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Minimal Images in Deep Neural Networks: Fragile Object Recognition in Natural ImagesFeb 08 2019The human ability to recognize objects is impaired when the object is not shown in full. "Minimal images" are the smallest regions of an image that remain recognizable for humans. Ullman et al. 2016 show that a slight modification of the location and ... More
Dynamic Verification with Observational Equivalence of C/C++ ConcurrencyMay 10 2019Program executions under relaxed memory model (rmm) semantics are significantly more difficult to analyze; the rmm semantics result in out of order execution of program events leading to an explosion of state-space. Dynamic partial order reduction (DPOR) ... More
Energy-efficient Wireless Analog Sensing for Persistent Underwater Environmental MonitoringJun 30 2019The design of sensors or "things" as part of the new Internet of Underwater Things (IoUTs) paradigm comes with multiple challenges including limited battery capacity, not polluting the water body, and the ability to track continuously phenomena with high ... More
Lifting 2d Human Pose to 3d : A Weakly Supervised ApproachMay 03 2019Estimating 3d human pose from monocular images is a challenging problem due to the variety and complexity of human poses and the inherent ambiguity in recovering depth from the single view. Recent deep learning based methods show promising results by ... More
Real time facial expression recognition using a novel methodMay 08 2012This paper discusses a novel method for Facial Expression Recognition System which performs facial expression analysis in a near real time from a live web cam feed. Primary objectives were to get results in a near real time with light invariant, person ... More
Entropy Conserving Binarization Scheme for Video and Image CompressionAug 13 2014The paper presents a binarization scheme that converts non-binary data into a set of binary strings. At present, there are many binarization algorithms, but they are optimal for only specific probability distributions of the data source. Overcoming the ... More
Signatures of New Physics from HBT Correlations in UHECRsJan 11 2012Sep 04 2012Quantum fields written on noncommutative spacetime (Groenewold - Moyal plane) obey twisted commutation relations. In this paper we show that these twisted commutation relations result in Hanbury-Brown Twiss (HBT) correlations that are distinct from that ... More
Negative Refraction, Beam Steering, Mode Switching, and High-pass Filtering in a 1-D Periodic LaminateApr 19 2016In this paper we show that a 1-D phononic crystal (laminate) can exhibit metamaterial wave phenomenon which is traditionally associated with 2-, and 3-D crystals. Moreover, due to the absence of a length scale in 2 of its dimensions, it can outperform ... More
The relativity of theoryFeb 19 2009A general information-theoretic framework for deriving physical laws is presented and a principle of informational physics is enunciated within its context. Existing approaches intended to derive physical laws from information-theoretic first principles ... More
Harmonic maps and para-Sasakian geometryAug 11 2015Mar 15 2016The purpose of this paper is to study the harmonicity of maps to or from para-Sasakian manifolds. We derive the condition for the tension field of paraholomorphic map between almost para-Hermitian manifold and para-Sasakian manifold. The necessary and ... More
On a class of $α$-para Kenmotsu manifoldsApr 06 2014Apr 09 2014The purpose of this paper is to classify $\alpha$-para Kenmotsu manifolds $M^3$ such that the projection of the image of concircular curvature tensor $L$ in one-dimensional linear subspace of $T_{p}(M^{3})$ generated by $\xi_{p}$ is zero.
Predictions From High Scale Mixing Unification HypothesisMar 27 2015Apr 27 2015Starting with 'High Scale Mixing Unification' hypothesis, we investigate the renormalization group evolution of mixing parameters and masses for both Dirac and Majorana type neutrinos. Following this hypothesis, the PMNS mixing parameters are taken to ... More
Spin-Statistics Correlations in Various Noncommutative Field TheoriesSep 01 2013In this thesis we study field theories written on a particular model of noncommutative spacetime, the Groenewold-Moyal (GM) plane. We start with briefly reviewing the novel features of field theories on GM plane e.g. the $\ast$-product, restoration of ... More
Evolvability need not imply learnabilityApr 03 2009We show that Boolean functions expressible as monotone disjunctive normal forms are PAC-evolvable under a uniform distribution on the Boolean cube if the hypothesis size is allowed to remain fixed. We further show that this result is insufficient to prove ... More
Arithmetic of the integer quantum Hall effectApr 11 1998text of abstract (Integer quantum Hall effect (IQHE) has been analysed considering the degeneracies of localized and extended states separately. Occupied localized and extended states are counted and their variation is studied as a function of magnetic ... More
SIFT Vs SURF: Quantifying the Variation in TransformationsApr 25 2015This paper studies the robustness of SIFT and SURF against different image transforms (rigid body, similarity, affine and projective) by quantitatively analyzing the variations in the extent of transformations. Previous studies have been comparing the ... More
Elastic Metamaterials and Dynamic Homogenization: A ReviewNov 11 2014Feb 11 2015In this paper we review the recent advances which have taken place in the understanding and applications of acoustic/elastic metamaterials. Metamaterials are artificially created composite materials which exhibit unusual properties which are not found ... More
Fast distributed phononic band-structure calculations through a GPU accelerated mixed-variational formulationOct 23 2013In this paper we present a Graphical Processing Unit accelerated mixed variational formulation for fast phononic band-structure calculation of arbitrarily complex unit cells and report speed gains of a hundred fold over unoptimized serial cpu computations. ... More
Motif Analysis in the Amazon Product Co-Purchasing NetworkDec 18 2010Online stores like Amazon and Ebay are growing by the day. Fewer people go to departmental stores as opposed to the convenience of purchasing from stores online. These stores may employ a number of techniques to advertise and recommend the appropriate ... More
Causality and Passivity in ElastodynamicsMar 31 2015Jun 15 2015What are the constraints placed on the frequency dependent constitutive tensors of elastodynamics by the requirements that the linear elastodynamic system under consideration be both causal (effects succeed causes) and passive (system doesn't produce ... More
CME observations from STEREOMar 20 2009Mar 23 2009Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are spectacular ejections of material from the Sun as seen in the coronal field of view. Regular observations are possible with both ground-based and space-based coronagraphs. I present our current understanding of CMEs based ... More
Challenges of Next-Generation Wireless Sensor Networks and its impact on SocietyFeb 25 2010Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have gained worldwide attention in recent years, particularly with the proliferation in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology which has facilitated the development of smart sensors. The paper discusses about ... More
Towards Greener and Safer MinesNov 07 2010Miniaturised sensors and networking are technical proven concepts. Both the technologies are proven and various components e.g., sensors, controls, etc. are commercially available. Technology scene in above areas presents enormous possibilities for developing ... More
An Application-oriented Model for Wireless Sensor Networks integrated with Telecom InfraJul 23 2010Sep 08 2010This paper aims to propose a significant way of remote access and real time monitoring of a particular geographic area by integrating wireless sensor clouds with existing Telecom infrastructure and applications built around them through a gateway. This ... More
Introduction of Intellectual Property Courses in STEM CurriculumJan 30 2013The paper explains and emphasizes the need to include mandatory Intellectual Property (IP) courses in the undergraduate and graduate curriculum of STEM students. It prescribes the proposed content of IP to be covered at undergraduate level, and graduate ... More
On a class of paracontact metric 3-manifoldsFeb 25 2014Aug 15 2014The purpose of this paper is to classify paracontact metric $3$-manifolds $M^3$ such that the Ricci operator $S$ commutes with the endomorhism $\phi$ of its tangent bundle $\Gamma(TM^3)$.
Text Classification Algorithms: A SurveyApr 17 2019In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in the number of complex documents and texts that require a deeper understanding of machine learning methods to be able to accurately classify texts in many applications. Many machine learning approaches ... More
Evaluation of Parallel Tempering to Accelerate Bayesian Parameter Estimation in Systems BiologyJan 30 2018Models of biological systems often have many unknown parameters that must be determined in order for model behavior to match experimental observations. Commonly-used methods for parameter estimation that return point estimates of the best-fit parameters ... More
System Design of Internet-of-Things for Residential Smart GridApr 14 2016Internet-of-Things (IoTs) envisions to integrate, coordinate, communicate, and collaborate real-world objects in order to perform daily tasks in a more intelligent and efficient manner. To comprehend this vision, this paper studies the design of a large ... More
Text Classification Algorithms: A SurveyApr 17 2019Apr 23 2019In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in the number of complex documents and texts that require a deeper understanding of machine learning methods to be able to accurately classify texts in many applications. Many machine learning approaches ... More
PUSHing Core-Collapse Supernovae to Explosions in Spherical Symmetry III: Nucleosynthesis YieldsMay 01 2018Dec 10 2018In a previously presented proof-of-principle study, we established a parametrized spherically symmetric explosion method (PUSH) that can reproduce many features of core-collapse supernovae for a wide range of pre-explosion models. The method is based ... More
Characterization of Legendre curves in quasi-Sasakian pseudo-metric 3-manifoldsFeb 23 2019The main purpose of this paper is to present the spherical characterization of Legendre curves in $3$-dimensional quasi-Sasakian pseudo-metric manifolds. Furthermore, null Legendre curves are also characterized in this class of manifolds.
A note on quasi umbilical hypersurface of a Sasakian manifold with $(φ, g, u, v, λ)-$ structureOct 17 2012Jan 18 2013In this paper we have studied the properties of Quasi umbilical hypersurface $M$ of a Sasakian manifold $\tilde M$ with $(\phi, g, u, v, \lambda)-$structure and established the relation for $M$ to be cylindrical.
Numerical Study of the Lowest Energy Configurations for Global String-Antistring PairsSep 25 1992We investigate the lowest energy configurations for string - antistring pairs at fixed separations by numerically minimizing the energy. We show that for separations smaller than a critical value, a region of false vacuum develops in the middle due to ... More
Towards Observing the Intercommutation of Flux Tubes in SuperconductorsMar 08 1994We propose a simple experiment to investigate the intercommutation of flux tubes in type II superconductors. Using this method the intercommutation of strings can be observed directly and the dependence of intercommutation on the angle of crossing of ... More
String Defects in Condensed Matter Systems as Optical FibersOct 14 1992We analyze the core structure of string defects in various condensed matter systems, such as nematic liquid crystals and superfluid helium, and argue that in certain cases the variation of the refractive index near the core is such that it can lead to ... More
Non-harmonic cones are Heisenberg uniqueness pairs for the Fourier transform on $\mathbb R^n$Jul 08 2015Jan 10 2016In this article, we prove that a cone is a Heisenberg uniqueness pair corresponding to sphere as long as the cone does not completely lay on the level surface of any homogeneous harmonic polynomial on $\mathbb R^n.$ We derive that $\left(S^2, \text{ paraboloid}\right)$ ... More
Poincaré Invariant Quantum Field Theories With Twisted Internal SymmetriesJul 24 2012Jun 23 2013Following up the work of [1] on deformed algebras, we present a class of Poincar\'e invariant quantum field theories with particles having deformed internal symmetries. The twisted quantum fields discussed in this work satisfy commutation relations different ... More
Asymptotically Optimal Multi-PavingJun 12 2017Aug 23 2017Anderson's paving conjecture, now known to hold due to the resolution of the Kadison-Singer problem asserts that every zero diagonal Hermitian matrix admits non-trivial pavings with dimension independent bounds. In this paper, we develop a technique extending ... More
Heliospheric tracking of enhanced density structures of the 6 October 2010 CMEMay 19 2015A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is an inhomogeneous structure consisting of different features which evolve differently with the propagation of the CME. Simultaneous heliospheric tracking of different observed features of a CME can improve our understanding ... More
Evolution of mechanism of parton energy loss with transverse momentum at RHIC and LHC in relativistic collision of heavy nucleiFeb 25 2011Mar 15 2011We analyze the suppression of particle production at large transverse momenta in ($0-5%$ most) central collisions of gold nuclei at $\sqrt{s_\textrm{NN}}=$ 200 GeV and lead nuclei at $\sqrt{s_{\textrm{NN}}}=$ 2.76 TeV. Full next-to-leading order radiative ... More
Scaling of hadronic transverse momenta in a hydrodynamic treatment of relativistic heavy ion collisionsApr 19 2001Aug 06 2001The transverse momenta of hadrons in central nucleus-nucleus collisions are evaluated in a boost invariant hydrodynamics with transverse expansion. Quark gluon plasma is assumed to be formed in the initial state which expands and cools via a first order ... More
Light-Front Dynamics of Chern-Simons SystemsDec 30 1994Chern-Simons theory coupled to complex scalars is quantized on the light- front in the local light-cone gauge by constructing the self-consistent hamiltonian theory. It is shown that no inconsistency arises on using two local gauge-fixing conditions in ... More
Chiral Boson Theory on the Light-FrontSep 17 1999The {\it front form} framework for describing the quantized theory of chiral boson is discussed. It avoids the conflict with the requirement of the principle of microcausality as is found in the conventional equal- time treatment. The discussion of the ... More
Light-Front Quantization and Spontaneous Symmetry BreakingDec 22 1994The spontaneous symmetry breaking (and Higgs) mechanism in the theory quantized on the light-front ({\it l.f.}), in the {\it discretized formulation}, is discussed. The infinite volume limit is taken to obtain the {\it continuum version}. The hamiltonian ... More
Rectangular and Circular Antenna Design on Thick SubstrateJun 04 2010Millimeter wave technology being an emerging area is still very undeveloped. A substantial research needs to be done in this area as its applications are numerous. In the present endeavor, a rectangular patch antenna is designed on thick substrate and ... More
Box algorithm for the solution of differential equations on a quantum annealerDec 26 2018Jun 04 2019Differential equations are ubiquitous in models of physical phenomena. Applications like steady-state analysis of heat flow and deflection in elastic bars often admit to a second order differential equation. In this paper, we discuss the use of a quantum ... More
Scale Factor Dependent Equations of State for Curvature Inspired Dark Energy, Phantom Barrier and Late Cosmic AccelerationAug 11 2006Oct 16 2006Here, it is found that dark energy and dark matter emerge from the gravitational sector, if non-linear term of scalar curvature is added to Einstein-Hilbert lagrangian. An equation of state for dark energy, having the form $p_{\rm de} = - \rho_{\rm de} ... More
Future Universe With w < -1 Without Big SmashJul 02 2004May 30 2005It is demonstrated that if cosmic dark energy behaves like a fluid with equation of state $p = {\rm w} \rho (p$ and $\rho$ being pressure and energy density respectively) as well as generalized Chaplygin gas simultaneously, Big Rip or Big smash problem ... More
Effective extractive summarization using frequency-filtered entity relationship graphsOct 24 2018Word frequency-based methods for extractive summarization are easy to implement and yield reasonable results across languages. However, they have significant limitations - they ignore the role of context, they offer uneven coverage of topics in a document, ... More
An Incremental Approach to Online Dynamic Mode Decomposition for Time-Varying Systems with Applications to EEG Data ModelingAug 02 2019Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD) is a data-driven technique to identify a low dimensional linear time invariant dynamics underlying high-dimensional data. For systems in which such underlying low-dimensional dynamics is time-varying, a time-invariant ... More
The effective temperature for the thermal fluctuations in hot Brownian motionMay 14 2018We revisit the effective parameter description of hot Brownian motion -- a scenario where a colloidal particle is kept at an elevated temperature than the ambient fluid. Due to the time scale separation between heat diffusion and particle motion, a stationary ... More
Spontaneous proton decay and the origin of Peccei-Quinn symmetrySep 06 2018Feb 01 2019We propose a new interpretation of Peccei-Quinn symmetry within the Standard Model, identifying it with the axial $B + L$ symmetry i.e. $U(1)_{PQ} \equiv U(1)_{\gamma_5(B+L)}$. This new interpretation retains all the attractive features of Peccei-Quinn ... More
Geometric and magnetic properties of coronal flux ropes associated with CMEs leading to geomagnetic stormsMay 29 2018We have studied three Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections (ICMEs) having clear signatures of magnetic cloud (MC) arrival at 1 AU and their associated solar sources during 2011 to 2013. Comparing the axial magnetic field strength (B0) of the near-Sun ... More
Sets of injectivity for weighted twisted spherical means and support theoremsDec 23 2010May 17 2012In this article, we show that the spheres $S_R(o)=\{z\in\mathbb C^n: |z|=R\}$ are sets of injectivity for the weighted twisted spherical means (WTSM) for a suitable class of functions on $\mathbb C^n$. The weights here are spherical harmonics on $S^{2n-1}.$ ... More
In-situ Stochastic Training of MTJ Crossbar based Neural NetworksJun 24 2018Owing to high device density, scalability and non-volatility, Magnetic Tunnel Junction-based crossbars have garnered significant interest for implementing the weights of an artificial neural network. The existence of only two stable states in MTJs implies ... More
On Derived Equivalences of K3 Surfaces in Positive CharacteristicSep 24 2018For an ordinary K3 surface over an algebraically closed field of positive characteristic we show that every automorphism lifts to characteristic zero. Moreover, we show that the Fourier-Mukai partners of an ordinary K3 surface are in one-to-one correspondence ... More
Synthesis of Carbon NanotubesMay 21 2005Carbon nanotubes play a fundamental role in the rapidly developing field of nanoscience and nanotechnology because of their unique properties and high potential applictions. In this article, the different synthesis method of CNTs are reviewed. From the ... More
Non-harmonic cones are sets of injectivity for the twisted spherical means on $\mathbb C^n$Jun 24 2013Jun 12 2014In this article, we prove that a complex cone is a set of injectivity for the twisted spherical means for the class of all continuous functions on $\mathbb C^n$ as long as it does not completely lay on the level surface of any bi-graded homogeneous harmonic ... More
Real analytic expansion of spectral projection and extension of Hecke-Bochner identityApr 13 2012Aug 02 2016In this article, we review the Weyl correspondence of bigraded spherical harmonics and use it to extend the Hecke-Bochner identities for the spectral projections $f\times\varphi_k^{n-1}$ for function $f\in L^p(\mathbb C^n)$ with $1\leq p\leq\infty.$ We ... More
Percolation and DeconfinementFeb 03 2011Possible phase transition of strongly interacting matter from hadron to a Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) state have in the p ast received considerable interest. It has been suggested that this problem might be treated by percolation theory. Th e Color String ... More
Fluctuations and Correlations in STARFeb 21 2007The study of correlations and fluctuations can provide evidence for the production of the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) in relativistic heavy ion collisions. Various theories predict that the production of a QGP phase in relativistic heavy ion collisions could ... More
Signatures of Bloch-band geometry on excitons: non-hydrogenic spectra in transition metal dichalcogenidesJul 14 2015The geometry of electronic bands in a solid can drastically alter single-particle charge and spin transport. We show here that collective optical excitations arising from Coulomb interactions also exhibit unique signatures of Berry curvature and quantum ... More
New tab page recommendations cause a strong suppression of exploratory web browsing behaviorsDec 16 2018Through a combination of experimental and simulation results, we illustrate that passive recommendations encoded in typical computer user-interfaces (UIs) can subdue users' natural proclivity to access diverse information sources. Inspired by traditional ... More
Covariance estimation for distributions with $2+\varepsilon$ momentsJun 14 2011Oct 03 2013We study the minimal sample size N=N(n) that suffices to estimate the covariance matrix of an n-dimensional distribution by the sample covariance matrix in the operator norm, with an arbitrary fixed accuracy. We establish the optimal bound N=O(n) for ... More
Morphological and Kinematic Evolution of Three Interacting Coronal Mass Ejections of 2011 February 13-15Aug 20 2014During 2011 February 13 to 15, three Earth-directed CMEs launched in successively were recorded as limb CMEs by coronagraphs (COR) of STEREO. These CMEs provided an opportunity to study their geometrical and kinematic evolution from multiple vantage points. ... More
Intrinsic phase-decoherence of electrons by two-level systemsApr 22 2002The fundamental problem of phase saturation of electrons in a disordered mesoscopic system at very low temperatures is addressed. The disorder in the medium has both static and dynamic components, the latter being in the form of two-level systems (TLSs), ... More
On Distributed Multi-player Multiarmed Bandit Problems in Abruptly Changing EnvironmentDec 12 2018We study the multi-player stochastic multiarmed bandit (MAB) problem in an abruptly changing environment. We consider a collision model in which a player receives reward at an arm if it is the only player to select the arm. We design two novel algorithms, ... More
Scaling of single photon production in hadronic collisionsFeb 02 2001Apr 19 2001Scaling of single photon production in $pp$ and $p\overline{p}$ collisions is studied. It is empirically observed the available data scales $\sim \sqrt{s}/p_T^5$ for $x_T=2p_T/\sqrt{s} \leq 0.1$ and $\sim (\sqrt{s})^{3.3}/p_T^9$ for larger $x_T$. The ... More
Single Photon Production in Relativisitic Heavy Ion Collisions and Quark Hadron Phase TransitionNov 15 1999We discuss the recent developments in the study of single photon production in relativistic heavy ion collisions. In particular their production at SPS, RHIC, and LHC energies is re-examined in view of the results of Aurenche et al which show that the ... More
Self-energy corrections in an antiferromagnet -- interplay of classical and quantum effects on quasiparticle dispersionFeb 19 2004Jun 07 2004Self-energy corrections due to fermion-magnon interaction are studied in the antiferromagnetic state of the $t-t'-t''$ Hubbard model within the rainbow (noncrossing) approximation in the full $U$ range from weak to strong coupling. The role of classical ... More
Light-front Quantized Chiral Schwinger Model and its Vacuum StructureNov 26 1998The bosonized Chiral Schwinger model (CSM) is quantized on the light-front (LF). The physical Hilbert space of CSM is obtained directly once the constraints on the LF phase space are eliminated. The discussion of the degenerate vacua and the absence in ... More
Light-Front Quantization of Field TheoryOct 07 1996Some basic topics in Light-Front (LF) quantized field theory are reviewed. Poincar\`e algebra and the LF Spin operator are discussed. The local scalar field theory of the conventional framework is shown to correspond to a non-local Hamiltonian theory ... More
Nuclear structure study with core excitations in Ni region: for $fpg_{9/2}$ spaceFeb 21 2012Shell model calculations for Ni, Cu and Zn isotopes by modifying $fpg$ interaction due to Sorlin {\it et. al.,} [Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 092501 (2002)] have been reported. In the present work 28 two body matrix elements of the earlier interaction have been ... More
Structure of $^{71-78}$Ga isotopes in $f_{5/2}pg_{9/2}$ and $fpg_{9/2}$ spacesJun 03 2011Nov 24 2011We have performed comprehensive set of shell model calculations for Ga isotopes including high-spin states with three different effective interactions. This work will add more information in the earlier work by Cheal {\it et al.} for odd-even Ga isotopes ... More
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking Mechanism in Light-Front Quantized Field Theory- (Discretized Formulation)Dec 21 1994The scalar field is quantized in the discretized light-front framework following the {\em standard} Dirac procedure and its infinite volume limit taken. The background field and the nonzero mode variables do not commute for finite volume; they do so only ... More
Lee-Yang theorems and the complexity of computing averagesNov 11 2012Mar 06 2013We study the complexity of computing average quantities related to spin systems, such as the mean magnetization and susceptibility in the ferromagnetic Ising model, and the average dimer count (or average size of a matching) in the monomer-dimer model. ... More
Can Phantom-Dominated Universe Decelerate Also in Future ?Jul 10 2007Jan 02 2008Here Randall-Sundrum brane-gravity models of the homogeneous and flat universe, dominated by phantom fluid, is considered. It is noted that brane-gravity corrections effect the behaviour of phantom fluid in RS-II model (where brane-tension $\lambda$ is ... More
Gravitational Origin of Phantom Dark Energy and Late Cosmic AccelerationMay 01 2006Mar 30 2007In this letter, dark energy is obtained using dual roles of the Ricci scalar (as a physical field as well as geometry). Dark energy density, obtained here, mimics phantom and the derived Friedmann equation contains a term $\rho^2_{\rm de}/2 \lambda$ with ... More
Cosmic Evolution with Early and Late Acceleration Inspired by Dual Nature of the Ricci Scalar CurvatureFeb 06 2006Jul 14 2008In the present paper, it is found that dark energy emerges spontaneously from the modified gravity. According to cosmological scenario, obtained here, the universe inflates for $\sim 10^{-37}$ sec. in the beginning and late universe accelerates after ... More
Quintessence Dark Energy Inspired by Dual Role of the Ricci ScalarNov 07 2005Feb 15 2006In this letter, it is obtained using dual role of the Ricci scalar (physical as well as geometrical role of the Ricci scalar curvature) in a natural way without any input in the theory for it. In contrast to other models, where an idea for dark energy ... More
Dual Nature of the Ricci Scalar and its Certain ConsequencesOct 19 2005Nov 08 2005Ricci scalar is the key ingredient of non-Newtonian theory of gravity, where space-time geometry has a crucial role. Normally, it is supposed to be a geometrical field, but interestingly it also behaves like a physical field. Thus it plays dual role in ... More
On Non-localization of Eigenvectors of High Girth GraphsMar 21 2018We prove improved bounds on how localized an eigenvector of a high girth regular graph can be, and present examples showing that these bounds are close to sharp. This study was initiated by Brooks and Lindenstrauss (2009) who relied on the observation ... More
Variational Inference In Pachinko Allocation MachinesApr 21 2018The Pachinko Allocation Machine (PAM) is a deep topic model that allows representing rich correlation structures among topics by a directed acyclic graph over topics. Because of the flexibility of the model, however, approximate inference is very difficult. ... More
Autoencoding Variational Inference For Topic ModelsMar 04 2017Topic models are one of the most popular methods for learning representations of text, but a major challenge is that any change to the topic model requires mathematically deriving a new inference algorithm. A promising approach to address this problem ... More
Elastic constants of nematic liquid crystals of uniaxial symmetryMay 24 2004We study in detail the influence of molecular interactions on the Frank elastic constants of uniaxial nematic liquid crystals composed of molecules of cylindrical symmetry. A brief summary of the status of theoretical development for the elastic constants ... More
Data Driven Optimizations for MTJ based Stochastic ComputingApr 09 2018Stochastic computing, a form of computation with probabilities, presents an alternative to conventional arithmetic units. Magnetic Tunnel Junctions (MTJs), which exhibit probabilistic switching, have been explored as Stochastic Number Generators (SNGs). ... More
Physics of Spin Glass Freezing and Paired Cluster Model of High-Tc SuperconductivityAug 11 2005Nov 25 2005We present here a new mechanism of high-T_c (critical temperature) superconductivity. This new model is able to explain all the HTSC (high-T_c superconductivity) properties, like high T_c, origin and nature of NSPG (normal state pseudogap), anomalous ... More
Paired Cluster Model of High-Tc Superconductivity:Explanation for Pseudogap Critical Concentration, Vortex Core Pseudogap and Possible Stripe Phase in High-Tc SuperconductorsApr 11 2005Aug 19 2005A new model of high-T_c superconductivity (HTSC) has been developed by us which we find is able to explain almost all the HTSC properties, like high T_c, origin and nature of NSPG (normal state pseudogap), anomalous superconducting state (SS) energy gap ... More
ALE-SUPG finite element method for convection-diffusion problems in time-dependent domains: Conservative formApr 14 2014Sep 04 2015A Streamline Upwind Petrov-Galerkin (SUPG) finite element method for transient convection-diffusion-reaction equation in time-dependent domains is proposed. In particular, a convection dominated transient scalar problem is considered. The time-dependent ... More
Coxeter system of planes are sets of injectivity for the twisted spherical means on $\mathbb C^n$Apr 12 2012Mar 14 2014In this article, we prove that any pair of perpendicular planes is a set of injectivity for the twisted spherical means (TSM) for $L^p(\mathbb C^n) (n\geq2)$ with $1\leq p\leq2.$ Then, we imitate that any Coxeter system of even number of planes is a set ... More
Resolution of a long standing discrepancy in R with spin zero quarksJul 27 2000Dec 04 2000A previously successful dispersive method has been applied to understand different values for $R(\sqrt{s} = 5 \div 7.5 GeV)$ obtained by MARK I and Crystal Ball collaborations. We compute $R$ in the disputed region with data from outside this region and ... More
Performance Analysis of Beacon-Less IEEE 802.15.4 Multi-Hop NetworksJan 14 2012We develop an approximate analytical technique for evaluating the performance of multi-hop networks based on beacon-less CSMA/CA as standardised in IEEE 802.15.4, a popular standard for wireless sensor networks. The network comprises sensor nodes, which ... More
Deep learning enabled multi-wavelength spatial coherence microscope for the classification of malaria-infected stages with limited labelled data sizeMar 14 2019Malaria is a life-threatening mosquito-borne blood disease, hence early detection is very crucial for health. The conventional method for the detection is a microscopic examination of Giemsa-stained blood smears, which needs a highly trained skilled technician. ... More
"Classical" Vortex Nucleation in Superflow Through Small OrificesJul 09 1995We report on numerical solutions of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for two-dimensional flow of a superfluid condensate through a small orifice. Above a critical velocity of about $30\%$ of the speed of sound, cavitation occurs in the throat of the orifice. ... More
Box algorithm for the solution of differential equations on a quantum annealerDec 26 2018Jan 03 2019Differential equations are ubiquitous in models of physical phenomena. Applications like steady-state analysis of heat flow and deflection in elastic bars often admit to a second order differential equation. In this paper, we discuss the use of a quantum ... More
Retrieval of Remote Sensing Images Using Colour and Texture AttributeAug 27 2009Grouping images into semantically meaningful categories using low-level visual feature is a challenging and important problem in content-based image retrieval. The groupings can be used to build effective indices for an image database. Digital image analysis ... More
Direct photons from relativistic heavy-ion collisionsMay 22 2008May 23 2008We recall the seminal developments in the study of radiation of direct photons from relativistic heavy ion collisions, which have helped to enhance the scope of single photons as a probe of the quark gluon plasma considerably. There is a mounting evidence ... More
Photon production in relativistic heavy ion collisionsApr 06 1999Apr 16 1999The production of single photons in relativistic heavy ion collisions at CERN SPS, BNL RHIC and CERN LHC energies is re-examined in view of the recent studies of Aurenche et al which show that the rate of photon production from quark gluon plasma, evaluated ... More
Flash of Prompt Photons from the Early Stage of Heavy-Ion CollisionsJan 18 1999We briefly recall the tremendous strides in the studies of the parton cascade model made by Klaus Geiger. Next, we argue that photons may provide confirmation of several of these ideas. Thus we know that, copious internetted partonic cascades may develop ... More