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Further counterexamples to the integral Hodge conjectureJan 22 2016We study the integral Hodge conjecture in complex codimension $2$ and $3$ for approximations to the classifying space of groups of type A. In degree two, we prove a conjecture of Ben Antieau, extending his two counterexamples to a general family of groups. ... More
Don't get Lost in Negation: An Effective Negation Handled Dialogue Acts Prediction Algorithm for Twitter Customer Service ConversationsJul 16 2018In the last several years, Twitter is being adopted by the companies as an alternative platform to interact with the customers to address their concerns. With the abundance of such unconventional conversation resources, push for developing effective virtual ... More
Using Structured Representation and Data: A Hybrid Model for Negation and Sentiment in Customer Service ConversationsJun 11 2019Twitter customer service interactions have recently emerged as an effective platform to respond and engage with customers. In this work, we explore the role of negation in customer service interactions, particularly applied to sentiment analysis. We define ... More
Novel Symmetries in Vector Schwinger ModelDec 22 2013Mar 31 2014We derive nilpotent and absolutely anticommuting (anti-)co-BRST symmetry transformations for the bosonized version of (1+1)-dimensional (2D) vector Schwinger model. These symmetry transformations turn out to be the analogue of co-exterior derivative of ... More
Hopping-disorder-induced effects upon the two-Magnon Raman Scattering spectrum in an AntiferromagnetSep 18 1998Two-magnon Raman scattering intensity is obtained for two-dimensional spin-1/2 antiferromagnets in presence of hopping disorder. A consistent mode assignment scheme is prescribed which essentially establishes a correspondence between the hopping-disordered ... More
Recursive Neural Language Architecture for Tag PredictionMar 24 2016We consider the problem of learning distributed representations for tags from their associated content for the task of tag recommendation. Considering tagging information is usually very sparse, effective learning from content and tag association is very ... More
Spectral dimension of spheresMar 26 2018In this paper, we associate a growth graph and a length operator to a quotient space of a semisimple compact Lie group. Under certain assumptions, we show that the spectral dimension of a homogeneous space is greater than or equal to summability of the ... More
A novel 2.5D approach for interfacing with web applicationsJun 09 2012Oct 02 2012Web applications need better user interface to be interactive and attractive. A new approach/concept of dimensional enhancement - 2.5D "a 2D display of a virtual 3D environment", which can be implemented in social networking sites and further in other ... More
Spectral dimension of quaternion spheresJul 29 2017Mar 21 2018Employing ideas of noncommutative geometry, certain dimensional invariant for quantum homogeneous spaces has been proposed and here we take up its computation for quaternion spheres.
Steady State and Dynamics of Driven Diffusive Systems with Quenched DisorderApr 27 1997We study the effect of quenched disorder on nonequilibrium systems of interacting particles, specifically, driven diffusive lattice gases with spatially disordered jump rates. The exact steady-state measure is found for a class of models evolving by drop-push ... More
$q$-invariance of quantum quaternion spheresOct 07 2015The $C^*$-algebra of continuous functions on the quantum quaternion sphere $H_q^{2n}$ can be identified with the quotient algebra $C(SP_q(2n)/SP_q(2n-2))$. In commutative case i.e. for $q=1$, the topological space $SP(2n)/SP(2n-2)$ is homeomorphic to ... More
A note on bi-linear multipliersMar 01 2014In this paper we prove that if $\chi_{_E}(\xi-\eta)-$ the indicator function of measurable set $E\subseteq \mathbb{R}^d,$ is a bi-linear multiplier symbol for exponents $p,q,r$ satisfying the H\"{o}lder's condition $\frac{1}{p}+\frac{1}{q}=\frac{1}{r}$ ... More
Mining Educational Data Using Classification to Decrease Dropout Rate of StudentsJun 14 2012In the last two decades, number of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) grows rapidly in India. Since most of the institutions are opened in private mode therefore, a cut throat competition rises among these institutions while attracting the student to ... More
Deep active subspaces - a scalable method for high-dimensional uncertainty propagationFeb 27 2019Feb 28 2019A problem of considerable importance within the field of uncertainty quantification (UQ) is the development of efficient methods for the construction of accurate surrogate models. Such efforts are particularly important to applications constrained by ... More
Programming Internet of Things, Service, and People (IoTSP) ApplicationsJul 12 2016Application development for Internet of Things, Service, and People (IoTSP) is challenging because it involves dealing with the heterogeneity that exists both in Physical and Internet worlds. Second, stakeholders involved in the application development ... More
The Hodge-elliptic genus, spinning BPS states, and black holesSep 07 2016We perform a refined count of BPS states in the compactification of M-theory on $K3 \times T^2$, keeping track of the information provided by both the $SU(2)_L$ and $SU(2)_R$ angular momenta in the $SO(4)$ little group. Mathematically, this four variable ... More
Driven Lattice Gases with Quenched Disorder: Exact Results and Different Macroscopic RegimesNov 27 1997We study the effect of quenched spatial disorder on the steady states of driven systems of interacting particles. Two sorts of models are studied: disordered drop-push processes and their generalizations, and the disordered asymmetric simple exclusion ... More
Deep active subspaces -- a scalable method for high-dimensional uncertainty propagationFeb 27 2019A problem of considerable importance within the field of uncertainty quantification (UQ) is the development of efficient methods for the construction of accurate surrogate models. Such efforts are particularly important to applications constrained by ... More
Front propagation in A$\to$2A, A$\to$3A process in 1d: velocity, diffusion and velocity correlationsAug 26 2006We study front propagation in the reaction diffusion process $\{A\stackrel{\epsilon}\to2A, A\stackrel {\epsilon_t}\to3A\}$ on a one dimensional (1d) lattice with hard core interaction between the particles. Using the leading particle picture, velocity ... More
Two site self consistent method for front propagation in reaction-diffusion systemJul 17 2006We study front propagation in the reaction diffusion process $A\leftrightarrow2A$ on one dimensional lattice with hard core interaction between the particles. We propose a two site self consistent method (TSSCM) to make analytic estimates for the front ... More
Velocity of front propagation in the epidemic model $A+B\to2A$Jul 11 2006We study front propagation in the irreversible epidemic model $A+B\to 2A$ in one dimension. Here, we allow the particles $A$ and $B$ to diffuse with rates $D_A$ and $D_B$, which, in general, may be different. We find analytic estimates for the front velocity ... More
Velocity and diffusion coefficient of $A+A\leftrightarrow A$ reaction fronts in one dimensionMay 24 2005We study front propagation in the reversible reaction-diffusion system A + A <-> A on a 1-d lattice. Extending the idea of leading particle in studying the motion of the front we write a master equation in the stochastically moving frame attached to this ... More
Object Oriented Analysis using Natural Language Processing concepts: A ReviewOct 26 2015The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) starts with eliciting requirements of the customers in the form of Software Requirement Specification (SRS). SRS document needed for software development is mostly written in Natural Language(NL) convenient for ... More
On the Stability of Non-Supersymmetric Quantum Attractors in String TheoryMay 03 2011May 07 2011We study four dimensional non-supersymmetric attractors in type IIA string theory in the presence of sub-leading corrections to the prepotential. For a given Calabi-Yau manifold, the D0-D4 system admits an attractor point in the moduli space which is ... More
Stability of Bianchi attractors in Gauged SupergravityJul 04 2013Sep 29 2013In this paper, we analyse the stability of extremal black brane horizons with homogeneous symmetry in the spatial directions in five dimensional gauged supergravity, under the fluctuations of the scalar fields about their attractor values. We examine ... More
Generalized Attractors in Five-Dimensional Gauged SupergravityJun 18 2012Aug 21 2012In this paper we study generalized attractors in N=2 gauged supergravity theory in five dimensions coupled to arbitrary number of hyper, vector and tensor multiplets. We look for attractor solutions with constant anholonomy coefficients. By analyzing ... More
Instanton Corrected Non-Supersymmetric AttractorsOct 16 2010Nov 11 2010We discuss non-supersymmetric attractors with an instanton correction in Type IIA string theory compactified on a Calabi-Yau three-fold at large volume. For a stable non-supersymmetric black hole, the attractor point must minimize the effective black ... More
An Understanding of The Dark Matter in The Universe And The Variation of The Universal Gravitational Constant G With TimeMay 11 1997May 12 1997Considering the fact that the present universe might have been formed out of a system of ficticious self-gravitating particles, fermionic in nature, each of mass $m$, we are able to obtain a compact expression for the radius $R_0$ of the universe by using ... More
Self-Duality of a Topologically Massive Born-Infeld TheorySep 16 2000Dec 06 2000We consider self-duality in a 2+1 dimensional gauge theory containing both the Born-Infeld and the Chern-Simons terms. We introduce a Born-Infeld inspired generalization of the Proca term and show that the corresponding self dual equation is identical ... More
InfoRest: Restricting Privacy Leakage to Online Social Network AppMay 15 2019In recent years, Online Social Networks (OSNs) have become immensely popular as social interaction services among worldwide Internet users. OSNs facilitate Third-party applications (TPAs) which provide many additional functionalities to users. While providing ... More
Exact ground and excited states of a t-J ladder doped with two holesDec 09 1998Jul 01 1999A two chain ladder model is considered described by the strong coupling $t-t^\prime-J-J^\prime$ Hamiltonian. For the case of two holes moving in a background of antiferromagnetically interacting spins, exact, analytical results are derived for the ground ... More
Entangled System of Squarks from the Third Generation at the Large Hadron ColliderNov 01 2011In the Minimal Supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model (MSSM) squarks from the third generation, i.e., the bottom and the top squarks, have a common set of parameters that determine their masses and couplings. These are in the form of the common ... More
Flat currents on definable pseudomanifoldsOct 05 2016We show that the cohomology of flat currents on definable pseudomanifolds in polynomially bounded o-minimal structures is isomorphic to its intersection cohomology in the top perversity.
An IoT application development using IoTSuiteSep 06 2016Application development in the Internet of Things (IoT) is challenging because it involves dealing with issues that attribute to different life-cycle phases. First, the application logic has to be analyzed and then separated into a set of distributed ... More
Does curvature-dilaton coupling with Kalb Ramond field lead to an accelerating Universe ?Jul 08 2002Dec 02 2003In this work we show that the Universe evolving in a spacetime with torsion (originated from a second rank antisymmetric Kalb-Ramond field) and dilaton is free from any big bang singularity and can have acceleration during the evolution. Both the matter ... More
Spherically Symmetric Solutions of Gravitational Field Equations in Kalb-Ramond BackgroundFeb 22 2001Static spherically symmetric solution in a background spacetime with torsion is derived explicitly. The torsion considered here is identified with the field strength of a second rank antisymmetric tensor field namely the Kalb-Ramond field and the proposed ... More
Security Assessment of Electricity Distribution Networks under DER Node CompromisesJan 06 2016Aug 12 2016This article focuses on the security assessment of electricity Distribution Networks (DNs) with vulnerable Distributed Energy Resource (DER) nodes. The adversary model is simultaneous compromise of DER nodes by strategic manipulation of generation set-points. ... More
On augmented superfield approach to vector Schwinger modelAug 04 2016Nov 15 2016We exploit the techniques of Bonora-Tonin superfield formalism to derive the off-shell nilpotent and absolutely anticommuting (anti-)BRST as well as (anti-)co-BRST symmetry transformations for the (1+1)-dimensional (2D) bosonized vector Schwinger model. ... More
Proposing A Symmetric Key Bit-Level Block CipherMay 11 2016A novel bit level block cipher based symmetric key cryptographic technique using G.C.D is proposed in this research paper. Entire plain text file is read one character at a time and according to the binary representation of ASCII value of the characters, ... More
Stability of Fluid Queuing Systems with Parallel Servers and Stochastic CapacitiesApr 07 2016Feb 16 2018This note introduces a piecewise-deterministic queueing (PDQ) model to study the stability of traffic queues in parallel-link transportation systems facing stochastic capacity fluctuations. The saturation rate (capacity) of the PDQ model switches between ... More
Adatoms in graphene nanoribbons: conductance characteristics and quantum spin Hall effectApr 21 2017May 02 2017We study the charge and spin transport in a two terminal graphene nanoribbon (GNR) decorated with random Gold (Au) adatoms using a Kane-Mele model. Two commonly used GNRs, that is, the armchair graphene nanoribbon (AGNR) and the zigzag graphene nanoribbon ... More
Spin Hall conductance in a Y-shaped junction device in presence of tunable spin-orbit couplingJul 12 2016We study spin Hall effect in a three terminal Y-shaped device in presence of tunable spin-orbit (SO) interactions via Landauer-B\"{u}ttiker formalism. We have evolved a fabrication technique for creating different angular separation between the two arms ... More
Study of edge states and conductivity in spin-orbit coupled bilayer grapheneMay 08 2019We present an elaborate and systematic study of the conductance properties of a zigzag bilayer graphene nanoribbon modeled by a Kane-Mele (KM) Hamiltonian. The interplay of the Rashba and the intrinsic spin-orbit couplings with the edge states, electronic ... More
Thermopower generation and thermoelectric cooling in a Kane-Mele normal-insulator-superconductor nano-junctionDec 20 2018We have studied thermoelectric effect of a Kane-Mele normal-insulator-superconductor (KMNIS) junction at ultra-low temperatures using a modified version of the well-known Blonder-Tinkham-Klapwijk (BTK) theory. Since both the (electronic) charge and thermal ... More
Wannier functions using a discrete variable representation for optical latticesSep 02 2016We propose a numerical method using the discrete variable representation (DVR) for constructing real-valued Wannier functions localized in a unit cell for both symmetric and asymmetric periodic potentials. We apply these results to finding Wannier functions ... More
Type Iax SupernovaeJul 04 2017Aug 09 2017Type Iax supernovae (SN Iax), also called SN 2002cx-like supernovae, are the largest class of peculiar white dwarf (thermonuclear) supernovae, with over fifty members known. SN Iax have lower ejecta velocity and lower luminosities, and these parameters ... More
Top Quarks and $CP$ Violation in Polarized $e^+e^-$ CollisionsSep 07 1994Electroweak dipole moments of the top quark are conjectured and their effect in polarized $e^+e^-$ collisions is examined for the expectation values of two different $CP$-odd observables. One of these observables probes the real part of the dipole moments ... More
Adjusting for Treatment Effects in Studies of Quantitative TraitsMay 31 2013A population-based study of a quantitative trait, e.g. Blood Pressure(BP) may be seriously compromised when the trait is subject to the effects of a treatment. Without appropriate corrections this can lead to considerable reduction of statistical power. ... More
Automatically finding atomic regions for fixing bugs in Concurrent programsMar 07 2014This paper presents a technique for automatically constructing a fix for buggy concurrent programs: given a concurrent program that does not satisfy user-provided assertions, we infer atomic blocks that fix the program. An atomic block protects a piece ... More
Gravitational Redshift in Einstein-Kalb-Ramond Spacetime and Randall-Sundrum ScenarioJun 05 2003Feb 28 2004It is shown that the gravitational redshift as predicted by Einstein's theory, is modified in presence of second rank antisymmetric tensor (Kalb-Ramond) field in a string inspired background spacetime.In presence of extra dimensions, the Randall-Sundrum ... More
Sparse Representation-Based Classification: Orthogonal Least Squares or Orthogonal Matching Pursuit?Jul 18 2016Spare representation of signals has received significant attention in recent years. Based on these developments, a sparse representation-based classification (SRC) has been proposed for a variety of classification and related tasks, including face recognition. ... More
Anomalous low-temperature thermodynamics of QCD in strong magnetic fieldsJun 14 2017Nov 13 2017The thermodynamics of quantum chromodynamics at low temperatures and in sufficiently strong magnetic fields is governed by neutral pions. We analyze the interacting system of neutral pions and photons at zero baryon chemical potential using effective ... More
EvalNorm: Estimating Batch Normalization Statistics for EvaluationApr 12 2019Batch normalization (BN) has been very effective for deep learning and is widely used. However, when training with small minibatches, models using BN exhibit a significant degradation in performance. In this paper we study this peculiar behavior of BN ... More
Interplay of Rashba spin orbit coupling and disorder in the conductance properties of a four terminal junction deviceNov 25 2015Dec 24 2015We report a thorough theoretical investigation on the quantum transport of a disordered four terminal device in the presence of Rashba spin orbit coupling (RSOC) in two dimensions. Specifically we compute the behaviour of the longitudinal (charge) conductance, ... More
Is the composite fermion state of Graphene a Haldane's Chern insulator?Dec 25 2018The properties of interacting electrons in a half-filled Landau level are well addressed by the Halperin-Lee-Read (HLR) picture of non-interacting composite fermions. We discuss how such a prescription can be applied to a lattice system. Introducing a ... More
Boundedness of smooth bilinear square functions and applications to some bilinear pseudo-differential operatorsOct 07 2010Oct 23 2010This paper is devoted to the proof of boundedness of bilinear smooth square functions. Moreover, we deduce boundedness of some bilinear pseudo-differential operators associated with symbols belonging to a subclass of $BS^0_{0,0}$.
Feature Selection for Ridge Regression with Provable GuaranteesJun 17 2015Dec 05 2015We introduce single-set spectral sparsification as a deterministic sampling based feature selection technique for regularized least squares classification, which is the classification analogue to ridge regression. The method is unsupervised and gives ... More
Anti Self-Dual Yang-Mills, Modified Faddeev-Jackiw Formalism and Hidden BRS InvarianceMar 30 2016Aug 29 2016We analyze the constraints for a system of anti self-dual Yang-Mills (ASDYM) equations by means of the modified Faddeev-Jackiw method in K and J gauges \`{a} la Yang. We also establish the Hamiltonian flow for ASDYM system through the hidden BRS invariance ... More
Network Flow Routing under Strategic Link DisruptionsDec 31 2015Jan 26 2016This paper considers a 2-player strategic game for network routing under link disruptions. Player 1 (defender) routes flow through a network to maximize her value of effective flow while facing transportation costs. Player 2 (attacker) simultaneously ... More
Pre-processing of Domain Ontology Graph Generation System in PunjabiNov 21 2014This paper describes pre-processing phase of ontology graph generation system from Punjabi text documents of different domains. This research paper focuses on pre-processing of Punjabi text documents. Pre-processing is structured representation of the ... More
Orbital Selectivity and Magnetic Ordering in Fe intercalated Dirac Semimetal Bi$_2$Se$_3$Jun 12 2019In this paper we investigate the intercalation effects of Iron (Fe) in the van der Waals gap of Bi$_2$Se$_3$ on the magnetic and transport properties using first-principles band structure estimations combined using dynamical mean-field theory. Inclusion ... More
Analysis of a Stochastic Switched Model of Freeway Traffic IncidentsJan 02 2016Jul 07 2016This article models the interaction between freeway traffic dynamics and capacity-reducing incidents as a stochastic switching system, and provides insights for freeway incident management by analyzing long-time (stability) properties of the proposed ... More
Strategies for Utility Maximization in Social Groups with Preferential ExplorationSep 10 2014We consider a \emph{Social Group} of networked nodes, seeking a "universe" of segments for maximization of their utility. Each node has a subset of the universe, and access to an expensive link for downloading data. Nodes can also acquire the universe ... More
Some Complete and Intermediate Polynomials in Algebraic Complexity TheoryMar 15 2016We provide a list of new natural $\mathsf{VNP}$-intermediate polynomial families, based on basic (combinatorial) $\mathsf{NP}$-complete problems that are complete under parsimonious reductions. Over finite fields, these families are in $\mathsf{VNP}$, ... More
Monopole-antimonopole: interaction, scattering and creationApr 03 2019The interaction of a magnetic monopole-antimonopole pair depends on their separation as well as on a second "twist" degree of freedom. This novel interaction leads to a non-trivial bound state solution known as a sphaleron and to scattering in which the ... More
On double shifted convolution sum of $SL(2, \mathbb{Z})$ Hecke eigen formsAug 25 2016Let $\lambda_i (n)$ $i= 1, 2, 3$ denote the normalised Fourier coefficients of holomorphic eigenform or Maass cusp form. In this paper we shall consider the sum: \[ S:= \frac{1}{H}\sum_{h\leq H} V\left( \frac{h}{H}\right)\sum_{n\leq N} \lambda_1 (n) \lambda_2 ... More
Superconductivity induced by Ag intercalation in Dirac semimetal Bi$_2$Se$_3$Apr 07 2019Superconductivity in a doped topological insulator (TI) is a very interesting phenomenon and constitute a new finding of the modern day condensed matter physics. Here we have investigated the physical and transport properties of such an intercalated TI, ... More
A Computational Approach for Designing Tiger Corridors in IndiaOct 02 2017Wildlife corridors are components of landscapes, which facilitate the movement of organisms and processes between intact habitat areas, and thus provide connectivity between the habitats within the landscapes. Corridors are thus regions within a given ... More
Fourier Multipliers and Littlewood-Paley For Modulation SpacesAug 29 2012In this paper we have studied Fourier multipliers and Littlewood-Paley square functions in the context of modulation spaces. We have also proved that any bounded linear operator from modulation space $\mathcal{M}_{p,q}(\R^n), 1\leq p,q\leq \infty,$ into ... More
Stability and Control of Piecewise-Deterministic Queueing SystemsApr 07 2016Apr 08 2016Unreliable link capacities cause a significant amount of delay in transportation networks. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to studying the traffic queues due to capacity-reducing events under a class of control policies. First, we propose a ... More
Resilience Design Patterns - A Structured Approach to Resilience at Extreme ScaleNov 08 2016In this document, we develop a structured approach to the management of HPC resilience based on the concept of resilience-based design patterns. A design pattern is a general repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem. We identify the commonly ... More
The redshifted 21-cm signal in the EDGES low-band spectrumMar 11 2019The EDGES collaboration reported the finding of an unexpectedly deep absorption in the radio background at 78~MHz based on their low-band observations, and interpreted the dip as a first detection of redshifted 21-cm from Cosmic Dawn. We have attempted ... More
Pinaka: Symbolic Execution meets Incremental Solving (Competition Contribution)Mar 06 2019Many modern-day solvers offer functionality for incremental SAT solving, which preserves the state of the solver across invocations. This is beneficial when multiple, closely related SAT queries need to be fed to the solver. Pinaka is a symbolic execution ... More
An Open Source P2P Encrypted VoIP ApplicationJul 01 2014Open source is the future of technology. This community is growing by the day; developing and improving existing frameworks and software for free. Open source replacements are coming up for almost all proprietary software nowadays. This paper proposes ... More
Magnetic adatoms in two and four terminal graphene nanoribbons: A comparison between their spin polarized transportJul 12 2017We study the charge and spin transport in two and four terminal graphene nanoribbons (GNR) decorated with random distribution of magnetic adatoms. The inclusion of the magnetic adatoms generates only the $z$-component of the spin polarized conductance ... More
Corrigendum to "Random grid-based visual secret sharing with abilities of OR and XOR decryptions"[Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation. 24(2013) 48-62]Feb 17 2015It has been observed that the contrast values for (2, 3) VSS scheme, (2, 4) VSS scheme, (3, 5) VSS scheme and (4, 5) VSS scheme claimed by Wu and Sun (2013) are found to be incorrect. Since the same values are cited and compared by many other researchers ... More
Nilpotent Symmetries in Jackiw-Pi Model: Augmented Superfield ApproachNov 24 2014Jul 08 2015We derive the complete set of off-shell nilpotent (s^2_{(a)b} = 0) and absolutely anticommuting (s_b s_{ab} + s_{ab} s_b = 0) Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin (BRST) (s_b) as well as anti-BRST symmetry transformations (s_{ab}) corresponding to the combined Yang-Mills ... More
Canonical brackets from continuous symmetries: Abelian 2-form gauge theoryMay 07 2011We derive the canonical (anti-)commutation relations amongst the creation and annihilation operators of the various basic fields, present in the four (3 + 1)-dimensional (4D) free Abelian 2-from gauge theory, with the help of continuous symmetry transformations ... More
Analysis of a Stochastic Switched Model of Freeway Traffic IncidentsJan 02 2016Oct 31 2017This article introduces a model for freeway traffic dynamics under stochastic capacity-reducing incidents, and provides insights for freeway incident management by analyzing long-time (stability) properties of the proposed model. Incidents on a multi-cell ... More
Learning an Unknown Network State in Routing GamesMay 11 2019We study learning dynamics induced by myopic travelers who repeatedly play a routing game on a transportation network with an unknown state. The state impacts cost functions of one or more edges of the network. In each stage, travelers choose their routes ... More
Security Games in Network Flow ProblemsJan 26 2016Jan 21 2019This article considers a two-player strategic game for network routing under link disruptions. Player 1 (defender) routes flow through a network to maximize her value of effective flow while facing transportation costs. Player 2 (attacker) simultaneously ... More
Formation and decay of Bose-Einstein condensates in an excited band of a double-well optical latticeAug 20 2013We study the formation and collision-aided decay of an ultra-cold atomic Bose-Einstein condensate in the first excited band of a double-well 2D-optical lattice with weak harmonic confinement in the perpendicular $z$ direction. This lattice geometry is ... More
Transversality of smooth definable maps in O-minimal structuresNov 29 2017We present a definable smooth version of the Thom transversality theorem. We show further that the set of non-transverse definable smooth maps is nowhere dense in the definable smooth topology. Finally, we prove a definable version of a theorem of Trotman ... More
Improving Performance Of English-Hindi Cross Language Information Retrieval Using Transliteration Of Query TermsJan 15 2014The main issue in Cross Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) is the poor performance of retrieval in terms of average precision when compared to monolingual retrieval performance. The main reasons behind poor performance of CLIR are mismatching of query ... More
On augmented superfield approach to vector Schwinger modelAug 04 2016We exploit the techniques of Bonora-Tonin superfield formalism to derive the off-shell nilpotent and absolutely anticommuting (anti-)BRST as well as (anti-)co-BRST symmetry transformations for the (1+1)-dimensional (2D) bosonized vector Schwinger model. ... More
Language Support for Reliable Memory RegionsNov 09 2016The path to exascale computational capabilities in high-performance computing (HPC) systems is challenged by the inadequacy of present software technologies to adapt to the rapid evolution of architectures of supercomputing systems. The constraints of ... More
Spatial Context based Angular Information Preserving Projection for Hyperspectral Image ClassificationJul 15 2016Dimensionality reduction is a crucial preprocessing for hyperspectral data analysis - finding an appropriate subspace is often required for subsequent image classification. In recent work, we proposed supervised angular information based dimensionality ... More
Anomalous electrodynamics of neutral pion matter in strong magnetic fieldsJan 24 2017The ground state of quantum chromodynamics in sufficiently strong external magnetic fields and at moderate baryon chemical potential is a chiral soliton lattice (CSL) of neutral pions. We investigate the interplay between the CSL structure and dynamical ... More
Analyzing a Tandem Fluid Queueing Model with Stochastic Capacity and SpillbackMay 06 2019The tandem fluid queueing model is a useful tool for performance analysis and control design for a variety of transportation systems. In this article, we study the joint impact of stochastic capacity and spillback on the long-time properties of this model. ... More
Proposing A Ciphering ProtocolMay 10 2016This paper describes a novel bit level stream cipher based symmetric key cryptographic technique. At first, sender and receiver agree upon a symmetric key. Then the symmetric key is formed using Greatest Common Divisor (G.C.D) of sum of even or odd bit ... More
On the Riesz means of $δ_k(n)$Sep 20 2016Let $k\geq 1$ be an integer. Let $\delta_k(n)$ denote the maximum divisor of $n$ which is co-prime to $k$. We study the error term of the general $m$-th Riesz mean of the arithmetical function $\delta_k(n)$ for any positive integer $m \ge 1$, namely the ... More
A Parallel Simulated Annealing Approach for the Mirrored Traveling Tournament ProblemNov 08 2013The Traveling Tournament Problem (TTP) is a benchmark problem in sports scheduling and has been extensively studied in recent years. The Mirrored Traveling Tournament Problem (mTTP) is variation of the TTP that represents certain types of sports scheduling ... More
Front Propagation and Diffusion in the A <--> A + A Hard-core Reaction on a ChainSep 23 2002Jan 29 2003We study front propagation and diffusion in the reaction-diffusion system A $\leftrightharpoons$ A + A on a lattice. On each lattice site at most one A particle is allowed at any time. In this paper, we analyze the problem in the full range of parameter ... More
Black holes and Bhargava's invariant theoryMar 06 2019Attractor black holes in type II string compactifications on $K3 \times T^2$ are in correspondence with equivalence classes of binary quadratic forms. The discriminant of the quadratic form governs the black hole entropy, and the count of attractor black ... More
On the Taxonomy of Flux VacuaApr 29 2004Jul 23 2004We investigate several predictions about the properties of IIB flux vacua on Calabi-Yau orientifolds, by constructing and characterizing a very large set of vacua in a specific example, an orientifold of the Calabi-Yau hypersurface in $WP^{4}_{1,1,1,1,4}$. ... More
Approximate Equalities on Rough Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and an Analysis of Approximate EqualitiesMay 26 2012In order to involve user knowledge in determining equality of sets, which may not be equal in the mathematical sense, three types of approximate (rough) equalities were introduced by Novotny and Pawlak ([8, 9, 10]). These notions were generalized by Tripathy, ... More
K3 metrics from little string theoryOct 24 2018Certain six-dimensional (1,0) supersymmetric little string theories, when compactified on $T^3$, have moduli spaces of vacua given by smooth K3 surfaces. Using ideas of Gaiotto-Moore-Neitzke, we show that this provides a systematic procedure for determining ... More
Gaussian processes with built-in dimensionality reduction: Applications in high-dimensional uncertainty propagationFeb 15 2016The prohibitive cost of performing Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) tasks with a very large number of input parameters can be addressed, if the response exhibits some special structure that can be discovered and exploited. Several physical responses exhibit ... More
Faster method for Deep Belief Network based Object classification using DWTNov 19 2015A Deep Belief Network (DBN) requires large, multiple hidden layers with high number of hidden units to learn good features from the raw pixels of large images. This implies more training time as well as computational complexity. By integrating DBN with ... More
Stability and Generalization of Graph Convolutional Neural NetworksMay 03 2019Inspired by convolutional neural networks on 1D and 2D data, graph convolutional neural networks (GCNNs) have been developed for various learning tasks on graph data, and have shown superior performance on real-world datasets. Despite their success, there ... More