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A uniform model for Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals I: Lifting the parabolic quantum Bruhat graphNov 09 2012Dec 05 2013We lift the parabolic quantum Bruhat graph into the Bruhat order on the affine Weyl group and into Littelmann's poset on level-zero weights. We establish a quantum analogue of Deodhar's Bruhat-minimum lift from a parabolic quotient of the Weyl group. ... More
A modification of the Anderson-Mirkovic conjecture for Mirkovic-Vilonen polytopes in types B and CNov 01 2007Feb 12 2008We give an explicit description of the (lowering) Kashiwara operators on Mirkovi\'c-Vilonen polytopes in types $B$ and $C$, which provides a simple method for generating Mirkovi\'c-Vilonen polytopes inductively. This description can be thought of as a ... More
Path Model for a Level Zero Extremal Weight Module over a Quantum Affine AlgebraOct 30 2002Nov 06 2002We give a path model for a level zero extremal weight module over a quantum affine algebra. By using this result, we prove a branching rule for an extremal weight module with respect to a Levi subalgebra. Furthermore, we also show a decomposition rule ... More
A combinatorial formula expressing periodic $R$-polynomialsMar 09 2016In 1980, Lusztig introduced the periodic Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials, which are conjectured to have important information about the characters of irreducible modules of a reductive group over a field of positive characteristic, and also about those of ... More
Newton-Okounkov convex bodies of Schubert varieties and polyhedral realizations of crystal basesMar 04 2016A Newton-Okounkov convex body is a convex body constructed from a projective variety with a valuation on its homogeneous coordinate ring; this is deeply connected with representation theory. For instance, the Littelmann string polytopes and the Feigin-Fourier-Littelmann-Vinberg ... More
Mirkovic-Vilonen polytopes lying in a Demazure crystal and an opposite Demazure crystalJun 19 2008Oct 24 2008We give a necessary and sufficient condition for an MV polytope $P$ in a highest weight crystal to lie in an arbitrary fixed Demazure crystal (resp., opposite Demazure crystal), in terms of the lengths of edges along a path through the 1-skeleton of $P$ ... More
Lakshmibai-Seshadri paths of level-zero weight shape and one-dimensional sums associated to level-zero fundamental representationsFeb 20 2006We give interpretations of energy functions and (classically restricted) one-dimensional sums associated to tensor products of level-zero fundamental representations of quantum affine algebras in terms of Lakshmibai-Seshadri paths of level-zero weight ... More
Crystal structure of the set of Lakshmibai-Seshadri paths of a level-zero shape for an affine Lie algebraOct 02 2005Let $\lambda = \sum_{i \in I_{0}} m_{i} \varpi_{i}$, with $m_{i} \in \mathbb{Z}_{\ge 0}$ for $i \in I_{0}$, be a level-zero dominant integral weight for an affine Lie algebra $\mathfrak{g}$ over $\mathbb{Q}$, where the $\varpi_{i}$, $i \in I_{0}$, are ... More
A combinatorial formula expressing periodic $R$-polynomialsMar 09 2016Aug 09 2018In 1980, Lusztig introduced the periodic Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials, which are conjectured to have important information about the characters of irreducible modules of a reductive group over a field of positive characteristic, and also about those of ... More
Tensor product multiplicities for crystal bases of extremal weight modules over quantum infinite rank affine algebras of types $B_{\infty}$, $C_{\infty}$, and $D_{\infty}$Mar 12 2010Using Lakshmibai-Seshadri paths, we give a combinatorial realization of the crystal basis of an extremal weight module of integral extremal weight over the quantized universal enveloping algebra associated to the infinite rank affine Lie algebra of type ... More
Construction of perfect crystals conjecturally corresponding to Kirillov-Reshetikhin modules over twisted quantum affine algebrasMar 15 2005Assuming the existence of the perfect crystal bases of Kirillov-Reshetikhin modules over simply-laced quantum affine algebras, we construct certain perfect crystals for twisted quantum affine algebras, and also provide compelling evidence that the constructed ... More
Level-zero van der Kallen modules and specialization of nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials at $t = \infty$Feb 18 2018Jan 14 2019Let $\lambda \in P^{+}$ be a level-zero dominant integral weight, and $w$ an arbitrary coset representative of minimal length for the cosets in $W/W_{\lambda}$, where $W_{\lambda}$ is the stabilizer of $\lambda$ in a finite Weyl group $W$. In this paper, ... More
Demazure submodules of level-zero extremal weight modules and specializations of Macdonald polynomialsApr 09 2014Jan 09 2016In this paper, we give a characterization of the crystal bases $\mathcal{B}_{x}^{+}(\lambda)$, $x \in W_{\mathrm{af}}$, of Demazure submodules $V_{x}^{+}(\lambda)$, $x \in W_{\mathrm{af}}$, of a level-zero extremal weight module $V(\lambda)$ over a quantum ... More
Semiparametric density estimation by local L_2-fittingJun 25 2004This article examines density estimation by combining a parametric approach with a nonparametric factor. The plug-in parametric estimator is seen as a crude estimator of the true density and is adjusted by a nonparametric factor. The nonparametric factor ... More
Chevalley formula for anti-dominant weights in the equivariant $K$-theory of semi-infinite flag manifoldsAug 04 2018Feb 21 2019We prove a Pieri-Chevalley formula for anti-dominant weights and also a Monk formula in the torus-equivariant $K$-group of the formal power series model of semi-infinite flag manifolds, both of which are described explicitly in terms of semi-infinite ... More
Toward Berenstein-Zelevinsky data in affine type $A$, I: Construction of affine analogsSep 23 2010We give (conjectural) analogs of Berenstein-Zelevinsky data for affine type $A$. Moreover, by using these affine analogs of Berenstein-Zelevinsky data, we realize the crystal basis of the negative part of the quantized universal enveloping algebra of ... More
Tensor products and Minkowski sums of Mirkovic-Vilonen polytopesOct 05 2010The purpose of this paper is to prove that the Mirkovic-Vilonen (MV for short) polytope corresponding to the tensor product of two arbitrary MV polytopes is contained in the Minkowski sum of these two MV polytopes. This generalizes the result in our previous ... More
Polytopal Estimate of Mirkovic-Vilonen polytopes lying in a Demazure crystalDec 03 2009Dec 24 2009In this paper, we give a polytopal estimate of Mirkovi\'c-Vilonen polytopes lying in a Demazure crystal in terms of Minkowski sums of extremal Mirkovi\'c-Vilonen polytopes. As an immediate consequence of this result, we provide a necessary (but not sufficient) ... More
Tensor product decomposition theorem for quantum Lakshmibai-Seshadri paths and standard monomial theory for semi-infinite Lakshmibai-Seshadri pathsMar 02 2018Let $\lambda$ be a (level-zero) dominant integral weight for an untwisted affine Lie algebra, and let $\mathrm{QLS}(\lambda)$ denote the quantum Lakshmibai-Seshadri (QLS) paths of shape $\lambda$. For an element $w$ of a finite Weyl group $W$, the specializations ... More
Equivariant $K$-theory of semi-infinite flag manifolds and Pieri-Chevalley formulaFeb 08 2017Feb 20 2018We propose a definition of equivariant (with respect to an Iwahori subgroup) $K$-theory of the formal power series model $\mathbf{Q}_{G}$ of semi-infinite flag manifold and prove the Pieri-Chevalley formula, which describes the product, in the $K$-theory ... More
Toward Berenstein-Zelevinsky data in affine type $A$, part II: Explicit descriptionJan 19 2011In the present paper, we give an explicit description of the affine analogs of Berenstein-Zelevinsky data constructed in our previous paper: Toward Berenstein-Zelevinsky data in affine type $A$, I: Construction of affine analogs (arXiv:1009.4526), in ... More
Semi-infinite Lakshmibai-Seshadri path model for level-zero extremal weight modules over quantum affine algebrasFeb 17 2014Aug 25 2014We introduce semi-infinite Lakshmibai-Seshadri paths by using the semi-infinite Bruhat order (or equivalently, Lusztig's generic Bruhat order) on affine Weyl groups in place of the usual Bruhat order. These paths enable us to give an explicit realization ... More
Specialization of nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials at $t=\infty$ and Demazure submodules of level-zero extremal weight modulesNov 22 2015May 07 2016In this paper, we give a representation-theoretic interpretation of the specialization $E_{w_{\circ} \lambda} (q,\infty)$ of the nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomial $E_{w_{\circ} \lambda}(q,t)$ at $t=\infty$ in terms of the Demazure submodule $V_{w_\circ}^{-} ... More
Growth and Properties of Superconducting MgB2 Thin FilmsFeb 12 2004This review article describes the developments over the last 30 months in the thin film growth and junction fabrication of superconducting MgB2, including a brief summary the chemistry and physics of MgB2.
A uniform model for Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals. Extended abstractNov 26 2012We present a uniform construction of tensor products of one-column Kirillov-Reshetikhin (KR) crystals in all untwisted affine types, which uses a generalization of the Lakshmibai-Seshadri paths (in the theory of the Littelmann path model). This generalization ... More
A uniform model for Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals II. Alcove model, path model, and P=XFeb 10 2014Sep 09 2016We establish the equality of the specialization $P_\lambda(x;q,0)$ of the Macdonald polynomial at $t=0$ with the graded character $X_\lambda(x;q)$ of a tensor product of "single-column" Kirillov-Reshetikhin (KR) modules for untwisted affine Lie algebras. ... More
Explicit description of the degree function in terms of quantum Lakshmibai-Seshadri pathsApr 18 2015Sep 02 2015We give an explicit and computable description, in terms of the parabolic quantum Bruhat graph, of the degree function defined for quantum Lakshmibai-Seshadri paths, or equivalently, for "projected" (affine) level-zero Lakshmibai-Seshadri paths. This, ... More
Quantum Lakshmibai-Seshadri paths and root operatorsAug 16 2013Feb 24 2014We give an explicit description of the image of a quantum LS path, regarded as a rational path, under the action of root operators, and show that the set of quantum LS paths is stable under the action of the root operators. As a by-product, we obtain ... More
A uniform model for Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals III: Nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials at $t=0$ and Demazure charactersNov 02 2015Sep 09 2016We establish the equality of the specialization $E_{w\lambda}(x;q,0)$ of the nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomial $E_{w\lambda}(x;q,t)$ at $t=0$ with the graded character $\mathop{\rm gch} U_{w}^{+}(\lambda)$ of a certain Demazure-type submodule $U_{w}^{+}(\lambda)$ ... More
Low Microwave Surface Resistance in NdBa2Cu3O7-d Films Grown by Molecular Beam EpitaxyOct 19 2004We report the growth of NdBa2Cu3O7-d films on (100) MgO substrate by Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE). Large area NdBa2Cu3O7-d films with homogeneous superconducting properties were grown by precise control of stoichiometry and the optimisation of growth ... More
In-situ growth of superconducting MgB2 thin films by molecular beam epitaxyOct 11 2002The in-situ growth of superconducting MgB2 thin films was examined from various perspectives. The paper discusses (1) growth temperature, (2) the effect of excess Mg, (3) the effect of residual gas during growth, (4) the effect of in-situ annealing, (5) ... More
Prediction of multivariate responses with a select number of principal componentsJul 25 2008This paper proposes a new method and algorithm for predicting multivariate responses in a regression setting. Research into classification of High Dimension Low Sample Size (HDLSS) data, in particular microarray data, has made considerable advances, but ... More
Fermi acceleration at fast shock in a solar flare and impulsive loop-top hard X-ray sourceJan 13 1998We propose that non-thermal electrons are efficiently accelerated by first-order Fermi process at the fast shock, as a natural consequence of the new magnetohydrodynamic picture of the flaring region revealed with Yohkoh. An oblique fast shock is naturally ... More
Phase diagram of the one-dimensional half-filled extended Hubbard modelOct 02 2007We study the ground state of the one-dimensional half-filled Hubbard model with on-site (nearest-neighbor) repulsive interaction $U$ ($V$) and nearest-neighbor hopping $t$. In order to obtain an accurate phase diagram, we consider various physical quantities ... More
Doped Mott Insulators in (111) Bilayers of Perovskite Transition-Metal Oxides with a Strong Spin-Orbit CouplingOct 08 2012Feb 06 2013The electronic properties of Mott insulators realized in (111) bilayers of perovskite transition-metal oxides are studied. The low-energy effective Hamiltonians for such Mott insulators are derived in the presence of a strong spin-orbit coupling. These ... More
Faster annealing schedules for quantum annealingMar 07 2007Oct 05 2007New annealing schedules for quantum annealing are proposed based on the adiabatic theorem. These schedules exhibit faster decrease of the excitation probability than a linear schedule. To derive this conclusion, the asymptotic form of the excitation probability ... More
Minimal Markov basis for tests of main effect models for $2^{p-1}$ fractional factorial designs of resolution $p$Feb 11 2013Mar 13 2014We consider conditional exact tests of factor effects in designed experiments for discrete response variables. Similarly to the analysis of contingency tables, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods can be used for performing exact tests, especially when large-sample ... More
Non-Abelian Monopole in the Parameter Space of Point-like InteractionsJun 18 2014Jul 05 2014We study non-Abelian geometric phase in $\mathscr{N} = 2$ supersymmetric quantum mechanics for a free particle on a circle with two point-like interactions at antipodal points. We show that non-Abelian Berry's connection is that of $SU(2)$ magnetic monopole ... More
Recurrence Relations for Finite-Temperature Correlators via AdS$_{2}$/CFT$_{1}$Sep 11 2013Dec 12 2013This note is aimed at presenting a new algebraic approach to momentum-space correlators in conformal field theory. As an illustration we present a new Lie-algebraic method to compute frequency-space two-point functions for charged scalar operators of ... More
Higher algebraic $K$-theory of finitely generated torsion modules over principal ideal domainsFeb 18 2007The main purpose of this paper is computing higher algebraic $K$-theory of Koszul complexes over principal ideal domains. The second purpose of this paper is giving examples of comparison techniques on algebraic $K$-theory for Waldhausen categories without ... More
A New Linear Time Correctness Condition for Multiplicative Linear LogicFeb 26 2019In this paper, we give a new linear time correctness condition for proof nets of Multiplicative Linear Logic without units. Our approach is based on a rewriting system over trees. We have only three rewrite rules. Compared to previous linear time correctness ... More
Towards construction of ghost-free higher derivative gravity from bigravityJun 06 2018In this paper, the ghost-freeness of the higher derivative theory proposed by Hassan et al. in [Universe 1 (2015) 2, 92] is investigated. Hassan et al. believed the ghost-freeness of the higher derivative theory based on the analysis in the linear approximation. ... More
H-functional and Matsushima type decomposition theoremMay 14 2019The H-functional characterizes K\"ahler-Ricci solitons as its critical points, and also plays an important role of the existence problem for K\"ahler-Einstein metrics. In this paper we prove the Hessian formula for the H-functional at its critical points, ... More
Topological Hall Effect in Inhomogeneous SuperconductorsAug 30 2010We propose a possible mechanism of topological Hall effect in inhomogeneous superconducting states. In our scenario, the Berry phase effect associated with spatially modulated superconducting order parameter gives rise to a fictitious Lorentz force acting ... More
Theory of Parity Violated Cooper Pairs in Weakly Noncentrosymmetric SuperconductorsJul 23 2007We propose that in noncentrosymmetric superconductors with weakly asymmetric spin-orbit interaction the field-induced pair correlation between the spin-orbit split different bands ignored in previous studies yields unique effects; i.e. the Pauli depairing ... More
Mott transition and heavy fermion state in the pyrochlore Hubbard modelMar 21 2001May 29 2001We investigate the interplay between geometrical frustration and strong electron correlation based upon the pyrochlore Hubbard model. In the half-filling case, using the perturbative expansion in terms of electron correlation, we show that the self-energy ... More
Geometrical frustration induced (semi-)metal to insulator transitionSep 27 2002Nov 08 2002We study the low-energy properties of the geometrically frustrated Hubbard model on a three-dimensional pyrochlore lattice and a two-dimensional checkerboard lattice on the basis of the renormalization group method and mean field analysis. It is found ... More
H-functional and Matsushima type decomposition theoremMay 14 2019May 17 2019The H-functional characterizes K\"ahler-Ricci solitons as its critical points, and also plays an important role of the existence problem for K\"ahler-Einstein metrics. In this paper we prove the Hessian formula for the H-functional at its critical points, ... More
Semi-classical open string corrections and symmetric Wilson loopsJan 07 2007May 04 2007In the AdS/CFT correspondence, an AdS_2 x S^2 D3-brane with electric flux in AdS_5 x S^5 spacetime corresponds to a circular Wilson loop in the symmetric representation or a multiply wound one in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory. In order to distinguish the ... More
Remarks on global existence of classical solution to multi-dimensional compressible Euler-Poisson equations with geometrical symmetryJun 12 2009We give a necessary and sufficient condition for the global existence of the classical solution to the Cauchy problem of the compressible Euler-Poisson equations with radial symmetry. We introduce a new quantity which describes the balance between the ... More
Energy solution to Schrödinger-Poisson system in the two-dimensional whole spaceJan 25 2010We consider the Cauchy problem of the two-dimensional Schr\"odinger-Poisson system in the energy class. Though the Newtonian potential diverges at the spatial infinity in the logarithmic order, global well-posedness is proven in both defocusing and focusing ... More
Nagata embedding and A-schemesJul 18 2011Oct 06 2011We define the notion of normal A-schemes, and approximable A-schemes. Approximable A-schemes inherit many good properties of ordinary schemes. As a consequence, we see that the Zariski-Riemann space can be regarded in two ways -- either as the limit space ... More
Algebraic shifting of finite graphsMay 02 2005Mar 22 2006In the present paper, exterior algebraic shifting and symmetric algebraic shifting of bipartite graphs and chordal graphs are studied. First, we will determine the symmetric algebraic shifted graph of complete bipartite graphs. It turns out that, for ... More
Construction of schemes over $F_1$, and over idempotent semirings: towards tropical geometrySep 01 2010May 31 2011In this paper, we give some categorical description of the general spectrum functor, defining it as an adjoint of a global section functor. The general spectrum functor includes that of $F_1$ and of semirings.
An introduction to computational algebraic statisticsJul 26 2016In this paper, we introduce the fundamental notion of a Markov basis, which is one of the first connections between commutative algebra and statistics. The notion of a Markov basis is first introduced by Diaconis and Sturmfels (1998) for conditional testing ... More
A survey of Gersten's conjectureAug 29 2016This article is the extended notes of my survey talk of Gersten's conjecture given at the workshop "Bousfield classes form a set: a workshop in a memory of Tetsusuke Ohkawa" at Nagoya University in August 2015. In the last section, I give an explanation ... More
Global phase diagram of a doped Kitaev-Heisenberg modelDec 20 2012Feb 25 2013The global phase diagram of a doped Kitaev-Heisenberg model is studied using an SU(2) slave-boson mean-field method. Near the Kitaev limit, p-wave superconducting states which break the time-reversal symmetry are stabilized as reported by You {\it et ... More
Free-ordered CUG on Chemical Abstract MachineNov 16 1994We propose a paradigm for concurrent natural language generation. In order to represent grammar rules distributively, we adopt categorial unification grammar (CUG) where each category owns its functional type. We augment typed lambda calculus with several ... More
Phase Structure of Hot and/or Dense QCD in the Schwinger-Dyson ApproachFeb 24 2004We investigate the phase structure of hot and/or dense QCD with massless 2-flavors using the Schwinger-Dyson equation (SDE) with the improved ladder approximation in the Landau gauge. We examine the effect of the antiquark contribution and find that setting ... More
Gravitational Stability and Screening Effect from Extra Timelike DimensionsMay 09 2001May 10 2001We discuss extra timelike dimensions and their effects on the gravitational stability of spherical massive bodies. Here we specifically report our results for the case of one extra timelike dimension where we have made analytically rigorous investigations ... More
Supersymmetry and non-Abelian geometric phase for a free particle on a circle with point-like interactionsSep 29 2014Though not so widely appreciated in the literature, supersymmetric quantum mechanics provides an ideal playground for studying non-Abelian geometric phase, because supersymmetry always guarantees degeneracies in energy levels. In this paper we first present ... More
A Simple Derivation of Finite-Temperature CFT Correlators from the BTZ Black HoleDec 27 2013May 12 2014We present a simple Lie-algebraic approach to momentum-space two-point functions of two-dimensional conformal field theory at finite temperature dual to the BTZ black hole. Making use of the real-time prescription of AdS/CFT correspondence and ladder ... More
Parasupersymmetry in Quantum GraphsOct 29 2012Feb 11 2013We study hidden parasupersymmetry structures in purely bosonic quantum mechanics on compact equilateral graphs. We consider a single free spinless particle on the graphs and show that the Huang-Su parasupersymmetry algebra is hidden behind degenerate ... More
Path Integral JunctionsJan 24 2012Jun 04 2012We propose path integral description for quantum mechanical systems on compact graphs consisting of N segments of the same length. Provided the bulk Hamiltonian is segment-independent, scale-invariant boundary conditions given by self-adjoint extension ... More
Hall Effect of Spin Waves in Frustrated MagnetsNov 14 2008Jul 03 2009We examine a possible spin Hall effect for localized spin systems with no charge degrees of freedom. In this scenario, a longitudinal magnetic field gradient induces a transverse spin current carried by spin wave excitations with an anomalous velocity ... More
Pseudogap Phenomena in the BCS Pairing ModelJan 22 2002Mar 12 2002We investigate pseudo-gap phenomena realized in the BCS pairing model with a long but finite interaction range. We calculate the single-particle self-energy in all order exactly in the temperature range where the superconducting fluctuation propagator ... More
Quantum Disordered Ground States in Frustrated Antiferromagnets with Multiple Ring Exchange InteractionsJan 28 2005We present a certain class of two-dimensional frustrated quantum Heisenberg spin systems with multiple ring exchange interactions which are rigorously demonstrated to have quantum disordered ground states without magnetic long-range order. The systems ... More
Hessian of the Ricci Calabi functionalJan 08 2018The Ricci Calabi functional is a functional on the space of K\"ahler metrics of Fano manifolds. Its critical points are called generalized K\"ahler Einstein metrics. In this article, we show that the Hessian of the Ricci Calabi functional is non-negative ... More
A dévissage theorem of non-connective $K$-theoryJun 04 2019The purpose of this article is to show a version of d\'evissage theorem of non-connective $K$-theory. Our theorem contains Quillen's d\'evissage theorem, Waldhausen's cell filtration theorem and theorem of heart as special cases. In this sense, we give ... More
Composition operators on the Bergman spaces of a minimal bounded homogeneous domainMay 07 2011Using an integral formula on a homogeneous Siegel domain, we show a necessary and sufficient condition for composition operators on the weighted Bergman space of a minimal bounded homogeneous domain to be compact. To describe the compactness of composition ... More
't Hooft anomaly matching condition and chiral symmetry breaking without bilinear condensateNov 23 2018Dec 22 2018We explore 4-dimensional SU(N) gauge theory with a Weyl fermion in an irreducible self-conjugate representation. This theory, in general, has a discrete chiral symmetry. We use 't Hooft anomaly matching condition of the center symmetry and the chiral ... More
Wilson Loops of Anti-symmetric Representation and D5-branesMar 27 2006May 19 2006We use a D5-brane with electric flux in AdS_5 x S^5 background to calculate the circular Wilson loop of anti-symmetric representation in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory in 4 dimensions. The result agrees with the Gaussian matrix model calculation.
Bubbling Geometries for Half BPS Wilson linesJan 13 2006May 18 2006We consider the supergravity backgrounds that correspond to supersymmetric Wilson line operators in the context of AdS/CFT correspondence. We study the gravitino and dilatino conditions of the IIB supergravity under the appropriate ansatz, and obtain ... More
Holographic RG Flow on the Defect and g-TheoremJul 18 2002Jul 29 2002We investigate relevant deformation and the renormalization group flow in a defect conformal field theory from the point of view of the holography. We propose a candidate of g-function in the context of the holography, and prove the g-theorem: the g-function ... More
Spheres arising from multicomplexesFeb 05 2010May 09 2011In 1992, Thomas Bier introduced a surprisingly simple way to construct a large number of simplicial spheres. He proved that, for any simplicial complex $\Delta$ on the vertex set $V$ with $\Delta \ne 2^V$, the deleted join of $\Delta$ with its Alexander ... More
Face vectors of two-dimensional Buchsbaum complexesDec 01 2008Jun 02 2009In this paper, we characterize all possible h-vectors of 2-dimensional Buchsbaum simplicial complexes.
Ce doping in T-La2CuO4 films: Broken electron-hole symmetry for high-Tc superconductivityJan 28 2005We attempted Ce doping in La2CuO4 with the K2NiF4 (T) structure by molecular beam epitaxy. At low growth temperature and with an appropriate substrate choice, we found that Ce can be incorporated into the K2NiF4 lattice up to x ~ 0.06, which had not yet ... More
Phase control of La2CuO4 in thin-film synthesisSep 12 2002The lanthanum copper oxide, La2CuO4, which is an end member of the prototype high-Tc superconductors (La,Sr)2CuO4 and (La,Ba)2CuO4, crystallizes in the "K2NiF4" structure in high-temperature bulk synthesis. The crystal chemistry, however, predicts that ... More
Cryptographic Quantum Bound on NonlocalityMay 02 2016Oct 19 2016Information causality states that the information obtainable by a receiver cannot be greater than the communication bits from a sender, even if they utilize nonlocal quantum resources. This physical principle successfully explains some boundaries between ... More
Tomonaga-Luttinger-liquid criticality: numerical entanglement entropy approachOct 19 2011The von Neumann entanglement entropy is studied with the density-matrix renormalization group technique. We propose a simple approach to calculate the central charge using the entanglement entropy for one-dimensional (1D) quantum system. This approach ... More
Spin injection and spin transport in paramagnetic insulatorsJan 19 2016Feb 22 2016We investigate the spin injection and the spin transport in paramagnetic insulators described by simple Heisenberg interactions using auxiliary particle methods. Some of these methods allow access to both paramagnetic states above magnetic transition ... More
Magnetic interaction at an interface between manganite and other transition metal oxidesJul 27 2010A general consideration is presented for the magnetic interaction at an interface between a perovskite manganite and other transition metal oxides. The latter is specified by the electron number $n$ in the $d_{3z^2-r^2}$ level as $(d_{3z^2-r^2})^n$. Based ... More
Some optimal criteria of model-robustness for two-level non-regular fractional factorial designsJul 03 2009Nov 24 2009We present some optimal criteria to evaluate model-robustness of non-regular two-level fractional factorial designs. Our method is based on minimizing the sum of squares of all the off-diagonal elements in the information matrix, and considering expectation ... More
Spectral Flow and Feigin-Fuks Parameter Space of N=4 Superconformal AlgebrasOct 28 1996The parameter space of the Feigin-Fuks representations of the N=4 SU(2)$_k$ superconformal algebras is studied from the viewpoint of the specral flow. The $\eta$ phase of the spectral flow is nicely incorporated through twisted fermions and the spectral ... More
Coulomb Gas Representations and Screening Operators of the N=4 Superconformal AlgebrasJan 07 1992The Coulomb gas representations are presented for the ${\rm SU(2)}$$_k$-extended $N$=4 superconformal algebras, incorporating the Feigin-Fuchs representation of the\break ${\rm SU(2)}$$_k$ Kac-Moody algebra with {\sl arbitrary} level $k$. Then the long-standing ... More
SUSY QM Meets 5d GravityDec 01 2010Jan 24 2012We report hidden quantum mechanical supersymmetry structure in five-dimensional gravity with the Randall-Sundrum background. We show that two N=2 supersymmetries are hidden in the spectrum.
Egison: Non-Linear Pattern-Matching against Non-Free Data TypesJun 15 2015This paper introduces the Egison programming language whose feature is strong pattern-matching facility against not only algebraic data types but also non-free data types whose data have multiple ways of representation such as sets and graphs. Our language ... More
Unambiguous probe of parity-mixing of Cooper pairs in noncentrosymmetric superconductorsApr 23 2009Jun 09 2009We propose an experimental scheme to detect unambiguously parity-mxing of Cooper pairs in noncentrosymmetric superconductors, which utilizes crossed Andreev reflection processes between two oppositely spin-polarized normal metal leads and a noncentrosymmetric ... More
Magnetoelectric effects in heavy-fermion superconductors without inversion symmetryMar 14 2005Mar 18 2005We investigate effects of strong electron correlation on magnetoelectric transport phenomena in noncentrosymmetric superconductors with particular emphasis on its application to the recently discovered heavy-fermion superconductor CePt$_3$Si. Taking into ... More
Fermi liquid theory for heavy fermion superconductors without inversion symmetry : Magnetism and transport coefficientsMay 11 2006May 25 2007We present the microscopic Fermi liquid theory for magnetic properties and transport phenomena in interacting electron systems without inversion symmetry both in the normal state and in the superconducting state. Our argument is mainly focused on the ... More
Asymptotically Exact Solution for Superconductivity near Ferromagnetic CriticalityJan 22 2004Aug 16 2004We analyze an asymptotically exact solution for the transition temperature of p-wave superconductivity near ferromagnetic criticality on the basis of the three-dimensional electron systems in which scattering processes are dominated by exchange interactions ... More
Low-temperature anomaly at the edge of the Heisenberg spin chains: a boundary conformal field theory approachAug 04 2003Asymptotically exact low temperature expansions for the $s=1/2$ Heisenberg XXZ chains with boundaries are implemented by using the boundary conformal field theory. It is found that for $1/2<\Delta\leq 1$, ($\Delta$, an anisotropic parameter) the boundary ... More
Metal-to-Insulator Transition, Spin Gap Generation, and Charge Ordering in Geometrically Frustrated Electron SystemsFeb 27 2003We investigate a (semi-)metal to insulator transition (MIT) realized in geometrically frustrated electron systems on the basis of the Hubbard model on a three-dimensional pyrochlore lattice and a two-dimensional checkerboard lattice. Using the renormalization ... More
Spin transport properties of the quantum one-dimensional non-linear sigma model : an application to Haldane gap systemsMay 28 1999Spin transport properties of the quantum one-dimensional non-linear sigma model are studied based upon the Bethe ansatz exact solution for the O(3) sigma model and the 1/N-expansion approach for the O(N) sigma model. It is shown that the spin transport ... More
Analysis of Hartree equation with an interaction growing at the spatial infinityMar 16 2011Jul 04 2014We consider nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with a Hartree-type nonlocal nonlinearity. The case where a nonlinear interaction potential grows at the spatial infinity is studied. By virtue of an effective decomposition of the nonlinearity based on conservation ... More
Local existence and WKB approximation of solutions to Schrödinger-Poisson system in the two-dimensional whole spaceDec 08 2009We consider the Schr\"odinger-Poisson system in the two-dimensional whole space. A new formula of solutions to the Poisson equation is used. Although the potential term solving the Poisson equation may grow at the spatial infinity, we show the unique ... More
A-schemes and Zariski-Riemann spacesJan 14 2011Oct 24 2011In this paper, we will investigate further properties of A-schemes. The category of A-schemes possesses many properties of the category of coherent schemes, and in addition, it is co-complete and complete. There is the universal compactification, namely, ... More
Coset Character Identities in Superstring CompactificationsDec 01 2001Jan 28 2002We apply the coset character identities (generalization of Jacobi's abstruse identity) to compact and noncompact Gepner models. In the both cases, we prove that the partition function actually vanishes due to the spacetime supersymmetry. In the case of ... More
The $ε$-expansion of the codimension two twist defect from conformal field theoryJul 19 2016Aug 23 2016We apply the framework of Rychkov-Tan arXiv:1505.00963 to the codimension two twist defect at the Wilson-Fisher fixed point in $4-\epsilon$ dimensions. We obtain the scaling dimensions of the operators on the defect up to the lowest nontrivial order in ... More