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Ratchet-induced variations in bulk states of an active ideal gasJul 24 2018Nov 12 2018We study the distribution of active, noninteracting particles over two bulk states separated by a ratchet potential. By solving the steady-state Smoluchowski equations in a flux-free setting, we show that the ratchet potential affects the distribution ... More
The role of topological defects in the two-stage melting and elastic behavior of active Brownian particlesJul 10 2019We find that crystalline states of repulsive active Brownian particles at high activity melt into a hexatic state but this transition is not driven by an unbinding of bound dislocation pairs as suggested by the Kosterlitz-Thouless-Halperin-Nelson-Young ... More
Chemical potential in active systems: predicting phase equilibrium from bulk equations of state?Sep 07 2016Jan 16 2018We derive a microscopic expression for a quantity $\mu$ that plays the role of chemical potential of Active Brownian Particles (ABPs) in a steady state in the absence of vortices. We show that $\mu$ consists of (i) an intrinsic chemical potential similar ... More
Vapour-Liquid Coexistence of an Active Lennard-Jones fluidJun 21 2016Sep 22 2016We study a three-dimensional system of self-propelled Lennard-Jones particles using Brownian Dynamics simulations. Using recent theoretical results for active matter, we calculate the pressure and report equations of state for the system. Additionally, ... More
Chemical Potential in Active Systems: Towards predicting Phase Equilibra from bulk equations of state using a Swim PotentialSep 07 2016We derive a microscopic expression for the chemical potential of active Brownian spheres in steady state. We show that the local chemical potential consists of (i) an intrinsic chemical potential similar to passive systems, which depends on density and ... More
Non-Equilibrium Surface Tension of the Vapour-Liquid Interface of Active Lennard-Jones ParticlesJun 09 2017Aug 28 2017We study a three-dimensional system of self-propelled Brownian particles interacting via the Lennard-Jones potential. Using Brownian Dynamics simulations in an elongated simulation box, we investigate the steady states of vapour-liquid phase coexistence ... More
Deep Xi as a Front-End for Robust Automatic Speech RecognitionJun 18 2019Front-end techniques for robust automatic speech recognition (ASR) have been dominated by masking- and mapping-based deep learning approaches to speech enhancement. Previously, minimum mean-square error (MMSE) approaches to speech enhancement using Deep ... More
Approximating Nash Equilibria and Dense Subgraphs via an Approximate Version of Carathéodory's TheoremJun 09 2014Apr 12 2015We present algorithmic applications of an approximate version of Carath\'{e}odory's theorem. The theorem states that given a set of vectors $X$ in $\mathbb{R}^d$, for every vector in the convex hull of $X$ there exists an $\varepsilon$-close (under the ... More
Embedding and partial resolution of complex cones over Fano threefoldsMay 23 2015Oct 03 2016This work deals with the study of embeddings of toric Calabi-Yau fourfolds which are complex cones over the smooth Fano threefolds. In particular, we focus on finding various embeddings of Fano threefolds inside other Fano threefolds and study the partial ... More
New Properties of Numbers of Plane GraphsApr 10 2017Feb 20 2018We explore various techniques for counting the number of straight-edge crossing-free graphs that can be embedded on a planar point set. In particular, we derive a lower bound on the ratio of the number of such graphs with $m+1$ edges to the number of ... More
Real World Evaluation of Approaches to Research Paper RecommendationFeb 19 2018In this work, we have identified the need for choosing baseline approaches for research-paper recommendation systems. Following a literature survey of all research paper recommendation approaches described over the last four years, we framed criteria ... More
Some theorems on the Resolution Property and the Brauer mapNov 13 2017Using formal-local methods, we prove that a separated and normal Deligne-Mumford surface must satisfy the resolution property, this includes the first class of separated algebraic spaces which are not schemes. Our analysis passes through the case of gerbes ... More
"Infographics" team: Selecting Control Parameters via Maximal Fisher InformationJun 19 2014Team description paper for RoboCup 2014 Soccer Simulation League 2D.
Theoretical Model for Time Evolution of an Electron Population under Synchrotron LossJan 15 2015Many astrophysical sources radiate via synchrotron emission from relativistic electrons. The electrons give off their kinetic energy as radiation and this radiative loss modifies the electron energy distribution. An analytical treatment of this problem ... More
Hilbert Basis Theorem and Finite Generation of Invariants in Symmetric Fusion Categories in Positive CharacteristicJul 18 2015Feb 16 2016In this paper, we conjecture an extension of the Hilbert basis theorem and the finite generation of invariants to commutative algebras in symmetric finite tensor categories over fields of positive characteristic. We prove the conjecture in the case of ... More
Walks on Primes in Imaginary Quadratic FieldsDec 07 2014We generalize the Gaussian moat problem to the finitely many imaginary quadratic fields exhibiting unique factorization in their integers. We map this problem to the Euclidean minimum spanning tree problem and use Delaunay triangulation and Kruskal's ... More
SIFT Vs SURF: Quantifying the Variation in TransformationsApr 25 2015This paper studies the robustness of SIFT and SURF against different image transforms (rigid body, similarity, affine and projective) by quantitatively analyzing the variations in the extent of transformations. Previous studies have been comparing the ... More
Thicket DensityFeb 13 2017Jun 12 2018Thicket density is a new measure of the complexity of a set system, having the same relationship to stable formulas that VC density has to NIP formulas. It satisfies a Sauer-Shelah type dichotomy that has applications in both model theory and the theory ... More
Ageing Effect of Sb2Te3 thin filmsJun 05 2003Post deposition variation in film resistance of Sb2Te3 films deposited on glass substrates at room temperature and an elevated temperature (110oC) are investigated. The resistance of films grown at room temperature shows a non-linear decrease with time ... More
Partial resolution of complex cones over Fano ${\cal{B}}$Jun 16 2012Oct 23 2013In our recent paper arXiv:1108.2387, we systematized inverse algorithm to obtain quiver gauge theory living on the M2-branes probing the singularities of special kind of Calabi-Yau four-folds which were complex cones over toric Fano $\mathbb{P}^3$, ${\cal{B}}_1$, ... More
Safe Open-Loop Strategies for Handling Intermittent Communications in Multi-Robot SystemsFeb 11 2017In multi-robot systems where a central decision maker is specifying the movement of each individual robot, a communication failure can severely impair the performance of the system. This paper develops a motion strategy that allows robots to safely handle ... More
Bounds on the Zero-Error List-Decoding Capacity of the $q/(q-1)$ ChannelFeb 23 2018We consider the problem of determining the zero-error list-decoding capacity of the $q/(q-1)$ channel studied by Elias (1988). The $q/(q-1)$ channel has input and output alphabet consisting of $q$ symbols, say, $Q = \{x_1,x_2,\ldots, x_q\}$; when the ... More
New Avenues for Thermal Inversions in hot JupitersMar 27 2019Thermal emission spectra of hot Jupiters have led to key constraints on thermal inversions (or 'stratospheres') in their atmospheres with important implications for their atmospheric processes. Canonically, thermal inversions in hot Jupiters have been ... More
Peer to Peer Sharing of Distributed Energy ResourcesAug 22 2018Sep 14 2018As the penetration of distributed energy resources in the residential sector increases, the scope for sharing arrangements expands. We model a peer-to-peer rental market for rooftop solar and energy storage in the residential sector, with households seeking ... More
Optimal Time-Domain Pulse Width Modulation for Three-Phase InvertersMay 08 2019A novel optimal time-domain technique for pulse-width modulation (PWM) in three-phase inverters is presented. This technique is based on the time-domain per phase analysis of three-phase inverters. The role of symmetries on the structure of three-phase ... More
Anytime Integrated Task and Motion Policies for Stochastic EnvironmentsApr 30 2019In order to solve complex, long-horizon tasks, intelligent robots need to be able to carry out high-level, abstract planning and reasoning in conjunction with motion planning. However, abstract models are typically lossy and plans or policies computed ... More
Turning Bitcoins into the Best-coinsDec 23 2014In this paper we discuss Bitcoin, the leader among the existing cryptocurrencies, to analyse its trends, success factors, current challenges and probable solutions to make it even better. In the introduction section, we discuss the history and working ... More
Mobility and asymmetry effects in one-dimensional rock-paper-scissors gamesFeb 02 2010As the behavior of a system composed of cyclically competing species is strongly influenced by the presence of fluctuations, it is of interest to study cyclic dominance in low dimensions where these effects are the most prominent. We here discuss rock-paper-scissors ... More
A Literature Survey of various Fingerprint De-noising Techniques to justify the need of a new De-noising model based upon Pixel Component AnalysisDec 03 2015Image Preprocessing is a vital step in the field of image processing for biometric pattern recognition. This paper studies and reviews various classical and modern fingerprint image de-noising models. The various model used for de-noising ranges widely ... More
Query Complexity of Correlated EquilibriumJun 11 2013Jul 12 2013We study lower bounds on the query complexity of determining correlated equilibrium. In particular, we consider a query model in which an n-player game is specified via a black box that returns players' utilities at pure action profiles. In this model ... More
Traffic-Redundancy Aware Network DesignOct 19 2011We consider network design problems for information networks where routers can replicate data but cannot alter it. This functionality allows the network to eliminate data-redundancy in traffic, thereby saving on routing costs. We consider two problems ... More
Packing multiway cuts in capacitated graphsOct 03 2008We consider the following "multiway cut packing" problem in undirected graphs: we are given a graph G=(V,E) and k commodities, each corresponding to a set of terminals located at different vertices in the graph; our goal is to produce a collection of ... More
Computational Aspects of Private Bayesian PersuasionMar 04 2016We study computational questions in a game-theoretic model that, in particular, aims to capture advertising/persuasion applications such as viral marketing. Specifically, we consider a multi-agent Bayesian persuasion model where an informed sender (marketer) ... More
Dew Point modelling using GEP based multi objective optimizationApr 20 2013Apr 23 2013Different techniques are used to model the relationship between temperatures, dew point and relative humidity. Gene expression programming is capable of modelling complex realities with great accuracy, allowing at the same time, the extraction of knowledge ... More
Learning Time Dependent ChoiceSep 10 2018We explore questions dealing with the learnability of models of choice over time. We present a large class of preference models defined by a structural criterion for which we are able to obtain an exponential improvement over previously known learning ... More
Attention Monitoring and Hazard Assessment with Bio-Sensing and Vision: Empirical Analysis Utilizing CNNs on the KITTI DatasetMay 01 2019Assessing the driver's attention and detecting various hazardous and non-hazardous events during a drive are critical for driver's safety. Attention monitoring in driving scenarios has mostly been carried out using vision (camera-based) modality by tracking ... More
Finding Any Nontrivial Coarse Correlated Equilibrium Is HardApr 23 2015One of the most appealing aspects of the (coarse) correlated equilibrium concept is that natural dynamics quickly arrive at approximations of such equilibria, even in games with many players. In addition, there exist polynomial-time algorithms that compute ... More
An Invariant Set Approach for Optimization on Integrable ManifoldsMay 05 2019May 09 2019Recent results in control systems and numerical integration literature utilize invariant set theory to lift dynamical systems evolving on nonlinear manifolds to those evolving on vector spaces. We leverage this technique to propose an algorithm to solve ... More
A Soft Computing Model for Physicians' Decision ProcessMay 21 2010In this paper the author presents a kind of Soft Computing Technique, mainly an application of fuzzy set theory of Prof. Zadeh [16], on a problem of Medical Experts Systems. The choosen problem is on design of a physician's decision model which can take ... More
Car Segmentation and Pose Estimation using 3D Object ModelsDec 21 2015Jun 17 2016Image segmentation and 3D pose estimation are two key cogs in any algorithm for scene understanding. However, state-of-the-art CRF-based models for image segmentation rely mostly on 2D object models to construct top-down high-order potentials. In this ... More
Ground Edge based LIDAR Localization without a Reflectivity Calibration for Autonomous DrivingOct 05 2017In this work we propose an alternative formulation to the problem of ground reflectivity grid based localization involving laser scanned data from multiple LIDARs mounted on autonomous vehicles. The driving idea of our localization formulation is an alternative ... More
Fair Division Under Cardinality ConstraintsApr 25 2018Jul 23 2018We consider the problem of fairly allocating indivisible goods, among agents, under cardinality constraints and additive valuations. In this setting, we are given a partition of the entire set of goods---i.e., the goods are categorized---and a limit is ... More
Role of dual nuclear baths on spin blockade leakage current bistabilitiesMar 05 2014Nov 11 2014Spin-blockaded electronic transport across a double quantum dot (DQD) system represents an important advancement in the area of spin-based quantum information. The basic mechanism underlying the blockade is the formation of a blocking triplet state. The ... More
Effect of nano-scale surface roughness on transverse energy spread from GaAs photocathodesFeb 23 2011High quantum yield, low transverse energy spread and prompt response time make GaAs activated to negative electron affnity, an ideal candidate for a photocathode in high brightness photoinjectors. Even after decades of investigation, the exact mechanism ... More
Colors of extreme exo-Earth environmentsSep 18 2012Jul 28 2015The search for extrasolar planets has already detected rocky planets and several planetary candidates with minimum masses that are consistent with rocky planets in the habitable zone of their host stars. A low-resolution spectrum in the form of a color-color ... More
Region growing for multi-route cutsAug 03 2009We study a number of multi-route cut problems: given a graph G=(V,E) and connectivity thresholds k_(u,v) on pairs of nodes, the goal is to find a minimum cost set of edges or vertices the removal of which reduces the connectivity between every pair (u,v) ... More
Attention Monitoring and Hazard Assessment with Bio-Sensing and Vision: Empirical Analysis Utilizing CNNs on the KITTI DatasetMay 01 2019May 03 2019Assessing the driver's attention and detecting various hazardous and non-hazardous events during a drive are critical for driver's safety. Attention monitoring in driving scenarios has mostly been carried out using vision (camera-based) modality by tracking ... More
An Invariant Set Approach for Optimization on Integrable ManifoldsMay 05 2019May 20 2019Recent results in control systems and numerical integration literature utilize invariant set theory to lift dynamical systems evolving on nonlinear manifolds to those evolving on vector spaces. We leverage this technique to propose an algorithm to solve ... More
Algorithmic Aspects of Optimal Channel CodingAug 17 2015Oct 21 2016A central question in information theory is to determine the maximum success probability that can be achieved in sending a fixed number of messages over a noisy channel. This was first studied in the pioneering work of Shannon who established a simple ... More
The Edgeworth Conjecture with Small Coalitions and Approximate Equilibria in Large EconomiesMay 13 2019We revisit the connection between bargaining and equilibrium in exchange economies, and study its algorithmic implications. We consider bargaining outcomes to be allocations that cannot be blocked (i.e., profitably re-traded) by coalitions of small size ... More
Interactive coding resilient to an unknown number of erasuresNov 06 2018We consider distributed computations between two parties carried out over a noisy channel that may erase messages. Following a noise model proposed by Dani et al. (2018), the noise level observed by the parties during the computation in our setting is ... More
Optimal Single Quantum Dot Heat-to-pure-spin-current ConvertersDec 11 2014Sep 16 2015We delve into the conditions under which a quantum dot thermoelectric setup may be tuned to realize an optimal heat-to-pure-spin-current converter. It is well known that a heat-to-pure-spin-current converter may be realized using a non-interacting quantum ... More
Homotopy equivalence between Voronoi medusa and Delaunay medusaApr 12 2016Apr 18 2016We trace movements of certain points in space-time along their corresponding continuous path. We partition the space at every moment of time using alpha-Complexes, Voronoi medusa is then the collection or union of restricted Voronoi cells at every moment ... More
Is toric duality a Seiberg-like duality in (2+1)-d ?Jan 13 2014Jun 27 2014We show that not all $(2+1)$ dimensional toric phases are Seiberg-like duals. Particularly, we work out superconformal indices for the toric phases of Fanos ${\cal{C}}_3$, ${\cal{C}}_5$ and ${\cal{B}}_2$. We find that the indices for the two toric phases ... More
Real-World Recommender Systems for Academia: The Pain and Gain in Building, Operating, and Researching them [Long Version]Apr 01 2017Research on recommender systems is a challenging task, as is building and operating such systems. Major challenges include non-reproducible research results, dealing with noisy data, and answering many questions such as how many recommendations to display, ... More
On the tensor rank of $3\times 3$ permanent and determinantJan 01 2018The tensor rank and border rank of the $3 \times 3$ determinant tensor is known to be $5$ if characteristic is not two. In this paper, we show that the tensor rank remains $5$ for fields of characteristic two as well. We also include an analysis of $5 ... More
MetaAnalysis of Methods for Scaling Blockchain Technology for Automotive UsesJul 04 2019The automotive industry has seen an increased need for connectivity, both as a result of the advent of autonomous driving and the rise of connected cars and truck fleets. This shift has led to issues such as trusted coordination and a wider attack surface ... More
Inverse algorithm and M2-brane theoriesAug 11 2011Nov 01 2011Recent paper arXiv:1103.0553 studied the quiver gauge theories on coincident $M2$ branes on a singular toric Calabi-Yau 4-folds which are complex cone over toric Fano 3-folds. There are 18 toric Fano manifolds but only 14 toric Fano were obtained from ... More
Effect of optical phonon scattering on the performance of GaN transistorsAug 06 2010A model based on optical phonon scattering is developed to explain peculiarities in the current drive, transconductance, and high speed behavior of short gate length GaN transistors. The model is able to resolve these peculiarities, and provides a simple ... More
Reliable Evaluation of Neural Network for Multiclass Classification of Real-world DataNov 30 2016This paper presents a systematic evaluation of Neural Network (NN) for classification of real-world data. In the field of machine learning, it is often seen that a single parameter that is 'predictive accuracy' is being used for evaluating the performance ... More
Multiobjective optimization in Gene Expression Programming for Dew PointApr 15 2013Apr 18 2013The processes occurring in climatic change evolution and their variations play a major role in environmental engineering. Different techniques are used to model the relationship between temperatures, dew point and relative humidity. Gene expression programming ... More
Game of Orbits: A Gaming Approach to Neptune's DiscoveryJul 30 2018One reason that the planet Neptune will be remembered for, is to do with the fact that it was the first planet whose existence was postulated before being observed. This was based on analysing deviations in Uranus' orbit. The present study gives a brief ... More
An Invariant Set Approach for Optimization on Integrable ManifoldsMay 05 2019Recent results in control systems and numerical integration literature utilize invariant set theory to lift dynamical systems evolving on nonlinear manifolds to those evolving on vector spaces. We leverage this technique to propose an algorithm to solve ... More
DeepPoint3D: Learning Discriminative Local Descriptors using Deep Metric Learning on 3D Point CloudsMar 27 2019Learning local descriptors is an important problem in computer vision. While there are many techniques for learning local patch descriptors for 2D images, recently efforts have been made for learning local descriptors for 3D points. The recent progress ... More
3D Binary SignaturesAug 26 2017In this paper, we propose a novel binary descriptor for 3D point clouds. The proposed descriptor termed as 3D Binary Signature (3DBS) is motivated from the matching efficiency of the binary descriptors for 2D images. 3DBS describes keypoints from point ... More
MultiNet: A Scalable Multilayer Network Embedding FrameworkMay 25 2018Oct 11 2018Representation learning of networks has witnessed significant progress in recent times. Such representations have been effectively used for classic network-based machine learning tasks like node classification, link prediction, and network alignment. ... More
IoT-enabled Distributed Cyber-attacks on Transmission and Distribution GridsJun 22 2017The Internet of things (IoT) will make it possible to interconnect and simultaneously control distributed electrical loads. Various technical and regulatory concerns have been raised that IoT-operated loads are being deployed without appropriately considering ... More
Automated Reasoning in Social Choice Theory - Some RemarksMar 13 2014Our objective in this note is to comment briefly on the newly emerging literature on computer-aided proofs in Social Choice Theory. We shall specifically comment on two papers, one by Tang and Lin (2009) and another by Geist and Endriss (2011). We also ... More
Two Series Formulae from the Solution of a System of Diffusion EquationsApr 17 2014From the solution of the heat and mass diffusion equations that describe the exothermic physical absorption of a gas into a liquid, compact formulae for the sums of two infinite series are derived. The method is general and should be applicable to other ... More
Deep Variational Inference Without Pixel-Wise ReconstructionNov 16 2016Variational autoencoders (VAEs), that are built upon deep neural networks have emerged as popular generative models in computer vision. Most of the work towards improving variational autoencoders has focused mainly on making the approximations to the ... More
Dosimetric and Biologic Differences in Flattened and Flattening-Filter-Free Beam Treatment PlansJun 16 2015Purpose: To quantitatively compare the dosimetric and biologic differences in treatment plans from flattened and flattening-filter-free (FFF) beam for three anatomic cancer sites. Methods and Materials: Treatment plans with static intensity-modulated ... More
Comparison of f-Q scaling in wineglass and radial modes in ring resonatorsJan 28 2013Low phase noise MEMS oscillators necessitate resonators with high f-Q. Resonators achieving high f-Q (mechanical frequency-quality factor product) close to the thermo-elastic damping (TED) limit have been demonstrated at expense of feed-through. Here ... More
Simultaneous radiation pressure induced heating and cooling of an opto-mechanical resonatorFeb 14 2012Cavity opto-mechanics enabled radiation-pressure coupling between optical and mechanical modes of a micro-mechanical resonator gives rise to dynamical backaction, enabling amplification and cooling of mechanical motion. Due to a combination of large mechanical ... More
Approximation Algorithms for Maximin Fair DivisionMar 06 2017Jul 20 2017We consider the problem of dividing indivisible goods fairly among n agents who have additive and submodular valuations for the goods. Our fairness guarantees are in terms of the maximin share, that is defined to be the maximum value that an agent can ... More
Algorithmic Traversals of Infinite GraphsOct 23 2018A traversal of a connected graph is a linear ordering of its vertices all of whose initial segments induce connected subgraphs. Traversals, and their refinements such as breadth-first and depth-first traversals, are computed by various graph searching ... More
On Large Deviation Property of Recurrence TimesMar 05 2013May 18 2013We extend the study by Ornstein and Weiss on the asymptotic behavior of the normalized version of recurrence times and establish the large deviation property for a certain class of mixing processes. Further, an estimator for entropy based on recurrence ... More
Electro-mechanically induced GHz rate optical frequency modulation in siliconJul 26 2012We present a monolithic silicon acousto-optic frequency modulator (AOFM) operating at 1.09GHz. Direct spectroscopy of the modulated laser power shows asymmetric sidebands which indicate coincident amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. Employing ... More
Acoustics of the Indian DrumJan 20 2000This article investigates as to how the Indian Drums are able to produce harmonics. In particular, it looks at the density distribution on an Indian Drum, the Tabla, and shows that it is the form of the density distribution that results in harmonics.
Zero delay synchronization of chaos in coupled map latticesJul 27 2007We show that two coupled map lattices that are mutually coupled to one another with a delay can display zero delay synchronization if they are driven by a third coupled map lattice. We analytically estimate the parametric regimes that lead to synchronization ... More
On Match Lengths, Zero Entropy and Large Deviations - with Application to Sliding Window Lempel-Ziv AlgorithmNov 05 2014Nov 06 2014The Sliding Window Lempel-Ziv (SWLZ) algorithm that makes use of recurrence times and match lengths has been studied from various perspectives in information theory literature. In this paper, we undertake a finer study of these quantities under two different ... More
Forecasting Electricity Smart Meter Data Using Conditional Kernel Density EstimationSep 09 2014The recent advent of smart meters has led to large micro-level datasets. For the first time, the electricity consumption at individual sites is available on a near real-time basis. Efficient management of energy resources, electric utilities, and transmission ... More
High-efficiency broad-bandwidth sub-wavelength grating based fibre-chip coupler in SOISep 17 2017We report a comprehensive study on the performance of uniform and non-uniform based subwavelength grating couplers in Silicon-on-Insulator. The two performance metrics, coupling efficiency and bandwidth enhancement and trade-offs is presented. We also ... More
Acousto-optic frequency modulatorMay 29 2012Frequency modulation of a continuous wave laser source enables generation of photons at multiple frequencies from a single pump laser. Such multiple closely spaced laser lines are important for high data rate QAM in dense-WDM networks. In this paper we ... More
A silicon electromechanical photodetectorMar 15 2013Opto-mechanical systems have enabled wide-band optical frequency conversion and multi-channel all-optical radio frequency amplification. Realization of an on-chip silicon communication platform is limited by photodetectors needed to convert optical information ... More
Stochastic PDEs and Quantitative Finance: The Black-Scholes-Merton Model of Options Pricing and Riskless TradingDec 09 2012Jul 04 2013Differential equations can be used to construct predictive models of a diverse set of real-world phenomena like heat transfer, predator-prey interactions, and missile tracking. In our work, we explore one particular application of stochastic differential ... More
A Partition-centric Distributed Algorithm for Identifying Euler Circuits in Large GraphsMar 16 2019Finding the Eulerian circuit in graphs is a classic problem, but inadequately explored for parallel computation. With such cycles finding use in neuroscience and Internet of Things for large graphs, designing a distributed algorithm for finding the Euler ... More
Cooperation and Contagion in Web-Based, Networked Public Goods ExperimentsAug 06 2010Mar 02 2011A longstanding idea in the literature on human cooperation is that cooperation should be reinforced when conditional cooperators are more likely to interact. In the context of social networks, this idea implies that cooperation should fare better in highly ... More
Rule-based Autoregressive Moving Average Models for Forecasting Load on Special Days: A Case Study for FranceMar 26 2018This paper presents a case study on short-term load forecasting for France, with emphasis on special days, such as public holidays. We investigate the generalisability to French data of a recently proposed approach, which generates forecasts for normal ... More
Short-term Forecasting of Anomalous Load Using Rule-based Triple Seasonal MethodsSep 06 2014Numerous methods have been proposed for forecasting load for normal days. Modeling of anomalous load, however, has often been ignored in the research literature. Occurring on special days, such as public holidays, anomalous load conditions pose considerable ... More
Rayleigh scattering boosted multi-GHz displacement sensitivity in whispering gallery opto-mechanical resonatorsSep 05 2013Finite photon lifetimes for light fields in an opto-mechanical cavity impose a bandwidth limit on displacement sensing at mechanical resonance frequencies beyond the loaded cavity photon decay rate. Opto-mechanical modulation efficiency can be enhanced ... More
Attitude Control of Spacecraft Formations Subject To Distributed Communication DelaysJul 04 2017This paper considers the problem of achieving attitude consensus in spacecraft formations with bounded, time-varying communication delays between spacecraft connected as specified by a strongly connected topology. A state feedback con- troller is proposed ... More
Asymptotic degree distributions in large (homogeneous) random networks: A little theory and a counterexampleOct 30 2017Nov 13 2018In random graph models, the degree distribution of an individual node should be distinguished from the (empirical) degree distribution of the graph that records the fractions of nodes with given degree. We introduce a general framework to explore when ... More
Utilizing Deep Learning Towards Multi-modal Bio-sensing and Vision-based Affective ComputingMay 16 2019In recent years, the use of bio-sensing signals such as electroencephalogram (EEG), electrocardiogram (ECG), etc. have garnered interest towards applications in affective computing. The parallel trend of deep-learning has led to a huge leap in performance ... More
On the Proximity of Markets with Integral EquilibriaNov 21 2018We study Fisher markets that admit equilibria wherein each good is integrally assigned to some agent. While strong existence and computational guarantees are known for equilibria of Fisher markets with additive valuations, such equilibria, in general, ... More
On Match Lengths and the Asymptotic Behavior of Sliding Window Lempel-Ziv Algorithm for Zero Entropy SequencesMar 05 2013May 18 2013The Sliding Window Lempel-Ziv (SWLZ) algorithm has been studied from various perspectives in information theory literature. In this paper, we provide a general law which defines the asymptotics of match length for stationary and ergodic zero entropy processes. ... More
Phonon lasing as a likely mechanism for density-dependent velocity saturation in GaN transistorsFeb 07 2016We show that density-dependent velocity saturation in a GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) can be related to the stimulated emission of longitudinal optical (LO) phonons. As the drift velocity of electrons increases, the drift of the Fermi distribution ... More
Optimal De-Anonymization in Random Graphs with Community StructureFeb 03 2016May 25 2016Anonymized social network graphs published for academic or advertisement purposes are subject to de-anonymization attacks by leveraging side information in the form of a second, public social network graph correlated with the anonymized graph. This is ... More
Parallel MATLAB TechniquesJul 09 2014In this chapter, we show why parallel MATLAB is useful, provide a comparison of the different parallel MATLAB choices, and describe a number of applications in Signal and Image Processing: Audio Signal Processing, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Processing ... More
Neutrino masses and beyond-$Λ$CDM cosmology with LSST and future CMB experimentsMar 20 2018Jul 07 2018Cosmological measurements over the next decade will enable us to shed light on the content and evolution of the Universe. Complementary measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations are expected to allow an indirect ... More
Approximating Nash Equilibria in Tree Polymatrix GamesApr 10 2016We develop a quasi-polynomial time Las Vegas algorithm for approximating Nash equilibria in polymatrix games over trees, under a mild renormalizing assumption. Our result, in particular, leads to an expected polynomial-time algorithm for computing approximate ... More