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Hidden-symmetry-protected topological phases on a one-dimensional latticeNov 02 2014Mar 17 2015We demonstrate the existence of topologically nontrivial phase in a one-dimensional fermionic lattice system subjected to synthetic gauge fields, which is beyond the standard Altland-Zirnbauer classification of topological insulators. The topological ... More
Exotic Multi-fold Vortex Lattices of Spin-Orbit Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates in Optical LatticesSep 18 2016We investigate the ground state of two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates with Rashba spin-orbit coupling in square optical lattices and demonstrate the existence of rich phases with different lattice structures, which is closely related to the degenerate ... More
Vacuum stability, neutrinos, and dark matterFeb 26 2012Apr 11 2012Motivated by the discovery hint of the Standard Model (SM) Higgs mass around 125 GeV at the LHC, we study the vacuum stability and perturbativity bounds on Higgs scalar of the SM extensions including neutrinos and dark matter (DM). Guided by the SM gauge ... More
Exact solvability, non-integrability, and genuine multipartite entanglement dynamics of the Dicke modelApr 30 2014Mar 14 2015In this paper, the finite size Dicke model of arbitrary number of qubits is solved analytically in an unified way within extended coherent states. For the $N=2k$ or $2k-1$ Dicke models ($k$ is an integer), the $G$-function, which is only an energy dependent ... More
Non-zero U_{e3} and TeV-Leptogenesis through A_4 symmetry breakingJan 17 2010Apr 20 2010We consider an effective theory with an $SU(2)\times U(1)\times A_{4}\times Z_{2}\times Z_{4}$ symmetry and investigate the possibility of a linking TeV-leptogenesis with a reactor angle $|U_{e3}|$ through spontaneous $A_{4}$ symmetry breaking which is ... More
Locally Repairable Codes with Multiple $(r_{i}, δ_{i})$-LocalitiesFeb 19 2017May 02 2017In distributed storage systems, locally repairable codes (LRCs) are introduced to realize low disk I/O and repair cost. In order to tolerate multiple node failures, the LRCs with \emph{$(r, \delta)$-locality} are further proposed. Since hot data is not ... More
Reheating neutron stars with the annihilation of self-interacting dark matterApr 10 2018Aug 12 2018Compact stellar objects such as neutron stars (NS) are ideal places for capturing dark matter (DM) particles. We study the effect of self-interacting DM (SIDM) captured by nearby NS that can reheat it to an appreciated surface temperature through absorbing ... More
On the evolution process of two-component dark matter in the SunFeb 20 2018Apr 04 2018We introduce dark matter (DM) evolution process in the Sun under a two-component DM (2DM) scenario. Both DM species $\chi$ and $\xi$ with masses heavier than 1 GeV are considered. In this picture, both species could be captured by the Sun through DM-nucleus ... More
On Optimal Ternary Locally Repairable CodesFeb 19 2017In an $[n,k,d]$ linear code, a code symbol is said to have locality $r$ if it can be repaired by accessing at most $r$ other code symbols. For an $(n,k,r)$ \emph{locally repairable code} (LRC), the minimum distance satisfies the well-known Singleton-like ... More
Topological invariants, zero mode edge states and finite size effect for a generalized non-reciprocal Su-Schrieffer-Heeger modelJun 11 2019Intriguing issues in one-dimensional non-reciprocal topological systems include the breakdown of usual bulk-edge correspondence and the occurrence of half-integer topological invariants. In order to understand these unusual topological properties, we ... More
Quantum phase transitions of the spin-boson model within multi-coherent-statesDec 19 2014A variational approach based on the multi-coherent-state ansatz with asymmetric parameters is employed to study the ground state of the spin-boson model. Without any artificial approximations except for the finite number of the coherent states, we find ... More
Absence of collapse in quantum Rabi oscillationsNov 27 2014We show analytically that the collapse and revival in the population dynamics of the atom-cavity coupled system under the rotating wave approximation (RWA), valid only at very weak coupling, is an artifact as the atom-cavity coupling is increased. Even ... More
Improved Silbey-Harris polaron ansatz for the spin-boson modelMar 27 2018In this paper, the well-known Silbey-Harris (SH) polaron ansatz for the spin-boson model is improved by adding orthogonal displaced Fock states. The obtained results for the ground state in all baths converge very quickly within finite displaced Fock ... More
Quantum criticality of the sub-Ohmic spin-boson model within displaced Fock statesOct 04 2014The spin-boson model is analytically studied using displaced Fock states (DFS) without discretization of the continuum bath. In the orthogonal displaced Fock basis, the ground-state wavefunction can be systematically improved in a controllable way. Interestingly, ... More
The application of special matrix product to differential quadrature solution of geometrically nonlinear bending of orthotropic rectangular platesJun 09 1999The Hadamard and SJT product of matrices are two types of special matrix product. The latter was first defined by Chen. In this study, they are applied to the differential quadrature (DQ) solution of geometrically nonlinear bending of isotropic and orthotropic ... More
Number of connected spanning subgraphs on the Sierpinski gasketJun 04 2008We study the number of connected spanning subgraphs $f_{d,b}(n)$ on the generalized Sierpinski gasket $SG_{d,b}(n)$ at stage $n$ with dimension $d$ equal to two, three and four for $b=2$, and layer $b$ equal to three and four for $d=2$. The upper and ... More
Spontaneous trimerization in two-dimensional AntiferromagnetsSep 08 2008Feb 18 2011In this paper, we propose a novel quantum paramagnetic state in two-dimensional antiferromagnets: the spontaneously trimer state, which is constructed by the trimers of spins. Each trimer is a singlet state formed by three neighboring spins with SU(3) ... More
Yang-Yang thermodynamics of Bose-Fermi MixtureFeb 12 2009Jun 02 2009We investigate theoretically the behavior of a one-dimensional interacting Bose-Fermi mixture with equal masses and equal repulsive interactions between atoms at finite temperature in the scheme of thermodynamic Bethe ansatz. Combining the Yang-Yang thermodynamic ... More
Peccei-Quinn symmetry as the origin of Dirac Neutrino MassesOct 23 2012Sep 18 2013We propose a model of Dirac neutrino masses generated at one-loop level. The origin of this mass is induced from Peccei-Quinn symmetry breaking which was proposed to solve the so-called strong CP problem in QCD, therefore, the neutrino mass is connected ... More
Gravitation waves from QCD and electroweak phase transitionsDec 10 2017We investigate the gravitation waves produced from QCD and electroweak phase transitions in the early universe by using a 5-dimension holographic QCD model and a holographic technicolor model. The dynamical holographic QCD model is to describe the pure ... More
The asset price bubbles in emerging financial markets: a new statistical approachOct 24 2016The bubble is a controversial and important issue. Many methods which based on the rational expectation have been proposed to detect the bubble. However, for some developing countries, epically China, the asset markets are so young that for many companies, ... More
Zeno and anti-Zeno effect in an open quantum system in the ultrastrong-coupling regimeFeb 02 2017Jun 09 2017We study the quantum Zeno effect (QZE) and quantum anti-Zeno effect (QAZE) of a two-level system interacting with an environment of harmonic oscillators, the spin-boson model. By applying a numerically exact method based on matrix product states, the ... More
Concise analytic solutions to the quantum Rabi model with two arbitrary qubitsMay 03 2014Mar 14 2015Using extended coherent states, an analytical exact study has been carried out for the quantum Rabi model (QRM) with two arbitrary qubits in a very concise way. The $G$-functions with $2 \times 2$ determinants are generally derived. For the same coupling ... More
Zeno effect of the open quantum system in the presence of 1/f noiseOct 05 2017We study the quantum Zeno effect (QZE) and quantum anti-Zeno effect (QAZE) in a two-level system(TLS) interacting with an environment owning 1/f noise. Using a numerically exact method based on the thermo field dynamics(TFD) theory and the matrix product ... More
A third-order discrete unified gas kinetic scheme for continuum and rarefied flows: low-speed isothermal caseSep 16 2017An efficient third-order discrete unified gas kinetic scheme (DUGKS) with efficiency is presented in this work for simulating continuum and rarefied flows. By employing two-stage time-stepping scheme and the high-order DUGKS flux reconstruction strategy, ... More
Ferromagnetic to antiferromagnetic transition of one-dimensional spinor Bose gases with spin-orbit couplingFeb 27 2013Sep 18 2013We have analytically solved one-dimensional interacting two-component bosonic gases with spin-orbit (SO) coupling by the Bethe-ansatz method. Through a gauge transformation, the effect of SO coupling is incorporated into a spin-dependent twisted boundary ... More
Significant low lattice thermal conductivity and potential high thermoelectric figure of merit in Na$_2$MgSnJul 17 2018Thermoelectric materials enables the harvest of waste heat and directly conversion into electricity. In search of high efficient thermoelectric materials, low thermal conductivity of a material is essential and critical. Here, we have theoretically investigated ... More
Quantum criticality and universal scaling of strongly attractive spin-imbalanced Fermi gases in a 1D harmonic trapJan 13 2011May 13 2011We investigate thermodynamics and quantum criticality of strongly attractive Fermi gases confined in a one-dimensional (1D) harmonic trap. Finite temperature density profiles, entropy, compressibility and susceptibility of the trapped gas are studied ... More
Seismic signal sparse time-frequency analysis by Lp-quasinorm constraintJan 16 2018Apr 16 2018Time-frequency analysis has been applied successfully in many fields. However, the traditional methods, like short time Fourier transform and Cohen distribution, suffer from the low resolution or the interference of the cross terms. To solve these issues, ... More
Flavor Physics and CP ViolationAug 12 2017We currently live in the age of the CKM paradigm. The $3\times 3$ matrix that links $(d,\ s,\ b)$ quarks to $(u,\ c,\ t)$ in the charged current weak interaction, being complex and nominally with 18 parameters, can be accounted for by just 3 rotation ... More
On Three-dimensional CR Yamabe SolitonsAug 13 2014Oct 15 2015In this paper, we investigate the geometry and classification of three-dimensional CR Yamabe solitons. In the compact case, we show that any 3-dimensional CR Yamabe soliton must have constant Tanaka-Webster scalar curvature; we also obtain a classification ... More
Novel Collider Signatures for Little Higgs Dark Matter ModelsMay 29 2006Jul 26 2006Little Higgs models with $T$-parity provide a stable neutral particle $A_H$, the lightest $T$-odd particle (LTP), which was recently proposed to explain the cold dark matter of the Universe. In the coannihilation region of the LTP with the Little Higgs ... More
Order-disorder transition in $p$-oligophenylsJan 16 2019Poly($para$-phenylene) has been recognized as one important family of conducting polymers upon doping with donors or acceptors. This system possesses a chain-like structure with infinite benzene rings linked with the single C-C bond. Oligophenyls as models ... More
Magnetism of Cold Fermionic Atoms on p-Band of an Optical LatticeMay 19 2008May 20 2008We carry out \textit{ab initio} study of ground state phase diagram of spin-1/2 cold fermionic atoms within two-fold degenerate $p$-band of an anisotropic optical lattice. Using the Gutzwiller variational approach, we show that a robust ferromagnetic ... More
On the Weight Hierarchy of Locally Repairable CodesFeb 20 2017An $(n,k,r)$ \emph{locally repairable code} (LRC) is an $[n,k,d]$ linear code where every code symbol can be repaired from at most $r$ other code symbols. An LRC is said to be optimal if the minimum distance attains the Singleton-like bound $d \le n-k-\lceil ... More
Quantum phase transitions in the spin-boson model without the counterrotating termsDec 10 2018We study the spin-boson model without the counterrotating terms by a numerically exact method based on variational matrix product states. Surprisingly, the second-order quantum phase transition (QPT) is observed for the sub-Ohmic bath in the rotating-wave ... More
Solution of the two-mode quantum Rabi model using extended squeezed statesDec 30 2014Jul 29 2015The two-mode quantum Rabi model with bilinear coupling is studied using extended squeezed states. We derive $G$-functions for each Bargmann index $q$% . They share a common structure with the $G$-function of the one-photon and two-photon quantum Rabi ... More
Optimal estimation for the Fujino-Morley interpolation error constantsMar 30 2019The quantitative estimation for the interpolation error constants of the Fujino-Morley interpolation operator is considered. To give concrete upper bounds for the constants, which is reduced to the problem of providing lower bounds for eigenvalues of ... More
Quantum criticality of a one-dimensional Bose-Fermi mixtureNov 15 2011Feb 17 2012The one-dimensional interacting Bose-Fermi mixtures, exhibiting quantum phase transitions at zero temperature, are particularly valuable for the study of quantum critical phenomena. In the present paper, we analytically study quantum phase diagram, equation ... More
On the CR Analogue of Reilly Formula and Yau Eigenvalue ConjectureMar 26 2015May 29 2015In this paper, we derive the CR Reilly's formula and its applications to studying of the first eigenvalue estimate for CR Dirichlet eigenvalue problem and embedded p-minimal hypersurfaces. In particular, we obtain the first Dirichlet eigenvalue estimate ... More
Thermal transport of the solar captured dark matter and its impact on the indirect dark matter searchAug 21 2015Sep 01 2015We study the thermal transport occurring in the system of solar captured dark matter (DM) and explore its impact on the DM indirect search signal. We particularly focus on the scenario of self-interacting DM (SIDM). The flows of energies in and out of ... More
Secure Precise Wireless Transmission with Random-Subcarrier-Selection-based Directional Modulation Transmit Antenna ArrayApr 26 2017May 27 2017In this paper, a practical wireless transmission scheme is proposed to transmit confidential messages to the desired user securely and precisely by the joint use of multiple techniques including artificial noise (AN) projection, phase alignment (PA)/beamforming, ... More
Ground-state properties of interacting two-component Bose gases in a hard-wall trapNov 07 2008Feb 09 2009We investigate ground-state properties of interacting two-component Bose gases in a hard-wall trap using both the Bethe ansatz and exact numerical diagonalization method. For equal intra- and inter-atomic interaction, the system is exactly solvable. Thus ... More
Two High-performance Schemes of Transmit Antenna Selection for Secure Spatial ModulationJan 15 2018In this paper, a secure spatial modulation (SM) system with artificial noise (AN)-aided is investigated. To achieve higher secrecy rate (SR) in such a system, two high-performance schemes of transmit antenna selection (TAS), leakage-based and maximum ... More
Observation of Meissner effect in potassium-doped \emph{p}-quinquephenyl}Jan 19 2018Jan 24 2018The chain-like organic compounds with conjugated structure have the potential to become high temperature superconductors. We examine this idea by choosing p-quinquephenyl with five phenyl rings connected in para position. The dc magnetic susceptibility ... More
Assessing the effect of lens mass model in cosmological application with updated galaxy-scale strong gravitational lensing sampleSep 26 2018Apr 19 2019By comparing the dynamical and lensing mass of early-type lens galaxies, one can constrain cosmological parameters and density profiles of galaxies. In this method, we explore the constraining power on cosmological parameters and the effect of lens mass ... More
Distributed sub-optimal resource allocation via a projected form of singular perturbationJun 09 2019Distributed optimization for resource allocation problems is investigated and a sub-optimal continuous-time algorithm is proposed. Our algorithm has lower order dynamics than others to reduce burdens of computation and communication, and is applicable ... More
Complementary Test of the Dark Matter Self-Interaction by Direct and Indirect DetectionsMay 14 2015Sep 28 2015The halo dark matter (DM) can be gravitationally captured by the Sun. For self-interacting DM (SIDM), we show that the number of DM trapped inside the Sun remains unsuppressed even if the DM-nucleon cross section is negligible. We consider a SIDM model ... More
Bosonic edge states in gapped honeycomb latticesDec 04 2015Feb 19 2016By quantum Monte Carlo simulations of bosons in gapped honeycomb lattices, we show the existence of bosonic edge states. For single layer honeycomb lattice, bosonic edge states can be controlled to appear, cross the gap and merge into bulk states by an ... More
Probability density derivation and analysis of SINR in massive MIMO systems with MF beamformerNov 01 2014Nov 25 2014In massive MIMO systems, the matched filter (MF) beamforming is attractive technique due to its extremely low complexity of implementation compared to those high-complexity decomposition-based beamforming techniques such as zero-forcing, and minimum mean ... More
When the Higgs meets the Top: Search for t --> ch^0 at the LHCApr 30 2013Jul 29 2013The newly discovered "Higgs" boson h^0, being lighter than the top quark t, opens up new probes for flavor and mass generation. In the general two Higgs doublet model, new ct, cc and tt Yukawa couplings could modify h^0 properties. If t --> ch^0 occurs ... More
Liouville properties for p-harmonic maps with finite q-energyNov 13 2012Feb 23 2016We introduce and study an approximate solution of the p-Laplace equation, and a linearlization $L_{\epsilon}$ of a perturbed p-Laplace operator. By deriving an $L_{\epsilon}$-type Bochner's formula and a Kato type inequality, we prove a Liouville type ... More
Three Dimensional Imaging of the Nucleon and Semi-Inclusive High Energy ReactionsJun 24 2015We present a short overview on the studies of transverse momentum dependent parton distribution functions of the nucleon. The aim of such studies is to provide a three dimensional imagining of the nucleon and a comprehensive description of semi-inclusive ... More
Characterization of Lifshitz transitions in topological nodal line semimetalsNov 14 2017We introduce a two-band model of three-dimensional nodal line semimetals, the Fermi surface of which at half-filling may form various one-dimensional configurations of different topology. We study the symmetries and "drumhead" surface states of the model, ... More
On the CR Poincaré-Lelong equation, Yamabe steady solitons and structures of complete noncompact Sasakian manifoldsApr 08 2018Apr 11 2018In this paper, we solve the so-called CR Poincar\'e-Lelong equation by solving the CR Poisson equation on a complete noncompact CR $(2n+1)$-manifold with nonegative pseudohermitian bisectional curvature tensors and vanishing torsion which is an odd dimensional ... More
On Li-Yau gradient estimate for sum of squares of vector fields up to higher stepFeb 04 2016In this paper, we generalize the Cao-Yau's gradient estimate for the sum of squares of vector fields up to higher step under assumption of the generalized curvature-dimension inequality. With its applications, by deriving a curvature-dimension inequality, ... More
Phase separation in the trapped spinor gases with anisotropic spin-spin interactionNov 23 2005Aug 27 2007We investigate the effect of the anisotropic spin-spin interaction on the ground state density distribution of the one dimensional spin-1 bosonic gases within a modified Gross-Pitaevskii theory both in the weakly interaction regime and in the Tonks-Girardeau ... More
Density distributions for trapped one-dimensional spinor gasesJul 11 2005Apr 10 2006We numerically evaluate the density distribution of a spin-1 bosonic condensate in its ground state within a modifed Gross-Pitaevskii theory, which is obtained by the combination of the exact solution of the corresponding integrable model with the local ... More
Hierarchical Spatial Transformer NetworkJan 29 2018Jan 30 2018Computer vision researchers have been expecting that neural networks have spatial transformation ability to eliminate the interference caused by geometric distortion for a long time. Emergence of spatial transformer network makes dream come true. Spatial ... More
Proportional fairness in wireless powered CSMA/CA based IoT networksOct 24 2018This paper considers the deployment of a hybrid wireless data/power access point in an 802.11-based wireless powered IoT network. The proportionally fair allocation of throughputs across IoT nodes is considered under the constraints of energy neutrality ... More
Exact spontaneous plaquette ground states for high-spin ladder modelsJul 11 2005Dec 01 2005We study the exchange physics in high spin Mott insulating systems with $S=3/2$ which is realizable in ultracold atomic systems. The high symmetry of SO(5) or SU(4) therein renders stronger quantum fluctuations than the usual spin-1/2 systems. A spontaneous ... More
Effective super Tonks-Girardeau gases as ground states of strongly attractive multi-component fermionsSep 26 2010Dec 12 2010In the strong interaction limit, attractive fermions with $N$-component hyperfine states in a one-dimensional waveguide form unbreakable bound cluster states. We demonstrate that the ground state of strongly attractive SU($N$) Fermi gases can be effectively ... More
Constructions of Optimal Cyclic $(r,δ)$ Locally Repairable CodesSep 05 2016A code is said to be a $r$-local locally repairable code (LRC) if each of its coordinates can be repaired by accessing at most $r$ other coordinates. When some of the $r$ coordinates are also erased, the $r$-local LRC can not accomplish the local repair, ... More
Error Gradient-based Variable-Lp Norm Constraint LMS Algorithm for Sparse System IdentificationSep 26 2015Sparse adaptive filtering has gained much attention due to its wide applicability in the field of signal processing. Among the main algorithm families, sparse norm constraint adaptive filters develop rapidly in recent years. However, when applied for ... More
Topological Mott Insulator with Bosonic Edge Modes in 1D Fermionic SuperlatticesDec 11 2017We investigate topological phase transitions driven by interaction and identify a novel topological Mott insulator state in one-dimensional fermionic optical superlattices through numerical density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) method. Remarkably, ... More
Current status of Shanghai VLBI correlatorApr 13 2018Shanghai Astronomical Observatory has upgraded its DiFX cluster to 420 CPU cores and a 432-TB storage system at the end of 2014. An international network connection for the raw data transfer has also been established. The routine operations for IVS sessions ... More
$C_0$-positivity and a classification of closed three-dimensional CR torsion solitonsFeb 28 2019A closed CR 3-manifold is said to have $C_{0}$-positive pseudohermitian curvature if $(W+C_{0}Tor)(X,X)>0$ for any $0\neq X\in T_{1,0}(M)$. We discover an obstruction for a closed CR 3-manifold to possess $C_{0}$-positive pseudohermitian curvature. We ... More
Optimal Detection of UAV's Transmission with Beam Sweeping in Wireless NetworksMar 31 2019In this work, an detection strategy based on multiple antennas with beam sweeping is developed to detect UAV's potential transmission in wireless networks. Specifically, suspicious angle range where the UAV may present is divided into different sectors ... More
Phase diagram and topological superfluid state of spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas with attractive interactions in a one-dimensional optical latticeNov 05 2015Based on density matrix renormalization group method, we investigate the spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas with attractive interactions in one-dimensional optical lattice and present a complete phase diagram for a quarter-filling system with intermediate strong ... More
Masses of ground-state mesons and baryons, including those with heavy quarksMar 01 2019Using a confining, symmetry-preserving regularisation of a vector$\times$vector contact interaction, we compute the spectra of ground-state pseudoscalar and vector $(f\bar g)$ mesons, scalar and axial-vector $(fg)$ diquarks, and $J^P=1/2^+, 3/2^+$ $(fgh)$ ... More
Parity partners in the baryon resonance spectrumMay 11 2017We describe a calculation of the spectrum of flavour-SU(3) octet and decuplet baryons, their parity partners, and the radial excitations of these systems, made using a symmetry-preserving treatment of a vector-vector contact interaction as the foundation ... More
Analytical solutions and genuine multipartite entanglement of the three-qubit Dicke modelJan 04 2016Jul 13 2016We present analytical solutions to three qubits and a single-mode cavity coupling system beyond the rotating-wave approximation (RWA). The zero-th order approximation gives correct solutions when the qubits are far detuned from the cavity. The first order ... More
Theory of valley-dependent transport in graphene-based lateral quantum structuresMay 07 2016Modulation of electronic states in two-dimensional (2D) materials can be achieved by using in-plane variations of the band gap or the average potential in lateral quantum structures. In the atomic configurations with hexagonal symmetry, this approach ... More
Exact solvability of the quantum Rabi models within Bogoliubov operatorsApr 16 2012Apr 29 2012The quantum Rabi model can be solved exactly by the Bargmann transformation from real coordinate to complex variable recently [Phys. Rev. Lett. \textbf{107}, 100401 (2011)]. By the extended coherent states, we recover this solution in an alternative simpler ... More
Quantum Zeno effect in the multimode quantum Rabi modelApr 08 2019We study the quantum Zeno effect (QZE) and quantum anti-Zeno effect (QAZE) of the multimode quantum Rabi model(MQRM). We derive an analytic expression for the decay rate of the survival probability where cavity modes are initially prepared as thermal ... More
Mapping trapped atomic gas with spin-orbit coupling to quantum Rabi-like modelFeb 24 2013We construct a connection of the ultracold atomic system in a harmonic trap with Raman-induced spin-orbit coupling to the quantum Rabi-like model. By mapping the trapped atomic system to a Rabi-like model, we can get the exact solution of the Rabi-like ... More
Super-Tonks-Girardeau gas of spin-1/2 interacting fermionsMay 04 2010Oct 20 2010Fermi gases confined in tight one-dimensional waveguides form two-particle bound states of atoms in the presence of a strongly attractive interaction. Based on the exact solution of the one-dimensional spin-1/2 interacting Fermi gas, we demonstrate that ... More
Kaleidoscope of symmetry protected topological phases in one-dimensional periodically modulated latticesSep 04 2014Dec 22 2014We identify the existence of various symmetry-protected topological states in one-dimensional superlattices with periodically modulated hopping amplitudes or on-site potentials, which can be characterized by the quantized Berry phase $\pi$ or the emergence ... More
The Optical to Mid-Infrared Extinction Law Based on the APOGEE, Gaia DR2, Pan-STARRS1, SDSS, APASS, 2MASS and WISE SurveysApr 09 2019Apr 24 2019A precise interstellar dust extinction law is critically important to interpret observations. There are two indicators of extinction: the color excess ratio (CER) and the relative extinction. Compared to the CER, the wavelength-dependent relative extinction ... More
Dijet Asymmetry in the Resummation Improved Perturbative QCD ApproachDec 13 2016Dec 22 2016We develop the first systematic theoretical approach to dijet asymmetries in hadron-hadron collisions based on the perturbative QCD (pQCD) expansion and the Sudakov resummation formalism. We find that the pQCD calculation at next-to-leading order is indispensable ... More
Solving multiple-criteria R&D project selection problems with a data-driven evidential reasoning ruleOct 31 2018In this paper, a likelihood based evidence acquisition approach is proposed to acquire evidence from experts'assessments as recorded in historical datasets. Then a data-driven evidential reasoning rule based model is introduced to R&D project selection ... More
A holographic model of d-wave superconductor vortices with Lifshitz scalingOct 26 2014Feb 03 2015We study analytically the $d$-wave holographic superconductors with Lifshitz scaling in the presence of external magnetic field. The vortex lattice solutions of the model have also been obtained with different Lifshitz scaling. Our results imply that ... More
Solutions to the quantum Rabi model with two equivalent qubitsJan 25 2014May 29 2014Using extended coherent states, an analytically exact study has been carried out for the quantum Rabi model with two equivalent qubits. Compact transcendental functions of one variable have been derived leading to exact solutions. The energy spectrum ... More
Jaynes-Cummings model: What emerges first beyond the rotating-wave approximation?Mar 12 2012The Jaynes-Cummings model without the rotating-wave approximation can be solved exactly by extended Swain's ansatz with the conserved parity. The analytical approximations are then performed at different levels. The well-known rotating-wave approximation ... More
Realization of effective super Tonks-Girardeau gases via strongly attractive one-dimensional Fermi gasesOct 09 2009Mar 05 2010A significant feature of the one-dimensional super Tonks-Girardeau gas is its metastable gas-like state with a stronger Fermi-like pressure than for free fermions which prevents a collapse of atoms. This naturally suggests a way to search for such strongly ... More
Repulsive polarons in alkaline-earth(-like) atoms across an orbital Feshbach resonanceOct 14 2017We characterize properties of the so-called repulsive polaron across the recently discovered orbital Feshbach resonance in alkaline-earth(-like) atoms. Being a metastable quasiparticle excitation at the positive energy, the repulsive polaron is induced ... More
Spontaneous symmetry breaking induced unidirectional rotation of chain-grafted colloid in the active bathMay 15 2017Exploiting the energy of randomly moving active agents such as bacteria is a fascinating way to power a microdevice. Here we show, by simulations, that a chain-grafted disk-like colloid can rotate unidirectionally when immersed in a thin film of active ... More
The 17 MeV Anomaly in Beryllium Decays and $U(1)$ Portal to Dark MatterSep 23 2016Apr 13 2018The experiment of Krasznahorkay \textit{et al} observed the transition of a $\rm{^{8}Be}$ excited state to its ground state and accompanied by an emission of $e^{+}e^{-}$ pair with 17 MeV invariant mass. This 6.8$\sigma$ anomaly can be fitted by a new ... More
Dynamical properties of hard-core anyons in one-dimensional optical latticesMay 29 2012We investigate the dynamical properties of anyons confined in one-dimensional optical lattice combined with a weak harmonic trap using the exact numerical method based on a generalized Jordan-Wigner transformation. The density profiles, momentum distribution, ... More
Electronic features around Fermi level correlating to occurrence of magnetism or superconductivity in Laves-phase intermetallic compoundsJul 29 2004Based on density functional calculations, the relationship between magnetism or superconductivity and electronic states around Fermi level were derived, and the location of the Fermi level in nonmagnetic "form" of Laves-phase compounds is very sensitive ... More
Color Image Classification via Quaternion Principal Component Analysis NetworkMar 05 2015The Principal Component Analysis Network (PCANet), which is one of the recently proposed deep learning architectures, achieves the state-of-the-art classification accuracy in various databases. However, the performance of PCANet may be degraded when dealing ... More
Quantized photonic spin Hall effect in grapheneApr 20 2017We examine the photonic spin Hall effect (SHE) in a graphene-substrate system with the presence of external magnetic field. In the quantum Hall regime, we demonstrate that the in-plane and transverse spin-dependent splittings in photonic SHE exhibit different ... More
Evolution of the Superconductivity Dome in the two dimensional Hubbard ModelAug 27 2013In a recent publication [Chen et al., Phys. Rev. B 86, 165136 (2012)], we identified a line of Lifshitz transition points separating the Fermi liquid and pseudogap regions in the hole-doped two dimensional Hubbard model. Here we extend the study to further ... More
Transition from Tonks-Girardeau gas to super-Tonks-Girardeau gas as an exact many-body dynamics problemNov 10 2009Mar 05 2010We investigate transition of a one-dimensional interacting Bose gas from a strongly repulsive regime to a strongly attractive regime, where a stable highly excited state known as the super Tonks-Girardeau gas was experimentally realized very recently. ... More
Possible gapless spin liquid in a rare-earth kagomé lattice magnet Tm$_{3}$Sb$_{3}$Zn$_{2}$O$_{14}$Feb 03 2018Nov 08 2018We report the thermodynamic and muon spin relaxation ($\mu$SR) evidences for a possible gapless spin liquid in Tm$_{3}$Sb$_{3}$Zn$_{2}$O$_{14}$, with the rare-earth ions Tm$^{3+}$ forming a two-dimensional kagom\'{e} lattice. We extract the magnetic specific ... More
The dark matter self-interaction and its impact on the critical mass for dark matter evaporations inside the sunDec 21 2014We study the capture, annihilation and evaporation of dark matter (DM) inside the Sun. It has been shown that the DM self-interaction can increase the DM number inside the Sun. We demonstrate that this enhancement becomes more significant in the regime ... More
Probing Dark Matter Self-Interaction in the Sun with IceCube-PINGUAug 23 2014Nov 20 2014We study the capture, annihilation and evaporation of dark matter (DM) inside the Sun. It has been shown that the DM self-interaction can increase the DM number inside the Sun. We demonstrate that this enhancement becomes more significant in the regime ... More
Pilot Optimization and Power Allocation for OFDM-based Full-duplex Relay Networks with IQ-imbalancesSep 11 2017In OFDM relay networks with IQ imbalances and full-duplex relay station (RS), how to optimize pilot pattern and power allocation using the criterion of minimizing the sum of mean square errors (Sum-MSE) for the frequency-domain least-squares channel estimator ... More
Absence of Wigner molecules in one-dimensional few-fermion systems with short-range interactionsFeb 15 2012We study by means of exact-diagonalization techniques the ground state of a few-fermion system with strong short-range repulsive interactions trapped by a harmonic potential in one spatial dimension. Even when the ground-state density profile displays ... More
Destruction of interference by many-body interactions in cold atomic Bose gasesJul 09 2003Oct 08 2003We study the effects of many-body interactions on the interference in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer for matter waves of ultracold Bose atoms. After switching off an axial trapping potential, the thermal initial wavepacket expands, and subsequently interference ... More