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Carrier driven antiferromagnetism and exchange-bias in SrRuO3/CaRuO3 heterostructuresFeb 16 2018Oxide heterostructures exhibit a rich variety of magnetic and transport properties which arise due to contact at an interface. This can lead to surprising effects that are very different from the bulk properties of the materials involved. We report the ... More
Tunable disorder and localization in the rare-earth nickelatesJun 20 2018The rare-earth nickelates are a rich playground for transport properties, known to host non-Fermi liquid character, resistance saturation and metal-insulator transitions. We report a study of transport in LaNiO3 in the presence of tunable disorder induced ... More
Evolution of the electronic band structure of twisted bilayer graphene upon dopingApr 30 2015The electronic band structure of twisted bilayer graphene depends on the twist angle between the two layers. In particular, van Hove singularities occur in the density of states when the two sets of monolayer bands cross. An enhanced Raman G peak is observed ... More
Gate dependent Raman spectroscopy of graphene on hexagonal boron nitrideOct 24 2013Raman spectroscopy, a fast and nondestructive imaging method, can be used to monitor the doping level in graphene devices. We fabricated chemical vapor deposition (CVD) grown graphene on atomically flat hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) flakes and SiO$_2$ ... More
Evolution of the electronic band structure of twisted bilayer graphene upon dopingApr 30 2015Aug 08 2017The electronic band structure of twisted bilayer graphene develops van Hove singularities whose energy depends on the twist angle between the two layers. Using Raman spectroscopy, we monitor the evolution of the electronic band structure upon doping using ... More
Magnetic Mn5Ge3 nanocrystals embedded in crystalline Ge: a magnet/semiconductor hybrid synthesized by ion implantationNov 09 2012The integration of ferromagnetic Mn5Ge3 with the Ge matrix is promising for spin injection in a silicon-compatible geometry. In this paper, we report the preparation of magnetic Mn5Ge3 nanocrystals embedded inside the Ge matrix by Mn ions implantation ... More
Shape Bifurcation of a Spherical Dielectric Elastomer Balloon under the Actions of Internal Pressure and Electric VoltageMay 29 2015Jun 12 2015Under the actions of internal pressure and electric voltage, a spherical dielectric elastomer balloon usually keeps a sphere during its deformation, which has also been assumed in many previous studies. In this article, using linear perturbation analysis, ... More
Temperature stable 1.3 μm emission from GaAsNov 08 2012Gallium arsenide has outstanding performance in optical communication devices for light source purposes. Different approaches have been done to realize the luminescence from GaAs matching the transmission window of optical fibers. Here we present the ... More
Crystalline Ni nanoparticles as the origin of ferromagnetism in Ni implanted ZnO crystalsNov 30 2006We report the structural and magnetic properties of ZnO single crystals implanted at 623 K with up to 10 at. % of Ni. As revealed by X-ray diffraction, crystalline fcc-Ni nanoparticles were formed inside ZnO. The magnetic behavior (magnetization with ... More
Non-DMS related ferromagnetism in transition metal doped zinc oxideAug 05 2009We review pitfalls in recent efforts to make a conventional semiconductor, namely ZnO, ferromagnetic by means of doping with transition metal ions. Since the solubility of those elements is rather low, formation of secondary phases and the creation of ... More
Emergence of Topologically Protected Helical States in Minimally Twisted Bilayer GrapheneFeb 08 2018Bilayer graphene samples in which inversion symmetry is broken have quantum valley Hall ground states that support counterpropogating topologically protected helical (TPH) edge states localized along domain walls between AB and BA stacking regions. Moreover, ... More
Topologically Protected Helical States in Minimally Twisted Bilayer GrapheneFeb 08 2018Jul 17 2018In minimally twisted bilayer graphene, a moir{\'e} pattern consisting of AB and BA stacking regions separated by domain walls forms. These domain walls are predicted to support counterpropogating topologically protected helical (TPH) edge states when ... More
Tunable Moiré Bands and Strong Correlations in Small-Twist-Angle Bilayer GrapheneMar 02 2017According to electronic structure theory, bilayer graphene is expected to have anomalous electronic properties when it has long-period moir\'e patterns produced by small misalignments between its individual layer honeycomb lattices. We have realized bilayer ... More
Intrinsic disorder in graphene on transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructuresNov 24 2014The electronic properties of two-dimensional materials such as graphene are extremely sensitive to their environment, especially the underlying substrate. Planar van der Waals bonded substrates such as hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) have been shown to ... More
Interplay between localization and magnetism in (Ga,Mn)As and (In,Mn)AsSep 15 2017Ion implantation of Mn combined with pulsed laser melting is employed to obtain two representative compounds of dilute ferromagnetic semiconductors (DFSs): Ga1-xMnxAs and In1-xMnxAs. In contrast to films deposited by the widely used molecular beam epitaxy, ... More
Monovacancy paramagnetism in neutron-irradiated graphite probed by $^{13}$C NMRJul 12 2017Dec 20 2017We report on the magnetic properties of monovacancy defects in neutron-irradiated graphite, probed by $^{13}$C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The bulk paramagnetism of the defect moments is revealed by the temperature dependence of the NMR frequency ... More
Thermal stability of Te-hyperdoped Si: Atomic-scale correlation of the structural, electrical and optical propertiesJan 04 2019Si hyperdoped with chalcogens (S, Se, Te) is well-known to possess unique properties such as an insulator-to-metal transition and a room-temperature sub-bandgap absorption. These properties are expected to be sensitive to a post-synthesis thermal annealing, ... More
Electronic phase separation in insulating (Ga,Mn)As with low compensation: Super-paramagnetism and hopping conductionFeb 20 2018In the present work, low compensated insulating (Ga,Mn)As with 0.7% Mn is obtained by ion implantation combined with pulsed laser melting. The sample shows variable-range hopping transport behavior with a Coulomb gap in the vicinity of the Fermi energy, ... More
Creasing of an everted elastomer tubeOct 23 2015Feb 23 2016A cylindrical elastomer tube can stay in an everted state without any applied external forces. If the thickness of the tube is small, the everted tube, except for the regions close to the two ends of the tube, is cylindrical, if the thickness is larger ... More
Defect-induced exchange bias in a single SrRuO3 layerSep 28 2018Exchange bias stems from the interaction between different magnetic phases and therefore it generally occurs in magnetic multilayers. Here we present a large exchange bias in a single SrRuO3 layer induced by helium ion irradiation. When the fluence increases, ... More
Total Variation Depth for Functional DataNov 15 2016There has been extensive work on data depth-based methods for robust multivariate data analysis. Recent developments have moved to infinite-dimensional objects such as functional data. In this work, we propose a new notion of depth, the total variation ... More
The $hp$-version Error Analysis of A Mixed DG Method for Linear ElasticityAug 14 2016This paper focuses on the $hp$-version error analysis of a mixed discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method for the linear elasticity problem. We first derive some error estimates for two $L^2$ projection operators in terms of the results in [7,13,23]. Using ... More
Robust Mean Field Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian Games with Unknown $L^2$-DisturbanceJan 01 2017This paper considers a class of mean field linear-quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) games with model uncertainty. The drift term in the dynamics of the agents contains a common unknown function. We take a robust optimization approach where a representative agent ... More
Hierarchical low rank approximation of likelihoods for large spatial datasetsMay 28 2016Datasets in the fields of climate and environment are often very large and irregularly spaced. To model such datasets, the widely used Gaussian process models in spatial statis- tics face tremendous challenges due to the prohibitive computational burden. ... More
Enumerating Cayley (di-)graphs on dihedral groupsDec 12 2016Let $p$ be an odd prime, and $D_{2p}=\langle \tau,\sigma\mid \tau^p=\sigma^2=e,\sigma\tau\sigma=\tau^{-1}\rangle$ the dihedral group of order $2p$. In this paper, we provide the number of (connected) Cayley (di-)graphs on $D_{2p}$ up to isomorphism by ... More
An $hp$-version error analysis of the discontinuous Galerkin method for linear elasticityAug 14 2016Dec 24 2017An $hp$-version error analysis is developed for the general DG method in mixed formulation for solving the linear elastic problem. First of all, we give the $hp$-version error estimates of two $L^2$ projection operators. Then incorporated with the techniques ... More
Large Number, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Superstructures in the Universe (with Extension)Apr 16 2008Sep 12 2016Since there are dark matter particles (neutrino) with mass about 10^(-1)eV in the universe, the superstructures with a scale of 10^(19) solar mass [large number A is about 10^(19)] appeared around the era of the hydrogen recombination. The redshift z ... More
Note on the spectra of a class of graphs derived from set inclusion relationsSep 04 2018Sep 08 2018For any given integers $n$, $k$ and $l$ with $n\geq 1$ and $0\leq k<l\leq n$, we denote by $G(n,k,l)$ the graph whose vertex set consists of all $k$- and $l$-subsets of $[n]=\{1,2,\ldots,n\}$, where two distinct vertices are adjacent if one of them is ... More
A Fast HOG Descriptor Using Lookup Table and Integral ImageMar 18 2017The histogram of oriented gradients (HOG) is a widely used feature descriptor in computer vision for the purpose of object detection. In the paper, a modified HOG descriptor is described, it uses a lookup table and the method of integral image to speed ... More
Torsionfree Dimension of Modules and Self-Injective Dimension of RingsJun 06 2009Jan 14 2011Let $R$ be a left and right Noetherian ring. We introduce the notion of the torsionfree dimension of finitely generated $R$-modules. For any $n\geq 0$, we prove that $R$ is a Gorenstein ring with self-injective dimension at most $n$ if and only if every ... More
The second largest eigenvalues of some Cayley graphs on alternating groupsNov 24 2017Dec 12 2018Let $A_n$ denote the alternating group of degree $n$ with $n\geq 3$. The alternating group graph $AG_n$, extended alternating group graph $EAG_n$ and complete alternating group graph $CAG_n$ are the Cayley graphs $\mathrm{Cay}(A_n,T_1)$, $\mathrm{Cay}(A_n,T_2)$ ... More
A comprehensive study of the magnetic, structural and transport properties of the III-V ferromagnetic semiconductor InMnPJan 15 2015The manganese induced magnetic, electrical and structural modification in InMnP epilayers, prepared by Mn ion implantation and pulsed laser annealing, are investigated in the following work. All samples exhibit clear hysteresis loops and strong spin polarization ... More
Breaking the doping limit in silicon by deep impuritiesSep 17 2018Nov 01 2018N-type doping in Si by shallow impurities, such as P, As and Sb, exhibits an intrinsic limit due to the Fermi-level pinning via defect complexes at high doping concentrations. Here we demonstrate that doping Si with the chalcogen Te by non-equilibrium ... More
Dark Matter, Mass Scales Sequence, and Superstructure in the Universe (with extension)Sep 18 1999Oct 26 2015There is a category of stable non-baryonic dark matter particles in the universe at the present time: fermions or bosons with mass ~10^(-1) eV. The existence of these do not contradict the dip phenomena of the ultra-high energy primary cosmic ray spectrum ... More
Dark Matter, Quasars, and Superstructures in the UniverseAug 10 2009Feb 02 2016From the observed results of the space distribution of quasars we deduced that neutrino mass is about 10^(-1) eV. The fourth stable elementary paticle (delta particle) with mass about 10^(0) eV can help explain the energy resource mechanism in quasars, ... More
On graphs with three or four distinct normalized Laplacian eigenvaluesNov 16 2016In this paper, we characterize all connected graphs with exactly three distinct normalized Laplacian eigenvalues of which one is equal to $1$, determine all connected bipartite graphs with at least one vertex of degree $1$ having exactly four distinct ... More
Automorphism group of the complete alternating group graphMay 21 2016Jun 02 2016Let $S_n$ and $A_n$ denote the symmetric group and alternating group of degree $n$ with $n\geq 3$, respectively. Let $S$ be the set of all $3$-cycles in $S_n$. The \emph{complete alternating group graph}, denoted by $CAG_n$, is defined as the Cayley graph ... More
On regular graphs with four distinct eigenvaluesMay 18 2016Sep 17 2016Let $\mathcal{G}(4,2)$ be the set of connected regular graphs with four distinct eigenvalues in which exactly two eigenvalues are simple, $\mathcal{G}(4,2,-1)$ (resp. $\mathcal{G}(4,2,0)$) the set of graphs belonging to $\mathcal{G}(4,2)$ with $-1$ (resp. ... More
On graphs with three or four distinct normalized Laplacian eigenvaluesNov 16 2016Mar 27 2017In this paper, we characterize all connected graphs with exactly three distinct normalized Laplacian eigenvalues of which one is equal to $1$, determine all connected bipartite graphs with at least one vertex of degree $1$ having exactly four distinct ... More
Dark energy and normalization of cosmological wave function in modified gravitationsMay 05 2017Based on Wheeler-DeWitt equation derived from general relativity, it had been found that only dark energy can lead to a normalizable cosmological wave function. It is shown in the present work that, for dRGT gravity, Eddington-inspired-Born-Infeld gravity ... More
Threshold dynamics and ergodicity of an SIRS epidemic model with Markovian switchingJul 20 2017This paper studies the spread dynamics of a stochastic SIRS epidemic model with nonlinear incidence and varying population size, which is formulated as a piecewise deterministic Markov process. A threshold dynamic determined by the basic reproduction ... More
Structural and magnetic properties of Mn-implanted SiDec 24 2006Structural and ferromagnetic properties in Mn implanted, p-type Si were investigated. High resolution structural analysis techniques like synchrotron X-ray diffraction revealed the formation of MnSi1.7 nanoparticles already in the as implanted samples. ... More
Dark Matter Particles with Low Mass (and FTL)Mar 26 2010Apr 17 2012From the observed results of the space distribution of quasars and the mass scale sequence table, we deduced the existence of superstructure (feeble dark structure) with mass scale of 10^(19) solar mass, as well as the lightest stable fermion with mass ... More
Parameter Optimization of Multi-Agent Formations based on LQR DesignJan 24 2011In this paper we study the optimal formation control of multiple agents whose interaction parameters are adjusted upon a cost function consisting of both the control energy and the geometrical performance. By optimizing the interaction parameters and ... More
What will be the maximum Tc in the iron-based superconductors?Aug 29 2008Nov 27 2008Using the newly developed real space vortex-lattice based theory of superconductivity, we study the maximum superconducting transition temperature (T_{c}^{\max}) in the iron-based superconductors. We find that all the reported FeAs superconductors can ... More
Association between Experiences and Representations: Memory, Dreaming, Dementia and ConsciousnessJun 14 2013The mechanisms underlying major aspects of the human brain remain a mystery. It is unknown how verbal episodic memory is formed and integrated with sensory episodic memory. There is no consensus on the function and nature of dreaming. Here we present ... More
Planning Argumentative TextsOct 28 1994This paper presents \proverb\, a text planner for argumentative texts. \proverb\'s main feature is that it combines global hierarchical planning and unplanned organization of text with respect to local derivation relations in a complementary way. The ... More
Coupled beam motion in a storage ring with crab cavitiesOct 16 2015We studied the coupled beam motion in a storage ring between the transverse and longitudinal directions introduced by crab cavities. Analytic form of the linear decoupling transformation is derived. The equilibrium bunch distribution in an electron storage ... More
Programing implementation of the Quine-McCluskey method for minimization of Boolean expressionOct 04 2014A Boolean function is a function that produces a Boolean value output by logical calculation of Boolean inputs. It plays key roles in programing algorithms and design of circuits. Minimization of Boolean function is able to optimize the algorithms and ... More
2D Local Hamiltonian with area laws is QMA-completeNov 24 2014We show that the 2D local Hamiltonian problem with the restriction that the ground state satisfies area laws is QMA-complete. We also prove similar results in 2D translationally invariant systems and for the 3D Heisenberg and Hubbard models. Consequently, ... More
Character-level Convolutional Network for Text Classification Applied to Chinese CorpusNov 14 2016This article provides an interesting exploration of character-level convolutional neural network solving Chinese corpus text classification problem. We constructed a large-scale Chinese language dataset, and the result shows that character-level convolutional ... More
Characterizations of endograph metric and $Γ$-convergence on fuzzy sets spacesDec 01 2015Jul 07 2016In this paper, it first discusses the continuity of the cut-set functions of fuzzy sets in $F_{USC} (\mathbb{R}^m)$ and $F_{USCB} (\mathbb{R}^m)$ espectively, where $F_{USC} (\mathbb{R}^m)$ is the set of all upper semi-continuous fuzzy sets on $\mathbb{R}^m$, ... More
The Cauchy problem for fully nonlinear parabolic systems on manifoldsJun 16 2015Jul 20 2015We show the short time existence and uniqueness of solutions to the Cauchy problem for fully nonlinear systems of arbitrary even order on closed manifolds which are strongly parabolic at the initial values. The proof uses a linearization procedure and ... More
A matrix differential Harnack estimate for a class of ultraparabolic equationsJun 20 2013Dec 22 2013Let $u$ be a positive solution of the ultraparabolic equation \begin{equation*} \partial_t u=\sum_{i=1}^n \partial_{x_i}^2 u+\sum_{i=1}^k x_i\partial_{x_{n+i}}u \hspace{8mm} \mbox{on} \hspace{4mm} \mathbb{R}^{n+k}\times (0,T), \end{equation*} where $1\leq ... More
Toric Surfaces, K-Stability and Calabi FlowJul 25 2012Let $X$ be a toric surface and $u$ be a normalized symplectic potential on the corresponding polygon $P$. Suppose that the Riemannian curvature is bounded by a constant $C_1$ and $\int_{\partial P} u ~ d \sigma < C_2, $ then there exists a constant $C_3$ ... More
On the Extension of the Calabi Flow on Toric VarietiesJan 04 2011Inspired by recent work of S. K. Donaldson on constant scalar curvature metrics on toric complex surfaces, we study obstructions to the extension of the Calabi flow on a polarized toric variety. Under some technical assumptions, we prove that the Calabi ... More
Message passing algorithms for the Hopfield network reconstruction: threshold behavior and limitationSep 01 2010Oct 25 2010The Hopfield network is reconstructed as an inverse Ising problem by passing messages. The applied susceptibility propagation algorithm is shown to improve significantly on other mean-field-type methods and extends well into the low temperature region. ... More
Notes on branched coverings of Seifert manifoldsMay 30 2014May 11 2016In a paper published in 2002, the author gave a criterion to determine whether there is a fiber-preserving branched covering between two given orientable Seifert manifolds with orientable bases. Here we supply some details of the proof of two claims in ... More
A splitting theorem on toric varietiesDec 15 2012Using the short time existence of the Calabi flow, we prove that any extremal Kaehler metric on a product toric variety is a product extremal Kaehler metric.
Faithful compact quantum group actions on connected compact metrizable spacesFeb 06 2012We construct faithful actions of quantum permutation groups on connected compact metrizable spaces. This disproves a conjecture of Goswami.
Effects of hidden nodes on network structure inferenceJun 01 2015Jul 29 2015Effects of hidden nodes on inference quality of observed network structure are explored based on a disordered Ising model with hidden nodes. We first study analytically small systems consisting of a few nodes, and find that the magnitude of the effective ... More
Compact quantum stabilizer subgroupsJul 13 2016We generalize the concept of stabilizer subgroups to compact quantum groups.
John Ellipsoid and the Center of Mass of a Convex BodyMay 23 2016It is natural to ask whether the center of mass of a convex body $K\subset \mathbb{R}^n$ lies in its John ellipsoid $B_K$, i.e., in the maximal volume ellipsoid contained in $K$. This question is relevant to the efficiency of many algorithms for convex ... More
New Bounds for Hypergeometric Creative TelescopingApr 27 2016May 13 2016Based on a modified version of Abramov-Petkov\v{s}ek reduction, a new algorithm to compute minimal telescopers for bivariate hypergeometric terms was developed last year. We investigate further in this paper and present a new argument for the termination ... More
Theory of population coupling and applications to describe high order correlations in large populations of interacting neuronsFeb 26 2016Jun 21 2016To understand the collective spiking activity in neuronal populations, it is essential to reveal basic circuit variables responsible for these emergent functional states. Here, we develop a mean field theory for the population coupling recently proposed ... More
On the extension and smoothing of the Calabi flow on complex toriSep 07 2016In this paper, we continue to study the Calabi flow on complex tori. We develop a new method to obtain an explicit bound of the curvature of the Calabi flow. As an application, we show that when $n=2$, the Calabi flow starting from a weak K\"ahler metric ... More
Arithmetic progressions in amenable groupsJul 25 2016Aug 05 2016We prove that there exist arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions in a subset of an amenable group $\Gamma\supseteq\mathbb{Z}$ with positive upper density with respect to a F{\o}lner sequence. This generalizes Szemer\'edi's theorem to amenable groups. ... More
Commensurability of groups quasi-isometric to RAAG'sMar 28 2016Jun 05 2016Let $G$ be a right-angled Artin group with defining graph $\Gamma$ and let $H$ be a finitely generated group quasi-isometric to $G(\Gamma)$. We show if $G$ satisfies (1) its outer automorphism group is finite; (2) $\Gamma$ does not have induced 4-cycle; ... More
Quantile calculus and censored regressionOct 04 2010Quantile regression has been advocated in survival analysis to assess evolving covariate effects. However, challenges arise when the censoring time is not always observed and may be covariate-dependent, particularly in the presence of continuously-distributed ... More
Anomaly Puzzle, Curved-Spacetime Spinor Hamiltonian, and String PhenomenologyApr 28 2011In the first part of this dissertation, we study two different aspects of string phenomenology. First we discuss the complementary signals of low mass superstrings at the proposed electron-positron facilities (ILC and CLIC), in e+e- and {\gamma} {\gamma} ... More
Theoretical analysis of reflected ray error from surface slope error and their application to the solar concentrated collectorDec 04 2011Surface slope error of concentrator is one of the main factors to influence the performance of the solar concentrated collectors which cause deviation of reflected ray and reduce the intercepted radiation. This paper presents the general equation to calculate ... More
On long time dynamics of perturbed KdV equationsOct 21 2013Dec 06 2013Consider perturbed KdV equations: \[u_t+u_{xxx}-6uu_x=\epsilon f(u(\cdot)),\quad x\in\mathbb{T}=\mathbb{R}/\mathbb{Z},\;\int_{\mathbb{T}}u(x,t)dx=0,\] where the nonlinearity defines analytic operators $u(\cdot)\mapsto f(u(\cdot))$ in sufficiently smooth ... More
A priori bounds for a class of semi-linear degenerate elliptic equationsNov 18 2012In this paper, we mainly discuss a priori bounds of the following degenerate elliptic equation, {equation}\label{000} a^{ij}(x)\partial_{ij}u+b^i(x)\partial_i u +f(x,u)=0,\text{in}\Omega\subset\subset R^n, {equation} where $a^{ij}\partial_i \phi\partial_j ... More
A Liouville theorem of degenerate elliptic equation and its applicationNov 12 2012In this paper, we apply the moving plane method to some degenerate elliptic equations to get a Liouville type theorem. As an application, we derive the a priori bounds for positive solutions of some semi-linear degenerate elliptic equations.
Vacuum Misalignment in High Energy CollisionsOct 04 1993Oct 10 1993We study a recent proposal to observe the disoriented chiral condensate in high energy collisions. In order to produce a large fluctuation in pion probability distribution, a large size of the correlated region is essential. We study the role of the intrinsic ... More
On random walk on growing graphsJul 02 2016Random walk on changing graphs is considered. For sequences of finite graphs increasing monotonely to a limiting infinite graph, we establish transition probability upper bounds. It yields sufficient transience criteria for simple random walk on slowly ... More
An Upper Bound on the Number of $(132,213)$-Avoiding Cyclic PermutationsAug 25 2018We show a $n^2 \cdot 2^{n/2}$ upper bound on the number of $(132,213)$ avoiding cyclic permutations. This is the first nontrivial upper bound on the number of such permutations. We also construct an algorithm to determine whether a $(132,213)$ avoiding ... More
Rational approximations on toric varietiesSep 06 2018Oct 16 2018Using the universal torsor method due to Salberger, we study the approximation of a general fixed point by rational points on split toric varieties. We prove that under certain geometric hypothesis the best approximations (in the sense of McKinnon-Roth's ... More
Growing in time IDLA cluster is recurrentSep 28 2018We show that Internal Diffusion Limited Aggregation (IDLA) on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ has near optimal Cheeger constant when the growing cluster is large enough. This implies, through a heat kernel lower bound derived previously in [H], that simple random walk ... More
An approximation scheme for variational inequalities with convex and coercive HamiltoniansOct 20 2018We propose an approximation scheme for a class of semilinear variational inequalities whose Hamiltonian is convex and coercive. The proposed scheme is a natural extension of a previous splitting scheme proposed by Liang, Zariphopoulou and the author for ... More
The Art of Lattice and Gravity Waves from PreheatingFeb 01 2011Jun 07 2011The nonlinear dynamics of preheating after early-Universe inflation is often studied with lattice simulations. In this work I present a new lattice code HLATTICE. It differs from previous public available codes in the following three aspects: (i) A much ... More
Local derivative estimates for the heat equation coupled to the Ricci flowDec 26 2018Jan 17 2019In this note we obtain local derivative estimates of Shi-type for the heat equation coupled to the Ricci flow. As applications, in part combining with Kuang's work, we extend some results of Zhang and Bamler-Zhang including distance distortion estimates ... More
High-redshift Mini-haloes from Modulated PreheatingFeb 26 2019Intermittent type of primordial non-Gaussian fluctuations from modulated preheating can produce an overabundance of $\sim 10^8M_\odot$ mini-haloes at high redshift $z\gtrsim 20$. This may have a significant impact on the formation of high-redshift supermassive ... More
Complete 4-manifolds with uniformly positive isotropic curvatureDec 30 2009Feb 20 2014We prove the following result: Let $(X,g_0)$ be a complete, connected 4-manifold with uniformly positive isotropic curvature and with bounded geometry. Then there is a finite collection $\mathcal{F}$ of manifolds of the form $\mathbb{S}^3 \times \mathbb{R} ... More
Optimal transportation and monotonic quantities on evolving manifoldsAug 23 2009Sep 14 2009In this note we will adapt Topping's $\mathcal{L}$-optimal transportation theory for Ricci flow to a more general situation, i.e. to a closed manifold $(M,g_{ij}(t))$ evolving by $\partial_tg_{ij}=-2S_{ij}$, where $S_{ij}$ is a symmetric tensor field ... More
Normal curvature bounds along the mean curvature flowJun 16 2009Apr 28 2011Let $(M^n,g_0)$ and $(\bar{M}^{n+1},\bar{g})$ be complete Riemannian manifolds with $|\bar{\nabla}^k\bar{Rm}|\le \bar{C}$ for $k \le 2$, and suppose there is an isometric immersion $F_0: M^n \rightarrow \bar{M}^{n+1}$ with bounded second fundamental form. ... More
$1/f$ noise on the brink of wet granular meltingFeb 17 2015Jul 23 2015The collective behavior of a two-dimensional wet granular cluster under horizontal swirling motions is investigated experimentally. Depending on the balance between the energy injection and dissipation, the cluster evolves into various nonequilibrium ... More
Transition Temperature of a Uniform Imperfect Bose GasApr 01 1999We calculate the transition temperature of a uniform dilute Bose gas with repulsive interactions, using a known virial expansion of the equation of state. We find that the transition temperature is higher than that of an ideal gas, with a fractional increase ... More
A Gap Principle for Subvarieties with Finitely Many Periodic PointsAug 08 2018Aug 09 2018Let $f:X\rightarrow X$ be a quasi-finite endomorphism of an algebraic variety $X$ defined over a number field $K$ and fix an initial point $a\in X$. We consider a special case of the dynamical Mordell-Lang Conjecture, where the subvariety $V$ contains ... More
Dark Energy and Dark Matter in a Superfluid UniverseSep 23 2013The vacuum is filled with complex scalar fields, such as the Higgs field. These fields serve as order parameters for superfluidity (quantum phase coherence over macroscopic distances), making the entire universe a superfluid. We review a mathematical ... More
Spatial Throughput of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Powered by Energy HarvestingNov 24 2011Jun 27 2013Designing mobiles to harvest ambient energy such as kinetic activities or electromagnetic radiation will enable wireless networks to be self sustaining besides alleviating global warming. In this paper, the spatial throughput of a mobile ad hoc network ... More
An Asymptotically Free Phi4 TheoryOct 06 1993The Phi4 theory in 4-epsilon dimensions has two fixed points, which coincide in the limit epsilon->0. One is a Gaussian UV fixed point, and the other a non-trivial IR fixed point. They lead to two different continuum field theories. The commonly adopted ... More
Research on several key technologies in practical speech emotion recognitionSep 27 2017In this dissertation the practical speech emotion recognition technology is studied, including several cognitive related emotion types, namely fidgetiness, confidence and tiredness. The high quality of naturalistic emotional speech data is the basis of ... More
New Fundamental Frequency Domain Formula of Image Restoration and Signal ProcessingNov 03 2018It is usually considered that time (or space) domain's convolution is equivalent to frequency domain's multiplication in signal processing. However, in image restoration, we prove that this rule doesn't satisfy a symmetric property of PSF convolution, ... More
Study on a Low Complexity ECG Compression Scheme with Multiple SensorsApr 05 2017The industry of wearable remote health monitoring system keeps growing. In the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, Electrocardiography~(ECG) waveform is one of the major tools which is thus widely taken as the monitoring objective. For the purpose of ... More
Stable Yang-Mills connections on Special Holonomy ManifoldsNov 16 2015Feb 10 2017We prove that energy minimizing Yang-Mills connections on a compact $G_{2}$-manifold has holonomy equal to $G_{2}$ are $G_{2}$-instantons, subject to an extra condition on the curvature. Furthermore, we show that energy minimizing connections on a compact ... More
Yang-Mills connections on $G_{2}$-manifolds and Calabi-Yau 3-foldsFeb 07 2015Oct 15 2015We consider the minimum Yang-Mills energy on the complete $G_{2}$-manifolds and Calabi-Yau 3-folds,the connection $A$ is a stability Yang-Mills connection on the $G$-bundle $E$.We prove that the connection must be a $G_{2}$-instanton on $G_{2}$-manifold ... More
Homotopy of gauge groups over non-simply-connected five dimensional manifoldsMay 13 2018For a principal bundle over a non-simply connected oriented closed $5$-manifold of certain type, we prove various homotopy decompositions of its gauge groups according to the spin and non-spin structure of the manifold. We also show periodicity results ... More
Caculus of Variation and the $L^{2}$-Bergman Metric on Teichmüller SpaceJun 28 2005Apr 30 2006The canonical metric on a Riemann surface is the pullback from the Euclidean metric on the Jacobian variety via the period map. We study its induced L^2 metric on Teichmuller space via a variational approach.
$i$QIST v0.7: An open source continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo impurity solver toolkitAug 24 2017In this paper, we present a new version of the $i$QIST software package, which is capable of solving various quantum impurity models by using the hybridization expansion (or strong coupling expansion) continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo algorithm. In ... More