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Statistical Learnability of Generalized Additive Models based on Total Variation RegularizationFeb 08 2018A generalized additive model (GAM, Hastie and Tibshirani (1987)) is a nonparametric model by the sum of univariate functions with respect to each explanatory variable, i.e., $f({\mathbf x}) = \sum f_j(x_j)$, where $x_j\in\mathbb{R}$ is $j$-th component ... More
Distributed Stochastic Optimization of the Regularized RiskJun 17 2014Jun 09 2015Many machine learning algorithms minimize a regularized risk, and stochastic optimization is widely used for this task. When working with massive data, it is desirable to perform stochastic optimization in parallel. Unfortunately, many existing stochastic ... More
WordRank: Learning Word Embeddings via Robust RankingJun 09 2015Sep 27 2016Embedding words in a vector space has gained a lot of attention in recent years. While state-of-the-art methods provide efficient computation of word similarities via a low-dimensional matrix embedding, their motivation is often left unclear. In this ... More
DS-MLR: Exploiting Double Separability for Scaling up Distributed Multinomial Logistic RegressionApr 16 2016Multinomial logistic regression is a popular tool in the arsenal of machine learning algorithms, yet scaling it to datasets with very large number of data points and classes has not been trivial. This is primarily because one needs to compute the log-partition ... More
Totally Corrective Boosting with Cardinality PenalizationApr 07 2015We propose a totally corrective boosting algorithm with explicit cardinality regularization. The resulting combinatorial optimization problems are not known to be efficiently solvable with existing classical methods, but emerging quantum optimization ... More
Impact of shadow banks on financial contagionSep 30 2014An asset network systemic risk (ANWSER) model is presented to investigate the impact of how shadow banks are intermingled in a financial system on the severity of financial contagion. Particularly, the focus of this study is the impact of the following ... More
Optimal portfolio for a robust financial systemNov 22 2012Feb 05 2013This study presents an ANWSER model (asset network systemic risk model) to quantify the risk of financial contagion which manifests itself in a financial crisis. The transmission of financial distress is governed by a heterogeneous bank credit network ... More
Effect of stripe order strength for the Nernst effect in La_{2-x}Sr_xCu_4 single crystalsDec 01 2009We have precisely measured the Nernst effect in Nd-doped La$_{2-x}$Sr$_x$CuO$_4$ single crystals with controlling the strength (stability) of the stripe order. We found that the onset temperature $T_{onset}$, where the Nernst signal starts increasing, ... More
Impact of credit default swaps on financial contagionSep 25 2014It had been believed in the conventional practice that the risk of a bank going bankrupt is lessened in a straightforward manner by transferring the risk of loan defaults. But the failure of American International Group in 2008 posed a more complex aspect ... More
Fundamental structural characteristics of planar granular assemblies: scaling away friction and initial stateJul 12 2012Macroscopic properties of granular packs are mainly determined by the micro-structure. We study the dependence of the micro-structure on inter-granular friction and initial conditions using numerical experiments. The experiments consist of isotropic compaction ... More
On universal structural characteristics of granular packsMay 27 2013Nov 01 2013Dependence of structural self-organization of granular materials on preparation and grain parameters is key to predictive modelling. We study 60 different mechanically equilibrated polydisperse disc packs, generated numerically by two protocols. We show ... More
Correction to four-loop RG functions in the two-dimensional lattice O(n) $σ$-modelOct 12 1998Mar 12 2001We report the result of our evaluation of the Feynman diagrams appearing in the determination of the four-loop renormalization group functions in the two-dimensional lattice O($n$) $\sigma$-model by Caracciolo and Pelissetto. In the list of the integrals ... More
A determination of the mass gap in the O(n) sigma modelNov 06 1996Mar 12 2001We calculate the finite volume mass gap $M(L)$ at 3-loop level in the non-linear O($n$) $\sigma$-model in two dimensions in small volumes. By applying the Monte Carlo measurements of the running coupling $\bar g^2(L)=2nM(L)L/(n-1)$ by L\"uscher, Weisz ... More
Application of a coordinate space method for the evaluation of lattice Feynman diagrams in two dimensionsJun 17 1997Mar 21 1998We apply a new coordinate space method for the evaluation of lattice Feynman diagrams suggested by L\"uscher and Weisz to field theories in two dimensions. Our work is to be presented for the theories with massless propagators. The main idea is to deal ... More
Ramification theory and perfectoid spacesApr 22 2013May 22 2013Let K and F be complete discrete valuation fields of residue characteristic p>0. Let m be a positive integer no more than their absolute ramification indices. Let s and t be their uniformizers. Let L/K and E/F be finite extensions such that the modulo ... More
Generalized complex marginal deformation of pp-waves and giant gravitonsMay 14 2015We present the Penrose limits of a complex marginal deformation of $AdS_5\times S^5$, which incorporates the $SL(2,\mathbb{R})$ symmetry of type IIB theory, along the $(J,0,0)$ geodesic and along the $(J,J,J)$ geodesic. We discuss giant gravitons on the ... More
On the classification of 4-dimensional $(m,ρ)$-quasi-Einstein manifolds with harmonic Weyl curvatureJun 05 2016In this paper we study 4-dimensional $(m,\rho)$-quasi-Einstein manifolds with harmonic Weyl curvature when $m\notin\{0,\pm1,-2,\pm\infty\}$ and $\rho\notin\{\frac{1}{4},\frac{1}{6}\}$. We prove that a non-trivial $(m,\rho)$-quasi-Einstein metric $g$ (not ... More
Closed-string Tachyon Condensation and the On-shell Effective Action of Open-string TachyonsMay 07 2001Dec 12 2001We study how the effect of closed-string tachyon condensation can enter into the on-shell effective action of open-string tachyons in the bosonic case. We also consider open-string one-loop quantum corrections to the on-shell action. We use a sigma-model ... More
The ~U(12)-Classification Scheme, Static U(4)-Spin Symmetry for Light-Quarks and "Exotic" HadronsNov 02 2005Nov 03 2005Several years ago we have proposed a manifestly covariant $\tilde{U}(12)_{SF}$-classification scheme of hadrons, which maintains the successful $SU(6)_{SF}\otimes O(3)_{L}$ framework in Non-Relativistic Quark Model and is also reconcilable with the mechanism ... More
Controversies on and a Reasoning for Existence of the light sigma-particleMay 06 1999The light sigma-particle is, regardless of the strong criticism, reviving recently due to the works done from various sides. I review essential points of the controversies (especially related to our works) and of their answer: Conventionally a large concentration ... More
Physical Origin of Chiral States and Near-Threshold Resonances Observed at BESDec 27 2006The purpose of my talk is to explain physical backgrounds of the chiral states, which are predicted to exist generally in the low mass regions of hadrons, containing light quarks, and to stimulate the experimental and phenomenological search for their ... More
On existence of the σ(600) - Its physical implications and related problemsDec 02 1997We make a re-analysis of I=0 \pi\pi scattering phase shift \delta_0^0 through a new method of S-matrix parametrization (IA; interfering amplitude method), and show a result suggesting strongly for the existence of \sigma-particle -- long-sought Chiral ... More
Smearing Effect in Plane-Wave Matrix ModelDec 22 2008Dec 27 2008Motivated by the usual D2-D0 system, we consider a configuration composed of flat membrane and fuzzy sphere membrane in plane-wave matrix model, and investigate the interaction between them. The configuration is shown to lead to a non-trivial interaction ... More
On Non-linear Action for Gauged M2-braneDec 04 2009Mar 17 2010We propose a non-linear extension of U(1) \times U(1) (abelian) ABJM model including T_{M2} (higher derivative) corrections. The action proposed here is expected to describe a single M2-brane proving C^4/Z_k target space. The model includes couplings ... More
On lower ramification subgroups and canonical subgroupsAug 27 2012Nov 09 2012Let p be a rational prime, k be a perfect field of characteristic p and K be a finite totally ramified extension of the fraction field of the Witt ring of k. Let G be a finite flat commutative group scheme over O_K killed by some p-power. In this paper, ... More
Canonical subgroups via Breuil-Kisin modules for p=2Sep 20 2011Jul 26 2012Let p be a rational prime and K/Q_p be an extension of complete discrete valuation fields. Let G be a truncated Barsotti-Tate group of level n, height h and dimension d over O_K with 0<d<h. In this paper, we prove the existence of higher canonical subgroups ... More
Simultaneous auctions for complementary goodsDec 10 2013This paper studies an environment of simultaneous, separate, first-price auctions for complementary goods. Agents observe private values of each good before making bids, and the complementarity between goods is explicitly incorporated in their utility. ... More
$T^3$ deformations and $β$-deformed geometriesNov 05 2013Mar 19 2014We discuss $\beta$-deformed geometries on two types of $T^3$'s where the direction along the third coordinate is not orthogonal to the direction along the second coordinate or the direction along the first coordinate. We show that the intersection angle ... More
The Complexity of Approximating a Bethe EquilibriumSep 08 2011Mar 21 2013This paper resolves a common complexity issue in the Bethe approximation of statistical physics and the Belief Propagation (BP) algorithm of artificial intelligence. The Bethe approximation and the BP algorithm are heuristic methods for estimating the ... More
Higher syzygies on abelian surfacesAug 22 2016Sep 05 2017Based on the theory of an infinitesimal Newton-Okounkov body, we extend the results of Lazarsfeld-Pareschi-Popa on abelian surfaces. Moreover, we show that the higher syzygies of $(X,L)$ are completely determined by its Seshadri constant when $L^{2}$ ... More
The minimal degree of plane models of double covers of smooth curvesSep 10 2008Oct 12 2009If $X$ is a smooth curve such that the minimal degree of its plane models is not too small compared with its genus, then $X$ has been known to be a double cover of another smooth curve $Y$ under some mild condition on the genera. However there are no ... More
Dirichlet Boundary Conditions in Generalized Liouville Theory toward a QCD StringApr 25 2000Sep 25 2000We consider bosonic noncritical strings as QCD strings and we present a basic strategy to construct them in the context of Liouville theory. We show that Dirichlet boundary conditions play important roles in generalized Liouville theory. Specifically, ... More
Recoiling D-branesJun 22 2004Dec 20 2004We propose a new method to describe a recoiling D-brane that is elastically scattered by closed strings in the non-relativistic region. We utilize the low-energy effective field theory on the worldvolume of the D-brane, and the velocity of the D-brane ... More
Three-dimensional Ricci-degenerate Riemannian manifolds satisfying geometric equationsJan 01 2018In this paper, we study a three dimensional Ricci-degenerate Riemannian manifold $(M^3,g)$ which admits a smooth nonzero solution $f$ to the following equation: \begin{align} \label{a1a} \nabla df=\psi(f)Rc+\phi(f)g, \end{align} where $Rc$ is the Ricci ... More
Glueball Mass Spectrum in KK Monopole BackgroundSep 04 1999We consider typeIIA supergravity solution of D2-branes and D3-branes localized within D6-branes in the near-core region of D6-branes. With these solutions we can calculate the spectrum of the glueball mass in QCD3 and QCD4. The equation of motion describing ... More
Liouville distorted Brownian motionJan 23 2019The Liouville Brownian motion was introduced in \cite{GRV} as a time changed process $B_{A_t^{-1}}$ of a planar Brownian motion $(B_t)_{t \ge 0}$, where $(A_t)_{t \ge 0}$ is the positive continuous additive functional of $(B_t)_{t \ge 0}$ in the strict ... More
Canonical subgroups via Breuil-Kisin modulesDec 06 2010Nov 26 2012Let p>2 be a rational prime and K/Q_p be an extension of complete discrete valuation fields. Let G be a truncated Barsotti-Tate group of level n, height h and dimension d over O_K with 0<d<h. In this paper, we show that an upper ramification subgroup ... More
Infinitesimal deformations of complements of plumbings of rational curvesOct 10 2010We construct infinitesimal deformations on an open domain of a smooth projective surface given by a complement of plumbings of disjoint linear chains of smooth rational curves. We show that the infinitesimal deformations are not small deformations, that ... More
Strict decomposition of diffusions associated to degenerate (sub)-elliptic formsJun 19 2016For degenerate symmetric (sub)-elliptic forms, we construct weak solutions to the corresponding stochastic differential equations starting from all points in Euclidean space. By virtue of transition density estimate, stochastic calculus, and strict Fukushima ... More
Vortex solutions of parity and time reversal invariant Maxwell-Dirac-Chern-Simons gauge theoryFeb 17 1997Nov 18 1997We construct parity and time reversal invariant Maxwell-Chern-Simons gauge theory coupled to fermions with adding the parity partner to the matter and the gauge fields, which can give nontopological vortex solutions depending on the sign of the Chern-Simons ... More
Localization of Dirac Operators on 4n+2 Dimensional Open Spin^c ManifoldsJun 03 2013Jan 21 2014An integer valued topological index of a Dirac operator is introduced for a pair of a 4n+2 dimensional open Spin^c manifold and a section of the determinant line bundle satisfying some property. We show a relation between the index and an index of a Dirac ... More
Light neutralino dark matter in light Higgs scenario related with the CoGeNT and DAMA/LIBRA resultsNov 29 2010Recently, the CoGeNT collaboration reported the WIMP candidate signal events exceeding the known backgrounds where the light WIMP with large cross section is supported. Motivated by this issue, we analyze a light neutralino dark matter scenario with a ... More
Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions and a Nonequilibrium Critical Point from Anti-de Sitter Space and Conformal Field Theory CorrespondenceApr 09 2012Oct 04 2012We find novel phase transitions and critical phenomena that occur only outside the linear-response regime of current-driven nonequilibrium states. We consider the strongly-interacting (3+1)-dimensional N=4 large-Nc SU(Nc) supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory ... More
Bulk-edge correspondence and the cobordism invariance of the indexNov 24 2016The bulk-edge correspondence for two-dimensional type A topological insulators and topological superconductors is proved by using the cobordism invariance of the index. The idea of G. M. Graf and M. Porta to use some vector bundle is developed from the ... More
Extended Okounkov bodies and multi-point Seshadri constantsOct 12 2017Jun 25 2018Based on the work of Okounkov, Kaveh-Khovanskii and Lazarsfeld-Mustata independently associated a convex body, called the Okounkov body, to a big divisor on a normal projective variety with respect to an admissible flag. Although the Okounkov bodies carry ... More
Algebraic degrees of stretch factors in mapping class groupsJan 08 2014Sep 23 2015We explicitly construct pseudo-Anosov maps on the closed surface of genus $g$ with orientable foliations whose stretch factor $\lambda$ is a Salem number with algebraic degree $2g$. Using this result, we show that there is a pseudo-Anosov map whose stretch ... More
A refined bijection between alternating permutations and 0-1-2 increasing treesMar 24 2010We construct a refined bijection $\phi$ between alternating permutations and 0-1-2 increasing trees with degree at most 2. It satisfies that the first element of alternating permutation $\pi$ is equal to the first vertex in $\phi(\pi)$ in the postorder. ... More
Toeplitz operators on concave corners and topologically protected corner statesFeb 05 2019We consider Toeplitz operators defined on a concave corner-shaped subset of the square lattice. We obtain a necessary and sufficient condition for these operators to be Fredholm. We further construct a Fredholm concave corner Toeplitz operator of index ... More
Discriminative Learning of the Prototype Set for Nearest Neighbor ClassificationSep 27 2015Aug 21 2016The nearest neighbor rule is one of the most widely used models for classification, and selecting a compact set of prototype instances is a primary challenges for its applications. Many existing approaches for prototype selection exploit instance-based ... More
Intracluster Supernova as a Possible Extra Energy Source of ClustersNov 09 2000The observed luminosity -- temperature relation of clusters is considerably steeper than that expected from a simple scaling relation. Although extra energy input is a likely solution, its source has not been identified. We propose intracluster supernova ... More
On a properness of the Hilbert eigenvariety at integral weights: the case of quadratic residue fieldsJan 05 2016Let p be a rational prime. Let F be a totally real number field such that F is unramified over p and the residue degree of any prime ideal of F dividing p is 1 or 2. In this paper, we show that the eigenvariety for Res_{F/Q}(GL_2), constructed by Andreatta-Iovita-Pilloni, ... More
A characterization of Burniat surfaces with $K^{2}=4$ and of non nodal typeJul 22 2014Jul 13 2015Let $S$ be a minimal surface of general type with $p_{g}(S)=0$ and $K^{2}_{S}=4$. Assume the bicanonical map $\varphi$ of $S$ is a morphism of degree $4$ such that the image of $\varphi$ is smooth. Then we prove that the surface $S$ is a Burniat surface ... More
Negative Differential Resistivity from HolographyJun 21 2010Sep 16 2011Negative differential resistivity (NDR) in a (3+1)-dimensional quantum system of strongly correlated charge carriers is theoretically reproduced by using the AdS/CFT correspondence. Our system is microscopically defined, and the analysis does not rely ... More
Comments on Chemical Potentials in AdS/CFTNov 10 2007Dec 30 2008We propose a method for identifying holographic chemical potentials of conserved charges. The guiding principle is the consistency of the identification with the thermodynamic relations and the Legendre transformation. We consider the baryon-charge chemical ... More
"Quark Confinement" and Evolution of Covariant Hadron-Classification SchemeJan 12 2014Jan 21 2014The extension of Non-Relativistic-to-Covariant classification scheme seems to be an urgent problem in the Hadron Spectroscopy. Here are given the recent results of our research. 1) Brief history of our way of the extension on Kinematical Frameworks: from ... More
Base-point-free pencils on triple covers of smooth curvesJun 11 2008Let $X$ be a smooth algebraic curve. Suppose that there exists a triple covering $f : X \to Y$ where $Y$ is a smooth algebraic curve. In this paper, we investigate the existence of morphisms from $X$ to the projective line $\mathbf{P}^1$ which do not ... More
A New Bijection Between Forests and Parking FunctionsOct 02 2008Oct 03 2008In 1980, G. Kreweras gave a recursive bijection between forests and parking functions. In this paper we construct a nonrecursive bijection from forests onto parking functions, which answers a question raised by R. Stanley. As a by-product, we obtain a ... More
On the $\mathbb{F}_2$-linear relations of Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generatorsJan 23 2013Nov 06 2013Sequence generators obtained by linear recursions over the two-element field $\mathbb{F}_2$, i.e., $\mathbb{F}_2$-linear generators, are widely used as pseudorandom number generators. For example, the Mersenne Twister MT19937 is one of the most successful ... More
Ramification correspondence of finite flat group schemes over equal and mixed characteristic local fieldsJul 19 2010May 17 2012Let p>2 be a rational prime, k be a perfect field of characteristic p and K be a finite totally ramified extension of the fractional field of the Witt ring of k. Let G and H be finite flat commutative group schemes killed by p over O_K and k[[u]], respectively. ... More
On a ramification bound of torsion semi-stable representations over a local fieldJan 14 2008Jun 20 2009For a rational prime p, let k be a perfect field of characteristic p, K be a finite totally ramified extension of Frac(W(k)) of degree e and r be a non-negative integer satisfying r<p-1. In this article, we prove the upper numbering ramification group ... More
A New Method to Estimate Cosmological Parameters Using Baryon Fraction of Clusters of GalaxiesNov 05 1996We propose a new method to estimate cosmological parameters using the baryon fraction of clusters of galaxies for a range of redshifts. The basic assumption is that the baryon fraction of clusters is constant, which is a reasonable assumption when it ... More
Elliptic regularity results: n-regularized Liouville Brownian motion and non-symmetric diffusions associated with degenerate formsJun 19 2016We apply improved elliptic regularity results to a concrete symmetric Dirichlet form and various non-symmetric Dirichlet forms with possibly degenerate symmetric diffusion matrix. Given the (non)-symmetric Dirichlet form, using elliptic regularity results ... More
A bound for the Milnor sum of projective plane curves in terms of GITFeb 25 2015Sep 28 2015Let $C$ be a projective plane curve of degree $d$ whose singularities are all isolated. Suppose $C$ is not concurrent lines. P{\l}oski proved that the Milnor number of an isolated singlar point of $C$ is less than or equal to $(d-1)^{2}-\lfloor \frac{d}{2} ... More
Decay Rates of Fixed Planes and Closed-string Tachyons on Unstable OrbifoldsMay 07 2003Apr 12 2004We consider closed-string tachyon condensation in the twisted sectors on the C/Z_{2n+1} \times R^{7,1} orbifold. We calculate the localized energy density in the fixed plane on the orbifold at the one-loop level, and we obtain the decay rate per unit ... More
Slices of Okounkov bodies of big divisors on Mori dream spacesApr 26 2016May 03 2016The purpose of this paper is to study the slices of the Okounkov bodies of Mori dream spaces. First, we analyze all the slices of the Okounkov bodies of big divisors on Mori dream spaces associated to some admissible flags. As a byproduct, we obtain their ... More
Topological invariants and corner states for Hamiltonians on a three dimensional latticeNov 29 2016Periodic Hamiltonians on a three dimensional lattice which have a spectral gap not only on the bulk but also on two edges at the common Fermi level are considered. By using K-theory applied for quarter-plane Toeplitz algebras, two topological invariants ... More
Higher syzygies on abelian surfaces and on their double coversAug 22 2016Let $(X,L)$ be a polarized abelian surface and $f:Y \rightarrow X$ a double cover of $X$ branched over a smooth divisor $B=D^{\otimes 2}$. Based on the theory of infinitesimal Newton-Okounkov body, we show the $N_{p}$ property of $f^{*}L$ by using the ... More
Spectral radius of a star with one long armSep 26 2017A tree is said to be starlike if exactly one vertex has degree greater than two. In this paper, we will study the spectral properties of $S(n,k \cdot 1)$, that is, the starlike tree with $k$ branches of length 1 and one branch of length $n$. The largest ... More
Quasi-Monte Carlo point sets with small $t$-values and WAFOMJun 08 2014Jan 01 2015The $t$-value of a $(t, m, s)$-net is an important criterion of point sets for quasi-Monte Carlo integration, and many point sets are constructed in terms of the $t$-values, as this leads to small integration error bounds. Recently, Matsumoto, Saito, ... More
Fixed-point property for affine actions on a Hilbert spaceMay 07 2017Gromov showed that for fixed, arbitrarily large C, any uniformly C-Lipschitz affine action of a random group in his graph model on a Hilbert space has a fixed point. We announce a theorem stating that more general affine actions of the same random group ... More
Numerical evidence for monopoles in 3-dimensional Yang-Mills theorySep 28 2000Jan 05 2001Recently Anishetty, Majumdar and Sharatchandra have proposed a way of characterizing topologically non-trivial configurations for 2+1 dimensional Yang-Mills theory in a local and manifestly gauge invariant manner. In this paper paper we develop criteria ... More
Topologically non-trivial configurations in 3-dimensional Yang-Mills theoryOct 31 2000Recently Anishetty, Majumdar and Sharatchandra have proposed a way of characterizing topologically non-trivial configurations for 2+1-dimensional Yang-Mills theory in a local and manifestly gauge invariant manner. Here we develop criteria to locate such ... More
On the question of universality in $\RPn$ and $\On$ Lattice Sigma ModelsJul 06 1995We argue that there is no essential violation of universality in the continuum limit of mixed $\RPn$ and $\On$ lattice sigma models in 2 dimensions, contrary to opposite claims in the literature.
Current Status of the Numerical Simulations of d=3 SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory in the Dual FormulationNov 07 2000We have continued our systematic investigations of the numerical simulations of lattice gauge theories in the dual formulation. These include: i) a more practical implementation of the quasi-local updating technique, ii) a thorough investigation of the ... More
Geometric structures modeled on smooth projective horospherical varieties of Picard number oneOct 05 2016Geometric structures modeled on rational homogeneous manifolds are studied to characterize rational homogeneous manifolds and to prove their deformation rigidity. To generalize these characterizations and deformation rigidity results to quasihomogeneous ... More
Contact geometric descriptions of vector fields on dually flat spaces and their applications in electric circuit models and nonequilibrium statistical mechanicsDec 03 2015Contact geometry has been applied to various mathematical sciences, and it has been proposed that a contact manifold and a strictly convex function induce a dually flat space that is used in information geometry. Here, such a dually flat space is related ... More
Can Dark Matter Annihilation Dominate the Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Background?Mar 01 2005Annihilating dark matter (DM) has been discussed as a possible source of gamma-rays from the galactic center (GC) and contributing to the extragalactic gamma-ray background (EGB). Assuming universality of the density profile of DM halos, we show that ... More
Decaying neutrinos and implications from the supernova relic neutrino observationJul 13 2003Aug 07 2003We propose that supernova relic neutrino (SRN) observation can be used to set constraints on the neutrino decay models. Because of the long distance scale from cosmological supernovae to the Earth, SRN have possibility to provide much stronger limit than ... More
Asymmetric neutrino emission due to neutrino-nucleon scatterings in supernova magnetic fieldsJul 01 2003We derive the cross section of neutrino-nucleon scatterings in supernova magnetic fields, including weak-magnetism and recoil corrections. Since the weak interaction violates the parity, the scattering cross section asymmetrically depends on the directions ... More
Cosmic Star Formation History and the Future Observation of Supernova Relic NeutrinosJan 25 2004Mar 17 2004We investigate the flux and event rate of supernova relic neutrinos (SRNs) and discuss their implications for the cosmic star formation rate. As reference models, we adopt the supernova rate model based on recent observations and the supernova neutrino ... More
Non-geometric Five-branes in Heterotic SupergravityAug 04 2016Aug 10 2016We study T-duality chains of five-branes in heterotic supergravity where the first order $\alpha'$-corrections are present. By performing the $\alpha'$-corrected T-duality transformations of the heterotic NS5-brane solutions, we obtain the KK5-brane and ... More
Worldsheet Description of Exotic Five-brane with Two Gauged IsometriesOct 23 2013Mar 28 2014We study the string worldsheet description of the background geometry of the exotic $5^2_2$-brane where two isometries are gauged. This is an extension of the gauged linear sigma model (GLSM) for the exotic $5^2_2$-brane with a single gauged isometry. ... More
Long range spatial correlation between two Brownian particles under external drivingAug 01 2004We study the large distance behavior of a steady distribution of two Brownian particles under external driving in a two-dimensional space. Employing a method of perturbative system reduction, we analyze a Fokker-Planck equation that describes the time ... More
Statistical mechanics of glass transition in lattice molecule modelsMay 24 2011Lattice molecule models are proposed in order to study statistical mechanics of glass transition in finite dimensions. Molecules in the models are represented by hard Wang tiles and their density is controlled by a chemical potential. An infinite series ... More
Renormalization Group Derivation of Phase EquationsAug 21 1996Phase equations describing the evolution of large scale modulation of spatially periodic patterns in two dimensional systems are derived by employing the renormalization group method. A general formula for phase diffusion coefficients is given under certain ... More
An injectivity theorem with multiplier ideal sheaves of singular metrics with transcendental singularitiesAug 09 2013Apr 27 2016The purpose of this paper is to establish an injectivity theorem generalized to pseudo-effective line bundles with transcendental (non-algebraic) singular hermitian metrics and multiplier ideal sheaves. As an application, we obtain a Nadel type vanishing ... More
Non-linear InstabilitiesApr 06 2011Wave resonance is the fundamental mechanism of non-linear instabilities of fluid flows, and affects the long-time evolution of fluid motions and other physical problems described by non-linear differential equations. Some significant consequences, not ... More
Is a Direct Numerical Simulation of Chaos or Turbulence Possible: A Study of a Model Non-LinearityJun 21 2005Apr 17 2006There are many subtle issues associated with solving the Navier-Stokes equations. In this paper, several of these issues, which have been observed previously in research involving the Navier-Stokes equations, are studied within the framework of the one-dimensional ... More
Transverse momentum dependence of Hanbury Brown-Twiss radii of pions from a perfectly opaque source with hydrodynamic flowJul 07 2003Jan 03 2004We investigate the transverse momentum dependence of pion HBT radii on the basis of a hydrodynamical model. Recent experimental data show that $R_{\text{out}}/R_{\text{side}} < 1$, which suggests a strong opaqueness of the source. In addition to the opaqueness ... More
Exact dimer ground state of the two dimensional Heisenberg spin system SrCu_2(BO_3)_2Jul 06 1998Apr 01 1999The two dimensional Heisenberg model for SrCu_2(BO_3)_2 has the exact dimer ground state which was proven by Shastry and Sutherland almost twenty years ago. The critical value of the quantum phase transition from the dimer state to the N\'{e}el ordered ... More
Macroscopic Quantum Dynamics of a Free Domain Wall in a FerromagnetOct 05 1999We study macroscopic quantum dynamics of a free domain wall in a quasi-one-dimensional ferromagnet by use of the spin-coherent-state path integral in {\it discrete-time} formalism. Transition amplitudes between typical states are quantitatively discussed ... More
Outflow structure and reconnection rate of the self-similar evolution model of fast magnetic reconnectionApr 16 2004Apr 19 2004In order to understand the nature of magnetic reconnection in ``free space'' which is free from any influence of external circumstances, I have studied the structure of spontaneous reconnection outflow using a shock tube approximation. The reconnection ... More
Magnetic Reynolds number dependence of reconnection rate and flow structure of the self-similar evolution model of fast magnetic reconnectionNov 01 2005This paper investigates Magnetic Reynolds number dependence of the ``self-similar evolution model'' (Nitta et al. 2001) of fast magnetic reconnection. I focused my attention on the flow structure inside and around the reconnection outflow, which is essential ... More
On Local Perturbations of SCHRÖdinger Operator on PlaneAug 17 2002We obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for emerging of small eigenvalue for Schr\"odinger operator on plane under local operator perturbations. In the case the eigenvalue emerges we construct its asymptotics. The examples are given.
On local perturbations of Shrodinger operator in axisFeb 11 2002Apr 23 2002We adduce the necessary and sufficient condition for arising of eigenvalues of Shrodinger operator in axis under small local perturbations. In the case of eigenvalues arising we construct their asymptotics.
Needle decompositions and isoperimetric inequalities in Finsler geometryJun 19 2015Klartag recently gave a beautiful alternative proof of the isoperimetric inequalities of Levy-Gromov, Bakry-Ledoux and E. Milman on weighted Riemannian manifolds. Klartag's approach is based on needle decompositions associated with 1-Lipschitz functions, ... More
Splitting theorems for Finsler manifolds of nonnegative Ricci curvatureMar 01 2012Feb 08 2013We investigate the structure of a Finsler manifold of nonnegative weighted Ricci curvature including a straight line, and extend the classical Cheeger-Gromoll-Lichnerowicz splitting theorem. Such a space admits a diffeomorphic, measure-preserving splitting ... More
Non-Level O-sequences of Codimension 3 and Degree of The Socle ElementsMay 08 2005It is unknown if an Artinian level O-sequence of codimension 3 and type $r (\ge 2)$ is unimodal, while it is known that any Gorenstein O-sequence of codimension 3 is unimodal. We show that some Artinian non-unimodal O-sequence of codimension 3 cannot ... More
Isoparametric hypersurfaces with four principal curvatures, IVMay 03 2016We prove that an isoparametric hypersurface with four principal curvatures and multiplicity pair $(7,8)$ is either the one constructed by Ozeki and Takeuchi, or one of the two constructed by Ferus, Karcher, and M\"{u}nzner. This completes the classification ... More
Heating of the Hot Intergalactic Medium by Powerful Radio Galaxies and Associated High Energy Gamma-Ray EmissionJun 11 2001Aug 01 2001There is increasing evidence that some heating mechanism in addition to gravitational shock heating has been important for the hot gas inside clusters and groups of galaxies, as indicated by their observed X-ray scaling properties. While supernovae are ... More