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KINN: Incorporating Expert Knowledge in Neural NetworksFeb 15 2019The promise of ANNs to automatically discover and extract useful features/patterns from data without dwelling on domain expertise although seems highly promising but comes at the cost of high reliance on large amount of accurately labeled data, which ... More
TSViz: Demystification of Deep Learning Models for Time-Series AnalysisFeb 08 2018This paper presents a novel framework for demystification of convolutional deep learning models for time series analysis. This is a step towards making informed/explainable decisions in the domain of time series, powered by deep learning. There have been ... More
Why are differential equations used for expressing the laws of physics?Jun 04 2014Almost all theories of physics have expressed physical laws by means of differential equations. One can ask: why differential equations? What is special about them? This article addresses these questions and is presented as an inquiry-based lecture, where ... More
Novel Higgs-to-125 GeV Higgs boson decays in the complex NMSSMOct 30 2013May 05 2014In the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (NMSSM) a variety of parameter configurations yields a Higgs boson consistent with the one observed at the LHC. Additionally, the Higgs sector of the model can contain explicit CP-violating phases even ... More
Performance-oriented Cloud Provisioning: Taxonomy and SurveyNov 19 2014Cloud computing is being viewed as the technology of today and the future. Through this paradigm, the customers gain access to shared computing resources located in remote data centers that are hosted by cloud providers (CP). This technology allows for ... More
Numerical Simulation of Asymmetric Merging Flow in a Rectangular ChannelAug 04 2013The steady, asymmetric and two-dimensional flow of viscous, incompressible, and Newtonian fluid through a rectangular channel with splitter plate parallel to walls is investigated numerically. In the past, the position of the splitter plate was taken ... More
Micropolarity Ramification of Asymmetric Merging FlowMay 07 2016The steady, asymmetric and two-dimensional flow of viscous, incompressible micropolar fluid through a rectangular channel with a splitter (parallel to walls) was formulated and simulated numerically. The plane Poiseuille flow was considered far from upstream ... More
Two Higgs bosons near 125 GeV in the complex NMSSM and the LHC Run-I dataMay 04 2015Aug 01 2015We analyse the impact of explicit CP-violation in the Higgs sector of the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (NMSSM) on its consistency with the Higgs boson data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Through detailed scans of the parameter ... More
Uniqueness of Flat Spherically Symmetric Spacelike Hypersurfaces Admitted by Spherically Symmetric Static SpactimesSep 03 2010It is known that spherically symmetric static spacetimes admit a foliation by {\deg}at hypersurfaces. Such foliations have explicitly been constructed for some spacetimes, using different approaches, but none of them have proved or even discussed the ... More
Wave-Particle Duality in N-Path InterferenceMay 10 2016Bohr's principle of complementarity, in the context of a two-slit interference experiment, is understood as the quantitative measures of wave and particle natures following a duality relation ${\cal D}^2+{\cal V}^2 \le 1$. Here ${\cal D}$ is a measure ... More
A Nonlocal Wave-Particle DualityJun 05 2014Apr 21 2016We propose and analyze a modified ghost-interference experiment, and show that revealing the particle-nature of a particle passing through a double-slit hides the wave-nature of a spatially separated particle which it is entangled with. We derive a nonlocal ... More
Three-Slit Interference: A Duality RelationMay 22 2014Aug 27 2015The issue of interference and which-way information is addressed in the context of 3-slit interference experiments. A new path distinguishability ${\mathcal D_Q}$ is introduced, based on Unambiguous Quantum State Discrimination (UQSD). An inequality connecting ... More
On Quantum Effects Near a Black Hole SingularityJan 18 2008It is pointed out that the claim made by Joshi and Joshi [1], has not been rigorously demonstrated by them. A simpler and more correct proof is provided.
NetInf Mobile Node Architecture and Mobility Management based on LISP Mobile NodeSep 30 2010Aug 16 2011In this paper, we propose an architecture for Network of Information mobile node (NetInf MN). It bears characteristics and features of basic NetInf node architecture with features introduced in the LISP MN architecture. We also introduce a virtual node ... More
Attitude dynamics and control of spacecraft using geomagnetic Lorentz forceMay 17 2014The attitude stabilization of a charged rigid spacecraft in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) using torques due to Lorentz force in pitch and roll directions is considered. A spacecraft that generates an electrostatic charge on its surface in the Earth magnetic field ... More
Skin Detection of Animation CharactersMar 21 2015The increasing popularity of animes makes it vulnerable to unwanted usages like copyright violations and pornography. That is why, we need to develop a method to detect and recognize animation characters. Skin detection is one of the most important steps ... More
K-Slicing the Reissner-Nordstrom Spacetime: Some New ObservationsSep 02 2010There were problems encountered in extending the K-slicing of the Schwarzschild and Reissner-Nordstrom (RN) spacetimes [1, 2] to the extreme case, when charge equals mass (in gravitational units). The earlier procedure is here modified so as to allow ... More
Note on flat foliations of spherically symmetric spacetimesOct 14 2001Apr 20 2002It is known that spherically symmetric spacetimes admit flat spacelike foliations. We point out a simple method of seeing this result via the Hamiltonian constraints of general relativity. The method yields explicit formulas for the extrinsic curvatures ... More
Mineralogical and Thermal Analyses of a Bangle Shard from Harrappa, an Indus Valley Settlement in PakistanFeb 14 2012Feb 15 2012In this research study we present initial results of a recent project in which mineralogical and thermal analysis were carried out on a terracotta bangle shard from Harrappa. We were surprised to find bentonite clay as the major constituent of the bangle ... More
A light NMSSM pseudoscalar Higgs boson at the LHC reduxSep 30 2014Feb 14 2015The Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (NMSSM) contains a singlet-like pseudoscalar Higgs boson in addition to the doublet-like pseudoscalar of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model. This new pseudoscalar can have a very low mass without ... More
A New Approach to Decoding of Rational Irreducible Goppa codeMay 05 2013Mar 08 2014The interesting properties of classical Goppa code and its effective decoding algorithm (algorithm of patterson) make the most appropriate candidate for use in the MC Eliece cryptosystem. Information leakage which results from the relationship between ... More
Sympiler: Transforming Sparse Matrix Codes by Decoupling Symbolic AnalysisMay 18 2017Sympiler is a domain-specific code generator that optimizes sparse matrix computations by decoupling the symbolic analysis phase from the numerical manipulation stage in sparse codes. The computation patterns in sparse numerical methods are guided by ... More
$\mathcal{O}$(1) GeV dark matter in SUSY and a very light pseudoscalar at the LHCApr 20 2015Jul 03 2015We analyze the prospects of the detection of a $\mathcal{O}(1)$ GeV neutralino dark matter, $\widetilde{\chi}^0_{1}$, in the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at the 14 TeV LHC. We perform dedicated scans of the relevant parameter space of ... More
Formation and transformation of low density, onion-like carbon cagesSep 23 2016A novel growth technique for low density, non-icosahedral carbon onion-like structures on Cu surface is described. The technique differs with the formation of carbon onions inside the C1+ implanted metal surfaces at high temperatures with densities ~ ... More
Clustering with Deep Learning: Taxonomy and New MethodsJan 23 2018Sep 13 2018Clustering methods based on deep neural networks have proven promising for clustering real-world data because of their high representational power. In this paper, we propose a systematic taxonomy of clustering methods that utilize deep neural networks. ... More
Revisiting a light NMSSM pseudoscalar at the LHCDec 18 2014Feb 18 2015The discovery of a light, singlet-like pseudoscalar Higgs boson, $A_1$, of the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (NMSSM) could provide a hallmark signature of non-minimal supersymmetry. We review here the potential of the LHC to probe such ... More
Accessing the core of naturalness, nearly degenerate higgsinos, at the LHCFeb 12 2015Apr 20 2015The presence of two light higgsinos nearly degenerate in mass is one of the important characteristics of suspersymmetric models meeting the naturalness criteria. Probing such higgsinos at the LHC is very challenging, in particular when the mass-splitting ... More
Possible Contributions to the Bulk Casimir Energy in Heterotic M-theoryJul 03 2014Some possible ways for the study of the contributions of some background fields to the bulk Casimir energy have been probed in the framework of the 5D heterotic M-theory.
Deviation from Tri-Bimaximal Mixing and Large Reactor Mixing AngleNov 13 2011Jul 11 2013Recent observations for a non-zero $\theta_{13}$ have come from various experiments. We study a model of lepton mixing with a 2-3 flavor symmetry to accommodate the sizable $\theta_{13}$ measurement. In this work, we derive deviations from the tri-bimaximal ... More
Proposing LT based Search in PDM Systems for Better Information RetrievalFeb 09 2011PDM Systems contain and manage heavy amount of data but the search mechanism of most of the systems is not intelligent which can process user"s natural language based queries to extract desired information. Currently available search mechanisms in almost ... More
Fixed Phase Quantum Search AlgorithmApr 12 2007Oct 15 2007Building quantum devices using fixed operators is a must to simplify the hardware construction. Quantum search engine is not an exception. In this paper, a fixed phase quantum search algorithm that searches for M matches in an unstructured search space ... More
Hiding Quantum States in a SuperpositionJul 29 2008A method to hide certain quantum states in a superposition will be proposed. Such method can be used to increase the security of a communication channel. States represent an encrypted message will disappear during data exchange. This makes the message ... More
A Bounded-error Quantum Polynomial Time Algorithm for Two Graph Bisection ProblemsMay 23 2015The aim of the paper is to propose a bounded-error quantum polynomial time (BQP) algorithm for the max-bisection and the min-bisection problems. The max-bisection and the min-bisection problems are fundamental NP-hard problems. Given a graph with even ... More
Fine Selmer Groups, Heegner points and Anticyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extensionsMar 22 2015Let $E/\mathbb{Q}$ be an elliptic curve, $p$ a prime and $K_{\infty}/K$ the anticyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extension of a quadratic imaginary field $K$ satisfying the Heegner hypothesis. In this paper we make a conjecture about the fine Selmer group over ... More
Axially Symmetric Null dust Spacetime, Naked Singularity and Cosmic Time MachineMay 16 2017In this article, we present a gravitational collapse null dust solution of the Einstein field equations. The spacetime is regular everywhere except on the symmetry axis where it possesses a naked curvature singularity, and admits one parameter isometry ... More
Cylindrically symmetric, Asymptotically flat, Petrov Type D spacetime with a Naked Curvature Singularity and Matter CollapseMar 01 2017We present a cylindrically symmetric, Petrov type D, nonexpanding, shear free and vorticity free solution of Einstein's field equations. The spacetime is asymptotically flat radially and regular everywhere except on the symmetry axis where it possesses ... More
TCP Congestion Control IdentificationNov 13 2014Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) carries most of the traffic on the Internet these days. There are several implementations of TCP, and the most important difference among them is their mechanism for controlling congestion. One of the methods for determining ... More
CKM Phenomenology and B-Meson Physics - Present Status and Current IssuesDec 21 2003We review the status of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa (CKM) matrix elements and the CP-violating phases in the CKM-unitarity triangle. The emphasis in these lecture notes is on $B$-meson physics, though we also review the current status and issues in ... More
Theoretical Interest in B-Meson Physics at the B factories, Tevatron and the LHCDec 06 2007We review the salient features of $B$-meson physics, with particular emphasis on the measurements carried out at the $B$-factories and Tevatron, theoretical progress in understanding these measurements in the context of the standard model, and anticipation ... More
A Brief Account of $B \to K^* \ell^+\ell^-$ Decay in Soft-Collinear Effective TheorySep 12 2006A brief account of the study of rare B decay $B \to K^\ast \ell^+ \ell^-$ using soft-collinear effective theory (SCET) is presented. Theoretical underpinning of this work is a factorization formula, derived to leading power in $1/m_b$ and valid to all ... More
Polar Cremona Transformations and Monodromy of PolynomialsMay 05 2007Consider the gradient map associated to any non-constant homogeneous polynomial $f\in \C[x_0,...,x_n]$ of degree $d$, defined by \[\phi_f=grad(f): D(f)\to \CP^n, (x_0:...:x_n)\to (f_0(x):...:f_n(x))\] where $D(f)=\{x\in \CP^n; f(x)\neq 0\}$ is the principal ... More
Strength and Weakness in Grover's Quantum Search AlgorithmNov 27 2008Grover's quantum search algorithm is considered as one of the milestone in the field of quantum computing. The algorithm can search for a single match in a database with $N$ records in $O(\sqrt{N})$ assuming that the item must exist in the database with ... More
Synthesis and Optimization of Reversible Circuits for Homogeneous Boolean FunctionsOct 02 2007Homogenous Boolean function is an essential part of any cryptographic system. The ability to construct an optimized reversible circuits for homogeneous Boolean functions might arise the possibility of building cryptographic system on novel computing paradigms ... More
AI 3D Cybug GamingSep 10 2010In this short paper I briefly discuss 3D war Game based on artificial intelligence concepts called AI WAR. Going in to the details, I present the importance of CAICL language and how this language is used in AI WAR. Moreover I also present a designed ... More
Designing Flexible GUI to Increase the Acceptance Rate of Product Data Management Systems in IndustryMar 06 2011Product Data Management (PDM) desktop and web based systems maintain the organizational technical and managerial data to increase the quality of products by improving the processes of development, business process flows, change management, product structure ... More
PDM based I-SOAS Data Warehouse DesignAug 07 2010This research paper briefly describes the industrial contributions of Product Data Management in any organization's technical and managerial data management. Then focusing on some current major PDM based problems i.e. Static and Unintelligent Search, ... More
The Pseudo Radiation Energy Amplifier (PREA) and the mean earth s ground temperatureNov 03 2008From the radiation balance diagram illustrating the IPCC reports one can estimate the power received by Earth from the sun at Pin = 342 W/m2 and the power consumed, remitted and reflected by the earth and its atmosphere at Pout = 599 kW/m2. It seems that ... More
Radio Frequency Identifiers: What are the Possibilities?May 27 2010This paper defines the components of radio frequency identifiers (RFID). It also explores the different areas and sectors where RFID can be beneficial. The paper discusses the uses and advantages of RFID in deference, consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare, ... More
Bound state eigenfunctions need to vanish faster than $|x|^{-3/2}$May 19 2016Jun 03 2016In quantum mechanics students are taught to practice that eigenfunction of a physical bound state must be continuous and vanishing asymptotically so that it is normalizable in $x\in (-\infty, \infty)$. Here we caution that such states may also give rise ... More
Proof of the Aubert-Baum-Plymen-Solleveld conjecture for split classical groupsApr 14 2016In this paper we prove the Aubert-Baum-Plymen-Solleveld conjecture for the split classical groups and establish the connection with the Langlands correspondence. To do this, we review the notion of cuspidality for enhanced Langlands parameters and also ... More
Lexical Normalisation of Twitter DataSep 16 2014Sep 20 2015Twitter with over 500 million users globally, generates over 100,000 tweets per minute . The 140 character limit per tweet, perhaps unintentionally, encourages users to use shorthand notations and to strip spellings to their bare minimum "syllables" or ... More
A Fast Quantum Algorithm for the Affine Boolean Function IdentificationJul 23 2014Jan 30 2015Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm (the one-query algorithm) can identify a completely specified linear Boolean function using a single query to the oracle with certainty. The first aim of the paper is to show that if the provided Boolean function is affine, ... More
Non-unitarity and non-reciprocity in scattering from real potentials in presence of confined non-linearityDec 11 2013Investigations of scattering in presence of non-linearity which have just begun require the confinement of both the potential, $V(x)$, and the non-linearity, $\gamma f(|\psi|)$. There could be two options for the confinement. One is the finite support ... More
Centre de Bernstein enrichi pour les groupes classiquesNov 08 2015In this article, we consider the links between parabolic induction and the local Langlands correspondence. We enunciate a conjecture about the (enhanced) Langlands parameters of supercuspidal representation of split reductives $p$-adics groups. We are ... More
Selmer groups and anticyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extensionsNov 17 2014Jan 26 2015Let $E/\mathbb{Q}$ be an elliptic curve, $p$ a prime and $K_{\infty}/K$ the anticyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extension of a quadratic imaginary field $K$ satisfying the Heegner hypothesis. In this paper we give a new proof to a theorem of Bertolini which ... More
Review of Heavy Quark Physics - theoryDec 09 2004Recent progress in the theory of B-meson decays is reviewed with emphasis on the aspects related to the B-factory data.
Tetraquark interpretation of $e^+ e^- \to Υπ^+π^-$ Belle data and $e^+ e^- \to b \bar{b}$ BaBar dataJan 04 2011We summarize the main features of the spectroscopy, production and decays of the $J^{PC}=1^{--}$ tetraquarks in the $b\bar{b}$ sector, concentrating on the lowest state called $Y_b(10890)$. The tetraquark framework is used to analyze the BaBar data on ... More
Understanding of hopping matrix for 2D materials taking 2D honeycomb and square lattices as study casesOct 29 2011In this work, a trial understanding for the physics underling the construction of exchange (hopping) matrix $\mathbf{E}$ in Heisenberg model (tight binding model) for 2D materials is done. It is found that the $\mathbf{E}$ matrix describes the particles ... More
A minimum principle for plurisubharmonic functionsJan 03 2007The main goal of this work is to give new and precise generalizations to various classes of plurisubharmonic functions of the classical minimum modulus principle for holomorphic functions of one complex variable, in the spirit of the famous lemma of Cartan-Boutroux. ... More
Blind Deconvolution using Modulated InputsNov 20 2018This paper considers the blind deconvolution of multiple modulated signals/filters, and an arbitrary filter/signal. Multiple inputs $\boldsymbol{s}_1, \boldsymbol{s}_2, \ldots, \boldsymbol{s}_N =: [\boldsymbol{s}_n]$ are modulated (pointwise multiplied) ... More
Constant-Time Quantum Algorithm For The Unstructured Search ProblemNov 26 2008Given an item and a list of values of size $N$. It is required to decide if such item exists in the list. Classical computer can search for the item in O(N). The best known quantum algorithm can do the job in $O(\sqrt{N})$. In this paper, a quantum algorithm ... More
Detection and Elimination of Non-Trivial Reversible IdentitiesJan 23 2011Non-Trivial Reversible Identities (NTRIs) are reversible circuits that have equal inputs and outputs. NTRIs cannot be detected using optimization algorithms in the literature. Existence of NTRIs in a circuit will cause a slow down by increasing the number ... More
Transmission through a non-overlapping well adjacent to a finite barrierSep 27 2011We point out that a non-overlapping well (at negative energies) adjacent to a finite barrier (at positive energies) is a simple potential which is generally missed out while discussing the one-dimensional potentials in the textbooks of quantum mechanics. ... More
C, PT, and CPT invariance of pseudo-Hermitian HamiltoniansFeb 19 2003We propose construction of a unique and definite metric ($\eta_+$), time-reversal operator (T) and an inner product such that the pseudo-Hermitian matrix Hamiltonians are C, PT, and CPT invariant and PT(CPT)-norm is indefinite (definite). Here, P and ... More
Pseudo-Hermiticity of Hamiltonians under imaginary shift of the co-ordinate : real spectrum of complex potentialsAug 03 2001Aug 10 2001We propose that the real spectrum and the orthogonality of the states for several known complex potentials of both types, PT-symmetric and non-PT-symmetric can be understood in terms of currently proposed $\eta$-pseudo-Hermiticity (Mostafazadeh, quant-ph/0107001) ... More
A note on Coulomb scattering amplitudeOct 03 2003The summation of the partial wave series for Coulomb scattering amplitude, $f^C(\theta)$ is avoided because the series is oscillatorily and divergent. Instead, $f^C(\theta)$ is obtained by solving the Schr{\"o}dinger equation in parabolic cylindrical ... More
P,T,PT, and CPT invariance of Hermitian HamiltoniansFeb 11 2003Feb 26 2003Currently, it has been claimed that certain Hermitian Hamiltonians have parity (P) and they are PT-invariant. We propose generalized definitions of time-reversal operator (T) and orthonormality such that all Hermitian Hamiltonians are P, T, PT, and CPT ... More
Origin of the numerals, Zero conceptJul 24 2007The partisans of the hypothesis of the Indian origin of the numerals create confusion between the history of the Indian mathematics and the history of our modern numerals. To argue the thesis of the Indian origin of the numbers they confound between: ... More
Analysis of Discrete Symmetries in b-Baryon DecaysJun 03 2011A study of the decay channels Lambda_{b}-->Lambda V, where V is a vector meson (1^-), has been done by putting together kinematical and dynamical analysis. An intensive use of the helicity formalism is involved on the kinematical side, while on the dynamical ... More
Tau neutrino as a probe of nonstandard interactions via charged Higgs and $W'$ contributionSep 14 2013We discuss the impact of the presence of a charged Higgs and a $W'$ gauge boson on the tau-neutrino nucleon scattering $\nu_{\tau}+ N \rightarrow \tau^- + X$ and $\bar{\nu}_{\tau}+ N \rightarrow \tau^+ + X$. We show the effect of the new physics on the ... More
An Extension of Shelah's Trichotomy TheoremJun 27 2017Mar 27 2018In Sh506, Shelah develops the theory of $\mathrm{pcf}_I(A)$ without the assumption that $|A|<\min (A)$, going so far as to get generators for every $\lambda\in\mathrm{pcf}_I(A)$ under some assumptions on $I$. Our main theorem is that we can also generalize ... More
On Phase Noise Suppression in Full-Duplex SystemsJan 24 2014Nov 06 2014Oscillator phase noise has been shown to be one of the main performance limiting factors in full-duplex systems. In this paper, we consider the problem of self-interference cancellation with phase noise suppression in full-duplex systems. The feasibility ... More
Optimal Random Access and Random Spectrum Sensing for an Energy Harvesting Cognitive RadioAug 28 2012We consider a secondary user with energy harvesting capability. We design access schemes for the secondary user which incorporate random spectrum sensing and random access, and which make use of the primary automatic repeat request (ARQ) feedback. The ... More
On a joint $(m, (q_1, ..., q_d))$-partial isometries and a joint $m$-invertible $d$-tuple of operators on a Hilbert spaceFeb 26 2016The aim of the present paper is, firstly we study the concepts of (m, (q_1, ..., q_d))- partial isometries on a Hilbert space, secondly, we introduce the notion of m- invertibility of tuples of operators as a natural generalization of the m-invertibility ... More
Cooperative Cognitive Relaying with Ordered Cognitive Multiple AccessAug 28 2012We investigate a cognitive radio system with two secondary users who can cooperate with the primary user in relaying its packets to the primary receiver. In addition to its own queue, each secondary user has a queue to keep the primary packets that are ... More
All-Digital Self-interference Cancellation Technique for Full-duplex SystemsJun 20 2014Full-duplex systems are expected to double the spectral efficiency compared to conventional half-duplex systems if the self-interference signal can be significantly mitigated. Digital cancellation is one of the lowest complexity self-interference cancellation ... More
Optimal Selection of Spectrum Sensing Duration for an Energy Harvesting Cognitive RadioSep 25 2013In this paper, we consider a time-slotted cognitive radio (CR) setting with buffered and energy harvesting primary and CR users. At the beginning of each time slot, the CR user probabilistically chooses the spectrum sensing duration from a predefined ... More
Reciprocity and unitarity in scattering from a non-Hermitian complex PT-symmetric potentialJul 30 2012Mar 01 2013In quantum scattering, Hermiticity is necessary for both reciprocity and unitarity. Reciprocity means that both reflectivity (R) and transmitivity (T) are insensitive to the direction of incidence of a wave (particle) at a scatterer from left/right. Unitarity ... More
A Middleware road towards Web (Grid) ServicesSep 21 2010Middleware technologies is a very big field, containing a strong already done research as well as the currently running research to confirm already done research's results and the to have some new solution by theoretical as well as the experimental (practical) ... More
Aero Fighter - 2D GamingSep 10 2010Designing and developing quality based computer game is always a challenging task for developers. In this paper I briefly discuss aero fighting war game based on simple 2D gaming concepts and developed in C & C++ programming languages, using old bitmapping ... More
Home AutomationSep 10 2010In this paper I briefly discuss the importance of home automation system. Going in to the details I briefly present a real time designed and implemented software and hardware oriented house automation research project, capable of automating house's electricity ... More
Towards Performance Measurement And Metrics Based Analysis of PLA ApplicationsJul 29 2010This article is about a measurement analysis based approach to help software practitioners in managing the additional level complexities and variabilities in software product line applications. The architecture of the proposed approach i.e. ZAC is designed ... More
Gaussian-random Ensembles of Pseudo-Hermitian MatricesJul 20 2004Attention has been brought to the possibility that statistical fluctuation properties of several complex spectra, or, well-known number sequences may display strong signatures that the Hamiltonian yielding them as eigenvalues is PT-symmetric (Pseudo-Hermitian). ... More
A practice problem for Schr{ö}dinger transmissionSep 24 2003We present the case of quantal transmission through a smooth, single-piece exponential potential, $V(x)=-V_0 e^{x/a}$, in contrast to the piece-wise continuous potentials, as a pedagogic model to demonstrate the analytic extraction of transmission (reflection) ... More
Eigenvalue problems for the complex PT-symmetric potential V(x)= igxSep 28 2006Nov 21 2006The spectrum of complex PT-symmetric potential, $V(x)=igx$, is known to be null. We enclose this potential in a hard-box: $V(|x| \ge 1) =\infty $ and in a soft-box: $V(|x|\ge 1)=0$. In the former case, we find real discrete spectrum and the exceptional ... More
Pseudo-reality and pseudo-adjointness of HamiltoniansJun 13 2003We define pseudo-reality and pseudo-adjointness of a Hamiltonian, $H$, as $\rho H \rho^{-1}=H^\ast$ and $\mu H \mu^{-1}=H^\prime$, respectively. We prove that the former yields the {\it necessary} condition for spectrum to be real whereas the latter helps ... More
On the Masses of the Universal hypermultiplets in heterotic M-theoryMay 31 2014The reduced 5D Heterotic M-theory has a deeply rich structure. For every Calabi-yau compactification, there exists a gravitational hypermultiplet $(g_{\mu\nu},\psi_{\mu},A_{\mu})$ and a universal hypermultiplet. In this paper we derive the formulae for ... More
PT-symmetry and TransparencyAug 06 2013Sep 25 2014It is known that the perfect absorption of two identical waves incident on a complex potential from left and right can occur at a fixed real energy and that the time-reversed setting of this system would act as a laser at threshold at the same energy. ... More
A Single Universal n-bit Gate for Reversible Circuit SynthesisJun 05 2013Many universal reversible libraries that contain more than one gate type have been proposed in the literature. Practical implementation of reversible circuits is much easier if a single gate type is used in the circuit construction. This paper proposes ... More
Do scale-invariant fluctuations imply the breaking of de Sitter invariance?Mar 14 2012The quantization of the massless minimally coupled (mmc) scalar field in de Sitter spacetime is known to be a non-trivial problem due to the appearance of strong infrared (IR) effects. In particular, the scale-invariance of the CMB power-spectrum - certainly ... More
Multiquark Hadrons - A New Facet of QCDMay 19 2016I review some selected aspects of the phenomenology of multiquark states discovered in high energy experiments. They have four valence quarks (called tetraquarks) and two of them are found to have five valence quarks (called pentaquarks), extending the ... More
A type N radiation field solution with $Λ<0$ in a curved space-time and closed time-like curvesMay 21 2017May 21 2018An anti-de Sitter background four-dimensional type N solution of the Einstein's field equations, is presented. The matter-energy content pure radiation field satisfies the null energy condition (NEC), and the metric is free-from curvature divergence. ... More
Inaccessible Jonson Cardinals and Stationary ReflectionJan 08 2019Given an inaccessible J\'onsson cardinal $\lambda$, the question of how Mahlo $\lambda$ must be goes back to Shelah in Cardinal Arithmetic. Unfortunately, not much progress has been made on this problem beyond the results in Sh413, and this is potentially ... More
A viscosity approach to degenerate complex Monge-Ampère equationsApr 04 2014This is the content of the lectures given by the author at the winter school KAWA3 held at the University of Barcelona in 2012 from January 30 to February 3. The main goal was to give an account of viscosity techniques and to apply them to degenerate ... More
DeepMIMO: A Generic Deep Learning Dataset for Millimeter Wave and Massive MIMO ApplicationsFeb 18 2019Machine learning tools are finding interesting applications in millimeter wave (mmWave) and massive MIMO systems. This is mainly thanks to their powerful capabilities in learning unknown models and tackling hard optimization problems. To advance the machine ... More
Ordered Counter-AbstractionMar 31 2012We introduce a new symbolic representation based on an original generalization of counter abstraction. Unlike classical counter abstraction (used in the analysis of parameterized systems with unordered or unstructured topologies) the new representation ... More
New features of scattering from a one-dimensional non-Hermitian (complex) potentialOct 20 2011Dec 21 2011For complex one-dimensional potentials, we propose the asymmetry of both reflectivity and transmitivity under time-reversal: $R(-k)\ne R(k)$ and $T(-k) \ne T(k)$, unless the potentials are real or PT-symmetric. For complex PT-symmetric scattering potentials, ... More
Intelligent Human Machine Interface Design for Advanced Product Life Cycle Management SystemsAug 07 2010Designing and implementing an intelligent and user friendly human machine interface for any kind of software or hardware oriented application is always be a challenging task for the designers and developers because it is very difficult to understand the ... More
Statistical Trading Using Target Oriented Trading AgentAug 07 2010In this article we briefly present our contributions toward Trading Agent Competition (TAC); an international forum for promotion of research into the trading agent problems. Moreover, we present some strategies proposed and used in the development of ... More
Zero width resonance (spectral singularity) in a complex PT-symmetric potentialAug 20 2009We show that the complex PT-Symmetric potential, $V(x)=-V_1 {sech}^2x + iV_2 {sech}x ~\tanh x, $, entails a single zero-width resonance (spectral singularity) when $V_1+|V_2|=4n^2+4n+{3\over 4}(n=1,2,3.., |V_2|>|V_1|+ {{sgn}(V_1) \over 4})$ and the positive ... More