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Transformable topological mechanical metamaterialsOct 21 2015Mechanical metamaterials are engineered materials that gain their remarkable mechanical properties, such as negative Poisson's ratios, negative compressibility, phononic bandgaps, and topological phonon modes, from their structure rather than composition. ... More
Capillary-driven binding of thin triangular prisms at fluid interfacesFeb 08 2018We observe capillary-driven binding between thin, equilateral triangular prisms at a flat air-water interface. The edge length of the equilateral triangle face is 120 $\mu m$, and the thickness of the prism is varied between 2 and 20 $\mu m$. For thickness ... More
Non-zero-sum stopping games in continuous timeAug 17 2015On a filtered probability space $(\Omega ,\mathcal{F}, (\mathcal{F}_t)_{t\in[0,\infty]}, \mathbb{P})$, we consider the two-player non-zero-sum stopping game $u^i := \mathbb{E}[U^i(\rho,\tau)],\ i=1,2$, where the first player choose a stopping strategy ... More
Nonparametric specification for non-stationary time series regressionFeb 04 2014We investigate the behavior of the Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test (GLRT) (Fan, Zhang and Zhang [Ann. Statist. 29 (2001) 153-193]) for time varying coefficient models where the regressors and errors are non-stationary time series and can be cross correlated. ... More
Inference of weighted $V$-statistics for nonstationary time series and its applicationsJan 16 2014We investigate the behavior of Fourier transforms for a wide class of nonstationary nonlinear processes. Asymptotic central and noncentral limit theorems are established for a class of nondegenerate and degenerate weighted $V$-statistics through the angle ... More
Nonparametric inference of quantile curves for nonstationary time seriesOct 19 2010The paper considers nonparametric specification tests of quantile curves for a general class of nonstationary processes. Using Bahadur representation and Gaussian approximation results for nonstationary time series, simultaneous confidence bands and integrated ... More
Multi-player stopping games in continuous timeSep 14 2015We consider multi-player stopping games in continuous time. Unlike Dynkin games, in our games the payoff of each player is revealed after all the players stop. Moreover, each player can adjust her own stopping strategy by observing other players' behaviors. ... More
Non-zero-sum stopping games in discrete timeAug 25 2015We consider two-player non-zero-sum stopping games in discrete time. Unlike Dynkin games, in our games the payoff of each player is revealed after both players stop. Moreover, each player can adjust her own stopping strategy according to the other player's ... More
Ground-State Entropy of the Random Vertex-Cover ProblemOct 03 2008Mar 17 2009Counting the number of ground states for a spin-glass or NP-complete combinatorial optimization problem is even more difficult than the already hard task of finding a single ground state. In this paper the entropy of minimum vertex-covers of random graphs ... More
Arbitrage, hedging and utility maximization using semi-static trading strategies with American optionsFeb 24 2015Feb 08 2016We consider a financial market where stocks are available for dynamic trading, and European and American options are available for static trading (semi-static trading strategies). We assume that the American options are infinitely divisible, and can only ... More
On a Stopping Game in continuous timeSep 23 2014Jul 24 2015We consider a zero-sum continuous time stopping game in which the pay-off is revealed in the maximum of the two stopping times instead of the minimum, which is the case in Dynkin games.
On controller-stopper problems with jumps and their applications to indifference pricing of American optionsDec 20 2012Nov 18 2013We consider controller-stopper problems in which the controlled processes can have jumps. The global filtration is represented by the Brownian filtration, enlarged by the filtration generated by the jump process. We assume that there exists a conditional ... More
Channel Estimation for Millimeter Wave MIMO-OFDM Systems via Low-Rank Tensor DecompositionSep 12 2016In millimeter-wave (mmWave) MIMO systems, both the base stations (BS) and the mobile stations (MSs) employ large antenna arrays for directional beamforming. Acquiring channel knowledge for beamforming transmission is challenging due to the large number ... More
On Zero-sum Optimal Stopping GamesAug 16 2014May 08 2015On a filtered probability space $(\Omega,\mathcal{F},P,\mathbb{F}=(\mathcal{F}_t)_{t=0,\dotso,T})$, we consider stopper-stopper games $\overline V:=\inf_{\Rho\in\bT^{ii}}\sup_{\tau\in\T}\E[U(\Rho(\tau),\tau)]$ and $\underline V:=\sup_{\Tau\in\bT^i}\inf_{\rho\in\T}\E[U(\Rho(\tau),\tau)]$ ... More
On utility maximization with derivatives under model uncertaintyJul 18 2013We consider the robust utility maximization using a static holding in derivatives and a dynamic holding in the stock. There is no fixed model for the price of the stock but we consider a set of probability measures (models) which are not necessarily dominated ... More
No-arbitrage and hedging with liquid American optionsMay 04 2016May 27 2016Since most of the traded options on individual stocks is of American type it is of interest to generalize the results obtained in semi-static trading to the case when one is allowed to statically trade American options. However, this problem has proved ... More
On Arbitrage and Duality under Model Uncertainty and Portfolio ConstraintsFeb 11 2014Mar 27 2015We consider the fundamental theorem of asset pricing (FTAP) and hedging prices of options under non-dominated model uncertainty and portfolio constrains in discrete time. We first show that no arbitrage holds if and only if there exists some family of ... More
Super-hedging American Options with Semi-static Trading Strategies under Model UncertaintyApr 15 2016We consider the super-hedging price of an American option in a discrete-time market in which stocks are available for dynamic trading and European options are available for static trading. We show that the super-hedging price $\pi$ is given by the supremum ... More
On model-independent pricing/hedging using shortfall risk and quantilesJul 09 2013We consider the pricing and hedging of exotic options in a model-independent set-up using \emph{shortfall risk and quantiles}. We assume that the marginal distributions at certain times are given. This is tantamount to calibrating the model to call options ... More
On an Optimal Stopping Problem of an InsiderJan 14 2013Apr 06 2015We consider the optimal stopping problem $v^{(\eps)}:=\sup_{\tau\in\mathcal{T}_{0,T}}\mathbb{E}B_{(\tau-\eps)^+}$ posed by Shiryaev at the International Conference on Advanced Stochastic Optimization Problems organized by the Steklov Institute of Mathematics ... More
A Rolling PID Control Approach and its ApplicationsApr 09 2016The canonical proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control approach has been widely used in industrial application due to their simplicity and ease of use. However, its corresponding controller parameters are hard to be adjusted, especially for nonlinear ... More
A matlab toolbox for continuous state transition algorithmApr 04 2016State transition algorithm (STA) has been emerging as a novel stochastic method for global optimization in recent few years. To make better understanding of continuous STA, a matlab toolbox for continuous STA has been developed. Firstly, the basic principles ... More
Globally Existing Kähler-Ricci FlowsAug 26 2014May 15 2015We consider the general K\"ahler-Ricci flows which exist for all time. The zeroth order control on the flow metric potential for various infinite time singularities is the focus. The possible semi-amplness for numerically effective classes serves as the ... More
General Weak Limit for Kahler-Ricci FlowApr 15 2011Apr 10 2015Consider the Kahler-Ricci flow with finite time singularities over any closed Kahler manifold. We prove the existence of the flow limit in the sense of current towards the time of singularity. This answers affirmatively a problem raised by Tian on the ... More
Voronoi Summation Formulae on GL(n)Oct 13 2014Feb 03 2015We discover new Voronoi formulae for automorphic forms on GL($n$) for $n\geq 4$. There are $[n/2]$ different Voronoi formulae on GL($n$), which are Poisson summation formulae weighted by Fourier coefficients of the automorphic form with twists by some ... More
Mott states under the influence of fermion-boson conversion: invasion of superfluidityMay 30 2005Jun 28 2005I study the influence of fermion-boson conversion near Feshbach resonances on Mott states of Cooper pairs and demonstrate possible invasion of superfluidity. The quantum dynamics of Fermi-Bose gases is studied using both an effective coupled $U(1)\otimes ... More
Spin-1/2 Collective Excitations in BEC of Interacting Spin-1 AtomsJun 07 2001We construct spin-1/2 collective excitations in BEC of interacting spin-1 atoms. These excitations exist in states with a maximal global degeneracy. The stability and energy of these objects are determined by interactions with spin fluctuations and are ... More
Spin correlation and Discrete symmetry in Spinor Bose-Einstein CondensatesFeb 21 2001Aug 25 2001We study spin correlations in Bose-Einstein condensates of spin 1 bosons with scatterings dominated by a total spin equal 2 channel. We show the low energy spin dynamics in the system can be mapped into an $o(n)$ nonlinear sigma model(NL$\sigma$M). $n=3$ ... More
Spin Ordering and Quasiparticles in Spin Triplet Superconducting LiquidsJan 28 2002Jul 18 2002Spin ordering and its effect on low energy quasiparticles in a p-wave superconducting liquid are investigated. We show that there is a new 2D p-wave superconducting liquid where the ground state is rotation invariant. In quantum spin disordered liquids, ... More
Hidden topological order in $^{23}Na (F=1)$ Bose-Einstein CondensatesJul 12 2001Jul 13 2001We show the existence of a new hidden topological order in $^{23}Na$ (F=1) Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) with antiferromagnetic interactions. Occurrence of this order is due to the confinement of hedgehogs in BEC where a spin Josephson effect takes ... More
Inverse mean curvature flows in warped product manifoldsSep 30 2016Oct 28 2016We study inverse mean curvature flows of starshaped, mean convex hypersurfaces in warped product manifolds with a positive warping factor $h(r)$. If $h'(r)>0$ and $h"(r)\geq 0$, we show that these flows exist for all times, remain starshaped and mean ... More
On Degenerated Monge-Ampere Equations over Closed Kähler ManifoldsMar 19 2006Mar 20 2006In this work, we study Monge-Ampere equations over closed K\"ahler manifolds with degenerated cohomology classes. Classic results and arguments in pluripotential theory are generalized a little bit to be applied to our situation.
Temporal evolution and scaling of mixing in two-dimensional Rayleigh-Taylor turbulenceAug 01 2013We report a high-resolution numerical study of two-dimensional (2D) miscible Rayleigh-Taylor (RT) incompressible turbulence with the Boussinesq approximation. An ensemble of 100 independent realizations were performed at small Atwood number and unit Prandtl ... More
On the uniqueness conjecture for Markoff triplesOct 13 2000Nov 03 2000This paper has been withdrawn by author due to an error in the proof.
Convex Polytopes for the Central Degeneration of the Affine GrassmannianApr 28 2016Aug 30 2016We study the central degeneration (the degeneration that shows up in local models of Shimura varieties and Gaitsgory's central sheaves) of semi-infinite orbits, MV Cycles, and Iwahori orbits in the affine Grassmannian of type A, by considering their moment ... More
Some New Methods for Constructing 4-critical Planar GraphsAug 30 2015Sep 02 2015A graph $G$ is said to be $k$-critical if $G$ is $k$-colorable and $G-e$ is not $k$-colorable for every edge $e$ of $G$. In this paper, we present some new methods from two or more small 4-critical graphs to construct a larger 4-critical planar graphs. ... More
Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Time-Varying Systems by Lyapunov Functions with Indefinite DerivativesDec 08 2015This paper is concerned with stability analysis of nonlinear time-varying systems by using Lyapunov function based approach. The classical Lyapunov stability theorems are generalized in the sense that the time-derivative of the Lyapunov functions are ... More
The first boundary value problem for Abreu's equationSep 09 2010In this paper we prove the existence and regularity of solutions to the first boundary value problem for Abreu's equation, which is a fourth order nonlinear partial differential equation closely related to the Monge-Ampere equation. The first boundary ... More
Infinite Edge Partition Models for Overlapping Community Detection and Link PredictionJan 25 2015Dec 30 2015A hierarchical gamma process infinite edge partition model is proposed to factorize the binary adjacency matrix of an unweighted undirected relational network under a Bernoulli-Poisson link. The model describes both homophily and stochastic equivalence, ... More
Rational curves and lines on the moduli space of stable bundlesMay 15 2013Aug 06 2014Fix a smooth projetive curve $\mathcal {C}$ of genus $g\geq 2$ and a line bundle $\mathcal{L}$ on $\mathcal{C}$ of degree $d$. Let $M:= \mathcal{SU}_{\mathcal{C}}(r, \mathcal{L})$ be the moduli space of stable vector bundles on $\mathcal{C}$ of rank $r$ ... More
Spherically symmetric Finsler metrics in R^nJun 19 2010In this paper, we give the general form of spherically symmetric Finsler metrics in $R^n$ and surprisedly find that many well-known Finsler metrics belong to this class. Then we explicitly express projective metrics of this type. The necessary and sufficient ... More
A note on the degree-diameter problem for arc-transitive graphsDec 22 2013We give two lower bounds on the largest order of an arc-transitive graph of diameter two and a given degree.
Update on two-zero textures of the Majorana neutrino mass matrix in light of recent T2K, Super-Kamiokande and NO$ν$A resultsSep 17 2015Dec 25 2015The latest results from atmospheric and accelerator neutrino experiments indicate that the normal neutrino mass ordering $m^{}_1 < m^{}_2 < m^{}_3$, a maximal leptonic CP-violating phase $\delta = 270^\circ$ and the second octant of neutrino mixing angle ... More
Total perfect codes in Cayley graphsJan 14 2016A total perfect code in a graph $\Gamma$ is a subset $C$ of $V(\Gamma)$ such that every vertex of $\Gamma$ is adjacent to exactly one vertex in $C$. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for a conjugation-closed subset of a group to be a total perfect ... More
Theoretical Results on NeutrinosNov 23 2015In this talk, I first summarize our current knowledge about the fundamental properties of neutrinos and emphasize the remaining unsolved problems in neutrino physics. Then, recent theoretical results on neutrino mass models are introduced. Different approaches ... More
Learning Balanced Mixtures of Discrete Distributions with Small SampleFeb 10 2008We study the problem of partitioning a small sample of $n$ individuals from a mixture of $k$ product distributions over a Boolean cube $\{0, 1\}^K$ according to their distributions. Each distribution is described by a vector of allele frequencies in $\R^K$. ... More
Neutrino Decays and Neutrino Electron Elastic Scattering in Unparticle PhysicsJun 03 2007Oct 30 2007Following Georgi's unparticle scheme, we examine the effective couplings between neutrinos and unparticle operators. As an immediate consequence, neutrinos become unstable and can decay into the unparticle stuff. Assuming the dimension transmutation scale ... More
Hohenberg-Kohn Theorem for Coulomb Type SystemsAug 23 2011Density functional theory (DFT) has become a basic tool for the study of electronic structure of matter, in which the Hohenberg-Kohn theorem plays a fundamental role in the development of DFT. Unfortunately, the existing proofs are incomplete even incorrect; ... More
On Equivariant Elliptic Genera of Toric Calabi-Yau 3-foldsOct 29 2015We show that equivariant elliptic genera of toric Calabi-Yau 3-folds are generalized weak Jacobi forms. We also introduce a notion of averaged equivariant elliptic genera of toric Calabi-Yau 3-folds, and show that they are ordinary weak Jacobi forms given ... More
Hodge integrals, Hurwitz numbers, and Symmetric GroupsAug 04 2003We prove some combinatorial results related to a formula on Hodge integrals conjectured by Mari\~no and Vafa. These results play important roles in the proof and applications of this formula by the author jointly with Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu and Kefeng Liu. ... More
Differential Rings from Special Kähler GeometryOct 14 2013Nov 26 2014We study triples of graded rings defined over the deformation spaces for certain one-parameter families of Calabi-Yau threefolds. These rings are analogues of the rings of modular forms, quasi-modular forms and almost-holomorphic modular forms. We also ... More
Local Mirror Symmetry for One-Legged Topological VertexOct 22 2009Oct 30 2009We prove the Bouchard-Mari\~no Conjecture for the framed one-legged topological vertex by deriving the Eynard-Orantin type recursion relations from the cut-and-join equation satisfied by the relevant triple Hodge integrals. This establishes a version ... More
Effect of Singwi-Tosi-Land-Sjölander local field correction on spin relaxation in $n$-type GaAs quantum wells at low temperatureDec 20 2007Feb 22 2008We study the effect of the Singwi-Tosi-Land-Sj\"{o}lander local field correction on spin relaxation/dephasing in $n$-type GaAs quantum wells at low temperature by constructing and numerically solving the kinetic spin Bloch equations. We calculate the ... More
Periodic sequences with stable $k$-error linear complexitySep 21 2011The linear complexity of a sequence has been used as an important measure of keystream strength, hence designing a sequence which possesses high linear complexity and $k$-error linear complexity is a hot topic in cryptography and communication. Niederreiter ... More
The Geometry and Topology on Grassmann ManifoldsAug 03 2006This paper shows that the Grassmann Manifolds $G_{\bf F}(n,N)$ can all be imbedded in an Euclidean space $M_{\bf F}(N)$ naturally and the imbedding can be realized by the eigenfunctions of Laplacian $\triangle$ on $G_{\bf F}(n,N)$. They are all minimal ... More
A Class of Delay Optimal Control Problems and Viscosity Solutions to Associated Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman EquationsJul 15 2015In this article, a class of optimal control problems of differential equations with delays are investigated for which the associated Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equations are nonlinear partial differential equations with delays. This type of HJB equation ... More
Emergent Geometry and Mirror Symmetry of A PointJul 07 2015By considering the partition function of the topological 2D gravity, a conformal field theory on the Airy curve emerges as the mirror theory of Gromov-Witten theory of a point. In particular, a formula for bosonic n-point functions in terms of fermionic ... More
Overview of recent azimuthal correlation measurements from ALICEOct 26 2016Azimuthal correlations are a powerful tool to probe the properties and the evolution of the collision system. In this proceedings, we will review the recent azimuthal correlation measurements from ALICE at the LHC. The comparison to other experimental ... More
Legendre Functions, Spherical Rotations, and Multiple Elliptic IntegralsJan 09 2013Apr 29 2013A closed-form formula is derived for the generalized Clebsch-Gordan integral $ \int_{-1}^1 {[}P_{\nu}(x){]}^2P_{\nu}(-x)\D x$, with $ P_\nu$ being the Legendre function of arbitrary complex degree $ \nu\in\mathbb C$. The finite Hilbert transform of $ ... More
Formulation of finite-time singularity for free-surface Euler equationsNov 19 2012Dec 21 2012We give an extremely short proof that the free-surface incompressible, irrotational Euler equations with regular initial condition can form a finite time singularity in 2D or 3D. Thus, we provide a simple view of the problem studied by Castro, Cordoba, ... More
On the Performance of P2P Network: An Assortment MethodSep 12 2011P2P systems have grown dramatically in recent years. The most popular type of P2P systems are file sharing networks, which are used to share various types of content over the Internet. Due to the increase in popularity of P2P systems, the network performance ... More
Structure Learning of Probabilistic Graphical Models: A Comprehensive SurveyNov 29 2011Probabilistic graphical models combine the graph theory and probability theory to give a multivariate statistical modeling. They provide a unified description of uncertainty using probability and complexity using the graphical model. Especially, graphical ... More
D4 brane probes in gauge/gravity dualitySep 08 2008Feb 26 2009We propose a DBI vertex brane + $N_c$ fundamental strings configuration for a probe baryon in the finite-temperature thermal gauge field via AdS/CFT correspondence. In particular, we investigate properties of this configuration in QCD_4 and warped AdS_6\times ... More
Gauge dependence of fermion mass renormalization schemesOct 06 2005Dec 09 2005We discuss the gauge dependence of fermion mass definition and physical result under the conventional on-shell mass renormalization scheme and the recently proposed pole mass renormalization scheme in standard model. By the two-loop calculations of top ... More
Singularity of Feynman propagator and Cutkosky's cutting rulesAug 22 2005May 20 2010We improve on Cutkosky's cutting rules which is used to calculate the contribution of the singularities of Feynman propagators to Feynman amplitude. The correctness of the improved cutting rules is verified by the calculations of the conventional loop ... More
Unstable particle's wave-function renormalization prescriptionFeb 21 2005Dec 17 2005We strictly define two set Wave-function Renormalization Constants (WRC) under the LSZ reduction formula for unstable particles at the first time. Then by introducing antiparticle's WRC and the CPT conservation law we obtain a new wave-function renormalization ... More
Constraining the Higgs Boson Coupling to Light Quarks in the $H\to ZZ$ Final StatesMay 23 2015Feb 14 2016We constrain the Higgs boson (Yukawa) coupling to quarks in the first two generations in the $H\to ZZ$ final states. Deviation of these couplings from the Standard Model values leads to change in the Higgs boson width and in the cross sections of relevant ... More
$K$-stable splendid Rickard complexesMar 04 2014In this paper, Brou\'e's conjecture is reduced to simple groups, with an additional stability condition.
A remark on Rickard complexesMay 21 2013In this paper, we characterize a Rickard complex, which induces a Rickard equivalence between the block algebras of a block $b$ and its Brauer correspondent and whose vertices have the same order as defect groups of the block $b$. The homology of such ... More
Boltzmann distribution of free energies in a finite-connectivity spin-glass system and the cavity approachOct 06 2007At sufficiently low temperatures, the configurational phase space of a large spin-glass system breaks into many separated domains, each of which is referred to as a macroscopic state. The system is able to visit all spin configurations of the same macroscopic ... More
Temperature- and Force-Induced beta-Sheet Unfolding in an Exactly Solvable ModelDec 06 2001Mar 18 2002The stability of a $\beta$-sheeted conformation and its transition into a random coil are studied with a 2D lattice biopolymer model. At low temperature and low external force, the polymer folds back and forth on itself and forms a $\beta$-sheet. Our ... More
Criteria for Optimal Global Integrability of Hajłasz-Sobolev FunctionsApr 29 2010The author establishes some geometric criteria for a domain of ${\mathbb R}^n$ with $n\ge2$ to support a $(pn/(n-ps),\,p)_s$-Haj{\l}asz-Sobolev-Poincar\'e imbedding with $s\in(0,\,1]$ and $p\in(n/(n+s),\,n/s)$ or an $s$-Haj{\l}asz-Trudinger imbedding ... More
Minimal Control Selection for a Networked SystemOct 01 2016Dec 04 2016This paper investigates the minimal number of actuators required to guarantees the controllability of a system, under the condition that its state transition matrix (STM) is prescribed. It has been proved that this minimal number is equal to the maximum ... More
User Association with Maximizing Sum Energy Efficiency for Massive MIMO Enabled Heterogeneous Cellular NetworksJul 05 2016In this paper, we design an association scheme to maximize the sum energy efficiency for massive multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) enabled heterogeneous cellular networks (HCNs). Considering that the final formulated problem is in a sum-of-ratio ... More
Theoretical investigation of the four-layered self-doped high-T$_c$ superconductors: evidence of pair tunneling effectNov 28 2010Mar 29 2011Based on a four-layered self-doped $t-J$ type model and the slave-boson mean-field approach, we study theoretically the superconductivity in the electron-doped and hole-doped layers. The neighbor layers are coupled through both the single electron interlayer ... More
Relations among Out-degree, Controllability and Observability of a Networked SystemOct 07 2016Some novel sufficient conditions are derived respectively for the controllability and observability of a networked system, as well as some necessary conditions. These conditions depends only separately on parameters of each subsystem and its out-degree. ... More
Global well-posedness and random attractor of the 3D viscous primitive equations driven by fractional noisesApr 18 2016In this article we study the perturbation of primitive equations (PEs) of large-scale ocean and atmosphere dynamics defined on a bounded open subset $\mho \in \mathbb{R}^{3}$ and driven by infinite-dimensional additive fractional Wiener processes with ... More
Representation and regularity for the Dirichlet problem for real and complex degenerate Hessian equationsNov 25 2013We consider the Dirichlet problem for positively homogeneous, degenerate elliptic, concave (or convex) Hessian equations. Under natural and necessary conditions on the geometry of the domain, with the $C^{1,1}$ boundary data, we establish the interior ... More
On the Equivalence among Three Controllability Problems for a Networked SystemOct 11 2016A new proof is given for the mathematical equivalence among three $k$-sparse controllability problems of a networked system, which plays key roles in Olshevsky,2014, in the establishment of the NP-hardness of the associated minimal controllability problems ... More
Weak metacirculants of odd prime power orderNov 18 2016Metacirculants are a basic and well-studied family of vertex-transitive graphs, and weak metacirculants are generalizations of them. A graph is called a weak metacirculant if it has a vertex-transitive metacyclic automorphism group. This paper is devoted ... More
A Comparative Study of STA on Large Scale Global OptimizationApr 25 2016State transition algorithm has been emerging as a new intelligent global optimization method in recent few years. The standard continuous STA has demonstrated powerful global search ability for global optimization problems whose dimension is no more than ... More
Inverse mean curvature flows in warped product manifoldsSep 30 2016We study inverse mean curvature flows of starshaped, mean convex hypersurfaces in warped product manifolds with a positive warping factor $h(r)$. If $h'(r)>0$ and $h"(r)\geq 0$, we show that these flows exist for all times, remain starshaped and mean ... More
Kähler-Ricci Flow with Degenerate Initial ClassSep 29 2009In an earlier work joint with X. X. Chen and G. Tian, we introduced the weak K\"ahler-Ricci flow for various geometric motivations. In the current work, we take further consideration on setting up the weak flow. Namely, the initial class is allowed to ... More
Scalar Curvature Behavior for Finite Time Singularity of Kähler-Ricci FlowJan 11 2009In this short paper, we show that K\"ahler-Ricci flows over closed manifolds would have scalar curvature blown-up for finite time singularity. Certain control of the blowing-up is achieved with some mild assumption.
Spin rotation invariant spin triplet superconducting liquidsFeb 19 2002Mar 26 2002Spin ordering and its effect on the low energy quasiparticles in a p-wave superconducting fluid are investigated. We study the properties of a new 2D quantum spin triplet superconducting liquid where the ground state is spin rotation invariant. In quantum ... More
A novel superconducting glass state in disordered thin films in Clogston limitJun 16 1999A theory of mesoscopic fluctuations in disordered thin superconducting films in a parallel magnetic field is developed. At zero temperature, the superconducting state undergoes a phase transition into a state characterized by superfluid densities of random ... More
Topological spin pumps INov 26 2003Jul 08 2004We have established a semiclassical kinetic approach for various spin correlated pumping phenomena incorporating spin rotation in wave functions into transport equations. We employ this technique to study topological pumps and illustrate spin pumping ... More
Deformation Quantization and Quantum Field Theory on Curved Spaces: the Case of Two-SphereOct 29 2001We study the scalar quantum field theory on a generic noncommutative two-sphere as a special case of noncommutative curved space, which is described by the deformation quantization algebra obtained from symplectic reduction and parametrized by $H^2(S^2, ... More
On Ricci flat SupermanifoldsOct 05 2004Oct 07 2004We study the Ricci flatness condition on generic supermanifolds. It has been found recently that when the fermionic complex dimension of the supermanifold is one the vanishing of the super-Ricci curvature implies the bosonic submanifold has vanishing ... More
The Moduli Space of Hyperbolic Cone StructuresMay 28 1998Let $\Sigma$ be a hyperbolic link with $m$ components in a 3-dimensional manifold $X$. In this paper, we will show that the moduli space of marked hyperbolic cone structures on the pair $(X, \Sigma)$ with all cone angle less than $2\pi /3$ is an $m$-dimensional ... More
On the Vertices of Indecomposable Modules Over Dihedral 2-GroupsSep 02 2007Sep 13 2007Let $k$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic 2. We compute the vertices of all indecomposable $kD_8$-modules for the dihedral group $D_8$ of order 8. We also give a conjectural formula of the induced module of a string module from $kT_0$ ... More
On the free boundary min-max geodesicsApr 04 2015Given a Riemannian manifold and a closed submanifold, we find a geodesic segment with free boundary on the given submanifold. This is a corollary of the min-max theory which we develop in this article for the free boundary variational problem. In particular, ... More
Asymptotic Weights of Syzygies of Toric VarietiesJan 25 2015Jan 27 2015The purpose of the paper is to give a sharp asymptotic description of the weights that appear in the syzygies of a toric variety. We prove that as the positivity of the embedding increases, in any strand of syzygies, torus weights after normalization ... More
Stepping-stone model with circular Brownian migrationSep 16 2005In this paper we consider a stepping-stone model on a circle with circular Brownian migration. We first point out a connection between Arratia flow and the marginal distribution of this model. We then give a new representation for the stepping-stone model ... More
Viscosity Solutions to Path-Dependent HJB Equation and ApplicationsNov 17 2016In this article, the notion of viscosity solution is introduced for the path-dependent Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (PHJB) equations associated with the optimal control problems for path-dependent stochastic differential equations. We identify the value functional ... More
Lens rigidity with partial data in the presence of a magnetic fieldMay 20 2016In this paper we consider the lens rigidity problem with partial data for conformal metrics in the presence of a magnetic field on a compact manifold of dimension $\geq 3$ with boundary. We show that one can uniquely determine the conformal factor and ... More
Curve shortening flows in warped product manifoldsNov 24 2015We study curve shortening flows in two types of warped product manifolds. These manifolds are $S^1\times N$ with two types of warped metrics where $S^1$ is the unit circle in $R^2$ and $N$ is a closed Riemannian manifold. If the initial curve is a graph ... More
$T \to 0$ mean-field population dynamics approach for the random 3-satisfiability problemDec 31 2007Sep 25 2008During the past decade, phase-transition phenomena in the random 3-satisfiability (3-SAT) problem has been intensively studied by statistical physics methods. In this work, we study the random 3-SAT problem by the mean-field first-step replica-symmetry-broken ... More
Criticality and Heterogeneity in the Solution Space of Random Constraint Satisfaction ProblemsNov 23 2009Jul 02 2010Random constraint satisfaction problems are interesting model systems for spin-glasses and glassy dynamics studies. As the constraint density of such a system reaches certain threshold value, its solution space may split into extremely many clusters. ... More