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Evolution of the electronic band structure of twisted bilayer graphene upon dopingApr 30 2015The electronic band structure of twisted bilayer graphene depends on the twist angle between the two layers. In particular, van Hove singularities occur in the density of states when the two sets of monolayer bands cross. An enhanced Raman G peak is observed ... More
Gate dependent Raman spectroscopy of graphene on hexagonal boron nitrideOct 24 2013Raman spectroscopy, a fast and nondestructive imaging method, can be used to monitor the doping level in graphene devices. We fabricated chemical vapor deposition (CVD) grown graphene on atomically flat hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) flakes and SiO$_2$ ... More
Layer compression and enhanced optical properties of few-layer graphene nanosheets induced by ion irradiationJan 24 2016Graphene has been recognized as an attractive two-dimensional material for fundamental research and wide applications in electronic and photonic devices owing to its unique properties. The technologies to modulate the properties of graphene are of continuous ... More
Magnetic Mn5Ge3 nanocrystals embedded in crystalline Ge: a magnet/semiconductor hybrid synthesized by ion implantationNov 09 2012The integration of ferromagnetic Mn5Ge3 with the Ge matrix is promising for spin injection in a silicon-compatible geometry. In this paper, we report the preparation of magnetic Mn5Ge3 nanocrystals embedded inside the Ge matrix by Mn ions implantation ... More
Shape Bifurcation of a Spherical Dielectric Elastomer Balloon under the Actions of Internal Pressure and Electric VoltageMay 29 2015Jun 12 2015Under the actions of internal pressure and electric voltage, a spherical dielectric elastomer balloon usually keeps a sphere during its deformation, which has also been assumed in many previous studies. In this article, using linear perturbation analysis, ... More
Temperature stable 1.3 μm emission from GaAsNov 08 2012Gallium arsenide has outstanding performance in optical communication devices for light source purposes. Different approaches have been done to realize the luminescence from GaAs matching the transmission window of optical fibers. Here we present the ... More
Decisive role of oxygen vacancy in ferroelectric vs. ferromagnetic Mn-doped BaTiO3 thin filmsApr 27 2011Single-phase perovskite 5 at.% Mn-doped and undoped polycrystalline BaTiO3 thin films have been grown under different oxygen partial pressures by pulsed laser deposition on platinum-coated sapphire substrates. Ferroelectricity is only observed for the ... More
The importance of hole concentration in establishing carrier-mediated ferromagnetism in Mn doped GeMay 24 2010In the present work, we have prepared Mn-doped Ge using different annealing approaches after Mn ion implantation, and obtained samples with hole concentrations ranging from 10^18 to 2.1x10^20 cm^-3, the latter being the highest reported so far. Based ... More
Non-DMS related ferromagnetism in transition metal doped zinc oxideAug 05 2009We review pitfalls in recent efforts to make a conventional semiconductor, namely ZnO, ferromagnetic by means of doping with transition metal ions. Since the solubility of those elements is rather low, formation of secondary phases and the creation of ... More
Carrier induced ferromagnetism in the insulating Mn doped III-V semiconductor InPSep 14 2016Although InP and GaAs have very similar band-structure their magnetic properties appear to drastically differ. Critical temperatures in (In,Mn)P are much smaller than that of (Ga,Mn)As and scale linearly with Mn concentration. This is in contrast to the ... More
Emergence of Topologically Protected Helical States in Minimally Twisted Bilayer GrapheneFeb 08 2018Bilayer graphene samples in which inversion symmetry is broken have quantum valley Hall ground states that support counterpropogating topologically protected helical (TPH) edge states localized along domain walls between AB and BA stacking regions. Moreover, ... More
Carrier driven antiferromagnetism and exchange-bias in SrRuO3/CaRuO3 heterostructuresFeb 16 2018Oxide heterostructures exhibit a rich variety of magnetic and transport properties which arise due to contact at an interface. This can lead to surprising effects that are very different from the bulk properties of the materials involved. We report the ... More
Intrinsic disorder in graphene on transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructuresNov 24 2014The electronic properties of two-dimensional materials such as graphene are extremely sensitive to their environment, especially the underlying substrate. Planar van der Waals bonded substrates such as hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) have been shown to ... More
Memory effect of Mn$_5$Ge$_3$ nanomagnets embedded inside a Mn-diluted Ge matrixOct 21 2009Crystalline Mn5Ge3 nanomagnets are formed inside a Mn-diluted Ge matrix using Mn ion implantation. A temperature-dependent memory effect and slow magnetic relaxation are observed below the superparamagnetic blocking temperature of Mn5Ge3. Our findings ... More
Thermal stability of Te-hyperdoped Si: Atomic-scale correlation of the structural, electrical and optical propertiesJan 04 2019Si hyperdoped with chalcogens (S, Se, Te) is well-known to possess unique properties such as an insulator-to-metal transition and a room-temperature sub-bandgap absorption. These properties are expected to be sensitive to a post-synthesis thermal annealing, ... More
Large Number, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Superstructures in the Universe (with Extension)Apr 16 2008Sep 12 2016Since there are dark matter particles (neutrino) with mass about 10^(-1)eV in the universe, the superstructures with a scale of 10^(19) solar mass [large number A is about 10^(19)] appeared around the era of the hydrogen recombination. The redshift z ... More
Torsionfree Dimension of Modules and Self-Injective Dimension of RingsJun 06 2009Jan 14 2011Let $R$ be a left and right Noetherian ring. We introduce the notion of the torsionfree dimension of finitely generated $R$-modules. For any $n\geq 0$, we prove that $R$ is a Gorenstein ring with self-injective dimension at most $n$ if and only if every ... More
Dark Matter Particles with Low Mass (and FTL)Mar 26 2010Apr 17 2012From the observed results of the space distribution of quasars and the mass scale sequence table, we deduced the existence of superstructure (feeble dark structure) with mass scale of 10^(19) solar mass, as well as the lightest stable fermion with mass ... More
Hierarchical low rank approximation of likelihoods for large spatial datasetsMay 28 2016Datasets in the fields of climate and environment are often very large and irregularly spaced. To model such datasets, the widely used Gaussian process models in spatial statis- tics face tremendous challenges due to the prohibitive computational burden. ... More
Tunable disorder and localization in the rare-earth nickelatesJun 20 2018The rare-earth nickelates are a rich playground for transport properties, known to host non-Fermi liquid character, resistance saturation and metal-insulator transitions. We report a study of transport in LaNiO3 in the presence of tunable disorder induced ... More
Total Variation Depth for Functional DataNov 15 2016There has been extensive work on data depth-based methods for robust multivariate data analysis. Recent developments have moved to infinite-dimensional objects such as functional data. In this work, we propose a new notion of depth, the total variation ... More
The $hp$-version Error Analysis of A Mixed DG Method for Linear ElasticityAug 14 2016This paper focuses on the $hp$-version error analysis of a mixed discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method for the linear elasticity problem. We first derive some error estimates for two $L^2$ projection operators in terms of the results in [7,13,23]. Using ... More
Creasing of an everted elastomer tubeOct 23 2015Feb 23 2016A cylindrical elastomer tube can stay in an everted state without any applied external forces. If the thickness of the tube is small, the everted tube, except for the regions close to the two ends of the tube, is cylindrical, if the thickness is larger ... More
Automorphism group of the complete alternating group graphMay 21 2016Jun 02 2016Let $S_n$ and $A_n$ denote the symmetric group and alternating group of degree $n$ with $n\geq 3$, respectively. Let $S$ be the set of all $3$-cycles in $S_n$. The \emph{complete alternating group graph}, denoted by $CAG_n$, is defined as the Cayley graph ... More
On regular graphs with four distinct eigenvaluesMay 18 2016Sep 17 2016Let $\mathcal{G}(4,2)$ be the set of connected regular graphs with four distinct eigenvalues in which exactly two eigenvalues are simple, $\mathcal{G}(4,2,-1)$ (resp. $\mathcal{G}(4,2,0)$) the set of graphs belonging to $\mathcal{G}(4,2)$ with $-1$ (resp. ... More
Gorenstein Syzygy ModulesMar 26 2009Oct 15 2010For any ring $R$ and any positive integer $n$, we prove that a left $R$-module is a Gorenstein $n$-syzygy if and only if it is an $n$-syzygy. Over a left and right Noetherian ring, we introduce the notion of the Gorenstein transpose of finitely generated ... More
Dark Matter, Mass Scales Sequence, and Superstructure in the Universe (with extension)Sep 18 1999Oct 26 2015There is a category of stable non-baryonic dark matter particles in the universe at the present time: fermions or bosons with mass ~10^(-1) eV. The existence of these do not contradict the dip phenomena of the ultra-high energy primary cosmic ray spectrum ... More
Dark Matter, Quasars, and Superstructures in the UniverseAug 10 2009Feb 02 2016From the observed results of the space distribution of quasars we deduced that neutrino mass is about 10^(-1) eV. The fourth stable elementary paticle (delta particle) with mass about 10^(0) eV can help explain the energy resource mechanism in quasars, ... More
On graphs with three or four distinct normalized Laplacian eigenvaluesNov 16 2016In this paper, we characterize all connected graphs with exactly three distinct normalized Laplacian eigenvalues of which one is equal to $1$, determine all connected bipartite graphs with at least one vertex of degree $1$ having exactly four distinct ... More
Substrate effect on the resistive switching in BiFeO3 thin filmsSep 26 2012BiFeO3 thin films have been deposited on Pt/sapphire and Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si substrates with pulsed laser deposition using the same growth conditions, respectively. Au was sputtered as the top electrode. The microscopic structure of the thin film varies by ... More
Efficient simulation of many-body localized systemsAug 19 2015An efficient numerical method is developed using the matrix product formalism for computing the properties at finite energy densities in one-dimensional (1D) many-body localized (MBL) systems. Arguing that any efficient (possibly quantum) algorithm can ... More
Non-existence of certain singularities in Legendrian foliationsNov 21 2014In this paper we show that the singular locus of a Legendrian foliation as defined in [Hua13] is a compact submanifold whose connected components are of codimension at most two. As a consequence, given any closed $(n+1)$-dimensional coisotropic submanifold ... More
Exotic $\mathbb{R}^4$'s and positive isotropic curvatureMay 03 2016May 05 2016We show that no exotic $\mathbb{R}^4$ admits a complete Riemannian metric with uniformly positive isotropic curvature and with bounded geometry. This is essentially a corollary of the main result in [Hu1], and was stated in [Hu2] without proof. In the ... More
On the maximum induced density of directed stars and related problemsMar 13 2013Mar 17 2013Let k>=3 be an integer, we prove that the maximum induced density of the k-vertex directed star in a directed graph is attained by an iterated blow-up construction. This confirms a conjecture by Falgas-Ravry and Vaughan, who proved this for k=3, 4. This ... More
Four-orbifolds with positive isotropic curvatureJul 07 2011Feb 02 2016We prove the following result: Let $(X,g_0)$ be a complete, connected 4-manifold with uniformly positive isotropic curvature and with bounded geometry. Then there is a finite collection $\mathcal{F}$ of manifolds of the form $\mathbb{S}^3 \times \mathbb{R} ... More
Complete Kähler manifolds with pinched bisectional curvatureAug 17 2006Apr 10 2007This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to a serious gap in the proof of the main theorem.
A note on K$\ddot{a}$hler manifolds with almost nonnegative bisectional curvatureJul 15 2008Nov 10 2008In this note we prove the following result: There is a positive constant $\epsilon(n,\Lambda)$ such that if $M^n$ is a simply connected compact K$\ddot{a}$hler manifold with sectional curvature bounded from above by $\Lambda$, diameter bounded from above ... More
On generalized estimating equations for vector regressionMar 01 2016Jul 26 2016Generalized estimating equations (GEE; Liang & Zeger 1986) for general vector regression settings are examined. When the response vectors are of mixed type (e.g. continuous-binary response pairs), the GEE approach is a semiparametric alternative to full-likelihood ... More
Discovery of Latent Factors in High-dimensional Data Using Tensor MethodsJun 10 2016Unsupervised learning aims at the discovery of hidden structure that drives the observations in the real world. It is essential for success in modern machine learning. Latent variable models are versatile in unsupervised learning and have applications ... More
Fourier coefficients of $\times p$-invariant measuresJun 20 2016We define densities $D_\Sigma(A)$, $\overline{D}_\Sigma(A)$ and $\underline{D}_\Sigma(A)$ for a subset $A$ of $\mathbb{N}$ with respect to a sequence $\Sigma$ of finite subsets of $\mathbb{N}$ and study Fourier coefficients of ergodic, weak-mixing and ... More
The 2D Euler-Boussinesq equations in planar polygonal domains with Yudovich's type dataMay 12 2014We address the well-posedness of the 2D (Euler)-Boussinesq equations with zero viscosity and positive diffusivity in the polygonal-like domains with Yudovich's type data, which gives a positive answer to part of the questions raised in 2011 [Lai-Pan-Zhao, ... More
A Note On Go Endgame And Nonstandard AnalysisSep 13 2009Sep 22 2009This paper has been withdrawn by the author, since the relation mentioned in the paper between nonstandard analysis and games is probably useless.
A generalized Fejér's theorem for locally compact groupsDec 03 2015Feb 26 2016We prove a generalized Fej\'er's theorem for locally compact groups.
Doubly-nonparametric generalized linear modelsMar 02 2016We extend nonparametric generalized linear models to allow both the mean curve and the response distribution to be nonparametric. The seemingly intractable task of working with two infinite-dimensional parameters is shown to be reducible to a finite optimization ... More
An improved upper bound for the bondage number of graphs on surfacesNov 23 2011May 21 2012The bondage number $b(G)$ of a graph $G$ is the smallest number of edges whose removal from $G$ results in a graph with larger domination number. Recently Gagarin and Zverovich showed that, for a graph $G$ with maximum degree $\Delta(G)$ and embeddable ... More
Exponential sums over primes in short intervals and an application to the Waring--Goldbach problemDec 06 2014May 30 2016Let $\Lambda(n)$ be the von Mangoldt function, $x$ real and $2\leq y \leq x$. This paper improves the estimate on the exponential sum over primes in short intervals \[ S_k(x,y;\alpha) = \sum_{x< n \leq x+y} \Lambda(n) e\left( n^k \alpha \right) \] when ... More
Strong orthogonality between the Mobius function and nonlinear exponential functions in short intervalsDec 06 2014Mar 29 2015Let $\mu(n)$ be the M\"obius function, $e(z) = \exp(2\pi iz)$, $x$ real and $2\leq y \leq x$. This paper proves two sequences $(\mu(n))$ and $(e(n^k \alpha))$ are strongly orthogonal in short intervals. That is, if $k \geq 3$ being fixed and $y\geq x^{1-1/4+\varepsilon}$, ... More
4f fine-structure levels as the dominant error in the electronic structures of binary lanthanide oxidesJul 17 2015Nov 14 2015The ground-state 4f fine-structure levels in the intrinsic optical transition gaps between the 2p and 5d orbitals of lanthanide sesquioxides (Ln2O3, Ln=La...Lu) were calculated by a two-way crossover search for the U parameters for DFT+U calculations. ... More
Sequential Resource Allocation with Positional CostsApr 22 2014We consider the problem of minimizing the total cost to run a sequence of $n$ tasks in the given order by $k$ agents under the positional cost model. The cost to run a task not only depends on the intrinsic cost of the task itself, but also monotonically ... More
A simple adaptive-feedback controller for high-quality chaos synchronizationMay 08 2004Nov 16 2004Based on the invariance principle of differential equations, a simple adaptive-feedback scheme is proposed to strictly synchronize almost all chaotic systems. Unlike the usual linear feedback, the variable feedback strength is automatically adapted to ... More
Observational effects of a running Planck massNov 09 2015Feb 10 2016We consider observational effects of a running effective Planck mass in the scalar-tensor gravity theory. At the background level, an increasing effective Planck mass allows a larger Hubble constant $H_0$, which is more compatible with the local direct ... More
Homological Dimensions Relative to Preresolving SubcategoriesFeb 09 2015We introduce relative preresolving subcategories and precoresolving subcategories of an abelian category and define homological dimensions and codimensions relative to these subcategories respectively. We study the properties of these homological dimensions ... More
The Measure of Strong CP ViolationSep 14 1992We investigate a controversial issue on the measure of CP violation in strong in teractions. In the presence of nontrivial topological gauge configurations, the $\theta$-term in QCD has a profound effect: it breaks the CP symmetry. The CP-violating amplitude ... More
On Asymptotic Weil-Petersson Geometry of Teichmüller Space of Riemann SurfacesMay 12 2004May 19 2004In this paper, we study the asymptotic geometry of Teichmuller space of Riemann surfaces and give bounds on the Weil-Petersson sectional curvature of Teichmuller space, in terms of the length of the shortest geodesic on the surface. This will also imply ... More
Proper Resolutions and Gorenstein CategoriesMar 19 2012Let $\mathscr{A}$ be an abelian category and $\mathscr{C}$ an additive full subcategory of $\mathscr{A}$. We provide a method to construct a proper $\mathscr{C}$-resolution (resp. coproper $\mathscr{C}$-coresolution) of one term in a short exact sequence ... More
Unconventional Color SuperconductorJan 31 2007Superfluidity or superconductivity with mismatched Fermi momenta appears in many systems such as charge neutral dense quark matter, asymmetric nuclear matter, and in imbalanced cold atomic gases. The mismatch plays the role of breaking the Cooper pairing, ... More
Structure Based Aesthetics and Support of Cognitive Tasks for Graph EvaluationSep 25 2016Drawing principles, or aesthetics, are important in graph drawing. They are used as criteria for algorithm design and for quality evaluation. Current aesthetics are described as visual properties that a drawing is required to have to be visually pleasing. ... More
A tableau approach to the representation theory of 0-Hecke algebrasJan 21 2015Mar 02 2016A 0-Hecke algebra is a deformation of the group algebra of a Coxeter group. Based on work of Norton and Krob--Thibon, we introduce a tableau approach to the representation theory of 0-Hecke algebras of type A, which resembles the classic approach to the ... More
A Physical Review on CurrencyApr 18 2018A theoretical self-sustainable economic model is established based on the fundamental factors of production, consumption, reservation and reinvestment, where currency is set as a unconditional credit symbol serving as transaction equivalent and stock ... More
Syzygy Modules and Injective Cogenerators for Noether RingsAug 11 2013In this paper, we focus on $n$-syzygy modules and the injective cogenerator determined by the minimal injective resolution of a noether ring. We study the properties of $n$-syzygy modules and a category $R_n(\mod R)$ which includes the category consisting ... More
The advanced maximum principle for parabolic systems on manifolds with boundaryFeb 10 2008Feb 23 2008In this short note we extend Chow and Lu's advanced maximum principles for parabolic systems on closed manifolds to the case of compact manifolds with boundary, which also generalizes a Hopf type theorem of Pulemotov.
An Energy Gap for Complex Yang-Mills EquationsJun 13 2016Aug 08 2017We use the energy gap result of pure Yang-Mills equation [Feehan P.M.N., Adv. Math. 312 (2017), 547-587, arXiv:1502.00668] to prove another energy gap result of complex Yang-Mills equations [Gagliardo M., Uhlenbeck K., J. Fixed Point Theory Appl. 11 (2012), ... More
Hopf Ore ExtensionsFeb 06 2019Brown, O'Hagan, Zhang, and Zhuang gave a set of conditions on an automorphism $\sigma$ and a $\sigma$-derivation $\delta$ of a Hopf $k$-algebra $R$ for when the skew polynomial extension $T=R[x, \sigma, \delta]$ of $R$ admits a Hopf algebra structure ... More
Convergence of Maximum Bisection Ratio of Sparse Random GraphsFeb 05 2018Aug 16 2018We consider sequences of large sparse random graphs whose degree distribution approaches a limit with finite mean. This model includes both the random regular graphs and the Erd\"os-Renyi graphs of constant average degree. We prove that the maximum bisection ... More
Threshold dynamics and ergodicity of an SIRS epidemic model with Markovian switchingJul 20 2017This paper studies the spread dynamics of a stochastic SIRS epidemic model with nonlinear incidence and varying population size, which is formulated as a piecewise deterministic Markov process. A threshold dynamic determined by the basic reproduction ... More
Room temperature ferromagnetism in carbon-implanted ZnONov 21 2008Unexpected ferromagnetism has been observed in carbon doped ZnO films grown by pulsed laser deposition [Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 127201 (2007)]. In this letter, we introduce carbon into ZnO films by ion implantation. Room temperature ferromagnetism has been ... More
Unusual double-peak specific heat and spin freezing in a spin-2 triangular lattice antiferromagnet FeAl$_{2}$Se$_{4}$May 31 2018We report the properties of a triangular lattice iron-chalcogenide antiferromagnet FeAl$_{2}$Se$_{4}$. The spin susceptibility reveals a significant antiferromagnetic interaction with a Curie-Weiss temperature {\Theta}$_{CW}$ ~ -200K and a spin-2 local ... More
An ultimate storage ring lattice with vertical emittance generated by damping wigglersSep 26 2014Oct 07 2014We discuss the approach of generating round beams for ultimate storage rings using vertical damping wigglers (with horizontal magnetic field). The vertical damping wigglers provide damping and excite vertical emittance. This eliminates the need to generate ... More
A simple efficient algorithm in frustration-free one-dimensional gapped systemsOct 05 2015Nov 05 2015We propose an efficient algorithm for the ground state of frustration-free one-dimensional gapped Hamiltonians. This algorithm is much simpler than the original one by Landau et al., and thus may be easily accessible to a general audience in the community. ... More
Learning Efficient Representations for Reinforcement LearningAug 28 2015Markov decision processes (MDPs) are a well studied framework for solving sequential decision making problems under uncertainty. Exact methods for solving MDPs based on dynamic programming such as policy iteration and value iteration are effective on ... More
Computing energy density in one dimensionMay 04 2015We study the problem of computing energy density in one-dimensional quantum systems. We show that the ground-state energy per site or per bond can be computed in time (i) independent of the system size and subexponential in the desired precision if the ... More
The powers of smooth words over arbitrary 2-letter alphabetsApr 03 2009Aug 09 2011Carpi (1993) and Lepisto (1994) proved independently that smooth words are cube-free for the alphabet {1, 2}, but nothing is known on whether for the other 2-letter alphabets, smooth words are k-power-free for some suitable positive integer k. In this ... More
Code optimization, frozen glassy phase and improved decoding algorithms for low-density parity-check codesJul 03 2014Sep 18 2014The statistical physics properties of low-density parity-check codes for the binary symmetric channel are investigated as a spin glass problem with multi-spin interactions and quenched random fields by the cavity method. By evaluating the entropy function ... More
Sparse Hopfield network reconstruction with $\ell_{1}$ regularizationDec 26 2012Nov 14 2013We propose an efficient strategy to infer sparse Hopfield network based on magnetizations and pairwise correlations measured through Glauber samplings. This strategy incorporates the $\ell_{1}$ regularization into the Bethe approximation by a quadratic ... More
Some Extensions of Witt's TheoremMay 25 2007We extend Witt's theorem to several kinds of simultaneous isometries of subspaces. We determine sufficient and necessary conditions for the extension of an isometry of subspaces $\phi:E\to E'$ to an isometry $\phi_V:V\to V'$ that also sends a given subspace ... More
Characterizations of precompact sets in fuzzy star-shaped numbers space with Lp-metricJul 23 2015In this paper, we consider the characterizations of precompact sets in fuzzy star-shaped number space with Lp-metric.
Continuous $\times p,\times q$-invariant measures on the unit circleJul 09 2016We express continuous $\times p,\times q$-invariant measures on the unit circle via some simple forms. On one hand, a continuous $\times p,\times q$-invariant measure is the weak-$*$ limit of average of Dirac measures along an irrational orbit. On the ... More
Calabi flow on toric varieties with bounded Sobolev constant, IJun 25 2014Let $(X, P)$ be a toric variety. In this note, we show that the $C^0$-norm of the Calabi flow $\varphi(t)$ on $X$ is uniformly bounded in $[0, T)$ if the Sobolev constant of $\varphi(t)$ is uniformly bounded in $[0, T)$. We also show that if $(X, P)$ ... More
A remark on odd dimensional normalized Ricci flowOct 24 2007Dec 17 2007Let $(M^n,g_0)$ ($n$ odd) be a compact Riemannian manifold with $\lambda(g_0)>0$, where $\lambda(g_0)$ is the first eigenvalue of the operator $-4\Delta_{g_0}+R(g_0)$, and $R(g_0)$ is the scalar curvature of $(M^n,g_0)$. Assume the maximal solution $g(t)$ ... More
Calabi flow on projective bundles, INov 19 2015In this paper, we obtain several a-priori estimates for the Calabi flow on projective bundles admitting the generalized Calabi constructions.
Certainty Equivalence, Separation Principle, and Cooperative Output Regulation of Multi-Agent Systems by Distributed Observer ApproachAug 18 2015The cooperative output regulation problem of linear multi-agent systems was formulated and studied by the distributed observer approach in [20, 21]. Since then, several variants and extensions have been proposed, and the technique of the distributed observer ... More
A gluing construction for polynomial invariantsMay 17 2010Sep 15 2010We give a polynomial gluing construction of two groups $G_X\subseteq GL(\ell,\mathbb F)$ and $G_Y\subseteq GL(m,\mathbb F)$ which results in a group $G\subseteq GL(\ell+m,\mathbb F)$ whose ring of invariants is isomorphic to the tensor product of the ... More
Simplifying Local BRST Cohomology Calculation via Spectral SequenceAug 30 2010We simplify some crucial calculations in \cite{1} by using the technique of spectral sequence of a double complex.
Stable Yang-Mills connections on Special Holonomy ManifoldsNov 16 2015Jul 19 2016We prove that energy minimizing Yang-Mills connections with certain condition on compact $G_{2}$-manifolds with holonomy equal to $G_{2}$ are $G_{2}$-instantons. We prove related results for compact Calabi-Yau $3$-folds with holonomy equal to $SU(3)$. ... More
Complex flat connections on compact manifoldsJun 13 2016Aug 28 2016We consider a complex flat connection on a principle bundle $P$ over a compact Riemannian manifold $M=M^{n}$,$n\geq5$.First,we prove that the complex part of complex flat connection must with $L^{2}$-bounded from below by some positive constant,if $M$ ... More
Conditional statistical physical properties in two-joint complex systems having long-range interactionsJun 09 2013We propose the sum and the difference of the normalized velocity of two-joint systems to describe its long-range interaction. It is found that the conditional probability distribution function (CPDF) of the normalized velocity between two-joint systems ... More
Distribution locale des points rationnels de hauteur bornée sur une surface de del Pezzo de degré 6Oct 08 2016We establish a measure which describes precisely the local asymptotic distribution of rational points outside the locally accumulating subvarieties around a general rational point on a del Pezzo surface of degree 6 in the sense of diophantine approximation. ... More
Revisiting the cosmological bias due to local gravitational redshiftsApr 24 2015May 22 2015A recent article by Wojtak {\it et al} (arXiv:1504.00718) pointed out that the local gravitational redshift, despite its smallness ($\sim 10^{-5}$), can have a noticeable ($\sim 1\%$) systematic effect on our cosmological parameter measurements. The authors ... More
Reinterpretation of Thermal Dilepton Emission Rate by Spectral FunctionsJun 22 1995We reinterpret the dilepton emission rate from a hadronic gas expected to be produced in heavy ion collisions in terms of the spectral functions available from the $e^+e^-$ annihilation and the $\tau$ lepton decays experiments. We take into account all ... More
On the Anomalous Discrete SymmetrySep 14 1992We examine an interesting scenario to solve the domain wall problem recently suggested by Preskill, Trivedi, Wilczek and Wise. The effective potential is calculated in the presence of the QCD axial anomaly. It is shown that some discrete symmetries such ... More
Spontaneous Nambu-Goldstone Currents Generation Driven by MismatchFeb 10 2006We review recent progress of understanding and resolving instabilities driven by mismatch between the Fermi surfaces of the pairing quarks in 2-flavor color superconductor. With the increase of mismatch, the 2SC phase exhibits chromomagnetic instability ... More
Spontaneous current generation in the gapless 2SC phaseApr 26 2005Jan 26 2006It is found that, except chromomagnetic instability, the gapless 2SC phase also exhibits a paramagnetic response to the perturbation of an external color neutral baryon current. The spontaneously generated baryon current driven by the mismatch is equivalent ... More
Theoretical analysis of error transfer from surface slope to refractive ray and their application to the solar concentrated collectorDec 06 2011This paper presents the general equation to calculate the standard deviation of reflected ray error from optical error through geometry optics, applying the equation to calculate the standard deviation of reflected ray error for 8 kinds of solar concentrated ... More
Long-time dynamics of resonant weakly nonlinear CGL equationsJul 04 2014Consider a weakly nonlinear CGL equation on the torus~$\mathbb{T}^d$: \[u_t+i\Delta u=\epsilon [\mu(-1)^{m-1}\Delta^{m} u+b|u|^{2p}u+ ic|u|^{2q}u].\eqno{(*)}\] Here $u=u(t,x)$, $x\in\mathbb{T}^d$, $0<\epsilon<<1$, $\mu\geqslant0$, $b,c\in\mathbb{R}$ and ... More
An averaging theorem for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with small nonlinearitiesDec 03 2013Consider nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations with small nonlinearities \[\frac{d}{dt}u+i(-\triangle u+V(x)u)=\epsilon \mathcal{P}(\triangle u,u,x),\quad x\in \mathbb{T}^d.\eqno{(*)}\] Let $\{\zeta_1(x),\zeta_2(x),\dots\}$ be the $L_2$-basis formed by eigenfunctions ... More
From collective rhythm to adaptive synchronizationJul 19 2004Nov 16 2004A novel viewpoint, i.e., adaptive synchronization, is proposed to explore collective rhythm observed in many complex, self-organizing systems. We show that a simple adaptive coupling is able to tip arrays of oscillators towards collective synchronization. ... More
Intrinsic deep hole trap levels in $Cu_{2}O$ with self-consistent repulsive Coulomb energyAug 03 2015Nov 14 2015The large error of the DFT+U method on full-filled shell metal oxides is due to the residue of self-energy from the localized d orbitals of cations and p orbitals of the anions. U parameters are self-consistently found to achieve the analytical self-energy ... More
Integration Checker of JAVA P2P distributed System with Auto Source Code CompositionOct 28 2016This paper presents an integrity checker of JAVA P2P distributed system with auto source code composition. JAVA distributed system must guarantee the integrity of program itself and the system components of JAVA virtual machine against attackers, hackers, ... More
The Value-of-Information in Matching with QueuesMar 27 2015We consider the problem of \emph{optimal matching with queues} in dynamic systems and investigate the value-of-information. In such systems, the operators match tasks and resources stored in queues, with the objective of maximizing the system utility ... More