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Towards Ultimate Parton Distributions from p+p and e+p CollisionsJul 10 2019We present results from a detailed assessment of the ultimate constraining power of LHC data on the PDFs that can be expected from the complete dataset, in particular after the High-Luminosity (HL) phase. To achieve this, HL-LHC pseudo-data for different ... More
Transversality theory, cobordisms, and invariants of symplectic quotientsJan 01 2000This paper gives methods for understanding invariants of symplectic quotients. The symplectic quotients considered here are compact symplectic manifolds (or more generally orbifolds), which arise as the symplectic quotients of a symplectic manifold by ... More
Adding Long-Wavelength Power to N-body SimulationsApr 10 1996Sep 06 1996Tormen and Bertschinger have presented an algorithm which allows the dynamic range of N-body simulations to be extended by adding long-wavelength power to an evolved N-body simulation. This procedure is of considerable interest as it will enable mock ... More
Instabilities in Granular FlowJul 14 2000We consider the stability of a system of equations which are a singular perturbation of the incompressible rigid-plastic flow equations used to model granular flow. A linear stability analysis shows that solutions of these equations are unstable, in general, ... More
The supercuspidal representations of p-adic classical groupsJul 25 2006Nov 12 2007Let G be a unitary, symplectic or special orthogonal group over a locally compact non-archimedean local field of odd residual characteristic. We construct many new supercuspidal representations of G, and Bushnell-Kutzko types for these representations. ... More
Modelling Galaxy Merger Timescales and Tidal DestructionSep 29 2016We present a model for the dynamical evolution of subhaloes based on an approach combining numerical and analytical methods. Our method is based on tracking subhaloes in an N-body simulation up to the last point that it can be resolved, and applying an ... More
On a Linearized Problem Arising in the Navier-Stokes Flow of a Free Liquid JetDec 17 2011In this work, we analyze a Stokes problem arising in the study of the Navier-Stokes flow of a liquid jet. The analysis is accomplished by showing that the relevant Stokes operator accounting for a free surface gives rise to a sectorial operator which ... More
Coupled Optical Resonance Laser LockinJul 09 2013We have demonstrated simultaneous laser frequency stabilization of a UV and IR laser, to the same spectroscopic sample, by monitoring only the absorption of the UV laser. For trapping and cooling Yb$^{+}$ ions, a frequency stabilized laser is required ... More
Fierz bilinear formulation of the Maxwell-Dirac equations and symmetry reductionsMay 27 2014We study the Maxwell-Dirac equations in a manifestly gauge invariant presentation using only the spinor bilinear scalar and pseudoscalar densities, and the vector and pseudovector currents, together with their quadratic Fierz relations. The internally ... More
The Structure of Dark Matter Haloes in Hierarchical Clustering ModelsOct 30 1995Mar 08 1996We use a set of large cosmological N-body simulations to study the internal structure of dark matter haloes which form in scale-free models. We find that the radius r_178 corresponding to a mean interior overdensity of 178 accurately delineates the quasi-static ... More
Cuspidal $\ell$-modular representations of $p$-adic classical groupsSep 07 2015Nov 26 2015For a classical group over a non-archimedean local field of odd residual characteristic p, we construct all cuspidal representations over an arbitrary algebraically closed field of characteristic different from p, as representations induced from a cuspidal ... More
Light Scattering in Transparent Glass CeramicsJul 24 2002Transparent glass ceramic materials, with microstructures comprised of dispersed nanocrystallites in a residual glass matrix, offer the prospect of nonlinear optical properties. However, good transparency requires low optical scattering and low atomic ... More
Maxwell-Dirac stress-energy tensor in terms of Fierz bilinear currentsAug 26 2015We analyze the stress-energy tensor for the self-coupled Maxwell-Dirac system in the bilinear current formalism, using two independent approaches. The first method used is that attributed to Belinfante: starting from the spinor form of the action, the ... More
Cosmological Constraints from applying SHAM to rescaled cosmological simulationsFeb 04 2013We place constraints on the matter density of the Universe and the amplitude of clustering using measurements of the galaxy two-point correlation function from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). We generate model predictions for different cosmologies ... More
A Consistent Approach to Falsifying Lambda-CDM with Rare Galaxy ClustersOct 16 2012Jul 28 2013We consider methods with which to answer the question "is any observed galaxy cluster too unusual for Lambda-CDM?" After emphasising that many previous attempts to answer this question will overestimate the confidence level at which Lambda-CDM can be ... More
The nature of voids: II. Tracing underdensities with biased galaxiesJul 01 2015Aug 28 2015We study how the properties of cosmic voids depend on those of the tracer galaxy populations in which they are identified. We use a suite of halo occupation distribution (HOD) mocks in a simulation, identify voids in these populations using the ZOBOV ... More
The nature of voids: I. Watershed void finders and their connection with theoretical modelsApr 24 2015Dec 27 2015The statistical study of voids in the matter distribution promises to be an important tool for precision cosmology, but there are known discrepancies between theoretical models of voids and the voids actually found in large simulations or galaxy surveys. ... More
Intertwining semisimple characters for quasi-split p-adic classical groups (preliminary version)Mar 31 2015Apr 13 2015Let $G$ be a unitary group of an $\epsilon$-Hermitian form $h$ given over a non-archimedean local field $F$ of residue characteristic not two. Let $V$ be the vector space on which $h$ is defined. Among many other statements about semisimple strata and ... More
Comments on arXiv:1310.5067: "A response to `A self-consistent public catalogue of voids and superclusters in the SDSS Data Release 7 galaxy surveys' "Oct 25 2013Nov 11 2013Sutter et al. have responded to the criticisms we made of their cosmic void catalogue in our recent paper presenting an alternative catalogue (Nadathur & Hotchkiss 2013). Unfortunately, their response contains several statements which are incorrect, as ... More
Hypergeometric modular equationsSep 23 2016We record $$ \binom{42}2+\binom{23}2+\binom{13}2=1192 $$ functional identities that, apart from being amazingly amusing by themselves, find applications in derivation of Ramanujan-type formulas for $1/\pi$ and in computation of mathematical constants. ... More
Pattern Avoiding Ballot Paths and Finite Operator CalculusSep 06 2007Counting pattern avoiding ballot paths begins with a careful analysis of the pattern. Not the length, but the characteristics of the pattern are responsible for the difficulties in finding explicit solutions. Certain features, like overlap and difference ... More
On the realisation of maximal simple types and epsilon factors of pairsMar 02 2006Let $G$ be the group of rational points of a general linear group over a non-archimedean local field $F$. We show that certain representations of open, compact-mod-centre subgroups of $G$, (the maximal simple types of Bushnell and Kutzko) can be realized ... More
Proceedings of the CAS - CERN Accelerator School: Course on High Power Hadron Machines, Bilbao, Spain, 24 May - 2 Jun 2011Aug 01 2013These proceedings collate lectures given at the twenty-fifth specialized course organised by the CERN Accelerator School (CAS). The course was held in Bilbao, Spain from 24 May to 2 June 2011, in collaboration with ESS Bilbao. The course covered the background ... More
On the local and global classification of generalized complex structuresJan 04 2012We study a number of local and global classification problems in generalized complex geometry. In the first topic, we characterize the local structure of generalized complex manifolds by proving that a generalized complex structure near a complex point ... More
The small scale power asymmetry in the cosmic microwave backgroundJul 23 2013Sep 27 2013We investigate the hemispherical power asymmetry in the cosmic microwave background on small angular scales. We find an anomalously high asymmetry in the multipole range l=601-2048, with a naive statistical significance of 6.5 sigma. However, we show ... More
Mating quadratic maps with the modular group IINov 16 2016In 1994 S. Bullett and C. Penrose introduced the one complex parameter family of $(2:2)$ holomorphic correspondences $\mathcal{F}_a$: $$\left(\frac{aw-1}{w-1}\right)^2+\left(\frac{aw-1}{w-1}\right)\left(\frac{az+1}{z+1}\right) +\left(\frac{az+1}{z+1}\right)^2=3$$ ... More
Towards an explicit local Jacquet-Langlands correspondence beyond the cuspidal caseNov 14 2016We show how the modular representation theory of inner forms of general linear groups over a non-Archimedean local field can be brought to bear on the complex theory in a remarkable way. Let F be a non-Archimedean locally compact field of residue characteristic ... More
Merger rates in hierarchical models of galaxy formation. II: Comparison with N-body simulationsFeb 28 1994May 24 1994We have made a detailed comparison of the results of large N-body simulations with the analytical description of the merging histories of dark matter halos presented in Lacey & Cole 1993, which is based on an extension of the Press- Schechter method (Bond ... More
Intertwining semisimple characters for p-adic classical groupsMar 31 2015Nov 08 2016Let~$G$ be a unitary group of an~$\epsilon$-hermitian form~$h$ given over a nonarchimedean local field~$F_0$ of odd residue characteristic. We introduce a geometric combinatoric condition under which we prove "Intertwining implies Conjugacy" for semisimple ... More
Symmetric Homology of AlgebrasFeb 07 2009Jun 23 2011The symmetric homology of a unital algebra $A$ over a commutative ground ring $k$ is defined using derived functors and the symmetric bar construction of Fiedorowicz. For a group ring $A = k[\Gamma]$, the symmetric homology is related to stable homotopy ... More
Smooth representations of GL_m(D) VI : semisimple typesSep 06 2010We give a complete description of the category of smooth complex representations of the multiplicative group of a central simple algebra over a locally compact nonarchimedean local field. More precisely, for each inertial class in the Bernstein spectrum, ... More
Proceedings of the CAS - CERN Accelerator School: Power Converters, Baden, Switzerland, 7-14 May 2014Jul 11 2016These proceedings collate lectures given at the twenty-eighth specialized course organised by the CERN Accelerator School (CAS). The course was held at the Hotel du Parc, Baden, Switzerland from 7 - 14 May 2014, in collaboration with the Paul Scherrer ... More
Proceedings of the CAS - CERN Accelerator School: Superconductivity for Accelerators, Erice, Italy, 24 Apr - 4 May 2013Feb 10 2015These proceedings collate lectures given at the twenty-seventh specialized course organised by the CERN Accelerator School (CAS). The course was held at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture (EMFCSC) in Erice, Italy, from 24 ... More
Local classification of generalized complex structuresJan 23 2012Aug 05 2013We give a local classification of generalized complex structures. About a point, a generalized complex structure is equivalent to a product of a symplectic manifold with a holomorphic Poisson manifold. We use a Nash-Moser type argument in the style of ... More
An Application for Research: the Large Hadron ColliderApr 03 2014The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) machine at CERN was designed and built primarily to find or exclude the existence of the Higgs boson, for which a large amount of data is needed by the LHC experiments. This requires operation at high luminosity, which ... More
The local structure of generalized complex branesNov 14 2017Nov 15 2017We show (modulo a parity condition) that, a generalized complex brane in a generalized complex manifold is locally equivalent to a holomorphic coisotropic submanifold of a holomorphic Poisson structure, with higher-rank branes corresponding to holomorphic ... More
The Kato Square Root Problem for Divergence Form Operators with PotentialDec 26 2018Jan 13 2019The Kato square root problem for divergence form elliptic operators with potential $V:\mathbb{R}^{n} \rightarrow \mathbb{C}$ is the equivalence statement $\left\Vert \left( \mathcal{L}_{A}^{V} \right)^{\frac{1}{2}}u \right\Vert \simeq \left\Vert \nabla ... More
Proceedings of the CAS - CERN Accelerator School: Ion Sources, Senec, Slovakia, 29 May - 8 June 2012Nov 10 2014These proceedings collate lectures given at the twenty-sixth specialized course organised by the CERN Accelerator School (CAS). The course was held in Senec, Slovakia from 29 May to 8 June 2012, in collaboration with the Slovak University of Technology, ... More
Proceedings of the CAS - CERN Accelerator School: RF for Accelerators, Ebeltoft, Denmark, 8 - 17 Jun 2010Jan 23 2012Jan 24 2012These proceedings present the lectures given at the twenty-fourth specialized course organized by the CERN Accelerator School (CAS). The course was held in Ebeltoft, Denmark, from 8-17 June, 2010 in collaboration with Aarhus University, with the topic ... More
Di-photon + Jet Event StructureAug 01 1995Aug 02 1995New distributions are presented which allow di-photon + jet events to be clearly separated into three classes of events based on the $p_{T}$ of the final state particles and their separation $R$ = $\sqrt{(\Delta y)^{2} + (\Delta \phi)^{2}}$. The analysis ... More
Principal Component Analysis with Noisy and/or Missing DataAug 20 2012Sep 14 2012We present a method for performing Principal Component Analysis (PCA) on noisy datasets with missing values. Estimates of the measurement error are used to weight the input data such that compared to classic PCA, the resulting eigenvectors are more sensitive ... More
Symplectic foliations and generalized complex structuresMar 29 2012Sep 12 2016We answer the natural question: when are a regular Poisson structure along with a complex structure transverse to its symplectic leaves induced by generalized complex structure? The leafwise symplectic form and transverse complex structure determine an ... More
A Hardy-Littlewood Maximal Operator Adapted to the Harmonic OscillatorDec 26 2016Dec 26 2018This paper constructs a Hardy-Littlewood type maximal operator adapted to the Schr\"{o}dinger operator $\mathcal{L} := -\Delta + |x|^{2}$ acting on $L^{2}(\mathbb{R}^{d})$. It achieves this through the use of the Gaussian grid $\Delta^{\gamma}_{0}$, constructed ... More
The Dawes Review 3: The Atmospheres of Extrasolar Planets and Brown DwarfsSep 24 2014The last few years has seen a dramatic increase in the number of exoplanets known and in the range of methods for characterising their atmospheric properties. At the same time, new discoveries of increasingly cooler brown dwarfs have pushed down their ... More
Probing Proton Structure at the Large Hadron electron ColliderJun 24 2019For the foreseeable future, the exploration of the high-energy frontier will be the domain of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Of particular significance will be its high-luminosity upgrade (HL-LHC), which will operate until the mid-2030s. In this endeavour, ... More
The galaxy power spectrum: precision cosmology from large scale structure?Aug 13 2007Dec 05 2007Published galaxy power spectra from the 2dFGRS and SDSS are not in good agreement. We revisit this issue by analyzing both the 2dFGRS and SDSS DR5 catalogues using essentially identical techniques. We confirm that the 2dFGRS exhibits relatively more large ... More
Towards Ultimate Parton Distributions at the High-Luminosity LHCOct 08 2018Since its start of data taking, the LHC has provided an impressive wealth of information on the quark and gluon structure of the proton. Indeed, modern global analyses of parton distribution functions (PDFs) include a wide range of LHC measurements of ... More
Counting paths in corridors using circular Pascal arraysJul 08 2014A circular Pascal array is a periodization of the familiar Pascal's triangle. Using simple operators defined on periodic sequences, we find a direct relationship between the ranges of the circular Pascal arrays and numbers of certain lattice paths within ... More
Erdos-Szekeres tableauxJul 02 2014We explore a question related to the celebrated Erd\H{o}s-Szekeres Theorem and develop a geometric approach to answer it. Our main object of study is the Erd\H{o}s-Szekeres tableau, or EST, of a number sequence. An EST is the sequence of integral points ... More
Local Lorentz-Symmetry Breaking and GravitySep 17 2013The lagrangian-based Standard-Model Extension framework offers a broad description of possible gravitational effects from local Lorentz violation. In this talk, I review the status of the theoretical and phenomenological work in this area. The extension ... More
Gravity Couplings in the Standard-Model ExtensionAug 02 2010The Standard-Model Extension (SME) is an action-based expansion describing general Lorentz violation for known matter and fields, including gravity. In this talk, I will discuss the Lorentz-violating gravity couplings in the SME. Toy models that match ... More
Testing Lorentz Symmetry with GravitySep 15 2007In this talk, results from the gravitational sector of the Standard-Model Extension (SME) are discussed. The weak-field phenomenology of the resulting modified gravitational field equations is explored. The application of the results to a variety of modern ... More
Gravity Sector of the SMEJul 25 2016In this talk, the gravity sector of the effective field theory description of local Lorentz violation is discussed, including minimal and nonminimal curvature couplings. Also, recent experimental and observational analyses including solar-system ephemeris ... More
Lorentz-violating gravitoelectromagnetismMay 10 2010Sep 07 2010The well-known analogy between a special limit of General Relativity and electromagnetism is explored in the context of the Lorentz-violating Standard-Model Extension (SME). An analogy is developed for the minimal SME that connects a limit of the CPT-even ... More
Lorentz Violation and GravityNov 10 2009In the last decade, a variety of high-precision experiments have searched for miniscule violations of Lorentz symmetry. These searches are largely motivated by the possibility of uncovering experimental signatures from a fundamental unified theory. Experimental ... More
Prime Filters in MV-algebras IIJul 20 2009In this document we consider the prime and maximal spectra of an MV-algebra with certain natural operations. Several new MV-algebras are constructed in this fashion.
A Localization in MV-algebrasSep 23 2010In this document we consider a way of localizing an MV-algebra. Given any prime filter $F$ we find a local MV-algebra which has the same poset of prime filters as the poset of prime filters comparable to $F$.
Covers of acts over monoids IIJul 11 2012Jul 13 2012In 1981 Edgar Enochs conjectured that every module has a flat cover and finally proved this in 2001. Since then a great deal of effort has been spent on studying different types of covers, for example injective and torsion free covers. In 2008, Mahmoudi ... More
Recent Developments in Spacetime-Symmetry tests in GravityJun 20 2019Jun 25 2019We summarize theoretical and experimental work on tests of CPT and local Lorentz symmetry in gravity. Recent developments include extending the effective field theory framework into the nonlinear regime of gravity.
A memory function analysis of non-exponential relaxation in viscous liquidsApr 16 2009We analyze data from simulations of 2D and 3D glass-forming liquids using a correlation function defined in terms of a memory function with a negative inverse power-law tail. The self-intermediate function and the autocorrelation functions of pressure ... More
The hot Jupiter period-mass distribution as a signature of in situ formationSep 14 2018More than two decades after the widespread detection of Jovian-class planets on short-period orbits around other stars, their dynamical origins remain imperfectly understood. In the traditional narrative, these highly irradiated giant planets, like Jupiter ... More
Is there a Vector Boson Coupling to Baryon Number?Nov 22 1994Discrepancies in measurements of the QCD running coupling constant are consistent with a new vector gauge boson coupling to baryon number with strength aB~0.1. Upsilon decays constrain such a boson to have a mass greater than about 35 GeV. It is difficult ... More
Weak Factorization Systems for S-actsFeb 01 2013The concept of a weak factorization system has been studied extensively in homotopy theory and has recently found an application in one of the proofs of the celebrated flat cover conjecture, categorical versions of which have been presented by a number ... More
Covers of acts over monoids and pure epimorphismsJun 14 2012In 2001 Enoch's celebrated flat cover conjecture was finally proven and the proofs (two different proofs were presented in the same paper [4]) have since generated a great deal of interest among researchers. In particular the results have been recast ... More
The Algebra of Filters of a Cubic AlgebraJan 30 2009In this paper we discuss the inclusion ordering on the filters of a filter algebra, a special type of Metropolis-Rota algeba. Using embeddings into interval algebras we show that the notion of "untwisted" gives rise to a congruence relation on the group ... More
Integration of generalized complex structuresNov 11 2016Nov 15 2016We solve the integration problem for generalized complex manifolds, obtaining as the natural integrating object a weakly holomorphic symplectic groupoid, which is a real symplectic groupoid with a compatible complex structure defined only on the associated ... More
The Extreme Tail of the Non-Gaussian Mass FunctionApr 06 2011Jul 11 2011Number counts of massive high-redshift clusters provide a window to study primordial non-Gaussianity. The current quality of data, however, forces the statistical analysis to probe a region of parameter space -- the extreme tail of the mass function -- ... More
The quasi principal rank characteristic sequenceNov 03 2017A minor of a matrix is quasi-principal if it is a principal or an almost-principal minor. The quasi principal rank characteristic sequence (qpr-sequence) of an $n\times n$ symmetric matrix is introduced, which is defined as $q_1 q_2 \cdots q_n$, where ... More
Collaborative Network Formation in Spatial OligopoliesAug 20 2011Recently, it has been shown that networks with an arbitrary degree sequence may be a stable solution to a network formation game. Further, in recent years there has been a rise in the number of firms participating in collaborative efforts. In this paper, ... More
Towards the Jacquet Conjecture on the Local Converse Problem for $p$-adic $\mathrm{GL}_n$Apr 11 2015The Local Converse Problem is to determine how the family of the local gamma factors $\gamma(s,\pi\times\tau,\psi)$ characterizes the isomorphism class of an irreducible admissible generic representation $\pi$ of $\mathrm{GL}_n(F)$, with $F$ a non-archimedean ... More
A Game Theoretic Perspective on Network TopologiesJun 13 2011Apr 05 2012As an alternative view to the graph formation models in the statistical physics community, we introduce graph formation models using \textit{network formation} through selfish competition as an approach to modeling graphs with particular topologies. We ... More
A Terrible Expansion of the DeterminantSep 11 2015From a transfer formula in multivariate finite operator calculus, comes an expansion for the determinant similar to Ryser's formula for the permanent. Although this one contains many more terms than the usual determinant formula. To prove it, we consider ... More
Sampling and Recovery of Multidimensional Bandlimited Functions via FramesSep 10 2010In this paper, we investigate frames for $L_2[-\pi,\pi]^d$ consisting of exponential functions in connection to oversampling and nonuniform sampling of bandlimited functions. We derive a multidimensional nonuniform oversampling formula for bandlimited ... More
Area of Polygons in Hyperbolic GeometryJul 08 2004Consider the Poincare disc model for hyperbolic geometry. In this paper, a convenient computational formula is developed along with an aesthetic geometric interpretation. Two proofs, one geometric and one analytical, of each result are given.
Impact of QCD Corrections on the Search for the Intermediate Mass Higgs BosonJul 30 1993Using next-to-leading-log calculations of Higgs production and hadronic two photon production, a signal and background study in the intermediate mass range of the Higgs boson is done for $\sqrt{s}=$ 40 and 14 TeV. The effects of realistic cuts, including ... More
What do we know about Lorentz Symmetry?May 22 2015Precision tests of Lorentz symmetry have become increasingly of interest to the broader gravitational and high-energy physics communities. In this talk, recent work on violations of local Lorentz invariance in gravity is discussed, including recent analysis ... More
Size-Noise Tradeoffs in Generative NetworksOct 26 2018This paper investigates the ability of generative networks to convert their input noise distributions into other distributions. Firstly, we demonstrate a construction that allows ReLU networks to increase the dimensionality of their noise distribution ... More
Pointwise Convergence of Dyadic Partial Sums of Almost Periodic Fourier SeriesDec 19 2011It is a classical result that dyadic partial sums of the Fourier series of functions $f \in L^p(\mathbb{T})$ converge almost everywhere for $p \in (1, \infty)$. In 1968, E. A. Bredihina established an analogous result for functions belonging to the Stepanov ... More
Local analytic geometry of generalized complex structuresMar 27 2014Jan 20 2016A generalized complex manifold is locally gauge-equivalent to the product of a holomorphic Poisson manifold with a real symplectic manifold, but in possibly many different ways. In this paper we show that the isomorphism class of the holomorphic Poisson ... More
Staggered Heavy Baryon Chiral Perturbation TheoryApr 11 2007Jul 30 2007Although taste violations significantly affect the results of staggered calculations of pseudoscalar and heavy-light mesonic quantities, those entering staggered calculations of baryonic quantities have not been quantified. Here I develop staggered chiral ... More
Prime Filters in an MV-algebraJul 20 2009In this document we consider the prime spectrum of an MV-algebra with certain natural operations. These are used to show connections between the classes of prime lattice filters and prime implication filters.
A short note on strongly flat covers of acts over monoidsOct 02 2013Recently two different concepts of covers of acts over monoids have been studied. That based on coessential epimorphisms and that based on Enochs' definition of a flat cover of a module over a ring. Two recent papers have suggested that in the former ... More
Cubic algebras and Implication AlgebrasFeb 04 2009We consider relationships between cubic algebras and implication algebras. We first exhibit a functorial construction of a cubic algebra from an implication algebra. Then we consider an collapse of a cubic algebra to an implication algebra and the connection ... More
Free cubic implication algebrasFeb 03 2009We construct free cubic implication algebras with finitely many generators, and determine the size of these algebras.
Limited scope adic transformationsAug 09 2007We introduce a family of adic transformations on diagrams that are nonstationary and nonsimple. This family includes some previously studied adic transformations. We relate the dimension group of each these diagrams to the dynamical system determined ... More
Chiral forms and three-flavor operators for staggered baryonsOct 20 2006In staggered QCD, many staggered baryons correspond to each physical state. Taste violations lift the continuum degeneracies of the baryons and introduce nonzero off-diagonal elements in the mass matrix. While presenting no problem of principle, these ... More
Staggered Baryon Operators with Flavor SU(3) Quantum NumbersNov 21 2006Apr 06 2007The construction of the first baryon operators for staggered lattice QCD exploited the taste symmetry to emulate physical quark flavor; contemporary 2+1 flavor simulations explicitly include three physical quark flavors and necessitate interpreting a ... More
The Automorphism Group of a Metropolis-Rota Implication AlgebraFeb 06 2009We discuss the group of automorphisms of a general MR-algebra. We develop several functors between implication algebras and cubic algebras. These allow us to generalize the notion of inner automorphism. We then show that this group is always isomorphic ... More
Second order effect of twist deformation in the D1D5 CFTNov 12 2015Sep 16 2016Thermalization in the D1D5 CFT should occur via interactions caused by the twist operator, which deforms the theory off its free orbifold point. Earlier studies investigating this deformation at first order did not show any definite evidence of thermalization. ... More
Constraining Omega using weak gravitational lensing by clustersJan 22 1996The morphology of galaxy clusters reflects the epoch at which they formed and hence depends on the value of the mean cosmological density, Omega. Recent studies have shown that the distribution of dark matter in clusters can be mapped from analysis of ... More
The structure of small lead clustersJul 17 2002We have located the global minimum for all lead clusters with up to 160 atoms using a glue potential to model the interatomic interactions. The lowest-energy structures are not face-centred cubic as suggested previously. Rather, for N<40 the majority ... More
Symmetry Breaking in Pedestrian DynamicsMay 18 2016When two pedestrians travelling in opposite directions approach one another, each must decide on which side (the left or the right) they will attempt to pass. If both make the same choice then passing can be completed with ease, while if they make opposite ... More
Quantum Quench in Non-relativistic Fermionic Field Theory: Harmonic traps and 2d String TheoryMar 18 2019We investigate a class of exactly solvable quantum quench protocols with a finite quench rate in systems of one dimensional non-relativistic fermions in external harmonic oscillator or inverted harmonic oscillator potentials, with time dependent masses ... More
Achieving Convergence in Galaxy Formation Models by Augmenting N-body Merger TreesApr 07 2016Aug 16 2016Accurate modeling of galaxy formation in a hierarchical, cold dark matter universe requires the use of sufficiently high-resolution merger trees to obtain convergence in the predicted properties of galaxies. When semi-analytic galaxy formation models ... More
On the Complexity of the Positive Semidefinite Zero Forcing NumberJul 25 2014The positive zero forcing number of a graph is a graph parameter that arises from a non-traditional type of graph colouring, and is related to a more conventional version of zero forcing. We establish a relation between the zero forcing and the fast-mixed ... More
Spherically Symmetric N-body Simulations with General Relativistic DynamicsSep 03 2015Within a cosmological context, we study the behaviour of collisionless particles in the weak field approximation to General Relativity, allowing for large gradients of the fields and relativistic velocities for the particles. We consider a spherically ... More
The stacked ISW signal of rare superstructures in ΛCDMDec 04 2012Jan 21 2013A detection of the stacked integrated Sachs-Wolfe (ISW) signal in the CMB of rare superstructures identified in the SDSS Luminous Red Galaxy catalogue has been reported at very high statistical significance. The magnitude of the observed signal has previously ... More
The Galaxy Power Spectrum: 2dFGRS-SDSS tension?Nov 06 2006Published galaxy power spectra from the 2dFGRS and SDSS are not in good agreement. We revisit this issue by analyzing both the 2dFGRS and SDSS DR5 catalogues using essentially identical technqiues. We confirm that the 2dFGRS exhibits relatively more large ... More
Topography of (exo)planetsJan 31 2019Current technology is not able to map the topography of rocky exoplanets, simply because the objects are too faint and far away to resolve them. Nevertheless, indirect effect of topography should be soon observable thanks to photometry techniques, and ... More
One-Loop Transition Amplitudes in the D1D5 CFTJun 20 2016Sep 16 2016We consider the issue of thermalization in the D1D5 CFT. Thermalization is expected to correspond to the formation of a black hole in the dual gravity theory. We start from the orbifold point, where the theory is essentially free, and does not thermalize. ... More