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Super-Tonks-Girardeau gas of spin-1/2 interacting fermionsMay 04 2010Oct 20 2010Fermi gases confined in tight one-dimensional waveguides form two-particle bound states of atoms in the presence of a strongly attractive interaction. Based on the exact solution of the one-dimensional spin-1/2 interacting Fermi gas, we demonstrate that ... More
The Optical to Mid-Infrared Extinction Law Based on the APOGEE, Gaia DR2, Pan-STARRS1, SDSS, APASS, 2MASS and WISE SurveysApr 09 2019Apr 24 2019A precise interstellar dust extinction law is critically important to interpret observations. There are two indicators of extinction: the color excess ratio (CER) and the relative extinction. Compared to the CER, the wavelength-dependent relative extinction ... More
Kaleidoscope of symmetry protected topological phases in one-dimensional periodically modulated latticesSep 04 2014Dec 22 2014We identify the existence of various symmetry-protected topological states in one-dimensional superlattices with periodically modulated hopping amplitudes or on-site potentials, which can be characterized by the quantized Berry phase $\pi$ or the emergence ... More
Hidden-symmetry-protected topological phases on a one-dimensional latticeNov 02 2014Mar 17 2015We demonstrate the existence of topologically nontrivial phase in a one-dimensional fermionic lattice system subjected to synthetic gauge fields, which is beyond the standard Altland-Zirnbauer classification of topological insulators. The topological ... More
Exotic Multi-fold Vortex Lattices of Spin-Orbit Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates in Optical LatticesSep 18 2016We investigate the ground state of two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates with Rashba spin-orbit coupling in square optical lattices and demonstrate the existence of rich phases with different lattice structures, which is closely related to the degenerate ... More
The Optical to Mid-Infrared Extinction Law Based on the APOGEE, Gaia DR2, Pan-STARRS1, SDSS, APASS, 2MASS and WISE SurveysApr 09 2019Jul 15 2019A precise interstellar dust extinction law is critically important to interpret observations. There are two indicators of extinction: the color excess ratio (CER) and the relative extinction. Compared to the CER, the wavelength-dependent relative extinction ... More
Vacuum stability, neutrinos, and dark matterFeb 26 2012Apr 11 2012Motivated by the discovery hint of the Standard Model (SM) Higgs mass around 125 GeV at the LHC, we study the vacuum stability and perturbativity bounds on Higgs scalar of the SM extensions including neutrinos and dark matter (DM). Guided by the SM gauge ... More
Topological classification of non-Hermitian systems with reflection symmetryDec 12 2018Feb 21 2019We classify topological phases of non-Hermitian systems in the Altland-Zirnbauer classes with an additional reflection symmetry in all dimensions. By mapping the non-Hermitian system into an enlarged Hermitian Hamiltonian with an enforced chiral symmetry, ... More
Strongly interacting Bose-Fermi mixtures in one dimensionOct 12 2015Feb 06 2016We study one-dimensional strongly interacting Bose-Fermi mixtures by both the exact Bethe-ansatz method and variational perturbation theory within the degenerate ground state subspace of the system in the infinitely repulsive limit. Based on the exact ... More
Non-zero U_{e3} and TeV-Leptogenesis through A_4 symmetry breakingJan 17 2010Apr 20 2010We consider an effective theory with an $SU(2)\times U(1)\times A_{4}\times Z_{2}\times Z_{4}$ symmetry and investigate the possibility of a linking TeV-leptogenesis with a reactor angle $|U_{e3}|$ through spontaneous $A_{4}$ symmetry breaking which is ... More
Anderson localization in the Non-Hermitian Aubry-André-Harper model with physical gain and lossMar 10 2017Jun 23 2017We investigate the Anderson localization in non-Hermitian Aubry-Andr\'e-Harper (AAH) models with imaginary potentials added to lattice sites to represent the physical gain and loss during the interacting processes between the system and environment. By ... More
Locally Repairable Codes with Multiple $(r_{i}, δ_{i})$-LocalitiesFeb 19 2017May 02 2017In distributed storage systems, locally repairable codes (LRCs) are introduced to realize low disk I/O and repair cost. In order to tolerate multiple node failures, the LRCs with \emph{$(r, \delta)$-locality} are further proposed. Since hot data is not ... More
Topological invariants, zero mode edge states and finite size effect for a generalized non-reciprocal Su-Schrieffer-Heeger modelJun 11 2019Intriguing issues in one-dimensional non-reciprocal topological systems include the breakdown of usual bulk-edge correspondence and the occurrence of half-integer topological invariants. In order to understand these unusual topological properties, we ... More
Quantum phase transitions of the spin-boson model within multi-coherent-statesDec 19 2014A variational approach based on the multi-coherent-state ansatz with asymmetric parameters is employed to study the ground state of the spin-boson model. Without any artificial approximations except for the finite number of the coherent states, we find ... More
Absence of collapse in quantum Rabi oscillationsNov 27 2014We show analytically that the collapse and revival in the population dynamics of the atom-cavity coupled system under the rotating wave approximation (RWA), valid only at very weak coupling, is an artifact as the atom-cavity coupling is increased. Even ... More
Neutrino masses, muon g-2, dark matter, lithium problem, and leptogenesis at TeV-scaleMay 21 2009Observational evidences of nonzero neutrino masses and the existence of dark matter request physics beyond standard model. A model with extra scalars and leptonic vector-like fermions is introduced. By imposing a Z_2 symmetry, the neutrino masses as well ... More
Ground-state properties of hard-core anyons in one-dimensional optical latticesJan 09 2009Jun 02 2009We investigate the ground-state properties of anyons confined in one-dimensional optical lattices with a weak harmonic trap using the exact numerical method based on Jordan-Wigner transformation. It is shown that in the Bose limit ($\chi =1$) and Fermi ... More
Ground-state properties of one-dimensional anyon gasesMay 14 2008Aug 27 2008We investigate the ground state of the one-dimensional interacting anyonic system based on the exact Bethe ansatz solution for arbitrary coupling constant ($0\leq c\leq \infty$) and statistics parameter ($0\leq \kappa \leq \pi$). It is shown that the ... More
Transition from nodal loop to nodal chain phase in a periodically modulated optical latticeSep 13 2017Sep 15 2017We propose to study the transition from a nodal loop to nodal chain phase in a tunable two-dimensional $\pi$-flux lattice with periodical modulation potential. The Hamiltonian describes a periodically modulated optical lattice system under artificial ... More
$\mathcal{PT}$ symmetry breaking for the scattering problem in a one-dimensional non-Hermitian lattice modelOct 23 2015We study the $\mathcal{PT} $-symmetry breaking for the scattering problem in a one-dimensional (1D) non-Hermitian tight-binding lattice model with balanced gain and loss distributed on two adjacent sites. In the scattering process the system undergoes ... More
Quantum criticality of the sub-Ohmic spin-boson model within displaced Fock statesOct 04 2014The spin-boson model is analytically studied using displaced Fock states (DFS) without discretization of the continuum bath. In the orthogonal displaced Fock basis, the ground-state wavefunction can be systematically improved in a controllable way. Interestingly, ... More
Improved Silbey-Harris polaron ansatz for the spin-boson modelMar 27 2018In this paper, the well-known Silbey-Harris (SH) polaron ansatz for the spin-boson model is improved by adding orthogonal displaced Fock states. The obtained results for the ground state in all baths converge very quickly within finite displaced Fock ... More
Mixture of Tonks-Girardeau gas and Fermi gas in one-dimensional optical latticesNov 23 2010We study the Bose-Fermi mixture with infinitely boson-boson repulsion and finite boson-Fermion repulsion. By using a generalized Jordan-Wigner transformation, we show that the system can be mapped to a repulsive Hubbard model and thus can be solved exactly ... More
Concise analytic solutions to the quantum Rabi model with two arbitrary qubitsMay 03 2014Mar 14 2015Using extended coherent states, an analytical exact study has been carried out for the quantum Rabi model (QRM) with two arbitrary qubits in a very concise way. The $G$-functions with $2 \times 2$ determinants are generally derived. For the same coupling ... More
Yang-Yang thermodynamics of Bose-Fermi MixtureFeb 12 2009Jun 02 2009We investigate theoretically the behavior of a one-dimensional interacting Bose-Fermi mixture with equal masses and equal repulsive interactions between atoms at finite temperature in the scheme of thermodynamic Bethe ansatz. Combining the Yang-Yang thermodynamic ... More
Zeno and anti-Zeno effect in an open quantum system in the ultrastrong-coupling regimeFeb 02 2017Jun 09 2017We study the quantum Zeno effect (QZE) and quantum anti-Zeno effect (QAZE) of a two-level system interacting with an environment of harmonic oscillators, the spin-boson model. By applying a numerically exact method based on matrix product states, the ... More
Gravitation waves from QCD and electroweak phase transitionsDec 10 2017We investigate the gravitation waves produced from QCD and electroweak phase transitions in the early universe by using a 5-dimension holographic QCD model and a holographic technicolor model. The dynamical holographic QCD model is to describe the pure ... More
Publish or impoverish: An investigation of the monetary reward system of science in China (1999-2016)Jul 04 2017Purpose: The purpose of this study is to present the landscape of the cash-per-publication reward policy in China and reveal its trend since the late 1990s. Design/methodology/approach: This study is based on the analysis of 168 university documents regarding ... More
Normalized Total Gradient: A New Measure for Multispectral Image RegistrationFeb 15 2017Image registration is a fundamental issue in multispectral image processing. In filter wheel based multispectral imaging systems, the non-coplanar placement of the filters always causes the misalignment of multiple channel images. The selective characteristic ... More
A third-order discrete unified gas kinetic scheme for continuum and rarefied flows: low-speed isothermal caseSep 16 2017An efficient third-order discrete unified gas kinetic scheme (DUGKS) with efficiency is presented in this work for simulating continuum and rarefied flows. By employing two-stage time-stepping scheme and the high-order DUGKS flux reconstruction strategy, ... More
Quantum Phases of Bose-Hubbard Model in Optical SuperlatticesNov 30 2009In this paper, we analyze the quantum phases of multiple component Bose-Hubbard model in optical superlattices, using a mean-field method, the decoupling approximation. We find that the phase diagrams exhibit complected patterns and regions with various ... More
Ferromagnetic to antiferromagnetic transition of one-dimensional spinor Bose gases with spin-orbit couplingFeb 27 2013Sep 18 2013We have analytically solved one-dimensional interacting two-component bosonic gases with spin-orbit (SO) coupling by the Bethe-ansatz method. Through a gauge transformation, the effect of SO coupling is incorporated into a spin-dependent twisted boundary ... More
Bose-Fermi mixture in one-dimensional optical lattices with hard-core interactionsSep 30 2009We study a mixture of $N_{b}$ bosons with point hard-core boson-boson interactions and $N_{f}$ noninteracting spinless fermions with point hard-core boson-fermion interactions in 1D optical lattice with external harmonic confine potential. Using an extended ... More
Fundamental oscillation modes of scalar bosonic dark starsJan 22 2019Mar 25 2019We perform a detailed analysis of the fundamental $f$-mode frequencies and damping times of nonrotating boson stars in general relativity by solving the nonradial perturbation equations. Two parameters which govern the microscopic properties of the bosonic ... More
A lower bound of the least signless Laplacian eigenvalue of a graphNov 13 2013Let $G$ be a simple connected graph on $n$ vertices and $m$ edges. In [Linear Algebra Appl. 435 (2011) 2570-2584], Lima et al. posed the following conjecture on the least eigenvalue $q_n(G)$ of the signless Laplacian of $G$: $\displaystyle q_n(G)\ge {2m}/{(n-1)}-n+2$. ... More
On Three-dimensional CR Yamabe SolitonsAug 13 2014Oct 15 2015In this paper, we investigate the geometry and classification of three-dimensional CR Yamabe solitons. In the compact case, we show that any 3-dimensional CR Yamabe soliton must have constant Tanaka-Webster scalar curvature; we also obtain a classification ... More
Fast Point R-CNNAug 08 2019Aug 16 2019We present a unified, efficient and effective framework for point-cloud based 3D object detection. Our two-stage approach utilizes both voxel representation and raw point cloud data to exploit respective advantages. The first stage network, with voxel ... More
Seismic signal sparse time-frequency analysis by Lp-quasinorm constraintJan 16 2018Apr 16 2018Time-frequency analysis has been applied successfully in many fields. However, the traditional methods, like short time Fourier transform and Cohen distribution, suffer from the low resolution or the interference of the cross terms. To solve these issues, ... More
Novel Collider Signatures for Little Higgs Dark Matter ModelsMay 29 2006Jul 26 2006Little Higgs models with $T$-parity provide a stable neutral particle $A_H$, the lightest $T$-odd particle (LTP), which was recently proposed to explain the cold dark matter of the Universe. In the coannihilation region of the LTP with the Little Higgs ... More
Quantum walks in commensurate off-diagonal Aubry-André-Harper modelOct 07 2016Due to the topological nature of Aubry-Andr\'{e}-Harper (AAH) model, exotic edge states have been found existing in one-dimensional periodic and quasiperiodic lattices. In this article, we investigate continuous-time quantum walks of identical particles ... More
Quantum walks accompanied by spin flipping in one-dimensional optical latticesApr 14 2016We investigate continuous-time quantum walks of two fermionic atoms loaded in one-dimensional optical lattices with on-site interaction and subjected to a Zeeman field. The quantum walks are accompanied by spin-flipping processes. We calculate the time-dependent ... More
Solution of the two-mode quantum Rabi model using extended squeezed statesDec 30 2014Jul 29 2015The two-mode quantum Rabi model with bilinear coupling is studied using extended squeezed states. We derive $G$-functions for each Bargmann index $q$% . They share a common structure with the $G$-function of the one-photon and two-photon quantum Rabi ... More
Thermal transport of the solar captured dark matter and its impact on the indirect dark matter searchAug 21 2015Sep 01 2015We study the thermal transport occurring in the system of solar captured dark matter (DM) and explore its impact on the DM indirect search signal. We particularly focus on the scenario of self-interacting DM (SIDM). The flows of energies in and out of ... More
Stress-Energy Tensor Induced by Bulk Dirac Spinor in Randall-Sundrum ModelOct 16 2009Apr 23 2010Motivated by the possible extension into a supersymmetric Randall-Sundrum (RS) model, we investigate the properties of the vacuum expectation value (VEV) of the stress-energy tensor for a quantized bulk Dirac spinor field in the RS geometry and compare ... More
Order-disorder transition in $p$-oligophenylsJan 16 2019Poly($para$-phenylene) has been recognized as one important family of conducting polymers upon doping with donors or acceptors. This system possesses a chain-like structure with infinite benzene rings linked with the single C-C bond. Oligophenyls as models ... More
Quantum phase transitions in the spin-boson model without the counterrotating termsDec 10 2018We study the spin-boson model without the counterrotating terms by a numerically exact method based on variational matrix product states. Surprisingly, the second-order quantum phase transition (QPT) is observed for the sub-Ohmic bath in the rotating-wave ... More
Real-Time Illegal Parking Detection System Based on Deep LearningOct 05 2017The increasing illegal parking has become more and more serious. Nowadays the methods of detecting illegally parked vehicles are based on background segmentation. However, this method is weakly robust and sensitive to environment. Benefitting from deep ... More
Magnetism of Cold Fermionic Atoms on p-Band of an Optical LatticeMay 19 2008May 20 2008We carry out \textit{ab initio} study of ground state phase diagram of spin-1/2 cold fermionic atoms within two-fold degenerate $p$-band of an anisotropic optical lattice. Using the Gutzwiller variational approach, we show that a robust ferromagnetic ... More
Crystalline geometries from fermionic vortex lattice with hyperscaling violationNov 04 2015Mar 28 2016We analytically consider the spontaneous formation of a fermionic crystalline geometry in a gravity background with Lifshitz scaling and/or hyperscaling violation. Fermionic vortex lattice solution sourced by the lowest Laundau level has been obtained. ... More
Ground-state properties of interacting two-component Bose gases in a hard-wall trapNov 07 2008Feb 09 2009We investigate ground-state properties of interacting two-component Bose gases in a hard-wall trap using both the Bethe ansatz and exact numerical diagonalization method. For equal intra- and inter-atomic interaction, the system is exactly solvable. Thus ... More
Assessing the effect of lens mass model in cosmological application with updated galaxy-scale strong gravitational lensing sampleSep 26 2018Apr 19 2019By comparing the dynamical and lensing mass of early-type lens galaxies, one can constrain cosmological parameters and density profiles of galaxies. In this method, we explore the constraining power on cosmological parameters and the effect of lens mass ... More
Properties of A Class of Topological Phase TransitionMay 15 2008The properties of a class of topological quantum phase transition (TQPT) are analyzed based on a model proposed by Haldane. We study the effect of finite temperature on this phase transition. We have found that finite temperature would drive this TQPT ... More
Two-dimensional spin-1 frustrated Heisenberg model with valence-bond ground statesNov 07 2006Aug 27 2007In this paper, we propose a method to understand the nature for the quantum disorder phase of the two-dimensional (2D) high spin frustrated model. The ground state and excitation properties of a fully frustrated 2D spin-1 model are studied based on a ... More
Ground-state properties of one-dimensional ultracold Bose gases in a hard-wall trapFeb 21 2006Jun 19 2006We investigate the ground state of the system of N bosons enclosed in a hard-wall trap interacting via a repulsive or attractive $\delta$-function potential. Based on the Bethe ansatz method, the explicit ground state wave function is derived and the ... More
The Near-infrared Optimal Distances Method Applied to Galactic Classical Cepheids Tightly Constrains Mid-infrared Period--Luminosity RelationsNov 19 2017Dec 18 2017Classical Cepheids are well-known and widely used distance indicators. As distance and extinction are usually degenerate, it is important to develop suitable methods to robustly anchor the distance scale. Here, we introduce a near-infrared (near-IR) optimal ... More
Two High-performance Schemes of Transmit Antenna Selection for Secure Spatial ModulationJan 15 2018In this paper, a secure spatial modulation (SM) system with artificial noise (AN)-aided is investigated. To achieve higher secrecy rate (SR) in such a system, two high-performance schemes of transmit antenna selection (TAS), leakage-based and maximum ... More
Pinning of slidding collective charge state in a 1D attractive fermion systemAug 03 1998We investigate an interacting fermion model with boundary potential by using Bethe ansatz method. The ground state properties of the system and the boundary effect are discussed. It is found that attractive boundary potential leads to the boundary bound ... More
Testing dispersion of gravitational waves from eccentric sourcesDec 11 2018In general relativity, there is no dispersion in gravitational waves, while some modified gravity theories predict dispersion phenomena in the propagation of gravitational waves. In this Letter, we demonstrate that this dispersion will induce an observable ... More
Exact spontaneous plaquette ground states for high-spin ladder modelsJul 11 2005Dec 01 2005We study the exchange physics in high spin Mott insulating systems with $S=3/2$ which is realizable in ultracold atomic systems. The high symmetry of SO(5) or SU(4) therein renders stronger quantum fluctuations than the usual spin-1/2 systems. A spontaneous ... More
Exact solutions of a one-dimensional mixture of spinor bosons and spinor fermionsJul 25 2009The exact solutions of a one-dimensional mixture of spinor bosons and spinor fermions with $\delta$-function interactions are studied. Some new sets of Bethe ansatz equations are obtained by using the graded nest quantum inverse scattering method. Many ... More
A hidden confining world on the 750 GeV diphoton excessDec 17 2015Apr 30 2016We explain the recent diphoton excesses around $750$ GeV by both ATLAS and CMS as a singlet scalar $\Phi$ which couples to SM gluon and neutral gauge bosons only through higher dimensional operators. A natural explanation is that $\Phi$ is a pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone ... More
Proportional fairness in wireless powered CSMA/CA based IoT networksOct 24 2018This paper considers the deployment of a hybrid wireless data/power access point in an 802.11-based wireless powered IoT network. The proportionally fair allocation of throughputs across IoT nodes is considered under the constraints of energy neutrality ... More
Geometrical meaning of winding number and its characterization of topological phases in one-dimensional chiral non-Hermitian systemsFeb 12 2018Apr 17 2018We unveil the geometrical meaning of winding number and utilize it to characterize the topological phases in one-dimensional chiral non-Hermitian systems. While chiral symmetry ensures the winding number of Hermitian systems being integers, it can take ... More
Effective super Tonks-Girardeau gases as ground states of strongly attractive multi-component fermionsSep 26 2010Dec 12 2010In the strong interaction limit, attractive fermions with $N$-component hyperfine states in a one-dimensional waveguide form unbreakable bound cluster states. We demonstrate that the ground state of strongly attractive SU($N$) Fermi gases can be effectively ... More
$C_0$-positivity and a classification of closed three-dimensional CR torsion solitonsFeb 28 2019A closed CR 3-manifold is said to have $C_{0}$-positive pseudohermitian curvature if $(W+C_{0}Tor)(X,X)>0$ for any $0\neq X\in T_{1,0}(M)$. We discover an obstruction for a closed CR 3-manifold to possess $C_{0}$-positive pseudohermitian curvature. We ... More
Phase separation in the trapped spinor gases with anisotropic spin-spin interactionNov 23 2005Aug 27 2007We investigate the effect of the anisotropic spin-spin interaction on the ground state density distribution of the one dimensional spin-1 bosonic gases within a modified Gross-Pitaevskii theory both in the weakly interaction regime and in the Tonks-Girardeau ... More
Density distributions for trapped one-dimensional spinor gasesJul 11 2005Apr 10 2006We numerically evaluate the density distribution of a spin-1 bosonic condensate in its ground state within a modifed Gross-Pitaevskii theory, which is obtained by the combination of the exact solution of the corresponding integrable model with the local ... More
Transferring Deep Reinforcement Learning with Adversarial Objective and AugmentationSep 04 2018In the past few years, deep reinforcement learning has been proven to solve problems which have complex states like video games or board games. The next step of intelligent agents would be able to generalize between tasks, and using prior experience to ... More
Constructions of Optimal Cyclic $(r,δ)$ Locally Repairable CodesSep 05 2016A code is said to be a $r$-local locally repairable code (LRC) if each of its coordinates can be repaired by accessing at most $r$ other coordinates. When some of the $r$ coordinates are also erased, the $r$-local LRC can not accomplish the local repair, ... More
Current status of Shanghai VLBI correlatorApr 13 2018Shanghai Astronomical Observatory has upgraded its DiFX cluster to 420 CPU cores and a 432-TB storage system at the end of 2014. An international network connection for the raw data transfer has also been established. The routine operations for IVS sessions ... More
Error Gradient-based Variable-Lp Norm Constraint LMS Algorithm for Sparse System IdentificationSep 26 2015Sparse adaptive filtering has gained much attention due to its wide applicability in the field of signal processing. Among the main algorithm families, sparse norm constraint adaptive filters develop rapidly in recent years. However, when applied for ... More
Optimal Detection of UAV's Transmission with Beam Sweeping in Wireless NetworksMar 31 2019In this work, an detection strategy based on multiple antennas with beam sweeping is developed to detect UAV's potential transmission in wireless networks. Specifically, suspicious angle range where the UAV may present is divided into different sectors ... More
Ground-state properties of few-Boson system in a one-dimensional hard wall potential with splitApr 17 2008We carry out a detailed examination of the ground state property of few-boson system in a one-dimensional hard wall potential with a $\delta -$ split in the center. In the Tonks-Girardeau limit with infinite repulsion between particles, we use the Bose-Fermi ... More
Parity partners in the baryon resonance spectrumMay 11 2017We describe a calculation of the spectrum of flavour-SU(3) octet and decuplet baryons, their parity partners, and the radial excitations of these systems, made using a symmetry-preserving treatment of a vector-vector contact interaction as the foundation ... More
Contact-interaction Faddeev equation and, inter alia, proton tensor chargesSep 10 2015Dec 01 2015A confining, symmetry-preserving, Dyson-Schwinger equation treatment of a vector-vector contact interaction is used to formulate Faddeev equations for the nucleon and Delta-baryon in which the kernel involves dynamical dressed-quark exchange and whose ... More
Analytical solutions and genuine multipartite entanglement of the three-qubit Dicke modelJan 04 2016Jul 13 2016We present analytical solutions to three qubits and a single-mode cavity coupling system beyond the rotating-wave approximation (RWA). The zero-th order approximation gives correct solutions when the qubits are far detuned from the cavity. The first order ... More
Quantum Zeno effect in the multimode quantum Rabi modelApr 08 2019We study the quantum Zeno effect (QZE) and quantum anti-Zeno effect (QAZE) of the multimode quantum Rabi model(MQRM). We derive an analytic expression for the decay rate of the survival probability where cavity modes are initially prepared as thermal ... More
Mapping trapped atomic gas with spin-orbit coupling to quantum Rabi-like modelFeb 24 2013We construct a connection of the ultracold atomic system in a harmonic trap with Raman-induced spin-orbit coupling to the quantum Rabi-like model. By mapping the trapped atomic system to a Rabi-like model, we can get the exact solution of the Rabi-like ... More
Electron-Phonon Coupling on the NbSi Transition Edge SensorsFeb 15 2014We have built an electron-phonon coupling model to describe the behavior of the NbxSi1-x transition edge sensor (TES) bolometers, fabricated by electron-beam coevaporation and photolithography techniques on a 2-inch silicon wafer. The resistance versus ... More
A Modified Schur Method for Robust Pole Assignment in State Feedback ControlOct 11 2014Recently, a \textbf{SCHUR} method was proposed in \cite{Chu2} to solve the robust pole assignment problem in state feedback control. It takes the departure from normality of the closed-loop system matrix $A_c$ as the measure of robustness, and intends ... More
The rate of period change in DAV starsMar 18 2017Grids of DAV star models are evolved by \texttt{WDEC}, taking the element diffusion effect into account. The grid parameters are hydrogen mass log($M_{H}/M_{*}$), helium mass log($M_{He}/M_{*}$), stellar mass $M_{\rm *}$, and effective temperature $T_{\rm ... More
On the CR analogue of Frankel conjecture and a smooth representative of the first Kohn-Rossi cohomology groupMay 21 2019Jul 29 2019In this note, we affirm the partial answer to the Frankel conjecture in a closed, spherical, strictly pseudoconvex CR manifold with positive constant Tanaka-Webster scalar curvature. More precisely, we give a criterion of pseudo-Einstein contact forms ... More
Repulsive polarons in alkaline-earth(-like) atoms across an orbital Feshbach resonanceOct 14 2017We characterize properties of the so-called repulsive polaron across the recently discovered orbital Feshbach resonance in alkaline-earth(-like) atoms. Being a metastable quasiparticle excitation at the positive energy, the repulsive polaron is induced ... More
The $\rm{Y_{SZ,Planck} - Y_{SZ,XMM}}$ scaling relation and its difference between cool-core and non-cool-core clustersFeb 20 2019Feb 21 2019We construct a sample of 70 clusters using data from XMM-Newton and Planck to investigate the $Y_{\rm SZ,Planck}-Y_{\rm SZ, XMM}$ scaling relation and the cool-core influences on the relation. $Y_{\rm SZ,XMM}$ is calculated by accurate de-projected temperature ... More
A holographic model of d-wave superconductor vortices with Lifshitz scalingOct 26 2014Feb 03 2015We study analytically the $d$-wave holographic superconductors with Lifshitz scaling in the presence of external magnetic field. The vortex lattice solutions of the model have also been obtained with different Lifshitz scaling. Our results imply that ... More
Dynamical properties of hard-core anyons in one-dimensional optical latticesMay 29 2012We investigate the dynamical properties of anyons confined in one-dimensional optical lattice combined with a weak harmonic trap using the exact numerical method based on a generalized Jordan-Wigner transformation. The density profiles, momentum distribution, ... More
Possible gapless spin liquid in a rare-earth kagomé lattice magnet Tm$_{3}$Sb$_{3}$Zn$_{2}$O$_{14}$Feb 03 2018Nov 08 2018We report the thermodynamic and muon spin relaxation ($\mu$SR) evidences for a possible gapless spin liquid in Tm$_{3}$Sb$_{3}$Zn$_{2}$O$_{14}$, with the rare-earth ions Tm$^{3+}$ forming a two-dimensional kagom\'{e} lattice. We extract the magnetic specific ... More
SED-inferred properties and morphology of Lyman-break galaxies at $z\sim 1$ in the CDF-SFeb 16 2013After carefully cross-identifying a previously discovered GALEX-selected Lyman Break Galaxy (LBG) candidates one-to-one with their optical counterparts in the field of the CDF-S, we re-estimate their photometric redshifts using multi-wavelength data from ... More
The dark matter self-interaction and its impact on the critical mass for dark matter evaporations inside the sunDec 21 2014We study the capture, annihilation and evaporation of dark matter (DM) inside the Sun. It has been shown that the DM self-interaction can increase the DM number inside the Sun. We demonstrate that this enhancement becomes more significant in the regime ... More
Probing Dark Matter Self-Interaction in the Sun with IceCube-PINGUAug 23 2014Nov 20 2014We study the capture, annihilation and evaporation of dark matter (DM) inside the Sun. It has been shown that the DM self-interaction can increase the DM number inside the Sun. We demonstrate that this enhancement becomes more significant in the regime ... More
Electronic features around Fermi level correlating to occurrence of magnetism or superconductivity in Laves-phase intermetallic compoundsJul 29 2004Based on density functional calculations, the relationship between magnetism or superconductivity and electronic states around Fermi level were derived, and the location of the Fermi level in nonmagnetic "form" of Laves-phase compounds is very sensitive ... More
D-wave bosonic pair in an optical latticeOct 03 2009Mar 20 2011We present a bosonic model, in which two bosons may form a bound pair with d-wave symmetry via the four-site ring exchange interaction. A d-wave pairing superfluid as well as a d-wave density wave (DDW) state, are proposed to be achievable in this system. ... More
Double-peaked narrow emission-line galaxies from Sloan Digital Sky Survey. I. Sample and basic propertiesAug 13 2012Recently, much attention has been given to double-peaked narrow emission-line galaxies, some of which are suggested to be related with merging galaxies. We make a systematic search to build the largest sample of these sources from Data Release 7 of Sloan ... More
Quantum Hall Effects in a Non-Abelian Honeycomb LatticeMay 30 2015Dec 18 2015We study the tunable quantum Hall effects in a non-Abelian honeycomb optical lattice which is a many-Dirac-points system. We find that the quantum Hall effects present different features as change as relative strengths of several perturbations. Namely, ... More
Absence of Wigner molecules in one-dimensional few-fermion systems with short-range interactionsFeb 15 2012We study by means of exact-diagonalization techniques the ground state of a few-fermion system with strong short-range repulsive interactions trapped by a harmonic potential in one spatial dimension. Even when the ground-state density profile displays ... More
Destruction of interference by many-body interactions in cold atomic Bose gasesJul 09 2003Oct 08 2003We study the effects of many-body interactions on the interference in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer for matter waves of ultracold Bose atoms. After switching off an axial trapping potential, the thermal initial wavepacket expands, and subsequently interference ... More
The Optical to Mid-Infrared Extinction Law Based on the APOGEE, Gaia DR2, Pan-STARRS1, SDSS, APASS, 2MASS and WISE SurveysApr 09 2019A precise interstellar dust extinction law is critically important to interpret observations. There are two indicators of extinction: the color excess ratio (CER) and the relative extinction. Compared to the CER, the wavelength-dependent relative extinction ... More
One-dimensional spin pyrochlore lattice: exact ground state and elementary excitationsFeb 14 2006Nov 22 2006We study the antiferromagnetic spin exchange models with $S=1/2$ and S=1 on a one-dimensional tetrahedron chain by both analytical and numerical approaches. The system is shown to be effectively mapped to a decoupled spin chain in the regime of strong ... More
The short bursts in SGR 1806-20, 1E 1048-5937 and SGR 0501+4516Mar 25 2014Jan 14 2015We analyzed temporal and spectral properties, focusing on the short bursts, for three anomalous X-ray pulsars (AXPs) and soft gamma repeaters (SGRs), including SGR 1806-20, 1E 1048-5937 and SGR 0501+4516. Using the data from XMM-Newton, we located the ... More
Quadratic distances on probabilities: A unified foundationApr 07 2008This work builds a unified framework for the study of quadratic form distance measures as they are used in assessing the goodness of fit of models. Many important procedures have this structure, but the theory for these methods is dispersed and incomplete. ... More