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Deep Multi-Modal Classification of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms (IPMN) with Canonical Correlation AnalysisOct 26 2017Apr 27 2018Pancreatic cancer has the poorest prognosis among all cancer types. Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms (IPMNs) are radiographically identifiable precursors to pancreatic cancer; hence, early detection and precise risk assessment of IPMN are vital. ... More
Lung and Pancreatic Tumor Characterization in the Deep Learning Era: Novel Supervised and Unsupervised Learning ApproachesJan 10 2018Jan 18 2019Risk stratification (characterization) of tumors from radiology images can be more accurate and faster with computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) tools. Tumor characterization through such tools can also enable non-invasive cancer staging, prognosis, and foster ... More
Intelligent Wide-band Spectrum ClassifierApr 12 2019We introduce a new technique for narrow-band (NB) signal classification in sparsely populated wide-band (WB) spectrum using supervised learning approach. For WB spectrum acquisition, Nyquist rate sampling is required at the receiver's analog-to-digital ... More
How to Fool Radiologists with Generative Adversarial Networks? A Visual Turing Test for Lung Cancer DiagnosisOct 26 2017Jan 09 2018Discriminating lung nodules as malignant or benign is still an underlying challenge. To address this challenge, radiologists need computer aided diagnosis (CAD) systems which can assist in learning discriminative imaging features corresponding to malignant ... More
Risk Stratification of Lung Nodules Using 3D CNN-Based Multi-task LearningApr 28 2017Risk stratification of lung nodules is a task of primary importance in lung cancer diagnosis. Any improvement in robust and accurate nodule characterization can assist in identifying cancer stage, prognosis, and improving treatment planning. In this study, ... More
TumorNet: Lung Nodule Characterization Using Multi-View Convolutional Neural Network with Gaussian ProcessMar 02 2017Characterization of lung nodules as benign or malignant is one of the most important tasks in lung cancer diagnosis, staging and treatment planning. While the variation in the appearance of the nodules remains large, there is a need for a fast and robust ... More
Context Driven Label Fusion for segmentation of Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat in CT VolumesDec 15 2015Quantification of adipose tissue (fat) from computed tomography (CT) scans is conducted mostly through manual or semi-automated image segmentation algorithms with limited efficacy. In this work, we propose a completely unsupervised and automatic method ... More
Jet schemes of toric surfacesApr 21 2011For $m\in \mathbb{N}, m\geq 1,$ we determine the irreducible components of the $m-th$ jet scheme of a normal toric surface $S.$ We give formulas for the number of these components and their dimensions. When $m$ varies, these components give rise to projective ... More
Sign-indefinite second order differential operators on finite metric graphsNov 17 2012Jan 16 2013The question of self-adjoint realizations of sign-indefinite second order differential operators is discussed in terms of a model problem. Operators of the type $-\frac{d}{dx} \sgn (x) \frac{d}{dx}$ are generalized to finite, not necessarily compact, ... More
Maximal-quasi-accretive Laplacians on finite metric graphsNov 17 2012Jan 16 2013For a finite not necessarily compact metric graph, one considers the differential expression $-\frac{d^2}{d x^2}$ on each edge. The boundary conditions at the vertices of the graph yielding quasi-m-accretive as well as m-accretive operators are completely ... More
C-slow Technique vs Multiprocessor in designing Low Area Customized Instruction set Processor for Embedded ApplicationsApr 05 2012The demand for high performance embedded processors, for consumer electronics, is rapidly increasing for the past few years. Many of these embedded processors depend upon custom built Instruction Ser Architecture (ISA) such as game processor (GPU), multimedia ... More
MigrationMiner: An Automated Detection Tool of Third-Party Java Library Migration at the Method LevelJul 05 2019In this paper we introduce, MigrationMiner, an automated tool that detects code migrations performed between Java third-party library. Given a list of open source projects, the tool detects potential library migration code changes and collects the specific ... More
Two-layered numbersDec 18 2018Dec 23 2018In this paper, first, I introduce two-layered numbers. Two-layered numbers are positive integers that their positive divisors except 1 can be partitioned into two disjoint subsets. Similarly, I defined a half-layered number as a positive integer n that ... More
New conjecture related to a conjecture of McIntoshFeb 06 2018We introduce a new conjecture on products of two distinct primes that would provide a partial answer to a conjecture of McIntosh. Also, $\binom{2p-1}{p-1}-1$ is written in terms of a polynomial in prime $p$ over the integers and we discuss one way this ... More
A note on the converse of Wolstenholme's TheoremJun 14 2018Oct 16 2018Given a prime p and a positive integer m satisfying a certain inequality, the converse of Wolstenholme's Theorem is shown to hold for the product mp^k where k is any positive integer, generalizing a result by Helou and Terjanian.
New conjecture related to a conjecture of McIntoshFeb 06 2018Sep 16 2018We introduce a new conjecture on products of two distinct primes that would provide a partial answer to a conjecture of McIntosh. Also, $\binom{2p-1}{p-1}-1$ is written in terms of a polynomial in prime $p$ over the integers and we discuss one way this ... More
An identity for the odd double factorialNov 26 2018The ordinary factorial may be written in terms of the Stirling numbers of the second kind as shown by Quaintance and Gould and the odd double factorial in terms of the Stirling numbers of the first kind as shown by Callan. During the preparation of an ... More
Bounds on the negative eigenvalues of Laplacians on finite metric graphsNov 17 2012Jan 16 2013For a self--adjoint Laplace operator on a finite, not necessarily compact, metric graph lower and upper bounds on each of the negative eigenvalues are derived. For compact finite metric graphs Poincar\'{e} type inequalities are given.
How Does API Migration Impact Software Quality and Comprehension? An Empirical StudyJul 18 2019The migration process between different third-party software libraries is hard, complex and error-prone. Typically, during a library migration process, developers opt to replace methods from the retired library with other methods from a new library without ... More
An Identity for the Partition Function Involving Parts of k Different MagnitudesJun 14 2018Jun 21 2018Using previous work by Merca, we show the partition function involving parts of k different magnitudes, shifted by the triangular numbers, equals the self convolution of the unrestricted partition function. We also provide a combinatorial proof of this ... More
Wilson's and Wolstenholme's TheoremsSep 13 2018We provide a proof of Wilson's Theorem and Wolstenholme's Theorem based on a direct approach by Lagrange requiring only basic properties of the primes and the Binomial theorem. The goal is to show how similar the two theorems are by providing the easiest ... More
Jet schemes of complex plane branches and equisingularitySep 29 2010For $m \in \mathbb{N}$, we determine the irreducible components of the $m$-th Jet Scheme of a complex branch $C$ and give formulas for their number $N(m)$ and for their codimensions, in terms of $m$ and the generators of the semigroup of $C$. This structure ... More
Partial and full hyper-viscosity for Navier-Stokes and primitive equationsSep 11 2018Sep 21 2018The $3$-D primitive equations and incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with full hyper-viscosity and only horizontal hyper-viscosity are considered on the torus, i.e., the diffusion term $-\Delta$ is replaced by $-\Delta+ \varepsilon(-\Delta)^{l}$ or ... More
Jet schemes and generating sequences of divisorial valuations in dimension twoNov 12 2015Using the theory of jet schemes, we give a new approach to the description of a minimal generating sequence of a divisorial valuations on $\textbf{A}^2.$ For this purpose, we show how one can recover the approximate roots of an analytically irreducible ... More
A Novel Extension to Fuzzy Connectivity for Body Composition Analysis: Applications in Thigh, Brain, and Whole Body Tissue SegmentationOct 14 2018Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the non-invasive modality of choice for body tissue composition analysis due to its excellent soft tissue contrast and lack of ionizing radiation. However, quantification of body composition requires an accurate segmentation ... More
Jet schemes of toric surfaces (a short version)Dec 13 2010For $m\in \IN, m\geq 1,$ we determine the irreducible components of the $m-th$ jet scheme of a toric surface $S.$ For $m$ big enough, we connect the number of a class of these irreducible components to the number of exceptional divisors on the minimal ... More
Perpendicular diffusion of energetic particles in noisy reduced magnetohydrodynamic turbulenceSep 08 2014Recently a model for noisy reduced magnetohydrodynamic turbulence was proposed. The latter model was already used to study the random walk of magnetic field lines. In the current article we use the same model to investigate the diffusion of energetic ... More
Transparent Machine Education of Neural Networks for Swarm Shepherding Using Curriculum DesignJan 04 2019Swarm control is a difficult problem due to the need to guide a large number of agents simultaneously. We cast the problem as a shepherding problem, similar to biological dogs guiding a group of sheep towards a goal. The shepherd needs to deal with complex ... More
Higgs Boson Production at the LHCMar 11 2017One of the major goal of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is to probe the electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism and the generation of the masses of the elementary particles. We review the physics of the Higgs sector in the Standard Model. The main production ... More
Extracting the Spectrum by Spatial FilteringNov 20 2018Dec 02 2018We show that the spectrum of a flow field can be extracted within a local region by straightforward filtering in physical space. We find that for a flow with a certain level of regularity, the filtering kernel must have a sufficient number of vanishing ... More
An English-Hindi Code-Mixed Corpus: Stance Annotation and Baseline SystemMay 30 2018Social media has become one of the main channels for peo- ple to communicate and share their views with the society. We can often detect from these views whether the person is in favor, against or neu- tral towards a given topic. These opinions from social ... More
Quantum transport, master equations, and exchange fluctuationsMar 07 2014We investigate to which extent a many-body Bloch-Redfield master equation description of quantum transport is consistent with the exact generalized equilibrium conditions known as exchange fluctuation theorems. Thereby we identify a class of master equations ... More
Capacitively coupled nano conductors: Ratchet currents and exchange fluctuation relationsMar 02 2015We investigate electron transport in two quantum circuits with mutual Coulomb interaction. The first circuit is a double quantum dot connected to two electron reservoirs, while the second one is a quantum point contact in the weak tunneling limit. The ... More
A polyhedral characterization of quasi-ordinary singularitiesDec 23 2015Dec 19 2017Given an irreducible hypersurface singularity of dimension $d$ (defined by a polynomial $f\in K[[ {\bf x} ]][z]$) and the projection to the affine space defined by $K[[ {\bf x} ]]$, we construct an invariant which detects whether the singularity is quasi-ordinary ... More
Jet schemes and minimal toric embedded resolutions of rational double point singularitiesOct 16 2015Using the structure of the jet schemes of rational double point singularities, we construct "minimal embedded toric resolutions" of these singularities. We also define, for these singularities, a correspondence between a natural class of irreducible components ... More
Decoupling of the Kinetic and Magnetic Energy Cascades in MHD TurbulenceFeb 24 2019Magnetic and kinetic energy in ideal incompressible MHD are not global invariants and, therefore, it had been justified to discuss only the cascade of their sum, total energy. We provide a physical argument based on scale-locality of the cascade, along ... More
Baropycnal Work: A Mechanism for Energy Transfer Across ScalesMay 09 2019The role of baroclinicity, which arises from the misalignment of pressure and density gradients, is well-known in the vorticity equation, yet its role in the kinetic energy budget has never been obvious. Here, we show that baroclinicity appears naturally ... More
Electromagetic proton form factorsOct 31 2006The electromagnetic form factors are crucial to our understanding of the proton internal structure, and thus provide a strong constraint of the distributions of the charge and magnetization current within the proton. We adopted the quark-parton model ... More
Reduced Bloch mode expansion for periodic media band structure calculationsJul 16 2008Jul 30 2008Reduced Bloch mode expansion is presented for fast periodic media band structure calculations. The expansion employs a natural basis composed of a selected reduced set of Bloch eigenfunctions. The reduced basis is selected within the irreducible Brillouin ... More
On 2-absorbing ideals of commutative semiringsMay 30 2018Mar 11 2019In this paper, we investigate 2-absorbing ideals of commutative semirings and prove that if $\mathfrak{a}$ is a nonzero proper ideal of a subtractive valuation semiring $S$ then $\mathfrak{a}$ is a 2-absorbing ideal of $S$ if and only if $\mathfrak{a}=\mathfrak{p}$ ... More
Coherent quantum ratchets driven by tunnel oscillations: Fluctuations and correlationsJul 20 2012We study two capacitively coupled double quantum dots focusing on the regime in which one double dot is strongly biased, while no voltage is applied to the other. Then the latter experiences an effective driving force which induces a ratchet current, ... More
Portfolio optimization near horizonNov 28 2016Portfolio optimization is a well-known problem in mathematical finance concerned with selecting a portfolio which will maximize the expected terminal utility of an investor given today's information and subject to some constraints. It has been studied ... More
On 2-absorbing ideals of commutative semiringsMay 30 2018In Section 2, we investigate 2-absorbing ideals of commutative semirings. In Section 3, we characterize those semirings that their 2-absorbing ideals are prime.
Abstract Harmonic Analysis and Group Algebra on the Group ANApr 13 2014Consider the Iwasawa decomposition of the real semisimple Lie group. The purpose of this paper is to define the Fourier transform in order to obtain the Plancherel theorem on its maxima solvable Lie group. Besides, we prove the existence theorems for ... More
Abstract Harmonic Analysis on the General Affine Group GA(n,R)Apr 28 2014The general linear group has two components and its the identity component, which consists of the real matrices with positive determinant and the set of all matrices with negative determinant. Since the general linear group is a two copies of the group ... More
Abstract Harmonic Analysis On the non Singular Matrix Lie GroupJun 09 2016As well known that it is no way to do the abstract harmonic analysis on the non connected Lie groups. The goal of this paper is to draw the attention of Mathematicians to solve this problem. therefore let R be the group of nonzero real numbers with multiplication ... More
Double Parton Scattering in Associate Higgs Boson Production with Bottom Quarks at Hadron CollidersOct 01 2007Oct 22 2007Higgs boson production in association with bottom quarks, is one of the most important discovery channels for Higgs particles in the Standard Model (SM) and its supersymmetric extension at the LHC pp collider . The theoretical prediction of the corresponding ... More
Jet schemes of quasi-ordinary surface singularitiesJan 03 2017In this paper we give a complete description of the irreducible components of the jet schemes (with origin in the singular locus) of a two-dimensional quasi-ordinary hypersurface singularity. We associate with these components and with their codimensions ... More
A polyhedral characterization of quasi-ordinary singularitiesDec 23 2015May 28 2018Given an irreducible hypersurface singularity of dimension $d$ (defined by a polynomial $f\in K[[ {\bf x} ]][z]$) and the projection to the affine space defined by $K[[ {\bf x} ]]$, we construct an invariant which detects whether the singularity is quasi-ordinary ... More
Sufficient conditions for optimality for stochastic evolution equationsFeb 17 2012Oct 24 2012In this paper we derive for a controlled stochastic evolution system on a Hilbert space sufficient conditions for optimality. Our result is derived by using its so-called adjoint backward stochastic evolution equation.
Gridscape: A Tool for the Creation of Interactive and Dynamic Grid Testbed Web PortalsJul 22 2003The notion of grid computing has gained an increasing popularity recently as a realistic solution to many of our large-scale data storage and processing needs. It enables the sharing, selection and aggregation of resources geographically distributed across ... More
Abstract Harmonic Analysis on SpacetimeApr 06 2014In this paper, we consider the Poincare group (space time). In mathematics, the Poincar\'e group of spacetime, named after Henri Poincar\'e, is the group of isometries of Minkowski spacetime, introduced by Hermann Minkowski. It is a non-abelian Lie group ... More
Collective design of an online math textbook: when individual and collective documentation works meetJul 05 2017This paper focuses on the documentation work in the mathematics teaching. We show up the individual and collective components of this documentation. We present a new theoretical framework, the documentational approach which seems adapted for studying ... More
A Double Parton Scattering Background to Associate $WH$ and $ZH$ Production at the LHCOct 17 2006Higgs boson production in association with $W$ and $Z$ bosons at high luminosity CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC,$\sqrt{s}$=14 TeV), is one of the most promising discovery channel for a SM Higgs particle with a mass below 135 GeV, where the Higgs decays ... More
Inviscid Criterion for Decomposing ScalesApr 20 2018The proper scale decomposition in flows with significant density variations is not as straightforward as in incompressible flows, with many possible ways to define a `length-scale.' A choice can be made according to the so-called \emph{inviscid criterion} ... More
Well-posedness and Exponential Estimates for the Solutions to Neutral Stochastic Functional Differential Equations with Infinite DelayMay 27 2018Mar 07 2019In this work, neutral stochastic functional differential equations with infinite delay (NSFDEwID) has been studied. The existence and uniqueness of solutions to NSFDEwID at the state space $ C_{r} $ under the local weak monotone condition, the weak coercivity ... More
Necessary conditions for optimality for stochastic evolution equationsOct 24 2012Aug 27 2013This paper is concerned with providing the maximum principle for a control problem governed by a stochastic evolution system on a separable Hilbert space. In particular, necessary conditions for optimality for this stochastic optimal control problem are ... More
Quantum graphs with mixed dynamics: the transport/diffusion caseSep 25 2012May 08 2013We introduce a class of partial differential equations on metric graphs associated with mixed evolution: on some edges we consider diffusion processes, on other ones transport phenomena. This yields a system of equations with possibly nonlocal couplings ... More
Laplacians with point interactions -- expected and unexpected spectral propertiesJun 02 2019We study the one-dimensional Laplace operator with point interactions on the real line identified with two copies of the half-line $[0,\infty)$. All possible boundary conditions that define generators of $C_0$-semigroups on $L^2\big([0,\infty)\big)\oplus ... More
Adaptive Energy-aware Encoding for DWT-Based Wireless EEG Monitoring SystemMar 30 2013Jun 08 2013Wireless Electroencephalography (EEG) tele-monitoring systems performing encoding and streaming over energy-hungry wireless channels are limited in energy supply. However, excessive power consumption either in encoding or radio channel may render some ... More
Stochastic Texture Difference for Scale-Dependent Data AnalysisMar 11 2015Oct 05 2015This article introduces the Stochastic Texture Difference method for analyzing data at prescribed spatial and value scales. This method relies on constrained random walks around each pixel, describing how nearby image values typically evolve on each side ... More
Asymptotic approximation of optimal portfolio for small time horizonsNov 28 2016Feb 21 2018We consider the problem of portfolio optimization in a simple incomplete market and under a general utility function. By working with the associated Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman partial differential equation (HJB PDE), we obtain a closed-form formula for a ... More
Spatial Domain Watermarking Scheme for Colored Images Based on Log-average LuminanceJan 20 2010In this paper a new watermarking scheme is presented based on log-average luminance. A colored-image is divided into blocks after converting the RGB colored image to YCbCr color space. A monochrome image of 1024 bytes is used as the watermark. To embed ... More
Gridscape II: A Customisable and Pluggable Grid Monitoring Portal and its Integration with Google MapsMay 12 2006Grid computing has emerged as an effective means of facilitating the sharing of distributed heterogeneous resources, enabling collaboration in large scale environments. However, the nature of Grid systems, coupled with the overabundance and fragmentation ... More
A polyhedral characterization of quasi-ordinary singularitiesDec 23 2015Given an irreducible hypersurface singularity of dimension $ d $ (defined by a polynomial $ f\in K[[ {\bf x} ]][z]$) and the projection to the affine space defined by $ K [[ {\bf x} ]]$, we construct an invariant which detects whether the singularity ... More
Learning Hierarchical Interactions at Scale: A Convex Optimization ApproachFeb 05 2019Feb 06 2019In many learning settings, it is beneficial to augment the main features with pairwise interactions. Such interaction models can be often enhanced by performing variable selection under the so-called strong hierarchy constraint: an interaction is non-zero ... More
Robust Video Watermarking using Multi-Band Wavelet TransformDec 09 2009This paper addresses copyright protection as a major security demand in digital marketplaces. Two watermarking techniques are proposed and compared for compressed and uncompressed video with the intention to show the advantages and the possible weaknesses ... More
Plancherel Theorem and the Left Ideals of the Group Algebra for the Jacobi GroupJan 11 2016Let G be the three dimensional connected real semisimple Lie group and let KAN be the Iwasawa decomposition of G.Let J be the Jacobi group, which is the semidirect product of the two groups Heisenberg group with G. The Jacobi group plays an important ... More
Joint downscale fluxes of energy and potential enstrophy in rotating stratified Boussinesq flowsJul 25 2011Oct 03 2011We employ a coarse-graining approach to analyze nonlinear cascades in Boussinesq flows using high-resolution simulation data. We derive budgets which resolve the evolution of energy and potential enstrophy simultaneously in space and in scale. We then ... More
Plancherel Theorem on the Symplectic Group SP(4,R)Aug 17 2016Let H be the 15- dimensional connected semisimple Lie group with its Iwasawa decomposition of H. Let G be the group of the semi direct product of H and the four dimensional real vector group . The goal of this paper is to define the Fourier transform ... More
Abstract Harmonic Analysis on the General Linear Group GL(n,R)Apr 20 2014Consider the general linear group, which is not connected but rather has two connected components, the matrices with positive determinant and the ones with negative determinant. Consider the Iwasawa decomposition of its special linear group. We adopt ... More
Prospects for Multiple Weak Gauge Boson Signals at Hadron CollidersDec 07 2006We review the status of theoretical calculations relevant for electroweak physics at hadron colliders. The large parton flux at high energy gives rise to events where different pairs of partons interact contemporarily with large momentum exchange. We ... More
Necessary and sufficient conditions of optimal control for infinite dimensional SDEsFeb 17 2012Mar 20 2012A general maximum principle (necessary and sufficient conditions) for an optimal control problem governed by a stochastic differential equation driven by an infinite dimensional martingale is established. The solution of this equation takes its values ... More
Jet schemes and minimal toric embedded resolutions of rational double point singularitiesOct 16 2015May 12 2017Using the structure of the jet schemes of rational double point singularities, we construct "minimal embedded toric resolutions" of these singularities. We also establish, for these singularities, a correspondence between a natural class of irreducible ... More
A Hybrid Deep Learning Approach for Texture AnalysisMar 24 2017Texture classification is a problem that has various applications such as remote sensing and forest species recognition. Solutions tend to be custom fit to the dataset used but fails to generalize. The Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) in combination ... More
Toward a microscopic description of reactions involving exotic nucleiJul 27 2013We propose an extension of the Continuum Discretized Coupled Channels (CDCC) method, where the projectile is described by a microscopic cluster model. This microscopic generalization (MCDCC) only relies on nucleon-target interactions, and therefore presents ... More
I-primary submodulesDec 07 2016In this paper, we give a generalization for weakly primary submodules called $I$-primary submodule and we study some properties of it. We give some characterizations of $I$-primary submodules. Also we establish the situation of $I$-primary submodules ... More
Nonlinear dispersion relation predicts harmonic generation in wave motionMay 06 2019In recent work, we have proposed a theory for the derivation of an exact nonlinear dispersion relation for elastic wave propagation which here we consider for a thin rod (linearly nondispersive) and a thick rod (linearly dispersive). The derived relation ... More
Existence and uniqueness of the solutions of forward-backward doubly stochastic differential equations with Poisson jumpsSep 06 2018Sep 18 2018The aim of this paper is to establish the existence and uniqueness of the solution to a system of nonlinear fully coupled forward-backward doubly stochastic differential equations with Poisson jumps. Our system is Markovian in the sense that initial and ... More
Quantum Barro--Gordon Game in Monetary EconomicsAug 10 2017Classical game theory addresses decision problems in multi-agent environment where one rational agent's decision affects other agents' payoffs. Game theory has widespread application in economic, social and biological sciences. In recent years quantum ... More
The Affects of Different Queuing Algorithms within the Router on QoS VoIP application Using OPNETFeb 07 2013Voice over Internet Protocol is a service from the Internet services that allows users to communicate with each other. Quality of Service is very sensitive to delay so that Voice over Internet Protocol needs it. The objective of this research is to study ... More
Analyzing the performance of probabilistic algorithm in noisy manetsSep 02 2010Probabilistic broadcast has been widely used as a flooding optimization mechanism to alleviate the effect of broadcast storm problem (BSP) in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). Many research studies have been carried-out to develop and evaluate the performance ... More
Assessment Issues in Mathematics: Design Science Approach for developing an Expert-System Based SolutionJun 08 2016Information and communication technology (ICT) tools are ineffective when assessing solutions of questions with more than one step. ICT tools assessing these types of questions are paralleled to solving complex problems. This conceptual paper describes ... More
Localness of energy cascade in hydrodynamic turbulence, I. Smooth coarse-grainingSep 13 2009We introduce a novel approach to scale-decomposition of the fluid kinetic energy (or other quadratic integrals) into band-pass contributions from a series of length-scales. Our decomposition is based on a multiscale generalization of the ``Germano identity'' ... More
Behavioral Learning of Aircraft Landing Sequencing Using a Society of Probabilistic Finite State MachinesFeb 27 2018Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a complex safety critical environment. A tower controller would be making many decisions in real-time to sequence aircraft. While some optimization tools exist to help the controller in some airports, even in these situations, ... More
Exit Doorway Model for Nuclear Breakup of Weakly Bound ProjectilesNov 18 2007We derive closed expressions for the nuclear breakup cross sections in the adiabatic limit using the Austern-Blair theory. These expressions are appropriate for the breakup of weakly bound nuclei. The concept of an exit doorway that mediates the coupling ... More
Spectral energy analysis of locally resonant nanophononic metamaterials by molecular simulationsNov 28 2015A nanophononic metamaterial is a new type of nanostructured material that features an array, or a forest, of intrinsically distributed resonating substructures. Each substructure exhibits numerous local resonances, each of which may hybridize with the ... More
Maximum principle for optimal control of forward-backward doubly stochastic differential equations with jumpsJan 09 2013Aug 27 2013In this paper we consider the maximum principle of optimal control for a stochastic control problem. This problem is governed by a system of fully coupled multi-dimensional forward-backward doubly stochastic differential equation with Poisson jumps. Moreover, ... More
Scale-Locality of Magnetohydrodynamic TurbulenceDec 18 2009We investigate the scale-locality of cascades of conserved invariants at high kinetic and magnetic Reynolds numbers in the ``inertial-inductive range'' of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence, where velocity and magnetic field increments exhibit suitable ... More
Localness of energy cascade in hydrodynamic turbulence, II. Sharp spectral filterSep 14 2009We investigate the scale-locality of subgrid-scale (SGS) energy flux and inter-band energy transfers defined by the sharp spectral filter. We show by rigorous bounds, physical arguments and numerical simulations that the spectral SGS flux is dominated ... More
Thermodynamic Treatment of High Energy Heavy Ion CollisionNov 03 2013The hadron production in heavy ion collision is treated in the framework of thermodynamic vision. Thermodynamic system formed during central collision of Pb-Pb at high energies is considered, through which binary collision is assumed among the valance ... More
Machine Teaching in Hierarchical Genetic Reinforcement Learning: Curriculum Design of Reward Functions for Swarm ShepherdingJan 04 2019The design of reward functions in reinforcement learning is a human skill that comes with experience. Unfortunately, there is not any methodology in the literature that could guide a human to design the reward function or to allow a human to transfer ... More
Ultra cold neutrons: determination of the electric dipole moment and gravitational corrections via matter wave interferometryMay 03 2004Jan 07 2005We propose experiments using ultra cold neutrons which can be used to determine the electric dipole moment of the neutron itself, a well as to test corrections to gravity as they are foreseen by string theories and Kaluza-Klein mechanisms.
Defect and Local UniformizationNov 07 2017We give a simple algorithm showing that the reduction of the multiplicity of a characteristic p>0 hypersurface singularity along a valuation is possible if there is a finite linear projection which is defectless. The method begins with the algorithm of ... More
Performance Evaluation of an OMPR Algorithm for Route Discovery in Noisy MANETsSep 02 2010It has been revealed in the literature that pure multipoint relaying (MPR) algorithms demonstrate both simplicity and outstanding performance, as compared to other flooding algorithms in wireless networks. One drawback of pure MPR algorithms is that the ... More
Two orders of magnitude reduction in silicon membrane thermal conductivity by resonance hybridizationsJun 28 2016Jul 03 2016The thermal conductivity of a freestanding single-crystal silicon membrane may be reduced significantly by attaching nanoscale pillars on one or both surfaces. Atomic resonances of the nanopillars locally and intrinsically couple with the base membrane ... More
The minimal model of Hahn for the Calvin cycleDec 03 2018There are many models of the Calvin cycle of photosynthesis in the literature. When investigating the dynamics of these models one strategy is to look at the simplest possible models in order to get the most detailed insights. We investigate a minimal ... More
The conservative cascade of kinetic energy in compressible turbulenceJul 28 2011Aug 22 2011The physical nature of compressible turbulence is of fundamental importance in a variety of astrophysical settings. We present the first direct evidence that mean kinetic energy cascades conservatively beyond a transitional "conversion" scale-range despite ... More
Monitoring quantum transport: Backaction and measurement correlationsJul 10 2014We investigate a tunnel contact coupled to a double quantum dot (DQD) and employed as charge monitor for the latter. We consider both the classical limit and the quantum regime. In the classical case, we derive measurement correlations from conditional ... More
Multi-Target Tracking Using A Randomized Hypothesis Generation TechniqueMar 13 2016In this paper, we present a randomized version of the finite set statistics (FISST) Bayesian recursions for multi-object tracking problems. We propose a hypothesis level derivation of the FISST equations that shows that the multi-object tracking problem ... More