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Trigonometric Rosen-Morse Potential as the Quark-Antiquark Interaction Potential for Meson Properties in the Non-Relativistic Quark Model Using EAIMMay 14 2019Trigonometric Rosen-Morse potential is suggested as the quark-antiquark interaction potential for studying the thermodynamic properties and the masses of heavy and heavy-light mesons. For this purpose, N-radial Schrodinger equation is analytically solved ... More
Masses and Thermodynamics Properties of Heavy Mesons in the Non-Relativistic Quark Model Using Nikiforov-Uvarov MethodJan 02 2019Thermodynamics properties of heavy mesons are calculated within the framework of the N-dimensional radial Schrodinger equation. The Cornell potential is extended by including the quadratic potential plus the inverse of quadratic potential. The energy ... More
On nonlinear boundary value problem corresponding to $N$-dimensional inverse spectral problemMar 05 2018We establish a relationship between an inverse optimization spectral problem for N-dimensional Schr\"odinger equation $ -\Delta \psi+q\psi=\lambda \psi $ and a solution of the nonlinear boundary value problem $-\Delta u+q_0 u=\lambda u- u^{\gamma-1},~~u>0,~~ ... More
Asymptotics of the eigenvalues and Abel basis property of the root functions of new type Sturm-Liouville problemsDec 18 2018This work investigates spectrum and root functions (that is, eigen- and associated functions) of a Sturm-Liouville problem involving an abstract linear operator (nonselfadjoint in general) in the equation together with supplementary transmission conditions ... More
Cylindrically confined assembly of diblock copolymer under oscillatory shear flowSep 15 2016Manipulating the self-assembly nanostructures with combined different control measures is emerging as a promising route for numerous applications to generate templates and scaffolds for nanostructured materials. Here, the two different control measures ... More
Polynomial Realization of $s\ell_q(2)$ and Fusion Rules at Exceptional Values of $q$Feb 09 2005Representations of the $s\ell_q(2)$ algebra are constructed in the space of polynomials of real (complex) variable for $q^N=1$. The spin addition rule based on eigenvalues of Casimir operator is illustrated on few simplest cases and conjecture for general ... More
Classification of two-dimensional real evolution algebras and dynamics of some two-dimensional chains of evolution algebrasMay 28 2013May 29 2013In this paper we give classification of two-dimensional real evolution algebras. For several chains of evolution algebras we study their classification dynamics.
Fusion Rules of the Lowest Weight Representations of osp_q(1|2) at Roots of Unity: Polynomial Realization and Degeneration at Roots of UnityFeb 08 2006Aug 27 2009The degeneracy of the lowest weight representations of the quantum superalgebra $osp_q(1|2)$ and their tensor products at exceptional values of %when deformation parameter $q$ takes exceptional values is studied. The main features of the structures of ... More
The Riemann HypothesisMay 31 2010Aug 14 2013In the paper the well known Riemann Hypothesis is proven. The proof is based on uniform approximation of the zeta function discs of the critical strip placed to the right from the critical line.The basic moment is a use of a new mesure introduced in the ... More
Exact Solutions and hypothesis on Phase Transition in the Polyelectrolite Model of DNAMay 24 2002May 27 2002The two-dimensional generalization of the Polyelectolite model of DNA is proposed. It is reduced to the boundary problem for nonlinear completely integrable equation $\sh$-Gordon. In the linearisible version the exact solution is constructed and its asymptotic ... More
Theorem of coincidence of classes for a generalised shift operatorNov 07 2015In this paper, for a generalised shift operator introduced earlier, we prove theorem of coincidence of classes of functions defined by the order of best approximation by algebraical polynomials and the generalised Lipschitz classes defined by the generalised ... More
Resonance Enhanced TunnelingSep 20 2000Time evolution of tunneling in thermal medium is examined using the real-time semiclassical formalism previously developed. Effect of anharmonic terms in the potential well is shown to give a new mechanism of resonance enhanced tunneling. If the friction ... More
Relic Abundance due to Cosmic Pair AnnihilationSep 30 1998Pair annihilation of heavy stable particles that occurs in the early universe is reconsidered including the off-shell effect not properly taken into account by the conventional Boltzmann equation approach. Our new calculation of the time evolution shows ... More
Spectral characterization of third-order harmonic generation assisted by two-dimensional plasma grating in airApr 08 2013A dramatic spectral modulation of third-order harmonic (TH) emission generated in a near in- frared femtosecond (fs) pulse filamentation, assisted by a two-dimensional plasma grating formed by two pump femtosecond pulses, is experimentally demonstrated ... More
Bootstrapping Covariance Operators of Functional Time SeriesApr 14 2019For testing hypothesis on the covariance operator of functional time series, we suggest to use the full functional information and to avoid dimension reduction techniques. The limit distribution follows from the central limit theorem of the weak convergence ... More
Normal Limits, Nonnormal Limits, and the Bootstrap for Quantiles of Dependent DataApr 25 2012Dec 14 2012We will show under very weak conditions on differentiability and dependence that the central limit theorem for quantiles holds and that the block bootstrap is weakly consistent. Under slightly stronger conditions, the bootstrap is strongly consistent. ... More
Bootstrap for the Sample Mean and for U-Statistics of Mixing and Near Epoch Dependent ProcessesNov 16 2009Jul 27 2011The validity of various bootstrapping methods has been proved for the sample mean of strongly mixing data. But in many applications, there appear nonlinear statistics of processes that are not strongly mixing. We investigate the nonoverlapping block bootstrap ... More
Universal Amplitude Ratios for Constrained Critical SystemsFeb 19 2014Jun 09 2014The critical properties of systems under constraint differ from their ideal counterparts through Fisher renormalization. The mathematical properties of Fisher renormalization applied to critical exponents are well known: the renormalized indices obey ... More
A generalised formulation of the Laplacian approach to resistor networksJun 19 2014An analytic approach is presented to developing exact expressions for the two-point resistance between arbitrary nodes on certain non-regular resistor networks. This generalises previous approaches, which only deliver results for networks of more regular ... More
Poincaré inequality and exponential integrability of hitting times for linear diffusionsJul 04 2009Let $X$ be a regular linear continuous positively recurrent Markov process with state space $\R$, scale function $S$ and speed measure $m$. For $a\in \R$ denote B^+_a&=\sup_{x\geq a} \m(]x,+\infty[)(S(x)-S(a)) B^-_a&=\sup_{x\leq a} \m(]-\infty;x[)(S(a)-S(x)) ... More
Approximating classes of functions defined by a generalised modulus of smoothnessJan 25 2014In the present paper, we use a generalised shift operator in order to define a generalised modulus of smoothness. By its means, we define generalised Lipschitz classes of functions, and we give their constructive characteristics. Specifically, we prove ... More
Landau-Bloch constants for functions in $α$-Bloch spaces and Hardy spacesDec 03 2011In this paper, we obtain a sharp distortion theorem for a class of functions in $\alpha$-Bloch spaces, and as an application of it, we establish the corresponding Landau's theorem. These results generalize the corresponding results of Bonk, Minda and ... More
The problem of choosing of the group of symmetries of paramagnetic phase in the theory of magnetic phase transitions and the exchange multipletsJun 30 2012It is shown that for the theoretical description of the magnetic and structural phase transitions in the magnetics with magnetoactive ions of transition metals within the framework of the Landau theory of phase transitions the exchange group GxO(3) should ... More
Dynamical Systems and Poisson StructuresMar 17 2009We first consider the Hamiltonian formulation of $n=3$ systems in general and show that all dynamical systems in ${\mathbb R}^3$ are bi-Hamiltonian. An algorithm is introduced to obtain Poisson structures of a given dynamical system. We find the Poisson ... More
Approximating classes of functions defined by operators of differentiation or operators of generalised translation by means of algebraic polynomialsJul 30 2012Aug 27 2012In this paper, approximation by means of algebraic polynomials of classes of functions defined by a generalised modulus of smoothness of operators of differentiation of these functions is considered. We give structural characteristics of classes of functions ... More
Local derivations on Solvable Lie algebrasMar 18 2018We show that in the class of solvable Lie algebras there exist algebras which admit local derivations which are not ordinary derivation and also algebras for which every local derivation is a derivation. We found necessary and sufficient conditions under ... More
On the weight and the density of the space of order-preserving functionalsOct 26 2007In the present paper it is proved that the functors $O_\tau$ of $\tau$-smooth order preserving functionals and $O_R$ of Radon order preserving functionals preserve the weight of infinite Tychonoff spaces. Moreover, it is established that the density and ... More
Unitarity and Higher-Order Corrections in Neutralino Dark Matter Annihilation into Two PhotonsDec 02 2002Jan 14 2003The neutralino pair annihilation into two photons in our galactic halo gives a robust dark matter signal, since it would give a quasi-monotonic gamma ray. This process is radiatively-induced, and the full-one loop calculation was done previously. However, ... More
Ising model with mixed boundary conditions: universal amplitude ratiosMay 11 2010In the vicinity of boundaries the bulk universality class of critical phenomena splits into several boundary universality classes, depending upon whether the tendency to order in the boundary is smaller or larger than in the bulk. For Ising universality ... More
Temperature-Induced magneto-structural transformations in nickel crystalsJul 04 2012The magnetic and structural transformations in the nickel crystal within the temperature range 470 < T< 631 K is studied on the basis of general phenomenological theory of spin-orbit phase transitions. A new phase transition at Tls \approx 570 K conditioned ... More
On conservation of the of crystal lattice symmetry in transition at Curie point in exchange magnetsJun 30 2012We show that symmetry of the crystal lattice of exchange magnets (containing only 3d magneto-active elements) does not change at the Curie point; only the magnetic symmetry of the crystal is decreasing in the transition point. In the non-exchange magnets ... More
On Edgeworth Expansions in Generalized Urn ModelsJan 17 2014The random vector of frequencies in a generalized urn model is viewed as conditionally independent random variables, given their sum. Such a representation is exploited to derive Edgeworth expansions for a sum of functions of such frequencies. Applying ... More
The classification of filiform Leibniz superalgebras of nilindex $n+m$Nov 21 2006Nov 24 2008In this work the classification of filiform Leibniz superalgebras of nilindex $n+m,$ where $n$ and $m$ ($m \ne 0$) are dimensions of even and odd parts, respectively, is obtained.
Collective Lorentz invariant dynamics on a single "polynomial" worldlineDec 06 2014Jan 12 2015Consider a worldline of a pointlike particle parametrized by polynomial functions, together with the light cone ("retardation") equation of an inertially moving observer. Then a set of apparent copies, R- or C-particles, defined by the (real or complex ... More
Quantum dynamics of an optomechanical system in the presence of Kerr-down conversion nonlinearityMar 05 2013We study theoretically nonlinear effects arising from the presence of a Kerr-down conversion nonlinear crystal inside an optomechanical cavity. For this system we investigate the influences of the two nonlinearities, i.e., the Kerr nonlinearity and the ... More
Nonlinear effects of atomic collisions on the optomechanical properties of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical cavityNov 12 2012In this paper, we have investigated theoretically the influence of atomic collisions on the behaviour of a one-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensate inside a driven optical cavity. We develop the discrete-mode approximation for the condensate taking into ... More
Photonic realization of the deformed Dirac equation via the segmented graphene nanoribbons under inhomogeneous strainMay 15 2019Starting from an engineered periodic optical structure formed by waveguide arrays comprised of two interleaved lattices, we simulate a deformed Dirac equation. We show that the system also simulate graphene nano ribbons under strain. This optical analogue ... More
Effects of transition metal doping in MgB$_2$ superconductorApr 30 2001Effects of chemical substitution of the divalent transition metals has been systematically investigated in Mg$_{1-x}M_x$B$_2$ (x=0.03; M=Mn, Fe, Co, Ni and Zn). Substitution of magnetic ions, i.e., Mn$^{2+}$, Fe$^{2+}$, Co$^{2+}$ and Ni$^{2+}$, for the ... More
Macroscopic Bell States and the Higher-Order Degree of PolarizationJun 30 2011We study polarization properties of the macroscopic analogues of two-photon Bell states. The effect of hidden polarization, i.e., polarization in the second (and higher) orders in the intensity is observed for the triplet states while the singlet one ... More
Photoproduction of electron-positron pairs in the presence of hyperacoustic oscillationsDec 15 2005We report on the recent progress in the investigation of the influence of hyperacoustic vibrations on the coherent electron-positron pair creation by high-energy photons in crystals. In dependence of the values for the parameters, the presence of the ... More
Macroscopic Hong-Ou-Mandel interferenceOct 16 2012Oct 29 2012We report on a Hong-Ou-Mandel (HOM) interference experiment for quantum states with photon numbers per mode as large as 10^6 generated via high-gain parametric down conversion (PDC). The standard technique of coincidence counting leads in this case to ... More
Polarization-Entangled Light Pulses of 10^5 PhotonsNov 08 2011Jun 18 2012We experimentally demonstrate polarization entanglement for squeezed vacuum pulses containing more than 10^5 photons. We also study photon-number entanglement by calculating the Schmidt number and measuring its operational counterpart. Theoretically, ... More
Surface quasi periodic and random structures based on nanomotor lithography for light trappingJun 20 2017We compare the characteristics of two types of patterns obtained with two azopolymer materials: a Gaussian random pattern and a quasi-random grating pattern. The surface structurations have been obtained with a simple bottom-up technique by illuminating ... More
A New Method for Patterning Azopolymer Thin Film SurfacesApr 25 2017We present a simple bottom-up approach via an incoherent unpolarized illumination and the choice of a solvent-droplet-induced-dewetting method to photoinducenano doughnuts on the surface of azopolymer thin films. We demonstrate that doughnut-shaped nanostructures ... More
Accelerated expansion of the Universe driven by G-essenceDec 14 2010In the present work we analyze the g-essence model for the particular Lagrangian: $L=R+2[\alpha X^n+\epsilon Y-V(\psi,\bar{\psi})]$. The g-essence models were proposed recently as an alternative and as a generalization to the scalar k-essence. We have ... More
High power Cherenkov radiation from a relativistic particle rotating around a dielectric ballDec 09 2005Some characteristic features in the radiation from a relativistic electron uniformly rotating along an equatorial orbit around a dielectric ball have been studied. It was shown that at some harmonics, in case of weak absorption of radiation in the ball ... More
On the influence of acoustic waves on coherent bremsstrahlung in crystalsJun 16 2003We investigate the coherent bremsstrahlung by relativistic electrons in a single crystal excited by hypersonic vibrations. The formula for the corresponding differential cross-section is derived in the case of a sinusoidal wave. The conditions are specified ... More
Microwave Radiation from a Particle Revolving Along a Shifted Equatorial Orbit About a Dielectric BallJul 16 2010A relativistic electron uniformly rotating along a shifted equatorial orbit about a dielectric ball may generate microwave Cherenkov radiation tens of times more intense as that generated at the revolution in a continuous, infinite and transparent medium. ... More
On an inverse spectral problem and a generalized Sturm's nodal theorem for nonlinear boundary value problemsSep 01 2018We consider an inverse optimization spectral problem for the Sturm-Liouville operator $$\mathcal{L}[q] u:=-u''+q(x)u$$ subject to the separated boundary conditions. In the main result, we prove that this problem is related to the existence of solutions ... More
Controlled enantioselective orientation of chiral molecules with an optical centrifugeMar 16 2019We initiate unidirectional rotation of chiral molecules with an optical centrifuge and detect their spatial orientation by means of Coulomb explosion imaging. We show that the centrifuge-induced orientation of one of the molecular axes in the laboratory ... More
K-Shell Photoabsorption of Magnesium IonsMar 18 2013Mar 09 2014X-ray photoabsorption cross sections have been computed for all magnesium ions using the $R$-matrix method. A comparison with the other available data for Mg II-Mg X shows good qualitative agreement in the resultant resonance shapes. However, for the ... More
The hematite (alpha-Fe_2 O_3) (0001) surface: evidence for domains of distinct chemistryJul 14 1998Using spin-density functional theory we investigated various possible structures of the hematite (0001) surface. Depending on the ambient oxygen partial pressure, two geometries are found to be particularly stable under thermal equilibrium: one being ... More
Achievement of Minimized Combinatorial Test Suite for Configuration-Aware Software Functional Testing Using the Cuckoo Search AlgorithmMar 25 2019Context: Software has become an innovative solution nowadays for many applications and methods in science and engineering. Ensuring the quality and correctness of software is challenging because each program has different configurations and input domains. ... More
The 6-vertex model of hydrogen-bonded crystals with bond defectsAug 26 1999Oct 01 1999It is shown that the percolation model of hydrogen-bonded crystals, which is a 6-vertex model with bond defects, is completely equivalent with an 8-vertex model in an external electric field. Using this equivalence we solve exactly a particular 6-vertex ... More
Exact Solution of a Monomer-Dimer Problem: A Single Boundary Monomer on a Non-Bipartite LatticeOct 01 2010Nov 09 2010We solve the monomer-dimer problem on a non-bipartite lattice, the simple quartic lattice with cylindrical boundary conditions, with a single monomer residing on the boundary. Due to the non-bipartite nature of the lattice, the well-known method of a ... More
Critical Behaviour near the Mott Metal-Insulator Transition in a Two-band Hubbard ModelJul 10 2001The Mott metal-insulator transition in the two-band Hubbard model in infinite dimensions is studied by using the linearized dynamical mean-field theory. The discontinuity in the chemical potential for the change from hole to electron doping is calculated ... More
Spherical Non-Abelian Solutions in Conformal GravityOct 06 2009Feb 14 2010We study static spherically-symmetric solutions of non-Abelian gauge theory coupled to Conformal Gravity. We find solutions for the self-gravitating pure Yang-Mills case as well as monopole-like solutions of the Higgs system. The former are localized ... More
Self-Gravitating Spherical Solutions of the non-minimally coupled non-Abelian Higgs ModelDec 01 2014Motivated by the Higgs Inflation scenario, we study static spherically-symmetric solutions of the non-Abelian Higgs model coupled non-minimally to Gravity. We find solutions for the self-gravitating sphaleron as well as monopole-like solutions and study ... More
Top mass determination and O (alpha_S^5 m) correction to toponium 1S energy levelNov 19 2002Feb 16 2003Recently the full O(alpha_S^5 m, alpha_S^5 m log(alpha_S)) correction to the heavy quarkonium 1S energy level has been computed (except the a_3-term in the QCD potential). We point out that the full correction (including the log(alpha_S)-term) is approximated ... More
Intrinsic Structure and Kinematics of the Sub-Parsec Scale Jet of M87Sep 06 2007We report new results from a sub-parsec scale study of the inner jet in M87 performed at 15 GHz with the Very Long Baseline Array. We have detected a limb brightened structure of the jet along with a faint 3 mas long counter-feature which we also find ... More
Numerical study of disorder effects on the three-dimensional Hubbard modelMay 17 2000Combined effects of interactions and disorder are investigated using a finite temperature quantum Monte Carlo technique for the three-dimensional Hubbard model with random potentials of a finite range. Temperature dependence of the charge compressibility ... More
Exact String-Like Solutions in Conformal GravityAug 06 2010Jun 10 2011The cylindrically-symmetric static vacuum equations of Conformal Gravity are solved for the case of additional boost symmetry along the axis. We present the complete family of solutions which describe the exterior gravitational field of line sources in ... More
Tracking Simulations Near Half-Integer Resonance at PEP-IIMay 20 2003Beam-beam simulations predict that PEP-II luminosity can be increased by operating the horizontal betatron tune near and above a half-integer resonance. However, effects of the resonance and its synchrotron sidebands significantly enhance betatron and ... More
Error estimates for binomial approximations of game put optionsJun 01 2012Oct 17 2013We construct algorithms via binomial approximations for computation of prices of game put options and obtain estimates of approximation errors.
Observation of Airy minimum in elastic and inelastic scattering of $^3$He from $^{12}$C at 50.5 and 60 MeV and alpha particle condensation in $^{12}$CJan 31 2013Angular distributions for elastic and inelastic scattering of $^3$He from $^{12}$C were measured at energies 50.5 and 60 MeV. The Airy minimum of the prerainbow scattering was clearly observed in the angular distributions for the 0$_2^+$ (7.65 MeV) state ... More
On the exact multiplicity of stable ground states of non-Lipschitz semilinear elliptic equations for some classes of starshaped setsAug 12 2018We prove the exact multiplicity of flat and compact support stable solutions of an autonomous non-Lipschitz semilinear elliptic equation of eigenvalue type according to the dimension N and the two exponents, $0<\alpha<\beta<1$, of the involved nonlinearites. ... More
An Inhomogeneous Model Universe Behaving HomogeneouslyFeb 10 2007Jun 09 2008We present a new model universe based on the junction of FRW to flat Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi (LTB) solutions of Einstein equations along our past light cone, bringing structures within the FRW models. The model is assumed globally to be homogeneous, i.e. ... More
Cooling in a Bistable Optical CavityDec 04 2006Apr 30 2007We propose a generic approach to nonresonant laser cooling of atoms/molecules in a bistable optical cavity. The method exemplifies a photonic version of Sisyphus cooling, in which the matter-dressed cavity extracts energy from the particles and discharges ... More
The two-point resistance of a resistor network: A new formulation and application to the cobweb networkOct 04 2013Oct 21 2013We consider the problem of two-point resistance in a resistor network previously studied by one of us [F. Y. Wu, J. Phys. A {\bf 37}, 6653 (2004)]. By formulating the problem differently, we obtain a new expression for the two-point resistance between ... More
Echo in a Single MoleculeMar 20 2019Echo is a ubiquitous phenomenon found in many physical systems, ranging from spins in magnetic fields to particle beams in hadron accelerators. It is typically observed in inhomogeneously broadened ensembles of nonlinear objects, and is used to eliminate ... More
Mott Transition in the Two-Dimensional Flux PhaseMay 16 2001Effects of the electron-electron interaction in the two-dimensional flux phase are investigated. We treat the half-filled Hubbard model with a magnetic flux $\pi$ per plaquette by the quantum Monte Carlo method. When the interaction is small, an antiferromagnetic ... More
Effects of ferromagnetic fluctuations on the electric and thermal transport properties in NaxCoO2Jun 03 2009We investigate the electronic states and the transport properties of the CoO2 plane in NaxCoO2 on the basis of the two-dimensional triangular lattice 11-band d-p model by using the fluctuation exchange approximation, where we consider the Coulomb interaction ... More
Nonconventional Polynomial CLTApr 02 2015Sep 07 2015We obtain a functional central limit theorem (CLT) for sums of the form $\xi_N(t)=\frac1{\sqrt N}\sum_{n=1}^{[Nt]}\big(F(X(q_1(n)),...,X(q_\ell(n)))-\bar F\big)$ where $q_1,...,q_\ell$ are polynomials.
Volume Preserving Diffeomorphism and Noncommutative BranesOct 06 2000We give a representation of the volume preserving diffeomorphism of $\bR^p$ in terms of the noncommutative (p-2)-branes whose kinetic term is described by the Hopf term. In the static gauge, the (p-2)-brane can be described by the free fields and it suggests ... More
Perturbative heavy quarkonium spectrum at next-to-next-to-next-to-leading orderSep 25 2013Jan 23 2014We compute the energy levels of some of the lower-lying heavy quarkonium states perturbatively up to O(alpha_s^5*m) and O(alpha_s^5*m*log[alpha_s]). Stability of the predictions depends crucially on the unknown 4-loop pole-MSbar mass relation. We discuss ... More
Higher order corrections to the large scale matter power spectrum in the presence of massive neutrinosSep 04 2008Oct 06 2008We present the first systematic derivation of the one-loop correction to the large scale matter power spectrum in a mixed cold+hot dark matter cosmology with subdominant massive neutrino hot dark matter. Starting with the equations of motion for the density ... More
A multi-wavelength analysis of a collection of short-duration GRBs observed between 2012-2015Feb 21 2019We investigate the prompt emission and the afterglow properties of short duration gamma-ray burst (sGRB) 130603B and another eight sGRB events during 2012-2015, observed by several multi-wavelength facilities including the GTC 10.4m telescope. Prompt ... More
Superconducting islands, phase fluctuations and the superconductor-insulator transitionAug 13 2007Properties of disordered thin films are discussed based on the viewpoint that superconducting islands are formed in the system. These lead to superconducting correlations confined in space, which are known to form spontaneously in thin films. Application ... More
Anisotropy on the Fermi Surface of the Two-Dimensional Hubbard ModelJun 21 2001Jun 16 2002We investigate anisotropic charge fluctuations in the two-dimensional Hubbard model at half filling. By the quantum Monte Carlo method, we calculate a momentum-resolved charge compressibility $\kappa (\bm{k}) = {d < n(\bm{k}) >}/{d \mu}$, which shows ... More
Electronic states and pairing symmetry in the two-dimensional 16 band d-p model for iron-based superconductorAug 08 2008Jun 11 2009The electronic states of the FeAs plane in iron-based superconductors are investigated on the basis of the two-dimensional 16-band d-p model, where the tight-binding parameters are determined so as to fit the band structure obtained by the density functional ... More
Cylindrically-Symmetric Solutions in Conformal GravityDec 23 2009May 27 2010Cylindrically-symmetric solutions in Conformal Gravity are investigated and several new solutions are presented and discussed. Among them, a family of vacuum solutions, generalizations of the Melvin solution and cosmic strings of the Abelian Higgs model. ... More
Superconducting and Spinning Non-Abelian Flux TubesNov 07 2007Apr 11 2008We find new non-Abelian flux tube solutions in a model of $N_f$ scalar fields in the fundamental representation of SU(N)xU(1) with $N \leq N_f$ (the ``extended non-Abelian Higgs model''), and study their main properties. Among the solutions there are ... More
Full Formula for Heavy Quarkonium Energy Levels at Next-to-next-to-next-to-leading OrderAug 24 2014Aug 26 2016We derive a full formula for the energy level of a heavy quarkonium state identified by the quantum numbers $n$, $\ell$, $s$ and $j$, up to ${\cal O}(\alpha_s^5 m)$ and ${\cal O}(\alpha_s^5 m \log \alpha_s)$ in perturbative QCD. The QCD Bethe logarithm ... More
Corrections to quarkonium 1S energy level at O(alpha_S^4 m) from non-instantaneous Coulomb vacuum polarizationDec 26 2001Jan 28 2002We calculate O(alpha_S^4 m) and O(alpha_S^4 m log(alpha_S)) corrections to the quarkonium 1S energy level analytically, which have been overlooked in recent studies. These are the contributions from one Coulomb-gluon exchange with the 1-loop vacuum polarization ... More
Off-shell Suppression of Renormalons in Non-relativistic QCD BoundstatesOct 22 2001Apr 12 2002We study an effect of the off-shellness of the quark and antiquark inside a heavy quarkonium system on IR renormalons contained in the perturbative computations of the quarkonium energy levels. We demonstrate that, when the off-shellness p_Q^2 -m_Q^2 ... More
Identification of the Early Fermi LAT Gamma-Ray Bright Objects with Extragalactic VLBI sourcesAug 28 2009Nov 10 2009A list of 205 gamma-ray strong objects was reported recently as a result of a 3-month integration with the Large Area Telescope on board the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope. We attempted identification of these objects, cross-correlating the gamma-ray ... More
Parsec-scale Jet in the Distant Gigahertz-Peaked Spectrum Quasar PKS 0858-279Jan 09 2009The high redshift GPS quasar PKS 0858-279 exhibits the following properties which make the source unusual. Our RATAN-600 monitoring of 1-22 GHz spectrum has detected broad-band radio variability with high amplitude and relatively short time scale. In ... More
Electronic State of Na_xCoO_2 Based on the Two Dimensional Triangular Lattice d-p ModelJun 05 2008The electronic state in a CoO_2 plane of the layered cobalt oxides Na_{x}CoO_2 is investigated by using the 11 band d-p model on a two-dimensional triangular lattice, where the tight-binding parameters are determined so as to fit the LDA band structure. ... More
Supercurrent Interactions in Noncommutative Yang-Mills and IIB Matrix ModelNov 07 2000Jan 16 2001It is known that noncommutative Yang-Mills is equivalent to IIB matrix model with a noncommutative background, which is interpreted as a twisted reduced model. In noncommutative Yang-Mills, long range interactions can be seen in nonplanar diagrams after ... More
Models of Markov processes with a random transition mechanismAug 23 2015Oct 17 2015The paper deals with a certain class of random evolutions. We develop a construction that yields an invariant measure for a continuous-time Markov process with random transitions. The approach is based on a particular way of constructing the combined ... More
Mode conversion enhancement between silicon micro-slab and plasmonic nano-gap waveguidesDec 03 2012Apr 01 2013We investigate a short (~1.5{\mu}m) partially-corrugated tapered waveguide structure for mode coupling from a silicon micro-slab to a plasmonic nano-gap waveguide at the optical communication frequency. More than 80% transmission efficiency is reported ... More
Decay Constants $f_{D_s^*}$ and $f_{D_s}$ from ${\bar{B}}^0\to D^+ l^- {\barν}$ and ${\bar{B}}^0\to D^+ D_s^{-(*)}$ DecaysOct 15 1998Oct 22 1998We calculate the decay constant of $D_s$ and $D_s^{*}$ with $\bar{B}^0 \ra D^{+}\ell^{-}\nu$ and $\bar{B}^0 \ra D^{+}D_s^{-(*)}$ decays. In our analysis we assume that factorization ansatz works and used two different form factor behaviours (constant ... More
Local Procrustes for Manifold Embedding: A Measure of Embedding Quality and Embedding AlgorithmsJun 16 2008We present the Procrustes measure, a novel measure based on Procrustes rotation that enables quantitative comparison of the output of manifold-based embedding algorithms (such as LLE (Roweis and Saul, 2000) and Isomap (Tenenbaum et al, 2000)). The measure ... More
VLBI Surveys of Active Galactic NucleiApr 07 2008A review is given on the current status and selected results from large VLBI surveys of compact extragalactic radio sources made between 13 cm and 3 mm wavelengths and covering the entire sky. More than 4200 objects are observed and imaged with dynamic ... More
Space-time Geometry in Exactly Solvable Quantum Dilaton GravityOct 23 1993Nov 04 1993We describe in detail how one can extract space-time geometry in an exactly solvable model of quantum dilaton gravity of the type proposed by Callan, Giddings, Harvey and Strominger ( CGHS ). Based on our previous work, in which a model with 24 massless ... More
Extraction of Black Hole Geometry in Exactly Quantized Two Dimensional Dilaton GravityOct 23 1993Based on our previous work, in which a model of two dimensional dilaton gravity of the type proposed by Callan, Giddings, Harvey and Strominger was rigorously quantized, we explicitly demonstrate how one can extract space-time geometry in exactly solvable ... More
Neutrino mass in cosmology: status and prospectsNov 06 2011I give an overview of the effects of neutrino masses in cosmology, focussing on the role they play in the evolution of cosmological perturbations. I discuss how recent observations of the cosmic microwave background anisotropies and the large-scale matter ... More
Beam-beam effects in BEPCIIOct 15 2014We first introduce the design parameters of the Beijing Electron-Positron Collider II (BEPCII) and the simulation study of beam-beam effects during the design process of the machine. The main advances since 2007 are briefly introduced and reviewed. The ... More
Harmonic Oscillators and Elementary ParticlesAug 10 2016Two dynamical systems with same symmetry should have features in common, and as far as their shared symmetry is concerned, one may represent the other. The three light quark constituents of the hadrons, a) have an approximate flavor SU(3) symmetry, b) ... More
Probing the Universe with Weak LensingDec 09 1998Gravitational lenses can provide crucial information on the geometry of the Universe, on the cosmological scenario of formation of its structures as well as on the history of its components with look-back time. In this review, I focus on the most recent ... More