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Characterizations of nested GVZ-groups by central seriesJul 10 2019Many properties of groups can be defined by the existence of a particular normal series. The classic examples being solvability, supersolvability and nilpotence. Among the nilpotent groups are the so-called nested GVZ-groups --- groups where the centers ... More
Vanishing-off subgroups and supercharacter theory productsApr 26 2019In this paper, we study the vanishing-off subgroups of supercharacters, and use these to determine several new characterizations of supercharacter theory products. In particular, we give a character theoretic characterization that allows us to conclude ... More
Groups with exactly two supercharacter theoriesMay 29 2015Oct 12 2015In this paper, we classify those finite groups with exactly two supercharacter theories. We show that the solvable groups with two supercharacter theories are $\mathbb{Z}_3$ and $S_3$. We also show that the only nonsolvable group with two supercharacter ... More
An analog of nilpotence arising from supercharacter theoryNov 05 2018The goal of this paper is to generalize several group theoretic concepts such as the center and commutator subgroup, central series, and ultimately nilpotence to a supercharacter theoretic setting, and to use these concepts to show that there can be a ... More
A Jördan-Holder type theorem for supercharacter theoriesMar 01 2019The Jordan-H\"older Theorem is a general term given to a collection of theorems about maximal chains in suitably nice lattices. For example, the well-known Jordan-H\"older type theorem for chief series of finite groups has been rather useful in studying ... More
Positive Self-Dual Hopf Algebras of Galois CharactersOct 10 2017Oct 11 2018By using the action of certain Galois groups on complex irreducible characters and conjugacy classes, we define the Galois characters and Galois classes. We will introduce a set of Galois characters, called Galois irreducible characters, and we show that ... More
A relative isoperimetric inequality for certain warped product spacesJul 29 2010Sep 22 2010Given a warped product space $\mathbb{R} \times_{f} N$ with logarithmically convex warping function $f$, we prove a relative isoperimetric inequality for regions bounded between a subset of a vertical fiber and its image under an almost everywhere differentiable ... More
On the Evolution of Dark Matter Halo Properties Following Major and Minor MergersNov 25 2017We conducted an analysis on dark matter halo properties following major and minor mergers to advance our understanding of halo evolution. In this work, we analyzed ~80,000 dark matter halos from the Bolshoi-Planck cosmological simulation and studied halo ... More
Higher Categories and Topological Quantum Field TheoriesOct 24 2016We construct a Turaev-Viro type invariant of smooth closed oriented $4$-manifolds out of a $G$-crossed braided spherical fusion category ($G$-BSFC) for $G$ a finite group. The construction can be extended to obtain a $(3+1)$-dimensional topological quantum ... More
On The Correct Thermo-dynamic Potential for Electro-static Dielectric EnergyMar 03 2018Various types of equilibrium processes involve electric fields. In some cases, the electrical energy appears to be negative (e.g. if the voltage is fixed by an external source). This paper explains how to derive the correct thermo-dynamic potential for ... More
Pale Orange Dots: The Impact of Organic Haze on the Habitability and Detectability of Earthlike ExoplanetsFeb 09 2017Hazes are common in known planet atmospheres, and geochemical evidence suggests early Earth occasionally supported an organic haze with significant environmental and spectral consequences. The UV spectrum of the parent star drives organic haze formation ... More
State Sum Invariants of Three Manifolds from Spherical Multi-fusion CategoriesFeb 23 2017We define a family of quantum invariants of closed oriented $3$-manifolds using spherical multi-fusion categories. The state sum nature of this invariant leads directly to $(2+1)$-dimensional topological quantum field theories ($\text{TQFT}$s), which ... More
Theoretical Antineutrino Detection, Direction and Ranging at Long DistancesJul 09 2013Jul 11 2013In this paper we introduce the concept of what we call "NUDAR" (NeUtrino Direction and Ranging), making the point that measurements of the observed energy and direction vectors can be employed to passively deduce the exact three-dimensional location and ... More
Framed Cord Algebra Invariant of Knots in $S^1 \times S^2$Jul 31 2014Nov 12 2014We generalize Ng's two-variable algebraic/combinatorial $0$-th framed knot contact homology for framed oriented knots in $S^3$ to knots in $S^1 \times S^2$, and prove that the resulting knot invariant is the same as the framed cord algebra of knots. Actually, ... More
Fine-Grained Land Use Classification at the City Scale Using Ground-Level ImagesFeb 07 2018We perform fine-grained land use mapping at the city scale using ground-level images. Mapping land use is considerably more difficult than mapping land cover and is generally not possible using overhead imagery as it requires close-up views and seeing ... More
The prime spectra of relative stable module categoriesNov 10 2015Dec 09 2015For a finite group $G$ and an arbitrary commutative ring $R$, Benson, Iyengar and Krause have defined a Frobenius exact structure on the category of finitely generated $RG$-modules by letting the exact sequences be those that split on restriction to the ... More
Universal quantum computation with weakly integral anyonsJan 28 2014Feb 21 2014Harnessing non-abelian statistics of anyons to perform quantum computational tasks is getting closer to reality. While the existence of universal anyons by braiding alone such as the Fibonacci anyon is theoretically a possibility, accessible anyons with ... More
The Extended Disk Galaxy Exploration Science Survey: Description and Surface Brightness Profile PropertiesMar 29 2019The survey description and near-infrared properties for 92 galaxies are presented for the Extended Disc Galaxy Exploration Science (EDGES) Survey, along with an investigation into the properties of the stellar halos of these galaxies. EDGES is a Spitzer ... More
Social Cards Probably Provide For Better Understanding Of Web Archive CollectionsMay 27 2019May 30 2019Used by a variety of researchers, web archive collections have become invaluable sources of evidence. If a researcher is presented with a web archive collection that they did not create, how do they know what is inside so that they can use it for their ... More
From homogeneous to heterogeneous network alignment via colored graphletsApr 04 2017Mar 28 2018Network alignment (NA) compares networks with the goal of finding a node mapping that uncovers highly similar (conserved) network regions. Existing NA methods are homogeneous, i.e., they can deal only with networks containing nodes and edges of one type. ... More
Generating Contradictory, Neutral, and Entailing SentencesMar 07 2018Learning distributed sentence representations remains an interesting problem in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). We want to learn a model that approximates the conditional latent space over the representations of a logical antecedent of ... More
FEniCS Mechanics: A Package for Continuum Mechanics SimulationsJan 21 2019FEniCS Mechanics is a Python package to facilitate computational mechanics simulations. The Python library dolfin, from the FEniCS Project, is used to formulate and numerically solve the problem in variational form. The general balance laws from continuum ... More
Precision Epoch of Reionization studies with next-generation CMB experimentsJun 18 2014Aug 05 2014Future arcminute resolution polarization data from ground-based Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) observations can be used to estimate the contribution to the temperature power spectrum from the primary anisotropies and to uncover the signature of reionization ... More
Diabatic gates for frequency-tunable superconducting qubitsJul 04 2019We demonstrate diabatic two-qubit gates with Pauli error rates down to $4.3(2)\cdot 10^{-3}$ in as fast as 18 ns using frequency-tunable superconducting qubits. This is achieved by synchronizing the entangling parameters with minima in the leakage channel. ... More
Detection of Potential Transit Signals in the First Three Quarters of Kepler Mission DataJan 05 2012Jan 19 2012We present the results of a search for potential transit signals in the first three quarters of photometry data acquired by the Kepler Mission. The targets of the search include 151,722 stars which were observed over the full interval and an additional ... More
Detection of Potential Transit Signals in Sixteen Quarters of Kepler Mission DataNov 01 2013Jan 07 2014We present the results of a search for potential transit signals in four years of photometry data acquired by the Kepler Mission. The targets of the search include 111,800 stars which were observed for the entire interval and 85,522 stars which were observed ... More
Terrestrial Planet Occurrence Rates for the Kepler GK Dwarf SampleJun 12 2015We measure planet occurrence rates using the planet candidates discovered by the Q1-Q16 Kepler pipeline search. This study examines planet occurrence rates for the Kepler GK dwarf target sample for planet radii, 0.75<Rp<2.5 Rearth, and orbital periods, ... More
The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: measuring radio galaxy bias through cross-correlation with lensingFeb 23 2015We correlate the positions of radio galaxies in the FIRST survey with the CMB lensing convergence estimated from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope over 470 square degrees to determine the bias of these galaxies. We remove optically cross-matched sources ... More
Discovery and Validation of Kepler-452b: A 1.6-Re Super Earth Exoplanet in the Habitable Zone of a G2 StarJul 24 2015We report on the discovery and validation of Kepler-452b, a transiting planet identified by a search through the 4 years of data collected by NASA's Kepler Mission. This possibly rocky 1.63$^{+0.23}_{-0.20}$ R$_\oplus$ planet orbits its G2 host star every ... More
Almost All of Kepler's Multiple Planet Candidates are PlanetsJan 26 2012We present a statistical analysis that demonstrates that the overwhelming majority of Kepler candidate multiple transiting systems (multis) indeed represent true, physically-associated transiting planets. Binary stars provide the primary source of false ... More
Controlling quantum-dot light absorption and emission by a surface-plasmon fieldJul 11 2014The possibility for controlling the probe-field optical gain and absorption switching and photon conversion by a surface-plasmon-polariton near field is explored for a quantum dot above the surface of a metal. In contrast to the linear response in the ... More
Resonant Scattering of Surface Plasmon Polaritons by Dressed Quantum DotsMay 01 2014The resonant scattering of surface plasmon-polariton waves by embedded semiconductor quantum dots above the dielectric/metal interface is explored in the strong-coupling regime. In contrast to non-resonant scattering by a localized dielectric surface ... More
The Microscopic Features of Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation May Affect the Macroscopic Morphology of Atmospheric Ice CrystalsApr 24 2014It is surprisingly difficult to freeze water. Almost all ice that forms under "mild" conditions (temperatures > -40 degrees Celsius) requires the presence of a nucleating agent - a solid particle that facilitates the freezing process - such as clay mineral ... More
Making Public Safety Data Accessible in the Westside Atlanta Data DashboardSep 30 2016Individual neighborhoods within large cities can benefit from independent analysis of public data in the context of ongoing efforts to improve the community. Yet existing tools for public data analysis and visualization are often mismatched to community ... More
A Serverless Tool for Platform Agnostic Computational Experiment ManagementSep 02 2018Neuroscience has been carried into the domain of big data and high performance computing (HPC) on the backs of initiatives in data collection and an increasingly compute-intensive tools. While managing HPC experiments requires considerable technical acumen, ... More
Performance Evaluation of Big Data Processing Strategies for NeuroimagingDec 16 2018Apr 02 2019Neuroimaging datasets are rapidly growing in size as a result of advancements in image acquisition methods, open-science and data sharing. However, the adoption of Big Data processing strategies by neuroimaging processing engines remains limited. Here, ... More
Performance Evaluation of Big Data Processing Strategies for NeuroimagingDec 16 2018Neuroimaging datasets are rapidly growing in size as a result of advancements in image acquisition methods, open-science and data sharing. However, it remains that current neuroimaging data processing engines do not employ strategies adopted by Big Data ... More
Advanced Techniques for Scientific Programming and Collaborative Development of Open Source Software Packages at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)Sep 06 2013A large number of computational scientific research projects make use of open source software packages. However, the development process of such tools frequently differs from conventional software development; partly because of the nature of research, ... More
Absolute Prioritization of Planetary Protection, Safety, and Avoiding Imperialism in All Future Science Missions: A Policy PerspectiveJul 12 2019The prioritization and improvement of ethics, planetary protection, and safety standards in the astro-sciences is the most critical priority as our scientific and exploratory capabilities progress, both within government agencies and the private sector. ... More
Deep Learning for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics: A Gateway for Discovery in the Big Data EraFeb 01 2019This report provides an overview of recent work that harnesses the Big Data Revolution and Large Scale Computing to address grand computational challenges in Multi-Messenger Astrophysics, with a particular emphasis on real-time discovery campaigns. Acknowledging ... More
Two Earth-sized planets orbiting Kepler-20Dec 20 2011Since the discovery of the first extrasolar giant planets around Sun-like stars, evolving observational capabilities have brought us closer to the detection of true Earth analogues. The size of an exoplanet can be determined when it periodically passes ... More
Exoplanet Science Priorities from the Perspective of Internal and Surface Processes for Silicate and Ice Dominated WorldsApr 13 2018The geophysics of extrasolar planets is a scientific topic often regarded as standing largely beyond the reach of near-term observations. This reality in no way diminishes the central role of geophysical phenomena in shaping planetary outcomes, from formation, ... More
Emissive Azobenzenes Delivered on a Silver Coordination PolymerJul 18 2019Azobenzene has become a ubiquitous component of functional molecules and polymeric materials because of the light-induced trans-cis isomerization of the diazene group. In contrast, there are very few applications utilizing azobenzene luminescence, since ... More
Simons Observatory Large Aperture Telescope Receiver Design OverviewAug 29 2018The Simons Observatory (SO) will make precision temperature and polarization measurements of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) using a series of telescopes which will cover angular scales between one arcminute and tens of degrees and sample frequencies ... More
Planetary Candidates Observed by Kepler IV: Planet Sample From Q1-Q8 (22 Months)Dec 18 2013We provide updates to the Kepler planet candidate sample based upon nearly two years of high-precision photometry (i.e., Q1-Q8). From an initial list of nearly 13,400 Threshold Crossing Events (TCEs), 480 new host stars are identified from their flux ... More
The Simons Observatory: Instrument OverviewAug 14 2018The Simons Observatory (SO) will make precise temperature and polarization measurements of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) using a set of telescopes which will cover angular scales between 1 arcminute and tens of degrees, contain over 60,000 detectors, ... More
Immersed Turnovers In Hyperbolic 3-OrbifoldsAug 26 2007Jul 29 2010We show that any immersion, which is not a covering of an embedded 2-orbifold, of a totally geodesic hyperbolic turnover in a complete orientable hyperbolic 3-orbifold is contained in a hyperbolic 3-suborbifold with totally geodesic boundary, called the ... More
Experimental determination of the elastic cotunneling rate in a hybrid single-electron boxJul 07 2014We report measurements of charge configurations and charge transfer dynamics in a hybrid single-electron box composed of aluminum and copper. We used two single-electron transistors (SETs) to simultaneously read out different parts of the box, enabling ... More
A Pieri-type Formula for the Equivariant Cohomology of the Flag ManifoldSep 21 2000We prove an explicit combinatorial formula for certain structure constants of the T-equivariant cohomology of the flag manifold SLn/B. Our result generalizes the Pieri-type formula in ordinary cohomology proved by Sottile in 1996. Our result also gives ... More
Small hyperbolic polyhedraFeb 01 2011Nov 18 2011We classify the 3-dimensional hyperbolic polyhedral orbifolds that contain no embedded essential 2-suborbifolds, up to decomposition along embedded hyperbolic triangle orbifolds (turnovers). We give a necessary condition for a 3-dimensional hyperbolic ... More
Coefficient growth in square chainsFeb 27 2019Suppose $((\cdots((x^{2}-c_{1})^{2}-c_{2})^{2}\cdots)^{2}-c_{k-1})^{2}-c_{k}$ splits into linear factors over $\mathbb{Z}$ and $c_{k}\neq0$. We show that for each $j$ and each prime $p$, if $p\leq2^{j-1}$ then $p$ divides $c_{j}$. Consequently, $$\ln ... More
The Search For Leakage-free Entangling Fibonacci Braiding GatesApr 03 2019It is an open question if there are leakage-free entangling Fibonacci braiding gates. We provide evidence to the conjecture for the negative in this paper. We also found a much simpler protocol to generate approximately leakage-free entangling Fibonacci ... More
Biosignature Anisotropy Modeled on Temperate Tidally Locked M-dwarf PlanetsOct 30 2018Dec 26 2018A planet's atmospheric constituents (e.g., O$_2$, O$_3$, H$_2$O$_v$, CO$_2$, CH$_4$, N$_2$O) can provide clues to its surface habitability, and may offer biosignature targets for remote life detection efforts. The plethora of rocky exoplanets found by ... More
AGM2015: Antineutrino Global Map 2015Sep 13 2015Every second greater than $10^{25}$ antineutrinos radiate to space from Earth, shining like a faint antineutrino star. Underground antineutrino detectors have revealed the rapidly decaying fission products inside nuclear reactors, verified the long-lived ... More
Photogrammetry and ballistic analysis of a high-flying projectile in the STS-124 space shuttle launchOct 22 2009A method combining photogrammetry with ballistic analysis is demonstrated to identify flying debris in a rocket launch environment. Debris traveling near the STS-124 Space Shuttle was captured on cameras viewing the launch pad within the first few seconds ... More
Flat Helical NanosievesApr 11 2016Compact and miniaturized devices with flexible functionalities are always highly demanded in optical integrated systems. Plasmonic nanosieve has been successfully harnessed as an ultrathin flat platform for complex manipulation of light, including holography, ... More
Coherent brightness modulations in the dwarf nova AT CancriSep 15 2018Light curves of the Z Cam type dwarf nova AT Cnc observed during standstill in 2016 and 2018 are analyzed. On the time scale of hours, previous reports on periodicities, in particular the presence of negative superhumps, could not be confirmed. Instead, ... More
Venus: The Making of an Uninhabitable WorldJan 09 2018The goals of the astrobiology community are focussed on developing a framework for the detection of biosignatures, or evidence thereof, on objects inside and outside of our solar system. A fundamental aspect of understanding the limits of habitable environments ... More
Evidence for the kinematic Sunyaev-Zeľdovich effect with ACTPol and velocity reconstruction from BOSSOct 21 2015We use microwave temperature maps from two seasons of data from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACTPol) at 146 GHz, together with the Constant Mass CMASS galaxy sample from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey to measure the kinematic Sunyaev-Ze\v{l}dovich ... More
Analysis of multiview legislative networks with structured matrix factorization: Does Twitter influence translate to the real world?Aug 26 2015Jan 29 2016The rise of social media platforms has fundamentally altered the public discourse by providing easy to use and ubiquitous forums for the exchange of ideas and opinions. Elected officials often use such platforms for communication with the broader public ... More
Data-driven network alignmentFeb 08 2019Network alignment (NA) aims to find a node mapping between compared networks that uncovers regions of high topological similarity, thus allowing for the transfer of functional knowledge between aligned nodes. For example, one can align protein-protein ... More
Random Temporal Skipping for Multirate Video AnalysisOct 30 2018Current state-of-the-art approaches to video understanding adopt temporal jittering to simulate analyzing the video at varying frame rates. However, this does not work well for multirate videos, in which actions or subactions occur at different speeds. ... More
A note on axial symmetriesDec 31 2013This note describes a local scheme to characterize and normalize an axial Killing field on a general Riemannian geometry. No global assumptions are necessary, such as that the orbits of the Killing field all have period $2 \pi$. Rather, any Killing field ... More
Music By NumbersMar 03 2011In this paper we present a mathematical way of defining musical modes, we derive a formula for the total number of modes and define the musicality of a mode as the total number of harmonic chords whithin the mode. We also give an algorithm for the construction ... More
Discovery Prospects for a Supernova Signature of Biogenic OriginOct 25 2010Mar 28 2011Approximately 2.8 Myr before the present our planet was subjected to the debris of a supernova explosion. The terrestrial proxy for this event was the discovery of live atoms of 60Fe in a deep-sea ferromanganese crust. The signature for this supernova ... More
Multi-Region Probabilistic Dice Similarity Coefficient using the Aitchison Distance and Bipartite Graph MatchingSep 24 2015Oct 13 2015Validation of image segmentation methods is of critical importance. Probabilistic image segmentation is increasingly popular as it captures uncertainty in the results. Image segmentation methods that support multi-region (as opposed to binary) delineation ... More
Modules of constant Jordan type, pullbacks of bundles and generic kernel filtrationsApr 08 2015Let $kE$ denote the group algebra of an elementary abelian $p$-group of rank $r$ over an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p$. We investigate the functors $\mathcal{F}_i$ from $kE$-modules of constant Jordan type to vector bundles on $\mathbb{P}^{r-1}(k)$, ... More
Spatio-Temporal Sentiment Hotspot Detection Using Geotagged PhotosSep 21 2016We perform spatio-temporal analysis of public sentiment using geotagged photo collections. We develop a deep learning-based classifier that predicts the emotion conveyed by an image. This allows us to associate sentiment with place. We perform spatial ... More
Land Use Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks Applied to Ground-Level ImagesSep 21 2016Land use mapping is a fundamental yet challenging task in geographic science. In contrast to land cover mapping, it is generally not possible using overhead imagery. The recent, explosive growth of online geo-referenced photo collections suggests an alternate ... More
A Music-generating System Inspired by the Science of Complex Adaptive SystemsOct 08 2016This paper presents NetWorks (NW), an interactive music generation system that uses a hierarchically clustered scale free network to generate music that ranges from orderly to chaotic. NW was inspired by the Honing Theory of creativity, according to which ... More
Detection of coherent structures in photospheric turbulent flowsDec 09 2013We study coherent structures in solar photospheric flows in a plage in the vicinity of the active region AR 10930 using the horizontal velocity data derived from Hinode/SOT magnetograms. Eulerian and Lagrangian coherent structures are detected by computing ... More
Are Black Hole Starships PossibleAug 12 2009We investigate whether it is physically possible to build starships or power sources using the Hawking radiation of an artificial black hole as a power source. The proposal seems to be at the edge of possibility, but quantum gravity effects could change ... More
Classifying Topoi and Preservation of Higher Order Logic by Geometric MorphismsMay 14 2013Topoi are categories which have enough structure to interpret higher order logic. They admit two notions of morphism: logical morphisms which preserve all of the structure and therefore the interpretation of higher order logic, and geometric morphisms ... More
Perturbative stability of the approximate Killing field eigenvalue problemDec 31 2013An approximate Killing field may be defined on a compact, Riemannian geometry by solving an eigenvalue problem for a certain elliptic operator. This paper studies the effect of small perturbations in the Riemannian metric on the resulting vector field. ... More
Graphlets versus node2vec and struc2vec in the task of network alignmentMay 11 2018May 19 2018Network embedding aims to represent each node in a network as a low-dimensional feature vector that summarizes the given node's (extended) network neighborhood. The nodes' feature vectors can then be used in various downstream machine learning tasks. ... More
Data-driven network alignmentFeb 08 2019Mar 26 2019Biological network alignment (NA) aims to find a node mapping between species' molecular networks that uncovers similar network regions, thus allowing for transfer of functional knowledge between the aligned nodes. However, current NA methods do not end ... More
Families of Artin-Schreier curves with Cartier-Manin matrix of constant rankFeb 19 2012Let k be an algebraically closed field of characteristic p > 0. Every Artin-Schreier k-curve X has an equation of the form y^p - y = f(x) for some f(x) in k(x) such that p does not divide the least common multiple L of the orders of the poles of f(x). ... More
Structural and Functional Discovery in Dynamic Networks with Non-negative Matrix FactorizationMay 30 2013Time series of graphs are increasingly prevalent in modern data and pose unique challenges to visual exploration and pattern extraction. This paper describes the development and application of matrix factorizations for exploration and time-varying community ... More
Depth2Action: Exploring Embedded Depth for Large-Scale Action RecognitionAug 15 2016This paper performs the first investigation into depth for large-scale human action recognition in video where the depth cues are estimated from the videos themselves. We develop a new framework called depth2action and experiment thoroughly into how best ... More
Adaptable Precomputation for Random Walker Image Segmentation and RegistrationJul 14 2016The random walker (RW) algorithm is used for both image segmentation and registration, and possesses several useful properties that make it popular in medical imaging, such as being globally optimizable, allowing user interaction, and providing uncertainty ... More
Comparisons between singularity categories and relative stable categories of finite groupsJan 28 2016Feb 24 2016We consider the relationship between the relative stable category of Benson, Iyengar, and Krause and the usual singularity category for group algebras with coefficients in a commutative noetherian ring. When the coefficient ring is self-injective we show ... More
A Model for Collective Dynamics in Ant RaidsAug 17 2015Ant raiding, the process of identifying and returning food to the nest or bivouac, is a fascinating example of collective motion in nature. During such raids ants lay pheromones to form trails for others to find a food source. In this work a coupled PDE/ODE ... More
Quantitative Comparison of Open-Source Data for Fine-Grain Mapping of Land UseNov 09 2017This paper performs a quantitative comparison of open-source data available on the Internet for the fine-grain mapping of land use. Three points of interest (POI) data sources--Google Places, Bing Maps, and the Yellow Pages--and one volunteered geographic ... More
Planetary Candidates Observed by Kepler, III: Analysis of the First 16 Months of DataFeb 27 2012New transiting planet candidates are identified in sixteen months (May 2009 - September 2010) of data from the Kepler spacecraft. Nearly five thousand periodic transit-like signals are vetted against astrophysical and instrumental false positives yielding ... More
The Transverse Peculiar Velocity of the Q2237+0305 Lens Galaxy and the Mean Mass of Its StarsOct 16 2009Feb 09 2010Using 11-years of OGLE V-band photometry of Q2237+0305, we measure the transverse velocity of the lens galaxy and the mean mass of its stars. We can do so because, for the first time, we fully include the random motions of the stars in the lens galaxy ... More
Optimal Control Of Surface ShapeJul 16 2014Dec 08 2014Controlling the shapes of surfaces provides a novel way to direct self-assembly of colloidal particles on those surfaces and may be useful for material design. This motivates the investigation of an optimal control problem for surface shape in this paper. ... More
An application of graph pebbling to zero-sum sequences in abelian groupsSep 29 2004A sequence of elements of a finite group G is called a zero-sum sequence if it sums to the identity of G. The study of zero-sum sequences has a long history with many important applications in number theory and group theory. In 1989 Kleitman and Lemke, ... More
Universal Quantum Computation with Metaplectic AnyonsMay 30 2014Mar 15 2015We show that braidings of the metaplectic anyons $X_\epsilon$ in $SO(3)_2=SU(2)_4$ with their total charge equal to the metaplectic mode $Y$ supplemented with measurements of the total charge of two metaplectic anyons are universal for quantum computation. ... More
On Two Invariants of Three Manifolds from Hopf AlgebrasOct 26 2017Dec 21 2017We prove a 20-year-old conjecture concerning two quantum invariants of three manifolds that are constructed from finite dimensional Hopf algebras, namely, the Kuperberg invariant and the Hennings-Kauffman-Radford invariant. The two invariants can be viewed ... More
Microlensing Evidence That A Type 1 Quasar Is Viewed Face OnOct 19 2009Feb 09 2010Using a microlensing analysis of 11-years of OGLE V-band photometry of the four image gravitational lens Q2237+0305, we measure the inclination i of the accretion disk to be cos i > 0.66 at 68% confidence. Very edge on (cos i < 0.39) solutions are ruled ... More
Rules of Acquisition for Mementos and Their ContentFeb 19 2016Feb 22 2016Text extraction from web pages has many applications, including web crawling optimization and document clustering. Though much has been written about the acquisition of content from live web pages, content acquisition of archived web pages, known as mementos, ... More
The Pale Orange Dot: The Spectrum and Habitability of Hazy Archean EarthOct 14 2016Recognizing whether a planet can support life is a primary goal of future exoplanet spectral characterization missions, but past research on habitability assessment has largely ignored the vastly different conditions that have existed in our planet's ... More
Stellar Activity Effects on Moist Habitable Terrestrial Atmospheres Around M dwarfsFeb 11 2019Transit spectroscopy of terrestrial planets around nearby M dwarfs is a primary goal of space missions in coming decades. 3-D climate modeling has shown that slow-synchronous rotating terrestrial planets may develop thick clouds at the substellar point, ... More
Model Cortical Association Fields Account for the Time Course and Dependence on Target Complexity of Human Contour PerceptionFeb 02 2011Jul 20 2011Can lateral connectivity in the primary visual cortex account for the time dependence and intrinsic task difficulty of human contour detection? To answer this question, we created a synthetic image set that prevents sole reliance on either low-level visual ... More
Design and development of an ambient-temperature continuously-rotating achromatic half-wave plate for CMB polarization modulation on the POLARBEAR-2 experimentJul 21 2016We describe the development of an ambient-temperature continuously-rotating half-wave plate (HWP) for study of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) polarization by the POLARBEAR-2 (PB2) experiment. Rapid polarization modulation suppresses 1/f noise due ... More
Quantum transitions induced by the third cumulant of current fluctuationsJun 23 2005Oct 14 2005We investigate the transitions induced by external current fluctuations on a small probe quantum system. The rates for the transitions between the energy states are calculated using the real-time Keldysh formalism for the density matrix evolution. We ... More
Momentum-space structure of surface states in a topological semimetal with a nexus point of Dirac linesApr 21 2016Jun 27 2016Three-dimensional topological semimetals come in different variants, either containing Weyl points or Dirac lines. Here we describe a more complicated momentum-space topological defect where several separate Dirac lines connect with each other, forming ... More
Lattice QCD study of $g_A^{N^*N^*}$ with two flavors of dynamical quarksNov 13 2007We report the first lattice QCD result of the axial charge of N(1535), $g_A^{N^*N^*}$. The measurement is performed with two flavors of dynamical quarks employing the renormalization-group improved gauge action at $\beta$=1.95 and the mean-field improved ... More
The smallest Haken hyperbolic polyhedraAug 23 2011Jan 25 2012We determine the lowest volume hyperbolic Coxeter polyhedron whose corresponding hyperbolic polyhedral 3-orbifold contains an essential 2-suborbifold, up to a canonical decomposition along essential hyperbolic triangle 2-suborbifolds.
Comparison of Three-jet Events in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at Center-of-mass Energy 1.8 TeV to Predictions from a Next-to-leading Order QCD CalculationOct 06 2004The properties of three-jet events with total transverse energy greater than 320 GeV and individual jet energy greater than 20 GeV have been analyzed and compared to absolute predictions from a next-to-leading order (NLO) perturbative QCD calculation. ... More