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On the Mumford-Tate conjecture for hyperkähler varietiesApr 12 2019We study the Mumford-Tate conjecture for hyperk\"{a}hler varieties. Building on work of Markman, we show that it holds in arbitrary codimension for all varieties of $\mathrm{K}3^{[m]}$-type. For an arbitrary hyperk\"{a}hler variety satisfying $b_2(X)>3$ ... More
Physics of W bosons at LEPJul 21 2004The high-energy and high-luminosity data-taking campaigns of the LEP e^+e^- collider provided the four collaborations, ALEPH, DELPHI, L3 and OPAL, with about 50000 W-boson pairs and about a thousand singly-produced W bosons. This unique data sample has ... More
Indirect Determination of the Vertex and Angles of the Unitarity TriangleMar 03 2001The values of the elements of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix are constrained by direct and indirect measurements. A fit to experimental data and theory calculations allows the indirect determination of the vertex and angles of the unitarity triangle ... More
Hyperuniform States of MatterJan 22 2018Hyperuniform states of matter are correlated systems that are characterized by an anomalous suppression of long-wavelength (i.e., large-length-scale) density fluctuations compared to those found in garden-variety disordered systems, such as ordinary fluids ... More
Interface and Data Biopolitics in the Age of HyperconnectivityMay 06 2017This article describes their biopolitical implications for design from psychological, cultural, legal, functional and aesthetic/perceptive ways, in the framework of Hyperconnectivity: the condition according to which person-to-person, person-to-machine ... More
Transverse single-spin asymmetry of weak bosons and Drell-Yan production in p+p collisions at STAR: present and futureJul 06 2016Accessing the Sivers TMD function in proton+proton collisions through the measurement of transverse single spin asymmetries (TSSAs) in Drell-Yan and weak boson production is an effective path to test the fundamental QCD prediction of the non-universality ... More
Measurement of the Running of the Electromagnetic Coupling at LEPJan 30 2006The study of low-angle and large-angle Bhabha scattering at LEP gives access to the running of the electromagnetic coupling. Two recent measurements of the OPAL and L3 collaborations probe the running of alpha in the regions 1.8GeV^2<-Q^2<6.1GeV^2 and ... More
A unified approach to the theory of normed structures - Part I: The single-sorted caseMay 14 2012Apr 04 2016We introduce the concept of a prenormed model of a particular kind of finitary single-sorted first-order theories, interpreted over a category with finite products. These are referred to as prealgebraic theories, for the fact that their signature comprises, ... More
Polyhedral models for generalized associahedra via Coxeter elementsNov 07 2011Aug 28 2012Motivated by the theory of cluster algebras, F. Chapoton, S. Fomin and A. Zelevinsky associated to each finite type root system a simple convex polytope called \emph{generalized associahedron}. They provided an explicit realization of this polytope associated ... More
Non-commutative Field Theory, Translational Invariant Products and Ultraviolet/Infrared MixingApr 26 2010We review the Moyal and Wick-Voros products, and more in general the translation invariant non-commutative products, and apply them to classical and quantum field theory. We investigate phi^4 field theories calculating their Green's functions up to one-loop ... More
On the semiampleness of the positive part of CKM Zariski decompositionsNov 30 2010Jul 17 2013We study graded rings associated to big divisors on LC pairs whose difference with the log-canonical divisor is nef. For divisors that are positive enough at the LC centers of the pair, we prove the finite generation of such rings if the pair is DLT or ... More
Multiple valued Jacobi fieldsJan 30 2017Sep 25 2017We develop a multivalued theory for the stability operator of (a constant multiple of) a minimally immersed submanifold $\Sigma$ of a Riemannian manifold $\mathcal{M}$. We define the multiple valued counterpart of the classical Jacobi fields as the minimizers ... More
Recent Results from the L3 ExperimentJan 05 2000A data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 232pb^-1 was collected in 1997 and 1998 by the L3 experiment at LEP in e+e- collisions at centre-of-mass energies between 181.7GeV and 188.7GeV. Pair production of fermions and bosons is studied ... More
Majorana solution of the Thomas-Fermi equationNov 22 2001We report on an original method, due to Majorana, leading to a semi-analytical series solution of the Thomas-Fermi equation, with appropriate boundary conditions, in terms of only one quadrature. We also deduce a general formula for such a solution which ... More
Necessary Conditions on Realizable Two-Point Correlation Functions of Random MediaJun 22 2006A fascinating inverse problem that has been receiving considerable attention is the construction of realizations of random two-phase heterogeneous media with a target two-point correlation function. However, not every hypothetical two-point correlation ... More
Disordered Hyperuniform Heterogeneous MaterialsAug 07 2016Disordered hyperuniform many-body systems are distinguishable states of matter that lie between a crystal and liquid: they are like perfect crystals in the way they suppress large-scale density fluctuations and yet are like liquids or glasses in that ... More
Toward an Ising Model of Cancer and BeyondOct 29 2010Nov 02 2010Theoretical and computational tools that can be used in the clinic to predict neoplastic progression and propose individualized optimal treatment strategies to control cancer growth is desired. To develop such a predictive model, one must account for ... More
Plots and Their Applications - Part I: FoundationsNov 14 2013Apr 04 2016The primary goal of this paper is to abstract notions, results and constructions from the theory of categories to the broader setting of plots. Loosely speaking, a plot can be thought of as a non-associative non-unital category with a "relaxed" composition ... More
Curvature QuintessenceJan 10 2002The issues of quintessence and cosmic acceleration can be discussed in the framework of higher order theories of gravity. We can define effective pressure and energy density directly connected to the Ricci scalar of curvature of a generic fourth order ... More
Basic Understanding of Condensed Phases of Matter via Packing ModelsMay 09 2018Packing problems have been a source of fascination for millenia and their study has produced a rich literature that spans numerous disciplines. Investigations of hard-particle packing models have provided basic insights into the structure and bulk properties ... More
ANTARES Deep Sea Neutrino Telescope ResultsOct 31 2013The ANTARES experiment is currently the largest underwater neutrino telescope in the Northern Hemisphere. It is taking high quality data since 2007. Its main scientific goal is to search for high energy neutrinos that are expected from the acceleration ... More
Measurements of the Running of the Electromagnetic Coupling at LEPOct 12 2006The study of Bhabha scattering at e^+e^- colliders probes the running of the electromagnetic coupling. After early measurements by the VENUS collaboration at TRISTAN and the by L3 collaboration at LEP, two recent analyses have been performed by the OPAL ... More
Einstein's unified field theory predicts the equilibrium positions of n wires run by steady electric currentsMar 25 2008A particular exact solution of Einstein's Hermitian theory of relativity is examined, after recalling that there is merit in adding phenomenological sources to the theory, and in choosing the metric like it was done long ago by Kursunoglu and Hely. It ... More
Approximation Algorithms for Rectangle Packing Problems (PhD Thesis)Nov 21 2017In rectangle packing problems we are given the task of placing axis-aligned rectangles in a given plane region, so that they do not overlap with each other. In Maximum Weight Independent Set of Rectangles (MWISR), their position is given and we can only ... More
Nuclear Parton Distributions at the future Electron-Ion ColliderAug 31 2017The 2015 nuclear physics long-range plan endorsed the realization of an Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) as the next large construction project after the completion of FRIB. With its high luminosity ( $> 10^{33} cm^{-2}s^{-1}$), wide kinematic reach in center-of-mass-energy ... More
The Fulton Mac Pherson operad and the W-constructionJun 18 2019In this short note we explain in detail the construction of a $O(n)$-equivariant isomorphism of topological operads $F_n \cong WF_n$ , where $F_n$ is the Fulton Mac Pherson operad and $W$ is the Boardman-Vogt construction
On covariants in exterior algebras for the even special orthogonal groupMay 06 2015Jul 18 2015Let $G:=SO(2n)$ be the even special orthogonal group over $\mathbb{C}$ and let $M_{2n}^+$ (resp. $M_{2n}^-$) be the space of symmetric (resp. skew-symmetric) complex matrices with respect to the usual transposition. We study the structure of the space ... More
$p$-adic $L$-functions on metaplectic groupsJan 14 2019Feb 24 2019With respect to the analytic-algebraic dichotomy, the theory of Siegel modular forms of half-integral weight is lopsided; the analytic theory is strong whereas the algebraic lags behind. In this paper, we capitalise on this to establish the fundamental ... More
Algebraicity of metaplectic $L$-functionsNov 22 2018Notable results on the special values of $L$-functions of Siegel modular forms were obtained by J. Sturm in the case when the degree $n$ is even and the weight $k$ is an integer. In this paper we extend this method to half-integer weights $k$ and arbitrary ... More
Search for long-lived neutral particles decaying into Lepton-Jets with the ATLAS detector in proton-proton collision data at 13 TeVAug 25 2017Several models of particle physics different from the Standard Model predict the existence of a dark sector that is weakly coupled to the visible one: the two sectors may couple via the vector portal, where a dark photon with mass in the MeV to GeV range ... More
Cauchy-Davenport type theorems for semigroupsJul 31 2013Jan 30 2015Let $\mathbb{A} = (A, +)$ be a (possibly non-commutative) semigroup. For $Z \subseteq A$ we define $Z^\times := Z \cap \mathbb A^\times$, where $\mathbb A^\times$ is the set of the units of $\mathbb{A}$, and $$\gamma(Z) := \sup_{z_0 \in Z^\times} \inf_{z_0 ... More
Majorana transformation for differential equationsApr 19 2002We present a method for reducing the order of ordinary differential equations satisfying a given scaling relation (Majorana scale-invariant equations). We also develop a variant of this method, aimed to reduce the degree of non-linearity of the lower-order ... More
Multiple valued sections of vector bundles: the reparametrization theorem for $Q$-valued functions revisitedApr 28 2017We analyze a notion of multiple valued sections of a vector bundle over an abstract smooth Riemannian manifold, which was suggested by W. Allard in the unpublished note "Some useful techniques for dealing with multiple valued functions" and generalizes ... More
Three observational differences for binary black holes detections with second and third generation gravitational-wave detectorsOct 21 2016Advanced gravitational-wave observatories, such as LIGO and Virgo, will detect hundreds of gravitational waves emitted by binary black holes in the next few years. The collection of detected sources is expected to have certain properties. It is expected ... More
David Hilbert and the origin of the "Schwarzschild solution"Oct 21 2003The very early dismissal of Schwarzschild's original solution and manifold, and the rise, under Schwarzschild's name, of the inequivalent solution and manifold found instead by Hilbert, are scrutinised and commented upon, in the light of the subsequent ... More
ZZ Cross Section MeasurementsSep 01 2000Results on the cross section measurement of Z boson pair-production at LEP are presented. The more general case of neutral-current four-fermion production and the particular case of ZZ events enriched in b quarks are also discussed. All the results agree ... More
$p$-adic $L$-functions on metaplectic groupsJan 14 2019Jan 17 2019With respect to the analytic-algebraic dichotomy, the theory of Siegel modular forms of half-integral weight is lopsided; the analytic theory is strong whereas the algebraic lags behind. In this paper, we capitalise on this to establish the fundamental ... More
The role of conditional probability in multi-scale stationary Markovian processesMar 23 2010The aim of the paper is to understand how the inclusion of more and more time-scales into a stochastic stationary Markovian process affects its conditional probability. To this end, we consider two Gaussian processes: (i) a short-range correlated process ... More
The topological cyclic Deligne conjectureJun 24 2008Oct 15 2010Let O be a cyclic topological operad with multiplication. In the framework of the cosimplicial machinery by McClure and Smith, we prove that the totalization of the cosimplicial space associated to O has an action of an operad equivalent to the framed ... More
Modeling long-range memory with stationary Markovian processesJun 04 2008In this paper we give explicit examples of power-law correlated stationary Markovian processes y(t) where the stationary pdf shows tails which are gaussian or exponential. These processes are obtained by simply performing a coordinate transformation of ... More
On certain modules of covariants in exterior algebrasApr 10 2014Apr 23 2015We study the structure of the space of covariants $B:=\left(\bigwedge (\mathfrak g/\mathfrak k)^*\otimes \mathfrak g\right)^{\mathfrak k},$ for a certain class of infinitesimal symmetric spaces $(\mathfrak g,\mathfrak k)$ such that the space of invariants ... More
Effects of electron-hole asymmetry near the Dirac point in grapheneAug 07 2015In the recent years many researches were performed about graphene. Graphene is always considered a half metal or a zero gap semiconductor. In the last year new experiments were done about graphene on boron nitride and they obtained an insulating behaviour ... More
Three observational differences for binary black holes detections with second and third generation gravitational-wave detectorsOct 21 2016Nov 08 2016Advanced gravitational-wave observatories, such as LIGO and Virgo, will detect hundreds of gravitational waves emitted by binary black holes in the next few years. The collection of detected sources is expected to have certain properties. It is expected ... More
Hyperuniformity and its GeneralizationsJul 29 2016Disordered many-particle hyperuniform systems are exotic amorphous states characterized by anomalous suppression of large-scale density fluctuations. Here we substantially broaden the hyperuniformity concept along four different directions. This includes ... More
The propagation of waves in Einstein's unified field theory as shown by two exact solutionsMay 06 2009Sep 29 2009The propagation of waves in two space dimensions exhibited by two exact solutions to the field equations of Einstein's unified field theory is investigated under the assumption that the metric s_{ik} is the one already chosen by Kursunoglu and by H\'ely ... More
A Predicative Harmonization of the Time and Provable HierarchiesSep 23 2006A decidable transfinite hierarchy is defined by assigning ordinals to the programs of an imperative language. It singles out: the classes TIMEF(n^c) and TIMEF(n_c); the finite Grzegorczyk classes at and above the elementary level, and the \Sigma_k-IND ... More
Planar non-formality of the little discs operad in characteristic twoJul 31 2018Nov 07 2018We show that the little discs operad $D_2$ is not formal over $\mathbb{F}_2$ as a planar (or non-symmetric) operad. We compute explicitly the homological obstruction using as chain model the cells of the spineless cacti operad
On the divisibility of $a^n \pm b^n$ by powers of $n$Jan 01 2013Sep 03 2013We determine all triples $(a,b,n)$ of positive integers such that $a$ and $b$ are relatively prime and $n^k$ divides $a^n + b^n$ (respectively, $a^n - b^n$), when $k$ is the maximum of $a$ and $b$ (in fact, we answer a slightly more general question). ... More
Knots, operads and double loop spacesAug 21 2006We show that the space of long knots in an euclidean space of dimension larger than three is a double loop space, proving a conjecture by Sinha. We construct also a double loop space structure on framed long knots, and show that the map forgetting the ... More
Configuration spaces with summable labelsJul 12 1999Let M be an n-manifold, and let A be a space with a partial sum behaving as an n-fold loop sum. We define the space C(M;A) of configurations in M with summable labels in A via operad theory. Some examples are symmetric products, labelled configuration ... More
Configuration spaces on the sphere and higher loop spacesMar 24 2003We show that the homology over a field of the space of free maps from the n-sphere to the n-fold suspension of X depends only on the cohomology algebra of X and compute it explicitly. We compute also the homology of the closely related labelled configuration ... More
Indirect Measurement of the Vertex and Angles of the Unitarity TriangleOct 13 1998The precise measurements of the Bd oscillation frequency and the limit on the Bs one one as well as the determination of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix element Vub improve the constraints on the other elements of this matrix. A fit to the experimental ... More
Experimental Constraints on the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa MatrixAug 25 1998The LEP investigation of the Bd and Bs oscillations and of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix element Vub improve the constraints on the other elements of this matrix. From a fit to the experimental data and the theory calculations it is possible to ... More
Newtonian limit of Extended Theories of GravityDec 17 2004Newtonian limit of Extended Theories of Gravity (in particular, higher--order and scalar--tensor theories) is theoretically discussed taking into account recent observational and experimental results.
The experimental status of direct searches for exotic physics beyond the standard model at the Large Hadron ColliderOct 24 2018Feb 01 2019The standard model of particle physics is an extremely successful theory of fundamental interactions, but it has many known limitations. It is therefore widely believed to be an effective field theory that describes interactions near the TeV scale. A ... More
Non-formality of planar configuration spaces in characteristic twoJan 24 2017Oct 25 2017We prove that the ordered configuration space of 4 or more points in the plane has a non-formal singular cochain algebra in characteristic two. This is proved by constructing an explicit non trivial obstruction class in the Hochschild cohomology of the ... More
Multi-band gravitational-wave astronomy: parameter estimation and tests of general relativity with space and ground-based detectorsMay 03 2016Jun 14 2016With the discovery of the black hole binary (BBH) coalescence GW150914 the era of gravitational-wave (GW) astronomy has started. It has recently been shown that BBH with masses comparable to or higher than GW150914 would be visible in the eLISA band a ... More
Inverse Optimization Techniques for Targeted Self-AssemblyNov 02 2008Nov 05 2008This article reviews recent inverse statistical-mechanical methodologies that we have devised to optimize interaction potentials in soft matter systems that correspond to stable "target" structures. We are interested in finding the interaction potential, ... More
GPDs at an EICDec 14 2012The feasibility for a measurement of the exclusive production of a real photon, a process although known as Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS) at an Electron Ion Collider (EIC) has been explored. DVCS is universally believed to be a golden measurement ... More
Gene-based and semantic structure of the Gene Ontology as a complex networkNov 10 2012The last decade has seen the advent and consolidation of ontology based tools for the identification and biological interpretation of classes of genes, such as the Gene Ontology. The information accumulated time-by-time and included in the GO is encoded ... More
A cell decomposition of the Fulton MacPherson operadJun 18 2019We construct a regular cellular decomposition of the Fulton MacPherson operad $FM_2$ that is compatible with the operad composition. The cells are indexed by trees with edges of two colors and vertices labelled by cells of the cacti operad. This answers ... More
A Cauchy-Davenport theorem for semigroupsOct 15 2012Sep 19 2013We generalize the Davenport transform and use it to prove that, for a (possibly non-commutative) cancellative semigroup $\mathbb A = (A, +)$ and non-empty subsets $X,Y$ of $A$ such that the subsemigroup generated by $Y$ is commutative, we have $|X + Y| ... More
Cauchy-Davenport type inequalities, IApr 07 2016May 04 2016Let $\mathbb G = (G, +)$ be a group (either abelian or not). Given $X, Y \subseteq G$, we denote by $\langle Y \rangle$ the subsemigroup of $\mathbb G$ generated by $Y$, and we set $$\gamma(Y) := \sup_{y_0 \in Y} \inf_{y_0 \ne y \in Y} {\rm ord}(y - y_0)$$ ... More
Small doubling in ordered semigroupsAug 15 2012Apr 10 2014Let $\mathbb{A} = (A, \cdot)$ be a semigroup. We generalize some recent results by G. A. Freiman, M. Herzog and coauthors on the structure theory of set addition from the context of linearly orderable groups to linearly orderable semigroups, where we ... More
Structural properties of subadditive families with applications to factorization theoryJun 12 2017Nov 12 2018Let $H$ be a multiplicatively written monoid. Given $k\in{\bf N}^+$, we denote by $\mathscr U_k$ the set of all $\ell\in{\bf N}^+$ such that $a_1\cdots a_k=b_1\cdots b_\ell$ for some atoms $a_1,\ldots,a_k,b_1,\ldots,b_\ell\in H$. The sets $\mathscr U_k$ ... More
Stochastic Multiobjective Acceptability Analysis for the Choquet integral preference model and the scale construction problemFeb 25 2013Feb 27 2013The Choquet integral is a preference model used in Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA) to deal with interactions between criteria. The Stochastic Multiobjective Acceptability Analysis (SMAA) is an MCDA methodology used to take into account imprecision ... More
A new scaling MCDA procedure putting together pairwise comparison tables and the deck of cards methodApr 02 2019This paper deals with an improved version of the deck of the cards method to render the construction of the ratio and interval scales more `accurate'. The improvement comes from the fact that we can account for a richer and finer preference information ... More
Dealing with Interaction Between Bipolar Multiple Criteria Preferences in PROMETHEE MethodsNov 02 2012Jan 15 2013In this paper, we consider the bipolar approach to Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA). In particular we aggregate positive and negative preferences by means of the bipolar PROMETHEE method. To elicit preferences we consider Robust Ordinal Regression ... More
The SMAA-PROMETHEE methodsFeb 22 2013PROMETHEE methods are widely used in Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA) to deal with real decision making problems. A crucial aspect of the classical PROMETHEE methods is the choice of criteria weights. In this paper, we propose to apply the Stochastic ... More
As simple as possible but not simpler in Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding: the ROR-SMAA level dependent Choquet integral approachMay 20 2019The level dependent Choquet integral has been proposed to handle decision making problems in which the importance and the interaction of criteria may depend on the level of the alternatives' evaluations. This integral is based on a level dependent capacity, ... More
Robust Ordinal Regression in case of Imprecise EvaluationsJun 27 2012Robust Ordinal Regression (ROR) is a way of dealing with Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA), by considering all sets of parameters of an assumed preference model, that are compatible with preference information given by the Decision Maker (DM). ... More
A general space-time model for combinatorial optimization problems (and not only)Sep 25 2018We consider the problem of defining a strategy consisting of a set of facilities taking into account also the location where they have to be assigned and the time in which they have to be activated. The facilities are evaluated with respect to a set of ... More
On the number of distinct prime factors of a sum of superpowersNov 27 2015Given $k, \ell \in {\bf N}^+$, let $x_{i,j}$ be, for $1 \le i \le k$ and $0 \le j \le \ell$, some fixed integers. Then, define $s_n := \sum_{i=1}^k \prod_{j=0}^\ell x_{i,j}^{n^j}$ for every $n \in {\bf N}^+$. We prove that there exist infinitely many ... More
Relative-locality phenomenology on Snyder spacetimeMar 06 2018We study the effects of relative locality dynamics in the case of the Snyder model. Several properties of this model differ from those of the widely studied $\kappa$-Poincar\'e models: for example, in the Snyder case the action of the Lorentz group is ... More
Phase-shift in vapor cell and compact cold-atom frequency standardsMay 03 2017We report on a theoretical analysis of the phase-shift in compact atomic clocks working either with cold or thermal atoms. It is well known that in a microwave cavity with electromagnetic losses, a traveling wave adds to the standing wave of a given resonant ... More
Robust IntegralsJul 31 2012In decision analysis and especially in multiple criteria decision analysis, several non additive integrals have been introduced in the last years. Among them, we remember the Choquet integral, the Shilkret integral and the Sugeno integral. In the context ... More
Bipolar Fuzzy IntegralsApr 23 2012In decision analysis and especially in multiple criteria decision analysis, several non additive integrals have been introduced in the last sixty years. Among them, we remember the Choquet integral, the Shilkret integral and the Sugeno integral. Recently, ... More
Linking age, survival and transit time distributionsJul 01 2015Although the concepts of age, survival and transit time have been widely used in many fields, including population dynamics, chemical engineering, and hydrology, a comprehensive mathematical framework is still missing. Here we discuss several relationships ... More
Parameter estimation from Gravitational waves generated by non-spinning binary black holes with laser interferometers: beyond the Fisher informationApr 26 2010Nov 12 2010In this paper we apply to gravitational waves from non-spinning binary systems a recently intro- duced frequentist methodology to calculate analytically the error for a maximum likelihood estimate (MLE) of physical parameters. While existing literature ... More
Solar system and equivalence principle constraints on f(R) gravity by chameleon approachDec 14 2007Mar 30 2008We study constraints on f(R) dark energy models from solar system experiments combined with experiments on the violation of equivalence principle. When the mass of an equivalent scalar field degree of freedom is heavy in a region with high density, a ... More
Viscosity characterization of the value function of an investment-consumption problem in presence of illiquid assetsNov 06 2012We study a problem of optimal investment/consumption over an infinite horizon in a market consisting of a liquid and an illiquid asset. The liquid asset is observed and can be traded continuously, while the illiquid one can only be traded and observed ... More
Some recent results on the Dirichlet problem for (p,q)-Laplace equationsMar 31 2017A short account of recent existence and multiplicity theorems on the Dirichlet problem for an elliptic equation with $(p,q)$-Laplacian in a bounded domain is performed. Both eigenvalue problems and different types of perturbation terms are briefly discussed. ... More
On Small Sets of IntegersMay 20 2019An upper quasi-density on $\mathbf{H}$ (the integers or the non-negative integers) is a subadditive function $\mu^\ast: \mathcal{P}(\mathbf{H}) \to \bf R$ such that $\mu^\ast(X) \le \mu^\ast(\mathbf{H}) = 1$ and $\mu^\ast(k \cdot X + h) = \frac{1}{k}\, ... More
On the notions of upper and lower densityJun 15 2015Mar 21 2019Let $\mathcal{P}({\bf N})$ be the power set of ${\bf N}$. We say that a function $\mu^\ast: \mathcal{P}({\bf N}) \to \bf R$ is an upper density if, for all $X,Y\subseteq{\bf N}$ and $h, k\in{\bf N}^+$, the following hold: (F1) $\mu^\ast({\bf N}) = 1$; ... More
Mechanical back-reaction effect of the dynamical Casimir emissionOct 26 2018We consider an optical cavity enclosed by a freely moving mirror attached to a spring and we study the quantum friction effect exerted by the dynamical Casimir emission on the mechanical motion of the mirror. Observable signatures of this simplest example ... More
Acoustic analogues of black hole singularitiesApr 29 2005We search for acoustic analogues of a spherical symmetric black hole with a pointlike source. We show that the gravitational system has a dynamical counterpart in the constrained, steady motion of a fluid with a planar source. The equations governing ... More
Symmetry Breaking, Central Charges and the AdS_2/CFT_1 CorrespondenceFeb 29 2000May 11 2000When two-dimensional Anti-de Sitter space (AdS_2) is endowed with a non-constant dilaton the origin of the central charge in the Virasoro algebra generating the asymptotic symmetries of AdS_2 can be traced back to the breaking of the SL(2,R) isometry ... More
First-order justification logic with constant domain semanticsAug 29 2018Justification logic is a term used to identify a relatively new family of modal-like logics. There is an established literature about propositional justification logic, but incursions on the first-order case are scarce. In this paper we present a constant ... More
Mild solutions of semilinear elliptic equations in Hilbert spacesApr 04 2016Jul 23 2017This paper extends the theory of regular solutions ($C^1$ in a suitable sense) for a class of semilinear elliptic equations in Hilbert spaces. The notion of regularity is based on the concept of $G$-derivative, which is introduced and discussed. A result ... More
Effect of Dimensionality on the Percolation Threshold of Overlapping Nonspherical HyperparticlesSep 29 2012Jan 21 2013A set of lower bounds on the continuum percolation threshold $\eta_c$ of overlapping convex hyperparticles of general nonspherical (anisotropic) shape with a specified orientational probability distribution in $d$-dimensional Euclidean space have been ... More
On the structure of flat chains modulo $p$Jul 18 2016Mar 23 2017In this paper, we prove that every equivalence class in the quotient group of integral $1$-currents modulo $p$ in Euclidean space contains an integral current, with quantitative estimates on its mass and the mass of its boundary. Moreover, we show that ... More
Initial-seed recursions and dualities for d-vectorsSep 16 2014Jul 26 2017We present an initial-seed-mutation formula for d-vectors of cluster variables in a cluster algebra. We also give two rephrasings of this recursion: one as a duality formula for d-vectors in the style of the g-vectors/c-vectors dualities of Nakanishi ... More
An affine almost positive roots modelJul 02 2017Apr 09 2019We generalize the almost positive roots model for cluster algebras from finite type to a uniform finite/affine type model. We define the almost positive Schur roots $\Phi_c$ and a compatibility degree, given by a formula that is new even in finite type. ... More
Dark energy from entanglement entropyMar 06 2013We show that quantum decoherence, in the context of observational cosmology, can be connected to the cosmic dark energy. The decoherence signature could be characterized by the existence of quantum entanglement between cosmological eras. As a consequence, ... More
Decoherence, Entanglement and Cosmic EvolutionJun 08 2013The possible imprint of quantum decoherence, in the framework of cosmology, is here investigated. Particular attention is paid to the observational fact that entanglement could lead to the interaction of different eras of cosmic evolution. The role played ... More
On Small Sets of IntegersMay 20 2019Jun 03 2019An upper quasi-density on $\bf H$ (the integers or the non-negative integers) is a subadditive function $\mu^\ast: \mathcal{P}(\mathbf{H}) \to \bf R$ such that $\mu^\ast(X) \le \mu^\ast(\mathbf{H}) = 1$ and $\mu^\ast(k \cdot X + h) = \frac{1}{k}\, \mu^\ast(X)$ ... More
Study of Extra Space Dimensions in Vector Boson Pair Production at LEPSep 08 1999Recent theoretical scenarios propose that quantum gravity effects may manifest at LEP energies by means of gravitons that couple to Standard Model particles and propagate into extra space dimensions. These predictions are checked against the most recent ... More
Newtonian limit of String-Dilaton GravityJan 15 2003We study the weak-field limit of string-dilaton gravity and derive corrections to the Newtonian potential which strength directly depends on the self interaction potential and the nonminimal coupling of the dilaton scalar field. We discuss also possible ... More
Upper and lower densities have the strong Darboux propertyOct 26 2015Dec 08 2015Let $\mathcal{P}({\bf N})$ be the power set of $\bf N$. An upper density (on $\bf N$) is a monotone and subadditive function $\mu^\ast: \mathcal{P}({\bf N})\to\bf R$ such that $\mu^\ast({\bf N}) = 1$ and $\mu^\ast(k \cdot X + h) = \frac{1}{k} \mu^\ast(X)$ ... More
On the notions of upper and lower densityJun 15 2015Jan 13 2016Let $\mathcal{P}({\bf N})$ be the power set of ${\bf N}$. We say that a function $\mu^\ast: \mathcal{P}({\bf N}) \to \bf R$ is an upper density if, for all $X,Y\subseteq{\bf N}$ and $h, k\in{\bf N}^+$, the following hold: (F1) $\mu^\ast({\bf N}) = 1$; ... More