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Multi-step Retriever-Reader Interaction for Scalable Open-domain Question AnsweringMay 14 2019This paper introduces a new framework for open-domain question answering in which the retriever and the reader iteratively interact with each other. The framework is agnostic to the architecture of the machine reading model, only requiring access to the ... More
Go for a Walk and Arrive at the Answer: Reasoning Over Paths in Knowledge Bases using Reinforcement LearningNov 15 2017Dec 30 2018Knowledge bases (KB), both automatically and manually constructed, are often incomplete --- many valid facts can be inferred from the KB by synthesizing existing information. A popular approach to KB completion is to infer new relations by combinatory ... More
Controllable Neural Story Generation via Reinforcement LearningSep 27 2018Open story generation is the problem of automatically creating a story for any domain without retraining. Neural language models can be trained on large corpora across many domains and then used to generate stories. However, stories generated via language ... More
Effect of resistance feedback on spin torque-induced switching of nanomagnetsApr 27 2009May 15 2009In large magnetoresistance devices spin torque-induced changes in resistance can produce GHz current and voltage oscillations which can affect magnetization reversal. In addition, capacitive shunting in large resistance devices can further reduce the ... More
Controllable Neural Story Plot Generation via Reinforcement LearningSep 27 2018Feb 27 2019Language-modeling--based approaches to story plot generation attempt to construct a plot by sampling from a language model (LM) to predict the next character, word, or sentence to add to the story. LM techniques lack the ability to receive guidance from ... More
Time domain detection of pulsed spin torque damping reductionAug 04 2009Combining multiple ultrafast spin torque impulses with a 5 nanosecond duration pulse for damping reduction, we observe time-domain precession which evolves from an initial 1 ns duration transient with changing precessional amplitude to constant amplitude ... More
Macrospin model of incubation delay due to the field-like spin transfer torqueOct 19 2008We show that the absence of pre-switching oscillations ("incubation delay") in magnetic tunnel junctions can be explained within the macrospin model by a sizable field-like component of the spin-transfer torque. It is further suggested that measurements ... More
Coherent control of nanomagnet dynamics via ultrafast spin torque pulsesJun 13 2008The magnetization orientation of a nanoscale ferromagnet can be manipulated using an electric current via the spin transfer effect. Time domain measurements of nanopillar devices at low temperatures have directly shown that magnetization dynamics and ... More
Spin transfer switching of spin valve nanopillars using nanosecond pulsed currentsNov 13 2004Spin valve nanopillars are reversed via the mechanism of spin momentum transfer using current pulses applied perpendicular to the film plane of the device. The applied pulses were varied in amplitude from 1.8 mA to 7.8 mA, and varied in duration within ... More
Large-angle, gigahertz-rate random telegraph switching induced by spin-momentum transferApr 05 2004We show that spin-polarized dc current passing through a small magnetic element induces two-state, random telegraph switching of the magnetization via the spin-momentum transfer effect. The resistances of the states differ by up to 50% of the change due ... More