own electromagnetic fields. Suitable standing wave solutions of the electromagnetic fields ... More
Turbulent Flame Speeds of G-equation Models in Unsteady Cellular FlowsOct 05 2012We perform a computationl study of front speeds of G-equation models in time dependent cellular flows. The G-equations arise in premixed turbulent combustion, and are Hamilton-Jacobi type level set partial differential equations (PDEs). The curvature-strain ... More
Surgery on links with unknotted components and three-manifoldsJan 22 2008It is shown that any closed three-manifold M obtained by integral surgery on a knot in the three-sphere can always be constructed from integral surgeries on a 3-component link L with each component being an unknot in the three-sphere. It is also interesting ... More
On descriptions of products of simplicesSep 19 2016We give several new criteria to judge whether a simple convex polytope in an Euclidean space is combinatorially equivalent to a product of simplices. These criteria are mixtures of combinatorial, geometrical and topological conditions that are inspired ... More
Building Robust Crowdsourcing Systems with Reputation-aware Decision Support TechniquesFeb 07 2015Jan 22 2016Crowdsourcing refers to the arrangement in which contributions are solicited from a large group of unrelated people. Due to this nature, crowdsourcers (or task requesters) often face uncertainty about the workers' capabilities which, in turn, affects ... More
On Non-homogeneity of Takagi functionsNov 13 2016Here we study the non-homogeneity via the Assouad dimension of graphs of Takagi functions $T_{a,b}(x):[0,1]\to\mathbb{R}$ with real parameters $a,b$ such that the product $ab$ is a root of a Littlewood polynomial. Such algebraic integers can be proved ... More
Some Compactness Results Related to Scalar Curvature DeformationFeb 27 2006Mar 01 2006Motivated by the prescribing scalar curvature problem, we study the equation $\Delta_g u +Ku^p=0 (1+\zeta \leq p \leq \frac{n+2}{n-2})$ on locally conformally flat manifolds $(M,g)$ with $R(g)=0$. We prove that when $K$ satisfies certain conditions and ... More
Universal Logarithmic Scrambling in Many Body LocalizationAug 09 2016Aug 28 2016Out of time ordered correlator (OTOC) is recently introduced as a powerful diagnose for quantum chaos. To go beyond, here we present an analytical solution of OTOC for a non-chaotic many body localized (MBL) system, showing distinct feature from quantum ... More
Some Estimates of Fundamental Solution on noncompact manifolds with time-dependent metricsOct 03 2008In this article, we obtain some further estimates of fundamental solutions comparing to the result of Chau-Tam-Yu and give some applications of the estimates on asymptotic behaviors of fundamental solutions.
Curvature identities on almost Hermitian manifolds and applicationsSep 25 2012In this paper, we systematically compute the Bianchi identities for the canonical connection on an almost Hermitian manifold. Moreover, we also compute the curvature tensor of the Levi-Civita connection on almost Hermitian manifolds in terms of curvature ... More
Integrable Systems, Obtained by Point Fusion from Rational and Elliptic Gaudin SystemsNov 04 2003Using the procedure of the marked point fusion, there are obtained integrable systems with poles in the matrix of the Lax operator order higher than one, considered Hamiltonians, symplectic structure and symmetries of these systems. Also, taking the Inozemtsev ... More
Time-dependent Sobolev inequality along the Ricci flowDec 10 2008Dec 19 2008In this article we get a time-dependent Sobolev inequality along the Ricci flow which generalizes the earlier results of Zhang, Ye, Hsu. As an application of the time-dependent Sobolev inequality, we also get a growth of the ratio of bob-collapsing along ... More
The weak solution to a Boltzmann type equation and its energy conservationMar 22 2016Apr 07 2016In this paper, we study the initial value problem of a Boltzmann type equation with a nonlinear degenerate damping. We prove the existence of global weak solutions with large initial data, in three dimensional space. We rely on a variant version of the ... More
A restriction for singularities on collapsing orbifoldsJan 24 2011Jul 07 2011An orbifold $X$ is locally homeomorphic to $G_x\backslash B_r(0)$, where $G_x$ is a finite group acting on $B_r(0)\subset{\mathbb R}^n$, so that $G_x(0)=0$. For collapsing orbifolds with isolated singularities, we show there is a uniform bound in $|G_x|$. ... More
Regular level sets of Lyapunov graphs of nonsingular Smale flows on 3-manifoldsJul 20 2010In this paper, we first discuss the regular level set of a nonsingular Smale flow (NSF) on a 3-manifold. The main result about this topic is that a 3-manifold $M$ admits an NSF flow which has a regular level set homeomorphic to $(n+1)T^{2}$ $(n\in \mathbb{Z}, ... More
Remembering LeoJan 05 2011I do not remember when was the first time that I met Leo, but I have a clear memory of going to Leo's office on the 4th floor of Evans Hall to talk to him in my second year in Berkeley's Ph.D. program in 1986. The details of the conversation are not retained ... More
On Non-homogeneity of Takagi functionsNov 13 2016Nov 15 2016Here we study the non-homogeneity via the Assouad dimension of graphs of Takagi functions $T_{a,b}(x):[0,1]\to\mathbb{R}$ with real parameters $a,b$ such that the product $ab$ is a root of a Littlewood polynomial. Such algebraic integers can be proved ... More
Phenomenology of Enhanced Light Quark Yukawa Couplings and the $W^\pm h$ Charge AsymmetrySep 21 2016I propose the measurement of the $W^\pm h$ charge asymmetry as a consistency test for the Standard Model (SM) Higgs, which is sensitive to enhanced Yukawa couplings of the first and second generation quarks. I present a collider analysis for the charge ... More
On the first homology of normal subgroups and Halperin-Carlsson ConjectureOct 15 2012May 04 2013For any finite index normal subgroup N of a finitely presented group G, we obtain some lower bounds of the rank of the first homology of N (with mod p coefficients) in terms of some invariants of G and G/N. Using this, we confirm the Halperin-Carlsson ... More
Logarithm laws for unipotent flows on $Γ\backslash SO_0(n+1,1)$Oct 21 2016We prove logarithm laws for unipotent flows on the homogeneous space $\Gamma\backslash G$ with $G=S0_0(n+1,1)$ for $n\geq 2$ and $\Gamma\subset G$ any non-uniform lattices in $G$. Our method relies on the estimate of norms of certain incomplete Eisenstein ... More
A quantum homomorphic encryption scheme for polynomial-sized circuitsOct 02 2018Mar 04 2019Quantum homomorphic encryption (QHE) is an encryption method that allows quantum computation to be performed on one party's private data with the program provided by another party, without revealing much information about the data nor about the program ... More
Three spheres inequalities and unique continuation for a three-dimensional Lamé system of elasticity with C^1 coefficientsNov 08 2008Sep 15 2009Assuming that the Lam\'{e} moduli $\mu$, $\lambda$ are $C^{\tiny{1}}$ and $n\geq2$, we prove quantitative estimates of a weak sense of strong unique continuation for thesolutions of the n-dimensional Lam\'{e} system of the form of three spheres inequalities. ... More
On compositeness of special types of integersApr 08 2010In paper on a classification of Lehmer triples, Juricevic conjectured that there are infinitely many primes of special form. We disprove one of his conjectures and consider the other one.
2-Selmer near-companion curvesOct 04 2016Nov 08 2016Let $E$ and $A$ be elliptic curves over a number field $K$. Let $\chi$ be a quadratic character of $K$. We prove the conjecture posed by Mazur and Rubin on $n$-Selmer near-companion curves in the case $n=2$. Namely, we show if the difference of the $2$-Selmer ... More
Selmer Ranks of twists of hyperelliptic curves and superelliptic curvesNov 23 2015We study the variation of Selmer ranks of Jacobians of twists of hyperelliptic curves and superelliptic curves. We find sufficient conditions for such curves to have infinitely many twists whose Jacobians have Selmer ranks equal to $r$, for any given ... More
Additive properties of even perfect numbersDec 30 2009A positive integer n is said to be perfect if sigma(n)=2n, where sigma denotes the sum of the divisors of n. In this article, we show that if n is an even perfect number, then any integer m<=n is expressed as a sum of some of divisors of n.
A traditional dealing with a semi-classical limit and Hopf theoremMay 06 1998This paper deals with a semi-classical limit (Theorem 1) by using traditional mathematical methods, and shows a Hopf theorem as a corollary. A formal discussion of it may be found in [7].
Primality tests for 2^kn-1 using elliptic curvesDec 29 2009We propose some primality tests for 2^kn-1, where k, n in Z, k>= 2 and n odd. There are several tests depending on how big n is. These tests are proved using properties of elliptic curves. Essentially, the new primality tests are the elliptic curve version ... More
A Microscopic Model of Edge States of Fractional Quantum Hall Liquid: From Composite Fermions to Calogero-Sutherland ModelJun 09 1999Jul 14 1999Based on the composite fermion approach, we derive a microscopic theory describing the low-lying edge excitations in the fractional quantum Hall liquid with $\nu=\frac{\nu^*}{\tilde\phi\nu^*+1}$. For $\nu^*>0$, it is found that the composite fermion model ... More
Efficient Similarity Indexing and Searching in High DimensionsMay 12 2015Efficient indexing and searching of high dimensional data has been an area of active research due to the growing exploitation of high dimensional data and the vulnerability of traditional search methods to the curse of dimensionality. This paper presents ... More
Vojta's Conjecture on Multiple Blowups of $\mathbb{P}^2$ and the $abc$ conjectureJan 15 2016Jan 23 2016We show that Vojta's conjecture for some rational surfaces is related to the $abc$ conjecture. More specifically, we prove that Vojta's conjecture on these surfaces implies a special case of the $abc$ conjecture, while the $abc$ conjecture implies Vojta's ... More
Ext-quivers of hearts of A-type and the orientation of associahedronFeb 28 2012Mar 22 2012We classify the Ext-quivers of hearts in the bounded derived category D(A_n) and the finite-dimensional derived category D(\Gamma_N A_n) of the Calabi-Yau-N Ginzburg algebra D(\Gamma_N A_n). This provides the classification for Buan-Thomas' colored quiver ... More
The Novikov conjecture for algebraic K-theory of the group algebra over the ring of Schatten class operatorsJun 20 2011Oct 21 2012In this paper, we prove the algebraic K-theory Novikov conjecture for group algebras over the ring of Schatten class operators. The main technical tool in the proof is an explicit construction of the Connes-Chern character.
A novel scheme for measuring the relative phase difference between S and P polarization in optically denser mediumJul 03 2013We demonstrate applications of a novel setup which is used for measuring relative phase difference between S and P polarization at oblique incidence point in optically denser medium by analyzing the relative frequency shift of adjacent axial modes of ... More
Spatial double choreographies of the Newtonian $2n$-body problemAug 29 2016Jan 12 2018In this paper, for the spatial Newtonian $2n$-body problem with equal masses, by proving the minimizers of the action functional under certain symmetric, topological and monotone constraints are collision-free, we found a family of spatial double choreographies, ... More
Connecting planar linear chains in the spatial $N$-body problemNov 14 2017Apr 30 2018The family of planar linear chains are found as collision-free action minimizers of the spatial $N$-body problem with equal masses under $D_N$ or $D_N \times \zz_2$-symmetry constraint and different types of topological constraints. This generalizes a ... More
Black holes and singularities in causal set gravityMay 09 2019A precise definition of a black hole has long been absent in causal set theory. I first show that the local finiteness of the theory cannot be interpreted as a complete discretization condition, and the theory still admits continua, which I call singular ... More
Cancelling Weyl anomaly from position dependent couplingNov 17 2017Dec 01 2017Once we put a quantum field theory on a curved manifold, it is natural to further assume that coupling constants are position dependent. The position dependent coupling constants then provide an extra contribution to the Weyl anomaly so that we may attempt ... More
Can we change $c$ in four-dimensional CFTs by exactly marginal deformations?Feb 08 2017Feb 21 2017There is no known obstructions, but we have not been aware of any concrete examples, either. The Wess-Zumino consistency condition for the conformal anomaly says that $a$ cannot change but does not say anything about $c$. In supersymmetric models, both ... More
Local renormalization group functions from quantum renormalization group and holographic bulk localityFeb 25 2015Apr 11 2015The bulk locality in the constructive holographic renormalization group requires miraculous cancellations among various local renormalization group functions. The cancellation is not only from the properties of the spectrum but from more detailed aspects ... More
Does anomalous violation of null energy condition invalidate holographic c-theorem?Nov 19 2012Null energy condition plays a crucial role in holographic renormalization group flow, leading to the holographic c-theorem. Unfortunately, the null energy condition is quantum mechanically violated. Even the averaged version can be violated. We discuss ... More
CP-violating CFT and trace anomalyJan 17 2012Jan 26 2012It is logically possible that the trace anomaly in four dimension includes the Hirzebruch-Pontryagin density in CP violating theories. Although the term vanishes at free conformal fixed points, we realize such a possibility in the holographic renormalization ... More
Gravity Dual for Hofman-Strominger TheoremDec 03 2011We provide a gravity counterpart of the theorem by Hofman and Strominger that in (1+1) dimension, chiral scale invariance indicates chiral conformal invariance. We show that the strict null energy condition gives a sufficient condition to guarantee the ... More
Higher derivative corrections in holographic Zamolodchikov-Polchinski theoremSep 02 2010Dec 03 2011We study higher derivative corrections in holographic dual of Zamolodchikov-Polchinski theorem that states the equivalence between scale invariance and conformal invariance in unitary d-dimensional Poincare invariant field theories. From the dual holographic ... More
Eternal Inflation with Liouville CosmologyJul 30 2010Jan 03 2011We present a concrete holographic realization of the eternal inflation and its census taker in (1+1) dimensional Liouville gravity by applying the FRW/CFT philosophy proposed by Freivogel, Sekino, Susskind and Yeh (FSSY). The dual boundary theory is nothing ... More
Refined Cigar and Omega-deformed ConifoldApr 17 2010Jul 30 2010Antoniadis et al proposed a relation between the Omega-deformation and refined correlation functions of the topological string theory. We investigate the proposal for the deformed conifold geometry from a non-compact Gepner model approach. The topological ... More
Non-compact Mirror Bundles and (0,2) Liouville TheoriesOct 22 2008We study (0,2) deformations of N=2 Liouville field theory and its mirror duality. A gauged linear sigma model construction of the ultraviolet theory connects (0,2) deformations of Liouville field theory and (0,2) deformations of N=2 SL(2,R)/U(1) coset ... More
Hidden global conformal symmetry without Virasoro extension in theory of elasticityApr 04 2016Apr 19 2016The theory of elasticity (a.k.a. Riva-Cardy model) has been regarded as an example of scale invariant but not conformal field theories. We argue that in $d=2$ dimensions, the theory has hidden global conformal symmetry of $SL(2,\mathbb{R}) \times SL(2,\mathbb{R})$ ... More
Imaginary supergravity or Virial supergravity?Nov 04 2014When a globally supersymmetric theory is scale invariant, it must possess a Virial supercurrent supermultiplet. The multiplet structure is analogous to the R-current supermultiplet in globally R-symmetric theories but we put extra "$i$"s in various formulae. ... More
Anisotropic scale invariant cosmologyDec 28 2009Jan 14 2010We study a possibility of anisotropic scale invariant cosmology. It is shown that within the conventional Einstein gravity, the violation of the null energy condition is necessary. We construct an example based on a ghost condensation model that violates ... More
No Forbidden Landscape in String/M-theorySep 24 2009Dec 05 2009Scale invariant but non-conformal field theories are forbidden in (1+1) dimension, and so should be the corresponding holographic dual gravity theories. We conjecture that such scale invariant but non-conformal field configurations do not exist in the ... More
Stable SUSY Breaking Model with O(10) eV Gravitino from Combined D-term Gauge Mediation and U(1)' MediationDec 04 2007Jan 04 2008We show a calculable example of stable supersymmetry (SUSY) breaking models with O(10) eV gravitino mass based on the combination of D-term gauge mediation and U(1)' mediation. A potential problem of the negative mass squared for the SUSY standard model ... More
D-dualized D-braneJun 06 2007Jun 20 2007We further investigate the dimensional duality (D-duality) proposed in arXiv:0705.0550 by mainly focusing on the properties of D-branes in this background. We derive the world-sheet correspondence of static D-branes, and discuss the fate of non-static ... More
On biharmonic hypersurfaces with constant scalar curvatures in $\mathbb E^5(c)$Dec 23 2014We prove that proper biharmonic hypersurfaces with constant scalar curvature in Euclidean sphere $\mathbb S^5$ must have constant mean curvature. Moreover, we also show that there exist no proper biharmonic hypersurfaces with constant scalar curvature ... More
Exact Lagrangian Fillings of Legendrian $(2,n)$ torus linksJul 11 2016For a Legendrian $(2,n)$ torus knot or link with maximal Thurston-Bennequin number, Ekholm, Honda, and K\'alm\'an constructed $C_n$ exact Lagrangian fillings, where $C_n$ is the $n$-th Catalan number. We show that these exact Lagrangian fillings are pairwise ... More
Value distribution theoretical properties of the Gauss map of pseudo-algebraic minimal surfacesAug 14 2006In this thesis, we study value distribution theoretical properties of the Gauss map of pseudo-algebraic minimal surfaces in n-dimensional Euclidean space. After reviewing basic facts, we give estimates for the number of exceptional values and the totally ... More
Entanglement Between Bose-Einstein CondensatesOct 15 1999Jun 27 2002For a Bose condensate in a double-well potential or with two Josephson-coupled internal states, the condensate wavefunction is a superposition. Here we consider coupling two such Bose condensates, and suggest the existence of a joint condensate wavefunction, ... More
Remarks on Universal Quantum ComputerAug 24 1999Jan 20 2002According to Deutsch, a universal quantum Turing machine (UQTM) is able to perform, in repeating a fixed unitary transformation on the total system, an arbitrary unitary transformation on an arbitrary data state, by including a program as another part ... More
Early Gedanken Experiments of Quantum Mechanics RevisitedNov 19 1998Aug 29 2000The famous gedanken experiments of quantum mechanics have played crucial roles in developing the Copenhagen interpretation. They are studied here from the perspective of standard quantum mechanics, with no ontological interpretation involved. Bohr's investigation ... More
Assumption of nonvanishingness of vacuum expectation of the scalar field for spontaneous symmetry breaking is superfluousMar 02 1997Mar 22 1997For spontaneous breaking of global or gauge symmetry, it is superfluous to assume that the vacuum expectation value of the scalar field manifesting the symmetry is nonvanishing. The vacuum with spontaneous symmetry breaking simply corresponds to nonzero ... More
Exact Theorems Concerning CP and CPT Violations in C=-1 Entangled State of Pseudoscalar Neutral MesonsDec 13 2011Mar 27 2012Neutral pseudoscalar mesons in an entangled or Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen state are routinely produced in phi and B factories. Based on the peculiar properties of an entangled state, we present some general exact theorems about parameters characterizing ... More
Ground States of a Mixture of Two Species of Spinor Bose Gases with Interspecies Spin ExchangeDec 11 2009Sep 22 2010We consider a mixture of two species of spin-1 atoms with interspecies spin exchange, which may cooperate or compete with the intraspecies spin exchanges and thus dramatically affect the ground state. It represents a new class of bosonic gases differing ... More
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, Off-diagonal Long-range Order, and Nucleation of Quantum StateFeb 11 1997Mar 22 1997Spontaneous symmetry breaking originats in quantum mechanical measurement of the relevant observable defining the physical situation, order parameter is the average of this observable. A modification is made on the random-phase postulate validating the ... More
Local angular fractal and galaxy distributionDec 23 1996Jan 01 1997The power-law dependence of the angle in the angular projection of galaxy distribution is explained by assuming that in the spherical shells within a small angle the distributions are also fractal. If this local angular fractal is possessed, a fractal ... More
Symmetry-Breaking Transition and Spectral Singularity in Coupled $\mathcal{PT}$-Symmetric Quantum PotentialsDec 07 2016We study the scattering properties of $N$ identical one-dimensional localized $\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric potentials, connected in series as well as in parallel. We derive a general transfer matrix formalism for parallel coupled quantum scatterers, and apply ... More
Equilibrium Points and Orbits around Asteroid with the Full Gravitational Potential Caused by the 3D Irregular ShapeJun 30 2018We investigate the equilibrium points and orbits around asteroid 1333 Cevenola by considering the full gravitational potential caused by the 3D irregular shape. The gravitational potential and effective potential of asteroid 1333 Cevenola are calculated. ... More
Perturbation of self-similar sets and some regular configurations and comparison of fractalsFeb 10 2009We consider several distances between two sets of points, which are modifications of the Hausdorff metric, and apply them to describe some fractals such as $\delta$-quasi-self-similar sets, and some other geometric notions in Euclidean space, such as ... More
Erdős Semi-groups, arithmetic progressions and Szemerédi's theoremFeb 12 2018Apr 23 2018In this paper we introduce and study a certain type of sub semi-group of $\mathbb{R}/\mathbb{Z}$ which turns out to be closely related to \sz's theorem on arithmetic progressions.
De Sitter Thermodynamics from Diamonds's TemperatureApr 11 2005Jun 16 2005The thermal time hypothesis proposed by Rovelli [1] regards the physical basis for the flow of time as thermodynamical and provides a definition of the temperature for some special cases. We verify this hypothesis in the case of de Sitter spacetime by ... More
Topological Charge of ADHM Instanton on R^2_{NC}*R^2Apr 19 2004We have calculated the topological charge of U(N) instantons on non-degenerate noncommutative space time to be exactly the instanton number k in a previous paper [Mod.Phys.Lett. A18 1691]. This paper, which deals with the degenerate R^2_{NC}*R^2 case, ... More
High-precision terahertz frequency modulated continuous wave imaging method using continuous wavelet transformMay 28 2019Inspired by the extensive application of terahertz imaging technologies in the field of aerospace, we exploit a terahertz frequency modulated continuous wave imaging method with continuous wavelet transform algorithm to detect a multilayer heat shield ... More
Value distribution of the hyperbolic Gauss maps for flat fronts in hyperbolic three-spaceAug 10 2009Jan 18 2010We give an effective estimate for the totally ramified value number of the hyperbolic Gauss maps of complete flat fronts in the hyperbolic three-space. As a corollary, we give the upper bound of the number of exceptional values of them for some topological ... More
On dually flat general $(α,β)$-metricsDec 31 2013Feb 04 2015In this work, the dual flatness, which is connected with Statistics and Information geometry, of general $(\alpha,\beta)$-metrics (a new class of Finsler metrics) is studied. A nice characterization for such metrics to be dually flat under some suitable ... More
Deformations and Hilbert's Fourth ProblemSep 05 2012In this paper we study a class of Finsler metrics defined by a Riemannian metric and an 1-form. We classify those of projectively flat in dimension $n\geq3$ by a special class of deformations. The results show that the projective flatness of such kind ... More
Color-singlet relativistic correction to inclusive $J/ψ$ production associated with light hadrons at $B$ factoriesDec 30 2009Jun 17 2010We study the first-order relativistic correction to the associated production of $J/\psi$ with light hadrons at $B$ factory experiments at $\sqrt{s}=10.58$ GeV, in the context of NRQCD factorization. We employ a strategy for NRQCD expansion that slightly ... More
Short-range Interaction and Nonrelativistic Phi**4 Theory in Various DimensionsJan 23 2004We employ the effective field theory method to systematically study the short-range interaction in two-body sector in 2, 3 and 4 spacetime dimensions, respectively. The phi**4 theory is taken as a specific example and matched onto the nonrelativistic ... More
A New QCD Correction to Gauge Boson Decay into Heavy FlavorJul 06 2003We find that, at order alpha_s, the partial width of Z^0 to heavy flavors receives a power correction from a novel QCD mechanism, which is not suppressed by inverse powers of M_Z, but only by two unknown O(\lambdaqcd/m) constants. The hadronic W width ... More
Momentum computed tomography of charged particlesFeb 19 2013The principle of the momentum computed tomography of charged particles is presented. It may be useful for momentum spectroscopy of various beam-matter interactions, especially when very intense beams are involved. It is able to collect the shower of charged ... More
Equivalence of minimal time and minimal norm control problems for semilinear heat equationsAug 19 2013Apr 09 2014In this paper, we establish the equivalence of minimal time and minimal norm control problems for semilinear heat equations in which the controls are distributed internally in an open subset of the state domain. As an application, the Bang-Bang property ... More
Growth of higher Sobolev norms for energy critical NLS on irrational tori: small energy caseFeb 18 2017We consider the energy critical nonlinear Schrodinger equation on generic irrational tori. Using the long-time Strichartz estimates proved in [8], we establish polynomial upper bounds for higher Sobolev norms for solutions with small energy.
Maximal abelian subgroups of compact simple Lie groups of type EMar 11 2014We classify closed abelian subgroups of a compact simple Lie group of adjoint type and of type E having centralizer of the same dimension as the dimension of the subgroup and describe Weyl groups of maximal abelian subgroups.
Acceptable compact Lie groupsJun 17 2018Jul 31 2018This paper contributes to the goal of classifying acceptable groups. We show that for a connected compact semisimple Lie group to be acceptable it is necessary and sufficient that it is isomorphic to a direct product of the groups $SU(n)$, $Sp(n)$, $SO(2n+1)$, ... More
Twisted root system of a (*)-subgroupMay 16 2018Jul 20 2018We classify (*)-subgroups of compact Lie groups of adjoint type, and associate a twisted root system to every (*)-subgroup. We study the structure of twisted root system in several aspects: properties of the small Weyl group W_{small} and its normal subgroups ... More
A sufficient condition to a regular set of positive measure on RCD spacesAug 08 2017In this paper, we study regular sets in metric measure spaces with bounded Ricci curvature. We prove that the existence of a point in the regular set of the highest dimension implies the positivity of the measure of such regular set. Also we define thee ... More
A ramification theorem for the ratio of canonical forms of flat surfaces in hyperbolic three-spaceOct 14 2011Aug 09 2013We provide an effective ramification theorem for the ratio of canonical forms of a weakly complete flat front in the hyperbolic three-space. Moreover we give the two applications of this theorem, the first one is to show an analogue of the Ahlfors islands ... More
Non-Markovian Quantum Trajectories Versus Master Equations: Finite Temperature Heat BathFeb 12 2004Mar 31 2004The interrelationship between the non-Markovian stochastic Schr\"odinger equations and the corresponding non-Markovian master equations is investigated in the finite temperature regimes. We show that the general finite temperature non-Markovian trajectories ... More
On the Minimum Pair Approach for Average-Cost Markov Decision Processes with Countable Discrete Action Space and Strictly Unbounded CostsFeb 27 2019We consider average-cost Markov decision processes (MDPs) with Borel state space, countable, discrete action space, and strictly unbounded one-stage costs. For the minimum pair approach, we introduce a new majorization condition on the state transition ... More