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Predicting GPS-based PWV Measurements Using Exponential SmoothingMar 15 2019Global Positioning System (GPS) derived precipitable water vapor (PWV) is extensively being used in atmospheric remote sensing for applications like rainfall prediction. Many applications require PWV values with good resolution and without any missing ... More
Study of Clear Sky Models for SingaporeAug 24 2017The estimation of total solar irradiance falling on the earth's surface is important in the field of solar energy generation and forecasting. Several clear-sky solar radiation models have been developed over the last few decades. Most of these models ... More
Multi-label Cloud Segmentation Using a Deep NetworkMar 15 2019Different empirical models have been developed for cloud detection. There is a growing interest in using the ground-based sky/cloud images for this purpose. Several methods exist that perform binary segmentation of clouds. In this paper, we propose to ... More
Analyzing Solar Irradiance Variation From GPS and CamerasApr 19 2018The total amount of solar irradiance falling on the earth's surface is an important area of study amongst the photo-voltaic (PV) engineers and remote sensing analysts. The received solar irradiance impacts the total amount of generated solar energy. However, ... More
Correlating Satellite Cloud Cover with Sky CamerasAug 24 2017The role of clouds is manifold in understanding the various events in the atmosphere, and also in studying the radiative balance of the earth. The conventional manner of such cloud analysis is performed mainly via satellite images. However, because of ... More
Cloud Radiative Effect Study Using Sky CameraMar 15 2017The analysis of clouds in the earth's atmosphere is important for a variety of applications, viz. weather reporting, climate forecasting, and solar energy generation. In this paper, we focus our attention on the impact of cloud on the total solar irradiance ... More
Systematic Study of Weather Variables for Rainfall DetectionMay 04 2018Numerous weather parameters affect the occurrence and amount of rainfall. Therefore, it is important to study these parameters and their interdependency. In this paper, different weather and time-related variables -- relative humidity, solar radiation, ... More
A Data-Driven Approach for Accurate Rainfall PredictionJul 10 2019In recent years, there has been growing interest in using Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) derived from Global Positioning System (GPS) signal delays to predict rainfall. However, the occurrence of rainfall is dependent on a myriad of atmospheric parameters. ... More
A Potential Low Cost Remote Sensing Using GPS Derived PWVMay 04 2018In this paper, the Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) content of the atmosphere is derived using the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal delays. The PWV values from GPS are calculated at different elevation cut-off angles. It was found that the significant ... More
An Attributive Logic of Set Descriptions and Set OperationsMay 30 1994This paper provides a model theoretic semantics to feature terms augmented with set descriptions. We provide constraints to specify HPSG style set descriptions, fixed cardinality set descriptions, set-membership constraints, restricted universal role ... More
Deterministic Consistency Checking of LP ConstraintsFeb 14 1995Feb 16 1995We provide a constraint based computational model of linear precedence as employed in the HPSG grammar formalism. An extended feature logic which adds a wide range of constraints involving precedence is described. A sound, complete and terminating deterministic ... More
On the Importance of PWV in Detecting PrecipitationApr 19 2018With a rapid increase in the number of geostationary satellites around the earth's orbit, there has been a renewed interest in using Global Positioning System (GPS) to understand several phenomenon in earth's atmosphere. Such study using GPS devices are ... More
Analyzing Cloud Optical Properties Using Sky CamerasAug 24 2017Clouds play a significant role in the fluctuation of solar radiation received by the earth's surface. It is important to study the various cloud properties, as it impacts the total solar irradiance falling on the earth's surface. One of such important ... More
Detecting Rainfall Onset Using Sky ImagesOct 21 2016Ground-based sky cameras (popularly known as Whole Sky Imagers) are increasingly used now-a-days for continuous monitoring of the atmosphere. These imagers have higher temporal and spatial resolutions compared to conventional satellite images. In this ... More
On Constraint-Based Lambek CalculiAug 15 1995We explore the consequences of layering a Lambek proof system over an arbitrary (constraint) logic. A simple model-theoretic semantics for our hybrid language is provided for which a particularly simple combination of Lambek's and the proof system of ... More
General relativistic two-temperature accretion solutions for spherical flows around black holesNov 14 2018Matter falling onto black holes is hot, fully ionized and has to be necessarily transonic. Since the electrons are responsible for radiative cooling via processes like synchrotron, bremsstrahlung and inverse-Compton, therefore the electron gas and proton ... More
Evaluation of Complex-Valued Neural Networks on Real-Valued Classification TasksNov 29 2018Complex-valued neural networks are not a new concept, however, the use of real-valued models has often been favoured over complex-valued models due to difficulties in training and performance. When comparing real-valued versus complex-valued neural networks, ... More
Multimodal deep learning for short-term stock volatility predictionDec 25 2018Stock market volatility forecasting is a task relevant to assessing market risk. We investigate the interaction between news and prices for the one-day-ahead volatility prediction using state-of-the-art deep learning approaches. The proposed models are ... More
A Data-driven Approach to Detecting Precipitation from Meteorological Sensor DataMay 04 2018Precipitation is dependent on a myriad of atmospheric conditions. In this paper, we study how certain atmospheric parameters impact the occurrence of rainfall. We propose a data-driven, machine-learning based methodology to detect precipitation using ... More
A QPTAS for Gapless MECApr 29 2018We consider the problem Minimum Error Correction (MEC). A MEC instance is an n x m matrix M with entries from {0,1,-}. Feasible solutions are composed of two binary m-bit strings, together with an assignment of each row of M to one of the two strings. ... More
Advanced reversible Data Hiding With Encrypted DataAug 04 2014The advanced RDH work focuses on both data encryption and image encryption which makes it more secure and free of errors. All previous methods embed data without encrypting the data which may subject to errors on the data extraction or image recovery. ... More
A Decision Tree Approach to Classify Web Services using Quality ParametersNov 25 2013With the increase in the number of web services, many web services are available on internet providing the same functionality, making it difficult to choose the best one, fulfilling users all requirements. This problem can be solved by considering the ... More
Nonlinear convection stagnation point heat transfer and MHD fluid flow in porous medium towards a permeable shrinking sheetNov 19 2015This investigation deals with the analysis of stagnation point heat transfer and corresponding flow features of hydromagnetic viscous incompressible fluid over a vertical shrinking sheet. The considered sheet is assumed to be permeable and subject to ... More
Vector fields on right generalized complex projective Stiefel manifoldsNov 03 2013The question of paralleizability and stable parallelizability of a family of manifolds obtained as a quotients of circle action on the complex Stiefel manifolds are studied and settled.
Vector Fields on certain quotients of complex Stiefel manifoldsNov 03 2013We consider quotients of complex Stiefel manifolds by finite cyclic groups whose action is induced by the scalar multiplication on the corresponding complex vector space. We obtain a description of their tangent bundles, compute their mod p cohomology ... More
Imprints of the redshift evolution of double neutron star merger rate on the signal to noise ratio distributionJan 18 2018Proposed third generation gravitational wave (GW) interferometers such as Einstein Telescope will have the sensitivity to observe double neutron star (DNS) mergers up to a redshift of $\sim 2$ with good signal to noise ratios. We argue that the measurement ... More
FPGA-based Controller for a Mobile RobotAug 03 2009With application in the robotics and automation, more and more it becomes necessary the development of applications based on methodologies that facilitate future modifications, updates and enhancements in the original projected system. This project presents ... More
Higher Dimensional Cosmological Model in Space-Time-Mass (STM) Theory of GravitationNov 22 2001Nov 29 2001A new class of non-static higher dimensional vacuum solutions in space-time -mass (STM) theory of gravity is found. This solution represent expanding universe without big bang singularity and the higher dimension of these models shrinks as they expands. ... More
Channel Flow of Smectic FilmsAug 02 1999The hydrodynamics of smectic films at an air-water interface is discussed, with particular focus on the viscous response of the film under flow normal to the layers. The corrections to the response functions of the smectic phase, arising from the coupling ... More
FocusNet: An attention-based Fully Convolutional Network for Medical Image SegmentationFeb 08 2019We propose a novel technique to incorporate attention within convolutional neural networks using feature maps generated by a separate convolutional autoencoder. Our attention architecture is well suited for incorporation with deep convolutional networks. ... More
Vehicle classification using ResNets, localisation and spatially-weighted poolingOct 15 2018We investigate whether ResNet architectures can outperform more traditional Convolutional Neural Networks on the task of fine-grained vehicle classification. We train and test ResNet-18, ResNet-34 and ResNet-50 on the Comprehensive Cars dataset without ... More
Multidimensional Homogeneous Cosmological Models in Wesson Theory of GravitationNov 25 2001Nov 27 2001Higher dimensional solutions are obtained for a homogeneous, spatially isotropic cosmological model in Wesson theory of gravitation. Some cosmological parameter are also calculated for this model.
Statistical Mechanics of Vacancy and Interstitial Strings in Hexagonal Columnar CrystalsApr 07 1999Columnar crystals contain defects in the form of vacancy/interstitial loops or strings of vacancies and interstitials bounded by column ``heads'' and ``tails''. These defect strings are oriented by the columnar lattice and can change size and shape by ... More
Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background from ExoplanetsApr 07 2015Apr 09 2015Recent exoplanet surveys have predicted a very large population of planetary systems in our galaxy, more than one planet per star on the average, perhaps totalling about two hundred billion. These surveys, based on electro-magnetic observations, are limited ... More
Scenario-based Stochastic Constraint ProgrammingMay 22 2009To model combinatorial decision problems involving uncertainty and probability, we extend the stochastic constraint programming framework proposed in [Walsh, 2002] along a number of important dimensions (e.g. to multiple chance constraints and to a range ... More
Modular Class of a Lie algebroid with a Nambu structureJan 29 2014In this paper, we introduce the notion of modular class of a Lie algebroid $A$ equipped with a Nambu structure satisfying some suitable hypothesis. We also introduce cohomology and homology theories for such Lie algebroids and prove that these theories ... More
Dynamic Anonymized Evaluation for Behavioral Continuous AuthenticationMar 07 2019Emerging technology demands reliable authentication mechanisms, particularly in interconnected systems. Current systems rely on a single moment of authentication, however continuous authentication systems assess a users identity utilizing a constant biometric ... More
Stochastic Constraint Programming: A Scenario-Based ApproachMar 06 2009To model combinatorial decision problems involving uncertainty and probability, we introduce scenario based stochastic constraint programming. Stochastic constraint programs contain both decision variables, which we can set, and stochastic variables, ... More
Bayesian Inference of a Finite Population Mean Under Length-Biased SamplingFeb 12 2019We present a robust Bayesian method to analyze forestry data when samples are selected with probability proportional to length from a finite population of unknown size. Specifically, we use Bayesian predictive inference to estimate the finite population ... More
SAWNet: A Spatially Aware Deep Neural Network for 3D Point Cloud ProcessingMay 18 2019Deep neural networks have established themselves as the state-of-the-art methodology in almost all computer vision tasks to date. But their application to processing data lying on non-Euclidean domains is still a very active area of research. One such ... More
RIoTBench: A Real-time IoT Benchmark for Distributed Stream Processing PlatformsJan 30 2017The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology paradigm where millions of sensors and actuators help monitor and manage, physical, environmental and human systems in real-time. The inherent closedloop responsiveness and decision making of IoT ... More
Dirty Paper Coding using Sign-bit Shaping and LDPC CodesJan 20 2010Dirty paper coding (DPC) refers to methods for pre-subtraction of known interference at the transmitter of a multiuser communication system. There are numerous applications for DPC, including coding for broadcast channels. Recently, lattice-based coding ... More
A Nonlinear Constrained Optimization Framework for Comfortable and Customizable Motion Planning of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots - Part IIMay 22 2013In this series of papers, we present a motion planning framework for planning comfortable and customizable motion of nonholonomic mobile robots such as intelligent wheelchairs and autonomous cars. In Part I, we presented the mathematical foundation of ... More
Nambu structure on a Lie algebroid and its modular classSep 16 2016Lie algebroid with Nambu structure \cite{wade}, is a generalization of the notion of Lie algebroid with Poisson structure and Nambu-Poisson manifold. In this paper, we study a variant of the notion of a Lie algebroid with Nambu structure of order $> 2$ ... More
Collaborative Reuse of Streaming Dataflows in IoT ApplicationsSep 11 2017Distributed Stream Processing Systems (DSPS) like Apache Storm and Spark Streaming enable composition of continuous dataflows that execute persistently over data streams. They are used by Internet of Things (IoT) applications to analyze sensor data from ... More
Asymptotic approximations for the close evaluation of double-layer potentialsOct 05 2018When using the boundary integral equation method to solve a boundary value problem, the evaluation of the solution near the boundary is challenging to compute because the layer potentials that represent the solution are nearly-singular integrals. To address ... More
A Nonlinear Constrained Optimization Framework for Comfortable and Customizable Motion Planning of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots - Part IMay 22 2013In this series of papers, we present a motion planning framework for planning comfortable and customizable motion of nonholonomic mobile robots such as intelligent wheelchairs and autonomous cars. In this first one we present the mathematical foundation ... More
Pervasive variation of transcription factor orthologs contributes to regulatory network evolutionJul 01 2014Differences in transcriptional regulatory networks underlie much of the phenotypic variation observed across organisms. Changes to cis-regulatory elements are widely believed to be the predominant means by which regulatory networks evolve, yet examples ... More
Higher Toda brackets and Massey productsMar 08 2015We provide a uniform definition of higher order Toda brackets in a general setting, covering the known cases of long Toda brackets for topological spaces and chain complexes and Massey products for differential graded algebras, among others.
Asymptotic analysis for close evaluation of layer potentialsJun 01 2017Nov 17 2017We study the evaluation of layer potentials close to the domain boundary. Accurate evaluation of layer potentials near boundaries is needed in many applications, including fluid-structure interactions and near-field scattering in nano-optics. When numerically ... More
Nambu structures on Lie algebroids and their modular classesSep 16 2016Sep 27 2017We introduce the notion of the modular class of a Lie algebroid equipped with a Nambu structure. In particular, we recover the modular class of a Nambu-Poisson manifold $M$ with its Nambu tensor $\Lambda$ as the modular class of the tangent Lie algebroid ... More
Towards a Data-driven IoT Software Architecture for Smart City UtilitiesMar 07 2018The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as the next big wave of digital presence for billions of devices on the Internet. Smart Cities are practical manifestation of IoT, with the goal of efficient, reliable and safe delivery of city utilities like water, ... More
Bayesian Logistic Regression for Small Areas with Numerous HouseholdsJun 01 2018We analyze binary data, available for a relatively large number (big data) of families (or households), which are within small areas, from a population-based survey. Inference is required for the finite population proportion of individuals with a specific ... More
A Database of Phase Calibration Sources and their Radio Spectra for the Giant Metrewave Radio TelescopeSep 19 2016We are pursuing a project to build a database of phase calibration sources suitable for Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT). Here we present the first release of 45 low frequency calibration sources at 235 MHz and 610 MHz. These calibration sources ... More
A Study of Data Store-based Home AutomationDec 04 2018Home automation platforms provide a new level of convenience by enabling consumers to automate various aspects of physical objects in their homes. While the convenience is beneficial, security flaws in the platforms or integrated third-party products ... More
Priority Union and Generalization in Discourse GrammarsMay 30 1994We describe an implementation in Carpenter's typed feature formalism, ALE, of a discourse grammar of the kind proposed by Scha, Polanyi, et al. We examine their method for resolving parallelism-dependent anaphora and show that there is a coherent feature-structural ... More
The role of substrates and environment in piezoresponse force microscopy: A case study with regular glass slidesOct 03 2016Piezoresponse force microscopy (PFM) is a powerful tool for probing nanometer-scale ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties. Hysteretic switching of the phase and amplitude of the PFM response are believed to be the hallmark of ferroelectric and piezoelectric ... More
When Multiple Agents Learn to Schedule: A Distributed Radio Resource Management FrameworkJun 20 2019Interference among concurrent transmissions in a wireless network is a key factor limiting the system performance. One way to alleviate this problem is to manage the radio resources in order to maximize either the average or the worst-case performance. ... More
Optimal Traffic Aggregation in Multi-RAT Heterogeneous Wireless NetworksMar 26 2016Traffic load balancing and radio resource management is key to harness the dense and increasingly heterogeneous deployment of next generation "$5$G" wireless infrastructure. Strategies for aggregating user traffic from across multiple radio access technologies ... More
Electrical domain writing and nanoscale potential modulation on LaVO$_3$/SrTiO$_3$Sep 29 2016The high-mobility 2DEGs formed at the interfaces between certain insulating perovskite oxides have been known to be a novel playground of exotic physical orders like, superconductivity and ferromagnetism and their inter-coupling. There have been efforts ... More
ACMiner: Extraction and Analysis of Authorization Checks in Android's MiddlewareJan 11 2019Billions of users rely on the security of the Android platform to protect phones, tablets, and many different types of consumer electronics. While Android's permission model is well studied, the enforcement of the protection policy has received relatively ... More
Helion: Enabling a Natural Perspective of Home AutomationJun 29 2019Security researchers have recently discovered significant security and safety issues related to home automation and developed approaches to address them. Such approaches often face design and evaluation challenges which arise from their restricted perspective ... More
High-Performance, Hysteresis-Free Carbon Nanotube FETs via Directed AssemblyMay 26 2006High-performance single-wall carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (SWNT-FETs) are fabricated using directed assembly and mass-produced carbon nanotubes (CNTs). These FETs exhibit operating characteristics comparable to state-of-the-art devices, and ... More
Simulations and Measurements of the Background Encountered by a High-Altitude Balloon-Borne Experiment for Hard X-ray AstronomyDec 31 1997We have modelled the hard X-ray background expected for a high-altitude balloon flight of the Energetic X-ray Telescope Experiment (EXITE2), an imaging phoswich detector/telescope for the 20--600 keV energy range. Photon and neutron-induced contributions ... More
Wideband Self-Adaptive RF Cancellation Circuit for Full-Duplex Radio: Operating Principle and MeasurementsMar 10 2015This paper presents a novel RF circuit architecture for self-interference cancellation in inband full-duplex radio transceivers. The developed canceller is able to provide wideband cancellation with waveform bandwidths in the order of 100 MHz or beyond ... More
Effect of secular trend in drug effectiveness study in real world dataAug 18 2018We discovered secular trend bias in a drug effectiveness study for a recently approved drug. We compared treatment outcomes between patients who received the newly approved drug and patients exposed to the standard treatment. All patients diagnosed after ... More
Automatic Segmentation of Pulmonary Lobes Using a Progressive Dense V-NetworkFeb 18 2019Reliable and automatic segmentation of lung lobes is important for diagnosis, assessment, and quantification of pulmonary diseases. The existing techniques are prohibitively slow, undesirably rely on prior (airway/vessel) segmentation, and/or require ... More
Testing the multipole structure and conservative dynamics of compact binaries using gravitational wave observations: The spinning caseMay 17 2019In an earlier work [S. Kastha et al., PRD {\bf 98}, 124033 (2018)], we developed the {\it parametrized multipolar gravitational wave phasing formula} to test general relativity, for the non-spinning compact binaries in quasi-circular orbit. In this paper, ... More
Structural, Optical and Electronic properties of Magnetron Sputtered Si and Ge thin filmsNov 20 2017We report the results of GIXRR, UV-VIS NIR and XPS measurements on Si and Ge thin films of various thicknesses. While GIXRR measurements show no presence of oxide on the top of these films, XPS measurements show small amount of oxides. Also, a sharp increase ... More
Retention of rising oil droplets in density stratificationJul 09 2019Following the Deepwater Horizon oil well leak in 2010, approximately 40 percent of the spilled oil remained trapped deep beneath the ocean surface. While it has been demonstrated that these trapped intrusion layers, composed of small oil droplets, are ... More
Testing the multipole structure of compact binaries using gravitational wave observationsSep 27 2018Jan 15 2019We propose a novel method to test the consistency of the multipole moments of compact binary systems with the predictions of General Relativity (GR). The multipole moments of a compact binary system, known in terms of symmetric and trace-free tensors, ... More
Griffiths phase-like behaviour and spin-phonon coupling in double perovskite Tb$_{2}$NiMnO$_{6}$Nov 19 2011The Griffiths phase-like features and the spin-phonon coupling effects observed in Tb$_2$NiMnO$_6$ are reported. The double perovskite compound crystallizes in monoclinic $P2_1/n$ space group and exhibits a magnetic phase transition at $T_c \sim$ 111 ... More
Under the sea: Pulsing corals in ambient flowSep 15 2017While many organisms filter feed and exchange heat or nutrients in flow, few benthic organisms also actively pulse to enhance feeding and exchange. One example is the pulsing soft coral (Heteroxenia fuscescens). Pulsing corals live in colonies, where ... More
Proportional Fair Traffic Splitting and Aggregation in Heterogeneous Wireless NetworksAug 22 2015Mar 26 2016Traffic load balancing and resource allocation is set to play a crucial role in leveraging the dense and increasingly heterogeneous deployment of multi-radio wireless networks. Traffic aggregation across different access points (APs)/radio access technologies ... More
Pulsing corals: A story of scale and mixingSep 14 2017Effective methods of fluid transport vary across scale. A commonly used dimensionless number for quantifying the effective scale of fluid transport is the Reynolds number, Re, which gives the ratio of inertial to viscous forces. What may work well for ... More
Topological Representation of the Transit Sets of k-Point Crossover OperatorsDec 25 2017$k$-point crossover operators and their recombination sets are studied from different perspectives. We show that transit functions of $k$-point crossover generate, for all $k>1$, the same convexity as the interval function of the underlying graph. This ... More
Full-Duplex Mobile Device - Pushing the LimitsOct 13 2014May 16 2016In this article, we address the challenges of transmitter-receiver isolation in \emph{mobile full-duplex devices}, building on shared-antenna based transceiver architecture. Firstly, self-adaptive analog RF cancellation circuitry is required, since the ... More
Full-duplex in 5G Small Cell Access: SystemDesign and Performance AspectsMar 23 2019Recent achievement in self-interference cancellation algorithms enables potential application of full-duplex (FD) in 5G radio access systems. The exponential growth of data traffic in 5G can be supported by having more spectrum and higher spectral efficiency. ... More