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A Better Lower Bound Estimation of Brennan's ConjectureSep 01 2015In this paper, we obtained an equivalent proposition of Brennan`s conjecture. And given two lower bound estimation of the conjecture one of them connected with Schwarzian derivative. The present study also verified the correctness of the conjecture in ... More
Observation of Majorana conductance plateau by scanning tunneling spectroscopyApr 12 2019Majorana zero-modes (MZMs) are spatially-localized zero-energy fractional quasiparticles with non-Abelian braiding statistics that hold great promise for topological quantum computing. Due to its particle-antiparticle equivalence, an MZM exhibits perfect ... More
Observation of half-integer level shift of vortex bound states in an iron-based superconductorJan 08 2019Vortices in topological superconductors host Majorana zero modes (MZMs), which are proposed to be building blocks of fault-tolerant topological quantum computers. Recently, a new single-material platform for realizing MZM has been discovered in iron-based ... More
Evidence for Majorana bound state in an iron-based superconductorJun 19 2017Mar 19 2018The search for Majorana bound state (MBS) has recently emerged as one of the most active research areas in condensed matter physics, fueled by the prospect of using its non-Abelian statistics for robust quantum computation. A highly sought-after platform ... More
Linear rank preservers of tensor products of rank one matricesSep 02 2015Jan 25 2017Let $n_1,\ldots,n_k $ be integers larger than or equal to 2. We characterize linear maps $\phi: M_{n_1\cdots n_k}\rightarrow M_{n_1\cdots n_k}$ such that $${\mathrm rank}\,(\phi(A_1\otimes \cdots \otimes A_k))=1\quad\hbox{whenever}\quad{\mathrm rank}\, ... More
Non-Left-Orderable Surgeries on 1-Bridge BraidsNov 30 2017Boyer, Gordon, and Watson have conjectured that an irreducible rational homology 3-sphere is an L-space if and only if its fundamental group is not left-orderable. Since Dehn surgeries on knots in $S^3$ can produce large families of L-spaces, it is natural ... More
Time Derivative of Rotation Matrices: A TutorialSep 20 2016The time derivative of a rotation matrix equals the product of a skew-symmetric matrix and the rotation matrix itself. This article gives a brief tutorial on the well-known result.
Tamely ramified geometric Langlands correspondence in positive characteristicOct 30 2018We prove a version of the tamely ramified geometric Langlands correspondence in positive characteristic for $GL_n(k)$. Let $k$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p> n$. Let $X$ be a smooth projective curve over $k$ with marked points, ... More
On the Correctness of Inverted Index Based Public-Key Searchable Encryption Scheme for Multi-time SearchAug 24 2016In this short note we argue that the state-of-art inverted index based public key searchable encryption scheme proposed by Wang et al may not be completely correct by giving a counterexample.
Tamely ramified geometric Langlands correspondence in positive characteristicOct 30 2018Apr 02 2019We prove a version of the tamely ramified geometric Langlands correspondence in positive characteristic for $GL_n(k)$. Let $k$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p> n$. Let $X$ be a smooth projective curve over $k$ with marked points, ... More
On Credit-based Incentive Mechanisms of Voluntary User Comment Reviewing in Social NetworksAug 14 2016With the recent advance of micro-blogs and social networks, people can view and post comments on the websites in a very convenient way. However, it is also a big concern that the malicious users keep polluting the cyber environment by scamming, spamming ... More
A Comparison of Modeling Units in Sequence-to-Sequence Speech Recognition with the Transformer on Mandarin ChineseMay 16 2018May 18 2018The choice of modeling units is critical to automatic speech recognition (ASR) tasks. Conventional ASR systems typically choose context-dependent states (CD-states) or context-dependent phonemes (CD-phonemes) as their modeling units. However, it has been ... More
The Generalization of Schottky Inequality and Its ApplicationsSep 07 2015This article used Bloch function to derive Schottky inequality, obtained its generalization by using elliptic integral deviation function and demonstrated its applications.
Why Deep Neural Networks?Oct 13 2016Recently there has been much interest in understanding why deep neural networks are preferred to shallow networks. In this paper, we show that, for a large class of piecewise smooth functions, the number of neurons needed by a shallow network to approximate ... More
An Asymptotically Tighter Bound on Sampling for Frequent Itemsets MiningMar 24 2017In this paper we present a new error bound on sampling algorithms for frequent itemsets mining. We show that the new bound is asymptotically tighter than the state-of-art bounds, i.e., given the chosen samples, for small enough error probability, the ... More
Distributed Control of Angle-constrained Circular Formations using Bearing-only MeasurementsOct 28 2012Oct 30 2012This paper studies distributed formation control of multiple agents in the plane using bearing-only measurements. It is assumed that each agent only measures the local bearings of their neighbor agents. The target formation considered in this paper is ... More
Bearing-Based Formation Stabilization with Directed Interaction TopologiesAug 27 2015This paper studies the problem of stabilizing target formations specified by inter-neighbor bearings with relative position measurements. While the undirected case has been studied in the existing works, this paper focuses on the case where the interaction ... More
Translational and Scaling Formation Maneuver Control via a Bearing-Based ApproachJun 18 2015Dec 12 2015This paper studies distributed maneuver control of multi-agent formations in arbitrary dimensions. The objective is to control the translation and scale of the formation while maintaining the desired formation pattern. Unlike conventional approaches where ... More
Bearing-Based Formation ManeuveringApr 14 2015Aug 03 2015This paper studies the problem of multi-agent formation maneuver control where both of the centroid and scale of a formation are required to track given velocity references while maintaining the formation shape. Unlike the conventional approaches where ... More
Continuous Trajectory Planning Based on Learning Optimization in High Dimensional Input Space for Serial ManipulatorsDec 18 2018To continuously generate trajectories for serial manipulators with high dimensional degrees of freedom (DOF) in the dynamic environment, a real-time optimal trajectory generation method based on machine learning aiming at high dimensional inputs is presented ... More
LEASGD: an Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Algorithm for Distributed LearningNov 27 2018Distributed learning systems have enabled training large-scale models over large amount of data in significantly shorter time. In this paper, we focus on decentralized distributed deep learning systems and aim to achieve differential privacy with good ... More
Finite-time Stabilization of Circular Formations using Bearing-only MeasurementsMar 11 2013This paper studies decentralized formation control of multiple vehicles when each vehicle can only measure the local bearings of their neighbors by using bearing-only sensors. Since the inter-vehicle distance cannot be measured, the target formation involves ... More
The Distribution of Gaps between Summands in Generalized Zeckendorf DecompositionsFeb 17 2014Feb 26 2014Zeckendorf proved that any integer can be decomposed uniquely as a sum of non-adjacent Fibonacci numbers, $F_n$. Using continued fractions, Lekkerkerker proved the average number of summands of an $m \in [F_n, F_{n+1})$ is essentially $n/(\varphi^2 +1)$, ... More
Bearing Rigidity and Almost Global Bearing-Only Formation StabilizationAug 27 2014Jul 08 2015A fundamental problem that the bearing rigidity theory studies is to determine when a framework can be uniquely determined up to a translation and a scaling factor by its inter-neighbor bearings. While many previous works focused on the bearing rigidity ... More
Refining Approximating Betweenness Centrality Based on SamplingsAug 16 2016Dec 19 2017Betweenness Centrality (BC) is an important measure used widely in complex network analysis, such as social network, web page search, etc. Computing the exact BC values is highly time consuming. Currently the fastest exact BC determining algorithm is ... More
Adaptive Modular Exponentiation Methods v.s. Python's Power FunctionJul 06 2017In this paper we use Python to implement two efficient modular exponentiation methods: the adaptive m-ary method and the adaptive sliding-window method of window size k, where both m's are adaptively chosen based on the length of exponent. We also conduct ... More
Bearing-Based Distributed Control and Estimation of Multi-Agent SystemsMar 29 2015This paper studies the distributed control and estimation of multi-agent systems based on bearing information. In particular, we consider two problems: (i) the distributed control of bearing-constrained formations using relative position measurements ... More
Refining Approximating Betweenness Centrality Based on SamplingsAug 16 2016Aug 27 2016Betweenness Centrality (BC) is an important measure used widely in complex network analysis, such as social network, web page search, etc. Computing the exact BC values is highly time consuming. Currently the fastest exact BC determining algorithm is ... More
Localizability and Distributed Protocols for Bearing-Based Network Localization in Arbitrary DimensionsJan 31 2015Feb 20 2016This paper addresses the problem of bearing-based network localization, which aims to localize all the nodes in a static network given the locations of a subset of nodes termed anchors and inter-node bearings measured in a common reference frame. The ... More
Why Deep Neural Networks for Function Approximation?Oct 13 2016Mar 03 2017Recently there has been much interest in understanding why deep neural networks are preferred to shallow networks. We show that, for a large class of piecewise smooth functions, the number of neurons needed by a shallow network to approximate a function ... More
k-Anonymously Private Search over Encrypted DataMar 24 2017In this paper we compare the performance of various homomorphic encryption methods on a private search scheme that can achieve $k$-anonymity privacy. To make our benchmarking fair, we use open sourced cryptographic libraries which are written by experts ... More
Jointly Attentive Spatial-Temporal Pooling Networks for Video-based Person Re-IdentificationAug 03 2017Sep 29 2017Person Re-Identification (person re-id) is a crucial task as its applications in visual surveillance and human-computer interaction. In this work, we present a novel joint Spatial and Temporal Attention Pooling Network (ASTPN) for video-based person re-identification, ... More
The Average Gap Distribution for Generalized Zeckendorf DecompositionsAug 29 2012Dec 12 2012An interesting characterization of the Fibonacci numbers is that, if we write them as $F_1 = 1$, $F_2 = 2$, $F_3 = 3$, $F_4 = 5, ...$, then every positive integer can be written uniquely as a sum of non-adjacent Fibonacci numbers. This is now known as ... More
A Wong-Zakai theorem for $Φ^4_3$ modelApr 16 2015We prove a version of the Wong-Zakai theorem for the dynamical $\Phi_3^4$ model driven by space-time white noise on $\mathbb{T}^3$. For the $\Phi^4_3$ model it is proved in [Hai14] that a renormalisation has to be performed in order to define the nonlinear ... More
Dimension reduction-based significance testing in nonparametric regressionOct 13 2015A dimension reduction-based adaptive-to-model test is proposed for significance of a subset of covariates in the context of a nonparametric regression model. Unlike existing local smoothing significance tests, the new test behaves like a local smoothing ... More
Strong-Feller property for Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noiseSep 27 2017Sep 29 2017In this paper we prove strong Feller property for the Markov semigroups associated to the two or three dimensional Navier-Stokes (N-S) equations driven by space-time white noise using the theory of regularity structures introduced by Martin Hairer in ... More
Three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noiseMay 31 2014Jan 04 2017In this paper we study 3D Navier-Stokes (NS) equation driven by space-time white noise by using regularity structure theory introduced in [Hai14] and paracontrolled distribution proposed in [GIP13]. We obtain local existence and uniqueness of solutions ... More
Lattice approximation to the dynamical $Φ_3^4$ modelAug 23 2015We study the lattice approximations to the dynamical $\Phi^4_3$ model by paracontrolled distributions proposed in [GIP13]. We prove that the solutions to the lattice systems converge to the solution to the dynamical $\Phi_3^4$ model in probability, locally ... More
Approximating three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noiseSep 17 2014In this paper we study approximations to 3D Navier-Stokes (NS) equation driven by space-time white noise by paracontrolled distribution proposed in [GIP13]. A solution theory for this equation has been developed recently in [ZZ14] based on regularity ... More
Three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noiseMay 31 2014Jun 10 2015In this paper we study 3D Navier-Stokes (NS) equation driven by space-time white noise by using regularity structure theory introduced in [Hai14] and paracontrolled distribution proposed in [GIP13]. We obtain local existence and uniqueness of solutions ... More
A Generalization of the Kodaira Vanishing and Embedding TheoremFeb 02 1995We give several generalizations of the Kodaira vanishing and embedding theorems for K\"ahler manifolds to the case where the relevent line bundle has a small region of negative curvature. To prove the vanishing theorems we adapt techniques of Elworthy-Rosenberg ... More
Spectra and elliptic flow of (multi-)strange hadrons at RHIC and LHC within viscous hydrodynamics+hadron cascade hybrid modelJul 14 2016Aug 15 2016Using the (2+1)-dimensional ultrarelativistic viscous hydrodynamics+hadron cascade, VISHNU, hybrid model, we study the $p_{\rm T}$-spectra and elliptic flow of $\Lambda$, $\Xi$, and $\Omega$ in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=200 GeV and in Pb+Pb ... More
Log rationally connected surfacesDec 08 2014Jul 02 2015In this paper, combining the works of Miyanishi-Tsunoda and Keel-McKernan, we prove the log Castelnuovo's rationality criterion for smooth quasiprojective surfaces over complex numbers.
Exotic Charmonium-like States at BESIIIMay 18 2015The recent measurement results of exotic charmonium-like states, the so called XYZ particles, at BESIII have been presented. I mainly discussed the charged Zc(3900) state, its neutral partner, and possible excited states.
Charmonium and Light Meson SpectroscopyDec 10 2012This talk reviews recent experimental results on selected topics in the spectroscopy of charmonia, charmonium-like states and light mesons.
On the gluing formula of real analytic torsion formsMay 13 2014In this paper we extend first the Bismut-Lott's analytic torsion form for flat vector bundles to the boundary case, then we establish its gluing formula on a smooth fibration under the assumption that a fiberwise Morse function exists. We assume that ... More
The RPC-based proposal for the ATLAS forward muon trigger upgrade in view of super-LHCOct 25 2012The innermost station of the present ATLAS forward muon detector needs to be upgraded for the super-LHC. We present a proposal to replace it with a sandwiched detector composed of several layers of small-radius Monitored Drift Tube chambers (sMDT) for ... More
Inclined Massive Planets in a Protoplanetary Disc: Gap Opening, Disc Breaking, and Observational SignaturesDec 04 2018We carry out three-dimensional hydrodynamical simulations to study planet-disc interactions for inclined high mass planets, focusing on the disc's secular evolution induced by the planet. We find that, when the planet is massive enough and the induced ... More
Rigidity of Area-Minimizing $2$-Spheres in $n$-Manifolds with Positive Scalar CurvatureMar 14 2019Mar 15 2019We prove that the least area of the non-contractible immersed spheres is no more than $4\pi$ in any oriented compact manifold with dimension $n+2\leq 7$ which satisfies $R\geq 2$ and admits a map to $\mathbf S^2\times T^n$ with nonzero degree. We also ... More
An axiomatic approach to the roughness measure of rough setsNov 28 2009May 25 2010In Pawlak's rough set theory, a set is approximated by a pair of lower and upper approximations. To measure numerically the roughness of an approximation, Pawlak introduced a quantitative measure of roughness by using the ratio of the cardinalities of ... More
Covering rough sets based on neighborhoods: An approach without using neighborhoodsNov 28 2009Dec 10 2010Rough set theory, a mathematical tool to deal with inexact or uncertain knowledge in information systems, has originally described the indiscernibility of elements by equivalence relations. Covering rough sets are a natural extension of classical rough ... More
Towards a dictionary for the Bargmann transformJun 21 2015There is a canonical unitary transformation from $L^2(\R)$ onto the Fock space $F^2$, called the Bargmann transform. The purpose of this article is to translate some important results and operators from the context of $L^2(\R)$ to that of $F^2$. Examples ... More
Uncertainty principles for the Fock spaceJan 12 2015Several uncertainty principles are proved for the Fock space.
Statistical Physics and Information Theory Perspectives on Linear Inverse ProblemsMay 15 2017Jul 12 2017Many real-world problems in machine learning, signal processing, and communications assume that an unknown vector $x$ is measured by a matrix A, resulting in a vector $y=Ax+z$, where $z$ denotes the noise; we call this a single measurement vector (SMV) ... More
Integral Solutions to Linear Indeterminate EquationMar 08 2011In this paper, using Euler's function, we give a formula of all integral solutions to linear indeterminate equation with $s$-variables $a_1x_1+a_2x_2+...+a_sx_s=n$. It is a explicit formula of the coefficients $a_1$, $a_2$,..., $a_s$ and the free term ... More
n-Groupoids and Stacky GroupoidsJan 14 2008Jun 29 2009We discuss two generalizations of Lie groupoids. One consists of Lie $n$-groupoids defined as simplicial manifolds with trivial $\pi_{k\geq n+1}$. The other consists of stacky Lie groupoids $\cG\rra M$ with $\cG$ a differentiable stack. We build a 1-1 ... More
Lie n-groupoids and stacky Lie groupoidsSep 14 2006Nov 13 2006We discuss two sorts of generalization of Lie groupoids. One is Lie $n$-groupoids defined as simplicial manifolds with trivial $\pi_{k\geq n+1}$. The other is the stacky Lie groupoid $\cG\rra M$ with $\cG$ a differentiable stack. We build 1-1 correspondence ... More
Integrating Lie algebroids via stacks and applications to Jacobi manifoldsMay 09 2005Lie algebroids can not always be integrated into Lie groupoids. We introduce a new object--``Weinstein groupoid'', which is a differentiable stack with groupoid-like axioms. With it, we have solved the integration problem of Lie algebroids. It turns out ... More
The Morse index theorem for regular Lagrangian systemsSep 18 2001In this paper, we prove a Morse index theorem for the index form of regular Lagrangian system with selfadjoint boundary condition.
Constructing a CM Mumford fourfold from Shioda's fourfoldOct 23 2018Apr 15 2019Shioda proved that the Jacobian $A_S$ of the curve $y^2 = x^9 -1$ is a 4-dimensional CM abelian variety with codimension 2 Hodge cycles not generated by divisors. It was noted by Shioda that this behavior resembles the abelian varieties constructed by ... More
Strongly Unitary Equivalence and Approximately Unitary Equivalence of Normal Compact Operators over Topological SpacesSep 01 2017Let $A$ and $B$ be compact operators over a topological space $X$ and suppose that these operators are normal and have same distinct eigenvalues at each point. By obstruction theory, we establish a necessary and sufficient condition for $A$ and $B$ to ... More
Generalized cluster complexes via quiver representationsJul 06 2006May 23 2007We give a quiver representation theoretic interpretation of generalized cluster complexes defined by Fomin and Reading. By using $d-$cluster categories which are defined by Keller as triangulated orbit categories of (bounded) derived categories of representations ... More
Equivalences between cluster categoriesNov 15 2005Jun 19 2006Tilting theory in cluster categories of hereditary algebras has been developed in [BMRRT] and [BMR]. These results are generalized to cluster categories of hereditary abelian categories. Furthermore, for any tilting object $T$ in a hereditary abelian ... More
BGP-reflection functors and cluster combinatoricsNov 15 2005Jul 14 2006We define Bernstein-Gelfand-Ponomarev reflection functors in the cluster categories of hereditary algebras. They are triangle equivalences which provide a natural quiver realization of the "truncated simple reflections" on the set of almost positive roots ... More
Applications of BGP-reflection functors: isomorphisms of cluster algebrasNov 15 2005Jun 19 2006Given a symmetrizable generalized Cartan matrix $A$, for any index $k$, one can define an automorphism associated with $A,$ of the field $\mathbf{Q}(u_1, >..., u_n)$ of rational functions of $n$ independent indeterminates $u_1,..., u_n.$ It is an isomorphism ... More
Optimal Strategies for a Long-Term Static InvestorNov 24 2013Oct 14 2014The optimal strategies for a long-term static investor are studied. Given a portfolio of a stock and a bond, we derive the optimal allocation of the capitols to maximize the expected long-term growth rate of a utility function of the wealth. When the ... More
Auxiliary space preconditioners for virtual element methods on polytopal meshesNov 28 2018In this paper, we develop the auxiliary space preconditioners for solving the linear system arising from the virtual element methods discretization on polytopal meshes for the second order elliptic equations. The preconditioners are constructed based ... More
Jet schemes and singularities of W^r_d(C) lociDec 05 2012Kempf proved that the theta divisor of a smooth projective curve C has rational singularities. In this paper we estimate the dimensions of the jet schemes of the theta divisor and show that all these schemes are irreducible. In particular, we recover ... More
On the semi-regular module and vertex operator algebrasNov 20 2007Dec 03 2007We prove a conjecture stated in a previous paper by the author about the existence of canonical filtrations for a family of vertex operator algebras in rational levels.
Vertex operator algebras associated to modified regular representations of affine Lie algebrasNov 17 2006Nov 20 2007Let $G$ be a simple complex Lie group with Lie algebra $\mf g$ and let $\af$ be the affine Lie algebra. We use intertwining operators and Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations to construct a family of $\N$-graded vertex operator algebras associated to $\mf ... More
Dirac-harmonic maps from degenerating spin surfaces I: the Neveu-Schwarz caseMar 26 2008We study Dirac-harmonic maps from degenerating spin surfaces with uniformly bounded energy and show the so-called generalized energy identity in the case that the domain converges to a spin surface with only Neveu-Schwarz type nodes. We find condition ... More
Kernels and Ensembles: Perspectives on Statistical LearningDec 06 2007Since their emergence in the 1990's, the support vector machine and the AdaBoost algorithm have spawned a wave of research in statistical machine learning. Much of this new research falls into one of two broad categories: kernel methods and ensemble methods. ... More
When is the majority-vote classifier beneficial?Jul 24 2013In his seminal work, Schapire (1990) proved that weak classifiers could be improved to achieve arbitrarily high accuracy, but he never implied that a simple majority-vote mechanism could always do the trick. By comparing the asymptotic misclassification ... More
The second variation of the Ricci expander entropyJan 19 2009We compute the second variation of the Ricci expander entropy and briefly discuss the linear stability of compact negative Einstein manifolds.
Harmonic maps from degenerating Riemann surfacesMar 25 2008We study harmonic maps from degenerating Riemann surfaces with uniformly bounded energy and show the so-called generalized energy identity. We find conditions that are both necessary and sufficient for the compactness in $W^{1,2}$ and $C^{0}$ modulo bubbles ... More
Some inequalities related to isoperimetric inequalities with partial free boundaryJan 09 2001Feb 16 2001The main purpose of this paper is to prove a sharp Sobolev inequality in an exterior of a convex bounded domain. There are two ingredients in the proof: One is the observation of some new isoperimetric inequalities with partial free boundary, and the ... More
The Lp Minkowski problem for polytopes for negative pFeb 25 2016May 07 2016Existence of solutions to the Lp Minkowski problem is proved for all p less than 0. For the cirtical case of p=-n, which is known as the centro-affine Minkowski problem, this paper contains the main result in [71] as a special case.
Explicit Maximum Likelihood Loss Estimator in Multicast TomographyApr 27 2010For the tree topology, previous studies show the maximum likelihood estimate (MLE) of a link/path takes a polynomial form with a degree that is one less than the number of descendants connected to the link/path. Since then, the main concern is focused ... More
A regularity theory for multiple-valued Dirichlet minimizing mapsAug 07 2006This paper discusses the regularity of multiple-valued Dirichlet minimizing maps into the sphere. It shows that even at branched point, as long as the normalized energy is small enough, we have the energy decay estimate. Combined with the previous work ... More
A geometrizing higher twist effect on nuclear targetAug 30 2004Feb 13 2005The higher twist effects in deep inelastic scattering on the nuclear target are studied using time ordered perturbation theory. We showed that the collinear rescattering of the outgoing quark on the extra nucleons via the contacting gluon-pair is dominant ... More
Ruin Probabilities for Risk Processes with Non-Stationary Arrivals and Subexponential ClaimsApr 06 2013Oct 14 2014In this paper, we obtain the finite-horizon and infinite-horizon ruin probability asymptotics for risk processes with claims of subexponential tails for non-stationary arrival processes that satisfy a large deviation principle. As a result, the arrival ... More
Functors and morphisms determined by subcategoriesOct 24 2017We study the existence and uniqueness of minimal right determiners in various categories. Particularly in a Hom-finite hereditary abelian category with enough projectives, we prove that the Auslander-Reiten-Smal{\o}-Ringel formula of the minimal right ... More
Natural compactification of the moduli of toric pairs from the perspective of mirror symmetryOct 20 2014Sep 13 2016We construct a compactification of the moduli of toric pairs by using ideas from mirror symmetry. The secondary fan $\Sigma(Q)$ is used in [Ale02] to parametrize degenerations of toric pairs. It is also used in [CLS11] to control the variation of GIT. ... More
The quantization for in-homogeneous self-similar measures with in-homogeneous open set conditionJul 05 2014Let $(g_i)_{i=1}^M$ be a family of contractive similitudes satisfying the open set condition. Let $\nu$ be a self-similar measure associated with $(g_i)_{i=1}^M$. We study the quantization problem for the in-homogeneous self-similar measure $\mu$ associated ... More
The higher order terms in asymptotic expansion of color Jones polynomialsApr 03 2011Color Jones polynomial is one of the most important quantum invariants in knot theory. Finding the geometric information from the color Jones polynomial is an interesting topic. In this paper, we study the general expansion of color Jones polynomial which ... More
Information complementarity: A new paradigm for decoding quantum incompatibilityJun 26 2014Sep 14 2015The existence of observables that are incompatible or not jointly measurable is a characteristic feature of quantum mechanics, which lies at the root of a number of nonclassical phenomena, such as uncertainty relations, wave--particle dual behavior, Bell-inequality ... More
Nonexistence of sharply covariant mutually unbiased bases in odd prime dimensionsJun 18 2015Aug 23 2015Mutually unbiased bases (MUB) are useful in a number of research areas. The symmetry of MUB is an elusive and interesting subject. A (complete set of) MUB in dimension $d$ is sharply covariant if it can be generated by a group of order $d(d+1)$ from a ... More
Riesz transform characterization of weighted Hardy spaces associated to Schrödinger operatorsMay 21 2014In this paper, we characterize the weighted local Hardy spaces $h^p_\rho(\omega)$ related to the critical radius function $\rho$ and weights $\omega\in A_{1}^{\rho,\,\infty}(\mathbb{R}^{n})$ by localized Riesz transforms $\widehat{R}_j$, in addition, ... More
Nonuniform Dichotomy Spectrum Intervals: Theorem and ComputationFeb 12 2019Under the condition of nonuniformly bounded growth, %nonuniform exponential dichotomy spectrum for nonautonomous linear system is proposed the relationship of the nonuniform exponential dichotomy spectrum and the other two classical spectrums (the Lyapunov ... More
A note on eigenvalues of a class of singular continuous and discrete linear Hamiltonian systemsAug 01 2018In this paper, we show that the analytic and geometric multiplicities of an eigenvalue of a class of singular linear Hamiltonian systems are equal, where both endpoints are in the limit circle cases. The proof is fundamental and is given for both continuous ... More
On a proof of the Bouchard-Sulkowski conjectureAug 14 2011In this short note, we give a proof of the free energy part of the BKMP conjecture of C^3 proposed by Bouchard and Sulkowski [4]. Hence the proof of the full BKMP conjecture for the case of C^3 has been finished.
The Laplace transform of the cut-and-join equation of Mariño-Vafa formula and its applicationsJan 05 2010By the same method introduced in [9], we calculate the Laplace transform of the celebrated cut-and-join equation of Mari\~no-Vafa formula discovered by C. Liu, K. Liu and J. Zhou [17]. Then, we study the applications of the polynomial identity (1) obtained ... More
Singularity in self-energy and composite fermion excitations of interacting electronsAug 16 2011Feb 19 2013We propose that a composite fermion operator $f_{i\sigma}(2n_{i{\bar \sigma}}-1)$ could have coherent excitations, where $f_{i\sigma}$ is the fermion operator for interacting electrons and $n_{i{\bar \sigma}}$ is the number operator of the opposite spin. ... More
Superconducting pairing of interacting electrons: implications from the two-impurity Anderson modelDec 14 2010Dec 23 2010We study the non-local superconducting pairing of two interacting Anderson impurities, which has an instability near the quantum critical point from the competition between the Kondo effect and an antiferromagnetic inter-impurity spin exchange interaction. ... More
Enhancing The Reliability of Out-of-distribution Image Detection in Neural NetworksJun 08 2017Feb 25 2018We consider the problem of detecting out-of-distribution images in neural networks. We propose ODIN, a simple and effective method that does not require any change to a pre-trained neural network. Our method is based on the observation that using temperature ... More
On the Kirwan map for moduli of Higgs bundlesAug 30 2018Let $C$ be a smooth complex projective curve and $G$ a connected complex reductive group. We prove that if the center $Z(G)$ of $G$ is disconnected, then the Kirwan map $H^*\big(\operatorname{Bun}(G,C),\mathbb{Q}\big)\rightarrow H^*\big(\mathcal{M}_{\operatorname{Higgs}}^{\operatorname{ss}},\mathbb{Q}\big)$ ... More
Multilingual End-to-End Speech Recognition with A Single Transformer on Low-Resource LanguagesJun 12 2018Jun 14 2018Sequence-to-sequence attention-based models integrate an acoustic, pronunciation and language model into a single neural network, which make them very suitable for multilingual automatic speech recognition (ASR). In this paper, we are concerned with multilingual ... More
An introduction to affine Grassmannians and the geometric Satake equivalenceMar 17 2016Apr 04 2016We introduce various affine Grassmannians, study their geometric properties, and give some applications. We also discuss the geometric Satake equivalence. These are the expanded lecture notes for a mini-course in 2015 PCMI summer school. References updated ... More
Study of an Equivalent Proposition of Riemann HypothesisSep 24 2016Let $H_n = \sum_{k = 1}^{n}\frac{1}{k}$. Using Chebyshev function and prime number theorem, this paper proves that, there exists a positive constant A, such that for all natural numbers $n = q_1 * q_2 *... * q_m$ or $n = q_1^{\alpha_1} * q_2^{\alpha_1} ... More
Low-intensity light switching of cavity-atom polaritonsFeb 03 2010Mar 22 2010I analyze an all-optical switching scheme in a cavity QED system consisting of multiple three-level atoms confined in a cavity mode. A control laser coupled to the atoms from free space induces quantum interference in the coupled cavity-atom system and ... More