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Statistical convergence of order $α$ in probabilityMay 18 2016In this paper ideas of different types of convergence of a sequence of random variables in probability, namely, statistical convergence of order $\alpha$ in probability, strong $p$-Ces$\grave{\mbox{a}}$ro summability of order $\alpha$ in probability, ... More
A notion of $αβ$-statistical convergence of order $γ$ in probabilityMay 20 2016A sequence of real numbers $\{x_{n}\}_{n\in \mathbb{N}}$ is said to be $\alpha \beta$-statistically convergent of order $\gamma$ (where $0<\gamma\leq 1$) to a real number $x$ \cite{a} if for every $\delta>0,$ $$\underset{n\rightarrow \infty} {\lim} \frac{1}{(\beta_{n} ... More
The Benefits and Harms of Transmitting Into SpaceJul 23 2012Mar 15 2013Deliberate and unintentional radio transmissions from Earth propagate into space. These transmissions could be detected by extraterrestrial watchers over interstellar distances. Here, we analyze the harms and benefits of deliberate and unintentional transmissions ... More
The remote detectability of Earth's biosphere through time and the importance of UV capability for characterizing habitable exoplanetsMar 13 2019Thousands of planets beyond our solar system have been discovered to date, dozens of which are rocky in composition and are orbiting within the circumstellar habitable zone of their host star. The next frontier in life detection beyond our solar system ... More
A cost function for similarity-based hierarchical clusteringOct 16 2015The development of algorithms for hierarchical clustering has been hampered by a shortage of precise objective functions. To help address this situation, we introduce a simple cost function on hierarchies over a set of points, given pairwise similarities ... More
Physics Education Research: Or it's so hard to find good help these daysMay 03 2004Physics education research (PER) aims to improve how students solve problems. But whose problems are we teaching students to solve? Physics has grown up as a child of war, and PER stems from the cognitive revolution in psychology, which arose from military ... More
Observations on teaching first-year physicsDec 16 2005Highly successful students, as measured by grades and by scores on the Force Concept Inventory, still struggle with fundamental concepts in mathematics and physics. These difficulties, which turn physics into parrot learning and include confusing velocity ... More
Reconstruction of the left-chiral tau-sneutrino in supersymmetry with a right-sneutrino as the lightest supersymmetric particleFeb 23 2010We have considered a supersymmetric scenario in which the minimal supersymmetric standard model is augmented with a right-chiral neutrino superfield for each generation. Such a scenario can have a lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) dominated by the ... More
Learning PolytreesJan 23 2013We consider the task of learning the maximum-likelihood polytree from data. Our first result is a performance guarantee establishing that the optimal branching (or Chow-Liu tree), which can be computed very easily, constitutes a good approximation to ... More
Experiments with Random ProjectionJan 16 2013Recent theoretical work has identified random projection as a promising dimensionality reduction technique for learning mixtures of Gausians. Here we summarize these results and illustrate them by a wide variety of experiments on synthetic and real data. ... More
Estimating gas mileage: An example of order-of-magnitude physicsDec 22 2005I discuss how to estimate the gas mileage of a car. This discussion, which covers air resistance and Reynolds numbers, describes one way to introduce dimensional analysis and order-of-magnitude physics into introductory physics (if only the syllabus would ... More
Constraining a scalar field dark energy with variable equation of state for matterDec 01 2014The red-shift $z_{eq}$, marking the end of radiation era and the beginning of matter-dominated era, can play an important role to reconstruct dark-energy models. A variable equation of state for matter that can bring a smooth transition from radiation ... More
Compressive Imaging using Approximate Message Passing and a Markov-Tree PriorAug 12 2011We propose a novel algorithm for compressive imaging that exploits both the sparsity and persistence across scales found in the 2D wavelet transform coefficients of natural images. Like other recent works, we model wavelet structure using a hidden Markov ... More
A Better Way to Reconstruct Dark Energy Models ?Aug 19 2008To reconstruct dark energy models the redshift $z_{eq}$, marking the end of radiation era and the beginning of matter-dominated era, can play a role as important as $z_{t}$, the redshift at which deceleration parameter experiences a signature flip. To ... More
The coincidence problem in $f(R)$ gravity modelsDec 05 2012To explore possibilities of avoiding coincidence problem in $f(R)$ gravity we consider models in Einstein conformal frame which are equivalent to Einstein gravity with a minimally coupled scalar field. As the conformal factor determines the coupling term ... More
Interactive Bayesian Hierarchical ClusteringFeb 10 2016Apr 27 2016Clustering is a powerful tool in data analysis, but it is often difficult to find a grouping that aligns with a user's needs. To address this, several methods incorporate constraints obtained from users into clustering algorithms, but unfortunately do ... More
A randomized covering-packing duality between source-coding and channel-codingMay 22 2015A randomized covering-packing duality between source and channel coding will be discussed by considering the source coding problem of coding a source with a certain distortion level and by considering a channel which communicates the source within a certain ... More
Sparsity Pattern Recovery in Bernoulli-Gaussian Signal ModelApr 23 2010In compressive sensing, sparse signals are recovered from underdetermined noisy linear observations. One of the interesting problems which attracted a lot of attention in recent times is the support recovery or sparsity pattern recovery problem. The aim ... More
The necessity and sufficiency of anytime capacity for stabilization of a linear system over a noisy communication link, Part II: vector systemsOct 25 2006Dec 06 2007In part I, we reviewed how Shannon's classical notion of capacity is not sufficient to characterize a noisy communication channel if the channel is intended to be used as part of a feedback loop to stabilize an unstable scalar linear system. While classical ... More
Incremental Clustering: The Case for Extra ClustersJun 24 2014The explosion in the amount of data available for analysis often necessitates a transition from batch to incremental clustering methods, which process one element at a time and typically store only a small subset of the data. In this paper, we initiate ... More
Wiener Tauberian theorem for rank one semisimple Lie groupsAug 25 2015Sep 08 2015We prove a genuine analogue of Wiener Tauberian theorem for $L^1(G//K)$, where G is a semisimple Lie group of real rank one. This generalizes the corresponding result on the automorphism group of the unit disk by Y. Ben Natan, Y. Benyamini, H. Hedenmalm ... More
Supersolidity in a Bose-Holstein modelJul 21 2009We derive an effective d-dimensional Hamiltonian for a system of hard-core-bosons coupled to optical phonons in a lattice. At non-half-fillings, a superfluid-supersolid transition occurs at intermediate boson-phonon couplings, while at strong-couplings ... More
What relations are reliably embeddable in Euclidean space?Mar 13 2019We consider the problem of embedding a relation, represented as a directed graph, into Euclidean space. For three types of embeddings motivated by the recent literature on knowledge graphs, we obtain characterizations of which relations they are able ... More
Favoured $B_c$ Decay modes to search for a Majorana neutrinoFeb 29 2016Mar 29 2016Recently, the LHCb collaboration reported the observation of the decay mode $B_{c}^{-}\rightarrow\overline{B}_{s}^{0}\pi^{-}$ with the largest exclusive branching fraction amongst the known decay modes of all the $B$ mesons. Here we propose a search for ... More
The necessity and sufficiency of anytime capacity for stabilization of a linear system over a noisy communication link Part I: scalar systemsJan 04 2006We review how Shannon's classical notion of capacity is not enough to characterize a noisy communication channel if the channel is intended to be used as part of a feedback loop to stabilize an unstable scalar linear system. While classical capacity is ... More
Optimal Control and Estimation for Partially Nested Interconnected SystemsMay 09 2012Sep 14 2012In this paper, we study distributed estimation and control problems over graphs under partially nested information patterns. We show a duality result that is very similar to the classical duality result between state estimation and state feedback control ... More
Randomized partition trees for exact nearest neighbor searchFeb 08 2013The k-d tree was one of the first spatial data structures proposed for nearest neighbor search. Its efficacy is diminished in high-dimensional spaces, but several variants, with randomization and overlapping cells, have proved to be successful in practice. ... More
The Capacity of Channels with FeedbackSep 25 2006We introduce a general framework for treating channels with memory and feedback. First, we generalize Massey's concept of directed information and use it to characterize the feedback capacity of general channels. Second, we present coding results for ... More
Source coding and channel requirements for unstable processesOct 24 2006Dec 06 2007Our understanding of information in systems has been based on the foundation of memoryless processes. Extensions to stable Markov and auto-regressive processes are classical. Berger proved a source coding theorem for the marginally unstable Wiener process, ... More
Wiener Tauberian theorem for hypergeometric transformsSep 08 2015We prove a genuine analogue of Wiener Tauberian theorem for hypergeometric transforms. As an application we prove analogue of Furstenberg theorem on Harmonic functions.
Neutralino reconstruction in supersymmetry with long-lived stausFeb 25 2009Jun 05 2009We consider a supergravity (SUGRA) scenario, with universal scalar and gaugino masses at high scale, with a right-chiral neutrino superfield included in the spectrum. Such a scenario can have a lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) dominated by the right ... More
Architecture for communication with a fidelity criterion in unknown networksFeb 05 2010Jan 21 2011We prove that in order to communicate independent sources (this is the unicast problem) between various users over an unknown medium to within various distortion levels, it is sufficient to consider source-channel separation based architectures: architectures ... More
A Two-round Variant of EM for Gaussian MixturesJan 16 2013Given a set of possible models (e.g., Bayesian network structures) and a data sample, in the unsupervised model selection problem the task is to choose the most accurate model with respect to the domain joint probability distribution. In contrast to this, ... More
New physics in neutral $\textbf{D}\rightarrow\textbf{VV}$ modesJul 17 2016We show that it is possible to construct observables to test the existence of new physics in a model independent way for the $D^0\rightarrow VV$ modes using a time-dependent analysis of the neutral $D$ meson. We show that it is possible to identify whether ... More
Rates of Convergence for Nearest Neighbor ClassificationJun 30 2014Jul 02 2014Nearest neighbor methods are a popular class of nonparametric estimators with several desirable properties, such as adaptivity to different distance scales in different regions of space. Prior work on convergence rates for nearest neighbor classification ... More
Moment-based Uniform Deviation Bounds for $k$-means and FriendsNov 08 2013Suppose $k$ centers are fit to $m$ points by heuristically minimizing the $k$-means cost; what is the corresponding fit over the source distribution? This question is resolved here for distributions with $p\geq 4$ bounded moments; in particular, the difference ... More
Random projection trees for vector quantizationMay 09 2008A simple and computationally efficient scheme for tree-structured vector quantization is presented. Unlike previous methods, its quantization error depends only on the intrinsic dimension of the data distribution, rather than the apparent dimension of ... More
Agglomerative Bregman ClusteringJun 27 2012This manuscript develops the theory of agglomerative clustering with Bregman divergences. Geometric smoothing techniques are developed to deal with degenerate clusters. To allow for cluster models based on exponential families with overcomplete representations, ... More
New physics in neutral $\textbf{D}\rightarrow\textbf{VV}$ modesJul 17 2016Oct 27 2016We show that it is possible to construct observables to test the existence of new physics in a model independent way for the $D^0\rightarrow VV$ modes using a time-dependent analysis of the neutral $D$ meson. We show that it is possible to identify whether ... More
Quantum phase transition in Bose-Holstein model in two dimensionsDec 10 2008We derive an effective d-dimensional Hamiltonian for a system of hard-core-bosons coupled to optical phonons in a lattice. Away from half-filling, we show that the presence of next-nearest-neighbor hopping in the effective Hamiltonian leads to a superfluid-to-supersolid ... More
Phase transition and phase diagram at a general filling in the spinless one-dimensional Holstein ModelJun 12 2006Jun 14 2006Among the mechanisms for lattice structural deformation, the electron-phonon interaction mediated Peierls charge-density-wave (CDW) instability in single band low-dimensional systems is perhaps the most ubiquitous. The standard mean-field picture predicts ... More
Charge pair hopping and Bose-Einstein condensation in underdoped Mott insulatorsDec 06 2010Recently, we have solved the long-standing problem of connecting the physics of the Mott insulator to the underdoped regime of the t-J model [PRB 82, 014504, 2010]. We have derived a renormalized Hamiltonian valid for small doping (x) which is characterized ... More
Incorporating Forcing Terms in Cascaded Lattice-Boltzmann Approach by Method of Central MomentsFeb 27 2012Cascaded lattice-Boltzmann method (Cascaded-LBM) employs a new class of collision operators aiming to improve numerical stability. It achieves this and distinguishes from other collision operators, such as in the standard single or multiple relaxation ... More
Nonlocality in Remote State Preparation vis-a-vis TeleportationDec 04 2016The hitherto unexplored nonlocality of quantum correlations in the information transfer protocol of remote state preparation (RSP) is investigated in terms of a unified nonlocality argument formulated for teleportation as well as for two distinct RSP ... More
Some remarks on the metrizability of $\mathcal{F}$-metric spacesAug 08 2018In this manuscript, we claim that the newly introduced $\mathcal{F}$-metric space \cite[\, M.~Jleli and B.~Samet, On a new generalization of metric spaces, J. Fixed Point Theory Appl, 20(3) 2018]{JS1} is metrizable. Also, we deduce that the notions of ... More
A Consistent Theory of Underdoped Cuprates: Evolution of the RVB State From Half FillingOct 12 2009Oct 18 2009We have been able to resolve two long-standing issues that are central to the theory of high Tc superconductivity: (1) How is the physics of the doped region connected to that of the Mott insulator? (2) What is the origin of the two-dimensionality of ... More
Analysis of neighbour and isolated node of intersection area based geocasting protocol (IBGP) in VANETMar 09 2012Geocasting is a special variant of multicasting, where data packet or message is transmitted to a predefined geographical location i.e., known as geocast region. The applications of geocasting in VANET are to disseminate information like, collision warning, ... More
Transactive Energy Auction with Hidden User Information in MicrogridAug 12 2016This research proposes a novel auction mechanism for transactive energy exchange between buyers and sellers, modeled as agents in a microgrid. The mechanism is implemented by a separate microgrid controller (MC) agent, and requires big data flow with ... More
Double-Sided Energy Auction Equilibrium Under Price AnticipationMay 21 2016This paper investigates the problem of proportionally fair double sided energy auction involving buying and selling agents. The grid is assumed to be operating under islanded mode. A distributed auction algorithm that can be implemented by an aggregator, ... More
Is it time for a science counterpart of the Benezet-Berman mathematics teaching experiment of the 1930's?Dec 21 2005Should teachers concentrate on critical thinking, estimation, measurement, and graphing rather than college-clone algorithmic physics in grades K--12? Thus far physics education research offers little substantive guidance. Mathematics education research ... More
On the Three-dimensional Central Moment Lattice Boltzmann MethodFeb 27 2012A three-dimensional (3D) lattice Boltzmann method based on central moments is derived. Two main elements are the local attractors in the collision term and the source terms representing the effect of external and/or self-consistent internal forces. For ... More
Inertial Frame Independent Forcing for Discrete Velocity Boltzmann Equation: Implications for Filtered Turbulence SimulationFeb 27 2012We present a systematic derivation of a model based on the central moment lattice Boltzmann equation that rigorously maintains Galilean invariance of forces to simulate inertial frame independent flow fields. In this regard, the central moments, i.e. ... More
Unusual pattern formation on Si(100) due to low energy ion bombardmentFeb 24 2012In this paper evolution of silicon surface topography, under low energy ion bombardment, is investigated at higher oblique incident angles in the range of 63\degree-83\degree. Si(100) substrates were exposed to 500 eV argon ions. Different surface morphology ... More
Manifestation of pointer state correlations in complex weak values of quantum observablesDec 29 2015Nov 17 2016In the weak measurement (WM) scenario involving weak interaction and postselection by projective measurement, the empirical significance of weak values is manifested in terms of shifts in the measurement pointer's mean position and mean momentum. In this ... More
A Performance Analysis of LAR Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks in City ScenariosOct 09 2012In this paper, performance analysis of Location Aided Routing (LAR) protocol in different city scenarios has been done. The mobility model considered is Manhattan model. This mobility model used to emulate the movement pattern of nodes i.e., vehicles ... More
Introductory physics: The new scholasticismDec 17 2004Mar 30 2006Most introductory physics textbooks neglect air resistance in situations where an astute student can observe that it dominates the dynamics. We give examples from many books. Using dimensional analysis we discuss how to estimate the relative importance ... More
A Numerical Study on Spray Characteristics at Start of Injection for Gasoline Direct InjectionOct 08 2018This paper presents a CFD study of Engine Combustion Network (ECN) Spray G, focusing on the transient characteristics of spray at start of injection. The Large Eddy Simulation (LES) coupled with Volume of Fluid (VOF) method is used to model the turbulent ... More
An effective Thermodynamic Description of Galactic HaloesJul 10 2012May 05 2014The observation of flat rotation curves in asymptotic region of galaxies implies that the dark matter density profile decreases exponentially with the gravitational potential in this region. It is curious that this behavior is identical to what one would ... More
Ramanujan's master theorem for radial sections of line bundle over noncompact symmetric spacesAug 30 2018We prove analogues of Ramanujan's Master theorem for the radial sections of the line bundles over the Poincar\'{e} upper half plane $\mathrm{SL}(2, \R)/\mathrm{SO}(2)$ and over the complex hyperbolic spaces $\mathrm {SU}(1, n)/ S(\mathrm{U}(1) \times ... More
Gravitational field of an infinitely long supermassive cosmic stringNov 18 1994We obtain an exact solution of the coupled Einstein-scalar-gauge field equations for a local infinitely long supermassive cosmic string. The solution correponds to that of Hiscock-Gott . The string appears to be due to the freezing of the scalar field ... More
Numerical simulation of exciton dynamics in Cu2O at ultra low temperatures within a potential trapJul 02 2012We have studied theoretically the relaxation behaviour of excitons in cuprous oxide (Cu2O) at ultra low temperatures when excitons are confined within a potential trap by solving numerically the Boltzmann equation. As relaxation processes, we have included ... More
Natural Entropy Production in an Inflationary Model for a Polarized VacuumJan 06 2007Apr 21 2007Though entropy production is forbidden in standard FRW Cosmology, Berman and Som presented a simple inflationary model where entropy production by bulk viscosity, during standard inflation without ad hoc pressure terms can be accommodated with Robertson-Walker's ... More
The Astrobiology of the AnthropoceneDec 29 2017Jan 07 2018Human influence on the biosphere has been evident at least since the development of widespread agriculture, and some stratigraphers have suggested that the activities of modern civilization indicate a geological epoch transition. The study of the anthropocene ... More
The Fast Convergence of Incremental PCAJan 15 2015We consider a situation in which we see samples in $\mathbb{R}^d$ drawn i.i.d. from some distribution with mean zero and unknown covariance A. We wish to compute the top eigenvector of A in an incremental fashion - with an algorithm that maintains an ... More
Puffing and micro-explosion behavior in combustion of butanol/Jet A-1 and acetone-butanol-ethanol (A-B-E)/Jet A-1 fuel dropletsNov 29 2016The present investigation deals with the puffing and micro-explosion characteristics in the combustion of a single droplet comprising butanol/Jet A-1, acetone-butanol-ethanol (A-B-E)/Jet A-1 blends, and A-B-E. The onset of nucleation, growth of vapor ... More
Spin Gap and Superconductivity in the Interlayer Pair Tunneling ModelApr 14 1997A simple interlayer pair tunneling is solved exactly. We find that in the normal state spin-1/2 particle and hole excitations are gapped. But the state is an unusual metal, characterized by novel fermionic spin zero and charge +2e and -2e excitations ... More
Multi-leptons and Top-jets in the Hunt for Gluinos in R-parity Violating SupersymmetryDec 02 2013May 12 2014The presence of R-parity ($\mathcal{R}_p$) violation offers intersting decay channels for the gluinos. In this work we present a new search strategy for the gluinos in the presence of semileptonic $\mathcal{R}_p$ violating couplings $\lambda^{'}_{133}$ ... More
Di-Higgs signatures from R-parity violating supersymmetry as the origin of neutrino massApr 11 2016Motivated by the naturalness and neutrino mass generation, we study a bilinear R-parity violating supersymmetric scenario with a light Higgsino-like lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP). We observe that the LSP dominantly decays to $\nu h$ in a large ... More
Importance Weighted Active LearningDec 29 2008May 20 2009We present a practical and statistically consistent scheme for actively learning binary classifiers under general loss functions. Our algorithm uses importance weighting to correct sampling bias, and by controlling the variance, we are able to give rigorous ... More
A universal, operational theory of unicast multi-user communication with fidelity criteriaFeb 24 2013This is a three part paper. Optimality of source-channel separation for communication with a fidelity criterion when the channel is compound as defined by Csiszar and Korner in their book and general as defined by Verdu and Han, is proved in Part I. It ... More
Thermally Fluctuating Inhomogeneous Superfluid State of Strongly Interacting Fermions in an Optical LatticeApr 26 2011The presence of attractive interaction between fermions can lead to pairing and superfluidity in an optical lattice. The temperature needed to observe superfluidity is about a tenth of the tunneling energy in the optical lattice, and currently beyond ... More
Which Spatial Partition Trees are Adaptive to Intrinsic Dimension?May 09 2012Recent theory work has found that a special type of spatial partition tree - called a random projection tree - is adaptive to the intrinsic dimension of the data from which it is built. Here we examine this same question, with a combination of theory ... More
Learning Mixtures of Gaussians using the k-means AlgorithmDec 01 2009One of the most popular algorithms for clustering in Euclidean space is the $k$-means algorithm; $k$-means is difficult to analyze mathematically, and few theoretical guarantees are known about it, particularly when the data is {\em well-clustered}. In ... More
Equivalence perspectives in communication, source-channel connections and universal source-channel separationNov 19 2009An operational perspective is used to understand the relationship between source and channel coding. This is based on a direct reduction of one problem to another that uses random coding (and hence common randomness) but unlike all prior work, does not ... More
Coding into a source: a direct inverse Rate-Distortion theoremOct 24 2006Shannon proved that if we can transmit bits reliably at rates larger than the rate distortion function $R(D)$, then we can transmit this source to within a distortion $D$. We answer the converse question ``If we can transmit a source to within a distortion ... More
MUSIC: A Hybrid Computing Environment for Burrows-Wheeler Alignment for Massive Amount of Short Read Sequence DataFeb 04 2014High-throughput DNA sequencers are becoming indispensable in our understanding of diseases at molecular level, in marker-assisted selection in agriculture and in microbial genetics research. These sequencing instruments produce enormous amount of data ... More
Many-Polaron Effects in the Holstein ModelAug 24 2004May 27 2005We derive an effective polaronic interaction Hamiltonian, {\it exact to second order in perturbation}, for the spinless one-dimensional Holstein model. The small parameter is given by the ratio of the hopping term ($t$) to the polaronic energy ($g^2 \omega_0$) ... More
Single top and Higgs associated production as a probe of the Htt coupling sign at the LHCNov 02 2012Dec 12 2012The LHC sensitivity to an anomalous Higgs coupling to the top quark in the Higgs-top associated production is analyzed. Thanks to the strong destructive interference in the t-channel for standard model couplings, this process can be very sensitive to ... More
Testing the Manifold HypothesisOct 01 2013Dec 19 2013The hypothesis that high dimensional data tend to lie in the vicinity of a low dimensional manifold is the basis of manifold learning. The goal of this paper is to develop an algorithm (with accompanying complexity guarantees) for fitting a manifold to ... More
Analogs of certain quasi-analiticity results on Riemannian symmetric spaces of noncompact typeJan 09 2019An $L^2$ version of the celebrated Denjoy-Carleman theorem regarding quasi-analytic functions was proved by Chernoff \cite{CR} on $\mathbb R^d$ using iterates of the Laplacian. In $1934$ Ingham \cite{I} used the classical Denjoy-Carleman theorem to relate ... More
Possible Evidence of Thermodynamic Equilibrium in Dark Matter HaloesFeb 13 2013May 05 2014After deducing the density profiles and gravitational potential functions of eight galaxies from the rotation velocity data from THINGS, we find that the density decreases exponentially with the potential in substantial regions of the haloes. Such behavior ... More
Multi-photon signal in supersymmetry comprising non-pointing photon(s) at the LHCOct 05 2010We study a distinct supersymmetric signal of multi-photons in association with jets and missing transverse energy. At least one of these photons has the origin in displaced vertex, thus delayed and non-pointing. We consider a supersymmetric scenario in ... More
A concentration theorem for projectionsJun 27 2012X in R^D has mean zero and finite second moments. We show that there is a precise sense in which almost all linear projections of X into R^d (for d < D) look like a scale-mixture of spherical Gaussians -- specifically, a mixture of distributions N(0, ... More
Application of Threshold Techniques for Readability Improvement of Jawi Historical Manuscript ImagesMar 29 2011Historical documents such as old books and manuscripts have a high aesthetic value and highly appreciated. Unfortunately, there are some documents cannot be read due to quality problems like faded paper, ink expand, uneven colour tone, torn paper and ... More
Codon Distributions in DNAFeb 09 2001The codons, sixtyfour in number, are distributed over the coding parts of DNA sequences. The distribution function is the plot of frequency-versus-rank of the codons. These distributions are characterised by parameters that are almost universal, i.e., ... More
Revealing the quantitative relation between simultaneous correlations in complementary bases and quantum steering for two-qubit Bell diagonal statesApr 20 2018Sep 27 2018The present work is motivated by the question as to what aspect of correlation entailed by the two-qubit state serves as the appropriate quantitative resource for steering. To this end, considering Bell-diagonal states, suitable measures of simultaneous ... More
Block Hyper-g Priors in Bayesian RegressionJun 25 2014Jan 13 2015The development of prior distributions for Bayesian regression has traditionally been driven by the goal of achieving sensible model selection and parameter estimation. The formalization of properties that characterize good performance has led to the ... More
Remote State Preparation using Correlations beyond DiscordSep 28 2018In recent years, exploring the possible use of separable states as resource for achieving quantum information processing(QIP) tasks has been gaining increasing significance. In this context, a particularly important demonstration has been that non-vanishing ... More
An analogue of Bochner's theorem for Damek-Ricci spacesNov 14 2011We characterize the image of radial positive measures $\theta$'s on a harmonic $NA$ group $S$ which satisfies $\int_S\phi_0(x)\,d\theta(x)<\infty$ under the spherical transform, where $\phi_0$ is the elementary spherical function.
Teaching for transferApr 16 2007Students, after they leave our care, are called to solve the diverse problems of the world, so we should teach to increase transfer: the ability to apply fundamental principles to new problems and contexts. This ability is rare. The following pages are ... More
Generalized Lattice-Boltzmann Equation with Forcing Term for Computation of Wall-Bounded Turbulent FlowsJan 19 2009We present a framework based on the generalized lattice-Boltzmann equation using multiple relaxation times with forcing term for eddy capturing simulation of wall bounded turbulent flows. Due to its flexibility in using disparate relaxation times, the ... More
Steady State Convergence Acceleration of the Generalized Lattice Boltzmann Equation with Forcing Term through PreconditioningSep 27 2008Several applications exist in which lattice Boltzmann methods (LBM) are used to compute stationary states of fluid motions, particularly those driven or modulated by external forces. Standard LBM, being explicit time-marching in nature, requires a long ... More
Explaining the Lepton Non-universality at the LHCb and CMS from a Unified FrameworkSep 02 2014Feb 22 2015The recent results from the LHCb in the context of $(B^+ \rightarrow K^+ l l)$ decay and the CMS analysis in the context of right handed $W$-boson ($W_R$) search show a $2.6\sigma$ and a $2.8\sigma$ deviations from the Standard Model expectations respectively. ... More
Comparison Based Learning from Weak OraclesFeb 20 2018There is increasing interest in learning algorithms that involve interaction between human and machine. Comparison-based queries are among the most natural ways to get feedback from humans. A challenge in designing comparison-based interactive learning ... More
Numerical Method for Hydrodynamic Transport of Inhomogeneous Polymer MeltsMar 28 2006Aug 31 2006We introduce a mesoscale method for simulating hydrodynamic transport and self assembly of inhomogeneous polymer melts in pressure driven and drag induced flows. This method extends dynamic self consistent field theory (DSCFT) into the hydrodynamic regime ... More
Consistent procedures for cluster tree estimation and pruningJun 05 2014For a density $f$ on ${\mathbb R}^d$, a {\it high-density cluster} is any connected component of $\{x: f(x) \geq \lambda\}$, for some $\lambda > 0$. The set of all high-density clusters forms a hierarchy called the {\it cluster tree} of $f$. We present ... More
Dark-Photon searches via Higgs-boson production at the LHCMar 04 2016Dark photons $\bar \gamma$ mediating long-range forces in a dark sector are predicted by various new physics scenarios, and are being intensively searched for in experiments. We extend a previous study of a new discovery process for dark photons proceedings ... More
Signatures of supersymmetry with non-universal Higgs mass at the Large Hadron ColliderMay 16 2011We discuss large non-universality in the Higgs sector at high scale in supersymmetric theories, in the context of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). In particular, we note that if ${m_{H_u}}^2-{m_{H_d}}^2$ is large and negative ($\simeq 10^6 {\rm ~GeV^2}$) ... More
Light neutralino dark matter in the MSSM and its implication for LHC searches for stausJun 23 2012Oct 19 2012It was shown in a previous study that a lightest neutralino with mass below 30 GeV was severely constrained in the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM), unless it annihilates via a light stau and thus yields the observed dark matter abundance. ... More
Volatility of Power Grids under Real-Time PricingJun 07 2011The paper proposes a framework for modeling and analysis of the dynamics of supply, demand, and clearing prices in power system with real-time retail pricing and information asymmetry. Real-time retail pricing is characterized by passing on the real-time ... More