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Universality of fluctuations in the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang class in high dimensions and its upper critical dimensionMay 05 2014Jul 30 2014We show that the theoretical machinery developed for the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) class in low dimensions are obeyed by the restricted solid-on-solid (RSOS) model for substrates with dimensions up to $d=6$. Analyzing different restriction conditions, ... More
Radial Restricted Solid-on-Solid and Etching Interface Growth ModelsFeb 26 2018In this work, an approach to generate radial interfaces is presented. A radial network recursively obtained is used to implement discrete model rules designed originally for the investigation in flat substrates. In order to test the proposed scheme, we ... More
Scaling, cumulant ratios and height distribution of the ballistic deposition in 3+1 and 4+1 dimensionsMar 28 2016Apr 07 2016We investigate the origin of the scaling corrections in ballistic deposition models in high dimensions using the method proposed by Alves \textit{et al}. [Phys Rev. E \textbf{90}, 052405 (20014)] in $d=2+1$ dimensions, where the intrinsic width associated ... More
Eden clusters in three-dimensions and the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality classSep 19 2012Oct 25 2012We present large-scale simulations of radial Eden clusters in three-dimensions and show that the growth exponent is in agreement with the value $\beta=0.242$ accepted for the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) universality class. Our results refute a recent assertion ... More
Effects of a kinetic barrier on limited-mobility interface growth modelsFeb 08 2019Mar 27 2019The role played by a kinetic barrier originated by out-of-plane step edge diffusion, introduced in [Leal \textit{et al.}, \href{}{J. Phys. Condens. Matter \textbf{23}, 292201 (2011)}], is investigated in the ... More
Scaling laws in the diffusion limited aggregation of persistent random walkersJul 27 2011We investigate the diffusion limited aggregation of particles executing persistent random walks. The scaling properties of both random walks and large aggregates are presented. The aggregates exhibit a crossover between ballistic and diffusion limited ... More
Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class in 2+1 dimensions: Universal geometry-dependent distributions and finite-time correctionsFeb 15 2013Apr 12 2013The dynamical regimes of models belonging to the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) universality class are investigated in d=2+1 by extensive simulations considering flat and curved geometries. Geometry-dependent universal distributions, different from their Tracy-Widom ... More
Effects of a kinetic barrier on limited-mobility interface growth modelsFeb 08 2019Feb 13 2019The role played by a kinetic barrier originated by out-of-plane step edge diffusion, introduced in [Leal \textit{et al.}, \href{}{J. Phys. Condens. Matter \textbf{23}, 292201 (2011)}], is investigated in the ... More
Non-universal parameters, corrections and universality in Kardar-Parisi-Zhang growthFeb 15 2013Apr 12 2013We present a comprehensive numerical investigation of non-universal parameters and corrections related to interface fluctuations of models belonging to the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) universality class, in d=1+1, for both flat and curved geometries. We ... More
On the origins of scaling corrections in ballistic growth modelsSep 08 2014We study the ballistic deposition and the grain deposition models on two-dimensional substrates. Using the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) ansatz for height fluctuations, we show that the main contribution to the intrinsic width, which causes strong corrections ... More
Effects of a kinetic barrier on limited-mobility interface growth modelsFeb 08 2019The role played by a kinetic barrier originated by out-of-plane step edge diffusion, introduced in [Leal \textit{et al.}, \href{}{J. Phys. Condens. Matter \textbf{23}, 292201 (2011)}], is investigated in the ... More
Local vs. long-range infection in unidimensional epidemicsJan 28 2019We study the effects of local and distance interactions in the unidimensional contact process (CP). In the model, each site of a lattice is occupied by an individual, which can be healthy or infected. As in the standard CP, each infected individual spreads ... More
Continuous and discontinuous absorbing-state phase transitions on Voronoi-Delaunay random latticesSep 17 2015Dec 18 2015We study absorbing-state phase transitions in two-dimensional Voronoi-Delaunay (VD) random lattices with quenched coordination disorder. Quenched randomness usually changes the criticality and destroys discontinuous transitions in low-dimensional nonequilibrium ... More
Logarithm corrections in the critical behavior of the Ising model on a triangular lattice modulated with the Fibonacci sequenceMay 15 2018We investigated the critical behavior of the Ising model in a triangular lattice with ferro and anti-ferromagnetic interactions modulated by the Fibonacci sequence, by using finite-size numerical simulations. Specifically, we used a replica exchange Monte ... More
Critical behavior of the 2D Ising model modulated by the Octonacci sequenceSep 22 2017Nov 08 2017We investigated the Ising model on a square lattice with ferro and antiferromagnetic interactions modulated by the quasiperiodic Octonacci sequence in both directions of the lattice. We have applied the Replica Exchange Monte Carlo (Parallel Tempering) ... More
Hallmarks of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class elicited by scanning probe microscopyJan 18 2016Sep 17 2016Scanning probe microscopy (SPM) is a fundamental technique for the analysis of surfaces. In the present work, the interface statistics of surfaces scanned with a probe tip was analyzed for both \textit{in silico} and experimental systems that \textit{do ... More
Percolation on infinite graphs and isoperimetric inequalitiesNov 05 2012We consider the Bernoulli bond percolation process (with parameter $p$) on infinite graphs and we give a general criterion for bounded degree graphs to exhibit a non-trivial percolation threshold based either on a single isoperimetric inequality if the ... More
Cluster-cluster aggregation with particle replication and chemotaxy: a simple model for the growth of animal cells in cultureSep 08 2010Aggregation of animal cells in culture comprises a series of motility, collision and adhesion processes of basic relevance for tissue engineering, bioseparations, oncology research and \textit{in vitro} drug testing. In the present paper, a cluster-cluster ... More
A mathematical model for the customer dynamics based on marketing policyMar 07 2015We consider a compartmental model to study the evolution of the number of regular customers and referral customers in some corporation. Transitions between compartments are modeled by parameters depending on the social network and the marketing policy ... More
Inferences on the Higgs Boson and Axion Masses through a Maximum Entropy PrincipleNov 01 2017The Maximum Entropy Principle (MEP) is a method that can be used to infer the value of an unknown quantity in a set of probability functions. In this work we review two applications of MEP: one giving a precise inference of the Higgs boson mass value; ... More
Maximum Entropy Principle and the Higgs Boson MassAug 04 2014Nov 18 2014A successful connection between Higgs boson decays and the Maximum Entropy Principle is presented. Based on the information theory inference approach we determine the Higgs boson mass as $M_H= 125.04\pm 0.25$ GeV, a value fully compatible to the LHC measurement. ... More
Universal fluctuations in radial growth models belonging to the KPZ universality classSep 22 2011We investigate the radius distributions (RD) of surfaces obtained with large-scale simulations of radial clusters that belong to the KPZ universality class. For all investigated models, the RDs are given by the Tracy-Widom distribution of the Gaussian ... More
Effects of the mean free path and relaxation in a model for the aggregation of particles in superfluid mediaJan 05 2011In this paper, we study a two-dimensional model for the growth of molecular clusters in superfluid helium at low temperature. In the model, particles of diameter a follow random ballistic moves of length \delta = a-256a. Upon attachment on the cluster ... More
Maximum Entropy Inferences on the Axion Mass in Models with Axion-Neutrino InteractionMar 06 2017Mar 09 2017In this work we use the Maximum Entropy Principle (MEP) to infer the mass of an axion which interacts to photons and neutrinos in an effective low energy theory. The Shannon entropy function to be maximized is suitably defined in terms of the axion branching ... More
The nested structural organization of the worldwide trade multi-layer networkMar 07 2018Nestedness has traditionally been used to detect assembly patterns in meta-communities and networks of interacting species. Attempts have also been made to uncover nested structures in international trade, typically represented as bipartite networks in ... More
Not so different after all: Properties and Spatial Structure of Column Density Peaks in the Pipe and Orion A CloudsAug 22 2019We present a comparative study of the physical properties and the spatial distribution of column density peaks in two Giant Molecular Clouds (GMC), the Pipe Nebula and Orion A, which exemplify opposite cases of star cluster formation stages. The density ... More
Weak-value amplification as an optimal metrological protocolOct 27 2014The implementation of weak-value amplification requires the pre- and post-selection of states of a quantum system, followed by the observation of the response of the meter, which interacts weakly with the system. Data acquisition from the meter is conditioned ... More
Conditions for optical parametric oscillation with structured light pumpSep 24 2018We investigate the transverse mode structure of the down-converted beams generated by a type-II optical parametric oscillator (OPO) driven by a structured pump. Our analysis focus on the selection rules imposed by the spatial overlap between the transverse ... More
Anomaly detection in complex networks as a diagnosis of model over-simplificationFeb 02 2019Tremendous advances have been made in our understanding of the properties and evolution of complex networks. These advances were initially driven by information-poor empirical networks and theoretical analysis of unweighted and undirected graphs. Recently, ... More
Spectroscopy of brown dwarf candidates in IC 348 and the determination of its substellar IMF down to planetary massesNov 16 2012Context. Brown dwarfs represent a sizable fraction of the stellar content of our Galaxy and populate the transition between the stellar and planetary mass regime. There is however no agreement on the processes responsible for their formation. Aims. We ... More
Time evolution of the energy density inside a non-static cavity with a thermal, coherent and a Schrodinger cat stateNov 14 2008Mar 06 2009In this paper we investigate the time evolution of the energy density for a real massless scalar field in a two-dimensional spacetime, inside a non-static cavity, taking as basis the exact numerical approach purposed by Cole and Schieve. Considering Neunmann ... More
Reconstructing commuters network using machine learning and urban indicatorsAug 09 2019Human mobility has a significant impact on several layers of society, from infrastructural planning and economics to the spread of diseases and crime. Representing the system as a complex network, in which nodes are assigned to regions (e.g., a city) ... More
Decoupling inequalities and supercritical percolation for the vacant set of random walk loop soupAug 03 2018It has been recently understood (arXiv:1212.2885, arXiv:1310.4764, arXiv:1410.0605) that for a general class of percolation models on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ satisfying suitable decoupling inequalities, which includes i.a.\ Bernoulli percolation, random interlacements ... More
Achieving metrological precision limits through post-selectionJun 10 2016Post-selection strategies have been proposed with the aim of amplifying weak signals, which may help to overcome detection thresholds associated with technical noise in high-precision measurements. Here we use an optical setup to experimentally explore ... More
Long-range correlations and fractal dynamics in C. elegans: changes with aging and stressMay 03 2017Aug 16 2017Reduced motor control is one of the most frequent features associated with aging and disease. Nonlinear and fractal analyses have proved to be useful in investigating human physiological alterations with age and disease. Similar findings have not been ... More
Herschel survey of brown dwarf disks in Rho OphiuchiOct 01 2013Recent observations of the Rho Ophiuchi cluster with the Herschel Space Observatory allow us to probe the spectral energy distribution (SED) of the brown dwarf population in the far-IR, where the disk emission peaks. We performed aperture photometry at ... More
Forecasts of redshift drift constraints on cosmological parametersJul 11 2019Cosmological observations usually map our present-day past light cone. However, it is also possible to compare different past light cones. This is the concept behind the redshift drift, a model-independent probe of fundamental cosmology. In simple physical ... More
Magnetic field morphology in nearby molecular clouds as revealed by starlight and submillimetre polarizationMay 30 2016Within four nearby (d < 160 pc) molecular clouds, we statistically evaluate the structure of the interstellar magnetic field, projected on the plane of the sky and integrated along the line of sight, as inferred from the polarized thermal emission of ... More
Legendrian contact homology and topological entropySep 12 2014Apr 23 2016In this paper we study the growth rate of a version of Legendrian contact homology, which we call strip Legendrian contact homology, in 3-dimensional contact manifolds and its relation to the topological entropy of Reeb flows. We show that: if for a pair ... More
Existence of heteroclinic solution for a class of non-autonomous second-order equationSep 29 2014In this paper, we use variational methods to prove the existence of heteroclinic solutions for a class of non-autonomous second-order equation.
Strong statistical stability of non-uniformly expanding mapsNov 25 2003We consider families of transformations in multidimensional Riemannian manifolds with non-uniformly expanding behavior. We give sufficient conditions for the continuous variation (in the $L^1$-norm) of the densities of absolutely continuous (with respect ... More
The low-mass end of the IMFJul 20 2013The rapid advances in infrared detector technology over the past decades have impelled the development of wide-field instruments, and shaped our view of the cold universe. Large scale surveys in our Galaxy have discovered hundreds of brown dwarfs enabling ... More
Electromagnetic Cascades as Probes of Cosmic MagnetismApr 14 2017The existence of intergalactic magnetic fields (IGMFs) is an open problem in cosmology and has never been unambiguously confirmed. High-energy gamma rays emitted by blazars are unique probes of cosmic magnetism, as their interactions with pervasive radiation ... More
Existence and concentration of positive solutions for a logarithmic Schrödinger equation via penalization methodJun 18 2019In this article we are concerned with the following logarithmic Schr\"{o}dinger equation $$ \left\{ \begin{array}{lc} -{\epsilon}^2\Delta u+ V(x)u=u \log u^2, & \mbox{in} \,\, \mathbb{R}^{N}, \\ %u(x)>0, & \mbox{in} \quad \mathbb{R}^{N} \\ u \in H^1(\mathbb{R}^{N}), ... More
Existence of a positive solution for a logarithmic Schrödinger equation with saddle-like potentialApr 22 2019In this article we use the variational method developed by Szulkin \cite{szulkin} to prove the existence of a positive solution for the following logarithmic Schr\"{o}dinger equation $$ \left\{ \begin{array}{lc} -{\epsilon}^2\Delta u+ V(x)u=u \log u^2, ... More
The impact of cosmic rays on the sensitivity of JWST/NIRSpecJul 09 2019Jul 26 2019The focal plane of the NIRSpec instrument on board the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is equipped with two Teledyne H2RG near-IR detectors, state-of-the-art HgCdTe sensors with excellent noise performance. Once JWST is in space, however, the noise ... More
Estimation of the finite right endpoint in the Gumbel domainJun 06 2013A simple estimator for the finite right endpoint of a distribution function in the Gumbel max-domain of attraction is proposed. Large sample properties such as consistency and the asymptotic distribution are derived. A simulation study is also presented. ... More
Existence of solutions for a class of singular elliptic systems with convection termJul 03 2013Nov 25 2013We show the existence of positive solutions for a class of singular elliptic systems with convection term. The approach combines pseudomonotone operator theory, sub and supersolution method and perturbation arguments involving singular terms.
On the Measurement of the Helicity of Intergalactic Magnetic Fields Using Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic RaysAug 13 2018Mar 06 2019The origin of the first magnetic fields in the Universe is a standing problem in cosmology. Intergalactic magnetic fields (IGMFs) may be an untapped window to the primeval Universe, providing further constrains on magnetogenesis. We demonstrate the feasibility ... More
Molecular outflow launched beyond the disk edgeJul 05 2017One of the long-standing problems of star formation is the excess of angular momentum of the parent molecular cloud. In the classical picture, a fraction of angular momentum of the circumstellar material is removed by the magneto-centrifugally driven ... More
Ionic Conductivity Of Solid Oxides Hxag1-xtawo6.NH2O: Microstructural AspectsAug 01 2019A study of impedance spectroscopy was done for the electrical characterization of pyrochlore materials. The experiment consisted of measurements of the dependence of the impedance of such systems with the temperature during heating (25 to 110 {\deg}C) ... More
On the nonexistence of fat partially hyperbolic horseshoesJul 01 2005We show that there are no partially hyperbolic horseshoes with positive Lebesgue measure for diffeomorphisms whose class of differentiability is higher than 1. This generalizes a classical result by Bowen for uniformly hyperbolic horseshoes.
Gibbs-Markov structures and limit laws for partially hyperbolic attractors with mostly expanding central directionAug 31 2009We consider a partially hyperbolic set $K$ on a Riemannian manifold $M$ whose tangent space splits as $T_K M=E^{cu}\oplus E^{s}$, for which the centre-unstable direction $E^{cu}$ expands non-uniformly on some local unstable disk. We show that under these ... More
Gibbs-Markov-Young structures with (stretched) exponential tail for partially hyperbolic attractorsJan 30 2013Dec 17 2015We study partially hyperbolic sets $K$ on a Riemannian manifold $M$ whose tangent space splits as $T_K M=E^{cu}\oplus E^{s}$, for which the center-unstable direction $E^{cu}$ is non-uniformly expanding on some local unstable disk. We prove that the (stretched) ... More
Statistical stability and limit laws for Rovella mapsMay 25 2012We consider the family of one-dimensional maps arising from the contracting Lorenz attractors studied by Rovella. Benedicks-Carleson techniques were used by Rovella to prove that there is a one-parameter family of maps whose derivatives along their critical ... More
A note on the existence of tubular neighbourhoods on Finsler manifolds and minimization of orthogonal geodesics to a submanifoldOct 04 2017In this note, we prove that given a submanifold $P$ in a Finsler manifold $(M,F)$, (i) the orthogonal geodesics to $P$ minimize the distance from $P$ at least in some interval, (ii) there exist tubular neighbourhoods around each point of $P$, (iii) the ... More
Ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays from tidally-ignited white dwarfsFeb 22 2017Nov 07 2017Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs) can be accelerated by tidal disruption events of stars by black holes. We suggest a novel mechanism for UHECR acceleration wherein white dwarfs (WDs) are tidally compressed by intermediate-mass black holes (IMBHs), ... More
Multiple positive solutions for a Schrödinger logarithmic equationJan 29 2019May 14 2019This article concerns with the existence of multiple positive solutions for the following logarithmic Schr\"{o}dinger equation $$ \left\{ \begin{array}{lc} -{\epsilon}^2\Delta u+ V(x)u=u \log u^2, & \mbox{in} \quad \mathbb{R}^{N}, \\ %u(x)>0, & \mbox{in} ... More
A simple agent-based spatial model of the economy: tools for policyOct 16 2015Feb 06 2016This study simulates the evolution of artificial economies in order to understand the tax relevance of administrative boundaries in the quality of life of its citizens. The modeling involves the construction of a computational algorithm, which includes ... More
Statistical stability for multidimensional piecewise expanding mapsJul 19 2014We present sufficient conditions for the (strong) statistical stability of some classes of multidimensional piecewise expanding maps. As a consequence we get that a certain natural two-dimensional extension of the classical one-dimensional family of tent ... More
G0.253+0.016: A centrally condensed, high-mass protoclusterMar 05 2014Despite their importance as stellar nurseries and the building blocks of galaxies, very little is known about the formation of the highest mass clusters. The dense clump G0.253+0.016 represents an example of a clump that may form an Arches-like, high-mass ... More
Transport Spectroscopy of Single Phosphorus Donors in a Silicon Nanoscale TransistorMay 27 2009Feb 02 2010We have developed nano-scale double-gated field-effect-transistors for the study of electron states and transport properties of single deliberately-implanted phosphorus donors. The devices provide a high-level of control of key parameters required for ... More
An extended framework for characterizing social robotsJul 23 2019Social robots are becoming increasingly diverse in their design, behavior, and usage. In this chapter, we provide a broad-ranging overview of the main characteristics that arise when one considers social robots and their interactions with humans. We specifically ... More
Topological features of proteins from amino acid residue networksJan 18 2006Topological properties of native folds are obtained from statistical analysis of 160 low homology proteins covering the four structural classes. This is done analysing one, two and three-vertex joint distribution of quantities related to the corresponding ... More
Similarity of general population matrices and pseudo-Leslie matricesMar 21 2015A similarity transformation is obtained between general population matrices models of the Usher or Lefkovitch types and a simpler model, the pseudo-Leslie model. The pseudo Leslie model is a matrix that can be decomposed in a row matrix, which is not ... More
G1 structures on flag manifoldsAug 06 2019Let $U/K_\Theta$ be a generalized flag manifold, where $K_\Theta$ is the centralizer of a torus in $U$. We study $U$-invariant almost Hermitian structures on $U/K_\Theta$. The classification of these structures are naturally related with the system $R_t$ ... More
Stochastic model of self-driven two-species objects in the context of the pedestrian dynamicsAug 10 2014In this work we propose a model to describe the statistical fluctuations of the self-driven objects (species A) walking against an opposite crowd (species B) in order to simulate the regime characterized by stop-and-go waves in the context of pedestrian ... More
Critical dynamics and global persistence in a probabilistic three-states cellular automatonSep 01 2004In this work a three-states cellular automaton proposed to describe part of a biological immune system is revisited. We obtain the dynamic critical exponent $z$ of the model by means of a recent technique that mixes different initial conditions. Moreover, ... More
Maximal monotone operators with a unique extension to the bidualMay 29 2008We present a new sufficient condition under which a maximal monotone operator $T:X\tos X^*$ admits a unique maximal monotone extension to the bidual $\widetilde T:X^{**} \rightrightarrows X^*$. For non-linear operators this condition is equivalent to ... More
Permutation Binomials over Finite FieldsJul 22 2019Let $\mathbb F_q$ denote the finite field with $q$ elements. In this paper we use the relationship between suitable polynomials and number of rational points on algebraic curves to give the exact number of elements $a\in \mathbb F_q$ for which the binomial ... More
Invariant Einstein metrics on generalized flag manifolds of $Sp(n)$ and $SO(2n)$Jun 08 2016It is well known that the Einstein equation on a Riemannian flag manifold $(G/K,g)$ reduces to an algebraic system if $g$ is a $G$-invariant metric. In this paper we obtain explicitly new invariant Einstein metrics on generalized flag manifolds of $Sp(n)$ ... More
The discovery of anomalously high levels of [Si/Fe] among metal-poor giants in the bulge, disk, and halo of the Milky WayApr 10 2019Here, we report the discovery of a unique collection of giants, that exhibit anomalously high levels of [Si/Fe] and [Al/Fe] without noticeable carbon and nitrogen enhancement, clearly above typical Galactic levels, distinguishable from dwarf galaxy populations ... More
Relativistic bands in the spectrum of created particles via dynamical Casimir effectSep 12 2013We present a general analytical approach to investigate relativistic corrections in the dynamical Casimir effect (DCE). Particularly, we discuss the behavior of the additional frequency bands that appear in the spectral distribution of the created particles ... More
Storage Management in Modern Electricity Power GridsDec 02 2016This letter introduces a method to manage energy storage in electricity grids. Starting from the stochastic characterization of electricity generation and demand, we propose an equation that relates the storage level for every time-step as a function ... More
Lower Limits of Type (D) Monotone Operators in general Banach SpacesDec 19 2014We give, for general Banach spaces, a characterization of the sequential lower limit of maximal monotone operators of type (D) and prove its representability. As a consequence, using a recent extension of the Moreau-Yosida regularization for type (D) ... More
On the surjectivity properties of perturbations of maximal monotone operators in non-reflexive Banach spacesMay 29 2008We are concerned with surjectivity of perturbations of maximal monotone operators in non-reflexive Banach spaces. While in a reflexive setting, a classical surjectivity result due to Rockafellar gives a necessary and sufficient condition to maximal monotonicity, ... More
Isotropy summands and Einstein Equation of Invariant Metrics on Classical Flag ManifoldsNov 12 2014It is well known that the Einstein equation on a Riemannian flag manifold $(G/K,g)$ reduces to a algebraic system, if $g$ is a $G$-invariant metric. In this paper we described this system for all flag manifolds of a classical Lie group. We also determined ... More
Existence and nonexistence of least energy nodal solution for a class of elliptic problem in $\mathbb{R}^{2}$Apr 30 2014In this work, we prove the existence of least energy nodal solution for a class of elliptic problem in both cases, bounded and unbounded domain, when the nonlinearity has exponential critical growth in $\mathbb{R}^2$. Moreover, we also prove a nonexistence ... More
Existence and multiplicity of solutions for a nonlinear Schrödinger equation with non-local regional diffusionNov 07 2016In this article we are interested in the following non-linear Schr\"odinger equation with non-local regional diffusion $$ (-\Delta)_{\rho_\epsilon}^{\alpha}u + u = f(u) \hbox{ in } \mathbb{R}^n, \quad u \in H^\alpha(\mathbb{R}^n), \qquad\qquad(P_\epsilon) ... More
Entangled States and the Gravitational Quantum WellJul 27 2016We study the continuous variable entanglement of a system of two particles under the influence of Earth's gravitational field. We determine a phase-space description of this bipartite system by calculating its Wigner function and verify its entanglement ... More
Quantum information technology with Sagnac interferometer: Interaction-free measurement, quantum key distribution and quantum secret sharingJun 08 2007The interferometry of single-photon pulses has been used to implement quantum technology systems, like quantum key distribution, interaction-free measurement and some other quantum communication protocols. In most of these implementations, Mach-Zehnder, ... More
Adaptive feature recombination and recalibration for semantic segmentation: application to brain tumor segmentation in MRIJun 06 2018Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have been successfully used for brain tumor segmentation, specifically, fully convolutional networks (FCNs). FCNs can segment a set of voxels at once, having a direct spatial correspondence between units in feature ... More
Liquid Intersection TypesMar 17 2015We present a new type system combining refinement types and the expressiveness of intersection type discipline. The use of such features makes it possible to derive more precise types than in the original refinement system. We have been able to prove ... More
The G-ACM Tool: using the Drools Rule Engine for Access Control ManagementNov 25 2016In this paper we explore the usage of rule engines in a graphical framework for visualising dynamic access control policies. We use the Drools rule engine to dynamically compute permissions, following the Category-Based Access Control metamodel.
Calculus, constrained minimization and Lagrange multipliers: Is the optimal critical point a local minimizer?Apr 10 2019In this short note, we discuss how the optimality conditions for the problem of minimizing a multivariate function subject to equality constraints have been dealt with in undergraduate Calculus. We are particularly interested in the 2 or 3-dimensional ... More
Sufficient Conditions for Orbital Stability of Periodic Traveling WavesNov 15 2016The present paper deals with sufficient conditions for orbital stability of periodic waves of a general class of evolution equations supporting nonlinear dispersive waves. Our method can be seen as an extension to spatially periodic waves of the theory ... More
Agglomeration in a preferential attachment random graph with edge-stepsJan 08 2019In this paper we investigate geometric properties of graphs generated by a preferential attachment random graph model with edge-steps. More precisely, at each time $t\in\mathbb{N}$, with probability $p$ a new vertex is added to the graph (a vertex-step ... More
Preferential Attachment Random Graphs with Edge-Step FunctionsApr 26 2017Jan 08 2019We propose a random graph model with preferential attachment rule and \emph{edge-step functions} that govern the growth rate of the vertex set. We study the effect of these functions on the empirical degree distribution of these random graphs. More specifically, ... More
Cantor-Kuratowski theorem in uniformizable spacesApr 12 2018This manuscript extends the Cantor-Kuratowski intersection theorem from the setting of metric spaces to the setting of uniformizable spaces. Complete uniformizable spaces are revisited.
Population Dynamics with Infinite Leslie MatricesJul 15 2013Mar 07 2015Infinite Leslie matrices, introduced by Demetrius forty years ago are mathematical models of age-structured populations defined by a countable infinite number of age classes. This article is concerned with determining solutions of the discrete dynamical ... More
The Resilience of Life to Astrophysical EventsJul 13 2017Much attention has been given in the literature to the effects of astrophysical events on human and land-based life. However, little has been discussed on the resilience of life itself. Here we instead explore the statistics of events that completely ... More
Markov structures and decay of correlations for non-uniformly expanding dynamical systemsMay 17 2002We consider non-uniformly expanding maps on compact Riemannian manifolds of arbitrary dimension, possibly having discontinuities and/or critical sets, and show that under some general conditions they admit an induced Markov tower structure for which the ... More
Existence of blow-up solutions for a class of elliptic system with convection termJul 04 2013Feb 09 2014The present paper concerns with the existence of blow-up solution for a class of elliptic system with convection term. Here, we prove a result involving sub and supersolution for a class of elliptic system whose nonlinearity can depend of the gradient ... More
Existence and concentration of solution for a non-local regional Schrödinger equation with competing potentialsNov 07 2016In this paper, we study the existence and concentration phenomena of solutions for the following non-local regional Schr\"odinger equation $$ \left\{ \begin{array}{l} \epsilon^{2\alpha}(-\Delta)_\rho^{\alpha} u + Q(x)u = K(x)|u|^{p-1}u,\;\;\mbox{in}\;\; ... More
Lie structure of truncated symmetric Poisson algebrasDec 23 2016The paper naturally continues series of works on identical relations of group rings, enveloping algebras, and other related algebraic structures. Let $L$ be a Lie algebra over a field of characteristic $p>0$. Consider its symmetric algebra $S(L)=\oplus_{n=0}^\infty ... More
Large Communities in a scale-free networkSep 15 2015Oct 11 2016We prove the existence of a large complete subgraph w.h.p. in a preferential attachment random graph process with an edge-step. That is, we prove that the random graph $G_{t}$ produced by the so-called GLP model at time $t$ contains a complete subgraph ... More
Screening Length in 2+1-dimensional Abelian Chern-Simons TheoriesJan 25 2002Mar 17 2002In this paper, we systematically study the question of screening length in Abelian Chern-Simons theories. In the Abelian Higgs theory, where there are two massive poles in the gauge propagator at the tree level, we show that the coefficient of one of ... More
Statistical instability for contracting Lorenz flowsFeb 11 2019Jul 02 2019We consider one parameter families of vector fields introduced by Rovella, obtained through modifying the eigenvalues of the geometric Lorenz attractor, replacing the expanding condition on the eigenvalues of the singularity by a contracting one. We show ... More
Nonthermal ion acceleration by the kink instability in nonrelativistic jetsJul 26 2019We investigate the self-consistent particle acceleration physics associated with the development of the kink instability (KI) in nonrelativistic, electron-ion plasma jets. Using 3D fully kinetic particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations, we show that the KI ... More
On Gossez type (D) maximal monotone operatorsMar 30 2009Jul 14 2012Gossez type (D) operators are defined in non-reflexive Banach spaces and share with the subdifferential a topological related property, characterized by bounded nets. In this work we present new properties and characterizations of these operators. The ... More