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Anti-de Sitter massless scalar field spacetimes in arbitrary dimensionsMar 21 2012Jun 07 2012We consider $d$-dimensional static spacetimes in Einstein gravity with a cosmological constant in the presence of a minimally coupled massless scalar field. The spacetimes have a $(d-2)$-dimensional base manifold given by an Einstein space and the massless ... More
A multipole-expanded effective field theory for vortex ring-sound interactionsSep 06 2017Feb 14 2018The low-energy dynamics of a zero temperature superfluid or of the compressional modes of an ordinary fluid can be described by a simple effective theory for a scalar field---the superfluid 'phase'. However, when vortex lines are present, to describe ... More
Flattened non-Gaussianities from the effective field theory of inflation with imaginary speed of soundMay 31 2018Nov 06 2018Inflationary perturbations in multi-field theories can exhibit a transient tachyonic instability as a consequence of their non-trivial motion in the internal field space. When an effective single-field description is applicable, the resulting theory is ... More
A non-linear extension of the spin-2 partially massless symmetryOct 31 2014We investigate the possibility of extending the "partially massless" symmetry of a spin-2 field in de Sitter to nonlinear order. To do so, we impose a closure condition on the symmetry transformations. This requirement imposes strong constraints on the ... More
Consistent deformations of free massive field theories in the Stueckelberg formulationJun 12 2018Jul 11 2018Cohomological techniques within the Batalin-Vilkovisky (BV) extension of the Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin (BRST) formalism have proved invaluable for classifying consistent deformations of gauge theories. In this work we investigate the application of this ... More
Supersymmetric Partially Massless Fields and Non-Unitary Superconformal RepresentationsOct 03 2018We find and classify the ${\cal N}=1$ SUSY multiplets on AdS$_4$ which contain partially massless fields. We do this by studying the non-unitary representations of the $d=3$ superconformal algebra of the boundary. The simplest super-multiplet which contains ... More
Black Hole PulsarAug 23 2018Dec 16 2018In anticipation of a LIGO detection of a black hole/neutron star merger, we expand on the intriguing possibility of an electromagnetic counterpart. Black hole/Neutron star mergers could be disappointingly dark since most black holes will be large enough ... More
Primordial fluctuations and non-Gaussianities in sidetracked inflationApr 30 2018Jul 27 2018Heavy scalar fields can undergo an instability during inflation as a result of their kinetic couplings with the inflaton. This is known as the geometrical destabilization of inflation, as it relies on the effect of the negative curvature of the field-space ... More
Hyper non-Gaussianities in inflation with strongly non-geodesic motionFeb 08 2019Several recent proposals to embed inflation into high-energy physics rely on inflationary dynamics characterized by a strongly non-geodesic motion in negatively curved field space. This naturally leads to a transient instability of perturbations on sub-Hubble ... More
Universal Conductance Distributions in the Crossover between Diffusive and Localization RegimesJul 19 2001The full distribution of the conductance $P(G)$ in quasi-one-dimensional wires with rough surfaces is analyzed from the diffusive to the localization regime. In the crossover region, where the statistics is dominated by only one or two eigenchannels, ... More
Asymmetry and spin-orbit coupling of light scattered from subwavelength particlesDec 17 2018Light scattering and spin-orbit angular momentum coupling phenomena from subwavelength objects, with electric and magnetic dipolar responses, are receiving an increasing interest. Under illumination by circularly polarized light, spin-orbit coupling effects ... More
Site and lattice resonances in metallic hole arraysJun 22 2005A powerful analytical approach is followed to study light transmission through subwavelength holes drilled in thick perfect-conductor films, showing that full transmission (100%) is attainable in arrays of arbitrarily narrow holes as compared to the film ... More
Statistical Distribution of Intensities Reflected from Disordered MediaJul 09 1998A theoretical analysis of the statistical distributions of the reflected intensities from random media is presented. We use random matrix theory to analytically deduce the probability densities in the localization regime. Numerical calculations of the ... More
Quantum Conductance in Semimetallic Bismuth NanocontactsMay 07 2002Electronic transport properties of bismuth nanocontacts are analyzed by means of a low temperature scanning tunneling microscope. The subquantum steps observed in the conductance versus elongation curves give evidence of atomic rearrangements in the contact. ... More
Intensity Distribution of Modes in Surface Corrugated WaveguidesMay 20 1998Exact calculations of transmission and reflection coefficients in surface randomly corrugated optical waveguides are presented. As the length of the corrugated part of the waveguide increases, there is a strong preference to forward coupling through the ... More
First Sound in Holographic Superfluids at Zero TemperatureJun 09 2016Aug 18 2016Within the context of AdS/CFT, the gravity dual of an s-wave superfluid is given by scalar QED on an asymptotically AdS spacetime. While this conclusion is vastly supported by numerical arguments, here we provide an analytical proof that this is indeed ... More
A general class of holographic superconductorsJun 05 2009Sep 11 2009We introduce a simple generalization of the basic holographic superconductor model in which the spontaneous breaking of a global U(1) symmetry occurs via the Stueckelberg mechanism. This more general setting allows tuning features such as the order of ... More
A microfluidic platform for high-throughput multiplexed protein quantitationOct 20 2014We present a high-throughput microfluidic platform capable of quantitating up to 384 biomarkers in 4 distinct samples by immunoassay. The microfluidic device contains 384 unit cells, which can be individually programmed with pairs of capture and detection ... More
Gravitino Dark Matter and Neutrino Masses in Partial Split SupersymmetryJun 01 2011Sep 25 2011Partial Split Supersymmetry with bilinear R-parity violation allows to reproduce all neutrino mass and mixing parameters. The viable dark matter candidate in this model is the gravitino. We study the hypothesis that both possibilities are true: Partial ... More
Bordered magic squares: elements for a comprehensive approachMay 19 2003Oct 20 2003General methods for the construction of magic squares of any order have been searched for centuries. There have been several standard strategies for this purpose, such as the knight movement, or the construction of bordered magic squares, which played ... More
Theory of inelastic confinement-induced resonances due to the coupling of center-of-mass and relative motionSep 18 2015A detailed study of the anharmonicity-induced resonances caused by the coupling of center-of-mass and relative motion is presented for a system of two ultracold atoms in single-well potentials. As has been confirmed experimentally, these inelastic confinement-induced ... More
Antiproton and proton collisions with the alkali metal atoms Li, Na, and KJan 02 2008Single-electron ionization and excitation cross sections as well as cross sections for excitation into the first excited p state of the alkali metal atoms Li(2s), Na(3s) and K(4s) colliding with antiprotons and protons were calculated using a time-dependent ... More
On Net Maps: Examples and Nonexistence ResultsJul 04 2015A Thurston map is called nearly Euclidean if its local degree at each critical point is 2 and it has exactly four postcritical points. Nearly Euclidean Thurston (NET) maps are simple generalizations of rational Lattes maps. We investigate when such a ... More
Exact band structures for 1D superlattices beyond the tight-binding approximationJun 16 2013The band structures describing non-interacting particles in one-dimensional superlattices of arbitrary periodicity are obtained by an analytical diagonalization of the Hamiltonian without adopting the popular tight-binding approximation. The results are ... More
Quantum Curve and the First Painlevé EquationJul 23 2015Jan 29 2016We show that the topological recursion for the (semi-classical) spectral curve of the first Painlev\'e equation $P_{\rm I}$ gives a WKB solution for the isomonodromy problem for $P_{\rm I}$. In other words, the isomonodromy system is a quantum curve in ... More
Proceedings of the first workshop on Flavor Symmetries and consequences in Accelerators and Cosmology (FLASY2011)Jan 26 2012The main goals of the first "Workshop on FLAvor SYmmetries and consequences in accelerators and cosmology" (FLASY) was to summarize the theoretical status of flavor symmetries, bringing together young researchers in the field to stimulate discussions ... More
A Structural Analysis of Field/Circuit Coupled Problems Based on a Generalised Circuit ElementJan 22 2018Mar 05 2018In some applications there arises the need of a spatially distributed description of a physical quantity inside a device coupled to a circuit. Then, the in-space discretised system of partial differential equations is coupled to the system of equations ... More
Break-down of the single-active-electron approximation for one-photon ionization of the B $^1Σ_u^+$ state of H$_2$ exposed to intense laser fieldsJan 27 2010Ionization, excitation, and de-excitation to the ground state is studied theoretically for the first excited singlet state B $^1\Sigma_u^+$ of H$_2$ exposed to intense laser fields with photon energies in between about 3 eV and 13 eV. A parallel orientation ... More
Photodissociation of the {HeH$^+$} molecular ionMar 31 2009The photodissociation cross section of the molecular ion HeH$^+$ was calculated within the Born-Oppenheimer approximation for a parallel, a perpendicular, and an isotropic orientation of the molecular axis with respect to the field, considering also different ... More
Influence of a tight isotropic harmonic trap on photoassociation in ultracold homonuclear alkali gasesSep 19 2006The influence of a tight isotropic harmonic trap on photoassociation of two ultracold alkali atoms forming a homonuclear diatomic is investigated using realistic atomic interaction potentials. Confinement of the initial atom pair due to the trap leads ... More
Stopping power of antiprotons in H, H2, and He targetsDec 30 2008Mar 16 2009The stopping power of antiprotons in atomic and molecular hydrogen as well as helium was calculated in an impact-energy range from 1 keV to 6.4 MeV. In the case of H2 and He the targets were described with a single-active electron model centered on the ... More
Antiproton collisions with molecular hydrogenJul 08 2008Aug 25 2008Theoretical antiproton and proton cross sections for ionization and excitation of hydrogen molecules as well as energy spectra of the ionized electrons were calculated in the impact-energy range from 8 to 4000 keV. The cross sections were computed with ... More
Collisions of antiprotons with hydrogen molecular ionsJun 30 2009Time-dependent close-coupling calculations of the ionization and excitation cross section for antiproton collisions with molecular hydrogen ions are performed in an impact-energy range from 0.5 keV to 10 MeV. The Born-Oppenheimer and Franck-Condon approximations ... More
Computing Koszul Homology for Monomial IdealsMay 12 2006The Koszul homology of modules of the polynomial ring $R$ is a central object in commutative algebra.It is strongly related with the minimal free resolution of these modules, and thus with regularity, Hilbert functions, etc. Here we consider the case ... More
Accurate photoionisation cross section for He at non-resonant photon energiesAug 24 2010The total single-photon ionisation cross section was calculated for helium atoms in their ground state. Using a full configuration-interaction approach the photoionisation cross section was extracted from the complex-scaled resolvent. In the energy range ... More
Combinatorial Koszul Homology: Computations and ApplicationsMar 04 2008With a particular focus on explicit computations and applications of the Koszul homology and Betti numbers of monomial ideals, the main goals of this thesis are the following: Analyze the Koszul homology of monomial ideals and apply it to describe the ... More
Observation of Quadrupole Transitions and Edge Mode Topology in an LC networkJun 19 2018High-order topological insulators are a recent development extending the topological theory of charge polarization to higher multipole moments. Since their theoretical proposal, several experimental realizations of high-order topological insulators have ... More
Reduced Order Modelling for the Simulation of Quenches in Superconducting MagnetsOct 13 2017This contributions discusses the simulation of magnetothermal effects in superconducting magnets as used in particle accelerators. An iterative coupling scheme using reduced order models between a magnetothermal partial differential model and an electrical ... More
Collisions of low-energy antiprotons with molecular hydrogen: ionization, excitation and stopping powerOct 31 2008A time-dependent coupled-channel approach was used to calculate ionization, excitation, and energy-loss cross sections as well as energy spectra for antiproton and proton collisions with molecular hydrogen for impact energies 8 keV < E < 4000 keV.
Systems of Differential Algebraic Equations in Computational ElectromagneticsFeb 19 2018Nov 02 2018Starting from space-discretisation of Maxwell's equations, various classical formulations are proposed for the simulation of electromagnetic fields. They differ in the phenomena considered as well as in the variables chosen for discretisation. This contribution ... More
Axial field induced chiral channels in an acoustic Weyl systemJun 25 2018Condensed-matter and other engineered systems, such as cold atoms, photonic, or phononic metamaterials, have proven to be versatile platforms for the observation of low-energy counterparts of elementary particles from relativistic field theories. These ... More
The period of a classical oscillatorMay 10 2004May 11 2004We develop a simple method to obtain approximate analytical expressions for the period of a particle moving in a given potential. The method is inspired to the Linear Delta Expansion (LDE) and it is applied to a large class of potentials. Precise formulas ... More
No-go for Partially Massless Spin-2 Yang-MillsNov 10 2015Feb 11 2016There are various no-go results forbidding self-interactions for a single partially massless spin-2 field. Given the photon-like structure of the linear partially massless field, it is natural to ask whether a multiplet of such fields can interact under ... More
Theoretical description of two ultracold atoms in finite 3D optical lattices using realistic interatomic interaction potentialsJul 14 2011Aug 24 2011A theoretical approach is described for an exact numerical treatment of a pair of ultracold atoms interacting via a central potential that are trapped in a finite three-dimensional optical lattice. The coupling of center-of-mass and relative-motion coordinates ... More
Non-perturbative theoretical description of two atoms in an optical lattice with time-dependent perturbationsSep 02 2012A theoretical approach for a non-perturbative dynamical description of two interacting atoms in an optical lattice potential is introduced. The approach builds upon the stationary eigenstates found by a procedure described in Grishkevich et al. [Phys. ... More
Depth-Based Object Tracking Using a Robust Gaussian FilterFeb 19 2016We consider the problem of model-based 3D-tracking of objects given dense depth images as input. Two difficulties preclude the application of a standard Gaussian filter to this problem. First of all, depth sensors are characterized by fat-tailed measurement ... More
Measurement of Mutual Coulomb Dissociation in $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=130$ GeV Au+Au collisions at RHICSep 27 2001Feb 18 2002We report on the first measurement of Mutual Coulomb Dissociation in heavy ion collisions. We employ forward calorimeters to measure neutron multiplicity at beam rapidity in peripheral collisions. The cross-section for simultaneous electromagnetic breakup ... More
Application of the Waveform Relaxation Technique to the Co-Simulation of Power Converter Controller and Electrical Circuit ModelsApr 10 2017In this paper we present the co-simulation of a PID class power converter controller and an electrical circuit by means of the waveform relaxation technique. The simulation of the controller model is characterized by a fixed-time stepping scheme reflecting ... More
Designing Perturbative Metamaterials from Discrete Models: From Veselago lenses to topological insulatorsDec 07 2016Discrete models provide concise descriptions of complex physical phenomena, such as negative refraction, topological insulators, and Anderson localization. While there are multiple tools to obtain discrete models that demonstrate particular phenomena, ... More
Optimized Field/Circuit Coupling for the Simulation of Quenches in Superconducting MagnetsFeb 03 2017Jul 06 2017In this paper, we propose an optimized field/circuit coupling approach for the simulation of magnetothermal transients in superconducting magnets. The approach improves the convergence of the iterative coupling scheme between a magnetothermal partial ... More
The RHIC Zero Degree CalorimeterAug 08 2000High Energy collisions of nuclei usually lead to the emission of evaporation neutrons from both ``beam'' and ``target'' nuclei. At the RHIC heavy ion collider with 100GeV/u beam energy, evaporation neutrons diverge by less than $~2$ milliradians from ... More
Size-Resolved Photoelectron Anisotropy of Gas Phase Water Clusters and Predictions for Liquid WaterDec 07 2016We report the first measurement of size-resolved photoelectron angular distributions for the valence orbitals of water clusters with up to 20 molecules. A systematic decrease of the photoelectron anisotropy is found for clusters with up to 5-6 molecules, ... More
Matrix algorithm for solving Schroedinger equations with position-dependent mass or complex optical potentialsDec 22 2011Jun 26 2012We represent low dimensional quantum mechanical Hamiltonians by moderately sized finite matrices that reproduce the lowest O(10) boundstate energies and wave functions to machine precision. The method extends also to Hamiltonians that are neither Hermitian ... More
Frustrated collisions and unconventional pairing on a quantum superlatticeApr 26 2010May 20 2010We solve the problem of scattering and binding of two spin-1/2 fermions on a one-dimensional superlattice with a period of twice the lattice spacing analytically. We find the exact bound states and the scattering states, consisting of a generalized Bethe ... More
Interaction of antiprotons with Rb atoms and a comparison of antiproton stopping powers of the atoms H, Li, Na, K, and RbOct 31 2008Ionization and excitation cross sections as well as electron-energy spectra and stopping powers of the alkali metal atoms Li, Na, K, and Rb colliding with antiprotons were calculated using a time-dependent channel-coupling approach. An impact-energy range ... More
Ab-initio determination of Bose-Hubbard parameters for two ultracold atoms in an optical lattice using a three-well potentialMar 18 2009May 12 2009We calculate numerically the exact energy spectrum of the six dimensional problem of two interacting Bosons in a three-well optical lattice. The particles interact via a full Born-Oppenheimer potential which can be adapted to model the behavior of the ... More
Electronic Transmission Through Metallic Nanowires: Generalized Scattering Matrix ApproachDec 14 2000An easy to implement and powerful method for the solution of 3D scattering problems that can be well described by Helmholtz equation is presented. The matrix algebra used provides excellent stability versus the number of junctions as well as great computational ... More
A simple parameter-free one-center model potential for an effective one-electron description of molecular hydrogenAug 22 2008Oct 10 2008For the description of an H2 molecule an effective one-electron model potential is proposed which is fully determined by the exact ionization potential of the H2 molecule. In order to test the model potential and examine its properties it is employed ... More
(n-1)-st Koszul homology and the structure of monomial idealsNov 06 2008Koszul homology of monomial ideals provides a description of the structure of such ideals, not only from a homological point of view (free resolutions, Betti numbers, Hilbert series) but also from an algebraic viewpoint. In this paper we show that, in ... More
A study of one-dimensional transport of Bose-Einstein condensates using exterior complex scalingOct 14 2013Dec 11 2014We numerically investigate the one-dimensional transport of Bose-Einstein condensates in the context of guided atom lasers using a mean-field description of the condensate in terms of a spatially discretized Gross-Pitaevskii equation. We specifically ... More
Resonances in ultracold dipolar atomic and molecular gasesDec 09 2014A previously developed approach for the numerical treatment of two particles that are confined in a finite optical-lattice potential and interact via an arbitrary isotropic interaction potential has been extended to incorporate an additional anisotropic ... More
Ionization behavior of molecular hydrogen in intense laser fields: Influence of molecular vibration and alignmentOct 08 2014The alignment- and internuclear-distance dependent ionization of H$_2$ exposed to intense, ultrashort laser fields is studied by solving the time-dependent two-electron Schr\"odinger equation. In the regime of perturbative few-photon ionization, a strong ... More
The completeness of the Bethe ansatz for the periodic ASEPNov 12 2015The asymmetric simple exclusion process (ASEP) for N particles on a ring with L sites may be analyzed using the Bethe ansatz. In this paper, we provide a rigorous proof that the Bethe ansatz is complete for the periodic ASEP. More precisely, we show that ... More
A 2-D Finite-Element Model for Electro-Thermal Transients in Accelerator MagnetsOct 03 2017Dec 05 2017Superconducting accelerator magnets require sophisticated monitoring and means of protection due to the large energy stored in the magnetic field. Numerical simulations play a crucial role in understanding transient phenomena occurring within the magnet, ... More
Dynamical Evolution of AGN Host Galaxies - Gas In/Out-Flow Rates in 7 NUGA GalaxiesNov 12 2008To examine the role of the host galaxy structure in fueling nuclear activity, we estimated gas flow rates from several kpc down to the inner few 10 pc for seven nearby spiral galaxies, selected from the NUGA sample (NUclei of GAlaxies). We calculated ... More
Fractional Debye-Stokes-Einstein behaviour in an ultraviscous nanocolloid: glycerol and silver nanoparticlesNov 12 2015One of hallmark features of glass forming ultraviscous liquids is the decoupling between translational and orientational dynamics. This report presents studies of this phenomenon in glycerol, a canonical molecular glass former, heading for the impact ... More
Observation of a phononic quadrupole topological insulatorAug 16 2017The modern theory of charge polarization in solids is based on a generalization of Berry's phase. Its quantization lies at the heart of our understanding of all systems with topological band structures that were discovered over the last decades. These ... More
Imaging of the umbrella motion and tunneling in the ammonia molecule by strong-field ionizationAug 05 2016The geometry-dependent ionization behavior of the ammonia molecule is investigated. Different theoretical approaches for obtaining the ionization yield are compared, all of them showing a strong dependence of the ionization yield on the inversion coordinate ... More
Efficient multicut enumeration of k-out-of-n:F and consecutive k-out-of-n:F systemsDec 21 2017We study multiple simultaneous cut events for k-out-of-n:F and linear consecutive k-out-of-n:F systems in which each component has a constant failure probability. We list the multicuts of these systems and describe the structural differences between them. ... More
What produces the extended LINER-type emission in the NUGA galaxy NGC 5850?Aug 15 2013(Abridged) The role of low ionization nuclear emission region (LINER) galaxies within the picture of active galactic nuclei (AGN) has been controversial. It is still not clear whether they host an AGN in a low accretion mode, or whether they are not active ... More
Tests of Lorentz invariance using hydrogen moleculesMay 18 2004Sep 10 2004We discuss the consequences of Lorentz violation (as expressed within the Lorentz-violating extension of the standard model) for the hydrogen molecule, which represents a generic model of a molecular binding. Lorentz-violating shifts of electronic, vibrational ... More
Angle-Suppressed Scattering and Optical Forces on Submicron Dielectric ParticlesJan 30 2012We show that submicron Silicon spheres, whose polarizabilities are completely given by their two ?rst Mie coe?cients, are an excellent laboratory to test e?ects of both angle-suppressed and resonant di?erential scattering cross sections. Speci?cally, ... More
94 Ceti: a triple star with a planet and dust discJul 11 2016Jul 18 201694 Ceti is a triple star system with a circumprimary gas giant planet and far-infrared excess. Such excesses around main sequence stars are likely due to debris discs, and are considered as signposts of planetary systems and, therefore, provide important ... More
Static IMRT and VMAT planning on 6 MV Flattened and Flattening-Filter-Free Beams of a TrueBeam VirtuaLinac SystemSep 23 2015In this manuscript, we investigated the accuracy of the entire chain of phase space files generated by the TrueBeam VirtuaLinac system in clinical treatment plans. Good agreement was obtained between the MC simulation and the clinical golden data for ... More
Mesoscopic effective material parameters for thin layers modeled as single and double grids of interacting loaded wiresMay 23 2007As an example of thin composite layers we consider single and double grids of periodically arranged interacting wires loaded with a certain distributed reactive impedance. Currents induced to the wires by a normally incident plane wave are rigorously ... More
Inelastic Confinement-Induced Resonances in Quantum DotsSep 03 2015Recently, it was shown that the coupling of center-of-mass and relative motion in atomic systems leads to inelastic confinement-induced resonances (ICIRs) [Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 073201 (2012)]. In the present work, the possible occurrence of ICIRs in ... More
Systematic perturbation calculation of integrals with applications to physicsJul 09 2004In this paper we generalize and improve a method for calculating the period of a classical oscillator and other integrals of physical interest, which was recently developed by some of the authors. We derive analytical expressions that prove to be more ... More
Water Molecules in Ultrashort Intense Laser FieldsDec 12 2011Ionization and excitation of water molecules in intense laser pulses is studied theoretically by solving the three-dimensional time-dependent electronic Schr\"odinger equation within the single-active-electron approximation. The possibility to image orbital ... More
Statistical scattering of waves in disordered waveguides: The limiting macroscopic statistics in the ballistic regimeOct 23 2014In this work, we present a theoretical study of the statistical properties of wave scattering in a disordered ballistic waveguide of length L; we have called this system the "building block". The building block is interesting as a physical system because ... More
Modeling and Analysis of Composite Antenna Superstrates Consisting on Grids of Loaded WiresJan 03 2007May 11 2007We study the characteristics and radiation mechanism of antenna superstrates based on closely located periodical grids of loaded wires. An explicit analytical method based on the local field approach is used to study the reflection and transmission properties ... More
A scalar field governed cosmological model from noncompact Kaluza-Klein theoryNov 15 2004This paper is a review of a recently introduced cosmological model from a noncompact Kaluza-Klein theory for a single scalar field minimally coupled to gravity. We obtain that the 4D scalar potential has a geometrical origin and assume different representations ... More
Systematic study of outflows in the Local Universe using CALIFA: I. Sample selection and main propertiesNov 03 2018Nov 07 2018We present a sample of 17 objects from the CALIFA survey where we find initial evidence of galactic winds based on their off-axis ionization properties. We identify the presence of outflows using various optical diagnostic diagrams (e.g., EW(H$\alpha$), ... More
Coupling of Magneto-Thermal and Mechanical Superconducting Magnet Models by Means of Mesh-Based InterpolationDec 29 2017In this paper we present an algorithm for the coupling of magneto-thermal and mechanical finite element models representing superconducting accelerator magnets. The mechanical models are used during the design of the mechanical structure as well as the ... More
STEAM: A Hierarchical Co-Simulation Framework for Superconducting Accelerator Magnet CircuitsJan 26 2018Simulating the transient effects occurring in superconducting accelerator magnet circuits requires including the mutual electro-thermo-dynamic interaction among the circuit elements, such as power converters, magnets, and protection systems. Nevertheless, ... More
Fast and Tiny Structural Self-Indexes for XMLDec 28 2010XML document markup is highly repetitive and therefore well compressible using dictionary-based methods such as DAGs or grammars. In the context of selectivity estimation, grammar-compressed trees were used before as synopsis for structural XPath queries. ... More
Excitation of surface plasmon polariton modes with multiple nitrogen vacancy centers in single nanodiamondsSep 15 2016Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamonds are interesting due to their remarkable characteristics that are well suited to applications in quantum-information processing and magnetic field sensing, as well as representing stable fluorescent sources. Multiple ... More
XPath Node Selection over Grammar-Compressed TreesNov 21 2013XML document markup is highly repetitive and therefore well compressible using grammar-based compression. Downward, navigational XPath can be executed over grammar-compressed trees in PTIME: the query is translated into an automaton which is executed ... More
Electromagnetic surface states in structured perfect-conductor surfacesJun 03 2005Surface-bound modes in metamaterials forged by drilling periodic hole arrays in perfect-conductor surfaces are investigated by means of both analytical techniques and rigorous numerical solution of Maxwell's equations. It is shown that these metamaterials ... More
Infrared excesses in stars with and without planets using revised ${\it WISE}$ photometryJul 13 2017We present an analysis on the potential prevalence of mid infrared excesses in stars with and without planetary companions. Based on an extended database of stars detected with the ${\it WISE}$ satellite, we studied two stellar samples: one with 236 planet ... More
On an analogue of a Brauer theorem for fusion categoriesMar 16 2015In this paper we prove an analogue of Brauer's theorem for faithful objects in fusion categories. Other notions, such as the order and the index associated to faithful objects of fusion categories are also discussed. We show that the index of a faithful ... More
Resolutions for unit groups of ordersSep 28 2016We present a general algorithm for constructing a free resolution for unit groups of orders in semisimple rational algebras. The approach is based on computing a contractible $G$-complex employing the theory of minimal classes of quadratic forms and Opgenorth's ... More
Equivalence Problems for Tree Transducers: A Brief SurveyMay 22 2014The decidability of equivalence for three important classes of tree transducers is discussed. Each class can be obtained as a natural restriction of deterministic macro tree transducers (MTTs): (1) no context parameters, i.e., top-down tree transducers, ... More
Continuity of discrete homomorphisms of diffeomorphism groupsJul 16 2013Jul 15 2016Let $M$ and $N$ be two closed $C^{\infty}$ manifolds and let $\text{Diff}_c(M)$ denote the group of $C^{\infty}$ diffeomorphisms isotopic to the identity. We prove that any (discrete) group homomorphism between $\text{Diff}_c(M)$ and $\text{Diff}_c(N)$ ... More
A characterisation of inner product spaces by the maximal circumradius of spheresFeb 02 2012We give a new characterisation of inner product spaces amongst normed vector spaces in terms of the maximal cirumradius of spheres. It turns out that a normed vector space $(X,\norm{\cdot})$ with $\dim X\geq 2$ is an inner product space if and only if ... More
Recovery of the absorption coefficient in radiative transport from a single measurementAug 21 2013Feb 14 2015In this paper, we investigate the recovery of the absorption coefficient from boundary data assuming that the region of interest is illuminated at an initial time. We consider a sufficiently strong and isotropic, but otherwise unknown initial state of ... More
Why Is Dual-Pivot Quicksort Fast?Nov 03 2015Sep 28 2016I discuss the new dual-pivot Quicksort that is nowadays used to sort arrays of primitive types in Java. I sketch theoretical analyses of this algorithm that offer a possible, and in my opinion plausible, explanation why (a) dual-pivot Quicksort is faster ... More
Two-Qubit Pulse Gate for the Three-Electron Double Quantum Dot QubitSep 04 2014Jan 22 2015The three-electron configuration of gate-defined double quantum dots encodes a promising qubit for quantum information processing. I propose a two-qubit entangling gate using a pulse-gated manipulation procedure. The requirements for high-fidelity entangling ... More
On Kesten's Multivariate Choquet-Deny LemmaFeb 21 2013Mar 14 2014Let $d >1$ and $(A_n)_{n \ge 1}$ be a sequence of independent identically distributed random matrices with nonnegative entries and no zero column. This induces a Markov chain $M_n = A_n M_{n-1}$ on the cone of d-vectors with nonnegative entries. We study ... More
The third cohomology group classifies crossed module extensionsNov 15 2009Sep 29 2010We give an elementary proof of the well-known fact that the third cohomology group H^3(G, M) of a group G with coefficients in an abelian G-module M is in bijection to the set Ext^2(G, M) of equivalence classes of crossed module extensions of G with M. ... More
Universality of ac-conduction in anisotropic disordered systems: An effective medium approximation studyFeb 03 2004Apr 12 2005Anisotropic disordered system are studied in this work within the random barrier model. In such systems the transition probabilities in different directions have different probability density functions. The frequency-dependent conductivity at low temperatures ... More