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Wigner distributions and GTMDs in a proton using light-front quark-diquark modelOct 22 2018We investigate the Wigner distributions and generalized transverse momentum-dependent distributions (GTMDs) for $u$ and $d$ quarks in the proton by using light-front quark-diquark model. We consider the contribution of scalar and axial-vector diquark ... More
Study of Twist-2 GTMDs in scalar-diquark modelMar 26 2018We investigate the Generalized Transverse Momentum-dependent Distributions (GTMDs) describing the parton structure of proton using the light-front scalar-diquark model. In particular, we study the Wigner distributions for unpolarized quark in unpolarized, ... More
Study of spin-spin correlations between quark and a spin-$\frac{1}{2}$ particleJun 11 2019We study the correlation between the fermion composite system and quark spins by using the light-cone quark-diquark model. We do the calculations for $u$-quark and $d$-quark in the fermion system by considering the different polarization configrations ... More
Modification of Contract Net Protocol(CNP) : A Rule-Updation ApproachDec 16 2013Coordination in multi-agent system is very essential, in order to perform complex tasks and lead MAS towards its goal. Also, the member agents of multi-agent system should be autonomous as well as collaborative to accomplish the complex task for which ... More
A Comparative Study of Various Distance Measures for Software fault predictionNov 27 2014Different distance measures have been used for efficiently predicting software faults at early stages of software development. One stereotyped approach for software fault prediction due to its computational efficiency is K-means clustering, which partitions ... More
Stability of fragments and study of participant-spectator matter at peak center-of-mass energyJun 08 2011We simulate the central reactions of nearly symmetric, and asymmetric systems, for the energies at which the maximum production of IMFs occurs (E$_{c.m.}^{peak}$).This study is carried out by using hard EOS along with cugnon cross section and employing ... More
Uniform Versions of Index for Uniform Spaces with Free InvolutionsJul 20 2012Nov 28 2013In this paper, uniform versions of index for uniform spaces equipped with free involutions are introduced. They are mainly based on B-index defined and studied by C.-T. Yang in 1955, index studied by Conner and Floyd in 1960 and further development well ... More
The study of fusion barriers of neutron-rich colliding nuclei using various isospin-dependent potentialsApr 19 2011A detailed study fusion of neutron-rich colliding nuclei is performed using various isospin dependent potentials. For present study, Three different series namely, Ne-Ne, Ca-Ca, and Zr-Zr are taken into account and N/Z ratio.A monotonous increase (decrease) ... More
Smoothness of moduli space of stable torsion-free sheaves with fixed determinant in mixed characteristicFeb 16 2017Let $R$ be a complete discrete valuation ring with fraction field of characteristic $0$ and algebraically closed residue field of characteristic $p>0$. Let $X_R \to \mathrm{Spec}(R)$ be a smooth projective morphism of relative dimension $1$. We prove ... More
Web Content Classification: A SurveyMay 03 2014As the information contained within the web is increasing day by day, organizing this information could be a necessary requirement.The data mining process is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for ... More
A note on the structure theory of groups acting on the Bruhat Tits tree associated to $\mathrm{PGL}_{2}(F)$Apr 28 2013In this note we prove the classical decomposition theorems for certain subgroups of the automorphism group of the Bruhat-Tits tree associated to $\mathrm{PGL}_{2}(F)$, where $F$ is a local field. The results can be used to understand the representation ... More
To Study the effects of isospin cross section on mass asymmetric nuclear reactionsJul 27 2011We studied the effect of cross section on mass asymmetric systems. The mass asymmetry of a reaction can be defined by the asymmetry parameter {\eta} = |(AT - AP)/(AT + AP)|; [1] where AT and AP are the masses of the target and projectile, respectively. ... More
Narrative Science Systems: A ReviewOct 15 2015Automatic narration of events and entities is the need of the hour, especially when live reporting is critical and volume of information to be narrated is huge. This paper discusses the challenges in this context, along with the algorithms used to build ... More
Probing the effect of different cross-sections in asymmetric collisionsSep 26 2011We present a complete systematic theoretical study of multifragmentation for asymmetric colliding nuclei for heavy-ion reactions in the energy range between 50 MeV/nucleon and 1000 MeV/nucleon by using isospin dependent quantum molecular dynamics (IQMD) ... More
Quantifying moral foundations from various topics on Twitter conversationsOct 10 2016Nov 07 2016Moral foundations theory explains variations in moral behavior using innate moral foundations: Care, Fairness, Ingroup, Authority, and Purity, along with experimental supports. However, little is known about the roles of and relationships between those ... More
On the elliptical flow in asymmetric collisions and nuclear equation of stateSep 30 2010We here present the results of elliptical flow for the collision of different asymmetric nuclei (10Ne20 +13 Al27, 18Ar40 +21 Sc45, 30Zn64 +28 Ni58, 36Kr86 +41 Nb93) by using the Quantum Molecular Dynamics (QMD) model. General features of elliptical flow ... More
J/P=1/2+, J/P=3/2+ masses in statistical modelSep 13 2016The mass formulae for the baryon octet and decuplet are calculated. These formulae are function of constituent quark masses and spin spin interaction terms for the quarks inside the baryons. The coefficients in the mass formulae is estimated by the statistical ... More
Analysing the efficiency of partially entangled states in Vaidman's-type games and its applications in Quantum Secret SharingJul 12 2018We analyse the role of degree of entanglement for Vaidman's game in a setting where the players share a set of partially entangled three-qubit states. Our results show that the entangled states combined with quantum strategies may not be always helpful ... More
A Monte Carlo based simulation of the galactic chemical evolution of the Milky Way galaxySep 20 2018The formation and chemical evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy is numerically simulated by developing a Monte Carlo approach to predict the elemental abundance gradients and other galactic features using the revised solar abundance. The galaxy is accreted ... More
Enumeration of complementary-dual cyclic $\mathbb{F}_{q}$-linear $\mathbb{F}_{q^t}$-codesFeb 02 2017Let $\mathbb{F}_q$ denote the finite field of order $q,$ $n$ be a positive integer coprime to $q$ and $t \geq 2$ be an integer. In this paper, we enumerate all the complementary-dual cyclic $\mathbb{F}_q$-linear $\mathbb{F}_{q^t}$-codes of length $n$ ... More
Deformation of the Galactic Centre stellar cusp due to the gravity of a growing gas discSep 13 2017Mar 04 2018The nuclear star cluster surrounding the massive black hole at the Galactic Centre consists of young and old stars, with most of the stellar mass in an extended, cuspy distribution of old stars. The compact cluster of young stars was probably born in ... More
Semi-regular varieties and variational Hodge conjectureDec 02 2016We know that semi-regular sub-varieties satisfy the variational Hodge conjecture i.e., given a family of smooth projective varieties $\pi:\mathcal{X} \to B$, a special fiber $\mathcal{X}_o$ and a semi-regular subvariety $Z \subset \mathcal{X}_o$, the ... More
Multiplicity spectra in pp collisions at LHC energies in terms of Gamma and Tsallis distributionsFeb 15 2018In recent years the Tsallis statistics is gaining popularity in describing charged particle produc- tion and their properties, in particular pT spectra and the multiplicities in high energy particle collisions. Motivated by its success, an analysis of ... More
Pre-processing of Domain Ontology Graph Generation System in PunjabiNov 21 2014This paper describes pre-processing phase of ontology graph generation system from Punjabi text documents of different domains. This research paper focuses on pre-processing of Punjabi text documents. Pre-processing is structured representation of the ... More
Quantifying moral foundations from various topics on Twitter conversationsOct 10 2016Moral foundations theory explains variations in moral behavior using innate moral foundations: Care, Fairness, Ingroup, Authority, and Purity, along with experimental supports. However, little is known about the roles of and relationships between those ... More
Access Control Mechanisms for Semantic Web services-A Discussion on Requirements & Future DirectionsMay 01 2011Semantic Web is an open, distributed, and dynamic environment where access to resources cannot be controlled in a safe manner unless the access decision takes into account during discovery of web services. Security becomes the crucial factor for the adoption ... More
Survey on Variants of Distributed Energy efficient Clustering Protocols in heterogeneous Wireless Sensor NetworkJun 09 2014Wireless sensor networks are composed of low cost and extremely power constrained sensor nodes which are scattered over a region forming self organized networks, making energy consumption a crucial design issue. Thus, finite network lifetime is widely ... More
Multiplicity moments of shifted Gompertz distribution in $e^{+}e^{-}$, $p\overline{p}$ and $pp$ collisions at high energiesMar 16 2019In continuation of our earlier work, in which we analysed the charged particle multiplicities in leptonic and hadronic interactions at different center of mass energies in full phase space as well as in restricted phase space with the shifted Gompertz ... More
CMOS Low Power Cell Library For Digital DesignJul 11 2013Historically, VLSI designers have focused on increasing the speed and reducing the area of digital systems. However, the evolution of portable systems and advanced Deep Sub-Micron fabrication technologies have brought power dissipation as another critical ... More
Parton level study of high ET jets in hard QCD processes at LHCMar 30 2016Inclusive jet production will dominate the high $Q^{2}$ final states at the LHC.~In this work we try to estimate the up-to-date expectations, for high $E_{T}$ jets and their expected origin from the various parton-parton scattering processes. For these ... More
Software Process Models and Analysis on Failure of Software Development ProjectsJun 05 2013The software process model consists of a set of activities undertaken to design, develop and maintain software systems. A variety of software process models have been designed to structure, describe and prescribe the software development process. The ... More
Initialization and Readout of Spin Chains for Quantum Information TransportDec 02 2011Linear chains of spins acting as quantum wires are a promising approach to achieve scalable quantum information processors. Nuclear spins in apatite crystals provide an ideal test-bed for the experimental study of quantum information transport, as they ... More
Delving into the Security Issues of Mobile Cloud ComputingApr 26 2015Looking at the last decade, progress in technology has made a huge impact on our lifestyles. Enhanced use of mobile phones has provided a technological breakthrough, with the latest smartphones capturing the market. The word smartphone is enough for everyone ... More
Stalling of Globular Cluster Orbits in Dwarf GalaxiesSep 30 2018Oct 26 2018We apply the Tremaine-Weinberg theory of dynamical friction to compute the orbital decay of a globular cluster (GC), on an initially circular orbit inside a cored spherical galaxy with isotropic stellar velocities. The retarding torque on the GC, T(rp) ... More
Secure Cloud Communication for Effective Cost Management System through MSBEJul 11 2012In Cloud Computing Architecture, Brokers are responsible to provide services to the end users. An Effective Cost Management System (ECMS) which works over Secure Cloud Communication Paradigm (SCCP) helps in finding a communication link with overall minimum ... More
A specialization property of indexDec 02 2016In this article we study certain specialization properties of the index of varieties defined by Koll\'{a}r.
Strongly real special 2-groupsOct 14 2012Strongly real groups and totally orthogonal groups form two important subclasses of real groups. In this article we give a characterization of strongly real special 2-groups. This characterization is in terms of quadratic maps over fields of characteristic ... More
Homogeneous Finsler spaces with some special $(α, β)$-metricsDec 18 2017Dec 28 2017In this paper, first we prove the existence of invariant vector field on a homogeneous Finsler space with infinite series $(\alpha, \beta)$-metric and exponential metric. Next, we deduce an explicit formula for the the $S$-curvature of homogeneous Finsler ... More
Characters of real special 2-groupsOct 22 2015It is well-known that special 2-groups can be described in terms of quadratic maps over fields of characteristic 2. In this article we develop methods to compute conjugacy classes, complex representations and characters of a real special $2$-group using ... More
High Speed and Area Efficient 2D DWT Processor based Image Compression" Signal & Image ProcessingDec 31 2010This paper presents a high speed and area efficient DWT processor based design for Image Compression applications. In this proposed design, pipelined partially serial architecture has been used to enhance the speed along with optimal utilization and resources ... More
Analysis of Email Fraud detection using WEKA ToolMay 05 2014Data mining is also being useful to give solutions for invasion finding and auditing. While data mining has several applications in protection, there are also serious privacy fears. Because of email mining, even inexperienced users can connect data and ... More
Delivering IT as A Utility- A Systematic ReviewJun 07 2013Utility Computing has facilitated the creation of new markets that has made it possible to realize the long held dream of delivering IT as a Utility. Even though utility computing is in its nascent stage today, the proponents of utility computing envisage ... More
Magnetic moments of JP = 3/2+ decuplet baryons using statistical modelNov 27 2015A suitable wave function for baryon decuplet is framed with inclusion of sea containing quark- gluon Fock states. Relevant operator formalism is applied to calculate magnetic moments of JP = 3 2 + baryon decuplet. Statistical model assumes decomposition ... More
Phase space analysis of fragmentation and role of mass asymmetrySep 19 2011Dec 13 2011Based on the quantum molecular dynamics (QMD) picture, we aim to understand heavy-ion collisions in terms of participant spectator matter leading to various fragments of different sizes. The study is performed for symmetric as well as asymmetric reaction ... More
Mass independence and asymmetry of the reaction: Multi-fragmentation as an exampleSep 30 2010We present our recent results on the fragmentation by varying the mass asymmetry of the reaction between 0.2 and 0.7 at an incident energy of 250 MeV/nucleon. For the present study, the total mass of the system is kept constant (ATOT = 152) and mass asymmetry ... More
How Santa Fe Ants EvolveDec 06 2013Feb 07 2014The Santa Fe Ant model problem has been extensively used to investigate, test and evaluate Evolutionary Computing systems and methods over the past two decades. There is however no literature on its program structures that are systematically used for ... More
Energy efficient neighbor selection for flat wireless sensor networksJun 13 2014In this paper we have analyzed energy efficient neighbour selection algorithms for routing in wireless sensor networks. Since energy saving or consumption is an important aspect of wireless sensor networks, its precise usage is highly desirable both for ... More
Units in $FD_{2p^m}$Jul 01 2013In this note, we compute the order and provide the structure of the unit group $\mathcal{U}(FD_{2p^m})$ of the group algebra $FD_{2p^m}$, where $F$ is a finite field of characteristic 2 and $D_{2p^m}$ is the dihedral group of order $2p^m$ such that $p$ ... More
Units in $FD_{2p}$May 06 2013In this paper, we present the structure of the group of *-unitary units in the group algebra $FD_{2p}$, where $F$ is a finite field of characteristic $p > 2$, $D_{2p}$ is the dihedral group of order $2p$, and * is the canonical involution of the group ... More
Moments of multiplicity distributions using Tsallis statistics in leptonic and hadronic collisionsMar 26 2019Moments play a crucial role in investigating the characteristics of charged particle multiplicities in high energy interactions. The success of any model which describes the multiplicity data can be understood well by studying the normalised and factorial ... More
On the geodesics of homogeneous Finsler spaces with some special $(α, β)$-metricsJan 31 2018In this paper, we study geodesics and geodesic vectors for homogeneous exponential Finsler space and homogeneous infinite series Finsler space. Further, we find necessary and sufficient condition for a non-zero vector in these homogeneous spaces to be ... More
Design and Implementation of Car Parking System on FPGAJul 11 2013As, the number of vehicles are increased day by day in rapid manner. It causes the problem of traffic congestion, pollution (noise and air). To overcome this problem A FPGA based parking system has been proposed. In this paper, parking system is implemented ... More
Interacting Urns on a Finite Directed GraphMay 26 2019Consider a finite directed graph $G=(V, E)$ and place an urn with balls of two colours: white and black, at each node at time $t=0$. The urns evolve, in discrete time, depending upon a common replacement matrix $R$ and the underlying graph structure. ... More
Influence of momentum dependent interactions on nuclear stopping in symmetric heavy-ion collisionsFeb 09 2011Dec 22 2011The role of momentum dependent interactions is studied in nuclear stopping at intermediate energy using an isospin-dependent quantum molecular dynamics model. Present calculations are performed at incident energy between 50 and 1000 MeV/nucleon. Our findings ... More
Systematic study of multi-fragmentation in asymmetric colliding nucleiSep 30 2010We present a complete systematically theoretical study of multifragmentation for asymmetric colliding nuclei for heavy-ion reactions in the energy range between 50 MeV/nucleon and 600 MeV/nucleon by using soft and hard equations of state. This study is ... More
Rotating sonic black hole from Spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensateOct 11 2018We show that a sonic analogue of rotating BTZ type of black hole can be realised in a quasi-two-dimensional spin-orbit coupled BEC without any external rotation. The corresponding equation for phase fluctuations in total density mode that describes phonon ... More
UNITS IN $F_2D_{2p}$Sep 03 2012Let $p$ be an odd prime, $D_{2p}$ be the dihedral group of order 2p, and $F_{2}$ be the finite field with two elements. If * denotes the canonical involution of the group algebra $F_2D_{2p}$, then bicyclic units are unitary units. In this note, we investigate ... More
Supervised Machine Learning for Extractive Query Based Summarisation of Biomedical DataSep 14 2018Dec 06 2018The automation of text summarisation of biomedical publications is a pressing need due to the plethora of information available on-line. This paper explores the impact of several supervised machine learning approaches for extracting multi-document summaries ... More
A note on the determinant mapDec 02 2016Classically, there exists a determinant map from the moduli space of semi-stable sheaves on a smooth, projective variety to the Picard scheme. Unfortunately, if the underlying variety is singular, then such a map does not exist. In the case the underlying ... More
On the flag curvature of homogeneous Finsler space with some special $(α, β)$-metricsJan 15 2018In this paper, first we derive an explicit formula for the flag curvature of a homogeneous Finsler space with infinite series $(\alpha, \beta)$-metric and exponential metric. Next, we deduce it for naturally reductive homogeneous Finsler space with the ... More
Results on escaping set of an entire function and its compositionSep 13 2016Aug 16 2018Given two permutable entire functions $f$ and $g,$ we establish vital relationship between escaping sets of entire functions $f, g$ and their composition. We provide some families of transcendental entire functions for which Eremenko's conjecture holds. ... More
Effect of dissipative environment on collapses and revivals of a nonlinear quantum oscillatorJul 25 2016We study the dissipative dynamics of a wave packet passing through two different nonlinear media. The effect of dissipation on the known phenomenon of collapses and revivals of a wave packet as it evolves in a Kerr type nonlinear medium represented by ... More
Upper bounds on secret key agreement over lossy thermal bosonic channelsJun 14 2017Sep 28 2017Upper bounds on the secret-key-agreement capacity of a quantum channel serve as a way to assess the performance of practical quantum-key-distribution protocols conducted over that channel. In particular, if a protocol employs a quantum repeater, achieving ... More
Empirical Comparison of Envelope-Tracking and Time-Domain Adaptive Integral Methods for Surface Integral EquationsAug 29 2014This paper presents a detailed evaluation of the envelope-tracking adaptive integral method (ET-AIM), an FFT-accelerated algorithm for analyzing electromagnetic scattering. ET-AIM is used to solve progressively more complex benchmark scattering problems ... More
Stability of Amorphous Structures with VoidsMar 21 2001We incorporate the role of free volume in the density function of the amorphous structure and study its effects on the stability of such structures. The Density Functional Theory is used to explore this ``Free Volume Model'' of the supercooled structures. ... More
Effect of dissipative environment on collapses and revivals of a nonlinear quantum oscillatorJul 25 2016Aug 08 2018We study the dissipative dynamics of a wave packet passing through two different non-linear media. The effect of dissipation on the phenomenon of collapses and revivals of a wave packet as it evolves in a Kerr-type non-linear medium (represented by the ... More
Requirements of Vertical Handoff Mechanism in 4G Wireless NetworksApr 30 2011The importance of wireless communication is increasing day by day throughout the world due to cellular and broadband technologies. Everyone around the world would like to be connected seamlessly anytime anywhere through the best network. The 4G wireless ... More
Thermoelectric generator at optimal power with external and internal irreversibilitiesOct 24 2018There are few exact results on optimal power conditions for a thermoelectric generator in the presence of both external and internal irreversibilities---modelled as non-ideal thermal contacts and Joule heating, respectively. Simplified cases, where only ... More
Multi criteria decision making approach for selecting effort estimation modelOct 19 2013Effort Estimation has always been a challenging task for the Project managers. Many researchers have tried to help them by creating different types of models. This has been already proved that none is successful for all types of projects and every type ... More
Mobile Zigbee Sensor NetworksApr 26 2010OPNET Modeler accelerates network R&D and improves product quality through high-fidelity modeling and scalable simulation. It provides a virtual environment for designing protocols and devices, and for testing and demonstrating designs in realistic scenarios ... More
A Survey on Cooperative Diversity and Its Applications in Various Wireless NetworksDec 10 2011Cooperative diversity is a technique in which various radio terminals relay signals for each other. Cooperative diversity results when cooperative communications is used primarily to leverage the spatial diversity available among distributed radios. In ... More
Relative entropy of steering: On its definition and propertiesDec 21 2016Oct 13 2017In [Gallego and Aolita, Physical Review X 5, 041008 (2015)], the authors proposed a definition for the relative entropy of steering and showed that the resulting quantity is a convex steering monotone. Here we advocate for a different definition for relative ... More
Character triples and Shoda pairsFeb 03 2017In this paper, a construction of Shoda pairs using character triples is given for a large class of monomial groups including abelian-by-supersolvable and subnormally monomial groups. The computation of primitive central idempotents and the structure of ... More
Stability of the fragments and thermalization at peak center-of-mass energySep 29 2010Jun 14 2011We simulate the central reactions of nearly symmetric, and asymmetric systems, for the energies at which the maximum production of IMFs occurs (E$_{c.m.}^{peak}$).This study is carried out by using hard EOS along with cugnon cross section and employing ... More
Effect of data preprocessing on software effort estimationOct 19 2013Software effort estimation requires high accuracy, but accurate estimations are difficult to achieve. Increasingly, data mining is used to improve an organization's software process quality, e. g. the accuracy of effort estimations . There are a large ... More
Dispersion coefficients for the interaction of Cs atom with different material mediaDec 18 2015Largely motivated by a number of applications, the dispersion ($C_3$) coefficients for the interaction of a Cs atom with different material media such as Au (metal), Si (semiconductor) and various dielectric surfaces like SiO$_2$, SiN$_{\rm{x}}$, sapphire ... More
Heterogeneities in Supercooled liquids: A Density Functional StudyAug 30 2000A metastable state, characterized by a low degree of mass localization is identified using Density Functional Theory. This free energy minimum, located through the proper evaluation of the competing terms in the free energy functional, is independent ... More
Masses of Heavy HadronsMay 09 2000An estimate has been made of the masses of heavy hadrons in nonrelativistic quark model, which includes spin and flavor-dependent hyperfine splitting for two quarks. The effect of variation of the wavefunction value at origin and the strong coupling constant, ... More
Optical implementations, oracle equivalence, and the Bernstein-Vazirani algorithmMay 10 2006Mar 06 2007We describe a new implementation of the Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm which relies on the fact that the polarization states of classical light beams can be cloned. We explore the possibility of computing with waves and discuss a classical optical model ... More
Amortized entanglement of a quantum channel and approximately teleportation-simulable channelsJul 24 2017Dec 19 2017This paper defines the amortized entanglement of a quantum channel as the largest difference in entanglement between the output and the input of the channel, where entanglement is quantified by an arbitrary entanglement measure. We prove that the amortized ... More
Design and Simulation of a Highly Sensitive Refractive Index Sensor based on Grating-assisted Strip Waveguide Directional CouplerAug 13 2017A highly sensitive refractive index sensor based on grating-assisted strip waveguide directional coupler is proposed. The sensor is designed using two coupled asymmetric strip waveguides with a top-loaded grating structure in one of the waveguides. Maximum ... More
Semisimple finite group algebra of a generalized strongly monomial groupDec 19 2018The complete algebraic structure of semisimple finite group algebra of a generalized strongly monomial group is provided. This work extends the work of Broche and del R{\'{\i}}o on strongly monomial groups. The theory is complimented by an algorithm and ... More
New Congruences Modulo 2, 4, and 8 for the Number of Tagged Parts Over the Partitions with Designated SummandsJul 03 2018Oct 25 2018Recently, Lin introduced two new partition functions PD$_t(n)$ and PDO$_t(n)$, which count the total number of tagged parts over all partitions of $n$ with designated summands and the total number of tagged parts over all partitions of $n$ with designated ... More
Remarks on the non-equilibrium effects and collision dynamics in heavy-ion collisionsSep 07 2010Dec 02 2011We study the beam energy dependence of equilibration process and space-time characteristics of participant and spectator matter. For this, we simulated the semi-central collisions of $^{40}Ca+ ^{40}Ca$ at incident energies of 400, 600 and 1000 AMeV within ... More
Magnetothermodynamics: measuring the equations of state of a compressible magnetized plasmaNov 16 2018Magnetothermodynamics (MTD) is the study of compression and expansion of magnetized plasma with an eye towards identifying equations of state for magneto-inertial fusion experiments. We present recent results from SSX experiments on the thermodynamics ... More
A generalization of strongly monomial groupsMay 01 2018Olivieri, del R{\'{\i}}o and Sim{\'o}n defined strongly monomial groups and a significant result proved by them is the explicit description of the simple components of the rational group algebra $\mathbb{Q}G$ of a strongly monomial group $G$. In this ... More
Toward Refactoring of DMARF and GIPSY Case Studies -- a Team 9 SOEN6471-S14 Project ReportDec 23 2014Software architecture consists of series of decisions taken to give a structural solution that meets all the technical and operational requirements. The paper involves code refactoring. Code refactoring is a process of changing the internal structure ... More
Universality of scholarly impact metricsMay 27 2013Sep 24 2013Given the growing use of impact metrics in the evaluation of scholars, journals, academic institutions, and even countries, there is a critical need for means to compare scientific impact across disciplinary boundaries. Unfortunately, citation-based metrics ... More
Stability of magnetic-field induced helical phase in Rashba superconductorsDec 08 2006Due to the lack of both parity and time reversal symmetries, the Rashba superconductors CePt_3Si, CeRhSi_3, and CeIrSi_3, in the presence of a magnetic field, are unstable to helical (single plane-wave) order. We develop a microscopic theory for such ... More
The sensitivity of the ICAL detector at India-based Neutrino Observatory to neutrino oscillation parametersSep 08 2014The India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) will host a 50 kt magnetized iron calorimeter (ICAL) detector that will be able to detect muon tracks and hadron showers produced by Charged-Current muon neutrino interactions in the detector. The ICAL experiment ... More
On the nuclear stopping in asymmetric colliding nucleiSep 30 2010Using an isospin-dependent quantum molecular dynamics (IQMD) model, nuclear stopping is analyzed in asymmetric colliding channels by keeping the total mass fixed. The calculations have been carried by varying the asymmetry of the colliding pairs with ... More
Nature of itineracy in CoV$_2$O$_4$: A first principles studyMay 27 2014Inspired by recent experiments, we have theoretically explored the nature of itineracy in CoV$_2$O$_4$ under pressure and investigated, using first principles density functional theory calculations, if it has any magnetic and orbital ordering. Our calculations ... More
Coincidence and Common Fixed Point Results for Generalized $α$-$ψ$ Contractive Type Mappings with ApplicationsJun 14 2013A new, simple and unified approach in the theory of contractive mappings was recently given by Samet \emph{et al.} (Nonlinear Anal. 75, 2012, 2154-2165) by using the concepts of $\alpha$-$\psi$-contractive type mappings and $\alpha$-admissible mappings ... More
A Review of Machine Learning based Anomaly Detection TechniquesJul 27 2013Intrusion detection is so much popular since the last two decades where intrusion is attempted to break into or misuse the system. It is mainly of two types based on the intrusions, first is Misuse or signature based detection and the other is Anomaly ... More
From adiabatic to non-adiabatic pumping in graphene nanoribbonsMar 18 2012Non-equilibrium two-parameter pumping transport through graphene ribbons, attached to reservoirs is described. A tight-binding model is solved using Keldysh formalism, and the crossover between adiabatic and non-adiabatic regimes is studied. Pumped dc ... More
Using convolutional networks and satellite imagery to identify patterns in urban environments at a large scaleApr 10 2017Sep 13 2017Urban planning applications (energy audits, investment, etc.) require an understanding of built infrastructure and its environment, i.e., both low-level, physical features (amount of vegetation, building area and geometry etc.), as well as higher-level ... More
On the elliptical flow and asymmetry of the colliding nucleiSep 30 2010A study of elliptical flow is presented with respect to the asymmetry of colliding nuclei using the reactions of 24Cr50 +44 Ru102, 16S32 +50 Sn120 and 8O16 +54 Xe136 at incident energies between 50 and 250 MeV/nucleon within the framework of isospin-dependent ... More
An Unknotting Index for Virtual LinksJun 05 2018Nov 02 2018Given a virtual link diagram $D$, we define its unknotting index $U(D)$ to be minimum among $(m, n)$ tuples, where $m$ stands for the number of crossings virtualized and $n$ stands for the number of classical crossing changes, to obtain a trivial link ... More
Simultaneous Conjugacy Classes as Combinatorial Invariants of Finite GroupsMay 20 2019Let $G$ be a finite group. We consider the problem of counting simultaneous conjugacy classes of $n$-tuples and and simultaneous conjugacy classes of commuting $n$-tuples in $G$. Let $\alpha_{G,n}$ denote the number of simultaneous conjugacy classes of ... More
Modified Weibull and Tsallis Distributions for multiplicities in $e^{+}e^{-}$ collisions at LEP2 energiesAug 29 2017Multiplicity distributions of charged particles produced in the $e^{+}e^{-}$ collisions at LEP2 energies ranging from 91 to 206 GeV in full phase space, are compared with predictions from Tsallis $q$-statistics and the recently proposed Weibull distribution ... More