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Exact Static Solutions of a Generalized Discrete φ^4 Model Including Short-Periodic SolutionsOct 08 2007For a five-parameter discrete $\phi^4$ model, we derive various exact static solutions, including the staggered ones, in the form of the basic Jacobi elliptic functions $\sn$, $\cn$, and $\dn$, and also in the form of their hyperbolic function limits ... More
Extremely High Length-Divergent Thermal Conductivity in Long-Range Interacting Fermi-Pasta-Ulam ChainsJun 26 2019The power-law length ($L$) divergence of thermal conductivity ($\kappa$) in one-dimensional (1D) systems, i.e., $\kappa \sim L^{\alpha}$, has been predicted by theories and also corroborated by experiments. The theoretical predictions of the exponent ... More
Extremely High Length-Divergent Thermal Conductivity in Long-Range Interacting Fermi-Pasta-Ulam ChainsJun 26 2019Jul 03 2019The power-law length ($L$) divergence of thermal conductivity ($\kappa$) in one-dimensional (1D) systems, i.e., $\kappa \sim L^{\alpha}$, has been predicted by theories and also corroborated by experiments. The theoretical predictions of the exponent ... More
Length-Divergent Thermal Conductivity in Long-Range Interacting Fermi-Pasta-Ulam ChainsJun 26 2019Jul 11 2019The power-law length ($L$) divergence of thermal conductivity ($\kappa$) in one-dimensional (1D) systems, i.e., $\kappa \sim L^{\alpha}$, has been predicted by theories and also corroborated by experiments. The theoretical predictions of the exponent ... More
On the spectral stability of kinks in 2D Klein-Gordon model with parity-time-symmetric perturbationDec 03 2015In a series of recent works by Demirkaya et al. stability analysis for the static kink solutions to the 1D continuous and discrete Klein-Gordon equations with a $\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric perturbation has been analysed. We consider the linear stability ... More
Crossover from ballistic to normal heat transport in the $φ^{4}$ lattice: If nonconservation of momentum is the reason, what is the mechanism?Jun 15 2017Oct 10 2017Anomalous (non-Fourier's) heat transport is no longer just a theoretical issue since it has been observed experimentally in a number of low-dimensional nanomaterials, such as SiGe nanowires, carbon nanotubes, and others. To understand these anomalous ... More
High energy density spots and production of kink-antikink pairs in particle collisionsAug 05 2016Oct 10 2016The maximal energy density that can be achieved in the collisions of the particle-like wave trains in the $\phi^4$ model has been investigated numerically for different wave train parameters. From these results the prediction is made on how many kink-antikink ... More
Exact static solutions to a translationally invariant discrete $φ^4$ modelMar 22 2007For a discrete, translationally-invariant $\phi^4$ model introduced by Barashenkov {\it et al.} [Phys. Rev. E {\bf 72}, 35602R (2005)], we provide the momentum conservation law and demonstrate how the first integral of the static version of the discrete ... More
Comparative Study of Different Discretizations of the $φ^4$ ModelAug 19 2006We examine various recently proposed discretizations of the well-known $\phi^4$ field theory. We compare and contrast the properties of their fundamental solutions including the nature of their kink-type solitary waves and the spectral properties of the ... More
High energy density in multi-soliton collisionsJun 03 2015Solitons are very effective in transporting energy over great distances and collisions between them can produce high energy density spots of relevance to phase transformations, energy localization and defect formation among others. It is then important ... More
Breathers in PT-symmetric optical couplersNov 08 2012We show that the parity-time (PT) symmetric coupled optical waveguides with gain and loss support localised oscillatory structures similar to the breathers of the classical $\phi^4$ model. The power carried by the PT-breather oscillates periodically, ... More
Nonlinear switching and solitons in PT-symmetric photonic systemsSep 11 2015One of the challenges of the modern photonics is to develop all-optical devices enabling increased speed and energy efficiency for transmitting and processing information on an optical chip. It is believed that the recently suggested Parity-Time (PT) ... More
Wave scattering on a domain wall in a chain of PT-symmetric couplersFeb 25 2012We study wave propagation in linear arrays composed of pairs of conjugate waveguides with balanced gain and loss, i.e. arrays of the PT-symmetric couplers, where the linear spectrum is known to feature high-frequency and low-frequency branches. We introduce ... More
Solitons in a chain of PT-invariant dimersOct 07 2011Dynamics of a chain of interacting parity-time invariant nonlinear dimers is investigated. A dimer is built as a pair of coupled elements with equal gain and loss. A relation between stationary soliton solutions of the model and solitons of the discrete ... More
Discrete breathers assist energy transfer to ac driven nonlinear chainsNov 09 2017One-dimensional chain of pointwise particles harmonically coupled with nearest neighbors and placed in six-order polynomial on-site potentials is considered. Power of the energy source in the form of single ac driven particles is calculated numerically ... More
Large Electronic Anisotropy and Enhanced Chemical Activity of Highly Rippled PhosphoreneOct 25 2016We investigate the electronic structure and chemical activity of rippled phosphorene induced by large compressive strains via first-principles calculation. It is found that phosphorene is extraordinarily bendable, enabling the accommodation of ripples ... More
Interaction of phonons with discrete breather in strained grapheneFeb 05 2018We numerically analyze the interaction of small-amplitude phonon waves with standing gap discrete breather (DB) in strained graphene. To make the system support gap DB, strain is applied to create a gap in the phonon spectrum. We only focus on the in-plane ... More
Resonant interaction of $φ^4$ kink with spatially periodic $\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric perturbationNov 24 2016The resonant interaction of the $\phi^4$ kink with a periodic $\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric perturbation is observed in the frame of the continuum model and with the help of a two degree of freedom collective variable model derived in PRA 89, 010102(R). When ... More
A First-Principles Study on the Adsorption of Small Molecules on Antimonene: Oxidation Tendency and StabilityMar 21 2018Antimonene, a new group-VA 2D semiconducting material beyond phosphorene, was recently synthesized through various approaches and was shown to exhibit a good structural integrity in ambient conditions and various interesting properties. In this work, ... More
Exploring the Charge Localization and Band Gap Opening of Borophene: A First-Principles StudyDec 13 2017Recently synthesized two-dimensional (2D) boron, borophene, exhibits a novel metallic behavior rooted in the s-p orbital hybridization, distinctively different from other 2D materials such as sulfides/selenides and semi-metallic graphene. This unique ... More
Environmental Stability of Bismuthene: Oxidation Mechanism and Structural Stability of 2D PnictogensJul 10 2019Recently a new group of two dimensional (2D) materials, originating from the group V elements (pnictogens), has gained global attention owing to their outstanding properties.
Kink scattering from a parity-time-symmetric defect in the $φ^4$ modelNov 21 2014In this paper, we study the $\phi^4$ kink scattering from a spatially localized $\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric defect and the effect of the kink's internal mode (IM) is discussed. It is demonstrated that if a kink hits the defect from the gain side, a noticeable ... More
High-speed kinks in a generalized discrete $φ^4$ modelFeb 17 2008We consider a generalized discrete $\phi^4$ model and demonstrate that it can support exact moving kink solutions in the form of tanh with an arbitrarily large velocity. The constructed exact moving solutions are dependent on the specific value of the ... More
High energy density in the collision of $N$ kinks in the $φ^4$ modelMay 31 2016Recently for the sine-Gordon equation it has been established that during collisions of $N$ slow kinks maximal energy density increases as $N^2$. In this numerical study, the same scaling rule is established for the non-integrable $\phi^4$ model for $N\le ... More
Effects of Graphene/BN Encapsulation, Surface Functionalization and Molecular Adsorption on the Electronic Properties of Layered InSe: A First-Principles StudyApr 14 2018By using first-principles calculations, we investigated the effects of graphene/boron nitride (BN) encapsulation, surface functionalization by metallic elements (K, Al, Mg and typical transition metals) and molecules (tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) and ... More
Atomic-scale mechanisms of defect- and light-induced oxidation and degradation of InSeDec 13 2017Layered indium selenide (InSe), a new two-dimensional (2D) material with a hexagonal structure and semiconducting characteristic, is gaining increasing attention owing to its intriguing electronic properties. Here, by using first-principles calculations, ... More
The Role of H2O and O2 Molecules and Phosphorus Vacancies in the Structure Instability of PhosphoreneOct 24 2016The poor structural stability of phosphorene in air was commonly ascribed to humidity and oxygen molecules. Recent exfoliation of phosphorene in deoxygenated water promotes the need to re-examine the role of H2O and O2 molecules. Considering the presence ... More
Inhomogeneous compact extra dimensionsJul 02 2017Aug 30 2017We show that an inhomogeneous compact extra space possesses two necessary features --- their existence does not contradict the observable value of the cosmological constant $\Lambda_4$ in pure $f(R)$ theory, and the extra dimensions are stable relative ... More
Interaction of discrete breathers with primary lattice defects in bcc FeJun 10 2015The interaction of discrete breathers with the primary lattice defects in transition metals such as vacancy, dislocation, and surface is analyzed on the example of bcc iron employing atomistic simulations. Scattering of discrete breathers on the lattice ... More
$α$-Particle Spectrum in the Reaction p+$^{11}$B$\to α+ ^8Be^*\to 3α$Dec 13 2008Using a simple phenomenological parametrization of the reaction amplitude we calculated $\alpha$-particle spectrum in the reaction p+$^{11}$B$\to \alpha + ^8Be^*\to 3\alpha$ at the resonance proton energy 675 KeV. The parametrization includes Breit-Wigner ... More
Strain Induced Incommensurate Structures in Vicinity of the Reconstructive Phase TransitionsMar 05 2015Jun 11 2015General conditions controlling formation of incommensurate phases (IPs) in crystals undergoing reconstructive phase transitions (RPTs) are analyzed in the framework of a model free phenomenological approach. A universal trend to stabilizing such intermediate ... More
The Nuclear Response in Delta-Isobar Region in the ($^3\!$He,t) ReactionDec 02 1992The excitation of a $\Delta$-isobar in a finite nucleus in charge--exchange ($^3\!$He,t) reaction is discussed in terms of a nuclear response function. The medium effects modifying a $\Delta$- and a pion propagation were considered for a finite size nucleus. ... More
Graphene fish-scale array as controllable reflecting photonic structureJul 14 2015We report resonant features of novel controllable reflectarray which consists of meander-like graphene strips placed on a metal-backed dielectric substrate. The structure manifests two kinds of resonances appeared as sharp deeps of reflectivity. The first ... More
A hierarchical technique for estimating location parameter in the presence of missing dataNov 01 2004This paper proposes a hierarchical method for estimating the location parameters of a multivariate vector in the presence of missing data. At i th step of this procedure an estimate of the location parameters for non-missing components of the vector is ... More
Energy transfer in strained graphene assisted by discrete breathers excited by external ac drivingSep 19 2016According to a number of numerical studies, many defect-free crystals support discrete breathers(DBs), i.e., spatially localized, large-amplitude vibrational modes, also often called intrinsic localized modes. There exist not a few nontrivial experimental ... More
Tunable photonic elements at the surface of an optical fiber with piezoelectric coreMar 08 2016Tunable photonic elements at the surface of an optical fiber with piezoelectric core are proposed and analyzed theoretically. These elements are based on whispering gallery modes whose propagation along the fiber is fully controlled by nanoscale variation ... More
Generation of polarization squeezed light in periodically poled nonlinear crystalApr 23 2009Theoretical analysis is presented on quantum state evolution of polarization light waves at frequencies $\omega_{o}$ and $\omega_{e}$ in a periodically poled nonlinear crystal (PPNC). It is shown that the variances of all the four Stokes parameters can ... More
Generation of polarization squeezed light in PPNCAug 06 2003Theoretical analysis is presented on quantum state evolution of polarization light waves at frequencies $\omega_{o}$ and $\omega_{e}$ in a periodically poled nonlinear crystal (PPNC). It is shown that the variances of all the four Stokes parameters can ... More
Limits on cosmological variation of quark masses and strong interactionSep 19 2002We discuss limits on variation of $(m_q/\Lambda_{QCD})$. The results are obtained by studying $n-\alpha$-interaction during Big Bang, Oklo natural nuclear reactor data and limits on variation of the proton $g$-factor from quasar absorpion spectra.
Decays of Fourth Generation Bound StatesAug 28 2012We consider the decay modes of the heavy $q^\prime\bar{q^\prime}$ bound states originating from Higgs boson exchange between quark -- anti-quark pair. In case of a small coupling between the fourth and lower generation the main decay mode is $q^\prime\bar{q^\prime}$ ... More
Two-dimensional manifold with point-like defectsNov 05 2015We study a class of two-dimensional compact extra spaces isomorphic to the sphere $S^2$ in the framework of multidimensional gravitation. We show that there exists a family of stationary metrics that depend on the initial (boundary) conditions. All these ... More
Traveling magnetopause distortion related to a large-scale magnetosheath plasma jet: THEMIS and ground-based observationsFeb 15 2013Here, we present a case study of THEMIS and ground-based observations on the dayside magnetopause, and geomagnetic field perturbations related to the interaction of an interplanetary directional discontinuity (DD), as observed by ACE, within the magnetosphere ... More
Three-dimensional artificial neural network model of the dayside magnetopauseFeb 07 2013Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) from package NeuroShell 2 are applied for modeling of dayside magnetopause. The model data set is based on the magnetopause crossings and on the corresponding hour-averaged measurements of solar wind plasma and interplanetary ... More
Pressure balance at the magnetopause: Experimental studiesOct 24 2011The pressure balance at the magnetopause is formed by magnetic field and plasma in the magnetosheath, on one side, and inside the magnetosphere, on the other side. In the approach of dipole earth's magnetic field configuration and gas-dynamics solar wind ... More
Effect of discrete breathers on the specific heat of a nonlinear chainJul 07 2019In the present study, employing a one-dimensional nonlinear lattice with an on-site potential, we analyze the effect of discrete breathers (DBs) on its specific heat. In the most transparent way, this can be done by monitoring the chain temperature in ... More
Universal low-temperature magnetic properties of the classical and quantum dimerized ferromagnetic spin chainApr 18 2012Apr 19 2012Low-temperature magnetic properties of both classical and quantum dimerized ferromagnetic spin chains are studied. It is shown that at low temperatures the classical dimerized model reduces to the classical uniform model with the effective exchange integral ... More
Possible improvements of higgs trigger at LHCDec 25 2005In this work we consider two ways to improve signal to background cross-sections ratio for higgs searchings at LHC: likelyhood method and advanced rapidity trigger. Both methods are universal enough, likelyhood method can be applied to any processes with ... More
Large-scale jets in the magnetosheath and plasma penetration across the magnetopause: THEMIS observationsAug 21 2015THEMIS multi-point observation of the plasma and magnetic fields, conducted simultaneously in the dayside magnetosheath and magnetosphere, were used to collect 646 large-scale magnetosheath plasma jets interacting with the magnetopause. The jets were ... More
Resonant Raman Scattering from Silicon Nanoparticles Enhanced by Magnetic ResponseJan 14 2016Enhancement of optical response with high-index dielectric nanoparticles is attributed to the excitation of their Mie-type magnetic and electric resonances. Here we study Raman scattering from crystalline silicon nanoparticles and reveal that magnetic ... More
Ferrimagnetism in delta chain with anisotropic ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic interactionsJul 21 2016We consider analytically and numerically an anisotropic spin-$\frac{1}{2}$ delta-chain (sawtooth chain) in which exchange interactions between apical and basal spins are ferromagnetic and those between basal spins are antiferromagnetic. In the limit of ... More
The anisotropic Heisenberg chain in coexisting transverse and longitudinal magnetic fieldsMar 01 2004Aug 31 2004The one-dimensional spin-1/2 $XXZ$ model in a mixed transverse and longitudinal magnetic field is studied. Using the specially developed version of the mean-field approximation the order-disorder transition induced by the magnetic field is investigated. ... More
Many Body Corrections to Nuclear Anapole MomentFeb 23 1996The many body contributions to the nuclear anapole moment of $^{133}$Cs, $^{205}$Tl, $^{207,209}$PB, and $^{209}$Bi from the core polarization are calculated in the random-phase approximation with the effective residual interaction. Strong reduction of ... More
Thermodynamics of classical frustrated spin chain at the ferromagnet-helimagnet transition pointJul 26 2010Low-temperature thermodynamics of the classical frustrated ferromagnetic spin chain is studied. Using transfer-matrix method we found the behavior of the correlation function and zero-field susceptibility at the ferromagnetic-helical transition point. ... More
Multi-magnon bound states in easy-axis ferromagnetic zigzag spin chainDec 08 2008The frustrated spin-1/2 chain with weakly anisotropic ferromagnetic nearest-neighbor and antiferromagnetic next-nearest-neighbor exchanges is studied. We focus on the excitation spectrum and the low-temperature thermodynamics in the ferromagnetic region ... More
Weakly anisotropic frustrated zigzag spin chainAug 27 2007The frustrated spin-1/2 model with weakly anisotropic ferromagnetic nearest-neighbor and antiferromagnetic next-nearest-neighbor exchanges is studied with use of variational mean-field approach, scaling estimates of the infrared divergencies in the perturbation ... More
Kagome-like chains with anisotropic ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic interactionsFeb 13 2017We consider a spin-$\frac{1}{2}$ kagome-like chain with competing ferro- and antiferromagnetic anisotropic exchange interactions. The ground state phase diagram of this model consists of the ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic phases. We study the ground ... More
Soft colour interactions in hadron-hadron hard diffractionJun 22 2007SCI model gives a good and natural description of DDIS cross-sections. Howevere, this model is pure phenomenological, and does not explain the nature of soft color rearrangment. In this paper we argue, that the most capabilities of SCI model can be derived ... More
Hard non-vacuum reggeon in the CKMT modelSep 23 2003Dec 29 2003The CKMT model describing the nucleon structure function $F_2(x,Q^2)$ in the framework of conventional Regge theory with smooth soft-hard pomeron is modified. Smooth soft-hard non-vacuum reggeon dependence on incoming photon virtuality $Q^2$ is introduced. ... More
Delta chain with anisotropic ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic interactionsJul 06 2015We consider analytically and numerically an anisotropic spin-$\frac{1}{2}$ delta-chain (sawtooth chain) with nearest-neighbor ferromagnetic and next-nearest-neighbor antiferromagnetic interactions. For certain values of the interactions a lowest one-particle ... More
Universal low-temperature properties of frustrated classical spin chain near the ferromagnet-helimagnet transition pointAug 30 2010The thermodynamics of the classical frustrated spin chain near the transition point between the ferromagnetic and the helical phases is studied. The calculation of the partition and spin correlation functions at low temperature limit is reduced to the ... More
Low-temperature properties of classical zigzag spin chain at the ferromagnet-helimagnet transition pointJul 27 2010Low-temperature thermodynamics of the classical frustrated ferromagnetic spin chain near the ferromagnet-helimagnet transition point is studied by means of mapping to the continuum limit. The calculation of the partition function and spin correlation ... More
Magnetic solitons in frustrated ferromagnetic spin chainAug 01 2009We study the classical anisotropic ferromagnetic spin chain with frustration. The behavior of soliton and kink solutions in the vicinity of the ground state phase transition from the ferromagnetic to the spiral phase is studied. The dependence of the ... More
Quasi-one-dimensional anisotropic Heisenberg model in a transverse magnetic fieldJul 08 2004The phase diagram of weakly coupled $XXZ$ chains in a transverse magnetic field is studied using the mean-field approximation for the interchain coupling and known exact results for an effective one-dimensional model. Results are applied to the quasi-one-dimensional ... More
Many-body corrections to the nuclear anapole moment IIDec 02 1999The contribution of many-body effects to the nuclear anapole moment were studied earlier in [1]. Here, more accurate calculation of the many-body contributions is presented, which goes beyond the constant density approximation for them used in [1]. The ... More
Multipomeron quasi-eikonal model for single diffraction processesDec 29 2003Single diffraction processes was usually treated in the triple-reggeon framework, but this formalism is inconsistent with CDF data. In this paper we show, that multipomeron quasi-eikonal model gives agreement with these data. Cross-section of single diffraction ... More
On forbidden high-energy electrons as a source of background in X-ray and gamma-ray observationsDec 01 2014The study is devoted to a problem of electron-induced contaminant to X-ray and gamma-ray astrophysical measurements on board low-orbiting satellites. We analyzed enhancements of electron fluxes in energy range 100 - 300 keV observed at equatorial and ... More
Enhanced interaction between a mechanical oscillator and two coupled resonant electrical circuitsMay 14 2014Aug 25 2014This paper reports result of calculation and experimental realization of an electromechanical system that consists of a high-Q mechanical oscillator parametrically coupled in the manner of a capacitive transducer with a RF circuit, which is in turn inductively ... More
Sharp Magnetic Field Dependence of the 2D Hall Coefficient Induced by Classical Memory EffectsAug 23 2007We show that a sharp dependence of the Hall coefficient $R$ on the magnetic field $B$ arises in two-dimensional electron systems with randomly located strong scatterers. The phenomenon is due to classical memory effects. We calculate analytically the ... More
Level statistics in a two-dimensional system with strong spin-orbit couplingJun 06 1999We study level correlations in a two-dimensional system with a long-range random potential and strong spin-orbit (SO) splitting of the spectrum. The level correlations for sufficiently large splitting are shown to be described by orthogonal Wigner-Dyson ... More
Nuclear magnetization distribution and hyperfine splitting in Bi$^{82+}$ ionDec 30 2001Hyperfine splitting in Bi$^{82+}$ and Pb$^{81+}$ ions was calculated using continuum RPA approach with effective residual forces. To fix the parameters of the theory the nuclear magnetic dipole moments of two one- particle and two one-hole nuclei around ... More
Strong optical coupling combines isolated scatterers into dimerJun 04 2019We analyze the transition between different coupling regimes of two dielectric rods, which occurs at a critical distance between them. The hallmark of strong coupling regime is the peak splitting effect observed in spectra. Here we comprehensively evaluate ... More
Final State Interaction Effects in the $e^+e^-\to N\bar{N}$ Process near ThresholdJul 04 2006Mar 29 2007We use the Paris nucleon-antinucleon optical potential for explanation of experimental data in the process $e^+e^- \to p\bar p$ near threshold. It is shown that the cross section and the electromagnetic form factors are very sensitive to the parameters ... More
Dependence of geosynchronous relativistic electron enhancements on geomagnetic parametersFeb 04 2014Relativistic electron fluxes observed in geosynchronous orbit by GOES-8 in 1997 to 2000 were considered as a complex function of geomagnetic indices PC, Kp, and Dst as well as parameters of the magnetosphere size, subsolar Rs and terminator Rf magnetopause ... More
Electron spin resonance study of atomic hydrogen stabilized in solid neon below 1KJan 22 2018We report on an electron spin resonance study of atomic hydrogen stabilized in a solid Ne matrices carried out at a high field of 4.6 T and temperatures below 1 K. The films of Ne, slowly deposited on the substrate at the temperature $\sim$1 K, exhibited ... More
Schiff moment of the Mercury nucleus and the proton dipole momentJun 19 2003Nov 28 2003We calculated the contribution of internal nucleon electric dipole moments to the Schiff moment of $^{199}$Hg. The contribution of the proton electric dipole moment was obtained via core polarization effects that were treated in the framework of random ... More
P- and T-violating Schiff moment of the Mercury nucleusApr 15 2003The Schiff moment of the $^{199}$Hg nucleus was calculated using finite range P- and T-violating weak nucleon-nucleon interaction. Effects of the core polarization were considered in the framework of RPA with effective residual forces.
Colour-octet bound states, induced by Higgs mechanismDec 21 2012Dec 28 2012The current limits for fourth generation quarks allows to expect their mass of the order of 500 GeV. In this mass region for quark-anti-quark pair the additional Yukawa-type attraction due to Higgs mechanism is expected to emerge. This Higgs induced attraction ... More
Coulomb energy contribution to the excitation energy in $^{229}$Th and enhanced effect of $α$ variationJul 21 2008Aug 15 2008We calculated the contribution of Coulomb energy to the spacing between the ground and first excited state of $^{229}$Th nucleus as a function of the deformation parameter $\delta$. We show that despite the fact that the odd particle is a neutron, the ... More
Enhancement of critical current by microwave irradiation in wide superconducting filmsJun 30 2006The temperature dependences of the enhanced critical current in wide and thin Sn films exposed to the microwave field have been investigated experimentally and analyzed. It was found that the microwave field stabilizes the current state of a wide film ... More
Splitting of Landau levels of a 2D electron due to electron-phonon interactionsJul 11 1997We show that in a very strong magnetic field $B$ electron-phonon interaction gives rise to a splitting of Landau levels of a 2D electron into a series of infinitely degenerate sublevels. We provide both qualitative and quantitative description of this ... More
TEC enhancement due to energetic electrons above Taiwan and the West PacificJan 11 2013The energetic electrons of the inner radiation belt during a geomagnetic disturbance can penetrate in the forbidden range of drift shells located at the heights of the topside equatorial ionosphere (<1000 km). A good correlation was previously revealed ... More
Tunnelling Spectroscopy of Localized States near the Quantum Hall EdgeApr 06 1999In the paper we dscuss experimental results of M. Grayson et al. on tunneling $I$-$V$ characteristics of the quantum Hall edge. We suggest a two step tunneling mechanism involving localized electron states near the edge, which might account for discrepancy ... More
Exact singlet bond ground states for electronic modelsNov 26 1999Nov 28 1999We have proposed several 1D and 2D electronic models with the exact ground state. The ground state wave function of these models is represented in terms of "singlet bond" functions consisting of homopolar and ionic configurations. The Hamiltonians of ... More
Advances in the criteria for dividing thin superconducting films into narrow and wide filmsJan 10 2011The results of experimental investigations of the critical currents and certain nonequilibrium phenomena in thin Sn films of different width w are analyzed. Usually, thin superconducting films are divided into two groups: narrow channels w<lambda and ... More
Low-temperature thermodynamics of the classical frustrated ferromagnetic chain in magnetic fieldOct 04 2011Oct 05 2011Low-temperature magnetization curves of the classical frustrated ferromagnetic chain in the external magnetic field near the transition point between the ferromagnetic and the helical phases is studied. It is shown that the calculation of the partition ... More
Nuclear Magnetic Quadrupole Moments in Single Particle ApproximationMay 15 1994A static magnetic quadrupole moment of a nucleus, induced by T- and P-odd nucleon-nucleon interaction, is investigated in the single-particle approximation. Models are considered allowing for analytical solution. The problem is also treated numerically ... More
Dynamic Separation of Chaotic Signals in the Presence of NoiseJul 17 2001The problem of separation of an observed sum of chaotic signals into the individual components in the presence of noise on the path to the observer is considered. A noise threshold is found above which high-quality separation is impossible. Below the ... More
Statistical Characteristics of the Heliospheric Plasma and Magnetic Field at the Earth's Orbit during Four Solar Cycles 20-23Jan 14 2013The review presents analysis and physical interpretation of available statistical data about solar wind plasma and interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) properties as measured in-situ at 1 A.U. by numerous space experiments during time period from 1964 ... More
Exactly solvable spin ladder model with degenerate ferromagnetic and singlet statesNov 24 1999We study the spin ladder model with interactions between spins on neighboring rungs. The model Hamiltonian with the exact singlet ground state degenerated with ferromagnetic state is obtained. The singlet ground state wave function has a special recurrent ... More
Nuclear Anapole Moments in Single Particle ApproximationJan 31 1994Nuclear anapole moments of $\;^{133}$Cs, $\;^{203,205}$Tl, $\;^{207}$Pb, $\;^{209}$Bi are treated in the single-particle approximation. Analytical results are obtained for the oscillator potential without spin-orbit interaction. Then the anapole moments ... More
Exact ground state for 1D electronic modelsNov 20 1999We have found the exact ground state for two electronic models on a linear chain. The first model describes half-filling electron system in the ferromagnet--antiferromagnet transition point. In the singlet ground state the spin correlators show giant ... More
Gap generation in the XXZ model in a transverse magnetic fieldDec 09 2001Apr 27 2002The ground state phase diagram of the 1D XXZ model in transverse magnetic field is obtained. It consists of the gapped phases with different types of long range order (LRO) and critical lines at which the gap and the LRO vanish. Using scaling estimations ... More
Exact ground state of one- and two-dimensional frustrated quantum spin systemsMay 15 2001We outline the recent results on the ground state for a class of one- and two-dimensional frustrated quantum spin models with competing ferro(F)- and antiferromagnetic (AF) interactions. Frustrated spin systems are known to have many interesting properties ... More
Do Hadronic Charge Exchange Reactions Measure Electroweak L = 1 Strength?Jun 22 2001Aug 31 2001An eikonal model has been used to assess the relationship between calculated strengths for first forbidden beta decay and calculated cross sections for (p,n) charge exchange reactions. It is found that these are proportional for strong transitions, suggesting ... More
Evidence for Near-Equatorial Deposition by Energetic Electrons in the Ionospheric F-layerJan 11 2013Near-equatorial great enhancements of the quasi-trapped >30 keV electrons at low-altitudes are studied during strong geomagnetic storms. We have found that the transient phenomenon often began at the morning and was capable to live several hours predominantly ... More
Diffractive scattering at high energiesDec 15 2005In this work we analyse applicability of regge-based models to hadron interactions. Commonly-used extensions of pure regge model are found to be failed. Low constituent model is inroduced and found to be consistent with hadron-hadron and hadron-photon ... More
Anomalous Negative Magnetoresistance Caused by Non-Markovian EffectsMar 28 2003Aug 27 2003A theory of recently discovered anomalous low-field magnetoresistance is developed for the system of two-dimensional electrons scattered by hard disks of radius $a,$ randomly distributed with concentration $n.$ For small magnetic fields the magentoresistance ... More
Exact ground states for a class of one-dimensional frustrated quantum spin modelsDec 01 1999We have found the exact ground state for two frustrated quantum spin-1/2 models on a linear chain. The first model describes ferromagnet- antiferromagnet transition point. The singlet state at this point has double-spiral ordering. The second model is ... More
Two-dimensional frustrated Heisenberg model: Variational studyNov 30 1999The stability of the ferromagnetic phase of the 2D quantum spin-1/2 model with nearest-neighbor ferro- and next-nearest neighbor antiferromagnetic interactions is studied. It turns out that values of exchange integrals at which the ferromagnetic state ... More
Exactly solvable two-dimensional quantum spin modelsNov 24 1999A method is proposed for constructing an exact ground-state wave function of a two-dimensional model with spin 1/2. The basis of the method is to represent the wave function by a product of fourth-rank spinors associated with the sites of a lattice and ... More