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Android Security Framework: Enabling Generic and Extensible Access Control on AndroidApr 04 2014We introduce the Android Security Framework (ASF), a generic, extensible security framework for Android that enables the development and integration of a wide spectrum of security models in form of code-based security modules. The design of ASF reflects ... More
ARTist: The Android Runtime Instrumentation and Security ToolkitJul 22 2016We present ARTist, a compiler-based application instrumentation solution for Android. ARTist is based on the new ART runtime and the on-device dex2oat compiler of Android, which replaced the interpreter-based managed runtime (DVM) from Android version ... More
Exploring properties of the integrating pixelsJul 03 2015This paper presents some observations and ideas collected during the tests of the SOI sensors, based on the integration type pixels. First, it contains a rough analysis of the Correlated Double Sampling filtering properties with respect to different noise ... More
Development of SOI pixel detector in CracowJul 03 2015This paper presents the design of a new monolithic Silicon-On-Insulator pixel sensor in $200~nm$ SOI CMOS technology. The main application of the proposed pixel detector is the spectroscopy, but it can also be used for the minimum ionizing particle (MIP) ... More
XPath Node Selection over Grammar-Compressed TreesNov 21 2013XML document markup is highly repetitive and therefore well compressible using grammar-based compression. Downward, navigational XPath can be executed over grammar-compressed trees in PTIME: the query is translated into an automaton which is executed ... More
Fast and Tiny Structural Self-Indexes for XMLDec 28 2010XML document markup is highly repetitive and therefore well compressible using dictionary-based methods such as DAGs or grammars. In the context of selectivity estimation, grammar-compressed trees were used before as synopsis for structural XPath queries. ... More
BEACH 2014 Theory SummaryJan 30 2015I summarize key aspects of the quest for physics beyond the Standard Model in flavour physics as discussed at the BEACH 2014 conference in Birmingham.
A Note on kappa-Diagonal Surface StatesAug 31 2004We classify all twist-even squeezed states in string field theory which are diagonal in the kappa-basis and simultaneously surface states. For this purpose, we derive a consistency condition for the maps defining kappa-diagonal surface states. It restricts ... More
WZ and W+jets production at large transverse momenta beyond NLOMay 28 2013Jun 09 2013We present a study of higher order QCD corrections beyond NLO to processes with electroweak vector bosons. We focus on the regions of high transverse momenta of commonly used differential distributions. We employ the LoopSim method, combined with NLO ... More
The Yang-Mills Vacuum Wave Functional in 2+1 DimensionsApr 28 2014Aug 23 2014We investigate Yang-Mills theory in 2+1 dimensions in the Schroedinger representation. The Schroedinger picture is interesting because it is well suited to explore properties of the vacuum state in the non-perturbative regime. Yet, not much analytical ... More
On a symmetry of Müger's centralizer for the Drinfeld double of a semisimple Hopf algebraDec 11 2013In this paper we prove a formula that relates M\"uger's centralizer in the category of representations of a factorizable Hopf algebra to the notion of Hopf kernel of a representation of the dual Hopf algebra. Using this relation we obtain a complete description ... More
Morse theory and higher torsion invariants INov 20 2001Jan 09 2003We compare the higher analytic torsion of Bismut and Lott of a fibre bundle p: M -> B equipped with a flat vector bundle F -> M and a fibre-wise Morse function h on M with a higher torsion T that is constructed in terms of a families Thom-Smale complex ... More
Adiabatic limits of Seifert fibrations, Dedekind sums, and the diffeomorphism type of certain 7-manifoldsAug 29 2011We extend the adiabatic limit formula for eta-invariants by Bismut-Cheeger and Dai to Seifert fibrations. Our formula contains a new contribution from the singular fibres that takes the form of a generalised Dedekind sum. As an application, we compute ... More
Dirichlet-to-Neumann and Neumann-to-Dirichlet methods for bound states of the Helmholtz equationFeb 25 2011Two methods for computing bound states of the Helmholtz equation in a finite domain are presented. The methods are formulated in terms of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann (DtN) and Neumann-to-Dirichlet (NtD) surface integral operators. They are adapted from the ... More
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of a Luttinger LiquidAug 31 1999May 02 2000Explicit predictions for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) on interacting one-dimensional electron systems are made using the Luttinger liquid formalism. The STM current changes with distance from an impurity or boundary in a characteristic way, which ... More
Improved Information Gain Estimates for Decision Tree InductionJun 18 2012Ensembles of classification and regression trees remain popular machine learning methods because they define flexible non-parametric models that predict well and are computationally efficient both during training and testing. During induction of decision ... More
Braided Symmetric Algebras of Simple $U_q(sl_2)$-Modules and Their GeometrySep 15 2010Feb 29 2012In the present paper we prove decomposition formulae for the braided symmetric powers of simple modules over the quantized enveloping algebra $U_q(sl_2)$; natural quantum analogues of the classical symmetric powers of a module over a complex semisimple ... More
Spectroscopic Measurements Using the H1 and ZEUS DetectorsJun 08 2005Results on spectroscopy from the H1 and ZEUS collaborations are presented. The main focus is to search for baryon states which could be interpreted as pentaquarks. This includes states decaying to K^0_sp and K^0_s\bar{p}, \Xi\pi and D*p. In addition an ... More
Normal Hopf subalgebras of semisimple Drinfeld doublesMay 17 2010Jan 30 2013A description of all normal Hopf subalgebras of a semisimple Drinfeld double is given. This is obtained by considering an analogue of Goursat's lemma concerning fusion subcategories of Deligne products of two fusion categories. As an application we show ... More
T-Duality in Lattice Regularized Sigma ModelsMay 29 1998It is shown that when the underlying sigma model of bosonic string theory is written in terms of single-valued fields, which live in the covering space of the target space, Abelian T-duality survives lattice regularization of the world-sheet. The projection ... More
$L^{p}-L^{q}$ theory for holomorphic functions of perturbed first order Dirac operatorsMar 21 2014Sep 09 2014The aim of the article is to prove $L^{p}-L^{q}$ off-diagonal estimates and $L^{p}-L^{q}$ boundedness for operators in the functional calculus of certain perturbed first order differential operators of Dirac type for with $p\le q$ in a certain range of ... More
Predictive and Self Triggering for Event-based State EstimationSep 23 2016Event-based state estimation can achieve estimation quality comparable to traditional time-triggered methods, but with a significantly lower number of samples. In networked estimation problems, this reduction in sampling instants does, however, not necessarily ... More
QCD and Jets at Hadron CollidersNov 30 2015Sep 13 2016We review various aspects of jet physics in the context of hadron colliders. We start by discussing the definitions and properties of jets and recent development in this area. We then consider the question of factorization for processes with jets, in ... More
The S-Matrix of superstring field theoryJul 29 2015We show that the classical S-matrix calculated from the recently proposed superstring field theories give the correct perturbative S-matrix. In the proof we exploit the fact that the vertices are obtained by a field redefinition in the large Hilbert space. ... More
Frustrated polaritonsFeb 05 2016Artificially engineered light-matter systems constitute a novel, versatile architecture for the quantum simulation of driven, dissipative phase transitions and non-equilibrium quantum many-body systems. Here, we review recent experimental as well as theoretical ... More
Lifting SU(3)-structures to nearly parallel G_{2}-structuresJul 13 2007Hitchin shows that half-flat SU(3)-structures on a 6-dimensional manifold M can be lifted to parallel G_{2}-structure on the product $M\times\mathbb{R}$. We show that Hitchin's approach can also be used to construct nearly parallel G_{2}-structures by ... More
A control approach to recover the wave speed (conformal factor) from one measurementJan 27 2014Jan 08 2015In this paper we consider the problem of recovering the conformal factor in a conformal class of Riemannian metrics from the boundary measurement of one wave field. More precisely, using boundary control operators, we derive an explicit equation satisfied ... More
Categorical Green functors arising from group actions on categoriesJul 15 2014In this paper we introduce the notion of a categorical Mackey functor. This categorical notion allows us to obtain new Mackey functors by passing to Quillen's $K$-theory of the corresponding abelian categories. In the case of an action by monoidal autoequivalences ... More
Post-Newtonian approximation of the Vlasov-Nordström systemOct 23 2004We study the Nordstr\"om-Vlasov system which describes the dynamics of a self-gravitating ensemble of collisionless particles in the framework of the Nordstr\"om scalar theory of gravitation. If the speed of light $c$ is considered as a parameter, it ... More
Poisson and quantum geometry of acyclic cluster algebrasOct 22 2012We prove that certain acyclic cluster algebras over the complex numbers are the coordinate rings of holomorphic symplectic manifolds. We also show that the corresponding quantum cluster algebras have no non-trivial prime ideals. This allows us to give ... More
Dynamical sensitivity of recurrence and transience of branching random walksJul 27 2009Dec 07 2009Consider a sequence of i.i.d. random variables $X_n$ where each random variable is refreshed independently according to a Poisson clock. At any fixed time $t$ the law of the sequence is the same as for the sequence at time 0 but at random times almost ... More
Discrete Möbius EnergyNov 13 2013May 19 2014We investigate a discrete version of the M\"obius energy, that is of geometric interest in its own right and is defined on equilateral polygons with $n$ segments. We show that the $\Gamma$-limit regarding $L^{q}$ or $W^{1,q}$ convergence, $q\in [1,\infty]$ ... More
Efficiency of harmonic quantum Otto engines at maximal powerOct 22 2018Nov 10 2018Recent experimental breakthroughs produced the first nano heat engines that have the potential to harness quantum resources. An instrumental question is how their performance measures up against the efficiency of classical engines. For single ion engines ... More
A quantum remark on biholomorphic mappings on the unit ballNov 08 2018In this note we regard non-commutative probability theory with operator-valued expectation. We show that the moment generating functions of distributions coming from monotone increment processes of unitary random variables yield biholomorphic mappings ... More
Black hole entropy and thermodynamics from symmetriesApr 22 2002Apr 29 2002Given a boundary of spacetime preserved by a Diff(S^{1}) sub-algebra, we propose a systematic method to compute the zero mode and the central extension of the associated Virasoro algebra of charges. Using these values in the Cardy formula, we may derive ... More
A non-relativistic Model of Plasma Physics Containing a Radiation Reaction TermApr 20 2016While a fully relativistic collisionless plasma is modeled by the Vlasov-Maxwell system a good approximation in the non-relativistic limit is given by the Vlasov-Poisson system. We modify the Vlasov-Poisson system so that damping due to the relativistic ... More
Resolutions for unit groups of ordersSep 28 2016Dec 05 2016We present a general algorithm for constructing a free resolution for unit groups of orders in semisimple rational algebras. The approach is based on computing a contractible $G$-complex employing the theory of minimal classes of quadratic forms and Opgenorth's ... More
Totally geodesic submanifolds of the complex quadricMar 07 2006In this article, relations between the root space decomposition of a Riemannian symmetric space of compact type and the root space decompositions of its totally geodesic submanifolds (symmetric subspaces) are described. These relations provide an approach ... More
Recurrence for branching Markov chainsOct 25 2007Nov 12 2008The question of recurrence and transience of branching Markov chains is more subtle than for ordinary Markov chains; they can be classified in transience, weak recurrence, and strong recurrence. We review criteria for transience and weak recurrence and ... More
Atom spectra of graded rings and sheafification in toric geometryAug 27 2018We prove that the atom spectrum, which is a topological space associated to an arbitrary abelian category introduced by Kanda, of the category of finitely presented graded modules over a graded ring $R$ is given as a union of the homogeneous spectrum ... More
Data Assimilation: The Schrödinger PerspectiveJul 22 2018Dec 02 2018Data assimilation addresses the general problem of how to combine model-based predictions with partial and noisy observations of the process in an optimal manner. This survey focuses on sequential data assimilation techniques using probabilistic particle-based ... More
Lawson's genus two minimal surface and meromorphic connectionsSep 28 2010We investigate the Lawson genus $2$ surface by methods from integrable system theory. We prove that the associated family of flat connections comes from a family of flat connections on a $4-$punctured sphere. We describe the symmetries of the holonomy ... More
String States on AdS_3 x S^3 from the SupergroupAug 01 2012Oct 24 2012In the hybrid formulation of string theory on AdS_3 x S^3, the compactification-independent physical spectrum at the first massive level is determined. We find that these states transform in representations of the Lie superalgebra psl(2|2) and present ... More
Towards a Data Reduction for the Minimum Flip Supertree ProblemApr 22 2011In computational phylogenetics, the problem of constructing a supertree of a given set of rooted input trees can be formalized in different ways, to cope with contradictory information in the input. We consider the Minimum Flip Supertree problem, where ... More
Determining Aschbacher classes using charactersFeb 26 2014Let $\Delta\colon G \to \mathrm{GL}(n, K)$ be an absolutely irreducible representation of an arbitrary group $G$ over an arbitrary field $K$; let $\chi\colon G \to K\colon g \mapsto \mathrm{tr}(\Delta(g))$ be its character. In this paper, we assume knowledge ... More
Surgery stable curvature conditionsMar 26 2013We give a simple criterion for a pointwise curvature condition to be stable under surgery. Namely, a curvature condition $C$, which is understood to be an open, convex, O(n)-invariant cone in the space of algebraic curvature operators, is stable under ... More
New examples of Green functors arising from representation theory of semisimple Hopf algebrasAug 05 2012Aug 13 2013A general Mackey type decomposition for representations of semisimple Hopf algebras is investigated. We show that such a decomposition occurs in the case that the module is induced from an arbitrary Hopf subalgebra and it is restricted back to a group ... More
Geometric interpretations of a counterexample to Hilbert's 14th problem, and rings of bounded polynomials on semialgebraic setsMay 10 2011Dec 31 2012We interpret a counterexample to Hilbert's 14th problem by S. Kuroda geometrically in two ways: As ring of regular functions on a smooth rational quasiprojective variety over any field K of characteristic 0, and, in the special case where K are the real ... More
An L2-quotient algorithm for finitely presented groups on arbitrarily many generatorsFeb 27 2014We generalize the Plesken-Fabia\'nska $\mathrm{L}_2$-quotient algorithm for finitely presented groups on two or three generators to allow an arbitrary number of generators. The main difficulty lies in a constructive description of the invariant ring of ... More
B_s-B_s-bar mixing and lepton flavor violation in SUSY SO(10)May 27 2005We present a quantitative analysis of the flavor physics of a SUSY SO(10) model proposed by Chang, Masiero, and Murayama, linking b -> s transitions to the large observed atmospheric neutrino mixing. We consider B_s-B_s-bar mixing and tau -> mu gamma ... More
Kernels of representations and coideal subalgebras of Hopf algebrasDec 14 2010We define left and right kernels of representations of Hopf algebras. In the case of group algebras, left and right kernels coincide and they are the usual kernels of modules. In the general case we show that these kernels coincide with the categorical ... More
Tangency properties of sets with finite geometric curvature energiesFeb 02 2012Apr 03 2012We investigate inverse thickness $1/\Delta$ and the integral Menger curvature energies $\mathcal{U}_{p}^{\alpha}$, $\mathcal{I}_{p}^{\alpha}$ and $\mathcal{M}_{p}^{\alpha}$, to find that finite $1/\Delta$ or $\mathcal{U}_{p}^{\alpha}$ implies the existence ... More
Information Theoretic Resources in Quantum TheoryMar 19 2013Resource identification and quantification is an essential element of both classical and quantum information theory. Entanglement is one of these resources, arising when quantum communication and nonlocal operations are expensive to perform. In the first ... More
Quantifying entanglement when measurements are imperfect or restrictedNov 19 2010Oct 30 2012Motivated by the increasing ability of experimentalists to perform detector tomography, we consider how to incorporate the imperfections and restrictions of available measurements directly into the quantification of entanglement. Exploiting the idea that ... More
A simple test for the existence of two accretion modes in Active Galactic NucleiFeb 20 2005By analogy to the different accretion states observed in black-hole X-ray binaries (BHXBs), it appears plausible that accretion disks in active galactic nuclei (AGN) undergo a state transition between a radiatively efficient and inefficient accretion ... More
Dimer Models, Integrable Systems and Quantum Teichmuller SpaceMay 09 2011Jul 05 2011We introduce a correspondence between dimer models (and hence superconformal quivers) and the quantum Teichmuller space of the Riemann surfaces associated to them by mirror symmetry. Via the untwisting map, every brane tiling gives rise to a tiling of ... More
Shortcuts to adiabaticity: Suppression of pair production in driven Dirac dynamicsNov 02 2015Dec 09 2015Achieving effectively adiabatic dynamics in finite time is a ubiquitous goal in virtually all areas of modern physics. So-called shortcuts to adiabaticity refer to a set of methods and techniques that allow to produce in a short time the same final state ... More
Theoretical foundations and applications of the Loop-Tree Duality in Quantum Field TheoriesSep 23 2015The Loop-Tree Duality (LTD) is a novel perturbative method in QFT that establishes a relation between loop-level and tree-level scattering amplitudes. This is achieved by directly applying the Residue Theorem to the loop-energy-integration. The result ... More
A Geometric Approach to Pairwise Bayesian Alignment of Functional Data Using Importance SamplingMay 26 2015Mar 03 2016We present a Bayesian model for pairwise nonlinear registration of functional data. We utilize the geometry of the space of warping functions to define appropriate prior distributions and sample from the posterior using importance sampling. A simple square-root ... More
Resolutions for unit groups of ordersSep 28 2016Oct 27 2016We present a general algorithm for constructing a free resolution for unit groups of orders in semisimple rational algebras. The approach is based on computing a contractible $G$-complex employing the theory of minimal classes of quadratic forms and Opgenorth's ... More
Barrett: out-of-core processing of MultiNest outputAug 02 2016Barrett is a Python package for processing and visualising statistical inferences made using the nested sampling algorithm MultiNest. The main differential feature from competitors are full out-of-core processing allowing barrett to handle arbitrarily ... More
Superstrings in General BackgroundsJul 31 2008Mar 12 2009The thesis divides into three parts. The first is devoted to a careful study of very convenient superspace conventions which are a basic tool for the second part. A theorem is formulated that gives a clear statement about when the signs of a superspace ... More
A Gaussian mixture ensemble transform filterFeb 15 2011Jul 06 2011We generalize the popular ensemble Kalman filter to an ensemble transform filter where the prior distribution can take the form of a Gaussian mixture or a Gaussian kernel density estimator. The design of the filter is based on a continuous formulation ... More
Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency of MAP Inference for Markov LogicJun 13 2012In this work we present Cutting Plane Inference (CPI), a Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) inference method for Statistical Relational Learning. Framed in terms of Markov Logic and inspired by the Cutting Plane Method, it can be seen as a meta algorithm that ... More
Periodic-Orbit Approach to Universality in Quantum ChaosDec 20 2005We show that in the semiclassical limit, classically chaotic systems have universal spectral statistics. Concentrating on short-time statistics, we identify the pairs of classical periodic orbits determining the small-$\tau$ behavior of the spectral form ... More
Vafa-Witten Estimates for Compact Symmetric SpacesMay 10 2006Aug 31 2006We give an optimal upper bound for the first eigenvalue of the untwisted Dirac operator on a compact symmetric space G/H with rk G-rk H\le 1 with respect to arbitrary Riemannian metrics. We also prove a rigidity statement.
A Remark on Coclosed G_2-StructuresMay 03 2010Aug 19 2010We prove that Einstein coclosed G_2-structures are nearly parallel.
Quantum computation with three-electron double quantum dots at an optimal operation pointJul 13 2015The author analyzes quantum computation with the hybrid qubit (HQ) that is encoded using the three-electron configuration of a double quantum dot. All gate operations are controlled with electric signals, while the qubit remains at an optimal operation ... More
Aging dynamics of non-linear elastic interfaces: the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equationAug 20 2007In this work, the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation in (1+1) dimensions is studied by means of numerical simulations, focussing on the two-times evolution of an interface in the absence of any disordered environment. This ... More
Quantum Zeno suppression of dipole-dipole forcesNov 23 2016We consider inter-atomic forces due to resonant dipole-dipole interactions within a dimer of highly excited Rydberg atoms, embedded in an ultra-cold gas. These forces rely on a coherent superposition of two-atom electronic states, which is destroyed by ... More
Cluster Algebras, Symplectic Leaves and Quantum GroupsOct 22 2012This paper investigates the Poisson geometry of cluster algebras and the corresponding ideal theory of quantum cluster algebras. We then show how our approach can be applied to the ring theory of quantized coordinate rings. We give a new construction ... More
Conformal Fibrations of $S^3$ by CirclesDec 03 2013It is shown that analytic conformal submersions of $S^3$ are given by intersections of (not necessary closed) complex surfaces with a quadratic real hyper-surface in $\mathbb{C}P^3.$ A new description of the space of circles in the 3-sphere in terms of ... More
The quintic nonlinear Schrödinger equation on three-dimensional Zoll manifoldsJan 24 2011Oct 14 2011Let (M,g) be a three-dimensional smooth compact Riemannian manifold such that all geodesics are simple and closed with a common minimal period, such as the 3-sphere S^3 with canonical metric. In this work the global well-posedness problem for the quintic ... More
Brane-World chargesOct 12 2000Mar 27 2001As opposed to usual Einstein gravity in four dimensions, the Brane-World scenario allows the construction of a local density of gravitational energy (and also of momentum, of angular momentum, etc...). This is a direct consequence of the hypothesis that ... More
Discrete ThicknessJan 22 2014We investigate the relationship between a discrete version of thickness and its smooth counterpart. These discrete energies are defined on equilateral polygons with $n$ vertices. It will turn out that the smooth ropelength, which is the scale invariant ... More
The decomposition of 0-Hecke modules associated to quasisymmetric Schur functionsNov 23 2017Recently Tewari and van Willigenburg constructed modules of the 0-Hecke algebra that are mapped to the quasisymmetric Schur functions by the quasisymmetric characteristic and decomposed them into a direct sum of certain submodules. We show that these ... More
Uniform Error Estimation for Convection-Diffusion ProblemsMar 03 2014Let us consider the singularly perturbed model problem $Lu:=-\varepsilon\Delta u-bu_x+c u =f$ with homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions on $\Gamma=\partial\Omega$ $u|_\Gamma =0$ on the unit-square $\Omega=(0,1)^2$. Assuming that $b>0$ is of order ... More
An asymptotic expansion of the trace of the heat kernel of a singular two-particle contact interaction in one dimensionJun 10 2018Nov 13 2018The regularized trace of the heat kernel of a one-dimensional Schr\"odinger operator with a singular two-particle contact interaction being of Lieb-Liniger type is considered. We derive a complete small-time asymptotic expansion in (fractional) powers ... More
Top-quark pair production in association with a W or Z boson with the ATLAS experimentDec 10 2018The cross section of the $t\bar{t}Z$ and $t\bar{t}W$ processes are measured in a simultaneous fit using 36.1 $\text{fb}^{-1}$ of proton-proton collisions at a centre of mass energy of $\sqrt{s}=13$ TeV recorded by the ATLAS detector at the LHC. The result ... More
On the nonnegativity of stringy Hodge numbersMar 22 2018We study the nonnegativity of stringy Hodge numbers of a projective variety with Gorenstein canonical singularities, which was conjectured by Batyrev. We prove that the $(p,1)$-stringy Hodge numbers are nonnegative, and for threefolds we obtain new results ... More
(Un)distorted stabilisers in the handlebody groupJan 14 2019We study geometric properties of stabilisers in the handlebody group. We find that stabilisers of meridians are undistorted, while stabilisers of primitive curves or annuli are exponentially distorted for large enough genus.
Digitized Waveform Processing for Fast TimingDec 04 2018The prospect of pileup induced backgrounds at the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) has stimulated intense interest in technology for charged particle timing at high rates\cite{challenge}. In this paper I report on a framework for fast timing sensor and related ... More
Eigenvectors of tensors - A primerOct 10 2018We give an introduction to the theory and to some applications of eigenvectors of tensors (in other words, invariant one-dimensional subspaces of homogeneous polynomial maps), including a review of some concepts that are useful for their discussion. The ... More
A criterion for transience of multidimensional branching random walk in random environmentMay 14 2007We develop a criterion for transience for a general model of branching Markov chains. In the case of multi-dimensional branching random walk in random environment (BRWRE) this criterion becomes explicit. In particular, we show that \emph{Condition L} ... More
A model for the behaviour of fluid droplets based on mean curvature flowFeb 17 2011May 27 2011During his experiments W. D. Ristenpart made a very remarkable discovery. If two oppositely charged droplets of fluid are close enough, at first they attract each other and touch eventually. Surprisingly after that the droplets are repelled from each ... More
Eberhard-type theorems with two kinds of polygonsJan 03 2019Eberhard-type theorems are statements about the realizability of a polytope (or more general polyhedral maps) given the valency of its vertices and sizes of its polygonal faces up to a linear linear degree of freedom. We present new theorems of Eberhard-type ... More
Totally geodesic submanifolds of the complex and the quaternionic 2-GrassmanniansSep 17 2007In this article, I classify the totally geodesic submanifolds in the complex 2-Grassmannians and in the quaternionic 2-Grassmannians. It turns out that for both of these spaces, the earlier classification of maximal totally geodesic submanifolds in Riemannian ... More
The functors Wbar and Diag o Nerve are simplicially homotopy equivalentApr 07 2008Given a simplicial group G, there are two known classifying simplicial set constructions, the Kan classifying simplicial set Wbar G and Diag N G, where N denotes the dimensionwise nerve. They are known to be weakly homotopy equivalent. We will show that ... More
Reconstructing the geometric structure of a Riemannian symmetric space from its Satake diagramJan 27 2008The local geometry of a Riemannian symmetric space is described completely by the Riemannian metric and the Riemannian curvature tensor of the space. In the present article I describe how to compute these tensors for any Riemannian symmetric space from ... More
On a three dimensional analogue to the holomorphic z-powersJul 11 2010The main objective of this article is a constructive generalization of the holomorphic power and Laurent series expansions in C to dimension 3 using the framework of hypercomplex function theory. For this reason, deals the first part of this article with ... More
Asymptotic efficiency for covariance estimation under noise and asynchronicitySep 07 2018The estimation of the covariance structure from a discretely observed multivariate Gaussian process under asynchronicity and noise is analysed under high-frequency asymptotics. Asymptotic lower and upper bounds for a fundamental parametric model give ... More
The asymptotic behavior of the monodromy representations of the associated families of compact CMC surfacesMay 04 2015Constant mean curvature (CMC) surfaces in space forms can be described by their associated $\mathbb C^*$-family of flat $SL(2,\mathbb C)$-connections $\nabla^\lambda$. In this paper we consider the asymptotic behavior (for $\lambda\to0$) of the gauge ... More
The Strong Colors of Flowers - The Structure of Graphs with Chordal SquaresNov 09 2017A proper vertex coloring of a graph is a mapping of its vertices on a set of colors, such that two adjacent vertices are not mapped to the same color. This constraint may be interpreted in terms of the distance between to vertices and so a more general ... More
First passage percolation in Euclidean space and on random tessellationsNov 07 2016There are various models of first passage percolation (FPP) in $\mathbb R^d$. We want to start a very general study of this topic. To this end we generalize the first passage percolation model on the lattice $\mathbb Z^d$ to $\mathbb R^d$ and adapt the ... More
Feature-based groupwise registration of historical aerial images to present-day ortho-photo mapsNov 22 2018In this paper, we address the registration of historical WWII images to present-day ortho-photo maps for the purpose of geolocalization. Due to the challenging nature of this problem, we propose to register the images jointly as a group rather than in ... More
Morse theory and higher torsion invariants IIMay 20 2003Let p: M -> B be a family of compact manifolds equipped with a unitarily flat vector bundle F -> M. We generalize Igusa's higher Franz-Reidemeister torsion \tau(M/B;F) to the case that the fibre-wise cohomology H^*(M/B;F) -> B carries a parallel metric. ... More
On the irreducible representations of generalized quantum doublesFeb 20 2012A description of all the irreducible representations of generalized quantum doubles associated to skew pairings of semisimple Hopf algebras is given. In particular a description of the irreducible representations of semisimple Drinfeld doubles is obtained. ... More
Backward-Backward Splitting in Hadamard SpacesSep 23 2013Sep 30 2013The backward-backward algorithm is a tool for finding minima of a regularization of the sum of two convex functions in Hilbert spaces. We generalize this setting to Hadamard spaces and prove the convergence of an error-tolerant version of the backward-backward ... More
Mellin moments of heavy flavor contributions to F_2(x,Q^2) at NNLOOct 16 2009This thesis is concerned with the calculation of fixed moments of the O(a_s^3) heavy flavor contributions to the Wilson coefficients of the structure function F_2(x,Q^2) in the limit Q^2 >> m^2, neglecting power corrections. The massive Wilson coefficients ... More
One-dimensional quantum wires: A pedestrian approach to bosonizationAug 01 2007Sep 08 2009In these lecture notes we will consider systems in which the motion of electrons is confined to one dimension (1D). In these so-called quantum wires electron-electron interaction effects play an important role because the restricted dimensions enhance ... More