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Electric-Dipole Effect of Defects on Energy Band Alignment of Rutile and Anatase TiO2Nov 07 2015Titanium dioxide materials have been studied intensively and extensively due to photocatalytic applications. A long-standing open question is the energy band alignment of rutile and anatase TiO2 phases, which can affect the photocatalytic process in the ... More
Strain-engineered A-type antiferromagnetic order in YTiO$_3$: a first-principles calculationNov 15 2012The epitaxial strain effects on the magnetic ground state of YTiO$_3$ films grown on LaAlO$_3$ substrates have been studied using the first-principles density-functional theory. With the in-plane compressive strain induced by LaAlO$_3$ (001) substrate, ... More
Strain enhanced superconductivity of Mo$X_2$ ($X$=S or Se) bilayers with Na intercalationApr 11 2016Mo$X_2$ ($X$=S or Se) is a semiconductor family with two-dimensional structure. And a recent calculation predicted the superconductivity in electron doped MoS$_2$ monolayer. In this work, the electronic structure and lattice dynamics of Mo$X_2$ bilayers ... More
Possible ferrimagnetism and ferroelectricity of half-substituted rare-earth titanate: a first-principles study on Y$_{0.5}$La$_{0.5}$TiO$_3$Dec 11 2015Titanates with the perovskite structure, including ferroelectrics (e.g., BaTiO$_3$) and ferromagnetic ones (e.g., YTiO$_3$), are important functional materials. Recent theoretical studies predicted multiferroic states in strained EuTiO$_3$ and titanate ... More
Charge transfer and hybrid ferroelectricity in (YFeO$_{3}$)$_{n}$/(YTiO$_{3}$)$_{n}$ magnetic superlatticesMay 22 2015Interfaces in oxide heterostructures always provide a fertile ground for emergent properties. Charge transfer from a high energy band to a low energy opponent is naturally expected, as occurring in semiconductor $p$-$n$ junctions. In this study, several ... More
Inversion of ferrimagnetic magnetization by ferroelectric switching via a novel magnetoelectric couplingJun 23 2016Although several multiferroic materials/heterostructures have been extensively studied, finding strong magnetoelectric couplings for the electric field control of the magnetization remains challenging. Here, a novel interfacial magnetoelectric coupling ... More
Magnetic orders of LaTiO$_3$ under epitaxial strain: a first-principles studyOct 20 2013Perovskite LaTiO$_3$ bulk is a typical Mott-insulator with G-type antiferromagnetic order. In this work, the biaxial strain effects on the ground magnetic order of LaTiO$_3$ films grown on various substrates have been studied. For the compressive strain, ... More
Gear Training: A new way to implement high-performance model-parallel trainingJun 11 2018The training of Deep Neural Networks usually needs tremendous computing resources. Therefore many deep models are trained in large cluster instead of single machine or GPU. Though major researchs at present try to run whole model on all machines by using ... More
Photocatalytic Behavior of Fluorinated Rutile TiO$_2$(110) Surface: Understanding from the Band ModelNov 19 2017Surface fluorination of TiO$_2$ (F-TiO$_2$) has complicate photocatalytic behavior in degradation of organic compounds. This work attempts to establish an elegant scenario based on the band model to understand this behavior. Density functional theory ... More
Topological supersolids with tunable chern numbers of a dipolar Fermi gas in a three-dimensional anisotropic optical latticeApr 19 2019Supersolids are among the most desirable unconventional many-body quantum states, which are linked to the fundamental issue of the coexistence of crystalline long-range order and off-diagonal long-range order (superfluidity). The recent experimental breakthrough ... More
Ferroelectric Control of Magnetism and Transport in Oxide HeterostructuresSep 15 2014Magnetism and transport are two key functional ingredients in modern electronic devices. In oxide heterostructures, ferroelectricity can provide a new route to control these two properties via electrical operations, which is scientifically interesting ... More
Quantum-Confinement-Induced Magnetism in LaNiO$_3$-LaMnO$_3$ SuperlatticesFeb 11 2013May 06 2013The emergence of magnetic reconstructions at the interfaces of oxide heterostructures are often explained via subtle modifications in the electronic densities, exchange couplings, or strain. Here an additional possible route for induced magnetism is studied ... More
Proton-transfer Ferroelectricity / Multiferroicity in Rutile OxyhydroxidesOct 06 2018Oxyhydroxide minerals like FeOOH have been a research focus in geology for studying the Earth interior, and also in chemistry for studying oxygen electrocatalysis activity. In this paper we provide first-principles evidence of a new class of ferroelectrics ... More
Intrinsic Charge Transport in Stanene: Roles of Bucklings and Electron-Phonon CouplingsMay 04 2017Jan 10 2018The intrinsic charge transport of stanene is investigated by using density function theory and density function perturbation theory coupled with Boltzmann transport equations from first principles. The accurate Wannier interpolations are applied to calculate ... More
NeuRec: On Nonlinear Transformation for Personalized RankingMay 08 2018Jul 11 2018Modeling user-item interaction patterns is an important task for personalized recommendations. Many recommender systems are based on the assumption that there exists a linear relationship between users and items while neglecting the intricacy and non-linearity ... More
Localized attack on clustering networksOct 15 2016Clustering network is one of which complex network attracting plenty of scholars to discuss and study the structures and cascading process. We primarily analyzed the effect of clustering coefficient to other various of the single clustering network under ... More
Stabilization and modulation of the topological magnetic phase with a $Z_2$-vortex lattice in the Kitaev-Heisenberg honeycomb model: The key role of the third-nearest-neighbor interactionOct 06 2018The topologically nontrivial magnetic phase with a $Z_2$-vortex (Z$_2$V) lattice is investigated by simulation in the Kitaev-Heisenberg honeycomb model expanded by considering the second- and third-nearest-neighbor Heisenberg interactions ($J_{H2}$ and ... More
Exchange striction driven magnetodielectric effect and potential photovoltaic effect in polar CaOFeSAug 09 2017CaOFeS is a semiconducting oxysulfide with polar layered triangular structure. Here a comprehensive theoretical study has been performed to reveal its physical properties, including magnetism, electronic structure, phase transition, magnetodielectric ... More
Frustrated Dipole Order Induces Noncollinear Proper Ferrielectricity in Two DimensionsJul 14 2019Within Landau theory, magnetism and polarity are homotopic, displaying a one-to-one correspondence between most physical characteristics. However, despite widely reported noncollinear magnetism, spontaneous noncollinear electric dipole order as ground ... More
Testing the Monte Carlo - Mean Field approximation in the one-band Hubbard modelSep 24 2014Nov 21 2014The canonical one-band Hubbard model is studied using a computational method that mixes the Monte Carlo procedure with the mean field approximation. This technique allows us to incorporate thermal fluctuations and the development of short-range magnetic ... More
Block antiferromagnetism and possible ferroelectricity in KFe$_2$Se$_2$Sep 08 2016Oct 22 2016Superconductors and multiferroics are two of the hottest branches in condensed matter physics. The connections between those two fields are fundamentally meaningful to unify the physical rules of correlated electrons. Recently, BaFe$_2$Se$_3$, was predicted ... More
Strain driven sequential magnetic transitions in strained GdTiO3 on compressive substrates: a first-principles studyOct 06 2014The compressive strain effects on the magnetic ground state and electronic structure of strained GdTiO 3 have been studied by the first-principles method. Different from the congeneric YTiO3 and LaTiO3 cases both of which becomes the A-type antiferromagnetism ... More
Expert Recommendation via Tensor Factorization with Regularizing Hierarchical Topical RelationshipsAug 03 2018Aug 07 2018Knowledge acquisition and exchange are generally crucial yet costly for both businesses and individuals, especially when the knowledge concerns various areas. Question Answering Communities offer an opportunity for sharing knowledge at a low cost, where ... More
Challenges in Band Alignment between Semiconducting Materials: A Case of Rutile and Anatase TiO$_2$Apr 02 2019This topical review focuses on the recently active debate on the band alignment between two polymorphs of TiO$_2$, rutile and anatase. A summary is given to the popular methods for measurement and calculation of band alignment between materials. We point ... More
Full Control of Magnetism in Manganite Bilayer by Ferroelectric PolarizationOct 02 2013An oxide heterostructure made of manganite bilayers and ferroelectric perovskites is predicted to lead to the full control of magnetism when switching the ferroelectric polarizations. By using asymmetric polar interfaces in the superlattices, more electrons ... More
Type-II multiferroic Hf$_{2}$VC$_{2}$F$_{2}$ MXene monolayer with high transition temperatureJul 10 2019Achieving multiferroic two-dimensional (2D) materials should enable numerous functionalities in nanoscale devices. Until now, however, predicted 2D multiferroics are very few and with coexisting yet only loosely coupled (type-I) ferroelectricity and magnetism. ... More
Appearance and disappearance of ferromagnetism in ultra-thin LaMnO$_3$ on SrTiO$_3$ substrate: a viewpoint from first-principlesNov 30 2017The intrinsic magnetic state (ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic) of ultra-thin LaMnO$_3$ films on the mostly used SrTiO$_3$ substrate is a long-existing question under debate. Either strain effect or non-stoichiometry was argued to be responsible for ... More
Strong room-temperature blue-violet photoluminescence of multiferroic BaMnF$_4$Dec 18 2015BaMnF$_4$ microsheets have been prepared by hydrothermal method. Strong room-temperature blue-violet photoluminescence has been observed (absolute luminescence quantum yield 67%), with two peaks located at 385 nm and 410 nm, respectively. More interestingly, ... More
Preparation of CH3NH3PbI3 thin films with tens of micrometer scale at high temperatureJul 20 2017The fabrication of high-quality organic-inorganic hybrid halide perovskite layers is the key prerequisite for the realization of high efficient photon energy harvest and electric energy conversion in their related solar cells. In this article, we report ... More
Magnetic and electronic properties of La$_3M$O$_7$ and possible polaron formation in hole-doped La$_3M$O$_7$ ($M$=Ru and Os)Jan 26 2017Oxides with $4d$/$5d$ transition metal ions are physically interesting for their particular crystalline structures as well as the spin-orbit coupled electronic structures. Recent experiments revealed a series of $4d$/$5d$ transition metal oxides $R_3M$O$_7$ ... More
Revealing Controllable Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Spin Orbit Coupled Antiferromagnet Sr2IrO4May 07 2018Antiferromagnetic spintronics actively introduces new principles of magnetic memory, in which the most fundamental spin-dependent phenomena, i.e. anisotropic magnetoresistance effects, are governed by an antiferromagnet instead of a ferromagnet. A general ... More
New iron-based multiferroics with improper ferroelectricityApr 30 2018In this contribution to the special issue on magnetoelectrics and their applications, we focus on some single phase multiferroics theoretically predicted and/or experimentally discovered by the authors in recent years. In these materials, iron is the ... More
Influence of drying temperature on morphology of MAPbI$_3$ thin films and the performance of solar cellsOct 03 2018Photoelectric conversion efficiency of organic-inorganic perovskite solar cells has been rapidly raised and attracted great attention in recent years. The quality of perovskite films is vital for the performance of devices. We used the anti-solvent method ... More
Dual gate control of bulk transport and magnetism in the spin-orbit insulator Sr2IrO4Mar 09 2015The 5d iridates have been the subject of much recent attention due to the predictions of a large array of novel electronic phases driven by twisting strong spin-orbit coupling and Hubbard correlation. As a prototype, the single layered perovskite Sr2IrO4 ... More
Magnetism and electronic structure of ($001$)- and ($111$)-oriented LaTiO$_3$ bilayers sandwiched in LaScO$_3$ barriersOct 28 2014In this study, the magnetism and electronic structure of LaTiO$_3$ bilayers along both the ($001$) and ($111$) orientations are calculated using the density functional theory. The band insulator LaScO$_3$ is chosen as the barrier layer and substrate to ... More
Application of compact TiO$_2$ layer fabricated by pulsed laser deposition in organometal trihalide perovskite solar cellsJul 01 2018Organometal trihalide perovskite solar cells have been rapidly developed and attracted much attention in recent years due to their high photoelectric conversion efficiency and low cost. Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) is a widely adopted technology which ... More
Generalized Holographic Dark Energy and its Observational ConstraintsFeb 23 2012Jun 22 2012In the original holographic dark energy (HDE) model, the dark energy density is proposed to be $\rho_{de} = 3c^2M^2_{pl}L^{-2}$, with $c$ is a dimensionless constant characterizing the properties of the HDE. In this work, we propose the generalized holographic ... More
Probing Cosmic Acceleration by Using the SNLS3 SNIa DatasetJun 21 2011Jul 05 2011We probe the cosmic acceleration by using the recently released SNLS3 sample of 472 type Ia supernovae. Combining this type Ia supernovae dataset with the cosmic microwave background anisotropy data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe 7-yr observations, ... More
Single-photon stimulated four wave mixing at telecom bandJul 15 2016Single-photon stimulated four wave mixing (StFWM) processes have great potential for photonic quantum information processing, compatible with optical communication technologies and integrated optoelectronics. In this paper, we demonstrate single-photon ... More
BaMF$_4$ (M = Mn, Co, Ni): New Electrode Materials for Hybrid Supercapacitor with Layered Polar StructureJun 24 2017To pursuit high electrochemical performance of supercapacitors based on Faradaic charge-transfer with redox reaction or absorption/desorption effect, the intercalation efficiency of electrolyte ions into electrode materials is a crucial prerequisite to ... More
Multi-hierarchical Independent Correlation Filters for Visual TrackingNov 26 2018Nov 27 2018For visual tracking, most of the traditional correlation filters (CF) based methods suffer from the bottleneck of feature redundancy and lack of motion information. In this paper, we design a novel tracking framework, called multi-hierarchical independent ... More
Color Recognition for Rubik's Cube RobotJan 11 2019In this paper, we proposed three methods to solve color recognition of Rubik's cube, which includes one offline method and two online methods. Scatter balance \& extreme learning machine (SB-ELM), a offline method, is proposed to illustrate the efficiency ... More
Recent Progress of Multiferroic Perovskite ManganitesApr 03 2012Jun 03 2012Many multiferroic materials, with various chemical compositions and crystal structures, have been discovered in the past years. Among these multiferroics, some perovskite manganites with ferroelectricity driven by magnetic orders are of particular interest. ... More
Is Pr_{1-x}Ca_xMnO_3 a ferroelectric of new mechanism?Oct 23 2006A new type of charge-ordering pattern for Pr1-xCaxMnO3: a hybridization of site- and bond-centred ordering (SBCO) was proposed by Efremov et al.. It was believed this discovery opened a new route to magnetic ferroelectrics. Here we argue that the possible ... More
Testing modified gravity models with recent cosmological observationsFeb 04 2012May 07 2012We explore the cosmological implications of five modified gravity (MG) models by using the recent cosmological observational data, including the recently released SNLS3 type Ia supernovae sample, the cosmic microwave background anisotropy data from the ... More
Prediction of above $20$ K superconductivity of blue phosphorus bilayer with metal intercalationsJul 10 2016First-principles calculations predicted monolayer blue phosphorus to be an alternative two-dimensional allotrope of phosphorus, like the recently discovered monolayer black phosphorus. Due to its unique crystalline and electronic structure, blue phosphorus ... More
Superconductivity of monolayer Mo$_2$C: the key role of functional groupsJan 04 2017Monolayer Mo$_2$C is a new member of two-dimensional materials. Here the electronic structure and lattice dynamics of monolayer Mo$_2$C are calculated. According to the electron-phonon interaction, it is predicted that monolayer Mo$_2$C could be a quasi-two-dimensional ... More
Possible origin of the absence of magnetic order in LiOsO$_3$: Spin-orbit coupling controlled ground stateOct 03 2018LiOsO$_3$ is the first experimentally confirmed polar metal with ferroelectric-like distortion. One puzzling experimental fact is its paramagnetic state down to very low temperature with negligible magnetic moment, which is anomalous considering its $5d^3$ ... More
Broad Spiral-Bandwidth of Orbital Angular Momentum Interface between Photon and MemoryJun 27 2018Feb 14 2019The complex interactions between orbital angular momentum (OAM) light and atoms are particularly intriguing in the areas of quantum optics and quantum information science. Building a versatile high-dimensional quantum network needs broad spiral-bandwidth ... More
Orbital Angular Momentum embedded Einstein Podolsky Rosen Entanglement Generated from Cold AtomsSep 06 2017The Einstein Podolsky Rosen (EPR) entangled quantum state is of special importance not only for fundamental research in quantum mechanics, but also for information processing in the field of quantum information. Previous EPR entangled state demonstrations ... More
Nonlinear Fractional Backward Doubly Stochastic Differential Equations with Hurst Parameter in (1/2,1)Mar 17 2011We first state a special type of It\^o formula involving stochastic integrals of both standard and fractional Brownian motions. Then we use Doss-Sussman transformation to establish the link between backward doubly stochastic differential equations, driven ... More
Measure, Manifold, Learning, and Optimization: A Theory Of Neural NetworksNov 30 2018We present a formal measure-theoretical theory of neural networks (NN) built on probability coupling theory. Our main contributions are summarized as follows. * Built on the formalism of probability coupling theory, we derive an algorithm framework, named ... More
Online Clustering of Contextual Cascading BanditsNov 23 2017Feb 01 2019We consider a new setting of online clustering of contextual cascading bandits, an online learning problem where the underlying cluster structure over users is unknown and needs to be learned from a random prefix feedback. More precisely, a learning agent ... More
Regularity Properties of Viscosity Solutions of Integro-Partial Differential Equations of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman TypeOct 07 2011We study the regularity properties of integro-partial differential equations of Hamilton-Jocobi-Bellman type with terminal condition, which can be interpreted through a stochastic control system, composed of a forward and a backward stochastic differential ... More
Akid: A Library for Neural Network Research and Production from a Dataism ApproachJan 03 2017Neural networks are a revolutionary but immature technique that is fast evolving and heavily relies on data. To benefit from the newest development and newly available data, we want the gap between research and production as small as possibly. On the ... More
First-principles study of the relaxor ferroelectricity of Ba(Zr,Ti)O$_3$Nov 10 2015Ba(Zr,Ti)O$_3$ is a lead-free relaxor ferroelectric. Using the first-principles method, the ferroelectric dipole moments for pure BaTiO$_3$ and Ba(Zr,Ti)O$_3$ supercells have been studied. All possible ion configurations of BaZr$_{0.5}$Ti$_{0.5}$O$_3$ ... More
Protective layer enhanced the stability and superconductivity of tailored antimonene bilayerDec 12 2018For two-dimensional superconductors, the high stability in ambient conditions is critical for experiments and applications. Few-layer antimonene can be non-degradative over a couple of months, which is superior to the akin black phosphorus. Based on the ... More
Dielectrophoresis model for the colossal electroresistance of phase-separated manganitesMay 23 2007Sep 01 2007We propose a dielectrophoresis model for phase-separated manganites. Without increase of the fraction of metallic phase, an insulator-metal transition occurs when a uniform electric field applied across the system exceeds a threshold value. Driven by ... More
Stability of Excited Dressed States with Spin-Orbit CouplingAug 24 2012Jan 03 2013We study the decay behaviors of ultracold atoms in metastable states with spin-orbit coupling (SOC), and demonstrate that there are two SOC-induced decay mechanisms. One arises from the trapping potential and the other is due to interatomic collision. ... More
Orientation-dependent magnetism and orbital structure of strained YTiO$_3$ films on LaAlO$_3$ substratesOct 15 2014The strain tuned magnetism of YTiO$_3$ film grown on the LaAlO$_3$ ($110$) substrate is studied by the method of the first principles, and compared with that of the ($001$)-oriented one. The obtained magnetism is totally different, which is ferromagnetic ... More
BaFe$_2$Se$_3$: a high $T_{\rm C}$ magnetic multiferroic with large ferrielectric polarizationOct 10 2014The iron-selenides are important because of their superconducting properties. Here, an unexpected phenomenon is predicted to occur in an iron-selenide compound with a quasi-one-dimensional ladder geometry: BaFe$_2$Se$_3$ should be a magnetic ferrielectric ... More
Janus Monolayer Transition Metal DichalcogenidesApr 21 2017A novel crystal configuration of sandwiched S-Mo-Se structure (Janus SMoSe) at the monolayer limit has been synthesized and carefully characterized in this work. By controlled sulfurization of monolayer MoSe2 the top layer of selenium atoms are substituted ... More
Tunneling Electroresistance Induced by Interfacial Phase Transitions in Ultrathin Oxide HeterostructuresNov 19 2013The ferroelectric (FE) control of electronic transport is one of the emerging technologies in oxide heterostructures. Many previous studies in FE tunnel junctions (FTJs) exploited solely the differences in the electrostatic potential across the FTJs that ... More
The selective transfer of patterned grapheneAug 26 2013Jan 01 2014Graphene is an emerging class of two-dimensional (2D) material with unique electrical properties and a wide range of potential practical applications. In addition, graphene hybrid structures combined with other 2D materials, metal microstructures, silicon ... More
Flux state and anomalous quantum Hall effect in square Kondo latticeSep 17 2009Sep 21 2009The anomalous Hall effect (AHE) around the flux state in square Kondo lattice is investigated. By introducing the lattice distortion and local chirality, the square Kondo lattice can break the parity symmetry and time reversal symmetry spontaneously, ... More
Oxidized silicon sulfide: stability and electronic properties of a novel two-dimensional materialApr 21 2019Isolated oxygen impurities and fully oxidized structures of four stable two-dimensional (2D) SiS structures are investigated by {\em ab initio} density functional calculations. Binding energies of oxygen impurities for all the four 2D SiS structures are ... More
Topological end states in two-orbital double-exchange model for colossal magnetoresistive manganitesFeb 12 2016Mar 01 2016Manganites are famous mostly for the colossal magnetoresistive effect, which involves the phase separation between ferromagnetic phase and charge-ordered CE-type antiferromagnetic phases. Furthermore, manganites contain some typical magnetic ferroelectrics, ... More
Hydroxylation of Rutile TiO$_2$ (110) Surface Enhancing Its Reducing Power for PhotocatalysisOct 10 2015Hydroxylation of the rutile TiO$_2$ (110) surface has attracted much attention as the excess unpaired electrons introduced by hydroxyls play a critical role in surface chemistry and photocatalysis process of this material. In this work, based on density ... More
Magnetoelectricity in Multiferroics: a Theoretical PerspectiveFeb 05 2019Mar 10 2019The key physical property of multiferroic materials is the existence of a coupling between magnetism and polarization, i.e. magnetoelectricity. The origin and manifestations of magnetoelectricity can be very different in the available plethora of multiferroic ... More
The hysteresis loop area of the Ising modelAug 02 2004The hysteresis of the Ising model in a spatially homogeneous AC field is studied using both mean-field calculations and two-dimensional Monte Carlo simulations. The frequency dispersion and the temperature dependence of the hysteresis loop area are studied ... More
Improving photocatalytic activity of TiO$_2$ through reductionOct 10 2015The rutile TiO$_2$ (110) surface reduced by the bridging oxygen vacancy, bridging hydroxyl group or Ti interstitial atom has been investigated by calculating their electronic structures using the density functional theory plus U method. It is found that ... More
Magnetoelectricity in Multiferroics: a Theoretical PerspectiveFeb 05 2019The key physical property of multiferroic materials is the existence of a coupling between magnetism and polarization, i.e. magnetoelectricity. The origin and manifestations of magnetoelectricity can be very different in the available plethora of multiferroic ... More
Analysis of $Λ_{b} \rightarrow$ $Λμ^{+} μ^{-}$ decay in scalar leptoquark modelAug 12 2016We analyze the baryonic semilepton decay $\Lambda_{b} \rightarrow$ $\Lambda \mu^{+} \mu^{-}$ in the scalar leptoquark models with $X(3,2,7/6)$ and $X(3,2,1/6)$ states, respectively. We also discuss the effects of this two NP models on some physical observables. ... More
Unusual Ferroelectricity of Trans-Unitcell Ion-Displacement and Multiferroic Soliton in Sodium and Potassium HydroxidesOct 06 2018We show the first-principles evidence of a hitherto unreported type of ferroelectricity with ultra-long ion-displacement in sodium and potassium hydroxides. Even a small amount of proton vacancies can completely change the mode of proton-transfer from ... More
Electrophoretic-like gating used to control metal-insulator transitions in electronically phase separated manganite wiresAug 28 2013Electronically phase separated manganite wires are found to exhibit controllable metal-insulator transitions under local electric fields. The switching characteristics are shown to be fully reversible, polarity independent, and highly resistant to thermal ... More
Magnetic borophenes from evolutionary searchFeb 07 2019A computation methodology based on ab initio evolutionary algorithms and the spin-polarized density functional theory was developed to predict two-dimensional (2D) magnetic materials. Its application to a model system borophene reveals an unexpected rich ... More
On the Dynamics of the Error Floor Behavior in (Regular) LDPC CodesFeb 11 2009Feb 11 2009It is shown that dominant trapping sets of regular LDPC codes, so called absorption sets, undergo a two-phased dynamic behavior in the iterative message-passing decoding algorithm. Using a linear dynamic model for the iteration behavior of these sets, ... More
Mean-field SDE driven by a fractional Brownian motion and related stochastic control problemMay 31 2016We study a class of mean-field stochastic differential equations driven by a fractional Brownian motion with Hurst parameter $H\in(1/2,1)$ and a related stochastic control problem. We derive a Pontryagin type maximum principle and the associated adjoint ... More
Gopakumar-Vafa BPS invariants, Hilbert schemes and quasimodular forms. IAug 16 2012We prove a closed formula for leading Gopakumar- Vafa BPS invariants of local Calabi-Yau geometries given by the canonical line bundles of toric Fano surfaces. It shares some similar features with Goettsche-Yau-Zaslow formula: Connection with Hilbert ... More
Peng's Maximum Principle for a Stochastic Control Problem Driven by a Fractional and a Standard Brownian MotionMay 05 2016We study a stochastic control system involving both a standard and a fractional Brownian motion with Hurst parameter less than 1/2. We apply an anticipative Girsanov transformation to transform the system into another one, driven only by the standard ... More
Derivation of Lindblad master equation for the quantum Ising model interacting with a heat bathMar 14 2013Starting from the Liouville-von Neumann equation, under a weak coupling limit we derive the Lindblad master equation for the one-dimensional quantum Ising model in a Markov approximation and a rotating wave approximation. We also prove that the steady ... More
Proof of some congruences conjectured by Guo and LiuNov 17 2015Nov 21 2015Let $n$ and $r$ be positive integers and $p$ a prime. Define the numbers $S_n^{(r)}$ and $T_n^{(r)}$ by $$S_n^{(r)}=\sum_{k=0}^n\binom{n}{k}^2\binom{2k}{k}(2k+1)^r\ \mbox{,}\ T_n^{(r)}=\sum_{k=0}^n\binom{n}{k}^2\binom{2k}{k}(2k+1)^r(-1)^k.$$ In this paper ... More
A Novel Decomposition for Control of DC Circuits and Grid Models with Heterogeneous Energy SourcesSep 22 2017The way in which electric power depends on the topology of circuits with mixed voltage and current sources is examined. The power flowing in any steady-state DC circuit is shown to depend on a minimal set of key variables called fundamental node voltages ... More
A Physarum-inspired model for the probit-based stochastic user equilibrium problemMar 06 2017Stochastic user equilibrium is an important issue in the traffic assignment problems, tradition models for the stochastic user equilibrium problem are designed as mathematical programming problems. In this article, a Physarum-inspired model for the probit-based ... More
PSA: A novel optimization algorithm based on survival rules of porcellio scaberSep 28 2017Bio-inspired algorithms have received a significant amount of attention in both academic and engineering societies. In this paper, based on the observation of two major survival rules of a species of woodlice, i.e., porcellio scaber, we design and propose ... More
The Genus-One Global Mirror Theorem for the Quintic ThreefoldMar 20 2017We prove the genus-one restriction of the all-genus Landau-Ginzburg/Calabi-Yau conjecture of Chiodo and Ruan, stated in terms of the geometric quantization of an explicit symplectomorphism determined by genus-zero invariants. This provides the first evidence ... More
Manin triples of 3-Lie algebras induced by involutive derivationsJun 21 2019For any $n$-dimensional 3-Lie algebra $A$ over a field of characteristic zero with an involutive derivation $D$, we investigate the structure of the 3-Lie algebra $B_1=A\ltimes_{ad^*} A^* $ associated with the coadjoint representation $(A^*, ad^*)$. We ... More
Mass Concentration and Local Uniqueness of Ground States for $L^2$-subcritical Nonlinear Schrödinger EquationsMar 28 2018Jun 29 2018We consider ground states of $L^2$-subcritical nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation (1.1), which can be described equivalently by minimizers of the following constraint minimization problem $$ e(\rho):=\inf\{E_{\rho}(u):u\in \mathcal{H}(\mathbb{R}^d),\|u\|_2^2=1\}.$$ ... More
Proof of two supercongruences conjectured by Z.-W.Sun involving Catalan-Larcombe-French numbersNov 17 2015The harmonic numbers $H_n=\sum_{0<k\ls n}1/k\ (n=0,1,2,\ldots)$ play important roles in mathematics. With helps of some combinatorial identities, we establish the following two congruences: $$\sum_{k=0}^{\frac{p-3}2}\f{\binom{2k}k^2H_k}{(2k+1)16^k}\ \mbox{modulo}\ ... More
Resilient Control under Denial-of-Service:Robust DesignMar 08 2016Mar 15 2016In this paper, we study networked control systems in the presence of Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, namely attacks that prevent transmissions over the communication network. The control objective is to maximize frequency and duration of the DoS attacks ... More
Spectral pre-modulation of training examples enhances the spatial resolution of the Phase Extraction Neural Network (PhENN)Aug 29 2018The Phase Extraction Neural Network (PhENN) is a computational architecture, based on deep machine learning, for lens-less quantitative phase retrieval from raw intensity data. PhENN is a deep convolutional neural network trained through examples consisting ... More
Striped Multiferroic Phase in Double-Exchange Model for Quarter-Doped ManganitesMay 27 2009Sep 07 2009The phase diagram of quarter-hole-doped perovskite manganites is investigated using the doubleexchange model. An exotic striped type-II multiferroic phase, where 25% of the nearest-neighbor spin couplings are orthogonal to each other, is found in the ... More
Orientation-dependent ferroelectricity of strained PbTiO$_3$ filmsNov 10 2015PbTiO$_3$ is a simple but very important ferroelectric oxide that has been extensively studied and widely used in various technological applications. However, most previous studies and applications were based on the bulk material or the conventional [$001$]-orientated ... More
GrCAN: Gradient Boost Convolutional Autoencoder with Neural Decision ForestJun 21 2018Jun 24 2018Random forest and deep neural network are two schools of effective classification methods in machine learning. While the random forest is robust irrespective of the data domain, the deep neural network has advantages in handling high dimensional data. ... More
Thermopower as sensitive probe of electronic nematicity in iron pnictidesOct 09 2012Dec 19 2012We study the in-plane anisotropy of the thermoelectric power and electrical resistivity on detwinned single crystals of isovalent substituted EuFe$_{2}$(As$_{1-x}$P$_{x}$)$_2$. Compared to the resistivity anisotropy the thermopower anisotropy is more ... More
Block Antiferromagnetism and Checkerboard Charge Ordering in Alkali-doped Iron Selenides $R$$_{1-x}$Fe$_{2-y}$Se$_2$Oct 03 2011By performing first-principles electronic structure calculations and analyzing effective magnetic model of alkali-doped iron selenides, we show that the materials without iron vacancies should approach a novel checkerboard phase in which each four Fe ... More
Repetition rate tuning of soliton in microrod resonatorsSep 18 2018The coherent temporal soliton in optical microresonators has attracted great attention recently. Here, we demonstrate the dissipative Kerr soliton generation in a microrod resonator, by utilizing an auxiliary-laser-assisted thermal response control. By ... More
Common persistence in conditional variance: A reconsiderationDec 06 2011This paper demonstrates the flaws of co-persistence theory proposed by Bollerslev and Engle (1993) which cause the theory can hardly be applied. With the introduction of the half-life of decay coefficient as the measure of the persistence, and both the ... More
Virasoro constraints and polynomial recursion for the linear Hodge integralsAug 06 2016Aug 11 2016The Hodge tau-function is a generating function for the linear Hodge integrals. It is also a tau-function of the KP hierarchy. In this paper, we first present the Virasoro constraints for the Hodge tau-function in the explicit form of the Virasoro equations. ... More
Controlling the Error Floor in LDPC DecodingSep 04 2012Oct 09 2012The error floor of LDPC is revisited as an effect of dynamic message behavior in the so-called absorption sets of the code. It is shown that if the signal growth in the absorption sets is properly balanced by the growth of set-external messages, the error ... More