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Partition of Optical Properties Into Orbital ContributionsJul 10 2019Nonlinear optical properties (NLOPs) play a major role in photonics, electro-optics and optoelectronics, and other fields of modern optics. The design of new NLO molecules and materials has benefited from the development of computational tools to analyze ... More
Noise Analysis of Qubits Implemented in Triple Quantum Dot Systems in a Davies Master Equation ApproachNov 02 2012Jun 03 2013We analyze the influence of noise for qubits implemented using a triple quantum dot spin system. We give a detailed description of the physical realization and develop error models for the dominant external noise sources. We use a Davies master equation ... More
The cusp effect in eta' --> eta pi pi decaysApr 08 2009Jun 11 2009Strong final-state interactions create a pronounced cusp in eta' --> eta pi0 pi0 decays. We adapt and generalize the non-relativistic effective field theory framework developed for the extraction of pi pi scattering lengths from K --> 3 pi decays to this ... More
On the characterisation of the underlying eventDec 30 2009May 06 2010The measurement of the underlying event (UE) and its separation from hard interactions in hadron-collider events is a conceptually and practically challenging task. We develop a simple, mostly analytical toy model for the UE in order to understand how ... More
Numerically Grounded Language Models for Semantic Error CorrectionAug 14 2016Semantic error detection and correction is an important task for applications such as fact checking, speech-to-text or grammatical error correction. Current approaches generally focus on relatively shallow semantics and do not account for numeric quantities. ... More
No phase transition for Gaussian fields with bounded spinsJun 26 2007Let a<b, \Omega=[a,b]^{\Z^d} and H be the (formal) Hamiltonian defined on \Omega by H(\eta) = \frac12 \sum_{x,y\in\Z^d} J(x-y) (\eta(x)-\eta(y))^2 where J:\Z^d\to\R is any summable non-negative symmetric function (J(x)\ge 0 for all x\in\Z^d, \sum_x J(x)<\infty ... More
Reply to the "Comment on 'Phase diagram of an impurity in the spin-1/2 chain: two channel Kondo effect versus Curie law'"Sep 30 2002In a comment by A.A. Zvyagin the phase diagram in our Letter [Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 516 (2001)] was critisized of being incomplete and a new fixed point was suggested. We show that this point is in fact not a fixed point and that the phase diagram is correct ... More
Quantum Metrology in the Kerr MetricOct 31 2018A surprising feature of the Kerr metric is the anisotropy of the speed of light. The angular momentum of a rotating massive object causes co- and counter-propagating light paths to move at faster and slower velocities, respectively. Based on this effect ... More
omega --> pi0 gamma* and phi --> pi0 gamma* Transition form factors in dispersion theoryJun 14 2012Sep 21 2012We calculate the omega --> pi0 gamma* and phi --> pi0 gamma* electromagnetic transition form factors based on dispersion theory, relying solely on a previous dispersive analysis of the corresponding three-pion decays and the pion vector form factor. We ... More
Contextual Documentation Referencing on Stack OverflowJun 11 2019Software engineering is knowledge-intensive and requires software developers to continually search for knowledge, often on community question answering platforms such as Stack Overflow. Such information sharing platforms do not exist in isolation, and ... More
Two-Qubit Couplings of Singlet-Triplet Qubits Mediated by One Quantum StateMar 12 2014Aug 05 2014We describe high-fidelity entangling gates between singlet-triplet qubits (STQs) which are coupled via one quantum state (QS). The QS can be provided by a quantum dot itself or by another confined system. The orbital energies of the QS are tunable using ... More
Quantum Nucleation of Skyrmions in Magnetic Films by Inhomogeneous FieldsApr 14 2016Recent experiments have reported on controlled nucleation of individual skyrmions in chiral magnets. Here we show that in magnetic ultra-thin films with interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction, single skyrmions of different radii can be nucleated ... More
A simple model for the kinetics of packaging of DNA in to a capsid against an external forceJan 09 2002We propose a simple model for the kinetics of packaging of viral DNA in to a capsid against an external force trying to prevent it. The model leads to a Butler-Volmer type dependence of the rate of packaging on the pulling force F.
Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation for Singlet-Triplet Qubits with Leakage ErrorsDec 22 2014Feb 23 2015We describe and analyze leakage errors of singlet-triplet qubits. Even though leakage errors are a natural problem for spin qubits encoded using quantum dot arrays, they have obtained little attention in previous studies. We describe the realization of ... More
Spatial heterogeneity promotes coexistence of rock-paper-scissor metacommunitiesJul 02 2012The rock-paper-scissor game -- which is characterized by three strategies R,P,S, satisfying the non-transitive relations S excludes P, P excludes R, and R excludes S -- serves as a simple prototype for studying more complex non-transitive systems. For ... More
Dispersive analysis of omega/phi --> 3pi decays and the omega/phi --> pi0 gamma* transition form factorsDec 04 2012We present a dispersive analysis of the three-pion decays of the lightest isoscalar vector mesons. The framework allows for a consistent implementation of final-state interactions among all three pions, with the results being solely dependent on the pion-pion ... More
Modal Decomposition of Feedback Delay NetworksJan 25 2019Feedback delay networks (FDNs) belong to a general class of recursive filters which are widely used in sound synthesis and physical modeling applications. We present a numerical technique to compute the modal decomposition of the FDN transfer function. ... More
Quantum Metrology in the Kerr MetricOct 31 2018Jun 12 2019A surprising feature of the Kerr metric is the anisotropy of the speed of light. The angular momentum of a rotating massive object causes co- and counter-propagating light paths to move at faster and slower velocities, respectively as determined by a ... More
Dispersive analysis of omega --> 3pi and phi --> 3pi decaysMar 12 2012Jun 06 2012We study the three-pion decays of the lightest isoscalar vector mesons, omega and phi, in a dispersive framework that allows for a consistent description of final-state interactions between all three pions. Our results are solely dependent on the phenomenological ... More
Cyclicity for Unbounded Multiplication Operators in Lp- and C0-SpacesJul 09 2013For every, possibly unbounded, multiplication operator in $L^p$-space, $p\in ]0,\infty[$, on finite separable measure space we show that multicyclicity, multi-*-cyclicity, and multiplicity coincide. This result includes and generalizes Bram's much cited ... More
Revisiting an approximation in the Wilson G-matrix formalism and its impact on molecular quantum dynamicsDec 29 2017Quantum dynamics simulations of reactive molecular processes are commonly performed in a low-dimensional space spanned by highly optimized reactive coordinates. Usually, these sets of reactive coordinates consist of non-linear coordinates. The Wilson ... More
Incompressible polaritons in a flat bandFeb 27 2015Sep 21 2015We study the interplay of geometric frustration and interactions in a non-equilibrium photonic lattice system exhibiting a polariton flat band as described by a variant of the Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard model. We show how to engineer strong photonic correlations ... More
Spontaneous centralization of control in a network of company ownershipsJun 14 2013We introduce a model for the adaptive evolution of a network of company ownerships. In a recent work it has been shown that the empirical global network of corporate control is marked by a central, tightly connected "core" made of a small number of large ... More
Absence of Boolean Percolation on Doubling GraphsOct 20 2014We consider the Boolean discrete percolation model on graphs satisfying a doubling metric condition. We study sufficient conditions on the distribution of the radii of balls placed at the points of a Bernoulli point process for the absence of percolation, ... More
Reply to the "Comment on 'Neel order in doped quasi one-dimensional antiferromagnets'"Sep 30 2002In a recent comment by A.A. Zvyagin to our Letter [Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 47202 (2002)] it was pointed out that the bosonization treatment of the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chain is only valid in the low temperature and long length limit. We support this ... More
Boolean Percolation on Doubling GraphsOct 20 2014Sep 26 2018We consider the discrete Boolean model of percolation on graphs satisfying a doubling metric condition. We study sufficient conditions on the distribution of the radii of balls placed at the points of a Bernoulli point process for the absence of percolation, ... More
An Overview of the Pathway Idea in Statistical and Physical SciencesJul 30 2013Pathway idea is a switching mechanism by which one can go from one functional form to another, and to yet another. It is shown that through a parameter $\alpha$, called the pathway parameter, one can connect generalized type-1 beta family of densities, ... More
Magnetic friction: From Stokes to Coulomb behaviorNov 10 2011We demonstrate that in a ferromagnetic substrate, which is continuously driven out of equilibrium by a field moving with constant velocity $v$, at least two types of friction may occur when $v$ goes to zero: The substrate may feel a friction force proportional ... More
A simple but tough-to-beat baseline for the Fake News Challenge stance detection taskJul 11 2017May 21 2018Identifying public misinformation is a complicated and challenging task. An important part of checking the veracity of a specific claim is to evaluate the stance different news sources take towards the assertion. Automatic stance evaluation, i.e. stance ... More
Revealing and exploiting hierarchical material structure through complex atomic networksAug 25 2017One of the great challenges of modern science is to faithfully model, and understand, matter at a wide range of scales. Starting with atoms, the vastness of the space of possible configurations poses a formidable challenge to any simulation of complex ... More
Gravitational Waves as a New Probe of Bose-Einstein Condensate Dark MatterSep 13 2016Sep 01 2017There exists a class of ultralight Dark Matter (DM) models which could form a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) in the early universe and behave as a single coherent wave instead of individual particles in galaxies. We show that a generic BEC DM halo intervening ... More
Norming subspaces of Banach spacesApr 26 2018We show that, if $X$ is a closed subspace of a Banach space $E$ and $Z$ is a closed subspace of $E^*$ such that $Z$ is norming for $X$ and $X$ is total over $Z$ (as well as $X$ is norming for $Z$ and $Z$ is total over $X$), then $X$ and the pre-annihilator ... More
Coulomb interaction effects and electron spin relaxation in the 1d Kondo lattice modelNov 15 2010We study the effects of the Coulomb interaction in the one dimensional Kondo lattice model on the phase diagram, the static magnetic susceptibility and electron spin relaxation. We show that onsite Coulomb interaction supports ferromagnetic order and ... More
The Flavor of CosmologyApr 10 2018We discuss the cosmology of models in which the standard model Yukawa couplings depend on scalar field(s), often referred to as flavons. We find that thermal corrections of the flavon potential tend to decrease the Yukawa couplings, providing an important ... More
Narrowing of the Overhauser field distribution by feedback-enhanced dynamic nuclear polarizationMar 24 2015In many electron spin qubit systems coherent control is impaired by the fluctuating nuclear spin bath of the host material. Previous experiments have shown dynamic nuclear polarization with feedback to significantly prolong the inhomogeneous dephasing ... More
Dispersion relations for $η'\toηππ$May 11 2017Jul 24 2017We present a dispersive analysis of the decay amplitude for $\eta'\to\eta\pi\pi$ that is based on the fundamental principles of analyticity and unitarity. In this framework, final-state interactions are fully taken into account. Our dispersive representation ... More
Hermiticity of the Volume Operators in Loop Quantum GravityOct 26 2018Nov 06 2018The aim of this article is to provide a rigorous-but-simple steps to prove the hermiticity of the volume operator of Rovelli-Smolin and Ashtekar-Lewandowski using the angular momentum approach, as well as pointing out some subleties which have not been ... More
Topp-Leone generated q-exponential distribution and its applicationsMar 17 2019Topp-Leone distribution is a continuous model distribution used for modelling lifetime phenomena. The main purpose of this paper is to introduce a new framework for generating lifetime distributions, called the Topp-Leone generated q-exponential family ... More
Density Functional study on the transesterification of triacetin assisted by cooperative weak interactions via a gold heterogeneous catalyst: Insights into Biodiesel production mechanismsJan 11 2017A Density Functional study predicting a heterogeneous-catalyzed reaction giving rise to biodiesel, was performed. Triacetin was used as a model of triglyceride in the presence of an Au(111) surface as the heterogeneous catalyst substrate. Explicit methoxy ... More
Fast and Tiny Structural Self-Indexes for XMLDec 28 2010XML document markup is highly repetitive and therefore well compressible using dictionary-based methods such as DAGs or grammars. In the context of selectivity estimation, grammar-compressed trees were used before as synopsis for structural XPath queries. ... More
Impact of Weak Lensing Mass Calibration on eROSITA Galaxy Cluster Cosmological Studies -- a ForecastOct 24 2018Jul 01 2019We forecast the impact of weak lensing (WL) cluster mass calibration on the cosmological constraints from the X-ray selected galaxy cluster counts in the upcoming eROSITA survey. We employ a prototype cosmology pipeline to analyze mock cluster catalogs. ... More
Exploring the Use of Numerical Relativity Waveforms in Burst Analysis of Precessing Black Hole MergersOct 25 2010Recent years have witnessed tremendous progress in numerical relativity and an ever improving performance of ground-based interferometric gravitational wave detectors. In preparation for Advanced LIGO and a new era in gravitational wave astronomy, the ... More
Experimental observation of the interaction of propagating spin waves with Néel domain walls in a Landau domain structureJun 07 2015The interaction of propagating dipolar spin waves with magnetic domain walls is investigated in square-shaped microstructures patterned from the Heusler compound Co$_2$Mn$_{0.6}$Fe$_{0.4}$Si. Using magnetic force microscopy, the reversible preparation ... More
${}^{3}\mathrm{He}$ and $pd$ Scattering to Next-to-Leading Order in Pionless Effective Field TheoryFeb 21 2014Jun 18 2014We study the three-body systems of ${}^{3}\mathrm{He}$ and $pd$ scattering and demonstrate, both analytically and numerically, that a new $pd$ three-body force is needed at next-to-leading order in pionless effective field theory. We also show that at ... More
Near-infrared imaging and spectroscopy of the nuclear region of the disturbed Virgo cluster spiral NGC 4438Aug 24 2009Oct 21 2009We present near-infrared VLT ISAAC imaging and spectroscopy of the peculiar Virgo galaxy NGC 4438, whose nucleus has been classified as a LINER. The data are supplemented by mid-infrared imaging, and compared to previous WFPC2 HST broadband images. Images ... More
Flavor network and the principles of food pairingNov 25 2011The cultural diversity of culinary practice, as illustrated by the variety of regional cuisines, raises the question of whether there are any general patterns that determine the ingredient combinations used in food today or principles that transcend individual ... More
Fluctuations and Noise Signatures of Driven Magnetic SkyrmionsApr 13 2017Magnetic skyrmions are particle-like objects with topologically-protected stability which can be set into motion with an applied current. Using a particle-based model we simulate current-driven magnetic skyrmions interacting with random quenched disorder ... More
Gaps in the HD169142 protoplanetary disk revealed by polarimetric imaging: Signs of ongoing planet formation?Feb 13 2013We present H-band VLT/NACO polarized light images of the Herbig Ae/Be star HD169142 probing its protoplanetary disk as close as ~0.1" to the star. Our images trace the face-on disk out to ~1.7" (~250 AU) and reveal distinct sub-structures for the first ... More
Validity of the single-particle description and charge noise resilience for multielectron quantum dotsFeb 11 2015Apr 22 2015We construct an optimal set of single-particle states for few-electron quantum dots (QDs) using the method of natural orbitals (NOs). The NOs include also the effects of the Coulomb repulsion between electrons. We find that they agree well with the noniteracting ... More
Adaptive motor control and learning in a spiking neural network realised on a mixed-signal neuromorphic processorOct 25 2018Neuromorphic computing is a new paradigm for design of both the computing hardware and algorithms inspired by biological neural networks. The event-based nature and the inherent parallelism make neuromorphic computing a promising paradigm for building ... More
Metastable decoherence-free subspaces and electromagnetically induced transparency in interacting many-body systemsJun 02 2017Oct 05 2017We investigate the dynamics of a generic interacting many-body system under conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT). This problem is of current relevance due to its connection to non-linear optical media realized by Rydberg atoms. ... More
The Serendipitous Discovery of a Group or Cluster of young Galaxies at z=2.40 in Deep Hubble Space Telescope WFPC2 ImagesDec 07 1995We report the serendipitous discovery of a group or cluster of young galaxies at $z\simeq$2.40 in a 24-orbit HST/WFPC2 exposure of the field around the weak radio galaxy 53W002. Potential cluster members were identified on ground-based narrow-band redshifted ... More
Hyperfine interactions of $\text{Er}^{3+}$ ions in $\text{Y}_2\text{SiO}_{5}$: electron paramagnetic resonance in a tunable microwave cavityOct 24 2017Jan 29 2018The hyperfine structure of the ground state of erbium doped yttrium orthosilicate is analyzed with the use of electron paramagnetic resonance experiments in a tunable microwave resonator. This work was prompted by the disagreement between the measurements ... More
Observation of Slow Dynamics near the Many-Body Localization Transition in One-Dimensional Quasiperiodic SystemsDec 21 2016Jan 30 2018In the presence of sufficiently strong disorder or quasiperiodic fields, an interacting many-body system can fail to thermalize and become many-body localized. The associated transition is of particular interest, since it occurs not only in the ground ... More
Observation of many-body localization in a one-dimensional system with single-particle mobility edgeSep 11 2018Jun 09 2019We experimentally study many-body localization (MBL) with ultracold atoms in a weak one-dimensional quasiperiodic potential, which in the noninteracting limit exhibits an intermediate phase that is characterized by a mobility edge. We measure the time ... More
Obtaining Communities with a Fitness Growth ProcessJun 06 2012The study of community structure has been a hot topic of research over the last years. But, while successfully applied in several areas, the concept lacks of a general and precise notion. Facts like the hierarchical structure and heterogeneity of complex ... More
Sorting Discrete i.i.d. Inputs: Quicksort is OptimalAug 17 2016Oct 05 2016We prove the Sedgewick-Bentley conjecture on median-of-$k$ Quicksort on equal keys: The average number of comparisons for Quicksort with fat-pivot (a.k.a. three-way) partitioning is asymptotically only a constant times worse than the information-theoretic ... More
Assessment of Path Reservation in Distributed Real-Time Vehicle GuidanceApr 23 2013In this paper we assess the impact of path reservation as an additional feature in our distributed real-time vehicle guidance protocol BeeJamA. Through our microscopic simulations we show that na\"{\i}ve reservation of links without any further measurements ... More
LiSK - A C++ Library for Evaluating Classical Polylogarithms and $\text{Li}_{22}$May 31 2016I present a lightweight C++ library for the evaluation of classical polylogarithms Li_n and the special function Li_{22} for arbitrary complex arguments. The evaluation is possible in arbitrary precision arithmetic and features also an explicit double ... More
Diffusion and percolation in anisotropic random barrier modelsFeb 02 2004An anisotropic random barrier model is presented, in which the transition probabilities in different directions have different probability density functions. At low temperatures, the anisotropic long--time diffusion coefficients, obtained using an effective ... More
Proceedings Second International Workshop on Trends in Tree Automata and Tree TransducersNov 20 2013This volume contains the papers that were presented at the second international workshop on Trends in Tree Automata and Transducers (TTATT 2013) which took place on October 19th, 2013 in Hanoi/Vietnam. The workshop was colocated with the verification ... More
Relation Variables in Qualitative Spatial ReasoningAug 03 2006We study an alternative to the prevailing approach to modelling qualitative spatial reasoning (QSR) problems as constraint satisfaction problems. In the standard approach, a relation between objects is a constraint whereas in the alternative approach ... More
On complements and the factorization problem for Hopf algebrasDec 12 2010Two new results concerning complements in a semisimple Hopf algebra are proved. They extend some well known results from group theory. The uniqueness of Krull Schmidt Remak type decomposition is proved for semisimple completely reducible Hopf algebras. ... More
On coideal subalgebras of cocentral Kac algebras and a generalization of Wall's conjectureMar 25 2012It shown that any coideal subalgebra of a finite dimensional Hopf algebra is a cyclic module over the dual Hopf algebra. Using this we describe all coideal subalgebras of a cocentral abelian extension of Hopf algebras extending some results from [4].
Penguin amplitudes in hadronic B decays: NLO spectator scatteringNov 11 2006We present results on the NLO (alpha_s^2) spectator-scattering corrections to the topological penguin amplitudes for charmless hadronic two-body B-decays in QCD factorization. The corrections can be sizable for the colour-suppressed electroweak penguin ... More
Theory of charmless hadronic B-decaysApr 08 2013I summarize results and performance of the dynamical theory of charmless hadronic B decays, based on QCD factorization in the heavy quark limit. On the theoretical side, a number of NNLO (alpha_s^2) amplitudes are now available, all showing a well-behaved ... More
Space-time constructions for the mean curvature flow in a Ricci flow backgroundJun 13 2012Jul 30 2012Given a solution of the (backwards) Ricci flow one can construct a so called canonical soliton metric on space-time, introduced by E. Cabezas-Rivas and P. Topping. We observe that for a mean curvature flow within a (backwards) Ricci flow background, the ... More
Diffraction at the LHC: a non-technical IntroductionMar 22 2010In diffractive interactions of protons or nuclei a violent collision can occur that leaves the forward going particle completely intact -with probability determined by the structure of the proton or nucleus. At very high energies these collisions also ... More
From Particle Tracks to Velocity and Acceleration Fields Using B-Splines and PenaltiesOct 30 2015In this work a method for reconstructing velocity and acceleration fields is described which uses scattered particle tracking data from flow experiments as input. The goal is to reconstruct these fields faithfully with a limited amount of compute time ... More
First Numerical Implementation of the Loop-Tree Duality MethodOct 14 2015The Loop-Tree Duality (LTD) is a novel perturbative method in QFT that establishes a relation between loop-level and tree-level amplitudes, which gives rise to the idea of treating them simultaneously in a common Monte Carlo. Initially introduced for ... More
Rigidity and Flexibility for Handlebody GroupsAug 10 2016We show that finite index subgroups of the handlebody group are rigid in their ambient mapping class group: any injective map of a finite index subgroup of the genus $g$ handlebody group into the genus $g$ mapping class group is conjugation by a mapping ... More
A non-parametric ensemble transform method for Bayesian inferenceOct 01 2012Jan 14 2013Many applications, such as intermittent data assimilation, lead to a recursive application of Bayesian inference within a Monte Carlo context. Popular data assimilation algorithms include sequential Monte Carlo methods and ensemble Kalman filters (EnKFs). ... More
SLE and spidernetsFeb 12 2018Oct 05 2018We regard SLE from a quantum probability point of view and approximate the underlying quantum process by the growth of a random graph, which arises from the comb product of a certain spidernet and its complement. We obtain a stronger result for the deterministic ... More
Demonstration of entanglement assisted invariance on IBM's Quantum ExperienceSep 23 2016Quantum entanglement is among the most fundamental, yet from classical intuition also most surprising properties of the fully quantum nature of physical reality. We report several experiments performed on IBM's Quantum Experience demonstrating envariance ... More
The Geometrical Description of Feasible Singular Values in the Tensor Train FormatJan 29 2017Tensors have grown in importance and are applied to an increasing number of fields. Crucial in this regard are tensor formats, such as the widespread Tensor Train (TT) decomposition, which represent low rank tensors. This multivariate TT-rank and accordant ... More
Smash nilpotent cycles on products of curvesJul 31 2012Aug 01 2012Voevodsky has conjectured that numerical and smash equivalence coincide on a smooth projective variety. We prove the conjecture for one dimensional cycles on an arbitrary product of curves. As a consequence we get that numerically trivial 1-cycles on ... More
Limiting Approach to Generalized Gamma Bessel Model via Fractional Calculus and its Applications in Various DisciplinesJul 30 2013The essentials of fractional calculus according to different approaches that can be useful for our applications in the theory of probability and stochastic processes are established. In addition to this, from this fractional integral one can list out ... More
Interacting growth processes and invariant percolationApr 12 2013Jan 19 2015The aim of this paper is to underline the relation between reversible growth processes and invariant percolation. We present two models of interacting branching random walks (BRWs), truncated BRWs and competing BRWs, where survival of the growth process ... More
Classical basis for quantum spectral fluctuations in hyperbolic systemsMar 23 2003Aug 21 2003We reason in support of the universality of quantum spectral fluctuations in chaotic systems, starting from the pioneering work of Sieber and Richter who expressed the spectral form factor in terms of pairs of periodic orbits with self-crossings and avoided ... More
Greedy domination on biclique-free graphsJun 07 2018Jan 17 2019The greedy algorithm for approximating dominating sets is a simple method that is known to compute an $(\ln n+1)$-approximation of a minimum dominating set on any graph with $n$ vertices. We show that a small modification of the greedy algorithm can be ... More
Tame hereditary path algebras and amenabilityAug 06 2018In this note we are concerned with the notion of amenable representation type as defined in a recent paper by G\'abor Elek. Roughly speaking, an algebra is of amenable type if for all $\varepsilon > 0$, every finite-dimensional module has a submodule ... More
Linear systems over localizations of ringsSep 24 2017Dec 18 2017We describe a method for solving linear systems over the localization of a commutative ring $R$ at a multiplicatively closed subset $S$ that works under the following hypotheses: the ring $R$ is coherent, i.e., we can compute finite generating sets of ... More
Event-based State Estimation: An Emulation-based ApproachMar 24 2017An event-based state estimation approach for reducing communication in a networked control system is proposed. Multiple distributed sensor agents observe a dynamic process and sporadically transmit their measurements to estimator agents over a shared ... More
Distributed Event-based State EstimationNov 16 2015Jan 26 2017An event-based state estimation approach for reducing communication in a networked control system is proposed. Multiple distributed sensor-actuator-agents observe a dynamic process and sporadically exchange their measurements and inputs over a bus network. ... More
Gauge Deformations and Embedding Theorems for Special GeometriesSep 30 2009Jul 30 2010We reduce the embedding problem for hypo SU(2) and SU(3)-structures to the embedding problem for hypo G2-structures into parallel Spin(7)-manifolds. The latter will be described in terms of gauge deformations. This description involves the intrinsic torsion ... More
MC3D - 3D Continuum Radiative Transfer, Version 2Jul 18 2002A revised and greatly improved version of the 3D continuum radiative transfer code MC3D is presented. It is based on the Monte-Carlo method and solves the radiative transfer problem self-consistently. It is designed for the simulation of dust temperatures ... More
Time reversal for radiative transport with applications to inverse and control problemsApr 10 2013Aug 03 2013In this paper we develop a time reversal method for the radiative transport equation to solve two problems: an inverse problem for the recovery of an initial condition from boundary measurements, and the exact boundary controllability of the transport ... More
Tame hereditary path algebras and amenabilityAug 06 2018Jun 18 2019In this note we are concerned with the notion of amenable representation type as defined in a recent paper by G\'abor Elek. Roughly speaking, an algebra is of amenable type if for all $\varepsilon > 0$, every finite-dimensional module has a submodule ... More
Superconvergence Using Pointwise Interpolation in Convection-Diffusion ProblemsApr 28 2013Considering a singularly perturbed convection-diffusion problem, we present an analysis for a superconvergence result using pointwise interpolation of Gau{\ss}-Lobatto type for higher-order streamline diffusion FEM. We show a useful connection between ... More
Torsion Invariants for FamiliesApr 18 2008May 09 2009We give an overview over the higher torsion invariants of Bismut-Lott, Igusa-Klein and Dwyer-Weiss-Williams, including some more or less recent developments.
Computations and Applications of eta invariantsNov 22 2010Apr 27 2011We give a survey on eta invariants including methods of computation and applications in differential topology.
Rational cohomology of \bar R_2 (and \bar S_2)Dec 23 2010We compute the rational cohomology ring of \bar R_2, the (compactified) moduli space of Prym curves of genus 2. We also recompute the rational cohomology ring of \bar S_2, the moduli space of spin curves of genus 2, thereby correcting some errors made ... More
Categoricity of Shimura VarietiesMar 18 2018Dec 15 2018We propose a model-theoretic structure for Shimura varieties and give necessary and sufficient conditions to obtain categoricity. We show that these conditions are directly related to important conjectures in number theory coming from Galois representations ... More
Quasinormal modes of magnetic black branes at finite 't Hooft couplingNov 09 2018Nov 29 2018The aim of this work is to extend the knowledge about Quasinormal Modes (QNMs) and the equilibration of strongly coupled systems, specifically of a quark gluon plasma (which we consider to be in a strong magnetic background field) by using the duality ... More
Stability and uniqueness of self-similar profiles in $L^1$ spaces for perturbations of the constant kernel in Smoluchowski's coagulation equationFeb 26 2019In this work, we consider self-similar profiles for Smoluchowski's coagulation equation for kernels which are possibly unbounded perturbations of the constant one. For this model, we show that the self-similar solutions for the perturbed kernel are close ... More
Aspects of Calabi-Yau Fourfold CompactificationsSep 25 2018The study of the geometry of Calabi-Yau fourfolds is relevant for compactifications of string theory, M-theory, and F-theory to various dimensions. In the first part of this thesis, we study the action of mirror symmetry on two-dimensional $\cN=(2,2)$ ... More
On the second cohomology group of a simplicial groupNov 15 2009Sep 29 2010We give an algebraic proof for the result of Eilenberg and Mac Lane that the second cohomology group of a simplicial group G can be computed as a quotient of a fibre product involving the first two homotopy groups and the first Postnikov invariant of ... More
Transportation-cost inequalities for diffusions driven by Gaussian processesMar 11 2014Sep 21 2016We prove transportation-cost inequalities for the law of SDE solutions driven by general Gaussian processes. Examples include the fractional Brownian motion, but also more general processes like bifractional Brownian motion. In case of multiplicative ... More
Asymptotic link invariants for ergodic vector fieldsMar 06 2008We study the asymptotics of a family of link invariants on the orbits of a smooth volume-preserving ergodic vector field on a compact domain of the 3-space. These invariants, called linear saddle invariants, include many concordance invariants and generate ... More
Two-term spectral asymptotics for the Dirichlet pseudo-relativistic kinetic energy operator on a bounded domainJun 27 2017Aug 06 2018Continuing the series of works following Weyl's one-term asymptotic formula for the counting function $N(\lambda)=\sum_{n=1}^\infty(\lambda_n{-}\lambda)_-$ of the eigenvalues of the Dirichlet Laplacian and the much later found two-term expansion on domains ... More